Monday, June 17, 2019

Fear of Nazis

People are so afraid of Nazism. They have been brainwashed so thoroughly, that they see something good as evil. If you take a close look, you can see that Nazism is far superior to what we have in place now. Look at how Capitalism ruins lives. It keeps people in debt. Debt is a major money maker for the Capitalist class. Why help people out of debt, when keeping them in, generates much income for debt holders, such as banks., and credit card companies. Far more profitable to keep people on the hook. Capitalism has taken the savings of many. Companies have misused pension funds, losing the money, while workers are left with nothing for retirement. Capitalism pushes for jobs being sent overseas. The fact that workers lose their livelihoods, and the country becomes weaker does not mean anything to the Capitalist. Its greed all the way. Capitalism robs health care. Hospitals pinch pennies, even if it harms health care. Drugs are outrageously expensive. Is it right that people have to struggle to afford drugs that keep them alive. Capitalism is dismantling the educational system. Schools aren't getting the monies needed. Teacher unions are constantly battling with administration over money issues. The kids needs get ignored. Money that would help schools, is instead spent on wars, like Afghanistan. Kids fathers who fought in Afghanistan, are now old enough to go fight there themselves now.
Nazism rejects all of the above. It cares of, about, for, the race. It wants to help. It sees that a healthy racial stock can and will create a strong and prosperous racial nation state. One that cares, and helps. ANP wants to bring about a new system. One far better. One that cares. A system with free health care for all. Education paid for. Wars kept to defense, not the globe trotting of our current Capitalist military. ANP wants to see every white Aryan living a comfortable, decent life. It won't try and make everyone a millionaire, but it sure as hell won't let white Aryans live like pigs in a mud hole. ANP respects white Aryan dignity. It sees the race as a cause worth struggling for. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time giving out lit. Help create a new, and far better society. Enough of liberal left bullshit. Time for the right society to triumph, that of Nazism. The cause that will save white Aryan kind.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


On 6/8/1949, the FBI issued a report. It accrued actors Frederic March, John Garfield, Paul Muni, and Edward G. Robinson along with singer Paul Robson, of having Communist sympathies. The report felt that much in Hollywood was pro left, and trying to use movies to spread the USSR line. I feel that little as changed from then till today. Hollywood is still peddling evil influences. Instead of Communism, now its mixed racial marriage/couplings, and a massive push for gay/lesbian couplings. For a log time, Hollywood has made fun of alcohol and drug abuse. Hollywood makes light of drug abuse, and pushes a pro drug culture. I assure you this is not mere prudery. These various causes tat Hollywood is pushing are harmful to the body politic, and the national psyche. This is why our country is deteriorating. Hollywood abuses the free speech amendment in the Constitution, and is doing its utmost to undermine American morality. Why I don't know. Don't are. It is sufficient that it is being done. There use to be movie censorship, but that was discontinued as repressive. I feel the current Hollywood behavior is repressive. Harmful. A major threat. A way for the liberal left to tear down white Aryan civilization, and promote a mixed race/homosexual agenda. One harmful to our race, and path sure to lead to our downfall.
Support ANP. It is fighting against the terrible moral rot that is killing our country. Unless we regain our moral core, our nation and especially our race, will slowly destroy our race. ANP believes in values. Moral values. Not because were prudes, but because we believe in right behavior. That there is a moral compass that must be followed, if we are ever to be a great race again. Mixed race pairings, and homosexual coupling will end up destroying our race. Can't YOU see that? We have got to get our morals back, and genteel behavior needs to make a comeback. Look at how drug humor has been. People are taking drugs, with abandon. Its all a big joke. One that is killing our people with OD's. Let's stop leftist godlessness. Stop the abandonment of moral decency and rectitude. We were once a good country. If we don't stop the rot, we will end up being just another version of hell.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Anti immigrant

Battling against illegal immigrants is NOT something new. It has been going on for quite some time. On 6/18/1896, President Cleveland ordered an investigation into immigrants in govt. He felt immigrants coming in were bringing crime, ad helping to decrease wages. He worried about immigrants bringing in alien ideas. Ideologies like Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, and generally political unrest. He felt that govt primary responsibility was to prevent an influx of foreign elements hostile to internal peace, prosperity, and security. Sound familiar. It should. It is what we now are dealing with. Illegal immigrants must be prevented from entering. They must be dealt with harshly. Look at how illegals take jobs away from native born. They work for cheap, slave type wages, and end up stealing jobs out from under American workers. They bring crime. Many work for the drug cartels. They help bring in illegal drugs. They help foreign gangs. For example, illegals from El Salvador help the notorious gang MS-13 to bring in rugs, and do many and various illegal acts. This kind of stuff must be prevented at all costs. Unless we can keep out the trash, our country will be over run and become a giant den of thieves. If we do nothing, the influx of illegals will cost this country its very soul.
ANP is determined to help preserve this country. We are determined to save it. Not just by building a wall, but to crack down on any and all, who dare to help illegals enter. Punishment for coyotes must be severe. No more namby-pamby nonsense anymore. We have to get tough, and kick ass.  Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Like with the Roman Empire, it fell due to its borders being overwhelmed by barbarian hordes. If we fail to hold back the wave of illegals trying to enter, we will lose our white Aryan identity, and become just another banana republic. Our system is under threat. Our race is under threat. Help stop the wave of muds that threaten to overwhelm and destroy us. Our way of life is under siege by gay/lesbians, feminism, and non whites. Letting in the flood of non whites that are trying to get in will destroy us. ANP is THE wall that will save us. Help it. Its all we have for our defense and to protect our future.

Thursday, June 6, 2019


Why is there so much inequality in our nation. We're like some banana republic, with the very rich, and the very poor. This can't be America can it, unfortunately, yes it can. The richest 10% now had 70% of US wealth in 2018. This is compared with 60% in 1989. The richest 1% had their wealth rise up 32% from 23%. The assets of the top 10% have risen up 55%  to 64% since 1989. Correspondingly, we working stiffs have seen things go down for us. There has been a decline in home ownership since and stock ownership. In 2019 home ownership is 64.2%. this is down from 65.2% in 1960. People like AOC want a 70% tax on the rich. We National Socialists know its not just a matter of taxation. It is the system itself. We need a new system. One with a new dynamic. One that puts race over profit. One that cares for the race, rather then sees people as resources to be mined and then discarded.
ANP s working to build a new and better future. It wants to put in place a system that helps white Aryans to achieve prosperity and dignity. Help it achieve this. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us stop being slaves in a Judeo-Capitalist rat trap. Our workers need dignity and respect just as much, if not more so, then the need work. Our workers deserve more then burn out for hard work. They deserve reward, not a slap in the face and kick in the teeth. Our race is a most precious resource. Not to be squandered by evil fat cats sitting on fancy furniture counting their money. All the while, our people suffer. Are kids are deprived, and white Aryans continue to lose ground. Our race is great, and deserve so much more then to be treated as a mere slave class, subject to the whims of greedy scum 1% types, who will do anything for a dollar. I'm shocked our people still have shirts. Jon with us now. Help end the misery. Let's brig back dignity and respect to the workplace. This isn't pie in the sky. It is instituting a system of morals and values based n caring for people, not screwing them as our current system does.

Monday, June 3, 2019


We white Aryans are locked in a racial cold war. Far too few of us realize this. Nevertheless, it is quite real. Our very racial existence is at stake. Our enemies are determined to destroy us. Our enemies are VERY ruthless, and cunning. The Jews are far and away the most cunning people on planet earth. Why else would our enemies make sure our kids learn racial self hate in school. Our kids are taught that the white Aryan race is pure evil, and incapable of doing good. How about YOU white Aryan, are you evil? Our enemies throw feminism at our women, to get them to reject reproduction, and family. They want to disrupt and even destroy white family life. They push for racial intermixing. They now push homosexuality and same sex pairings. Our movies and TV are now packed with mixed race couples, and gay/ lesbian promoting characters. Our enemies are smart. Very smart. Rather then use force, our enemies use infiltration and the LAW to legally force their policies on us and get their way. The fact that their way is not our way is ignored. Its do as we're told, period. We must be smart to. Smarter in fact. We must not allow our enemies to be able to use the moral high ground with their ready made martyrs, to win the publics hearts. Notice how all these left wingers, and especially the Jewish ones, cry in interviews. Its always "oh pity me, pity me/us". They always act like their so innocent, and pure and good. In reality they are ruthlessly working to force their agenda onto our society. OUR society. A society that so far rejects homosexuality, and feminism, and race mixing.
We need to lay low. We must be submarines, not aircraft carriers. We must be quiet and use infiltration as our enemies do. If we are to achieve anything. ANP is determined to play the enemies game, and beat them at it. It rejects violence as stupid, and useless. It rejects needless provocation of non whites as these kind of  tactics just make people mad, but does nothing to further the cause. ANP wants to show our people that our way is right and best. This means education above all. Right example also. We MUST behave ourselves, tough as this can be at times. It is the only way we will win minds and hearts. Our people have been brain washed, and only patience and determination will win the day. Help ANP defeat our enemies. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help win this war. We are in a war. A COLD WAR, just like the one against the Communists, only if we don't get off our asses, we may very well lose this one. Our nation stands at a crossroads. Either we resist and maintain our white Aryan world, or we succumb, and become an alien civilization dominated by racial inter mixing, feminism, and homosexuality. A civilization opposite from  our own, that our former world be simply disappear as our emeries alter history to erase it. We're getting a taste now, as our enemies eliminate all references to the Confederacy, and Christopher Columbus.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

