Monday, September 16, 2019

What we stand to lose.

Judeo-Capitalism is a deadly threat to white Aryan existence. It intends to change everything. It is pushing for homosexual rights, which will kill off family life, and even reproduction itself. It pushes for feminism, which is killing the institution of marriage. Its not a question of couples living out of wedlock anymore, it is women forswearing marriage and family altogether. No kids, no white Aryans anymore. It allows for drug abuse. Oh sure they decry it, but their permissive attitude makes it OK to take drugs, and addiction comes after. Resulting in a drug abuse epidemic, and a nation of stoners. They believe in letting blacks run amok. They've convinced themselves that this will absolve the sin of negro slavery. All it does is kill civilized behavior in black controlled cities. In the meantime blacks get special breaks, like having to be first hired, never fired, while whites get treated like dirt beneath their feet. THE basic liberal doctrine, is that people should be allowed o do whatever the hell they want. Consequences be damned. Liberalism threatens science with efforts that only products made for pleasure should be created. Nothing of real import. Nothing of real consequence is done. Our culture is under siege. We may very well lose it, and become a bunch of ignorant barbarians.
ANP sees things quite differently. It feels science should be devoted solely to improving the human condition, not to trivialities. It feels freedom MUST have responsibilities, and letting people run amok is societal suicide. ANP is determined to  protect and preserve white Aryan culture. Sure it wants people to have a happy life, but not at the cost of others. Judeo-Capitalism pits people against each other. National Socialism works to bring people together. A untied racial state. United in a racial culture, determined to serve its race. Our very civilization is on the line. We must preserve it. Its sink or swim time. Help ANP save the situation. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us not let our culture/civilization die. Especially from lack of effort. We must get our people on board. Unite them. Create a political juggernaut, that will get us power, and the ability to roll back the terrible evils being foist upon us. Now is the time to resist. It will be too late when white Aryans are a minority, outnumbered, and overwhelmed by millions of Hispanics and Arab Muslims. Now is the time white Aryan. Save yourself.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Anti white

On 8-21-1831, Nat Turner led a slave revolt. He and his followers killed 60 whites. At his trial, he had no regrets at all about what he had done. Even if women and children had been killed, he didn't care. I feel this is coming to America. Black rage, followed by black repression of whites. The same thing happened in Kenya, where white settlers were massacred by Mau Mau rebels in the 1950's. We saw the same thing in the 1970's in Rhodesia as black guerrillas killed whites, regardless of what they were, men, women, children. These are but a few examples. History is full of others. Blacks in this country will NEVER forgive whites for slavery. Never. Not while there are "professional" blacks around who make a living, keeping the racial hate going. No, all blacks can think about is revenge. Look at how they are with TV shows and speeches. Any slight thing that offends them, (they are quick to take offense) gets canned immediately, while anti white shows, and statements, are ignored. Blacks have special status now. They have priority in getting jobs, by law. They get govt aid that is only a dream to whites. They get it all, while whites get the shaft. I have NO faith in the future. A future filled by what were once minorities that have become majorities. Blacks, Hispanics, Arab Muslims. All are now within sight of taking  power. Look at Omar, AOC. They are merely the vanguard. A vanguard of the anti white coalition building up fast. A coalition dedicated to white Aryan ruin.
ANP is dedicated to avoiding white Aryan ruin. Right now it is the finger in the dyke that is keeping us from being inundated. It is fighting this war in the courts. Seeking and demanding justice for white Aryans. It is determined not to let non whites push us around. It refuses to let white Aryans take the fall for actions that happened 158 years ago. It takes the view that modern whites should not have to pay for what whites did long ago. That means NO reparations for slavery, for one thing. Its determined for white Aryans to have a future in this country, free of blame for whites sins of a century ago, and not accepting having modern white Aryans punished for something they had absolutely no part in doing. It is long past time we stopped with the bleeding heart liberal crap, and demanded our rights and freedoms. We whites are NOT monsters, so why do we let ourselves be punished as such. Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP use the ballot box as a shield for white Aryans. Our only real shield. Electing pro white candidates who advocate pro white policies. If we fail t act, we'll be little more then a racial football, for non whites to kick around at their whim. I say no way. How about YOU?

