Monday, October 29, 2018


As per usual, nuts have went off, and killed. Thereby leading to yet more Jewish martyrdom stories in the Jew controlled media. I understand the anger. The constant reading/seeing our way of life ridiculed, while the Jews are lauded as such wonderful people. Thing is, violence does NOTHING for our cause. It hurts it. Very greatly. Anyone out there, contemplating the slightest violent act, DO NOT do it. It is highly counterproductive. Look at this latest mess. 11 Jews have been killed. For what? What has this accomplished? The Jews now have yet a few more martyrs, which the Jews media is now playing up, to the hilt. In war, One never does as their opponent expects, and wants you to. It is a sure way to defeat. Violence is futile. Killing accomplishes nothing. This struggle is IDEOLOGICAL. We need to change minds. Convince people we have the answers. Non violently. How do you fight an idea. With another idea. We need to counteract 60+ years of enemy brainwashing. This takes TIME. It is not easy. Yet it must be done. It is our only real chance for survival of the Aryan people. Otherwise, our people will continue to lose their rights, and identity. Violence does nothing. How are dead Jews going to change anything? It merely reinforces, ZOG's power over us. Now the media will play up that innocent civilians have been killed. Just ordinary people. 50 years old and up. These people were not important or powerful. Their deaths were needless, and counterproductive, as always in these cases. Now the movement will be tarred with the same brush. ANP opposes violence. Always has. We don't even have street demos, lest our enemies use them to bait us, and make us into monsters. This shit does the same damn thing. This guy deserves death, for gross stupidity. He has hurt the movement, and his people. To have a successful struggle, you don't keep giving your enemy ammunition against you. This has done just that. Now many Aryans will suffer. It will be harder to reach out to people, as once again we'll get the "murderers" crap, that we have weathered so long over the Holocaust. PLEASE! Do Not go off half cocked, and do violence. I saw skinhead bar brawls with non whites. It never helped the cause ever. Just makes waves for us activists trying to reach our people. We can't fight both the enemy and our own people. Keep a cool head. Play it cool. Don't do anything violent. We need peace. We need to use our brains, not guns to solve our problems.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


I am so sick of Jewish liberal hypocrisy. Its always one rule for the Jews, and another for non Jews. The Jewish liberals sing the praises of how tolerant they are of other religions. Yet in Israel, the home of the Jewish people, both politically and spiritually, there is glaring hypocrisy. Israel is against polygamy, and is passing laws against it. Thing is, Islam allows a man to take 4 wives. Ergo, Israel is violating the religious law of Islam concerning how many wives a man may have. This dictate is in the Koran, and given by the prophet Mohammad himself. The Koran is considered to be the word of Allah (God). Yet the Jews deign to ignore same, and legislate against it. What about Israeli Arabs rights. Their religious liberty. This tramples on same. As I said, Jew arrogance and especially hypocrisy, is why the Jews have ended up hated around the world. For example, there is even a Japanese version of a Nazi party. This is just one more example of the Jews acting as gods "chosen people". Where what they do is right, and everybody else is wrong. I am so fed up. The Israelis take Arab land for their own. They ignore Arab rights. Frankly, in reality, Arabs really have no rights in a Jewish nation.
Same thing here. The liberal Jew lobbying bloc, makes sure that Israel, thru ZOG, gets anything it requires from the USA. We're little more then Israel's supply dump. Look at what we get in return. The Jewish lobby, especially the majority Jew ACLU, constantly pushes for non whites rights, while white Aryans needs are ignored. White Aryans are accused of every wrong since the beginnings of civilization. Our schools teach racial self hate at Jewish liberal behest. The Jews have been the prime movers of non white rights, so that they get first choice at good jobs, especially on the federal level. The Jews started the ball rolling with the free speech movement. Now look at where we are. Our TV and movies are filled to the brim with crudity. Manners and courtesy, and basic civility, have all degenerated, thanks to Jewish inspired permissiveness.
