Monday, December 9, 2019

A positive force

The enemies of National Socialism constantly refer to it as a force for evil. This is entirely false. It is a force for good. Its central idea is that the race must unite, and all must work for the betterment of the race. Nothing else matters then the race. Its health, its safety, its education. A strong family life is considered essential for the race to thrive. Does any of this sound evil? Just what is wrong with the people of a certain race uniting, and working together. Defending each other. Its a hostile world, and being able to defend one's hearth and home is essential. This doesn't mean being warlike, its being prepared for trouble. The enemies of National Socialism attack it as an evil force, because they themselves  are evil. They want an amorphous mass of non religious automaton's to rule over. Anything that gives a person any kind of dignity is bad in their eyes. Look at Stalin's Russia. People were mere slaves, kept in line by fear of prison or being shot. This is what the liberal left has in mind for us white Aryans. Slavery and dictatorship. Why else do they attack anything that has the slightest tinge of white pride. Why else would they want a sea of Hispanics coming in. Ready made slaves. Our kids are taught racial self hate. The liberal left constantly harp abut the evil whites. They deny us dignity. They deny us justice. All they do is proclaim the glories of the non whites.
I for one, am sick of the shit. We white Aryans are blamed for everything wrong, and get NO credit for the good things of life that white Aryans  have done. ANP is determined to salvage the white Aryan image. It is fighting to regain white dignity and rights. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help our race recover its position in the world. Don't let the neo Communists/neo Stalinists subvert our nation, and turn us into mindless beasts of burden. Don't let the liberal left, turn us into a minority in our own land.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

A waste

Notice how our govt just loves to waste money. Taj Mahal building projects, that are totally senseless. Wars that are unwinnable. Programs that give money away to the lazy and shiftless. Programs helping illegal immigrants, who by right deserve nothing because they are here illegally. It seems that those most undeserving, get the govt gravy train, while hard working, sober citizens get nothing but the back of the hand. Is it any wonder this society is screwed up when the wrong doers get rewarded, and the good folks get screwed. This society is so messed up its utterly deplorable. This sorry state of affairs exist, because we are ruled by Judeo-Capitalism. All this elite cares about is making money. We need a  ruling elite that rules for the race, not money. Only a society that is governed by  the right goals, can hope to thrive and prosper.
ANP is determined to right wrong, and turn things around. Only a society governed by the tenets of National Socialism can hope to achieve great things. Look at our Aryan history. Our people cared. They were ready to sacrifice. The race mattered a great deal. People thought in terms of race, and supported all efforts to protect it. So to now Donate money to ANP.  Donate your time to giving out lit. Help spread the good word. We must change minds. Change goals. We must get our people back to the straight and narrow of caring for their race. Hep ANP resurrect the old values of race. Caring and supporting same. Support ANP in s sacred work of saving our race from ruin. Our govt is crap. We need a new way, NOW!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Power Play

Pay Pal has decided, IT will choose who to allow to use it for political donations. If you donate to a party they don't like, like us alt right types, they simply kick you off and refuse to let you use it. Even if you obey the rules and do nothing else at all. Elon Musk was a co-founder. He is left wing, so nothing right wing is allowed. The reason given is laughable. That they are trying to protect the safety of communities. As if your right wing, you must be dangerous. This is a disturbing trend. The left is branding the racist right as monsters, and a source of danger to the country We're being made the fall guys for all the tension and stress What about ANTIFA? They are massively violent, but the left doesn't care since they are their allies. The left is hoping to use the racist right as scapegoats and a menace, to attack Trump as one of us. (He is NOT) Trump is a Capitalist above all. He is not a white nationalist. Facts of course mean nothing to the liberal left. They are determined to have their way as they have for the past 60 years. They've wrecked the country with their liberal bullshit, but that is ignored. They intend to hold on to power. What has happened to freedom of speech you ask? Simple, it doesn't exist. The left only wants itself heard. No other ideas. There is no freedom of speech in the US. Never has been. Its always been the group in power runs the show, and ideas it doesn't like, it stifles, like Pay Pal is doing now. Contribute to a party that Elon Musk doesn't like, Pay Pal will kick you off, even if you've done nothing at all illegal. This is the left running things to suit itself. Remember when New Jersey banned automatic rifles? Instead of just auto they started banning  semi auto too. When told there was a  difference, the liberal left in power didn't care They wanted guns banned period. Facts meant nothing, ideology was all they cared about. So it goes. Look at how blacks have been given inordinate political power and they have run our cities into the ground. We have liberalism to thank.
Help ANP defeat this tyranny.  It is time we had freedom, not assholes running OUR lives. Donate  money to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us return sanity and good governance to a nation gone mad. Enough of these petty dictators who trample rights, because THEY don't like your beliefs. Pay Pal is high handed. Let's not let it dictate the terms of our very existence. Resist. Help ANP defend our beliefs, and keep them alive.

