Monday, February 24, 2020

USA leadership.

Our ship of state is more like a ship of fools. Our leadership in this country, is venal and incompetent. In the United Stats today, we have the smart people with no power, and the stupid running everything. In govt and business, good leadership, is in short supply. Very short supply. We have greedy, spoiled rulers, who are only worried about making money for themselves. The care and welfare of the citizenry is ignored. This is utterly intolerable. The fact that the US, the  richest, most powerful nation on the planet, has malnutrition and poverty is unacceptable. This should not be. We white Aryans have always been blessed with uncommonly good leadership. Look at the American Revolution. The founding fathers were truly brilliant. Now we have non whites running the show in many areas, and things are a total mess. Look at America's cities. Run into the ground by incompetent non white leadership. Massive corruption. Leadership that is just as poor as any third world govt. Our Capitalist ruling elite is only for money. Race means nothing to them. To ANP, race means everything. Everything good about us is wrapped up in the racial issue. We white Aryans must unite, and form a political party that is dedicated to the race, and determined to win power thru electioneering. No more can we afford to sit back and watch as our leaders, especially the non white, screw up everything under the sun. We need intelligent leadership. Leadership that can, and will, make things right. In other words, we must empower the smart, NOT the stupid.
ANP are a smart bunch. They know the score. They know how to handle the vile rulers that afflict us. All they need is support. Lot's of support  Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us fight for white Aryan racial rights. For white rights. White Aryan survival. We won't survive if we keep following the asinine over a cliff. Help ANP truly liberate the white Aryan race from the current curse of stupid rulers we currently suffer from. No more appointing rulers based on their being non white. We deserve, and need better. A lot better.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Jews

It used to be called a myth, that the Jews wanted to take over the world. That it was all, just enemy propaganda. Couldn't possibly be true. Yet, here we are. Not just one, but two real life Jews running for the presidency of the United States. A job that basically let's you run the world as you see fit. We have Bernie Sanders, and Michael Bloomberg, running for president. They are Jewish. I for one am glad that this is occurring. The Jews are FINALLY showing themselves that they are out for power. They are no longer content standing in the shadows, running things from behind the scenes They have come out of the wood work, and are now making open grabs for power. They want to openly run things themselves. They intend to eliminate the middlemen that they have had to work with in the past. Now, if they get the White House, they can openly flaunt their power, and push their pro Israel/Jew agenda, without interference. It will be a Jew show totally. Sound outlandish? Think about it. One or the other will be president. Able to call the shots. Direct policy at their whims. What is to stop them? Congress is well nigh worthless, and has been for years. The media is all hype, and crap fake news stories. As president, a Jew will be the master of the house. If they can't be boss, why run. They want POWER, and here is their chance for it. Notice how the media assiduously avoids mentioning their Jewish, its because Jew power rules. Always has. On the Watergate tapes, President Nixon, and Billy Graham talked about how powerful the Jews were, but that everyone was too afraid to talk about it. With a Jew president, how will things be?  The. people will be afraid to talk, lest they get the feds, like the FBI, down on their backs.
ANP is determined to avoid this scenario. We are determined that the Jews will NOT get absolute power in this country. We have had a black president, and we're still digging out from that disaster. No way we'll just roll over, and permit a Jew president. No way. No kosher cabinet for this country. Donate money to help us. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us nip the Jew power grab in the bud, before they take over, and make this country a Jew dominated Israel clone.

