Monday, June 17, 2019

Fear of Nazis

People are so afraid of Nazism. They have been brainwashed so thoroughly, that they see something good as evil. If you take a close look, you can see that Nazism is far superior to what we have in place now. Look at how Capitalism ruins lives. It keeps people in debt. Debt is a major money maker for the Capitalist class. Why help people out of debt, when keeping them in, generates much income for debt holders, such as banks., and credit card companies. Far more profitable to keep people on the hook. Capitalism has taken the savings of many. Companies have misused pension funds, losing the money, while workers are left with nothing for retirement. Capitalism pushes for jobs being sent overseas. The fact that workers lose their livelihoods, and the country becomes weaker does not mean anything to the Capitalist. Its greed all the way. Capitalism robs health care. Hospitals pinch pennies, even if it harms health care. Drugs are outrageously expensive. Is it right that people have to struggle to afford drugs that keep them alive. Capitalism is dismantling the educational system. Schools aren't getting the monies needed. Teacher unions are constantly battling with administration over money issues. The kids needs get ignored. Money that would help schools, is instead spent on wars, like Afghanistan. Kids fathers who fought in Afghanistan, are now old enough to go fight there themselves now.
Nazism rejects all of the above. It cares of, about, for, the race. It wants to help. It sees that a healthy racial stock can and will create a strong and prosperous racial nation state. One that cares, and helps. ANP wants to bring about a new system. One far better. One that cares. A system with free health care for all. Education paid for. Wars kept to defense, not the globe trotting of our current Capitalist military. ANP wants to see every white Aryan living a comfortable, decent life. It won't try and make everyone a millionaire, but it sure as hell won't let white Aryans live like pigs in a mud hole. ANP respects white Aryan dignity. It sees the race as a cause worth struggling for. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time giving out lit. Help create a new, and far better society. Enough of liberal left bullshit. Time for the right society to triumph, that of Nazism. The cause that will save white Aryan kind.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


On 6/8/1949, the FBI issued a report. It accrued actors Frederic March, John Garfield, Paul Muni, and Edward G. Robinson along with singer Paul Robson, of having Communist sympathies. The report felt that much in Hollywood was pro left, and trying to use movies to spread the USSR line. I feel that little as changed from then till today. Hollywood is still peddling evil influences. Instead of Communism, now its mixed racial marriage/couplings, and a massive push for gay/lesbian couplings. For a log time, Hollywood has made fun of alcohol and drug abuse. Hollywood makes light of drug abuse, and pushes a pro drug culture. I assure you this is not mere prudery. These various causes tat Hollywood is pushing are harmful to the body politic, and the national psyche. This is why our country is deteriorating. Hollywood abuses the free speech amendment in the Constitution, and is doing its utmost to undermine American morality. Why I don't know. Don't are. It is sufficient that it is being done. There use to be movie censorship, but that was discontinued as repressive. I feel the current Hollywood behavior is repressive. Harmful. A major threat. A way for the liberal left to tear down white Aryan civilization, and promote a mixed race/homosexual agenda. One harmful to our race, and path sure to lead to our downfall.
Support ANP. It is fighting against the terrible moral rot that is killing our country. Unless we regain our moral core, our nation and especially our race, will slowly destroy our race. ANP believes in values. Moral values. Not because were prudes, but because we believe in right behavior. That there is a moral compass that must be followed, if we are ever to be a great race again. Mixed race pairings, and homosexual coupling will end up destroying our race. Can't YOU see that? We have got to get our morals back, and genteel behavior needs to make a comeback. Look at how drug humor has been. People are taking drugs, with abandon. Its all a big joke. One that is killing our people with OD's. Let's stop leftist godlessness. Stop the abandonment of moral decency and rectitude. We were once a good country. If we don't stop the rot, we will end up being just another version of hell.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Anti immigrant