White shame

Our enemies are trying to shame us white Aryans into kissing their asses at every turn. They are DEMANDING reparations for slavery. I say go ---- yourselves. I refuse to pay one penny for something that happened long before I even existed. I wasn't there, I did nothing. Hell, they weren't even my ancestors, because they came to this country in 1920. This is just another free payout to the black community who thinks it is entitled, and not required to work for a living. White Aryans have taken their lumps. So has every race on earth at some point in time. When it happens, you endure and move on. You don't expect a handout and one race to wipe an other's ass. No money period. Anther thing, they want to put Harriet Tubman's picture on one of our bills. She was an anti slavery black leader. Again I say no. She was/is a black icon. She did nothing for white Aryans. Our currency is national, and is meant to honor people who served the country as a whole, not to honor various minority groups. If they didn't do something that helped the entire country in total, they don't belong. Finally, the Jew liberals are eliminating Columbus day. They are making him a villain. How the hell was he suppose to know the European migration to America would be as hard o the Native Americans as it was. He didn't have a crystal ball, nor was he a psychic. Would YOU have the courage to set out on an unknown, probably perilous voyage. He achieved a great feat. Yet the day to honor him is being eliminated, in favor of Native American day.
ANP has had a gut full of the various non white minorities attacking white Aryan institutions. They claim justice, but it is really a form of harassment. To get even for slights both real, and imagined. I for one reject their bullshit. ANP does to. Donate to ANP and help it defy our foes. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let's stop the kissing of non white ass. We white Aryans need to stand up for ourselves. It is no different then when we were kids and had to stand up to the schoolyard bully. We are NOT bound by what our ancestors did. That is history. Let's stick to the present. That means we white Aryans getting a fair shake, just like non whites get. Fair treatment isn't a privilege, it is a right, one that is being withheld more and more from us. Help ANP. Time to regain our pride and dignity. Enough kissing of non white ass. Way enough.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Immigration has become such a hot topic for people. We in the US are faced with massive numbers of Hispanics and Muslims trying to get in. It has become a political bone of contention. My question is WHY? Why don't we just do as we have always done. In 1924, president Coolidge signed into law an immigration bill. In brief, it allowed in ONLY those with either a college education, or special skills. No huddled masses who would be a burden. It did not allow in either Mexicans or Japanese. It encouraged immigration from northern Europe. This wasn't done on a racist basis. The prime goal was to keep American culture based on northern Europe. It was a culture thing. The Mexicans, and Japanese would bring in massively different culture. Their values were quite different, from the northern European descendants that were in already. Multi cultural ism doesn't work. Our own sick society shows that. Everything is mixed up. There are a million voices, each saying something complexly different. Our country is in massive confusion. We can't agree on anything, so nothing gets done. The people of 1924 saw this development, s they tried to head it off. Something we of today should have done, but didn't, and we now are paying the price.
We need immigration laws that will protect us. Keep us predominately northern European based. To not do so results in the mess we have today. ANP is determined to keep this country white Aryan. To not do so risks confusion and chaos. These damn Jew liberals would no doubt welcome space aliens if they came, with the same abandon as they welcome these non whites now. With just as bad a result. Without a core culture, there is only misery. The Austria-Hungarian empire was a collection of central European nations, with a common cultural base, yet it collapsed. How then can we hope to be melded into one, when each new immigrant group does its own thing. For example, Hispanics who insist on only speaking Spanish. These immigrant groups will fast become states within a state. We can see the beginnings of such now. Help ANP keep our country safe, and on an even keel. Help ANP keep our country culturally sound. The days of letting anybody in are over. Time to get very choosy. We must if we are to preserve our culture, and our race. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us be wise, as our ancestors were in 1924, and keep control of our borders, and population. Coming to this country should be a privilege, NOT a right. Being picky and choosy will save us in the long run. Austria-Hungary had a lot more going for it then we do, and it collapsed. If we're not careful, we will too.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Some heroes

We have Martin Luther King day as a national holiday. I don't see him as a hero.. He did nothing for me. Didn't do a damn thing to help white folks. He is strictly a BLACK hero. His getting a holiday was strictly a power play by blacks to show their political muscle. It is either celebrate his day, or we'll boycott you and cost you money. So we all pay tribute to a man who cheated on his wife. A minister, who associated with the Communist Party. Some hero. For blacks only. Now they're getting rid of Columbus day, in favor of Native American day. They have tried to put a black woman on the $20 dollar bill. Once they do this, it will be the signal that game over. Blacks rule, and white America dies.
These Judeo liberals are nothing but neo Communists. Trying to make America a non white nation. I'm sure they want to bring us all the trappings of Communism. The people just one big amorphous mass, and good old collective farms. ANP says no way. We are determined to keep this country white Aryan. We refuse to bend the knee to blacks and other non whites. We say the hell with them. They had it rough. What group hasn't. Is it really necessary to subjugate white Aryan America to non whites. We say no. No way. We resist. Help us. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We MUST oppose the insidious leftist liberal program of white Aryan genocide. Of destroying our culture. We want real American heroes, not phony baloney non white ones. Help us resist these black power plays. A real hero is George Washington, who risked life and fortune for a cause he believed in. Not for heroes who all they did was oppose whites. Heroes work for country, not causes. They are real down to earth people, not pretenders.
Help us preserve our white Aryan American. Aren't you, white Aryan, tired of being slapped in the face by snotty non whites. Help us free our people. Keep them free. A non white United States will be the death knell of white Aryan America. Non whites WILL destroy us if they get the chance. Help us save ourselves, our race. Our ancestors worked for this country. Let us preserve what they built. A  real society based on deeds, not political bull shit, and media hype.

Monday, May 20, 2019


I feel bad. For my race. It is under constant pressure. It is now struggling to survive. Our women are now rejecting being part of reproduction. Now their heads are filled with ideas of feminism. The "you don't need a man in your life" bullshit. This is anti family writ large. No children, means no continuation of the race. Yet our women folk would rather a job/career, and no family responsibility any more Very sad. Our kids are adrift. No manners, no culture. Education without culture is education wasted. They are filled these days, thanks to our vaunted schools, with racial self hate. This is the old Communist method of warfare. Make your opponent doubt himself. We now have a continuous push for gay/lesbian rights. Rights? It use to be until the 60's you were considered mentally ill, if you thought like that. Then it became OK, and now there is a major push to have it fully integrated into our society. Again, this is basically anti family. As far as gay/lesbian families are concerned, it is doubtful that growing up into that situation you will be straight. I think it unduly influences, and makes what was normal family life, unwanted. Our politics are now dominated, by whether we should allow millions of Hispanic, and Muslim immigrants onto our shores. I say no. This will only hasten the end of our race. We'll be outnumbered by two groups who breed like rabbits, but I consider rather medieval in their culture. This is our land. How we got it is a moot point. Its ours. If we can keep it. Our enemies want to subvert our country. Just as the Communists did in the Cold War, infiltrate rather then fight. Slowly build up power, then strike and seize control. Our enemies vote en bloc. They will take over by way of the ballot box, what they dare not attempt on the battlefield. I see the day, where if the current rot is not dealt with, our race will be supplanted. We white Aryans will lose all, including our very existence.
Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. Let us save our race while there is yet time. ANP is determined to save the white Aryan race. It refuses to let it go quietly into the night. White Aryans fought hard for their existence. They achieved spectacular results in all things. We were great. Time to be great again. We must gird our loins, and prepare. Not for war, but to fight the brainwashing that is attacking us, especially our children. We have our traditions. We have our customs. We have, above all, a right to exist. Let s unite and defend our honor and especially our very existence. If we continue to stand by and be mute, we will be destroyed. Outnumbered an powerless, while alien races plunder our nation. We are standing on the threshold of oblivion. Look at the Democratic candidates for President. Mostly NON whites. They want a United States that's just another third world non white country. I say no. NO!

Thursday, May 16, 2019


It amazes me how we white Aryans keep accepting being slapped in the face by the non whites. Besides attacking and dismantling our Confederate heritage, such as removing memorials that honor Confederate dead, now the new non white fad is to spit at Columbus memory. Confederate solders fought and died for their cause. They deserve to be honored for making the supreme sacrifice, not treated as worthless dogs. Same for Columbus. He had the guts to go sailing away to explore. Especially in those days, no mean feat. Now the day that was set to honor him, is now Native American day. Many cities and the state of Maine now have removed Columbus, and inserted the Native Americans. This does an extreme disservice to a man who had guts, and took a massive chance. I find it truly appalling that white Aryans continuously put up with such disrespect. When are we going to find our back  bones again, and put a stop to this nonsense. The Confederate war dead deserve honor and rest, not vile insults and being forgotten about. Columbus deserves honor and praise for achieving a major feat. Its not his fault things went bad. He wasn't superman, just a man who took a big chance, that ended up changing the world.
ANP is determined to save and preserve white Aryan history. We refuse to let it be removed and buried. We refuse to see European bravery treated with disdain. We have our pride. We are determined to preserve our white Aryan legacy, especially for our children. A people without history don't stay a people for long. Our enemies know this, and attack our history. They only want what they deem politically correct and acceptable. Acceptable to who? Just because our enemies have not the glorious history we do, must we lower ourselves to kow tow to them for their hurt feelings. We say NO! We intend to honor our fallen white brethren. We intend to honor those who achieved greatness. Time for OUR schools to teach our history again, not this politically correct trash and racial self hate. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help save our heritage. Help save our very racial identity.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Moral decay.

