Thursday, February 14, 2019


Yet another big meeting of rich folks. Supposedly just to talk business, but we all know the real purpose. To lord it over us lesser beings. To make I abundantly clear who runs the show. In this world, right now, just 24 people have the wealth equivalent to 3.8 billion people. WTF. This is truly obscene. This is why political rhetoric s getting so heated. Representative Ocasio-Cortez is calling for a 70% tax on the wealthy. Those who have 10 million dollars and over. I think this a great idea. Just how much money is enough? For most of the wealthy, its never enough. We shouldn't be here. Our people shouldn't have to endure this. 2 people having the equivalent to the wealth of whole nations. Many don't even try to spread the wealth round. The days of Andrew Carnegie, giving  his fortune away are long since over. No, our wealthy are just that, and that's all they care about. Our system worships money. It is the be all, end all, of existence for the rich ruling elite. Capitalism breeds greed like a lake breeds mosquitoes. We need a new system, with a new emphasis. A system that stresses race over wealth. Our people need a new objective. To care for their race as the highest duty.
Let this Valentine's day be one of a love of race. Not money. To care abut one's race more then anything, even self. We need a new direction. A new goal. We must replace our system, with one that has far more lofty goals then we do now. Donate to ANP. Money, but also your time to give out lit. We need o follow a new path. Nazism wants to get the white Aryan race away from Capitalism and its greed, and concentrate on the good of the race. The racial state should be where its at, not rich people on an endless quest for wealth. Capitalism will NEVER have social justice. Nazism will always insist on it. Compare and contrast. Choose how you wish to live.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The truth

One of the founders of the DNA double helix in science, the genetic blueprint that makes a person and race what they are, has bee stripped of his honors. He is 94 years old. Why, what great crime did he commit? He told the truth. He says that blacks are simply not as smart as whites. This has been said before. I guess since this guy was a genetic scientist it got under liberal skins more. He should know. He and his colleagues worked out what DNA stand does what. What each one was for. He would know, what the gene for intelligence is, and how many blacks have as opposed to whites. As per usual, the liberal establishment rejected this, and condemned him. Stripped him of his honors.  All because he dared to tell the truth. Lies won't help race relations. Liberals are determined o see the world as they want it. They choose to reject anything that says blacks are inferior, no matter how true.
Let us look at some proof. Compare Europe, with its palaces, cathedrals and the Coliseum, with Black Africa. Black Africa, when the Europeans first discovered it,  was a land of mud huts with thatched roofs. No great building anywhere. Where as Europe had the Industrial Revolution, Black Africa did not. It has only advanced, because of European influence. European colonialism is condemned, but it brought Black Africa into the modern world. Liberals refuse to accept these fats. They insist on putting the black race on a pedestal, which it never, ever, has earned.
Why is it, these days, with a black president, blacks still gravitate to menial jobs. They only get higher education when given a mighty helping hand by whites. White laws, and efforts, help blacks advance. Without, they would not. Europe explored the globe. Black Africa was, and basically still is, subsistence agriculture. Only white influence helps them be modern. Want more proof. Look at Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, and South Africa. When under white rule, quite advanced and modern. Under Black majority rule, economic basket cases. I can go on, but I feel I have made my point.
Support ANP. Help it defend truth, and especially those who dare to tell it. ANP is locked in struggle, with the liberal establishment, who insists on making blacks into the perfect race. We all know the truth. Liberals talk about freedom. Unfortunately, its only their own truths they wish to allow expressed. Anyone who says different to the party line is ostracized. This must not be allowed to stand. White Aryans. Stand tall. Help in this fight of truth vs dictatorship. Donate to ANP, money, and your time to give out lit. The truth s known about the races. Its time it was said. The liberals live in fantasy land. Only ANP knows the score, and is trying to let it have fee expression. We while Aryans have so much to be proud of. WE must not let ourselves be intimidated and unable to speak the truth. A world built on lies cannot stand. This is why our country is in crisis. Too many lies. Too much fantasy. Time for the truth. Those who tell it, should be honored, not castigated.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Old folks USA

