Thursday, January 10, 2019

The American worker as fall guy

Our Judeo-Capitalist system plays our workers. The worker as fall guy, while the elite relax and enjoy life. Its like a return to the Middle Ages with management as the nobles, and the workers as serfs. In this day and age, to have this kind of stuff going on is truly terrible. As one example ( there are very many), The Marsh supermarket chain filed for bankruptcy. Its assets were sold off. The investors made heaps of money. The workers pension fund is short by 80 million dollars. Wage increases should be paid for better performance, not for abject failure. Yet our system rewards failure. People who work hard, i.e. the workers, get the shaft. The rich ruling elite wrack up the bucks. Is it any wonder our society is so screwed up with a system that not just tolerates failure, but actually rewards it. Workers should be compensated for their work, but our system lets management/ownership shaft the worker. After decades of hard work, to be left in the lurch concerning a pension is truly horrific. people who played it straight their whole lives, end up with nothing. It is not right that workers get the royal screw job. It stinks to high heaven. Our Capitalist system needs to go. National Socialism would never treat or allowed to be treated wrongly, our workers. Hell, it is National Socialist practice to take care of workers, to the point of having all expense paid vacations for workers. How about that. Rather then treated like dirt as Capitalism does, you'd be treated like a king by a National Socialist govt and system. It can be done. This is NOT pie in the sky. It actually was done in the past.
ANP wants to restore worker dignity. Bring back jobs. Make it so work isn't some kind of torture session. Help ANP achieve this aim. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must make our people aware that they need not take being treated like slaves. Workers can and should have and be treated with dignity. Right now this country is a slave plantation, only white Aryans are the slaves. Slaves of the Judeo-Capitalist class. This has got to stop. This system put an end to. Help ANP. White Aryan worker, stand up for yourself. Join ANP as a supporter. Help it enlighten our workers. Raise the cry of enough. Let's do something about the many injustices our workers suffer. Non whites do NOT deserve a free ride, because of past so called discrimination. Enough of handouts to non whites, while white workers get a slap in the face and kick in the teeth. ANP is the liberating force. Let's join it and help it. So many white Aryan workers need liberating. Let's get on with it.

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