Thursday, November 29, 2018

The choice

Our white Aryan people have a choice to make. It is the most important choice they will ever have to make. So far, they have resisted making it. Not for much longer. The great choice is simply this, which will they choose, the American middle class lifestyle, or racial survival. They cannot have both. They want both, but that is impossible. If our people chose the middle class lifestyle, they will be surrendering their lives to money. To ZOG, and its money is everything philosophy. You can see it now. People working massive overtime, to make some extra money. People only caring about having stuff. No caring about kids. Women rejecting reproduction and family, so they can have a career and make money. If we choose money, then our every waking hour will be concerned about money, and our white Aryan civilization will cease to exist. Racial survival will be ignored and forgotten about. Non whites will gain power, and call the shots. We white Aryans will be marginalized. Doomed to poverty, and political obscurity. The joke is, the Judeo-Capitalists will never let you make enough money to be truly comfortable. They'll just keep raising prices, and cutting jobs and wages. We'll never be able to get ahead on the ZOG money treadmill.
If we pick racial survival, we will survive. We will only live for the bare necessities, but at least we'll be alive. At least we'll be able to survive as white Aryans, not cattle to the slaughter. If we pick our race, we'll be fighting for our racial rights, and racial justice. We'll be able to stand up to arrogant non whites, and save our Confederate heritage for example. Even more, we'll be able to get our job rights back, and not have to take a back seat to the non whites. We can be a proud people once again, and free our young of the racial self hate that is all too prevalent. We won't be able to concentrate on making money, but we're destined to lose that battle anyway. All we can hope to do is survive. Survive as a race. A great race.
YOU white Aryan have a choice to make. You can chase after money, and end up screwed by the rich ruling elite that runs this country, or you can choose race. YOUR race. Have pride in your race. Act like the proud race we once were. We can NOT have it both ways. Like govt services. You can't have govt services, but not have to pay taxes to support them. A choice must be made. So to with this. Choose money or race. With race we at least have a chance to survive. Money is a dead end street.
Become a supporter of ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP advance the cause of the white Aryan. No others are willing to help. We must make a CHOICE, now. Do we live, or do we die. We can try to reach the happy place that ZOG promises, but its just an illusion. We can regain our pride, and dignity with ANP leading the way. Your choice white Aryan. CHOOSE.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Meaningless revenge

The Jewish drive for revenge for the "Holohaox" seems endless. It is also meaningless. It has degenerated into such petty mean spirited action's, that it makes no sense at all. In France, at the memorial services for the end of World War One, all the French generals who fought were to be honored.  Petain, the hero victor of the battle of Verdun, was not honored. Why? Because he was French head of state during World War Two, and in Jew eyes, he didn't fight hard enough for their rights. This to me is utterly petty and meaningless. He should be honored for his efforts in the first world war, not for what he did, or didn't do 20 years later. This makes no sense. It is just one more way, the Jews manipulate, and try to play victim. Petain won the battle, and deserves honor on that basis. No more, no less. To deny him is petty, and mean spirited. He ran France in a very tough time. He did his best. My god, the man was 80 years old at the time. But no, if he didn't jump at the Jews command, he is a villain, and to be treated as such, always and forever. The Jews are insatiable where revenge is concerned. Canada has issued an apology, because in 1939, a ship of Jews were refused permission to land. Aren't countries suppose to be able to decide who they want to come to their shores or not. No, the Jews intend to continue the poor victim bullshit perpetually. Things as petty and meaningless as denying a soldier his due for a battle 100 years later will continue to go on.
Yet the Jews deny Arab Palestinian rights constantly. They are not victims, but instead oppressors. Yet this the Jews are silent about. Arab rights are ignored, and smashed into the dust.
Will no one do anything. Yes, the ANP will. Even great American leaders like Richard Nixon, and Billy Graham were afraid to publicly oppose the Jews. The Watergate tapes prove this.  The ANP refuses to kow tow to the Jews. This makes it unwelcome. Yet if not it, who. The Jew nonsense needs to be opposed. It has gone on long enough. It needs to be stopped. This country must stop being a Jew colony. The whole planet needs to stop being controlled by the Jews. Right now, what they want, they get, no matter how petty or silly, or making no sense their actions are. Help ANP say no. Say NO to anymore bullshit. Say no to Jewish pettiness, that denies a world war one general his honor for his victory, because he ran afoul of the Jews 20 years later. Its time that some sanity returned to the world. Enough of the poor little victim bullshit. Enough crap. It is high time that white Aryans took back their place in the world, and stop kissing Jew ass all hours of the day and night.
Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. The collective travesties that are occurring because of Jew orders must be stopped. For the Jews to be able to deny a deserved honor 100 years later to a noble warrior is outrageous. Its time we stop putting up with their crap. Aryans use to take no crap from any. Time to resurrect this feeling once again. A lot of people have suffered in this world. The Jews are yet again being "gods chosen". Enough. Time for Aryans to assert themselves and put an end to Jew manipulation, and orders. Are we Aryans not suppose to be free and brave people?