Our elderly are treated like dirt. This society has the gall to claim its so caring. Total bull shit. As soon as our elderly are of no value, they are shoved into a nursing home to rot, and die. Poverty for the over 65 set has increased from 16% in 2015, to 18.1% now. That is an increase of 367,000 elderly Americans. This is disgraceful. People, after a life time of toil deserve rest, and a dignified life. Instead their treated like human garbage. This is sheer depravity. Our rich ruling elite is without compassion. They are content to let the poor elderly be just that. Poor. We need a system of mercy, not contempt. Think of YOUR self. Will you need help in old age? If so, where will it come from? Family? Friends? If you are alone with no one, you are doomed to die a lonely existence rotting in a poverty stricken state. Not the reward for years of toil you deserve. Don't you deserve to have dignity at least at the end of your life. Be able to enjoy the quiet golden years that are promised by our lying politicians, but never happens.
ANP respects and honors the elderly. ANP feels after a life time of toil, YOU deserve a good life. It is your RIGHT. You have it  coming. Our people shouldn't be treated as scum. Certainly not the elderly. Our oldsters deserve so much more then they get. ANP will give it to them. Become a supporter. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We all become old. It is inescapable. We don't have to be treated with disrespect and warehoused, because as elderly, we're too inconvenient to have around any more. Nursing homes are big business. Lot of money involved. Maybe that's why noting is done. Too many Capitalists are getting rich. This is utterly unacceptable. Our people need and deserve dignity, especially at the end of their lives. It is their right. Help ANP respect and care for the elderly. A great wrong is done to them, every damn day. Time to rectify. Do you want to be treated like a human being as you grow old, or be hauled around like a sack of human garbage? Your time is coming, if it isn't already here. Let us push for dignity, and stop the daily elder abuse that occurs every minute in this depraved excuse of a society.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A liberal

Liberals always talk a good game, but they are in truth extremely shallow and hypocritical. As the old saying goes, liberals are all symbol and no substance. They are pro nigger, yet the vast majority never have had any contact with one, or at least very, very limited. I had an old neighbor, who spouted the liberal line tirelessly. He had a wife and 4 children. Yet he was gay. In an unguarded moment I got to see him with one of his "buddies". They were doing things that were gay, no doubt about it. As I said this guy was married, with children, and a high up executive of Exxon corporation. It  never dawned on him the contradiction he was living by spouting the liberal line, yet living a secret double life. Liberals constantly give us the "lets all love each other" bullshit. They can afford to "love", because they are invariably yuppies with money to burn. It makes me sick. They are so hot and heavy to save the black, but totally ignore their own race in need. Liberals are two faced. Look at how the liberals in Congress want to eliminate gun ownership. Tax everyone to death. Push feminism and homosexuality so that family life is destroyed. I find liberalism destructive. Their constant pushing of permissiveness is destroying the family. Why have a family when it is a source of misery, thanks to nanny govt constantly interfering. Punish your kid, and your classified as abusive, and you have govt bureaucrats all over your ass and in your life. Thanks to liberalism, our schools teach racial self hate to whites, while blacks and other non whites are told they deserve anything and everything, and that it will all be handed to them, and they need not earn anything. Liberalism in a nutshell, is societal poison. Destroying the body politic like a cancer or poison. It destroys, while it preaches nice but empty sounding words.
Support ANP. It seeks to redress the balance and restore white rights, and especially white pride. White pride must NOT be a mindless slogan yelled at rallies. It must be a way of life. It must be a mindset always present in our people. We need schools to start teaching racial pride again. We need govt based on law and fairness. We need a system that is pro white. That will take care of us. We need a real govt, not one that just yells slogans. We need racially motivated leaders, not these liberal assholes, who value people who hate them for the color of their skin, but are too stupid to realize it. I is high time we restored sanity to our nation and its govt. Liberalism is stupidity writ large. It worships people (blacks) who despise their worshipers, liberal whites. I refuse to be walked on. I want to resist. YOU should to. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Liberals have far too much power, and far too little brains. Let us restore our race. We must resist the liberal poison. Resist before it wipes us out.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The sides

There is a war of ideology that goes on every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. The winner of this war gets to influence the earth. The other side faces oblivion. It is the reason for the animosity between the Jews and Nazis. The Jews support individualism and self seeking. Nazism stresses that the peoples community must always come first and foremost. As I said, the winner of this tug of war, sets the standard for the entire planet. At first, it seems a no brainier that individualism is preferable. After all who wouldn't like to be able to do as one wants. Thing is, such a path inevitably leads to disaster in the log run, and short run. Giving people freedom without responsibility ensures chaos. Too much freedom is always bad. For example,  because we coddle criminals, parents need to escort kids to and from schools, because the criminal justice system gives too many rights to depraved criminal predators. Look at our schools. Kids get away with murder. If they get sent to the principal, they get sent right back, because school administration is afraid of lawsuits. The system protects the rights of the wrong children.
 Delinquent children against all sense and reason are molly coddled in an inane attempt to appeal to their reason. Yeah, a reasonable second grader. Look at blacks. The system gives them plenty of rights, the result being blacks get priority in being hired, but can't be fired for any reason, no matter how great the provocation. NS believes in the people's community. That the folk community comes before any individual. NS stresses racial unity, and racial pride. Jewish liberalism leads to a degenerate society of human animals. NS based society leads to all working together and a vibrant and healthy racial community. Jewish style liberalism NEVER admits it is wrong. Hence its mistakes and misdeeds go on. To infect the planet, and set it up for its eventual demise. NS creates and enforce a society of humans  by humans, for humans. The differences in this ideology war are stark. We must all choose what kind of society and world we want to live in.
Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help tip the balance in the fight for civilization, verses barbarism. Individualism is smoke and mirrors. It looks good, but comes with a terrible price. It comes down to having a free society with no rules, that is just a human jungle populated by free animals, or a society geared to rules, regulations and above all everyone in the folk community dedicated to each other.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The corporate

