Thursday, December 27, 2018


By the time 2050 rolls around, this country, if it continues on its current track, will be unrecognizable. By then, 53% of this country's population will be multi racial or non white. The white Aryan share of the population will go down from 67% down to 42%. Non whites thru greater fertility, and immigration will swell their numbers. Immigrants are having more children at a younger age then white Aryans. White family life is on the downswing. Marriage is on the outs. The marriage rate has gone from 60% in 1970, to 50% in 2013, and will be 40% in 2050.
By 2050, Hispanics will have risen in percentage of their population from 18% in 2016, to 29% in 2050.In 2010, Christians were 3/4 of the population in comparison to Muslims. By 2050, Christians will be 2/3 in relation to Muslims. 1 in 5 couples will be divorced by 2050
By 2050 white Aryan civilization will be on the outs, unless things are changed NOW. We must stop immigration of non whites, or restrict it greatly. If we fail to act, we will be inundated by non white Muslims, and Hispanics. We white Aryans will be a minority. Out numbered, out manned, out gunned, and dead as mutton. Only immigration control can even begin to solve our problems. These Jewish led liberals who say we have nothing to fear are crazy. Does anyone really believe that blacks and Hispanics will love and care for us whites? Christians may follow the golden rule, but Islamic extremism knows no limits, and no bounds. We'd be letting in future enemies. Uncontrolled immigration will be signing our death warrant. We must restore the sanctity of the family. Encourage our people to have children again. Children use to be considered a blessing. Now they're a curse, or an annoyance. Children are treated today as just a byproduct of sex. This is totally against the Aryan way. Our children are our future. That's why our enemies encourage the teaching of racial self hate in our schools. They intend to undermine us at every turn.
Donate to ANP. Money to help with expenses, and with your time to give out lit. Our people have got to be made aware of what is really happening. They must be helped to see the light. To see that unless we white Aryans gain control of the situation, we are doomed. DOOMED! We must unite, and gird our loins for the struggle ahead. We must fight on every legal front to regain our nation. We must bring back family life. Having children, shouldn't be treated as something distasteful. Feminism attacks the role of wife and mother as demeaning. Feminism is the real degrading force hurting women. It wants to destroy families, and promote non family life. You can't have a race without children. We must regain control. Help ANP do so. Help ANP bring back white Aryan society from the abyss of oblivion.

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