Thursday, November 22, 2018

What the hell?

Why are modern Americans, especially white Aryans, such wimps? In the USA, currently, 1% of the population own 40% of the wealth. This is obscene. Even more obscene, is that we keep taking it. That we put up with this bullshit on a continuous basis. Not only is this state of affairs wrong, it is super wrong. To let a mere 1% control the wealth fit for 40% of the people is utterly nuts. Why do YOU put up with it white Aryan? Where are your guts. Your brains. Your integrity. Your god damn common sense. To put up with these conditions, is tantamount to accepting being slaves. We need to get back on track, and find our backbone. Our people weren't wimps before. Far from it. Why now? I am very sad, at the pitiful condition my race is in now. Even more, I fear for our future. We're letting ourselves be dominated. What has happened to the warrior desire to resist tyranny. If we don't act, we will be destroyed. Worked to death, without anything left to us. Support ANP. Give money. Give of your time to give out lit. Help the white Aryan race regain their honor. Today is Thanksgiving, but I see no reason to give thanks as my race is kept as slaves. Worked like slaves, and doomed to permanent inferiority.
To be truly thankful, we need to be free. proud and free. ANP is the only force capable of turning back the clock and freeing our people. Free yourself. Don't be a prisoner of a time clock. Time to become independent once again. Enough of Judeo-Capitalist bosses. One stupid order too many. Join the fight for freedom. Why should you white Aryan be worked like a slave for a pittance, while our govt system rewards non whites, for doing nothing except being non white.  Time for a change. Run for office. Minor office at first. Work your way up. Keep your Nazism to yourself. Our enemies infiltrated, that's why they are now powerful. Time to reverse things. Only when we are a free and proud people once again can we truly give thanks. Join the struggle. Your race needs help. Answer the call.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The true face

We keep getting the bullshit, that the US has only 5% unemployment, and that everything is just wonderful. This is ZOG propaganda at work. Big time. It wants to convince us that it is all knowing, and on top of the situation. This is total crap. 43% of all families in the US can't afford the basics of that sacred American middle class lifestyle. 51 million can't afford decent housing. Does this sound like things are OK. There are 16.1 million down and out poor in this country. 34.7 million people are classified ALICE (asset limited income constrained). Translation, POOR. 66% of jobs in this country, pay less then $20 an hour. Actually they pay even less, much less, then that. This country is rotting away. Our white Aryan people are suffering, but what do the bleeding hearts want to do, is bring in even more poor. Our country has become a free lunch for every non white on the planet. They come here to enjoy the American middle class lifestyle. They'd much rather get welfare and all sorts of other help programs then get jobs and work. They want a free ride. We white Aryans are expected to fork over taxes to help take care of these freeloaders. All the while, we white Aryans must foot the bill, and somehow provide for our families. It always kills me, how the Jew led liberals always fall over themselves to help non whites, but ignore totally the plight of their fellow white Aryans. How people can be white liberals, and want to help races that cause this country constant grief, is beyond my comprehension. There should be no such thing as white Aryan poor.
National Socialism is of/by/for the white Aryan race. ANP is dedicated to this ideology. It will do as much as possible to keep white Aryans out of poverty. Can it succeed totally, probably not, but it will try. Unlike the major parties who no longer care about the common white Aryan. The Republicans are now the party of the rich. The Democrats are now the party of BLACKS/GAYS/FEMINISTS, soon to be joined by Hispanics, and Arab Muslims. The Democrats are especially for non whites. They basically ignore, and ridicule white Aryans and their rights. ANP wants its people to live decently. It wants its people to have rights. It wants its people to have dignity and respect. All of these are currently lacking in the current political atmosphere. Its time we white Aryans take our govt and our country back. This country has substituted white slavery for black. We whites must slave to support non whites, especially the blacks. if we complain, we are cursed as racists. I'm sick of the discrimination card played by the blacks and Jews. They get hassled, they cry discrimination. They get special treatment as mandated by LAW. Enough of this shit. Time for we white Aryans to close ranks, and oppose our oppressors. Voting is only half the battle. We must run for office and gain power thru elections. Only when in office can we achieve. Donate money to ANP so it can create a war chest. Donate your time to give out lit, so we can get things moving. It is way past time for a change. Let us change things, instead of hopelessly waiting for the rich ruling elite and their yuppie allies to do it for us. Our liberation is up to us. Only us. No others can be counted on. Just we white Aryans.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


