Monday, December 24, 2018

Culture destroyers

I decry the following, NOT out of prudery, but alarm. The following are bad, because they are helping destroy our white Aryan culture. The family is the be all, and end all, of the social building blocks of a society. Same sex marriage, and mixed race marriage ,will destroy our race, and society. Every day now, in movies and TV, I see same sex, and mixed race couples. Its not just in shows or movies, but in TV commercials. These practices are treated in a way to make it all seem perfectly normal, and acceptable. It may be acceptable to Jewish led liberals, but in reality if continued, they will destroy our world. It goes without saying that MIXED RACE couples will destroy our unique race. How can it not. In addition to racial grounds, I have yet to know of any mixed race marriage that lasts and/or is truly happy. The cultural/racial differences are just too great. There ends up too much friction, and then split up. The Robert De Niro marriage is just one in a very long line of broken mixed race marriages. It just doesn't work. Can't work. Anyway, I digress. Mixed race marriage will destroy our pure white race. It creates a mongrel race. It is like mating two separate animals. Having something half horse and half cow. It doesn't work in nature, and it sure doesn't work in human life. Our race will vanish, with noting to replace its ability and vitality. Look at how much a white Aryan race has contributed to our world. All the scientific wonders. The incredible progress. All gone due to race mixing.
SAME SEX couples are just as bad. In this case, there are NO children to carry on. Children are neither valued or wanted. Procreation requires a male, and a female. Two of the same sex precludes reproduction. No reproduction, no children, no race to carry on. Our race will simply go extinct, just like the dinosaurs. Again, without a white race to lead it, humankind will vanish from the earth. No others have done as well, or helped with progress as our white Aryan race. We white Aryans belong to a great race, that has done great things. It is wrong to let it die off.
ANP is doing its best to bring our people back to sensibility. Remind it of its own greatness. It is fighting the racial self hate that our schools constantly teach our young. ANP is struggling not just to maintain a white identity, but to maintain a white existence. The world will falter without the white race to guide and help it. ANP is fighting the racial brainwashing that says the above are OK practices. They are not, and ANP is struggling to save our race from itself. Donate money to ANP and its great struggle. Donate your time to help give out lit. Help save and preserve our white Aryan race. The above are wrong practices precisely because they will destroy our great race. All in the name of some liberal egalitarian bullshit. Save your race. Help preserve it. Help fight those who would destroy it.

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