Monday, December 31, 2018

Capitalism's real face

With the SEARS stores bankruptcy, we can see the real face of Capitalism. What it really means. What it really is.. Sears executives got BONUSES of 25 million. Bonuses! With the company bankrupt. Sears owns K mart, another company on the rocks. The company has 1.9 billion in losses. It has closed hundreds of stores. It has laid off 7,301 workers. This is pure greed at work. You sure don't reward failure with massive bonuses. In the meantime, the workers get the royal screw job. Left jobless. Left to struggle and build a new life. Many are veteran employees left with nothing. A life time of work, and the reward is a kick in the ass. This is yet another example of Capitalism's inhumanity to people. Workers who are exploited. Worked hard, but when the going gets rough they get the boot and are left with nothing. No severance pay, no bonus, no pension, not even a word of thanks. Just management raping the company one last time and spitting into workers faces.
White Aryan workers. Why oh why do you tolerate this? Why do you put up with a system that screws you at every turn? Why stay loyal to a system that works you, then abandons you?  Leaves you to rot in poverty whenever you become inconvenient to have around. Capitalism is money. Pure and simple. Its truest adherents are money worshipers. That's all they care about. Workers mean absolutely nothing. Here we have yet another case of the elite getting the bucks, while the workers get squat. National Socialism doesn't treat workers as cattle. In a National Socialist economy, workers have value, because the race is valued. Not just valued, but prized. Hell, in National Socialism, workers get 2 weeks paid vacation, at govt expense. If workers do get laid off say, then the govt helps and trains you to find a new job. Your not left in the gutter like Capitalism does. Come on people, its not rocket science. National Socialism offers you a far better deal, so shouldn't you take it. Become a supporter of ANP. Help it. Help by uniting with fellow Aryans to break free of ZOG's Capitalist chains. We need a new system that cares about workers dignity and respect, and above all welfare. Welfare isn't a dirty word. Its only become perverted as liberals giveaway to the non whites. It means caring for, and ANP will care for you Aryan worker. You do have value. Great value. Donate money, and donate your time, to give out lit. Help change things. For the better. Workers should have dignity, and be treated fairly. Capitalism doesn't, but National Socialism definitely will.

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