Monday, January 7, 2019

How does a nation die?

How does a nation die? From without. No. From WITHIN. When its people no longer believe in it. Our nation is dying. Our people no longer believe in it. It use to be that our people supported the idea of a white Aryan dominated nation. Now I see everywhere I look that our people no longer care about racial solidarity. Far, far too much racial mixing. Our children are taught racial self hate in school. Family life is under siege. Thanks to feminism that preaches women going it alone, and the gay/lesbian same sex marriage, the family is becoming extinct. No children, means no continuation of the race. Race mixing in my mind, means we have a hybrid, with the worst attributes of both races. This lowers the bar for our society, and we end up with a mongrel society that is poorly endowed, and incapable of real achievement. Can anyone honestly say a black dominated US will achieve greatness. Look at Africa. It had no great architecture compared to the other continents. Does anyone really expect a Hispanic ruled, majority US to really be able to accomplish things. Look at Latin America. Its like the Middle Ages never left. How is this going to conquer the universe, when their homelands are wastelands of poverty, and they make the US in their image. The US "saved" Latin America from Communism, but to what avail. Now they are narco states, devoted to illegal drug manufacturing and smuggling. They are not uplifting us. It will be far worse if they become the majority. We'll end up just another version of Mexico. Unless we bring back racial pride and commitment, our race is finished, and with it our country.
ANP is determined to restore racial pride. To unite the white Aryans into a formidable force, able to resist the disruptive Judeo-Capitalist forces that threaten it. We NEED a party that thinks and acts in racial terms. A party that is resistant to race mixing, even though its PC to do so now. We need a party dedicated to all things white. Ready, and even eager, to fight for white rights. We need to bring back pro white laws. Bring back white pride. Restore govt to white Aryan hands. Resist the Hispanic invasion. Defend our white Aryan civilization. Defend our race. Make America safe for white people again. Time for whites to be able to get good jobs again, and stop blacks and other non whites from getting dictated by law, job preference solely based on their non white race. We whites have taken a hell of a load of crap. Time to stop. We need to restore our race's values. Make white America strong again. Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. We must make up our minds that we intend to win the racial struggle. ANP intends to lead and accomplish the restoration of white Aryan America.

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  1. Been reading your stuff for the past 2 days. And I really appreciate your passion and your dedication for keeping this blog going for four years. You are reaching people. You reached me. I even posted this on my gab account. So keep up the great work!