Religion is on the decline these days. Membership in religious institutions s down by quite a bit. people are walking away from religion, which s OK. However, they also seem to e walking away from morals which is not OK. Notice the news. All it seems to be about is people who are angry. Because of said anger they do some pretty unspeakable stuff. I think a side effect of this terrible anger is tribalism, which is choking our republic to death. All the groups at each others throats. The news is just constant controversy. We can't possibly have a decent society with everyone at each other. There HAS to be right and wrong. Has to be. We can't function with it's Jewish liberal inspired crap of nothing being really wrong. There is NO gray area. The Jews have championed liberal causes for centuries. The logical progression being Karl Marx and his philosophy which led eventually to communism. There must be right and wrong. Has to be. Or all is lost.
ANP is determined to maintain, and bring back the old morality. The notions of right and wrong aren't some joke. They are ridiculed as being square and old fashioned, but its the glue that holds societies together. Help ANP return us to morality and security. Donate money. Donate your time to give out literature. Let us return to an age of honesty, and hard work. No more bleeding heart crap. Liberalism bleeds too much. They are too pure and noble. I say bring back the death penalty. You kill, you die. Does it really matter why you killed someone. They're dead, and not coming back. People who do wrong need to be punished for it. Its the only way to maintain stability and security. Liberal just give a slap on the wrist, when what is need is a good kick in the ass. Help ANP bring back punishment. Before or society degenerates further. Unless we punish lawbreakers and make it good, we'll end p with a jungle. Fight liberal molly coddling. Time to stop kissing ass as liberalism commands, and get back to kicking ass. Law enforcement is just that. You can't expect to do social work as well. ANP know the difference. Help it. Our society is at stake.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Capitalism that we have these days is really a curse, not a blessing. To me, it means greed and depravity. Notice how our Capitalists are nearly all rather shadowy characters. They move in secret all the time. Guess they have a LOT of dirty laundry to hide. They certainly are ungenerous. Notice how charities advertise with the little guy in mind. They know better. These fat cats are misers, and don't want to part with their precious money under any circumstances. The people most able to give, don't. They are far too greedy. People who need to move in stealth all the time, must have a lot to hide. All the more, that we need a govt that will pry the secrets out of them. Our Capitalists are far too unprincipled. They break any, and all laws that they can get away with. The heart of our Capitalism, is that they speculate with other people's money. They are users to put it simply. This is the core of Capitalism. People are to be used and discarded, like dirty tissues. People are just another resource to make money off of. Our Capitalists think the world is theirs. This is why they have no compunction to pollute so terribly. They leave it to others to clean us the mess. I guess they think they can order up a rocket to be built, and they can go elsewhere when the planet becomes uninhabitable. Their arrogance blinds them. These days are far from the old days. In the old days, canon law forbade usury. Not just unjust rates of interest, but interest period. Islamic law still forbids it. Maybe this is why our Capitalists are so anti Muslim, and want to wage a global crusade against Islam, with us common folk as cannon fodder.
ANP represents National Socialism. It accepts that some people will do better then others. It doesn't accept punishing the poor. It believes in the white Aryan race. It believes in caring for said race. There is no excuse for white Aryan suffering, and there won't be any under a National Socialist govt. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. We NEED a new system. We need a pro white Aryan govt/system/society. Enough of this system that constantly spits in our faces. Time for a white Aryan renaissance. Our race was once great. Time to be great again. We don't need to take crap, only if we allow ourselves to. Let's not.

Monday, May 6, 2019

The middle class

The middle class in the US is really taking it on the chin. It is shrinking, stagnating, and much less secure. We have had 10 years of economic growth, and the US has had 10 years of a bull market. Yet, disposable income has NOT grown since the middle of the past decade. All the while, the top 10% have reached new highs. From the mid 1991's, to the mid 2000's, disposable income has increased 17 % for them. Today's middle class is weighed down by expenses such as education, health care, housing and increasing college fees. The US middle class is being threatened by technological and global competition. The middle class has shrunk since the mid 80's from 64%, down to 60%. Only 70% of baby boomers are middle class, and are steadily losing ground. Only 60% of millennial are middle class, and sinking. So far, we've lost 17% of middle income jobs to automation. Many middle class now are borrowing to sustain themselves. A full one fifth. Things are bad, but bound to get far worse. Unless we get a govt that will help, the middle class will continue to shrink down to nothing.
Support ANP. It stands up for the white Aryan worker. It wants its people to succeed, not be condemned to poverty. We need a govt that will help, and protect us. Our Judeo-Capitalist system is far too greedy and uncaring. It is content with things going to hell. ANP is determined to preserve our race, and keep it prosperous. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. The middle class is, and has been, the backbone of this country. Letting it die is insane, yet dying it is. Help defend your race. Keep your middle class, and race,  prosperous. Let us not let white America die. We can come back from the brink, but it requires change, which requires effort. It requires dedication. Rather then "white power", the slogan should be "white survival".

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Our millennial generations are falling behind. They are decreasing from middle class status at an alarming rate. Translation, they are not doing near as well as their fathers or grandfathers. Instead of up, up and away, its down to the dregs. Millennial middle class has gone down from 64%, to 61% since 2010. 6 out of 10 are middle class dropouts. In the US, from 23G-62G drop out every year from middle class status. For baby boomers, its 7 out of 10 lose their middle class status. Automation is killing us. Education helps one attain middle class status, but the cost of college has become enormous. 1 out of 5 millennial spend more then they earn, but what's the purpose of life, if you can't live it. Not all spending is frivolous. There are things that just plain take money to get or keep. Our millennial are fast losing the ability to do so.
What to do. The Judeo-Capitalists TALK about taxing the rich. Having women join the workforce, and training after job loss. All talk, and no action. ANP advocates helping people at every stage of existence. Give the elderly care. Help those who have lost jobs with training AND job placement. Make sure people are paid a decent wage. A big reason millennial are faltering, is that they are being made to work for peanuts. ANP considers our white Aryan workers a precious commodity, not to be used as pseudo slave labor. Our workers deserve respect and dignity. ANP intends to help them get it. If our people thought about their race with caring and compassion, and not as an easy way to make a buck, things would be very different. Help our millennial generation stay solvent and prosperous. Support ANP. Donate money, donate your time to give out lit. Let us help keep our millennial stay prosperous. Let us stop them from being thrown to the dogs, by insanely greedy Capitalists.

Monday, April 29, 2019


We're slowly being killed by the stressors connected with our society. Its just too damn much. Bosses have inordinate power. We workers are little more then slaves. We  have over heavy workloads. Your expected to do a week's work in a day. You get the blame for what isn't your fault, but what is in fact due to poor management. The blame game on steroids. Workloads have jumped to dizzying heights. Its get this done. Its never a case of workload reduction. Women are especially vulnerable. They must manage home and work, a daunting task. Our bosses expect every woman to be super mom. Manage their homes, while being expected to get a ton of workload done. Our people are suffering terribly from chronic stress and overwork. Is it really any wonder that our life expectancy is going down. The human body can only take so much. Nazism is condemned routinely as evil. Yet, you won't see a Nazi workforce be worked to death. National Socialism respects work and the worker. It cares about the race, so naturally it cares about the worker. A National Socialist govt would make sure that it never gets to all work and no play. It has been proven in the past. National Socialism views it as a right for a worker to get a govt paid two week vacation. Doe that sound evil?
Become a supporter of ANP. Help it free our workforce form pseudo-slavery. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us work toward freeing our race, and our work force. White Aryans must be no one's slaves. Our race deserves to work in dignity and safety. Help support ANP, to help bring this about. National Socialism has cared for us in the past, and will again in the future if given the chance.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Stress is killing us

The white working class is taking it on the chin lately. The rate for dying in middle age is up. Many are dying. People are being worked to death. Stress is killing us. Suicides are up. People have no hope for the future, as they see NO labor opportunities anymore. The financial inequality in our society is driving up the stress level. People want the American middle class life style, but they can't get it. They are working harder (second job etc.) to attain it, but its an uphill walk. It all hinges on the source of control. Who calls the shots. The Judeo-Capitalists are running the show. They want wealth and power. They will push just as hard as they can to achieve it. Our bosses don't want happy, well adjusted underachievers. They want results. Those who don't comply get the boot. Its work till you drop. Make money. There is NO mercy, or compassion. Just hurry up and produce.
National Socialism takes a very different look at life. It only cares about the race. The race must be protected. It must be nurtured. The race must never be harmed. Our enemies condemn us as bad. They are the force for evil. They will destroy lives just to make an extra buck. ANP is trying hard to spread the tenets of National Socialism around the world. To convince people to honor and care for their race, not profits. National Socialism honors the worker. Workers have value. It is important that this principle become the mantra of our race. Our future is at stake. Our race is at stake. We can stand by and let our people be worked like draft animals, and die off, or we can help. Help free them, and give them dignity. Give them a 2 week govt paid vacation every year, to help them relax. Our people need to be treated like human beings, something that Capitalism refuses to do. Help throw off the chains of evil Capitalism. Let it be replaced by National Socialism. Workers need be cared for, not driven into the dirt. Help save your race. Our people deserve better than to be treated as slaves.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Some choice