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Thanksgiving. For what. This garbage can of a society we're stuck in. This society is depraved beyond measure. I for one am fed up with the shit. Politicians who are corrupt. A govt that is far more interested in waging useless wars, then taking care of its people We live in a cold hearted, ruthless Judeo-Capitalist system that has no regard for human life whatsoever. Our govt is far more concerned with helping non whites, then helping white Aryans. Non whites are sacrosanct. They get all the breaks, while we whites get the back of the hand.
The only thing I am thankful for, is ANP. It is out to help and save white Aryans. ANP is our shield and our guide. I is determined to save the white race. It is the only force capable of dong so. I am very thankful for it. White Aryans are basically under siege in this country. ANP is our only hope to escape the abyss. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help save the white race from extinction. If our enemies get their way, they will inundate us with Hispanics and Muslims. We will become out numbered and undone. Help ANP. Save the white race. Give thanks that we still have time to avoid disaster.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Under siege

We white Aryans are under siege. Everything we hold dear is under attack. Blacks want ALL traces of the Confederacy eliminated. Likewise Jews with any and all references to National Socialism. Feminism is doing its best to brainwash women into rejecting reproduction. In other word marriage/family. Now we have the homosexuals dong their level best to brainwash our kids that their alternative lifestyle is the way to go. Drug abuse is made light of. Sex in movies and TV is now at pornographic levels. Language is filthy. Discipline of children is just a boring chore. The liberal left is atheist and definitely against religion No religion would tolerate their permissive anything goes ways. They want the old days of Stalin's Russia, where everybody loved each other, (as they toiled like slaves on his collective farms). The liberal left is opposed to everything we have come to value as a society. Oppose them and your ridiculed, and even harassed. The actually seem to prefer living in hell.
ANP says HELL NO. We will NOT let our nation and society go down the crapper. We think our ways are good. Good for the society, good for the race. We flatly refuse to let this neo communist doctrine come to be the law of the land. We will resist with all our might. Help us. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We intend to elect Aryan candidates to office, and turn around the liberal left onslaught. Elon Musk owns Pay Pal. He is currently throwing off people who give to right wing races parties. Seems that only the left is to be heard. Help us get our message out. Don't let this and other liberal assholes shut us up. We won't bring heaven down to earth, but we can bring a civilized society back to America shores.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A restless world

So many demos these days. Just like the 60's. People demonstrating over everything. These days the big bug a boo is that people are poor, while rich elites live high off the hog. The common folk want a piece of the pie. They'll never get it. Judeo-Capitalism is NOT a system of fairness. It encourages people to be at each others throats. Inequality is part and parcel of Capitalism. You cannot escape t. It will ALWAYS be the rich few, and the poor many. Capitalism stresses the acquirement of wealth. At ANY price, in any manner. The true Capitalist has no regard for people, except on how they can be used to make money. Does this sound like a system of fairness, and equal opportunity. Many peoples of the world are desperate to improve their lives. Ain't gonna happen in a Capitalist system. Maybe if the churches of the world had a great revival, but that does not seem to be in the cards. After all churches in a Capitalist system want money donations for themselves do they not. Demos are a BIG waste of time ad money, for something that won't happen. The rich elites want to stay rich, and they simply don't care about helping the common folk. Capitalism OKs greed, so we have same. It won't change. It can't. It is embedded in it.
National Socialism believes in and emphasizes the RACE. All for race, not self. It gets the people thinking about the cause of racial survival It gets people working together, not screwing each other. We can have a just and honest society but not with Capitalism. Only National Socialism can save us. Can turn things around with right thinking. Right behavior. Make it possible for people t achieve, but together as befits humans, not like today as jungle animals. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help turn things around. Demos accomplish nothing. Only real political power changes things. Help our candidates achieve office,  they can begin to change things for the better. A National Socialist better. In office, they'll be able to change things, that street demos don't.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


We of the racist right must be especially on guard right now. Th left always likes to beat on us, but right now, they especially want to hit on us, because they can't get Trump as they'd like to do. We're the next best thing as political football. This means we must especially fly below the radar. no  grand standing, no demos, no trouble. We MUST never forget, that ZOG has the power right now, and can easily make life miserable for those who step out of line and are annoying to it. When one confronts a dictatorship as we do now n ZOG, one must exercise extreme caution. Only a suicidal lunatic sticks his head in a lions mouth. The fact we're he scapegoats is nothing at all knew. Its just that the liberal lefts frustration with Trump is spilling over us, and they want show trials, to make people more docile and willing to obey.
We can ride out this stream of abuse, just as we have countless others. We just as always have to play it smart, only now a little more so. If your tired of having to crawl under a rock every time ZOG gets a stick up its butt, do something about it. Political action. NOT street demos, but real political action. Help elect real white Aryan candidates to office, and the persecution can be put a stop to. Donate to ANP. Send money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us get our dignity and freedom back. We should be able to hold up our heads and practice our National Socialism in dignity and peace ,not have to cower under a rock, because the system needs bogey man to rough up for awhile. Help us. Help yourself. We deserve to be able to practice our beliefs in freedom and respect. We should never have to kow tow to ZOG.