Monday, December 31, 2018

Capitalism's real face

With the SEARS stores bankruptcy, we can see the real face of Capitalism. What it really means. What it really is.. Sears executives got BONUSES of 25 million. Bonuses! With the company bankrupt. Sears owns K mart, another company on the rocks. The company has 1.9 billion in losses. It has closed hundreds of stores. It has laid off 7,301 workers. This is pure greed at work. You sure don't reward failure with massive bonuses. In the meantime, the workers get the royal screw job. Left jobless. Left to struggle and build a new life. Many are veteran employees left with nothing. A life time of work, and the reward is a kick in the ass. This is yet another example of Capitalism's inhumanity to people. Workers who are exploited. Worked hard, but when the going gets rough they get the boot and are left with nothing. No severance pay, no bonus, no pension, not even a word of thanks. Just management raping the company one last time and spitting into workers faces.
White Aryan workers. Why oh why do you tolerate this? Why do you put up with a system that screws you at every turn? Why stay loyal to a system that works you, then abandons you?  Leaves you to rot in poverty whenever you become inconvenient to have around. Capitalism is money. Pure and simple. Its truest adherents are money worshipers. That's all they care about. Workers mean absolutely nothing. Here we have yet another case of the elite getting the bucks, while the workers get squat. National Socialism doesn't treat workers as cattle. In a National Socialist economy, workers have value, because the race is valued. Not just valued, but prized. Hell, in National Socialism, workers get 2 weeks paid vacation, at govt expense. If workers do get laid off say, then the govt helps and trains you to find a new job. Your not left in the gutter like Capitalism does. Come on people, its not rocket science. National Socialism offers you a far better deal, so shouldn't you take it. Become a supporter of ANP. Help it. Help by uniting with fellow Aryans to break free of ZOG's Capitalist chains. We need a new system that cares about workers dignity and respect, and above all welfare. Welfare isn't a dirty word. Its only become perverted as liberals giveaway to the non whites. It means caring for, and ANP will care for you Aryan worker. You do have value. Great value. Donate money, and donate your time, to give out lit. Help change things. For the better. Workers should have dignity, and be treated fairly. Capitalism doesn't, but National Socialism definitely will.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


By the time 2050 rolls around, this country, if it continues on its current track, will be unrecognizable. By then, 53% of this country's population will be multi racial or non white. The white Aryan share of the population will go down from 67% down to 42%. Non whites thru greater fertility, and immigration will swell their numbers. Immigrants are having more children at a younger age then white Aryans. White family life is on the downswing. Marriage is on the outs. The marriage rate has gone from 60% in 1970, to 50% in 2013, and will be 40% in 2050.
By 2050, Hispanics will have risen in percentage of their population from 18% in 2016, to 29% in 2050.In 2010, Christians were 3/4 of the population in comparison to Muslims. By 2050, Christians will be 2/3 in relation to Muslims. 1 in 5 couples will be divorced by 2050
By 2050 white Aryan civilization will be on the outs, unless things are changed NOW. We must stop immigration of non whites, or restrict it greatly. If we fail to act, we will be inundated by non white Muslims, and Hispanics. We white Aryans will be a minority. Out numbered, out manned, out gunned, and dead as mutton. Only immigration control can even begin to solve our problems. These Jewish led liberals who say we have nothing to fear are crazy. Does anyone really believe that blacks and Hispanics will love and care for us whites? Christians may follow the golden rule, but Islamic extremism knows no limits, and no bounds. We'd be letting in future enemies. Uncontrolled immigration will be signing our death warrant. We must restore the sanctity of the family. Encourage our people to have children again. Children use to be considered a blessing. Now they're a curse, or an annoyance. Children are treated today as just a byproduct of sex. This is totally against the Aryan way. Our children are our future. That's why our enemies encourage the teaching of racial self hate in our schools. They intend to undermine us at every turn.
Donate to ANP. Money to help with expenses, and with your time to give out lit. Our people have got to be made aware of what is really happening. They must be helped to see the light. To see that unless we white Aryans gain control of the situation, we are doomed. DOOMED! We must unite, and gird our loins for the struggle ahead. We must fight on every legal front to regain our nation. We must bring back family life. Having children, shouldn't be treated as something distasteful. Feminism attacks the role of wife and mother as demeaning. Feminism is the real degrading force hurting women. It wants to destroy families, and promote non family life. You can't have a race without children. We must regain control. Help ANP do so. Help ANP bring back white Aryan society from the abyss of oblivion.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Culture destroyers