We white Aryans are confronted by a terrible choice. Either we stick together and resist the ZOG agenda, or,  give up/in to tyranny and become little more then slaves in our own country. Look at how non whites push us around now. They are determined to obliterate the white Aryan  presence in the US. Eliminate our very identity. Look at how anything smacking of the Confederacy is being removed. Names, are changed. Statues are being removed. The brave men who gave their lives for a cause they believed in, are being trashed and dishonored, by fanatic white hating non whites. Now its not Columbus day, but indigenous peoples day. We whites are at a crossroads. Either we stand up for ourselves and resist, or we continue to be doormats, and our history/culture/identity gets eliminated for all time. The old joke about giving America back to the Indians isn't so funny anymore, as we white Aryans constantly have to bend our backs to non white demands. It rally frosts me, that we have black history MONTH, but nothing at all dedicated to white Aryans. Anyone who mentions anything like European day or what have you, is branded an evil racist, and attacked.
Friends, our skin is our uniform. If your white, your involved whether you want to be or not. Either you defend your race, or you stand by, and let it die. As things progress, it soon won't be just the Confederacy that gets removed. It will be everything connected with whites. It will be as if there were never whites in America ever. Is this what you want? To become a non race. If not, then join with ANP. Become a supporter. Donate money Donate your time  give out lit. Help. Do all that you can to help. Our race's very existence is at stake. We must unite and stay united. We must start saying NO to non white demands. Its time to become the members of a proud warrior race once again, and stop being slave doormats to non white demands/whims. Let us regain our dignity. Enough is enough.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Multiculturalism is the worst curse to afflict humanity in its history. The notion that many cultures mixed is better then a single uniform culture is madness. Multiculturalism allows alien cultures to take root and grow. Eventually trying to supplant the dominate culture. The confusion and conflict resulting, inevitably brings a nation low. Its not just a matter of more mouths to feed. Look at the UK. It is in turmoil. Its not just Brexit. It is the fact that basic British culture and core values, now have to share the limelight with alien cultures. They already had a heavy Indian presence. Now they have a large Muslim population. How on earth can British common law, be compatible with Sharia law. The different attitudes on the treatment of women. Muslims closing ranks against Christians. Muslims can hate Christians, but not the other way around. Imagine yourself at a parade in Britain, your a white Anglo, and all you see are people in very different clothing, looking different, and speaking a different language, and you are FORCED to approve, or the govt jails you as racist. You have to be happy at the loss of your country/society/race, to foreign outsiders who have nothing in common with you at all. This is now modern Britain. Multicultural Britain.
Germany is no better. Once a strong nation of warriors, it is being inundated by Muslim invaders, who are wholly different, and are trying hard to turn Germany into an Arab country.
We in the US are facing it too. A flood of Hispanics and Muslims want to crowd us white Aryans out. They want their own customs/language/religion, and the hell with ours.
Besides, automation is taking away massive numbers of jobs. There simply isn't room for more people any more. What are they suppose to do for a living? Jobs are outsourced, or automated and yet we're suppose to allow yet more alien people in. People who REFUSE to even try to assimilate.
Help ANP stem the flow of aliens. People who do NOT wish us well. People who will destroy our culture/society if given half the chance. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must hold back the floodgates, or we will be inundated by a flood of mud peoples who will destroy our country as we know it. ANP is he only bulwark we have left. If we lose this battle we'll all be wearing turbans and headscarves in short order. Help ANP save your white Aryan identity. ANP can help, but it can't do it all. Help it help YOU.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Our government

I truly can't say enough bad about our system of government. It has degenerated to an abysmally low level. It is definitely the gang that can't shoot straight. It is truly a wonder that anything gets done. Our government is dominated by INFIGHTING. Departments quibble about turf. Even over the most trivial things. Its far worse then little kids at the playground. Which toy belongs to who. Our idiot government departments are in constant conflict, while the really big issues are ignored. Does it really matter which department investigates a crime, or takes charge over relief efforts. Isn't it just important that a job gets done.
Our government is dominated by CONFUSION. Its like thy raided a nursing home and took out the Alzheimer's patients, and gave them high government jobs. Notice how nobody ever takes responsibility, or even seems to have a clue as to what's going on. Many times policies conflict. All the while crises continue at break neck speed. Our politicians are far too interested in photo ops, to care about, much less take action, in a crisis. We common folk are allowed to suffer and even die, while our government twits twiddle their thumbs, and scratch their heads. We'd get better service and leadership from monkeys in a zoo.
Finally, there is the sheer EXPENSE of everything they want to do. The dictatorships of old have been criticized for their megalomania, for their wanting colossal buildings to glorify themselves. That wasn't suppose to happen here in the heroic, level headed, yeoman republic. Guess what, it has and it does. Our government twits approve building projects that would embarrass a Pharaoh. Its like every department wants to build its own personal pyramid. The attitude is damn the taxpayers, full spending ahead. Money is water to these creeps. Just something to spend now, and pay off later. Far later. At extortionate interest rates that would embarrass a criminal mob.
ANP is battling our system. Not just for the hell of it, but to keep us common folk out of hell. It stresses the need for classes to work together. It would not allow ego infighting. To National Socialism, all the race must work together and strive for a better tomorrow. None of this idiot infighting. Unity is the order of the day. ANP has a clear set of principles, and purpose. It won't go wandering the political wilderness in search of a mission and a reason for being. It knows what its about. What needs be done, and how it should be done. It is clear headed thinking. ANP believes strongly is controlling the checkbook. Only important stuff gets done and paid for. ANP is made up of common folk. No fat cats here. Just people who know what it is like to struggle to pay bills. Hence it knows how to handle a checkbook, and to be careful with a buck. No blank checks in a National Socialist government. That's for sure. You won't find Taj Mahal projects anywhere on an ANP political landscape. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help bring about needed change. We needn't dream abut a better tomorrow,we can bring it about. It is within our grasp. All we need do is unite, and take our place in the political sun. No more under rocks. We can and must take our place on the political stage, and show we do have the answers the country needs.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Jews

Why is there always so much animosity towards the Jews? Basically it comes down to them taking over by economic means. They are always out for wealth and power. True other groups do the same, but they always are worse. Karl Marx was a Jew. He devised a secular religion. His idea was to get rid of religion and any thoughts of God. He felt mankind should go it alone. It could, and should. The result was the USSR. Which rather then paradise, turned out to be a secular hell. Most of Lenin's Bolsheviks were Jews. A Communist Jew took over Hungary for awhile, Bela Kun. In Germany, the Spartacus league was Communist, and run by Jews. As history shows, the Jews are NOT poor, innocent victims, but quite ruthless, and greedy. This is what gets peoples dander up, and why they are always hated. Even now, at this writing, the Jewish homeland of Israel, is now determined to take over all of the West Bank, and not allowing a Palestinian state. Its one ting to be greedy, but adding in hypocrisy just ends up making the pot boil over.
Contrary to popular opinion, Nazis do NOT hate Jews. We are not mindless haters. We oppose the Jews on solid grounds, because of their bad behavior. History shows Jewish machinations at work. We'd be amiss to tolerate crap, when we can oppose it and defeat it. We're fighting to keep the Jew leftist liberals from imposing a Soviet style collective system on this country. One USSR was more then enough. The neo communist liberal agenda must be opposed. It is diametrically opposed to our white Aryan  lifestyle. The leftist liberal neo communists want a society of mud's ruled by an elite. A sea of obedient passive mud's who will  do the elites bidding without complaint or rebellion. Just one giant ant colony. Help us oppose this plan. Our enemies causes are race mixing, feminism, and homosexuality. They are fine with gambling and open drug abuse. Porn is A-OK. They would welcome the disintegration of the family. Its time to put a stop to these immoral people. Support ANP as it battles these forces of evil.. Help us turn this country back to righteousness. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us return decency to American shores. The leftist liberals must NOT be allowed to turn this country into a neo communist mish mash. Our kids futures are at stake. Our kids can either be raised in a neo communist sea of mud's, or be proud and dedicated to their race Aryans.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Letting in herds of Hispanic immigrants, will ruin this country. They do NOT want to assimilate. Rather, they want to stay the same as they are. The "new" immigrants are for the most part clannish. They stick to themselves, and want no part of Anglos. They don't feel they need assimilate. They feel their culture is superior. They want to keep their own culture and language. Unlike the European immigrants of decades past, who felt it was their duty to adopt the ways of their new country, Hispanics don't feel this way at all. This means THEY want Spanish to be an official language. They practically want Roman Catholicism to be the official national religion. They are for leftist politics, so the liberal agenda will be forced on us, like it is in their homelands. They believe n Socialism, so they will push for  aggressive national economic policies. They believe in govt run political entities, and economic policies. Kind of Communistic in a way. They want El jefe govt. A govt devoted to taking care of them. No matter what the cost. Why do you think Latin America is so poor and backward. Because they have backward thinking and polices. Liberals want to bring this to out shores, and make it the law of the land.
ANP is flat out against this happening. It still believes in the work ethic, and doesn't want a govt that just baby's its people. It still believes in people doing things for themselves. ANP refuses to get-out its Spanish-English dictionaries. It believes in English as our sole national language. Multi lingual nations have a ton of problems, why emulate them here. We still support the separation of church and state. The threatened Hispanic immigrant tide threatening us will turn this nation Topsy turvy. We MUST prevent this. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must unite and work together as white Aryans, to keep our racial identity and existence. Otherwise we will sink into a sea of mud peoples, and our race will disappear under the waves. Our very racial existence is at stake. Has multi culturalism helped Britain. Look at the Brexit mess. Look at Germany. It is undergoing a siege by Muslim Arabs. It may soon disappear as an Aryan nation. Let us resist. Resist now, while there is still time to save ourselves.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Medical bills

This country is in terrible shape. The cost of medical care is thru the roof. To afford needed treatment, many people (far too many) need to take out liens on their homes. 4 in 10 people face medical bill collectors if hey aren't able to pay their bills. For many, paying the medical bills, takes up their income. For example, they could put money saved form massive medical bills in a savings account and collect interest. Instead, many end up in hock to pay their bills. Hospitals don't hesitate to garnish wages for unpaid bills. The cost of using out of network adds much more to the money bill. Medical siphons off income, but if you need it, what else can you do. I fee the health care field is a giant racket. Especially big pharmacy. The prices they charge for drugs are extortionate. Either we continue with Capitalist medicine which bleeds you of money, or we change tack. ANP offers National Socialism to our nations ills. We need a national health system. Govt paid medical care. No one should have to declare bankruptcy in order to get needed medical care. Think of the children. Our kid's need every advantage modern medicine can give. Far too few remember the bad old days of kids dying form myriad diseases. Diseases we can fight now, but we don't, because people can't afford vaccines.
Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help change minds. Help change this nations ways. Help to bring about universal health care. Let us save our kids. There is no amount of money that shouldn't be paid to save the life of a child. Our govt wastes so much money on total bullshit. How about instead on our kids. ANP is determined to save our race come hell or high water. Give it the tools it needs. Lives are at stake. We are white Aryans. Not medieval peasants. We live. We survive. With all that medicine has to offer now, let us do something. No one should miss out on needed treatment due to lack of money. Capitalism puts money ahead of people. National Socialism does just the opposite. It puts people before money. Your choice, but look at your kids long and hard before you make it..