Monday, February 17, 2020


Winston Churchill is called a great hero. Yet he hated Socialism with a great passion. He said it is a philosophy of failure. That it is the creed of ignorance. That it is the gospel of envy. That all it really does is have people share their misery. I am not surprised at all. Churchill was an aristocrat. Used to a pampered life. No struggling to make ends meet for him. I find him a selfish, uncaring man. During World War Two, he deliberately let India starve, while he had supplies delivered to the British Isles. There was limited shipping available, and he chose the UK, and left India to starve. He is NO hero to India. Look it up. I bring this stuff up, because I hate how ZOG has basically chosen our heroes for us. ZOG has control of he history books. Hitler is considered evil. Stalin so so. Churchill is the great war hero, even though he left India to stave. Why do you think the British people voted Churchill out. They knew he would never be looked on favorably after the war, certainly not in India. WE must be on guard about anything, and everything, that we're told from ZOG. Fake news is alive and well. That's why we must question everything from ZOG. Especially stories on how non whites like us. That is pure liberal left propaganda. Meant to throw us off guard. The liberal left have it in their minds, that with a little effort, we can have a wonderful interracial paradise. This is pure unadulterated bullshit. Non whites hate us, and will do everything they can to screw with us.
ANP lives in reality. Always has, always will. We have NEVER bought into ZOG's bullshit, and never will. We are NOT fools. We will always fight for white rights. We want whites to trust in themselves, not in on high pronouncements from ZOG. White Aryan, chose your hero's carefully. Always ask yourself, "did this person help their race", before you accept them as hero's. Never, ever, take ZOG's word on anything. ZOG is evil. It is geed personified. Naturally, it lies. Churchill is proclaimed a hero, but was he really. So with all the words of our enemies. Think race always. That is the true criteria you must use always to judge all things.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

False hope

The Jew led liberal left, makes big promises. It tells people about how paradise is just around the corner. A paradise where races will live in harmony, and people will live prosperous, interesting lives. This is pure pie in the sky, just as it was in the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin  Its an old tactic. Tell people what they want to hear, then blind side them when they least expect it. The liberal left delivers false promises. Its just bullshit in order to throw people off their guard. They want to deceive them, in order for the Jew liberal left, to push their tired old neo Marxist agenda. A system of govt that failed miserably, but that the liberal left are determined to make work somewhere, like here. Non whites do NOT like whites, and never will. To expect them to welcome whites as brothers and sisters, once they are in power, is foolish in the extreme. Just how in the hell, can the white working class be prosperous, when all our decent jobs were sent to China. All we have left are minimum wage, no benefit jobs. Jobs that don't pay enough to let workers earn enough to support themselves. The liberal left is determined to recreate the old Communist workers paradise here on earth. Thing is, it doesn't work. Never has, never will. They keep trying. They won't accept no for an answer.
ANP is determined that they will take no for an answer. It intends to give them no choice. White Aryans have worked hard, very hard, over the centuries, to make America great. It flatly refuses to let nonsense about paradise on earth become the law of the land, only to destroy this country in the process. No, enough of the liberal left's crap. A nation/society must NEVER be used as a  social laboratory. It doesn't work. It just creates chaos and misery. Look at our society now. A miserable damn mess, due to liberal left ideologic policy that has no basis in realty. Help ANP restore reality back to our govt. Donate funds. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us counter the rantings of the liberal left. We must stop their kamikaze politics pushing a failed agenda, before the country collapses. Help ANP restore white Aryan rights, and dignity. Help the white cause, lest it be lost forever.

Monday, February 10, 2020

The abyss

This country has sunk really low. Notice how the two leading Democratic candidates, as of this writing, are a Socialist Jew, and a gay guy. What has happened to the old time values. Use to be, Socialism, was a dirty word, as it meant people taking govt handouts, with no input whatsoever. Use to be homosexuality was considered a mental disease, by the psychiatric profession. Now we have these two leading the Democratic pack. How can it have come to this. The old morality is considered old and outdated. I say no. Right and wrong never change. They can't, with out chaos. Our society was built on moral foundations that withstood the test of time. Now it is all in jeopardy. This so called new morality, is actually no morality at all. The Jew led liberal left believes in anarchy. Let people do as they want. This s societal suicide. How can a society function without rules. Thing is, it can't. We need rules to live by. We're humans, not animals. There has to be limits to behavior. Otherwise we end up in a jungle full of predatory animals. I find the current dependence of people on drugs to be very disturbing. Its like our people have lost the ability, and will to survive. They need a crutch to get by.
ANP offers what we white Aryans need so very badly. HOPE. Hope for a better future. ANP doesn't believe in making things easy.  It takes a hard ass approach as the only real way to keep things under control. Letting people do as they want, and attacking morality as unnecessary, is not in the ANP playbook. We believe in, and support, the concept of morality. A moral nation will always succeed.
Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help keep America moral. Help ANP uphold traditional morality. Enough of this travesty of a society where people run amok like packs of animals. ANP can keep things under control. Don't let the new morality turn this country into a mindless den of crime and debauchery.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Black history month.