I decry the following, NOT out of prudery, but alarm. The following are bad, because they are helping destroy our white Aryan culture. The family is the be all, and end all, of the social building blocks of a society. Same sex marriage, and mixed race marriage ,will destroy our race, and society. Every day now, in movies and TV, I see same sex, and mixed race couples. Its not just in shows or movies, but in TV commercials. These practices are treated in a way to make it all seem perfectly normal, and acceptable. It may be acceptable to Jewish led liberals, but in reality if continued, they will destroy our world. It goes without saying that MIXED RACE couples will destroy our unique race. How can it not. In addition to racial grounds, I have yet to know of any mixed race marriage that lasts and/or is truly happy. The cultural/racial differences are just too great. There ends up too much friction, and then split up. The Robert De Niro marriage is just one in a very long line of broken mixed race marriages. It just doesn't work. Can't work. Anyway, I digress. Mixed race marriage will destroy our pure white race. It creates a mongrel race. It is like mating two separate animals. Having something half horse and half cow. It doesn't work in nature, and it sure doesn't work in human life. Our race will vanish, with noting to replace its ability and vitality. Look at how much a white Aryan race has contributed to our world. All the scientific wonders. The incredible progress. All gone due to race mixing.
SAME SEX couples are just as bad. In this case, there are NO children to carry on. Children are neither valued or wanted. Procreation requires a male, and a female. Two of the same sex precludes reproduction. No reproduction, no children, no race to carry on. Our race will simply go extinct, just like the dinosaurs. Again, without a white race to lead it, humankind will vanish from the earth. No others have done as well, or helped with progress as our white Aryan race. We white Aryans belong to a great race, that has done great things. It is wrong to let it die off.
ANP is doing its best to bring our people back to sensibility. Remind it of its own greatness. It is fighting the racial self hate that our schools constantly teach our young. ANP is struggling not just to maintain a white identity, but to maintain a white existence. The world will falter without the white race to guide and help it. ANP is fighting the racial brainwashing that says the above are OK practices. They are not, and ANP is struggling to save our race from itself. Donate money to ANP and its great struggle. Donate your time to help give out lit. Help save and preserve our white Aryan race. The above are wrong practices precisely because they will destroy our great race. All in the name of some liberal egalitarian bullshit. Save your race. Help preserve it. Help fight those who would destroy it.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jewish influence

Why is it a small minority group like the Jews, has exceptional influence. Hitler hated the Jews, because he felt they had too much power in Germany. After the war, pro Jew groups, like the US liberals poo poohed the idea. That is was fantasy that a minority could weld such power. The "Protocols of the Elders of ZION" was suppose to be a big forgery. That there is no Jewish conspiracy to gain and hold power anywhere. Look at Israel. The Jews are determined to take over ALL of Palestine. Look at here. HERE! Look at all the prominent Jews, in high political office. Adam Schiff is Jewish, and high up in the House and the Democratic party. Jared Kushner is the president's son in law. Diane Feinstein, super anti gun, is a US Senator. Charles Schumer is the minority leader in the Senate. Jews all. If the Jews are such an insignificant minority, how is this situation possible? Look at the power these people have. They are a minority in the US. Approx. 10% of the population give or take. Yet they hold very high positions and are powerful. Very powerful. Obviously the things we've been told abut the Jews are wrong. WRONG. Very wrong. For a small minority Jews have inordinate influence. In many cases, they are running the show. They are pushing their own agenda. They sure aren't trying to help the white Aryan people. This is why we have so many programs to help non whites, and so few to help white Aryans. The Jews feel they are safer with the non white fellow minorities. They fear, and distrust the white Aryan majority. They want a coalition of minorities to lead, and keep them in power. We white Aryans are the enemy, and to be treated with loathing and contempt at every opportunity.
We white Aryans have a choice to make. Either we go along with the Jew agenda, no matter how detrimental to our interests, or we resist the implementation of the Jews plans. ANP is pro Aryan. We are determined to fight for white rights, and protect the white Aryans place in this world, in general, and this country, in particular. Donate to ANP. Money, as well as your time to give out lit. It is little short of obscene that a minority rules us so totally. Time to resist. ANP is plugging away watching out for our interests every single minute of the day. It can't operate in a vacuum. It needs money. It needs votes. It is determined to show the lie. That the Jews are just a peaceful, helpless minority. That is bullshit. The above listed are some of the most powerful in American govt. Helpless minority my ass. A minority ruling over, and lording it over a majority is wrong and stupid. Help ANP. Put the lie to the pro Jew propaganda. Its time for this country to face facts. The Jews run the show, and must be stopped. An Aryan nation must be run by Aryans, not some minority.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Our problems