Thursday, March 28, 2019

College for the rich only

College is suppose to be the great liberator from poverty. The mantra is go to college ad you to will get a great pay job and live happily ever after. Thing is, college is becoming way too expensive. People can no longer afford college. Yeah there are student loans, but that means having to payback a ton of money before you can ever lay back and enjoy life.
The cost of college has risen 3,009% in 50 years. College tuition is 3x more now then it was in 1969. There is now 1 trillion n millennial student loan debt. Going to college is more a privilege now then it ever was. How can people possibly afford it. Especially if they eliminate the student loan program which has been mentioned about. Our rich ruling elite are just fine with this, as they an afford college. In fact, they can afford to pay bribes to get their kids in. For us poor and honest folk, its the royal screw job as per usual. The elite are just that, they don't want us commoners getting in the way. What better way to keep the common poor in line and in place, then make college unreachable. So college becomes a prerogative of the rich only. We common folk are left to struggle on without the boost of higher learning.
ANP will not let our people waste away in ignorance, or be stuck at the bottom of the ladder for lack of a college education. For those who qualify and show the proper aptitude, (not everyone is cut out for college), ANP would establish a govt dedicated to helping white Aryans achieve their potential, and rise up the economic ladder according to their abilities. It certainly won't approve of cheating as in bribes and ringers as we've seen under this capitalist atrocity we live in. Even though its legal, do YOU really support someone getting into college, just because they are rich, and can afford to donate a building. WTF We've forgotten what merit is, and means in this country. Here money talks. ANP intends to shut the money mouth, and return honest merit and achievement back into our lives. Help it do so. Support ANP with money, and your time to give out lit. Education should be for all, not just the rich.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Internal subversion

Our govt is under threat of internal subversion all right, but its not the Russians. Its  the LIBERALS. They are applying the methods learned from their Communist forbears. Don't try and take over blatantly, do it thru subversion. Communism took over many a nation thru subverting their govts. Now our leftist neo Communist liberals are doing the exact same thing, using tactics once employed by Bolshevik/Communist agents of old. The key is our schools. Our kids are being taught the leftist liberal agenda. Even against parental wishes. It is Communist tactics reborn. Different agenda, but same old methods of influence and control.
Our kids are being taught racial self hate and shame. That being white is being a part of an evil, terrible race. All the better to tear down racial pride. Make our kids open to race mixing, and the adoration of the non white. Our kids are being taught that homosexuality is OK. That its just another life choice. The fact that its forbidden by many religions, and certainly in the Bible is ignored. To liberals, freedom of choice is everything, and moral reservations, especially those based on religion are just silly, primitive superstitions. Our kids are taught feminism. That women should go it alone. Eschew marriage and family. That women should forgo reproduction. That a career is important, while family is not. That family is NOT a blessing but rather a curse, because it holds you back from the freedom of doing whatever it is you want. It decries the fact that family requires responsibility which interferes with fun. If your OK with the above, we have nothing more to talk about. If you are NOT, we have a great deal to talk about. Join with ANP as a supporter. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Help us turn back this intensely sinister agenda of the liberal leftist conspiracy. They want to create a pseudo Communist type society and state. They have learned absolutely nothing from Stalinist Russia. They want a liberal state/society. One based on anti white Aryan, pro non white racial elites. One based on free reign homosexuality. On based on feminism and the destruction of family and family values.
Help us stop this evil. ANP represents Nazism. National Socialism. It is NOT evil. Far from it. It stands for morality. It opposes the above. Help it. Our kids minds are at stake. Even more their very souls. If the above isn't stopped, and soon, our kids will be soul less zombies, without any racial identity, and will be swallowed up by the tide of the soulless mud peoples. Our kids will be condemned to the mediocrity of the non white world. Think of the children. Isn't their morality and moral well being important. If so, you have no choice but to support ANP. It is the only political party that gives a damn about the white Aryan race.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


I am hot over the state of race relations in this country. Non whites walk all over whites. We white Aryans are just doormats. Any white who race mixes, or is subservient is just worthless trash to me. There is a BIG difference between forced cooperation because of ZOG strong arming, and willful kiss ass cozying up. There are far too many race betrayers these days. Even worse they are the movers and shakers in this country. They kiss non white ass. Give them the store. Treat people of their own race like crap. We white Aryans better get it in gear and unite, or we're dead meat. This bullshit of having non whites get job preference by law is ludicrous. My god, we've had a black president, why do non whites still need federal govt help and protection. They get decent jobs by govt fiat, while we white Aryans have to go scramble for whatever we a get. Decent pay good benefit jobs are hard to get these days. To give non whites a leg up just because they are in fact non white is total crap. It is a slap in the face to whites, but unfortunately whites take it. We whites take shit now, that our parents and grandparents would never think of taking. It disgusts me. Our kids are taught in school racial self hate, and that its OK to suck up to non whites. Our politicians are craven creatures who will do anything for non whites. They have no shame and no pride.
ANP refuses to apologize for being white Aryan. It is bursting with white pride instead. It wants to defend white rights. It above all, wants to restore white Aryan pride. It wants to restore white destiny. We were once a great race. Time to be great again. We need to stop molly coddling non whites. Its long past time for them to stand on their own two feet as we whites must do every damn day of our lives. Enough of this civil rights horse shit. Get a damn job. If non whites want to be treated like human beings, they need to act like it. We white Aryans must vote white. Support white causes. Support ANP, with both money, and give of our time to give out lit. We need to mobilize the masses. If we just continue to sit on our ample asses, we will be destroyed. You can see what may be the beginning of the end now. Look at all the Democrat candidates running. Many non whites. Do you really seriously think they'll care abut the needs of the white community if they attain office. I sure don't. Support ANP while there is still time. White Aryan, save yourself.

Monday, March 18, 2019

An old white man

Are the days of an old white man becoming president over with? I honestly think so. Trump and Biden, are  in their seventies. Its not the age though. Its he fact, FACT mind you, that we are becoming a non white country. Besides a black minority that has been present since colonial times, now we have Hispanics rolling in like oranges. Add to this mix, we are poised to get in as soon as they can, Semitic Arab Muslims. In other words, this country is building up non white voter rolls who vote THEIR race, not for some white man, no matter his age or politics. Franky, non whites vote their race, just as whites should, but stupidly don't. Add in the women's vote courtesy of feminism, who vote their sex, and its a real mess politically. One where a white guy, especially an old one, has no chance whatsoever. While the non white political scene is racial based, the white political scene is in chaos. There is far too much division on the white Aryan side. No one can agree on policy anymore. This is the great and glaring weakness of this country and its political system. There is no longer any common ground anymore. No core values we all agree to live by. All the non whites flooding in, have far different cultures and ideas. They just don't jive with white Aryan political thought. The old Democrat, Republican split, and labels, are outmoded. WE need to go to a racially based politics. Age doesn't matter. Skin color does. These old geezer candidates can promise the moon, but to voters who vote solely race, it won't matter. Race will win out.
Become a supporter of ANP. Help it in its sacred mission. No less then to save the white Aryan race of this country from oblivion. Support ANP with money, and your time, to give out lit. Unless, and until, we whites really to start to think and ACT racially, we are doomed. We will be pushed aside in a non white majority country. Help save the white Aryan race, from extinction, or a fate worse then death, political minority helplessness. A fate where we are put on reservations. Non whites hate us, I don't think it is far fetched at all, to think they will want revenge for what they consider slights. If whites are a helpless, outnumbered political minority, what is to stop non whites from doing anything. Some tired old man as president. I think not. Join with ANP. Become a supporter. Become a white Aryan activist, dedicated to saving the race. Forget about our old folks political system, think and act race. Regardless of age, that is the real question. Can whites still win anything. For now, but time is running out.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


The latest scandal to hit the news, is that rich folks bribed officials, to get their kid in prestigious colleges under false pretenses. Why is this news. It  Has been going on forever. I take it in stride as all the news is bleak in this country.
Household net worth has gone down since the fourth quarter of 2018. Household net worth concerns assets like a home, stocks, bank account (s).
Household assets have gone down 3.7 trillion, that's a 3.5% decline. Household wealth for the rich 1% has gone up by 40%. For the next richest 9% its gone up 39%. It has  gone up 21% for the remaining 90%.
Half of US families own NO stocks at all. The top 10% control 84% of the stock market.
Translation for the previous means that the rich have all the power and continue to get richer. The common working person is just getting by. The inequality of this country is truly saddening. Rather then the "let's all love each other" utopia that it is suppose to be, it is a land of deprivation and extreme selfishness. WE pay taxes, only to have them squandered. The rich ruling elite basically own and control the sock market. We common folk just get the shat. Our govt is a joke. If your not rich, you don't count.
We need a new path for this country. A new way. National Socialism is that path. It promotes love of race, not money. It ushers in sacrifice for the common good of the race. All our present society does is push greed, and dishonesty. When parents feel that to get ahead and stay ahead, they must cheat so little kiddie can do well, something is very wrong. The priorities of this country and society are all screwed up. Only a society brought up on NS principals can guarantee justice and fairness. Good behavior begins at home. How can we expect good citizens, to come out of homes, where cheating is considered just another way to get ahead. We need more. Much more. We need a creed that pushes all for the race. Such a belief system will certainly cut down, if not out, a lot of the common dishonesty we have here now.
Donate to ANP. Both money and your time, to give out lit. We need to start trying to win the struggle against evil in this country, before everything goes down the toilet. Save your country. Save your family. Save yourself. Help  ANP usher in a new day. A new society. One dedicated to race, not self. Otherwise, be ready to continue to read the daily scandal in the newspapers.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Out of conrol