If your fed up, join the club. OR, become a supporter of the ANP. Its high time we white Aryans took our nation back from the brink. Donate to ANP. Both money, and your time to give out lit. The white Aryan people have been a doormat for the Jews, for the last 60 some years. Enough is enough. This isn't Israel. At least, not yet. Let's keep it that way. Help ANP elect pro Aryan candidates to office. This is a work in progress. Help it move along. Let's take our society and nation back. Let's live like cultured Aryans again, and get rid of this disgusting Jewish permissiveness, that has brought our body politic low. Once we Aryans ruled the world with justice and culture. The Jews would destroy it all. Help ANP stop them. Time to throw off the yoke of ZOG once and for all.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Sinking beneath the waves (of immigration)

We white Aryans need to be on the endangered species list. We are in great danger of being overwhelmed by a brown tide. Look at the caravan coming to the USA from Honduras. Thousands of mestizos. Tens of thousands. All aimed right for here. Do you really think these people give a damn if they're illegal or not. They are determined to come here, and come they will. They are the first wave. More to follow. If they get away with this, then we white Aryans are doomed. There will be no stopping a tidal wave of mud peoples overwhelming us, and submerging white Aryans to the bottom, of the population. We'll go from majority, to minority. With very bad things to follow. It is NOT our fault, that these people live in poor nations. Their big crop is growing bananas. No other real resources. No real economic opportunities. That is why Central America is fast becoming a giant drug cartel. These people can make billions selling illegal drugs. So they do. It has gotten so bad, that drug cartels, are the real rulers. Look at El Salvador. Reagan helped to keep it from going Marxist. Big freaking deal. Instead of a Marxist dictatorship, now the country is under the control of gangs like MS-13. They run the show even more strongly then any Communist party ever did. Do we really want these people coming here?  American values, besides resources, are what has made America great. This is all now in jeopardy. I frankly doubt Trump, and the rich ruling elite can stop this menace. I doubt our leaders really want to stop illegal immigration, because it is a source of cheap labor. Also, I am convinced that our rulers think these people, conditioned by centuries of servitude, will make excellent semi slave. That they will be obedient little drones, and just do as they are told. The Jew liberals, especially the Democratic party, seem to need new asses to kiss, as black asses are no longer enough. Now they want to kiss Hispanic ass. For us white Aryans, who still have dignity, and pride, we who resist are branded racist. Bullshit. The old racism card. Call those who oppose the liberal agenda racist. This is political crap at its worst. So be it, call me a racist, because I want my country to stay free and white, and not become a giant drug cartel narco state. I don't want my country, OUR country, to become yet another narco republic. I want us to stay free.
Vote for ANP candidates. They may not bear an official ANP label, but listen to their words, and who will know who is pro white Aryan and who is not. Send money donations. Web sites cost. A lot. Donate your time to give out lit (also another cost) as the Jew liberal media controls the air waves. Which they deny to us. If we fail to act, we will keep facing mud people caravans like the one coming now. We will be overwhelmed. We will be destroyed. White Aryan. Help save yourself. Help save this country and all it is, from aliens who will change everything for the worse. Far worse. This is the first test case of this caravan technique. It won't be the last. We white Aryans may well be on the threshold of our own destruction. We white Aryans need a govt dedicated to protecting us, white Aryans, our people, our values. ANP is such a group. It is the ONLY party dedicated to the proposition that the white Aryan will NOT go the way of the Dodo bird. Look at the caravan. Now look at your wallet. Want to be more generous with donations? If not, Vaya con dios peon.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Political advantage