The USA has a LOT of problems. First and foremost is that we have a system that is utterly corrupt. We have a rich ruing elite that is worthless. We common folk work hard, but get only crap for our troubles. We are rulesd by plutocrats, and Jews. The result is a fiasco of idiocy and out and out greed. The following are in my humble opinion the biggest problems we have to endure. Our system is constantly at WAR. It never stops. First it was the Cold War, where we were called on to stop Communism everywhere it was trying to expand into. Was this really to protect democracy, or Capitalism. We fought in Korea, and Vietnam. We helped overthrow pro left govts in Iran, Greece and Guatemala. We supported Taiwan against China. We helped govts in Central America resist pro Marxist takeover. I submit that all this was unnecessary. Whatever happened to live and let live? Freedom of choice. If people supported Marxist rebels, why did we interfere. Hell, its their countries. Would countries really be worse off. Look at Central America. We stopped Marxist revolts, but they have become narco states. Hell, everyone there wants to leave and go to the US for a better life, since they are blocked from doing so in their own countries. Same now, with the "war on terror", which in reality is nothing more or less an anti Muslim crusade. We helped the Afghans against the Soviets. What was our reward., 911.  We're bogged down against extreme Islam  in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, just to name a few. Meanwhile, here at home everything is going to hell.
The causes of these conflicts have been FALSIFIED. Its made out to be pure and noble, when in fact its dirty politics at its worst. Crises are manufactured and then overblown. Look at the USSR. Intelligence reports constantly showed the Soviets far too backward, and primitive to ever be a REAL threat to the US. Yet, it was made out like they were. Far more is the Iraq war. The US supported Saddam for decades. Is it any wonder he felt he could do anything. We supported him no matter what. He pissed off ZOG. Hence the "weapons of mass destruction" bullshit. A non threat was deliberately made into a threat to scare us commoners into supporting the regime so it could plunder Iraq, take oil,  and make money. The Iraq war was just a money making scheme, by scum Capitalists out to make a buck.
What's really sad in all this, is the Christian hypocrisy that oozes from every pore of our govt and society. The lets all love each other bullshit. The love of one's fellows. All crap. These so called Christians don't love anything but money. They love power. So they make up threats, to rally support, all the while, they're manipulating to make money, and live a cushy life at the common hard working taxpayer's expense. Why are the churches not yelling about love of money. Instead we hear rhetoric left over from the Crusades about the evil Muslim menace. The notion of giving is transformed into making the "church" rich. All the while, the US has 1 in 5 kids living in poverty. This in the richest, most powerful nation in the world.
ANP stands for integrity. Our enemies call us evil, but it is they who are evil. We stand for something. We believe in something. We are trying to bring honesty and fair play back to our society. We want to care about our people, not throw money away fighting useless, meaningless wars. We take care of our own. Help us. Donate money, donate your time to give out lit. Help us overcome the above. Help save the white Aryan race, but also care for it. I find it super hypocritical that the rich ruling elite want people to have kids born, but then never do anything to help people all the rest of their lives. Time for a kinder, gentler society. One impervious to Capitalist greed. One devoted to its race.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