Our society seems, at least to me, that it is out of control. So much is allowed to go on which I think is wrong. We have illegal aliens being able to sue the DHS. This is pure madness. These people are ILLEGAL. They should have no rights whatsoever. Citizenship should convey rights, and if your not a citizen, then tough shit. Take a hike. To do otherwise, and allow the non citizen rights cheapens the very notion of citizenship, and makes a joke of what citizenship is all about.
We actually are letting elementary school children choose to be transgender. My God. Kids at such a young age barely know their own minds. To let such young children be able to make such a life changing decision at such a young age, to me, is very wrong. This is definitely something that needs to be done at an adult level, after a great amount of fore thought. On the same note, we are allowing the pushing of gender neutral bathrooms on ourselves. Call it prudery if you want, but the sexes need to be separated, at least as far as this is concerned. Enough is enough. People need their privacy. In some things the sexes do need to be separate on. Some things should be separate. Propriety should be followed n at least a few things.
The state of California is acting like it is a sovereign nation. It dares give sanctuary to the illegal. The law of the land is just that. The law of the LAND. Nullification was tried long ago and failed. If your part of the US, you need to obey its laws. This country is making a big mistake by letting a state thumb its nose at the Federal govt. Before it brought on a civil war. Now it promises to bring in many thousands of undesirables. Slavery, and illegal aliens may be separate issues, but obeying the laws of the United States, must never change. Ever. Otherwise, we have no nation. Just a collection of entities. No real country. Along the same line, sanctuary cities are breaking the law Their leaders should be punished. They are breaking the law, and are white collar criminals. They are harming the US body politic. To let in people you don't know, worse customs, and especially values, are far different is asking for trouble. The Roman Empire did it and it fell. Can we really be immune.
Donate to ANP. It is fighting the forces of chaos that threaten to overwhelm our nation, and destroy our way of life. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP maintain at least a modicum of sanity in these United States. If we let all the craziness happen, this country is lost. ANP is determined to save it. Determined to uphold citizenship. Uphold proper norms of behavior. This country is fast becoming a lunatic asylum. Help ANP stop it. Our Aryan world is in danger. ANP can save us.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


The Judeo-Capitalist system we live under (ZOG) wants, and needs, us to believe it is a just and fair system. It is not. Things are not good. Our poor people suffer, accent on the poor. The US middle class, backbone of the nation, is dying. Our jobs get sent to Mexico and China. Here at home we white Aryans must compete with blacks and Hispanics for minimum wage, no benefit jobs. The non whites get job preference by law. Our people are in rough shape. 4 out of 10 people have poor liquid assets. Translated, this means NO savings whatsoever. 1 in 10 fell behind in their bill paying in 2018. The official poverty level for a family o 4 is $25,75.000.. 13% of the population skips doctor visits, because they can't afford to pay for them. Home values are now 4x higher then incomes. This is great if you have a home, but very bad news if your a first time buyer.
I can go on, but the above gives you an idea of how things are. Things are not good. Our leaders lie to us. All our  leaders want is to protect Israel. They want us to fight a  crusade against Islam overseas, while here at home, everything rots away. The Democrats want to open the flood gates and let in Muslims and Hispanics. This will mean the subordination f white Aryans ,but the Democratic party gave up on us long ago. They're the party of non whites. The Republicans re the party of the rich. Who is there for white Aryans. ANP is the ONLY political party devoted to white Aryan interests. The only one. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We need help. We need it bad. ANP is our only hope. We'd best help get it into power fast, while there is still something of white Aryan America to save. Our workers are suffering. Look at the latest plant closing in Lords town Ohio. Thousands of jobs lost. Sent overseas by the lackeys of the big Judeo-Capitalists. Now workers must scramble to live. Whole communities now face loss of tax revenue, and the inability to provide for their people. Its time we put a stop to the bullshit. We white Aryan workers have suffered enough. Too much. Support ANP, and let's get ANP candidates elected and working for us. We need help. It is at hand. We need only support it. We can elect OUR candidates. WE just need to unite, and work for it.

Monday, March 4, 2019

School teachers retiring

What are suppose to be places of learning, are fast becoming places of near total ignorance. Our school are run so slipshod these days, is it any wonder we're raising generations of morons. Schools now give little or no notice on what's happening, as if its a big secret. This is patently ridiculous. Its a school for gods sake, not the Pentagon You'd think intelligent people, teachers sand administrators, would be able to do things in  a timely manner, and let people know what is going on. You'd be very wrong.
There is far too much varying of shifts these days. Of all things needed to run a proper school, regularity is at the top of the list. Jumping around dates and events is very poor administration. Kids see this. They too start to develop poor habits of punctuality. Timeliness is next to godliness. At least it is damn important in trying to get something done, and keep them on an even keel.
Schools are now facing layoffs. Money is drying up. As jobs go overseas, so does the ability to levy taxes. This means less tax money, and more teachers getting the boot. Teachers don't work for free. This means fewer teachers, and larger class sizes. Ever more circumstances that are a detriment o learning.
Schools have way too erratic scheduling nowadays. Erratic schedules lead to insecurity. People end up unsure of what's going on. Schools NEED to be places of security, and dependability. People need surety in their lives.
ANP sees it as one of its tasks, to bring order to the chaos. Education in this country has been allowed to drift. We need a schooling system that stresses teaching life skills to students. Not just how to do things, but how to manage real life. ANP doesn't believe in Moddy coddling students. They need it straight, and to the point. Teachers want out, because teaching is becoming an impossible task. This liberal nonsense of reaching students "feelings" is the usual wrongheaded liberal approach. Kids need firm guidance. Schools need funds. Funds need to be spent on what is needed. Equipment should be bought that helps a student learn. We don't need way out crap from some New Age guru. We need schools that have their feet on the ground and students with their minds focused on learning.
If you want your schools brought back to reality and again places of learning, support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out literature. If we are to advance as a race, we need dependable schools. ANP pledges itself to do this. If we let learning sink, our race will be doomed. It will descend to just a bunch of dummies. Support ANP. Let us return to being the smart race, the one that conquered an entire planet. A race that aims for the stars.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The sins of the USA

Our country is sinking into a sea of corruption. What was once a hard working, pious land is now a pile of human garbage. The US suffers from four conditions. Together, they are destroying this country.
HEDONISM. Our people only care anymore about having a good time. They just don't seem to care anymore about serious subjects. Now it is all silliness. The news is a joke. Its all just political mudslinging. This planet itself is in trouble, but all we care about anymore is gossip. Having a good time is all that far too many think about. Unless we concentrate on solving problems, they will come to overwhelm us.
MATERIALISM. Our people want the goodies. They don't care how they get them. This is why we have a drug problem. People want money. The more, the better. Even if not criminal activity, unethical conduct for the sake of gaining wealth, is now the norm here. The age of the stalwart yeoman farmer is now over. Now its suburbanites tying to gain advantage in any way possible, just short of criminality. Not out of piety, but fear of punishment.
IMMORALITY. Our people no longer have a moral compass. They follow the liberal lead of doing what feels good. Just as long as no one gets hurt. This is hogwash. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Period. You don't pick and choose what you'll do in this world. When things get to this point, then morality goes out the door, and corruption comes on in.
GREED. Our people want wealth. They want stuff. At any price. I do NOT agree with the movie, that said greed is good. No it is NOT. Greed is bad. It makes people do bad things. It helps corrupt. It destroys social cohesion. It reduces a society to just a loose collection of animals. Greed destroys. It helps kill. The greedy  don't see a forest and its beauty. They just see a load of future lumber. They love and worship money. To the detriment of their fellow human.
ANP is dedicated to battling all of the above. We absolutely refuse to countenance a world based on the above. No surrender. We must resist. WE want America back o being a land of honesty, and decency. I'm not talking just about prayer in school. We need our people to regain their moral compass. National Socialism is a blueprint for how people should live. The race comes first and foremost. That without morality, the race dies. ANP is determined to make our country moral again. Nazism has been accused of immorality. It is for dignity, and a love of one's race. It is for the positive, not the negative. The major parties are just out for political power. They now ignore that morals makes or breaks a nation. Either we clean up our act, or our nation descends into hell. It is well on its way. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us struggle to redeem and regain our nation.