It use to be, that when the chips were down, the party in power, and the loyal opposition, would unite to deal with the country's problems. No more. There is a new political reality. One I find insidious, and even kind of depraved. Napoleon said, "never interrupt your enemy, when he is making a mistake". He was talking in military terms. NOW, the new political reality, is that our major parties will stand by, and do nothing, even when the other side is making egregious errors. Its not about the country any more. What it is about, is that one party can make mistakes, from minor mistakes in judgment, to major screw ups. The other party, rather then stop them, will let them have their head. The bottom line is power. The major parties let each other make terrible mistakes, without correction. It all comes down to power. Political popularity. Mistakes, displease voters. If enough voters are displeased,  people will vote for the other party. The win at any cost mentality of our political system today, means that the opposition will deliberately stand by and let the ruling party do whatever, no matter how mistaken and harmful to the country. The parties are all too willing to let the other make mistakes, and fail, so they look bad and can be voted out, and replaced. The fact that this strategy, if you can call it that, lets the country suffer is ignored. So much has been allowed, because each party wants the other to look bad, and become unpopular. The nation can suffer great damage, from mistaken policies, that the opposition can see are wrong, but do nothing to correct. Political power is the end game. The fact that suffering can and will occur from mistakes is ignored. Getting the other party to look bad and voted out of power is the be all, end all endgame. This is appallingly insensitive to the country's needs. How much damage can be done, while the other side waits for the other to screw up, look bad, and be replaced. So much can happen. It is a total moral failure, to deliberately turn a blind eye to mistakes hurting the country, just to be able to score some political points. Yet, this is how it is. This shows only too well the utter moral bankruptcy of our two party system. Each is only out for political advantage, and the hell with the needs of the country. Moral leadership is a joke. To let wrongful policies continue, when you know they are bad, and even harmful, is moral timidity of the worst kind.
ANP believes in the nation. The racial state. It believes in doing right for said nation, not just standing by, and letting everything go to hell, just to score a few political points. Morals are rigid, NOT fluid. Donate to ANP. Donate money, donate your time to give out lit. The hell with the two party system. Its just a teeter totter of dirty dealing, and the most rank political opportunism. ANP has a moral code. A sense of right and wrong. It calls them as it sees them. If it disagrees, it says so. It will NOT just stand around, and fiddle while the nation burns. ANP  looks out for this country, not itself. Help it continue to do so, and do more. Too much crap is turned a blind eye to these days. Help stop this terrible practice. Support ANP. Vote ANP. We need a political party that will always try and do right, not stand around and hope for failure, just to get political advantage.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The hungary

Our nation is one built on quicksand. The fall of a nation built on lies, is especially hard to bear. So shall it be, as our nation sinks. Our politicians lie to us constantly. The rich ruling elite feels they can fool, and manipulate us constantly. Look at how things are. There are many jobs. Most of which pay minimum wage, with no benefits. We have people living under highway overpasses for shelter, because they can't afford proper shelter, like a house or apt. All the time our leaders tell us how rich and powerful our nation is. Yet we have massive poverty. We white Aryans get nothing but the shaft. Non whites get preferential treatment in many things, especially jobs. The civil rights laws are just meant to take care of non whites. White Aryan needs are ignored  Our leaders should beware. Starving people don't ask, they take. It is getting to the point, that people are staring to talk about a second revolution. I like the idea, but big talk needs to be backed up. You big mouths out there. NEVER make an idle threat. Too much tough talk. We need a govt that will relieve our suffering, not add to it. Welfare wasn't meant to be non whites ticket to an easy life. Just get a paycheck for a non white skin. Medicaid was meant to help the poor get health care, but non whites, especially illegal aliens use it as a free ride to free medical care. Food Stamps is especially abused. Many white Aryans live paycheck to paycheck, buying cheap foods, while supposedly needy non whites get to buy steak and other high end foods. It is high time our govt helped those really in need. The white Aryans. The people who built this country. Who keep it going. Who work in it, defend it, care for it. It is high time we white Aryans stood up for ourselves, and stopped taking ZOG's slap in the face every day. We need to put our foot down, and DEMAND what is our due. A decent, comfortable life. Will YOU white Aryan, only move when you are starving?