To show off how wonderful and caring they are, the liberal yuppies constantly talk and preach about the "end of the world". This way they look good. They come across as caring, and that butter could just melt in their mouths. This is all just a smokescreen of course. What everyone should be worried about, and concerned with, is how people are barely surviving till the "end of the month" with their bill paying. Far too many people are living just paycheck, to paycheck. Barely scraping by. The hell with the end of the world shit. We need to concentrate on our people's welfare. NOW, not later, now. It comes down to end of the world vs end of the month. Which do YOU think is more vital. How do you fix a planet. Whether weather change is due to global warming that's man made, or nature, it doesn't matter. Can't be fixed. The people facing shortages in their paychecks, on the other hand, well, they can be helped. The core, key, problem, is that the mega rich are selfish. Greedy. They don't want to help, because that would mean they'd have to spend their precious money. This is part and parcel of Capitalist mentality. That money is the be all, and end all, of the universe. Nothing is more precious then money. These Capitalists are nothing less then money worshipers. They love it, and won't part with it. They are utterly unmoved by their fellow humans suffering. So the elites manipulate, and maneuver, to get their way, so as to be able to keep their money (not paying taxes) and continue to make more money. Helping others isn't on the cards. Selfish people don't help. They take.
ANP is trying to remedy the problems of white Aryans in this country. That means getting help to where its needed, and how its needed. ANP is dedicated to making life fair for all. Our enemies smear National Socialism with all sorts of outlandish nonsense on how its a force for evil. Total lies.. Is it evil to want everyone to have a decent living. To want racial justice. To care about your races' survival. Is it wrong to want to restore a race's pride, and eliminate the constant drum beat of racial self hate that our kid's get in school. ANP opposes the elites. It values race, not money. The elites hate us because we won't play ball, and follow orders without complaint. We oppose the rich ruling elite, and are dedicated to resisting their control, and opposing what they stand for, which is insatiable greed. Which really is the "evil" side?
Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us help our race. Help us oppose the insane greed that poisons our country. If the rich must be forced to help the non rich, then so be it. Laws are meant to right wrongs, not just to get dusty in law books. Help us resist the rich ruling elite. Our elections are just musical chairs for elites to screw each other and battle for wealth and power. Time for decency to return to this country. How people should be able to live, not just scrape by. Things can be changed. Help us.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Prison nation

This country has the most people in prison. The majority of whom, are black. 113 million, have had an immediate family member incarcerated.6.5 million have a family member incarcerated, or in the process of having so. 1 in 7 have a spouse incarcerated. 1 in 8 have a child locked up. Blacks are 50% more likely to have someone locked up. They have 3X more locked up then whites over the last 10+  years. Latinos are 70% more likely to be locked up over a 10 year period. Incarceration is highest in the south and west. Our incarceration rate is more then the rest of the world. To compare: the USA incarcerates 710 people per 100,000 people. The UK incarcerates 147 per 100,000.
These facts and figures show that the blacks and Latinos are not very law abiding. Integration means white people being dragged down to hell with the blacks and Latinos. Mexican drug gangs ship illegal drugs into our country. Blacks and Latinos distribute. Non whites flout our laws. When they are arrested, it means a costly trial, which uses up our precious tax money. Then we spend something on average of $30,000 per inmate for food/clothing/shelter, and guarding. These Jew influenced liberals want integration. Why? It has put a major burden on white society. We're taking care of scum human beings. Having to imprison and keep eats up precious resources, that could and should be spent on other more needed projects. Our morals in this country are at low ebb. These incarceration facts show this. LOOK where we're at. We NOW have legalized gambling. Legalized drug use, as in pot. Legal same sex marriage. Massive political corruption. Massive street crime. A prison population out of all proportion to our nation. Something like 2 million are behind bars. That's the size of a freaking army.
If you've had enough, you need to become a supporter of ANP. It is the party of vision. It believes in being tough on crime. But more then spouting an old bromide, it wants to deal with the problem at its source. We need to regain our moral compass in this country. Liberals want to kiss every one's ass, especially non whites. Right wing conservatives want to smack everyone upside the head. ANP wants to revive morals. Revive civic studies. Stress citizenship. Stress sacrifice for the good of the race. Stress that being loyal, and faithful to one's race is the prime duty of life. Rather then teaching racial self hatred, which practically guarantees a semi criminal mind and disposition, schools must teach racial and civic pride once again. Mold minds to want to serve the race, and that immoral behavior is harmful to the race, and guarantees its failure.
Support ANP. With money, but also with your time to give out lit. Help it change minds. Even more mold, and reshape minds, and values. We need o think of the common good in this country once again. No more of this let's all love each other liberal crap. We need to get our people, especially our kids, to care. Smack heads at times when needed, but basically provide moral leadership. Our people need to be reacquainted with the concepts of right and wrong. Unless and until morality becomes part of the American landscape again, we'll just keep living in this jungle we're in. Help ANP civilize the jungle.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

