Monday, August 10, 2020


The Democrats are the liberal left party. They are DEVOTED to non whites. They turn their backs on their very own race. The Democrat sins are many. They support infanticide in the form of pro abortion. They have no problem with sexual perversion in schools. They let them teach whatever filth they have a mind to. They are sexually transitioning our schools to accept and even welcome homosexuality. They want open borders so we can be flooded by Hispanics from south of the border. They want one world govt. They want a socialist (read Communist) govt. They want left control of schools, and hospitals. That way they control the two most important things in human life. Education and health. They are atheists' at heart, and wish to eliminate religion. They want a Marxist god. They want to eliminate private business, and have only state control, just like the old Soviet Union. Welcome to Stalin land of the Americas.
Is this what YOU want. To live in a replay of the USSR. To have sexy Stalin posters in our schools. We're headed that way. ANP is fighting against this. It is hard. The left has the wealth and power at the moment. Help us gain wealth and power, so that we can combat all these terrible evils that threaten our very existence, as a nation and race. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us. Time is running out. If the Dems open our borders, Hispanics will flood in, and we'll end up a banana republic. Keep Aryan America Aryan. Help us defend our borders, and way of life. Help ANP save the day. Our options are few. Our time is limited.

Thursday, August 6, 2020


Zimbabwe was the white ruled Rhodesia. Unfortunately, the blacks took over. The majority blacks immediately started evicting whites 20 some years ago. Especially white farmers. The result of black rule is 700% inflation. Massive shortages of everything, currency, fuel, food. Unemployment is at 90%. It seems the liberals never get the message, that black rule, is very bad. Zimbabwe was in far better shape, when ruled by whites. Now its an international basket case. I mention this, because I foresee the US going down the same road. Blacks and Hispanics ruling, means bad times for whites. Very bad. We can see black rule in America's cities, and what a mess that is. Now its the turn of the whole nation. One giant cesspool of corruption, and incompetence.
ANP is determined to keep this from happening. It wants whites to vote white, for the only party capable of saving white America. ANP is our salvation. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help keep the US form following in the Zimbabwe whites footsteps. Help ANP keep us free, and prosperous. Where can we run to? Its make a stand here, or become a slave class serving cruel non white elites. We have no choice but resistance.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


So much is brought up these days about the evils of colonialism. Former colonies blame European colonialism for all their troubles. They say that they could have done so much belter without the Europeans. I say bullshit. The Native Americans never developed the wheel. That was a gift from the Europeans. Same for the horse. There were no horses in the Americas, until the Europeans brought them. They revolutionized living on the Great Plains. The European colonies gained independence 60 years ago. Yet Africa is a mess. Why? No white man running things anymore. Yet things are still backward. Europeans gave the other continents, bridges, trains, and improved (vastly) health care. Thanks to Europe, the world has a far better standard of living then it had. In the matter of black slavery, black Africans sold slaves. They sold those of their own race to European slave dealers. Yet we never hear about whites doing good. We never hear about blacks doing bad.
We of ANP are tired of the limited, biased reporting we get in the media. The liberal left want only to glorify the non whites. They are re-writing history to show that whites only did evil. They deliberately ignore the truth. They won't rest, until, like in Stalin's Russia, the truth is buried and only the party line is accepted. No matter how wrong it is. Donate to ANP. Help with money. Help with giving out lit. Help. We must safeguard the truth. Our kids are being fed a tissue of lies. Meant to degrade the whites, and extol the virtues of the non whites. It is time we defended truth, lest we lose it forever.