Monday, September 9, 2019


Because of all the negative, enemy propaganda, people forget just what it was Hitler was fighting for. He wanted one nation, united. United totally, with no exceptions. Those who refused to play ball, and be team players, would have to leave. He knew only too well, that only unity made a nation strong. Disunity would destroy it. Citizenship has to mean more, then just being a member of a club. It has to have a practical side to it. In the Roman empire, being a citizen came with duties and privileges. You were expected to serve the state. As a citizen you had certain privileges. Voting for one, when it was a republic. If you were a citizen, you could not be executed by crucifixion, only by beheading, as one example. What really does American citizenship mean? Your expected to be loyal to the United States. You get to vote. In meaningless elections, that are just rich faction competition. Non citizens get just the exact same rights as citizens, without paying the taxes used to support the state. In this case, why be a citizen. Why try. There are those, who believe in world govt. They really think that we can become just one big family. Sounds nice, but totally impractical. Do you really believe that places like say Thailand, Saudi Arabia, China and Africa can all be one nation. All these different places. Places that are very different, can become one. Highly doubtful. The US is far too lenient on illegal immigrants. That is why illegals come. To take advantage. Get a piece of the good life. Especially because they need do nothing to earn it. They just take. They need not even take the pledge of allegiance. Yet they get all sorts of goodies. The Jewish liberal establishment that runs the American show doesn't care about anything except their own agenda. They seem to think that these people are future citizens, and will help make America's ZOG great. This being the official line. What they REALLY want, is an army of muds, who will follow orders and leave them in power, to finish their neo Communist revolution. The fact these people are getting a free ride, means nothing to them. Staying in power does. American citizenship is a joke. It means NOTHING. You need do noting at all for the state. Hell you need not even be a citizen, and you get showered with gifts far more then citizens ever do. If non citizens get the exact same privileges as citizens, what is the point of citizenship. How is it special? This is the question we should be dealing with, but that the liberal establishment doesn't want answered.
ANP has an answer. Loyalty to the racial state, and privileges only for citizens. That means only loyalty to the racial nation is acceptable. Non of this dual citizenship crap, and certainly no privileges for non citizens. Your here, you earn your citizenship. Then, once a citizen, you get all privileges entitled to a citizen. ANP lives in the real world. None of this pie in the sky one world govt crap. For far too long now, our govt has existed with its head up its ass. No more liberal pie in the sky. Time for citizenship to mean something once again. No more nonsense. If your not a team player who gives loyalty to one country, you can get out. We don't believe in divided loyalty. You serve your racial state, period. No exceptions. If your a non citizen, then get out, you don't belong. We need to be a country once again, and not a liberal circus.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Man is suppose to be a social animal. A creature that likes company and companionship. This is the mark of humanity. Working and living together for the betterment of human society. Its what makes mankind above the animal level. Unfortunately, the leftist liberal Jew conspiracy is determined to send us all back to an animal existence. They must hate human society and its basics, because they attack it non stop. Family life was once, THE most important thing in everybodys life. Getting married and having children. Children were considered a blessing. It was considered a tragedy if a couple were childless. NOW, children are not wanted. They are considered just a byproduct of sex. Just an annoyance. The left liberal side pushes for people to go it alone. Certainly feminism does. It rejects marriage and family. It preaches that women should only have a career and reject having a family, or even a husband. It has a deep seated subliminal message promoting lesbianism. Left liberals want everybody to live alone. It isn't bad enough that people are at home all day with no contact between each other. Kids playing video games, instead of outdoors playing. Neighbors inside, instead of out side talking. No, the left liberal want self imposed imprisonment. They want people isolated. I guess they feel they're more easily controlled that way. United people are powerful.  Alone people are weak. The liberal left are, to me at least, anti human. They want us living an unhealthy and degenerating lifestyle. A lifestyle incompatible with human values, and injurious to human mental health. A lifestyle that will hurt us, because it is just as hurtful to health as smoking, but far, far worse.
Help preserve what we are. We are humans. We should live as same. ZOG wants us at a primitive animal level, so we cause them no grief. This must be resisted. We are humans. We should live as such. The anti human lifestyle promoted by the liberal left must be resisted and not allowed to have power. Look at the harm it does every damn day. People alone and friendless. Trapped inside their personal home prisons. As we lose our social skills, what are we becoming? What does the future hold? I can guarantee, that with a world of animalistic humans, we won't be jetting thru the galaxy. This planet will die as we lose our ability to function, because interacting with each other keeps us viable as a species. Without communication with each other, we lose the ability to problem solve, which is what guarantees existence.
Become an ANP supporter. Help keep the human race, human. Don't let the liberal creed become the law of the land. Liberalism has already done so much damage. Blacks run amok, protected by law. Feminism is eroding the family. These harmful doctrines must be confronted and halted. ANP is determined to keep our race healthy, and protected. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us keep humanity acting human, and oppose these harmful doctrines, that if allowed to thrive, will destroy us. The battle for humanity has begun. It is a battle we dare not lose. Ask yourself, if not ANP, then who is white Aryans protector. Something to think about, as you sit ALONE in your home/apt.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Trade as blackmail.