Monday, February 25, 2019


My next door neighbor is a young woman, who teaches 7 year old's. She tells me things when we talk. Her kids are VERY disrespectful. They try to touch her breasts. They pat her butt. Their language would embarrass a marine drill sergeant. It is very frustrating. Only a hand full of kids are really there to learn. They stick out like sore thumbs compared to the majority. She finds the system at its worst when she tries to discipline the little monsters. Rowdy kids get sent to the principals' office. They get sent right back. There is no discipline. Principal's are afraid to do anything lest they be sued. So nothing happens. On parent teacher nights, only a mere handful of parents show interest in their kids progress. Most just argue with the teacher about how good their kid really is, and if teach can't reach them its teachers fault. Such is the state of our schools. 
How is it we have reached such a nadir. Simple. Too much listening to the Jewish liberals. They advocate freedom. Which ends up bordering on anarchy. The Jews kicked off the free speech movement of the 60's, which kicked off the rebel against authority movement. The "rebel without a cause" movement. Rebel against authority. Authority is bad. What ends up being bad, is that authority is not respected, especially where it should be as in a school. This is why the Jews are always hated in the end. They preach, and far worse, push, a liberal agenda, that just makes a mess. Think about it. This is why the USSR was such a mess and ended up falling. Many Marxists were Jews. They espoused the let's all do what we want mantra, and nothing ended up getting done. We can see it here. The Jewish liberals push for freedom, and it inevitably turns into anarchy. In our schools there is no discipline. We end up with a lawless situation. About all our schools are good for is teaching racial self hate. Forget education. The bad students drag down the good ones. Discipline can't be maintained. We end up with animalistic students. The parents follow the liberal line. Its easier, and absolves them of responsibility.
ANP believes in discipline. It demands respect for authority. This isn't dictatorship, its survival. People need control. They need to be reminded frequently about right and wrong. The Jewish liberal "lets do what we want" is wrong, and must be resisted. We need schools that teach. This means discipline. Liberals take the view that discipline must be savage. That is wrong. Discipline is just that. Control. Control of behavior. Rewarding good behavior, and punishing bad behavior. You don't reason with children. They must be given the rules, and no bullshit. This is what ANP wants for our schools. Discipline so as to enable learning. Problems won't be solved by a nation of dummies. Our schools need discipline to enable learning. Parents must be made to see that teacher support is crucial to create a student capable of achievement. Just blindly defending a kid is wrong. Jew liberals advocate a world of just do as you want. ANP advocates a world where there are limits to behavior. Limits that ensure a bright future. Education in this country comes down to either we run a tight ship and make kids knuckle under and learn, or we let them do as they want, and we end up with an animal society that's good for nothing. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Why is it that white women are such Oprah Winfrey fans? It totally mystifies me. For white women to fanatically follow a black woman is the height of racial degradation. Oprah is an entertainer, not some all knowing guru. I think this is a severe symptom of people no longer believing in their race. For white women to hang on to her every word is really sad. Everything done on the show is for effect. To make her look good and impress the audience. Everything done on the show is calculated to make her look good, look as the kindly black woman who helps people. Its all make believe. Its television for god's sake. Our women need to come back to their race. Your skin is your uniform. It defines who and what you are, whether you like it or not. We need to be white again. Care about white again. White women, don't lose heart. Don't abandon your race. Don't follow slavishly a black woman, just because she has a TV show that makes her look saintly. We need to think and act white at all times. Oprah certainly isn't going to save the white race. I doubt she gives a rat's ass about it. White women. Watch and read only pro white programs and papers. Don't be drawn in by the liberals honey pot. Stay with your race. Help protect your family. Your white kids are in jeopardy. In danger of losing their white identity. Example starts at home. If you watch black TV programs, how can you expect your kids to maintain their racial identity. No, we must think white, and act white. WE must be white. That means not watching some black broad on TV, and certainly not treating her like a goddess, as someone to be worshipped.
ANP cares about the white race. Donate money to it. Donate your time to give out lit. It wants very much to create white programming. To even create a white network. It takes one. A lot of money. There are equipment costs, personnel, licenses. Its hard work, but it can be done. It must be done. We need to wean our women from Oprah, to white women's programming. We need pro white TV. Help ANP bring this about. Our women need o b watching white women shows, not black. ANP wants white women to have their own shows, and even more their own rights. No self respecting white woman should be looking to Oprah for guidance on life. We whites have run our own show since we were first created. We dare not give up now. Our very existence is at stake.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Uninsured Americans

The American people need so much that our government doesn't give them. Decent health service is a big one. The number of uninsured Americans for 2018 was 13.7%. That comes t about 7 million people. In 2016 the percentage was 10.9%. In2012 it was 18.0%. The breakdown is as follows: for 18-34 year old's, it was 4.8%. For women it was 3.9%, for men 1.6%. For those who make less then 24,000.00 a year it was 2.8%. Fr those who make between 24-48 thousand a year, it was 3.0%. For those who make over 120,000.00 a year it was 1.2%. The point o all these statistics is that far too many Americans remain without decent medical insurance. Our govt system does NOT take care of its own. Not at all. Too many are still left to suffer, and always will. Capitalism does NOT take care of people. It is solely abut making money, period.
National Socialism stands for the race. That is its prime reason for being. To care for the race. To make sure the race is cared for in every conceivable situation.  No one should suffer. National Socialism make sure no one suffers. It makes sure everyone has what is required to have a decent life. Support he ANP. Help it. Become a supporter. Give money, and time o give out lit. We need to care for our own. Our govt is pro non white. It will do nothing for us white Aryans. We must change things. Change for the better, while we still can If non whites become the majority, we'll end up with the short end of the stick, without a doubt. Help ANP avert a terrible tragedy and protect white Aryan rights and existence. Help ANP. Help your race.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Yet another big meeting of rich folks. Supposedly just to talk business, but we all know the real purpose. To lord it over us lesser beings. To make I abundantly clear who runs the show. In this world, right now, just 24 people have the wealth equivalent to 3.8 billion people. WTF. This is truly obscene. This is why political rhetoric s getting so heated. Representative Ocasio-Cortez is calling for a 70% tax on the wealthy. Those who have 10 million dollars and over. I think this a great idea. Just how much money is enough? For most of the wealthy, its never enough. We shouldn't be here. Our people shouldn't have to endure this. 2 people having the equivalent to the wealth of whole nations. Many don't even try to spread the wealth round. The days of Andrew Carnegie, giving  his fortune away are long since over. No, our wealthy are just that, and that's all they care about. Our system worships money. It is the be all, end all, of existence for the rich ruling elite. Capitalism breeds greed like a lake breeds mosquitoes. We need a new system, with a new emphasis. A system that stresses race over wealth. Our people need a new objective. To care for their race as the highest duty.
Let this Valentine's day be one of a love of race. Not money. To care abut one's race more then anything, even self. We need a new direction. A new goal. We must replace our system, with one that has far more lofty goals then we do now. Donate to ANP. Money, but also your time to give out lit. We need o follow a new path. Nazism wants to get the white Aryan race away from Capitalism and its greed, and concentrate on the good of the race. The racial state should be where its at, not rich people on an endless quest for wealth. Capitalism will NEVER have social justice. Nazism will always insist on it. Compare and contrast. Choose how you wish to live.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The truth

One of the founders of the DNA double helix in science, the genetic blueprint that makes a person and race what they are, has bee stripped of his honors. He is 94 years old. Why, what great crime did he commit? He told the truth. He says that blacks are simply not as smart as whites. This has been said before. I guess since this guy was a genetic scientist it got under liberal skins more. He should know. He and his colleagues worked out what DNA stand does what. What each one was for. He would know, what the gene for intelligence is, and how many blacks have as opposed to whites. As per usual, the liberal establishment rejected this, and condemned him. Stripped him of his honors.  All because he dared to tell the truth. Lies won't help race relations. Liberals are determined o see the world as they want it. They choose to reject anything that says blacks are inferior, no matter how true.
Let us look at some proof. Compare Europe, with its palaces, cathedrals and the Coliseum, with Black Africa. Black Africa, when the Europeans first discovered it,  was a land of mud huts with thatched roofs. No great building anywhere. Where as Europe had the Industrial Revolution, Black Africa did not. It has only advanced, because of European influence. European colonialism is condemned, but it brought Black Africa into the modern world. Liberals refuse to accept these fats. They insist on putting the black race on a pedestal, which it never, ever, has earned.
Why is it, these days, with a black president, blacks still gravitate to menial jobs. They only get higher education when given a mighty helping hand by whites. White laws, and efforts, help blacks advance. Without, they would not. Europe explored the globe. Black Africa was, and basically still is, subsistence agriculture. Only white influence helps them be modern. Want more proof. Look at Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, and South Africa. When under white rule, quite advanced and modern. Under Black majority rule, economic basket cases. I can go on, but I feel I have made my point.
Support ANP. Help it defend truth, and especially those who dare to tell it. ANP is locked in struggle, with the liberal establishment, who insists on making blacks into the perfect race. We all know the truth. Liberals talk about freedom. Unfortunately, its only their own truths they wish to allow expressed. Anyone who says different to the party line is ostracized. This must not be allowed to stand. White Aryans. Stand tall. Help in this fight of truth vs dictatorship. Donate to ANP, money, and your time to give out lit. The truth s known about the races. Its time it was said. The liberals live in fantasy land. Only ANP knows the score, and is trying to let it have fee expression. We while Aryans have so much to be proud of. WE must not let ourselves be intimidated and unable to speak the truth. A world built on lies cannot stand. This is why our country is in crisis. Too many lies. Too much fantasy. Time for the truth. Those who tell it, should be honored, not castigated.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Old folks USA

Our elderly are treated like dirt. This society has the gall to claim its so caring. Total bull shit. As soon as our elderly are of no value, they are shoved into a nursing home to rot, and die. Poverty for the over 65 set has increased from 16% in 2015, to 18.1% now. That is an increase of 367,000 elderly Americans. This is disgraceful. People, after a life time of toil deserve rest, and a dignified life. Instead their treated like human garbage. This is sheer depravity. Our rich ruling elite is without compassion. They are content to let the poor elderly be just that. Poor. We need a system of mercy, not contempt. Think of YOUR self. Will you need help in old age? If so, where will it come from? Family? Friends? If you are alone with no one, you are doomed to die a lonely existence rotting in a poverty stricken state. Not the reward for years of toil you deserve. Don't you deserve to have dignity at least at the end of your life. Be able to enjoy the quiet golden years that are promised by our lying politicians, but never happens.
ANP respects and honors the elderly. ANP feels after a life time of toil, YOU deserve a good life. It is your RIGHT. You have it  coming. Our people shouldn't be treated as scum. Certainly not the elderly. Our oldsters deserve so much more then they get. ANP will give it to them. Become a supporter. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We all become old. It is inescapable. We don't have to be treated with disrespect and warehoused, because as elderly, we're too inconvenient to have around any more. Nursing homes are big business. Lot of money involved. Maybe that's why noting is done. Too many Capitalists are getting rich. This is utterly unacceptable. Our people need and deserve dignity, especially at the end of their lives. It is their right. Help ANP respect and care for the elderly. A great wrong is done to them, every damn day. Time to rectify. Do you want to be treated like a human being as you grow old, or be hauled around like a sack of human garbage? Your time is coming, if it isn't already here. Let us push for dignity, and stop the daily elder abuse that occurs every minute in this depraved excuse of a society.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A liberal