People constantly ask, why Nazism is opposed to world Jewry. Basically it comes down to what the Jews habitually stand for. They believe fervently in permissiveness. Their philosophy is let everyone do as they want, as long as there is no physical violence. I am sorry, but this is totally wrong headed thinking. Thru out history, letting people do as they want leads to corruption, and extreme moral degradation. Here is an example. Dr. Ruth Westheimer came to the US from Germany. She is Jewish. What has she contributed to American society to repay it for taking her in, she is a sex therapist. Not a normal one. One who is on RADIO, public radio, talking about sex openly. Is this really what we need. Sex talk, of the most private, personal nature, talked about openly on the air waves. What ever happened to discretion. To modesty. To privacy. This is the Jew way. In your face permissiveness. Look at the gay/lesbian situation. From acts done behind closed doors in private, we now get in your face militancy. Oppose these trends, and your accused of being a prude. This is patently unfair. You should NOT be made to endure, that which is uncomfortable. The Jewish liberals can NEVER stop. They always push their agenda for more and more permissiveness. It never ends. Always in our faces whether we want it or not. People get angry and lash out, to save their societies/identities. People who do live by strict moral codes lash out, because they are given NO choice. Its fight, or sink into a sea of moral depravity. The Jew liberals are NEVER tolerant of those who oppose them. Its their way or nothing. Look at the result of liberal Jew interference in white Aryan life. Corruption, drug abuse, moral perversion. Pornography, and same sex coupling. Feminism. All destructive of the family. Things like the Dr. Ruth show are ultimately destructive to people's dignity and psyche. There HAS to be a cut off point. A point where there is right, and wrong. Not having it dooms one's society to a slow death by corruption. Look at the Roman Empire. It died a slow lingering death as its people became corrupt. So to will be our fate if we do nothing, and accept Jewish liberal permissiveness. This is why the world wide anger, and even hatred of the Jews. They need to back off the permissiveness. Don't and there is going to be trouble. Societies are suppose to be able to choose their own way, but Jew liberalism refuses to accept any choice but what they say should go. Like with Westheimer. Her therapy should be in private, not public. There are those of us who don't want to hear it shouted from the roof tops. Our rights, and views should be respected, not mocked. This is why there is trouble. The Jews claim they are innocent victims. Like how they "innocently" took away Arab Palestinian land in Israel. If the Jews don't respect rights, or mores, they're asking for trouble. They usually get it. Respect must be a two way street. Or there is conflict. Sometimes, very severe conflict. The Jewish liberals need to accept that they must keep sex talk, and homo acts private. Out of the public eye, as there are those of us who wish privacy. Don't ram your permissiveness and liberalism down our throats. Bad things are bound to happen if you do. You can not avoid it.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Schizo politics