Battling against illegal immigrants is NOT something new. It has been going on for quite some time. On 6/18/1896, President Cleveland ordered an investigation into immigrants in govt. He felt immigrants coming in were bringing crime, ad helping to decrease wages. He worried about immigrants bringing in alien ideas. Ideologies like Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, and generally political unrest. He felt that govt primary responsibility was to prevent an influx of foreign elements hostile to internal peace, prosperity, and security. Sound familiar. It should. It is what we now are dealing with. Illegal immigrants must be prevented from entering. They must be dealt with harshly. Look at how illegals take jobs away from native born. They work for cheap, slave type wages, and end up stealing jobs out from under American workers. They bring crime. Many work for the drug cartels. They help bring in illegal drugs. They help foreign gangs. For example, illegals from El Salvador help the notorious gang MS-13 to bring in rugs, and do many and various illegal acts. This kind of stuff must be prevented at all costs. Unless we can keep out the trash, our country will be over run and become a giant den of thieves. If we do nothing, the influx of illegals will cost this country its very soul.
ANP is determined to help preserve this country. We are determined to save it. Not just by building a wall, but to crack down on any and all, who dare to help illegals enter. Punishment for coyotes must be severe. No more namby-pamby nonsense anymore. We have to get tough, and kick ass.  Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Like with the Roman Empire, it fell due to its borders being overwhelmed by barbarian hordes. If we fail to hold back the wave of illegals trying to enter, we will lose our white Aryan identity, and become just another banana republic. Our system is under threat. Our race is under threat. Help stop the wave of muds that threaten to overwhelm and destroy us. Our way of life is under siege by gay/lesbians, feminism, and non whites. Letting in the flood of non whites that are trying to get in will destroy us. ANP is THE wall that will save us. Help it. Its all we have for our defense and to protect our future.

Thursday, June 6, 2019


Why is there so much inequality in our nation. We're like some banana republic, with the very rich, and the very poor. This can't be America can it, unfortunately, yes it can. The richest 10% now had 70% of US wealth in 2018. This is compared with 60% in 1989. The richest 1% had their wealth rise up 32% from 23%. The assets of the top 10% have risen up 55%  to 64% since 1989. Correspondingly, we working stiffs have seen things go down for us. There has been a decline in home ownership since and stock ownership. In 2019 home ownership is 64.2%. this is down from 65.2% in 1960. People like AOC want a 70% tax on the rich. We National Socialists know its not just a matter of taxation. It is the system itself. We need a new system. One with a new dynamic. One that puts race over profit. One that cares for the race, rather then sees people as resources to be mined and then discarded.
ANP s working to build a new and better future. It wants to put in place a system that helps white Aryans to achieve prosperity and dignity. Help it achieve this. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us stop being slaves in a Judeo-Capitalist rat trap. Our workers need dignity and respect just as much, if not more so, then the need work. Our workers deserve more then burn out for hard work. They deserve reward, not a slap in the face and kick in the teeth. Our race is a most precious resource. Not to be squandered by evil fat cats sitting on fancy furniture counting their money. All the while, our people suffer. Are kids are deprived, and white Aryans continue to lose ground. Our race is great, and deserve so much more then to be treated as a mere slave class, subject to the whims of greedy scum 1% types, who will do anything for a dollar. I'm shocked our people still have shirts. Jon with us now. Help end the misery. Let's brig back dignity and respect to the workplace. This isn't pie in the sky. It is instituting a system of morals and values based n caring for people, not screwing them as our current system does.

Monday, June 3, 2019


We white Aryans are locked in a racial cold war. Far too few of us realize this. Nevertheless, it is quite real. Our very racial existence is at stake. Our enemies are determined to destroy us. Our enemies are VERY ruthless, and cunning. The Jews are far and away the most cunning people on planet earth. Why else would our enemies make sure our kids learn racial self hate in school. Our kids are taught that the white Aryan race is pure evil, and incapable of doing good. How about YOU white Aryan, are you evil? Our enemies throw feminism at our women, to get them to reject reproduction, and family. They want to disrupt and even destroy white family life. They push for racial intermixing. They now push homosexuality and same sex pairings. Our movies and TV are now packed with mixed race couples, and gay/ lesbian promoting characters. Our enemies are smart. Very smart. Rather then use force, our enemies use infiltration and the LAW to legally force their policies on us and get their way. The fact that their way is not our way is ignored. Its do as we're told, period. We must be smart to. Smarter in fact. We must not allow our enemies to be able to use the moral high ground with their ready made martyrs, to win the publics hearts. Notice how all these left wingers, and especially the Jewish ones, cry in interviews. Its always "oh pity me, pity me/us". They always act like their so innocent, and pure and good. In reality they are ruthlessly working to force their agenda onto our society. OUR society. A society that so far rejects homosexuality, and feminism, and race mixing.
We need to lay low. We must be submarines, not aircraft carriers. We must be quiet and use infiltration as our enemies do. If we are to achieve anything. ANP is determined to play the enemies game, and beat them at it. It rejects violence as stupid, and useless. It rejects needless provocation of non whites as these kind of  tactics just make people mad, but does nothing to further the cause. ANP wants to show our people that our way is right and best. This means education above all. Right example also. We MUST behave ourselves, tough as this can be at times. It is the only way we will win minds and hearts. Our people have been brain washed, and only patience and determination will win the day. Help ANP defeat our enemies. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help win this war. We are in a war. A COLD WAR, just like the one against the Communists, only if we don't get off our asses, we may very well lose this one. Our nation stands at a crossroads. Either we resist and maintain our white Aryan world, or we succumb, and become an alien civilization dominated by racial inter mixing, feminism, and homosexuality. A civilization opposite from  our own, that our former world be simply disappear as our emeries alter history to erase it. We're getting a taste now, as our enemies eliminate all references to the Confederacy, and Christopher Columbus.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