Liberals always talk a good game, but they are in truth extremely shallow and hypocritical. As the old saying goes, liberals are all symbol and no substance. They are pro nigger, yet the vast majority never have had any contact with one, or at least very, very limited. I had an old neighbor, who spouted the liberal line tirelessly. He had a wife and 4 children. Yet he was gay. In an unguarded moment I got to see him with one of his "buddies". They were doing things that were gay, no doubt about it. As I said this guy was married, with children, and a high up executive of Exxon corporation. It  never dawned on him the contradiction he was living by spouting the liberal line, yet living a secret double life. Liberals constantly give us the "lets all love each other" bullshit. They can afford to "love", because they are invariably yuppies with money to burn. It makes me sick. They are so hot and heavy to save the black, but totally ignore their own race in need. Liberals are two faced. Look at how the liberals in Congress want to eliminate gun ownership. Tax everyone to death. Push feminism and homosexuality so that family life is destroyed. I find liberalism destructive. Their constant pushing of permissiveness is destroying the family. Why have a family when it is a source of misery, thanks to nanny govt constantly interfering. Punish your kid, and your classified as abusive, and you have govt bureaucrats all over your ass and in your life. Thanks to liberalism, our schools teach racial self hate to whites, while blacks and other non whites are told they deserve anything and everything, and that it will all be handed to them, and they need not earn anything. Liberalism in a nutshell, is societal poison. Destroying the body politic like a cancer or poison. It destroys, while it preaches nice but empty sounding words.
Support ANP. It seeks to redress the balance and restore white rights, and especially white pride. White pride must NOT be a mindless slogan yelled at rallies. It must be a way of life. It must be a mindset always present in our people. We need schools to start teaching racial pride again. We need govt based on law and fairness. We need a system that is pro white. That will take care of us. We need a real govt, not one that just yells slogans. We need racially motivated leaders, not these liberal assholes, who value people who hate them for the color of their skin, but are too stupid to realize it. I is high time we restored sanity to our nation and its govt. Liberalism is stupidity writ large. It worships people (blacks) who despise their worshipers, liberal whites. I refuse to be walked on. I want to resist. YOU should to. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Liberals have far too much power, and far too little brains. Let us restore our race. We must resist the liberal poison. Resist before it wipes us out.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The sides

There is a war of ideology that goes on every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. The winner of this war gets to influence the earth. The other side faces oblivion. It is the reason for the animosity between the Jews and Nazis. The Jews support individualism and self seeking. Nazism stresses that the peoples community must always come first and foremost. As I said, the winner of this tug of war, sets the standard for the entire planet. At first, it seems a no brainier that individualism is preferable. After all who wouldn't like to be able to do as one wants. Thing is, such a path inevitably leads to disaster in the log run, and short run. Giving people freedom without responsibility ensures chaos. Too much freedom is always bad. For example,  because we coddle criminals, parents need to escort kids to and from schools, because the criminal justice system gives too many rights to depraved criminal predators. Look at our schools. Kids get away with murder. If they get sent to the principal, they get sent right back, because school administration is afraid of lawsuits. The system protects the rights of the wrong children.
 Delinquent children against all sense and reason are molly coddled in an inane attempt to appeal to their reason. Yeah, a reasonable second grader. Look at blacks. The system gives them plenty of rights, the result being blacks get priority in being hired, but can't be fired for any reason, no matter how great the provocation. NS believes in the people's community. That the folk community comes before any individual. NS stresses racial unity, and racial pride. Jewish liberalism leads to a degenerate society of human animals. NS based society leads to all working together and a vibrant and healthy racial community. Jewish style liberalism NEVER admits it is wrong. Hence its mistakes and misdeeds go on. To infect the planet, and set it up for its eventual demise. NS creates and enforce a society of humans  by humans, for humans. The differences in this ideology war are stark. We must all choose what kind of society and world we want to live in.
Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help tip the balance in the fight for civilization, verses barbarism. Individualism is smoke and mirrors. It looks good, but comes with a terrible price. It comes down to having a free society with no rules, that is just a human jungle populated by free animals, or a society geared to rules, regulations and above all everyone in the folk community dedicated to each other.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The corporate

Corporates do NOT think as we common folk do. They inhabit an entirely different world. Theirs is not the world of nation states. They do not value race or religion. Theirs is the world of the bottom line. They live for perks. The corporate society in this and every country, is a self perpetuating corporate aristocracy. They value money, but even more, stock options, as that gives them control. They keep control, and so the corporate machinery grinds on, to dos the masters bid, which is o make money at all costs. This is why corporates have no empathy. No compassion. No nothing. Just unending greed. Corporate stockholders think only short term profit. This is because the company officers are the stockholders. They want profit, and perks. They live for them. When you have officers of the board of trustees, chose by stockholders, who are also company officers noting will change. The goal always remains the same. Profits. Money. Perks. Noting else matters. Not nation/race/religion. Money is a corporates religion. They love it. Worship it. This is why a govt of corporates is a very bad idea. They will do nothing that doesn't enrich them personally. Corporates are devoid of human feeling, and above all a govt must have some kind of compassion. This Capitalist system of ours guarantees misery. Because the people running it are miserable. Driven solely by greed and self interest. Govt by corporation, lives and is guided solely by money. Misery is excused or downright ignored.
Friends. Let us do away with this corporate govt system. Why let ourselves be rule by people who are without human emotion. People who worship money. People who do not believe in helping except for pay. ANP stands for National Socialism. A system that believes govt has a moral duty to help its people. We need an NS govt. One willing and able to help. What we don't need is what we have now A corporate state that is only concerned with profits and perks. We need real live human beings to rule, not these corporate money machines who will screw you at the drop of a hat. Donate to ANP. Money (fight fire with fire), and your time to give out lit. It is well past time that this system is eliminated, and a new one take its place. It is time for a govt that values something other then money. NS values the race. All is done in the name o he race. I find this a welcome change from what we have now. We need caring, about people, not about profits/perks. Become a supporter. Help bring forth a better tomorrow. Help build a nation and govt that cares. That helps. Enough of Capitalism selfishness.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Employers-Judeo Capitalism at its best

This country has foolishly given employers all power. Workers are ignored, and treated as the new slave class. Employers have full power. That translates into they can do no wrong. If the boss's toast gets burned that morning, you can be used as the scapegoat all the rest of the day. You have no sort of any redress. Only the protection of a union contract offers any shelter. Without union protection (why unions formed in the first place) you are screwed. Employers have full power. They can give workers the boot for any reason at any time. The Labor Relations board is a total joke. It protects management, and ignores workers. Management in this country believes in riding workers hard.. Very hard. The truth is, that employers do NOT want happy, well adjusted underachievers. They want you worried about your job. They want you on edge. It is a firm belief among management here, that if you like your job, you must be goofing off. Only people on pins and needles will work hard.
Friends. Why do we continue to choose to live under these conditions? National Socialism believes in a united front. Worker and boss together. That's why a cardinal tenet of Nazi labor policy is to give workers a two week govt paid vacation. Worker gets a much needed rest, employer pays nothing. Everybody is happy. NS wants everyone united and working for the common goal of the race. There shouldn't be discord among the classes. Only a totally united race ready and able to defend its self and its principles. ANP is working to bring about a united workplace. A workplace where management and labor are united in pursuing the goal of racial unity and prosperity. Classes shouldn't fight each other. That's what Communism says. Workers shouldn't be treated as slaves, and the only goal making money as Capitalism wants. We need a united workplace, where going to work, is just that, and not going into a torture chamber. We need our workers and management together, marching in lockstep. Now more then ever. The Jewish liberal establishment wants to let in masses of Hispanics to over run us, and have cheap workers on hand. This must be prevented. At all costs. Help ANP create a united work place. No more class warfare. No more worker abuse. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help change America. From a place were work is misery, to a place where all are united in racial solidarity and working in dignity.

Monday, January 21, 2019

State of the nation

Our country is suppose to be paradise on earth. You know the mantra by heart, "the richest ad most powerful nation in the world". This is self serving bullshit. The rich ruling elite use this patriotic crap to MANIPULATE us common folk into falling into line and conforming to the Jewish liberal mold. It is meat to make us good little obedient drone, who obey without question, because its " for the good of the country". Does the following sound like things are A-OK? 38 million people use food stamps, which is a govt food program to keep people from STARVING to death. 2 million get govt rent assistance, to help them keep their dwellings, and not end up out in the street. Does this sound like a prosperous nation? Our country supports these programs and many more like them by borrowing huge sums of money from foreign nations like the Arabs and especially China.. WE are going into the debtor hole for the sake of people who shouldn't be poor, since we're such a rich nation. Yet here we are. The major parties merely tackle the symptoms of poverty, not its cause. The Democrats just want to throw money at the problem of poverty in America, without dealing with is root cause. The Republicans don't believe in helping the poor. To them they are lazy moochers. Hence the problem of want continues, and gets worse. All in a relatively wealthy land.
ANP takes a different approach. It doesn't want to just throw money. It doesn't believe in withholding aid. ANP wants to fight poverty, but the right way. It wants to deal with the core problem. Why poverty, especially in a nation of wealth. This county's system is wrong. It is based on a fallacy. Capitalism is wrong. It is based on greed. Hence you have people who worship money, and will do anything to gain it and keep it. ANP believes in taxing the rich. NOT despoiling the as Communism would do, but taxing the rich their fair share of the tax burden. There is no justification for the rich to pay little or no taxes. This is insane. Unless and until we make the elite pay their way, we will continue to have inequity in this society. We always want to elect the best and the brightest in this country. The scholar, athlete. Maybe we should start electing the humble. Those of he common people. Only they who are common, know the needs of the common and respect them. Enough of this elitism which has poisoned our country, and is killing it. ANP is of common origins and roots. It is made up of ordinary people, who believe in extra ordinary beliefs. ANP believes in equality. It opposes elitism. It feels all should be treated with dignity. That there should be no poverty in the richest land on earth. Donate to ANP. Donate money, since we aren't rich but common workers. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP fight poverty and inequality. The major parties don't care, as they are yuppies and only care for wealth and power. ANP cares for its own the common white Aryan working stiff.