Corporates do NOT think as we common folk do. They inhabit an entirely different world. Theirs is not the world of nation states. They do not value race or religion. Theirs is the world of the bottom line. They live for perks. The corporate society in this and every country, is a self perpetuating corporate aristocracy. They value money, but even more, stock options, as that gives them control. They keep control, and so the corporate machinery grinds on, to dos the masters bid, which is o make money at all costs. This is why corporates have no empathy. No compassion. No nothing. Just unending greed. Corporate stockholders think only short term profit. This is because the company officers are the stockholders. They want profit, and perks. They live for them. When you have officers of the board of trustees, chose by stockholders, who are also company officers noting will change. The goal always remains the same. Profits. Money. Perks. Noting else matters. Not nation/race/religion. Money is a corporates religion. They love it. Worship it. This is why a govt of corporates is a very bad idea. They will do nothing that doesn't enrich them personally. Corporates are devoid of human feeling, and above all a govt must have some kind of compassion. This Capitalist system of ours guarantees misery. Because the people running it are miserable. Driven solely by greed and self interest. Govt by corporation, lives and is guided solely by money. Misery is excused or downright ignored.
Friends. Let us do away with this corporate govt system. Why let ourselves be rule by people who are without human emotion. People who worship money. People who do not believe in helping except for pay. ANP stands for National Socialism. A system that believes govt has a moral duty to help its people. We need an NS govt. One willing and able to help. What we don't need is what we have now A corporate state that is only concerned with profits and perks. We need real live human beings to rule, not these corporate money machines who will screw you at the drop of a hat. Donate to ANP. Money (fight fire with fire), and your time to give out lit. It is well past time that this system is eliminated, and a new one take its place. It is time for a govt that values something other then money. NS values the race. All is done in the name o he race. I find this a welcome change from what we have now. We need caring, about people, not about profits/perks. Become a supporter. Help bring forth a better tomorrow. Help build a nation and govt that cares. That helps. Enough of Capitalism selfishness.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Employers-Judeo Capitalism at its best

This country has foolishly given employers all power. Workers are ignored, and treated as the new slave class. Employers have full power. That translates into they can do no wrong. If the boss's toast gets burned that morning, you can be used as the scapegoat all the rest of the day. You have no sort of any redress. Only the protection of a union contract offers any shelter. Without union protection (why unions formed in the first place) you are screwed. Employers have full power. They can give workers the boot for any reason at any time. The Labor Relations board is a total joke. It protects management, and ignores workers. Management in this country believes in riding workers hard.. Very hard. The truth is, that employers do NOT want happy, well adjusted underachievers. They want you worried about your job. They want you on edge. It is a firm belief among management here, that if you like your job, you must be goofing off. Only people on pins and needles will work hard.
Friends. Why do we continue to choose to live under these conditions? National Socialism believes in a united front. Worker and boss together. That's why a cardinal tenet of Nazi labor policy is to give workers a two week govt paid vacation. Worker gets a much needed rest, employer pays nothing. Everybody is happy. NS wants everyone united and working for the common goal of the race. There shouldn't be discord among the classes. Only a totally united race ready and able to defend its self and its principles. ANP is working to bring about a united workplace. A workplace where management and labor are united in pursuing the goal of racial unity and prosperity. Classes shouldn't fight each other. That's what Communism says. Workers shouldn't be treated as slaves, and the only goal making money as Capitalism wants. We need a united workplace, where going to work, is just that, and not going into a torture chamber. We need our workers and management together, marching in lockstep. Now more then ever. The Jewish liberal establishment wants to let in masses of Hispanics to over run us, and have cheap workers on hand. This must be prevented. At all costs. Help ANP create a united work place. No more class warfare. No more worker abuse. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help change America. From a place were work is misery, to a place where all are united in racial solidarity and working in dignity.