Thursday, January 3, 2019


California is suppose to be part of the US. Yet it acts like a separate nation. It deliberately extends sanctuary to illegal aliens. It tries to end gun ownership by heavy taxation. If guns can't be banned, then it tries to ban ownership of ammo, by limiting ammo ownership to only authorized gun dealers. It lets illegal aliens into state health care programs. The state has the power to override local zoning. It has a governor who has been called a flake all his life, who is very left wing. Most of all, the state is now majority Hispanic. This makes all the difference in the world. They want to make California into a left wing semi nation. They want to make California into the model of a nation that leftist Latin American revolutionaries have dreamt of for decades. What they couldn't get in their own countries, they are trying to establish here. California is merely a foothold. The Latin vote hopes to transform the entire United States into one big Latin left paradise. The fact that California is nearly bankrupt and chaotic doesn't matter one whit to them. Just like the Soviet Union, what works and what doesn't is ignored, and ideology  is pushed over reality and common sense. The state acts different from the rest of the country, because it is quite different. It has different people in it. A different race. People who do it different. Very different. The Hispanics want California and the rest of the US to become another Latin republic, only leftist leaning. A USSR that works
Aryans, we must unite as our enemies do. We must push for laws that protect us. Protect our freedom. Protect our way of life. Protect our civilization. Protect our race. Unless we unite and vote white, we will be destroyed. Inundated by Hispanic hoards. If we let them, we'd have all of Mexico and Central America up here, crowding us out. Taking our jobs and our country from us. ANP is the only bulwark that can really stop it. A wall can only do so much. It takes a united race, determined to survive to succeed. Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. Let us defend our selves and way of life. California is just the first of the dominoes to fall. The entire Southwest is in jeopardy. Then come the entire country.  Let us defend ourselves. Save ourselves. Otherwise, start learning our soon to be new national language, Spanish.

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