Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jewish influence

Why is it a small minority group like the Jews, has exceptional influence. Hitler hated the Jews, because he felt they had too much power in Germany. After the war, pro Jew groups, like the US liberals poo poohed the idea. That is was fantasy that a minority could weld such power. The "Protocols of the Elders of ZION" was suppose to be a big forgery. That there is no Jewish conspiracy to gain and hold power anywhere. Look at Israel. The Jews are determined to take over ALL of Palestine. Look at here. HERE! Look at all the prominent Jews, in high political office. Adam Schiff is Jewish, and high up in the House and the Democratic party. Jared Kushner is the president's son in law. Diane Feinstein, super anti gun, is a US Senator. Charles Schumer is the minority leader in the Senate. Jews all. If the Jews are such an insignificant minority, how is this situation possible? Look at the power these people have. They are a minority in the US. Approx. 10% of the population give or take. Yet they hold very high positions and are powerful. Very powerful. Obviously the things we've been told abut the Jews are wrong. WRONG. Very wrong. For a small minority Jews have inordinate influence. In many cases, they are running the show. They are pushing their own agenda. They sure aren't trying to help the white Aryan people. This is why we have so many programs to help non whites, and so few to help white Aryans. The Jews feel they are safer with the non white fellow minorities. They fear, and distrust the white Aryan majority. They want a coalition of minorities to lead, and keep them in power. We white Aryans are the enemy, and to be treated with loathing and contempt at every opportunity.
We white Aryans have a choice to make. Either we go along with the Jew agenda, no matter how detrimental to our interests, or we resist the implementation of the Jews plans. ANP is pro Aryan. We are determined to fight for white rights, and protect the white Aryans place in this world, in general, and this country, in particular. Donate to ANP. Money, as well as your time to give out lit. It is little short of obscene that a minority rules us so totally. Time to resist. ANP is plugging away watching out for our interests every single minute of the day. It can't operate in a vacuum. It needs money. It needs votes. It is determined to show the lie. That the Jews are just a peaceful, helpless minority. That is bullshit. The above listed are some of the most powerful in American govt. Helpless minority my ass. A minority ruling over, and lording it over a majority is wrong and stupid. Help ANP. Put the lie to the pro Jew propaganda. Its time for this country to face facts. The Jews run the show, and must be stopped. An Aryan nation must be run by Aryans, not some minority.

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