White shame

Our enemies are trying to shame us white Aryans into kissing their asses at every turn. They are DEMANDING reparations for slavery. I say go ---- yourselves. I refuse to pay one penny for something that happened long before I even existed. I wasn't there, I did nothing. Hell, they weren't even my ancestors, because they came to this country in 1920. This is just another free payout to the black community who thinks it is entitled, and not required to work for a living. White Aryans have taken their lumps. So has every race on earth at some point in time. When it happens, you endure and move on. You don't expect a handout and one race to wipe an other's ass. No money period. Anther thing, they want to put Harriet Tubman's picture on one of our bills. She was an anti slavery black leader. Again I say no. She was/is a black icon. She did nothing for white Aryans. Our currency is national, and is meant to honor people who served the country as a whole, not to honor various minority groups. If they didn't do something that helped the entire country in total, they don't belong. Finally, the Jew liberals are eliminating Columbus day. They are making him a villain. How the hell was he suppose to know the European migration to America would be as hard o the Native Americans as it was. He didn't have a crystal ball, nor was he a psychic. Would YOU have the courage to set out on an unknown, probably perilous voyage. He achieved a great feat. Yet the day to honor him is being eliminated, in favor of Native American day.
ANP has had a gut full of the various non white minorities attacking white Aryan institutions. They claim justice, but it is really a form of harassment. To get even for slights both real, and imagined. I for one reject their bullshit. ANP does to. Donate to ANP and help it defy our foes. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let's stop the kissing of non white ass. We white Aryans need to stand up for ourselves. It is no different then when we were kids and had to stand up to the schoolyard bully. We are NOT bound by what our ancestors did. That is history. Let's stick to the present. That means we white Aryans getting a fair shake, just like non whites get. Fair treatment isn't a privilege, it is a right, one that is being withheld more and more from us. Help ANP. Time to regain our pride and dignity. Enough kissing of non white ass. Way enough.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Immigration has become such a hot topic for people. We in the US are faced with massive numbers of Hispanics and Muslims trying to get in. It has become a political bone of contention. My question is WHY? Why don't we just do as we have always done. In 1924, president Coolidge signed into law an immigration bill. In brief, it allowed in ONLY those with either a college education, or special skills. No huddled masses who would be a burden. It did not allow in either Mexicans or Japanese. It encouraged immigration from northern Europe. This wasn't done on a racist basis. The prime goal was to keep American culture based on northern Europe. It was a culture thing. The Mexicans, and Japanese would bring in massively different culture. Their values were quite different, from the northern European descendants that were in already. Multi cultural ism doesn't work. Our own sick society shows that. Everything is mixed up. There are a million voices, each saying something complexly different. Our country is in massive confusion. We can't agree on anything, so nothing gets done. The people of 1924 saw this development, s they tried to head it off. Something we of today should have done, but didn't, and we now are paying the price.
We need immigration laws that will protect us. Keep us predominately northern European based. To not do so results in the mess we have today. ANP is determined to keep this country white Aryan. To not do so risks confusion and chaos. These damn Jew liberals would no doubt welcome space aliens if they came, with the same abandon as they welcome these non whites now. With just as bad a result. Without a core culture, there is only misery. The Austria-Hungarian empire was a collection of central European nations, with a common cultural base, yet it collapsed. How then can we hope to be melded into one, when each new immigrant group does its own thing. For example, Hispanics who insist on only speaking Spanish. These immigrant groups will fast become states within a state. We can see the beginnings of such now. Help ANP keep our country safe, and on an even keel. Help ANP keep our country culturally sound. The days of letting anybody in are over. Time to get very choosy. We must if we are to preserve our culture, and our race. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us be wise, as our ancestors were in 1924, and keep control of our borders, and population. Coming to this country should be a privilege, NOT a right. Being picky and choosy will save us in the long run. Austria-Hungary had a lot more going for it then we do, and it collapsed. If we're not careful, we will too.