ANP is trying to help improve the life of every white Aryan in this nation. It wants to use the democratic process, to bring dignity, and plenty to white Aryan existence. It wants to avoid violence, and use the law to help regain our rights. Hopefully our rights can be regained without violence, but as I said, the starving don't ask, they take. If things keep going as they are, there may just be violence in the street. White Aryans don't want to starve. If no one in govt listens, then bad things are sure to happen. Support ANP. Donate money, as political campaigns are expensive to wage. Donate your time to give out lit. Get involved. Save yourself, and especially future generations of white Aryans. Our enemies won't give us our due, without pressure, political or otherwise. A victorious ANP can assure us of a decent life befitting white Aryans. We need not be content treated as less then worms.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Changing values

As I watch TV, and see movies, I can't help noticing that violence is on the increase. Basically every TV show, or movie, I see, has at least one scene where someone is slapped or punched. We have women slapping men, men punching each other, women in cat fights, men slapping women. Various variations. For good measure, I see on many TV shows/movies, gay/lesbian couples now. Homosexuality is now treated by Hollywood as just a normal every day part of life. The "old" morality seems to be dying. We now have a new morality, but not one that I think is very wholesome or good. When TV shows, movies, have things like high school sophomores sleeping around or dressing  sexually provocatively, I think something is very wrong. It kills me, that Nazi Germany is constantly derided as a cruel and evil place. Yet, it had a moral code. People were expected to act as people, not animals in heat. I don't see this as prudery. I see having a moral code as necessary for a civilization to survive. Otherwise, you have just wild animals, without any trace of humanity. Religion aside, the Ten Commandments, are moral guidelines for a human civilization to govern itself, and maintain itself. With out prohibitions on behavior like the Ten Commandments provide, civilization would be well nigh impossible. You MUST have limits on human behavior, to keep it human. We're losing this. Nowadays its anything goes. The Jewish liberal left, says anything is OK as long as no one is physically violent. I most strongly disagree. There is wrong, and there is wrong. It shouldn't matter if someone was physically hurt. Wrong is wrong. Is burglary wrong, if no one is hurt? Our laws say yes. The Ten Commandments says yes. There HAS to be a limit to human behavior. Otherwise human society is impossible. Wanton sex, is considered bad. Even if no one is hurt, it is still considered bad. Why? Because it can spread venereal disease. Laws exist for a reason. Do away with them at your peril.
ANP is not a bunch of prudes. It pushes morality for a reason. It pushes for laws and limits on behavior, because that is the only way for a human society to function. Especially white Aryans. Our morality has been the bedrock upon which our society has flourished. We'd never have achieved  greatness, if we acted like a bunch of animals. A society is based on morality. On limits to behavior. On keeping a lid on. We are losing this. The Jew liberal left, make gradations about what is wrong and what is not. This is wrong. Right is right, no matter what. We don't need prayer in school, but we sure as hell need morals. Our kids are getting no moral training. They're growing up as wild animals. Morality has become a joke. Help ANP put things right. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help fight the terrible moral rot that is engulfing this country. We in ANP are feeling these days as if we're the only ones who care. Please lend your support, and help us turn the tide, before we lose our civilization entirely.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Bear Flag Republic

Before California became a US state, there was a brief moment when it almost became an independent nation. Right at the end of the Mexican war, a number of Californians raised a "bear flag" to indicate a new nation was born. Eventually the movement faded, and California joined the USA. Frankly, I'm very sorry they didn't become independent and go their own way. California is lost to us. White Aryans are now a minority. Hispanics, especially Mexicans now are the majority. You can see the difference, plain as day. California is now welfare land. The Hispanics live off the govt. Welfare is the order of the day. They are of a socialistic bent, and their actions show it. Everyone lives off govt generosity. No one wants to work, and pay "TAXES". Hence, we have a situation, where a few work, and support the majority. The fact that California passes bureaucratic law after law, makes no never mind to the majority. To them, its govt is simply a cash cow, to be milked. Its the age