Thursday, January 17, 2019

Enough is enough

When are the "sixties" going to be over with in this country. I am so sick of the sixties rebellion against authority that never dies, and is still going on. Authority is not evil. It is necessary. I do not believe in anarchy. I think Anarchism is fundamentally wrong. Someone needs to be in charge. There must be order. With out boundaries, everything ends up in chaos. Someone must be in charge, and take charge. I despise the current animal like existence of this society. No one takes responsibility. Things don't get done. I find particularly disturbing the current lack of respect for authority in this country. Kids don't respect elders. You see it in movies and TV. I find this appalling. Kids must always, ALWAYS, respect their elders. How can we possibly have a normal society if they don't. I have heard 3rd graders talk with mouths like marine drill sergeants. This rebellion against authority has got to stop. Enough of the rebel without a cause bullshit. This is real life, not some James Dean movie. We need societal discipline. Our kids need to know right from wrong. They need to keep a respectful tongue in their heads. Letting kids run amok is a path to destruction. Its not just the kids. Adults are rebelling. This is little short of insane. We need a society where everyone works together and is respectful and mindful of the other person. Enough of this semi animal behavior. We need to become human again. Badly.
ANP stresses proper civilized behavior. None of this liberal Jew do as you want crap. It stresses discipline. Respect. It wants a human society, not some animal primitive gathering. ANP is unlike the other political patties. It believes in, and stresses the things people don't wan to hear. Like discipline. Its no fun, but it is right and necessary to have. ANP takes the unpopular views, if it thinks it is right. Though all are against, ANP takes the unpopular stand based on morality, and the needs of the race. We need ANP, because the other parties don't care what people do. ANP feels right is right, no matter what, and must be pursued no matter what. Good politics isn't always going along with the masses. It is sometimes going against he grain for what is right. Donate money to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit. Help change the country's mindset from do as you want, to accepting boundaries to behavior. Help ANP bring this country back to something like sanity. We are human beings, time to live as such again. The ridiculous rebellion against authority must stop, and stop now. While there is still time to bring our nation back from the brink of permanent societal breakdown

Monday, January 14, 2019

Why Aericans are leaving

American white Aryans want out. A 2018 poll found hat 16% of the population want to move elsewhere. 20% women, 13% men. 30% ages 15-29. 19% ages 30-49. 8% 50 and up. These people who want o leaves are called preppers. Why do they want to leave? For THEM, the US economy sucks. There are too many low wage, no benefit jobs, that they must COMPETE for with non whites. They hate the US tax system, that takes our money, but gives nothing in return. As I said, the quality of jobs is poor. The middle class is shrinking. Poverty is on the increase. Many are put off by the social decay that is gripping our nation. Add in cultural decay. Our health care system is a giant scam. Our country is now in danger of falling victim to the new "collectivization". The leftist liberals want to brig back Soviet style collectivization, not of farms, but the whole of society. They take the view, better luck next time. They have learned nothing, and will just repeat Communisms mistakes. Many are disgusted by the big brother police state that our govt is busy creating. In other words, life here in these United States is going downhill fast. The rats are leaving a sinking ship. This country will soon become a non white paradise, as they get everything, while it becomes hell for white Aryans, who get nothing whatsoever.. Non whites will have everything they could want handed to them. Whites will get nothing but heartache, and terrible treatment.
Fellow white Aryans. Leaving is NOT the answer. Go where? Can any of us common folk white Aryans "AFFORD" to leave and head for parts elsewhere? Every other nation on earth, rejects the open door policy. You either must have a job lined up, or have a skill like doctor/engineer/nurse etc.
Frankly though, running isn't the answer. We must stay and fight for our homes. We must resist. Each of us must be the resistance. Oppose our corrupt, pro non white govt. We whites must unite. Fight in the courts the erosion of our rights. Use the power of the ballot box to vote white. Make the slogan "white power" real, not just some joke, or meaningless empty words. Don't run, fight. Don't surrender, fight. Don't take guff, fight. We must gird up our loins and engage the enemy. Running doesn't win a fight. Neither does taking a punch. We must resist. Fight with all our strength to reclaim our homeland. Enough of the crap. FIGHT! We whites can and indeed must struggle to regain our homeland. We must stick up for ourselves. We must not abandon our homes, and move somewhere else, where we will be a powerless minority. This is OUR nation. Let's act like it. Not to run like scared rabbits, but oppose the evil that threatens us, and defeat it. Our ancestors did, now its our turn.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The American worker as fall guy