Schizophrenia means shattered mind. It is a mental condition, where the sufferer is unable to focus and complete tasks. Our political system is schizoid. Our electorate can't seem to make up its mind. or maybe, our people are just too damned spoil ed, and can't make up their minds, because they want it all. Our people want govt services. Yet, they don't want to pay for said services with taxes. This is an example of schizoid thinking. Make up your damn minds. Govt services and taxes, or do without, and have no taxes to pay for said service (s). Same with trade. People hate how China has cornered the manufacturing sector, and taken away American jobs. Yet they continue to buy Chinese goods, because they are cheap. There comes a point in life, when decisions need to be made. One way, or the other. You can NOT have it both ways. Then you have a half ass ed, creature, half horse, half cow. Our political system hides its face in ridiculous claims, that our people can have it both ways. Then they get constant disappointment. As some more examples of this super muddled thinking. People say they don't want national health insurance. (Obama care) Yet when it was ready to be repealed, they baulked and wanted it continued. They didn't want to pay for it, but they then  decides they needed it. Our people have seen the Jews as victims, but now they see them as oppressors of the Palestinians. Which is it? Jews as good guy victims, or bad guy oppressors.
Our electorate is adrift in a sea of indecision. Our leaders are at fault. They don't press for solid decision making. They are happy to keep things confused. They want confusion. They want our people in a mixed up state, so the typical political bullshit can work its magic, and make the electorate confused and easily manipulated.
ANP wants to bring order out of chaos. It wants to press for decisions. The electorate of this country must decide. No more stalling or muddling thru. ANP wants solid decisions. It will guide the electorate as best it can, but the people must decide what's what. The American populace must decide. It is the only way to bring order out of a mess. ANP is especially keen on making people decide their attitude towards the Jews. Do we continue to tolerate their liberal permissiveness, or do we call a halt, and bring back order with some political tough love. We must decide. Our country's future depends on it. Donate to ANP. Money, and time to give out lit. We need to make decisions in this country. Important decisions. ANP can guide us. Help us. Our rich ruling elite is fine with chaos. ANP is not. It will press on making decisions once in power. It wants the governed to govern once again. No more nonsense. Time for decisions. It is long past time we got our act together. ANP can be the compass that can get us thru the coming political storm.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The old guard

Our people use to treasure the system we had. It was Christian, conservative, and white. Well, that is now changed. As far as CHRISTIANITY goes, people are losing their faith. Plus, we are getting in immigrants with far different religions, like Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Christianity is on the way out, to the great joy of the Jews. They are finally getting their revenge. So the Jewish liberals, and their media lackeys are pushing for immigration. All the better to screw Christian America. By the way, the Hispanic immigrants from Mexico, among them, are a number of people who practice the ancient Aztec religion. The one that once had human sacrifice as part of it.
CONSERVATISM is now on the downward slope Many liberal causes are being pushed. Legal gambling. Legal pot smoking. TV and movies that are openly sexual, to the point of being soft core porn.  The old family values are dying. Divorce is killing marriage in this country. So too, is feminism, and same sex marriage. Our kids are taught racial self hate. Conservatism has been perverted to mean just helping the rich.
WHITENESS. Our position as the preeminent race is declining. Our people are worn out from work. From fighting constant wars. From moral ambiguity. Not only don't our schools allow pray, they don't bother with morals, or good citizenship either. Our race is fast becoming from heroic warriors, to just a bunch of drunken bums. Everything is now done half ass ed. Its like a third world country here. No wonder, since so many non whites are trying to get in, and the Jewish liberal media establishment is willing to let them.
Let ANP help. Let it into your heart. Feel your white pride once again. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP turn it around for the white Aryans of America. The old days are gone. We can still salvage from the wreckage of this country, a brand new white based racial state, dedicated to the white race. Our race need not die, if it is determined to win and survive. All we need do, is unite behind it, accept National Socialism as our creed, and dedicate ourselves to white re-birth. We can't, and shouldn't live in the past. We can, and must secure the future for our kids. If we let the mud's win, our race dies. It will simply fade away. We must renew. Ourselves for the sake of our race. ANP is the bulwark of the white race in America. It is dedicated t our survival, and the recapture of our greatness. Help it. Let us stop the decline of the white Aryan. Let us be reborn. So much as been lost, but so much stands to be regained. Help.

Monday, November 5, 2018

What our system consists of.