Thursday, July 30, 2020


It has become quite obvious that we white Aryans have no choice in the election. We must vote Trump. He at least has some racial motivation. The Democrats ae totally the black party. All they care about is giving the country to blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. Just look at how BLM and the radical left run amok in this country. The Democrats are totally uncaring. No condemnation. No outcry. Just silence. For all the violence, they blame white Aryans. Blacks are blameless. Its poor little darkie suffering from white racism. So the blacks are coddled, while whites are condemned. This is the most sickening part of this travesty of justice. Blacks condemn whites for trying to control things and uphold law and order. Riots in the streets. Blacks say its because of white racism. How asinine. If blacks riot, its whites ultimate fault, so the blacks should be left alone. Bullshit. If you block traffic in the middle of a major intersection, just to chant, as recently happened to me personally, we whites are suppose to just sit and take it. Even though we had nothing to do with anything. Blaming whites for things that happened 200 years ago will not fly. We didn't do it, we don't take the blame. Pure and simple. Its only fair.
ANP has had a gutful of the racial crap that the media is feeding us. We intend to resist in any way possible. We're voting Trump. He isn't the best racial candidate, but he is the best available. We refuse to kiss black ass. We will resist BLM and all its bullshit. We refuse to swallow crap, just to assuage black feelings that are hurt about stuff that happened hundreds of years ago. Time for normality to return to American shores. Making the innocent suffer for things they didn't do is really low. We shall stand for no more of it.

Monday, July 27, 2020


This world has become a giant insane asylum. The people of this world still follow the Capitalist system, even though it keeps them in poverty. The 26 richest people  the world have wealth equivalent to half the population of the globe. This is outrageous. With stats like this, is it any wonder people are angry. Frustrated. Disgusted. Fed up. this kind of situation would never be possible under National Socialism. People would be treated right. Treated fairly. Treated like white Aryans should be. There is real tragedy here. People so incredibly rich, running the show. While n the meantime, the common white Aryan worker, suffers and struggles just to get by.
Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Choose a system that is fair. Works for the race. A system dedicated to preserving the race. Something that can only really be done, by wealth distribution equity. National Socialism is socialist, but only in moderation. It believes in social justice. No whit Aryan should be poor and starving. Help the ANP keep our people safe, secure, and with full bellies. No white Aryan should ever suffer from want. ANP will make sure they don't.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

National Socialist hope part 2

National Socialism helps a country most, where it needs it most. It offers a country its pride and dignity. It makes its people feel valued. It takes care of their welfare. It teaches love of one's country. Especially in the form of the racial state. Love of one's country, love of one's race. It doesn't expect you to kiss ass. It hates kissing ass, and will fight strongly against it. The difference between loving one's country, and not, is reflected in how a nation perceives itself, and is perceived. National Socialism wants to lead a mighty nation, not a collection of idiot white, ass kissers. Non whites walk over us, for now. National Socialism would put a stop to that. National Socialism follows the philosophy of self sufficiency. It believes in a nation taking care of its own needs. It hates the current nation state handout system we have now. The Jew based system of nations swallowing their pride in exchange for handouts of money. It believes in making things at home, not having to purchase stuff from other countries. National Socialism is do it yourself ism. National Socialism believes in family. If people don't marry and have children, soon the human race will simply die off. Feminist's and homosexuals' don't care. They want their own way. We look ahead to the future. National Socialism wants to take back our cities. Black rule has destroyed our cities. Whites left, because they were forced out by black harassment. National Socialism believes in a program of  national service. Our youth serving the state and race. Contributing. Not just playing video games. If you want a future, then donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help create a better society thru National Socialism.

Monday, July 20, 2020

National Socialism style hope

National Socialism takes it on the chin every day by our enemies, that we're evil. That our ideology is bad. I beg to disagree. National Socialism is NOT just some white guy yelling white power, and hating non whites for no reason. It is a POSITIVE force. It strives to make things better, not worse. Look at our US govt system. It is corrupt. Non whites are catered to, and given far more influence then their numbers deserve. The US is at least for the moment, still governed by the pioneer spirit. The what's on the other side of the hill spirit. National Socialism embraces, and supports such a spirit. It is a system based on practicality. It would never waste taxpayer money on prestige, unworkable projects, as is the case now. National Socialism believes in solving problems, not letting them fester. National Socialism represents ambition. The ambition to improve the wellbeing of the race. National Socialism has optimism. We believe in our race, and want it to succeed. We look forward to a perfect future of our race having dignity, and pride, and that all of our race is cared for. National Socialism looks back on a proud past, when for one brief moment, there was a political system totally in tune with its people. A system that needs to be resurrected, to replace the shit hole we currently live in.