Our Judeo-Capitalist system plays our workers. The worker as fall guy, while the elite relax and enjoy life. Its like a return to the Middle Ages with management as the nobles, and the workers as serfs. In this day and age, to have this kind of stuff going on is truly terrible. As one example ( there are very many), The Marsh supermarket chain filed for bankruptcy. Its assets were sold off. The investors made heaps of money. The workers pension fund is short by 80 million dollars. Wage increases should be paid for better performance, not for abject failure. Yet our system rewards failure. People who work hard, i.e. the workers, get the shaft. The rich ruling elite wrack up the bucks. Is it any wonder our society is so screwed up with a system that not just tolerates failure, but actually rewards it. Workers should be compensated for their work, but our system lets management/ownership shaft the worker. After decades of hard work, to be left in the lurch concerning a pension is truly horrific. people who played it straight their whole lives, end up with nothing. It is not right that workers get the royal screw job. It stinks to high heaven. Our Capitalist system needs to go. National Socialism would never treat or allowed to be treated wrongly, our workers. Hell, it is National Socialist practice to take care of workers, to the point of having all expense paid vacations for workers. How about that. Rather then treated like dirt as Capitalism does, you'd be treated like a king by a National Socialist govt and system. It can be done. This is NOT pie in the sky. It actually was done in the past.
ANP wants to restore worker dignity. Bring back jobs. Make it so work isn't some kind of torture session. Help ANP achieve this aim. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must make our people aware that they need not take being treated like slaves. Workers can and should have and be treated with dignity. Right now this country is a slave plantation, only white Aryans are the slaves. Slaves of the Judeo-Capitalist class. This has got to stop. This system put an end to. Help ANP. White Aryan worker, stand up for yourself. Join ANP as a supporter. Help it enlighten our workers. Raise the cry of enough. Let's do something about the many injustices our workers suffer. Non whites do NOT deserve a free ride, because of past so called discrimination. Enough of handouts to non whites, while white workers get a slap in the face and kick in the teeth. ANP is the liberating force. Let's join it and help it. So many white Aryan workers need liberating. Let's get on with it.

Monday, January 7, 2019

How does a nation die?

How does a nation die? From without. No. From WITHIN. When its people no longer believe in it. Our nation is dying. Our people no longer believe in it. It use to be that our people supported the idea of a white Aryan dominated nation. Now I see everywhere I look that our people no longer care about racial solidarity. Far, far too much racial mixing. Our children are taught racial self hate in school. Family life is under siege. Thanks to feminism that preaches women going it alone, and the gay/lesbian same sex marriage, the family is becoming extinct. No children, means no continuation of the race. Race mixing in my mind, means we have a hybrid, with the worst attributes of both races. This lowers the bar for our society, and we end up with a mongrel society that is poorly endowed, and incapable of real achievement. Can anyone honestly say a black dominated US will achieve greatness. Look at Africa. It had no great architecture compared to the other continents. Does anyone really expect a Hispanic ruled, majority US to really be able to accomplish things. Look at Latin America. Its like the Middle Ages never left. How is this going to conquer the universe, when their homelands are wastelands of poverty, and they make the US in their image. The US "saved" Latin America from Communism, but to what avail. Now they are narco states, devoted to illegal drug manufacturing and smuggling. They are not uplifting us. It will be far worse if they become the majority. We'll end up just another version of Mexico. Unless we bring back racial pride and commitment, our race is finished, and with it our country.
ANP is determined to restore racial pride. To unite the white Aryans into a formidable force, able to resist the disruptive Judeo-Capitalist forces that threaten it. We NEED a party that thinks and acts in racial terms. A party that is resistant to race mixing, even though its PC to do so now. We need a party dedicated to all things white. Ready, and even eager, to fight for white rights. We need to bring back pro white laws. Bring back white pride. Restore govt to white Aryan hands. Resist the Hispanic invasion. Defend our white Aryan civilization. Defend our race. Make America safe for white people again. Time for whites to be able to get good jobs again, and stop blacks and other non whites from getting dictated by law, job preference solely based on their non white race. We whites have taken a hell of a load of crap. Time to stop. We need to restore our race's values. Make white America strong again. Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. We must make up our minds that we intend to win the racial struggle. ANP intends to lead and accomplish the restoration of white Aryan America.

Thursday, January 3, 2019


California is suppose to be part of the US. Yet it acts like a separate nation. It deliberately extends sanctuary to illegal aliens. It tries to end gun ownership by heavy taxation. If guns can't be banned, then it tries to ban ownership of ammo, by limiting ammo ownership to only authorized gun dealers. It lets illegal aliens into state health care programs. The state has the power to override local zoning. It has a governor who has been called a flake all his life, who is very left wing. Most of all, the state is now majority Hispanic. This makes all the difference in the world. They want to make California into a left wing semi nation. They want to make California into the model of a nation that leftist Latin American revolutionaries have dreamt of for decades. What they couldn't get in their own countries, they are trying to establish here. California is merely a foothold. The Latin vote hopes to transform the entire United States into one big Latin left paradise. The fact that California is nearly bankrupt and chaotic doesn't matter one whit to them. Just like the Soviet Union, what works and what doesn't is ignored, and ideology  is pushed over reality and common sense. The state acts different from the rest of the country, because it is quite different. It has different people in it. A different race. People who do it different. Very different. The Hispanics want California and the rest of the US to become another Latin republic, only leftist leaning. A USSR that works
Aryans, we must unite as our enemies do. We must push for laws that protect us. Protect our freedom. Protect our way of life. Protect our civilization. Protect our race. Unless we unite and vote white, we will be destroyed. Inundated by Hispanic hoards. If we let them, we'd have all of Mexico and Central America up here, crowding us out. Taking our jobs and our country from us. ANP is the only bulwark that can really stop it. A wall can only do so much. It takes a united race, determined to survive to succeed. Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. Let us defend our selves and way of life. California is just the first of the dominoes to fall. The entire Southwest is in jeopardy. Then come the entire country.  Let us defend ourselves. Save ourselves. Otherwise, start learning our soon to be new national language, Spanish.