Why is there "black history month"? As far as I am concerned, it was a  power play for blacks to stick it to whitey. Martin Luther King Jr was NOT a white hero.  All he did was work for the black cause. He did nothing for white people. Why is he treated as a NATIONAL hero. Because blacks wanted it as such They wanted their own personal black hero. Divorced form whitey. Someone just for them exclusively. This sums up our society. Blacks demand, and whites obey. I find this state of affairs totally ludicrous, but such is life. Blacks have manipulated things so badly, they can get whatever they want. During the 60"s, blacks rioted. This is why whitey caved, and gave in to their demands. We've been giving in ever since. Whit Aryans. Even if we walk on our knees, there is no escaping black hatred, and malice towards us. The other non white groups will join in to stick it to the whites Non whites hate us. Whether they have reason is beside the point. They do, and they intend to get their own way at our expense. Blacks vote racially. Not carefully picking candidates, they vote for the pro black candidate. Period. So it goes. If blacks are denied their wants, they cry discrimination, and they are given in to. They are given all sorts of govt aid, like welfare. They use civil rights laws to get first hired, never fired. They demand anything, and everything. Now its reparations for slavery. Their demands are many. Their greed and selfishness, never ending. All the while we whites cave in.
WHY? Why do we constantly kiss their ass? ANP has had a gut full. It is tired of whites being the new slaves, indulging black whims. We whites need to unite, and stand up to black bullying. It is time to oppose the wholesale give away programs to non whites. We must DEMAND respect. Refuse to just give in all the time. Help ANP find white peoples spines again. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP return white Aryans back to a position of pride and dignity. Let us end this farce of a system, and get a system that helps whites, not like the current one that coddles blacks and other non whites. Help ANP, and be able to look a yourself in a mirror, with pride once again.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Finger in the dike.

Like the little Dutch boy from the story, we of ANP are holding our fingers in the dike of a racial dike. Doing our best to keep non whites at bay. It is hard getting our leaders to listen to us, as we are the "evil;" Nazis. The Democrats, who are the liberal left, Jewish party, think having a flood of non whites come in, will make our country diverse, and a better place to live. We of ANP are at a loss, as to how any sane and rational being can think such a thing. A flood of non whites will change this country forever. Not in a  good way. We'll become just another part of Latin America. A place dominated by poverty, and above all crime. These "narco" states are run by drug cartels. Democracy is a sham. Criminality reigns. This is what awaits us if the liberal left, get their own way. The country will become a shambles. The vaunted efficiency of the US will disappear, turned into the tomorrow attitude of Latin America. Our society will become one inhabited by the rich few elite, ruling over the many poor. Our country will become unrecognizable.  The liberal left do not care. They believe in having a society that is one giant mass of humans, thrown together. Functioning as a giant ant colony, a la Stalin's Russia.
ANP says no way to this future scenario. We flatly refuse to accept this country becoming a giant ant colony. We feel white Aryan America needs to stay the way it is. Let the liberal left keep its pie in the sky dream. We prefer to have reality. The reality being, that massive migration from south of the border, to here, will be the death knell of white Aryan America, and the destruction of our country. Help us resist. We need money to influence the politicians. Distasteful, but necessary. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us save you. We white Aryans can expect very little mercy from non whites if they ever gain power. Help us prevent his. Help us maintain a strong border. One that will keep out the riff raff. A strong border that will protect us. Illegals MUST be sent back. White Aryans must prevail. Help us do this. Time is running out. A crack in the dike, will bring it all down around us. Help us prevent this. Donate. Support. We need YOU, you need us.