Trade has now became a way for nations to blackmail each other. There are numerous examples. China must treat Hong Kong with kid gloves, or lose trade. Israel is suppose to be fair with the Palestinians, but they are exempt in ZOG's eyes. Russia must behave toward Ukraine, and when it didn't it was sanctioned. Iran is sanctioned for not towing the line. Brazil is given its marching orders on burning the Amazon, as in don't burn or face sanctions, when it is its own property. All the nations of the earth now crave the American middle class lifestyle, even as we lose it here in the US. The joke is, it will never happen. This is a Capitalist planet. Money talks. It will ALWAYS be the rich few, and poor many. Here at home, whites must walk on their knees rather then annoy non whites. We whites must kiss non white ass, or be boycotted, and lose our jobs.
The people of this world must decide whether it is better to have a comfortable lifestyle, and lose your honor and self respect. Germany is a sorry example of losing your identity for material gain. All they do is beg for forgiveness to everyone for everything. It makes for a sad spectacle. Here in the US whites have sacrificed pride, for material wealth. It is such a shame. Very sad.
If your fed up with walking on your knees, and hoping non white decide to leave you alone, you need ANP. Its time for white Aryans to stand tall again. Even as we walk on our knees, there is nothing that will appease non whites. They want it all. They insist on giving the orders, and we whites are to jump at their command. Enough. ANP is whites banding together to stop having to take shit. We want to unite, and fight back against bullying non whites. We are fighting to establish a political party that is truly pro white, not just mouthing words. We intend to gain political office. Become the bosses and stop the crap. We white Aryans must decide, which means more, a new TV, or being able to look yourself in the mirror with self pride. If you believe in the white Aryan cause, become a supporter. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us make up our minds that we will take no more of non white orders. We deserve to be free, and respected, not treated like garbage. Trade as blackmail is the Jew way of doing things. Money as a lever of power. It takes advantage of peoples greed, and desire for a better life. ANP offers a better life, but NOT at the cost of your white Aryan identity and self respect.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Self mprisonment.