Our current Judeo-Capitalist system is an unholy trinity. It consists of decadence, corruption, and the inability to deliver justice. In other words, it is a perfect storm of immorality. It couldn't be more evil, then if it was designed by Satan himself. Maybe it was? It sure does act like it. We live in hell. A liberal Jew hell. A system that uses law as a political weapon. The Jew shock troops, the ACLU, uses the courts as a weapon to gain its own moral/political agenda. Even if it is detrimental to the political/moral/cultural health of this country. The Jews love socking it to Christian Aryans.
The DECADENCE is painfully obvious. Conspicuous consumption, in the most grotesque way possible. In the old days there was the wearing of natural fur coats. Now we have TV shows that show displays of wealth in crude, shoddy ways. Its all rub your nose, and even face, in it. Our kids are influenced (brainwashed) to value wealth, at any cost. To care only for wealth. To follow the "last one left with all the toys" mentality and morality. Charity and compassion are all but unknown in this universe. This is the way to form misers, and skinflints. To the great detriment of our youth, and our country. Future generations of people dedicated to showing off in the most blatant way, that they are superior to all, by way of money/wealth.
CORRUPTION is as thick as mud in this society. The win at any cost mentality. That it doesn't matter who gets hurt, as long as people get theirs, not just piece of the pie, but whole pie, and everyone else pie too. Our society is now one of white collar bandits, who use paper and pen, rather then weapons, to gain what they want. Morality is all but unknown in this world. Hell couldn't do it any better. We're letting our kids be formed into future monsters, devoid of any pity, who will do anything to get ahead, even if it means financial decapitation of any and all. Capitalism is NO respecter of rights. To the Capitalist class, there is only ONE right. To get rich by any means, fair or foul, with emphasis on the foul.
The INABILITY to DELIVER JUSTICE, is the hallmark of this society and its secret, invisible dictatorship. This country is run by ZOG. They stay in the background. Wisely. They are in charge, make no mistake. This is why we dissidents are tried in court, for opposing it and its policies. If the left starts trouble, the right is blamed. Nazi types can expect NO justice from this system. It strictly defends itself and its privileges, and power. Those who oppose it, for whatever reason, get the bums rush to prison. Nazi types, and even any dissidents who oppose it, are harassed by the systems bully boys doing its dirty work. They don't have to beat you up, just go to your employer and strong arm them into firing you. They have the wealth, and power, and far too many business owners are faint hearts who want no trouble. The courts enforce, rather then oppose, this state of affairs.
Friends, aren't you tired of living in hell? Don't you want release? The ANP wants to do away with this horrible system we live under. It wants to institute a National Socialist govt. One dedicated to race. Dedicated to morality. Honor. Justice. We need to live in a society that has values, and treasures them. Our current system has nothing. No honor, no morality, no nothing. Donate to ANP. Money, and time to give out lit. The Jews media is against us, so we must work around. Thru elections, we CAN turn the tables, and re-institute rule by white Aryan, and free ourselves of ZOG's rule, and stop the non whites from pushing us around. Our future depends on this. Otherwise our race will become degenerate, like our enemies, and we will fall into the mud people abyss.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


The liberals are so fixated on white Aryan misdeeds, yet they totally ignore non white aggression. Non whites are very violent. Blacks fill the prisons. Hispanics are quick to resort to knife play to settle disputes. Whites are attacked, even killed, every day, but its just brushed off. The Jews want vengeance against white Aryans for past conflict. They will stop at nothing to fuck over white Aryans. Look at Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew. It has closed itself off to the group known as the Proud Boys. A pro white group. This kind of stuff goes on all day, every day. Non whites can say, and act as they please, with no repercussions whatsoever. Meanwhile, white Aryan concerns are ignored, and even ridiculed. We white Aryans are discriminated against. By law, non whites get priority in job hiring. On the streets, black crime is coddled. Any black who commits a crime, and we hear the white liberal establishment moaning about how discrimination made them go bad, and that they need forgiveness. A white Aryan who steps out of line, and the liberal establishment wants blood. Its throw them in jail, they are evil. I'm frankly surprised white Aryans aren't executed for jaywalking, as we are hated so. We white Aryans are the victims. A state which will get far worse, as the country fills up with Hispanics, determined to rule. We white Aryans are the majority right now, yet we keep getting bitch slapped every damn day. How will things be, when Hispanics are in the driver's seat, and running the show?
Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We need to mobilize our white Aryans brothers, and sisters, right now. Get united. Get on target with our message of racial survival. Ours. That if we keep sitting on our hands, our race will die. Non whites are devoid of mercy. They WILL destroy us, if given the chance. They live for violence. Unless we work to hold back the flood gate, millions of potential enemies will flood in, and destroy our white Aryan civilization, and even our very selves. Help ANP. Donate generously. We have little time left. The racial time bomb growing against us, will soon explode. If we are unready, we die. As a race, as a civilization. All gone. Our enemies show no mercy. We MUST be ready. Lest we all die horribly. At the hands of animals in human form.