National Socialism

National Socialism is constantly put down in the media. This is because the media is in enemy hands. National Socialism is the enemy of ZOG. Is it really any wonder that the enemy does everything it can to vilify it. The following qualities are to be found in National Socialism.
DUTY. Duty to ones race is part and parcel of National Socialism. NS believes that nothing is more sacred then protecting one's race. Protecting it. Serving it. Helping it.
HONOR. Judeo-Capitalism makes fun of honor. It thinks of it as an anachronistic big joke. NS takes it as a feature of everyday life. How can people really and truly live without honor. Without it, you have a sewer society, just like we have now.
COURAGE. NS believes in fighting for right. For race. Against the corruption of Judeo-Capitalism. Nazis challenge the system, when the system is utter corruption, and doing harm to the race. It takes guts to get involved, but Nazis are ready and willing to oppose the system, and struggle for justice.
COMMITMENT. To be a follower of National Socialism requires commitment. Its no walk in the park. The enemy plays hardball, so Nazis must be ready to take it on the chin. The reason being as with all things, to protect and promote the race. It is the great cause that all must be dedicated to its service. All.
INTEGRITY. National Socialism stands for things. Its word is its bond. It is honor incarnate. Unlike the Judeo-Capitalist parties, and their wishy washy morals, and changeable stands on the issues. With NS, you know what your getting. The major parties stand for nothing, and have no moral compass at all.
COUNTRY. National Socialism is fighting to keep whites Aryans from being overrun by the non whites. Non whites hate us, and will pound us into the ground if they can. NS is struggling to keep white rights, and white existence viable. This was once a white mans country. It may no longer be, but that doesn't mean we become slaves of the non whites, their doormats.
SERVICE. National Socialism stands for service to the country, and especially the race. It takes seriously the responsibility to keep our race strong. To keep it protected. To keep it alive. Nazis aren't scum, they fight against it. Nazis devote their lives to preservation of the race.
If you like what you've read, then become a supporter. Not a "member'. This is no club. It is a way of life. It is a body of beliefs that has one devoting self to the race, and not just to oneself. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Read. Our lit, and our web sites. Compare and contrast. National Socialism versus Judeo-Capitalism. If you like NS, and more importantly believe in it, then become involved. Help us to win over our many evil enemies. Help a force for good, NS, defeat evil and save our race.

Monday, December 3, 2018

A failing grade

Our schools suck. They're doing a terrible job of educating our youngsters. Those that I blame for this horrible state of affairs are our rich ruling elite. They've let our schools become hothouses of Jewish liberalism. Ever since the 1960's, our schools have lost all sense of direction. Teaching got a back seat to pushing the Jewish liberal code. Kids were taught that nothing is wrong. Everything is gray. Our kids now get a healthy dose of racial self hatred. They are taught that to be a white Aryan is to be the member of an evil race. Capitalism is worshiped. Drug abuse is officially condemned, but secretly condoned. Our kids aren't allowed to be kids. They are considered young adults, and given grown up situations to deal with, that far too many aren't ready for. Kids need time to grow, and explore their world. They sure as hell don't need to be pushed thru life. We're at the point our kids are getting sex ed in grade school. Permissiveness is the order of the day. Its basically anything goes. A lot of parents have now opted out of the public school system, because, they have lost all confidence in it. A pro Jewish liberal curriculum is no substitute for training for the rigors of modern day life. Schools are suppose to be the training grounds for life. To teach knowledge, skills, and an appreciation for learning, that will follow someone all their life.
ANP is struggling to achieve a decent shake for our kids. It struggles to regain our schools for our white Aryan kids. Its priority goal is first and foremost, no more teaching of racial self hate. It wants a pro white curriculum. ANP wants to bring back learning to the classroom, and get rid of the political brainwashing. Black kids run amok, but because they are black, nothing is done. They disturb our white kids, making it impossible for them to learn. This must stop. No more tolerance of improper behavior. Kids who act out, need to get thrown out, not get some jive ass talking to that ends up ignored. Help ANP save our kids. Help our kids. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Let's stop the erosion of our schools. They need to return to being places of learning, and not just hangouts for our kids to become delinquents. The future of white Aryan civilization depends on our kids having schools that teach once again. What has been lost, can be regained, if we unite and gird our loins for a legal battle to reform this corrupt system. Education is a right. It should be just that, an education. Right now, we have zoos for kids who act like animals.