By now it is painfully obvious that the white Aryans of this country have put themselves in a prison of their own making. Non whites get priority for jobs. Non whites can damn whites in speech and publications, while whites dare not say boo to a non white. Our children are taught racial self hate, and that the homosexual lifestyle is A-OK. They are actually teaching our kids gay/lesbian history, like its a real thing. Parental authority is constantly made fun of by kids cartoons. Religion is treated as ignorant superstition. To me, this all smacks of neo-communism. The leftists are trying to resurrect and resuscitate the communist lifestyle, even though it has been shown by history to be very much wrong. The left continues to think it can bring back the good old days. That morality can be legislated.
Why is the above allowed? White Aryans achieved a degree of prosperity in this country that has impressed the world. Unfortunately, such prosperity was bought at a high price. The white Aryan race surrendering its rights, and keeping its mouth shut. We are fools. We are losing our lifestyle anyway. Our rights are constantly being eroded. Our jobs sent oversees. Non white Hispanics flood our borders, determined to take over. We are in great danger of becoming just another Hispanic banana republic. Our representative form of govt is a joke. It absolutely doesn't represent white Aryans. We get walked on, with no say to redress grievances. In this society, money talks. No money, no voice.
Isn't it time for us to break out of prison? ANP sure thinks so. Its time for white Aryans to run the show again. For us to DEMAND respect. To have school curriculum's that teach racial pride, not self hate. Our race was once great. Time to be great again. Help ANP right the many wrongs of this society. Donate money.  Donate your time to give out lit. Let us break the chains of racial degradation. WE are our own worst enemies. Good behavior is not going to save us. We are losing everything anyway. We must make our voice heard, and our laws changed thru political muscle. No more being doormats. We must stand up for our rights No more bullshit. Help right the many wrongs thrown in the face of our race. ANP is our champion and the ONLY way we can right wrongs and regain our self respect back. A mud nation is a distinct possibility. Only ANP can really build a wall for protection. A racial wall, manned by a strong and determined race. A race determined to survive and flourish, as of old.

Monday, August 26, 2019


People talk of religious and political fanaticism. Yet they overlook some other fanatics and their causes. Fanatics whose causes and agenda I think are far more damaging to our society, country, race. Homosexuality has its fanatics. Notice how homosexuals push endlessly for their "rights". They are determined to have their way, which is to make the society totally "accepting" of their lifestyle and belief. They are willing to spend any amount of money to influence Congress to be able to get their way, by law. They have marches. Its even being written into the scripts of movies and TV shows these days. They will stop at nothing to get their way. They now even have it being taught in schools. They are utterly determined to triumph. They are ruthless. We will soon have a gay/lesbian society thanks to their perseverance.
Environmentalists are another group of fanatics. They spend tons of money, traveling to all countries and out at sea, with their interference in others lives. The ecology geeks move in to protect a forest for example. The fact that said forest is the local village's source of firewood, is ignored. They are determined to save nature over people. Same with fishing. They oppose it and harass fishing folk, even though these people need it to make money to eat. They are determined to have their own way, no mater what  humans suffer. Nature before humans is their motto.
Needles to say, liberals are determined to have their way, because THEY know best. They are determined to run the show, and have their policies, and only their policies put into law. Don't like it, its tough shit, you have it anyway. We have had civil rights rammed down our throats. Gay rights. Socialism. Feminism. Anti religion. All this is the liberal agenda. Don't like it, tough. Oppose it, and your castigated as evil. Your shunned. Harassed. They will do their utmost to destroy your life. So much for freedom of speech. The Satanic trinity (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff) are determined to push the liberal agenda no matter what. They intend there be no choice. It is accept or be destroyed. This is dictatorship folks. Its like reliving Stalin's Russia. These people are true fanatics. They are right, all others wrong.
Feminism is anther group of fanatics. They are determined that they get their way. Feminism is anti family. It preaches for women to go it alone. They equate family with slavery. They ignore reproduction, because they could care less if human life goes on. They are constantly pushing for their agenda, and they don't take no for an answer.
The above causes pay no attention to religious beliefs. Its their way, period. Don't approve of homosexuality and prefer not to have anything to do with it, too bad. They make you, thru manipulation of the law. Women who stay at home to care for families are ridiculed. ANP respects peoples beliefs. WE understand that some things make people uncomfortable. We accept people's desire to be left alone. If your religion is against homosexuality, we accept that. We don't want to impose our beliefs on others. We respect others beliefs, and feel nothing should ever be forced on the unwilling. We respect YOU, unlike the liberals, etc. Support ANP. Its your voice that let's you say no, I don't approve. No I don't want that. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Support those who support you. Who accept that there are those who disagree. We don't put people down who disagree. We feel every viewpoint should and must be respected. Always. Otherwise what kind of country do we really have. Right now its more prison camp then country. Might as well celebrate Stalin's birthday, since our govt is so much like his was.