old weakness of socialism. The majority live off the minority. The majority decide what they want, and they squeeze the hard working minority to pay for it. Socialistic programs are all well and good, as long as their is a way to PAY for them. California might as well have stayed as part of Mexico. It basically is now anyway. It is majority Spanish speaking. It is majority Roman Catholic. It is majority socialist. All these are contrary to white Anglo Aryan America. Face it, California is like an independent nation within US ranks. They want socialistic programs, where govt takes care of you cradle to grave, but the hard working white Aryan community gets stuck with the check to pay for it all. Is it really any wonder that many are moving out. Moving to still white states, that don't rape the taxpayer. The reason I mention all this, is that this is a harbinger of what is to come. If Hispanics become the majority population of the USA, it will be California writ large. The working, tax paying minority, will be saddled with the tax bill, to pay for all of the semi socialist goodies that the majority want, but don't want to pay for. We white Aryans will be out voted, and stuck trying to survive in an alien land, that will tax us thru the ass. I for one, don't want my taxes going to pay for freeloaders, so they can have a literal free ride. Screw that. This is why I and others, are so against Hispanic immigration. Especially illegal. Allowing illegal immigrants to slide by, is literally signing the death warrant of white Aryan America. A nation known for its work ethic, will degenerate into the tomorrow mentality, that holds back Latin America. I am of the old school. I still believe in getting things done fast, and done right. That would change drastically under a Hispanic govt. We'd become a giant banana republic. Things done half assed, done at a snails pace.
If you don't care about what I've written about, then you better go ahead, and start studying the new language of the US, Spanish. If you do care, do something. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let us join forces, to hold back the Hispanic flood that is threatening our shores. Our rich ruling elite sees illegals as cheap labor. They only care about making money. If the Aryan race dies, they could care less. I am Aryan, and I do not want my race to die. Nor do I want it chained to a desk/workbench, forced to pay exorbitant taxes, to support worthless freeloading alien people. America is suppose to be the land of opportunity, but NOT the opportunity to live off the fat of the land, while somebody else breaks their back to support the majority.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A world based on greed

If at times it seems that the Judeo-Capitalists are running the show, its because they are. The USA was conquered by ZOG. Because of some asinine sense of guilt, because some Jews had a rough time during World War Two,( as if only they suffered), the liberals in the US kissed Jew ass for decades to "make it up" to them. Hence whatever the Jews said, went. They wanted a Capitalist world. One based on money. Instead of a world based on barter between nations, we have one where currencies are inflated, or devalued, according to some inane rules that no one really understands. The Jews understand humans. Especially their greed. Everyone wants to live well. No one wants to be poor. Our ruling elite world leadership knows this all to well. They use it. A decent standard of living is used as a weapon, to make people knuckle under. Behave, and follow orders (ZOG's dictates) or lose trade. Not being able to trade, means not being able to afford things. Goods are made unavailable. MONEY is the great weapon. It is in reality a non violent WMD. Don't do as commanded, and your nations assets are frozen. No money, means no goods. This is what our nations leaders neglect to mention. Iran's money is frozen ( in actuality a technical act of war) for opposing Israel. This prevents them from paying for goods. No goods, means the people suffer a lower standard of living. North Korea is in the same boat. They are punished for refusing to denuclearize. How can they? Can they really trust the USA? Saddam played ball, and got played. Khadafy especially got the royal screw job. He came around, and played ball. Got rid of his WMD programs. The result, he was overthrown by the West. A lot of countries do things out of fear. The West can't be trusted. In actuality, this means ZOG. The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was suppose to be a forgery. Seems only too real to me. ZOG runs the show here. Which in turn runs the world. In the final analysis, the Jews run here, and here runs the world. How is it wrong to say the world is not Jew dominated? This country bankrolls Israel. It supplies Israel. It upholds the Judeo-Capitalist money system, that has been rammed down the worlds throat. A system based on $. Where only money matters. Money gets any and all done. To the detriment of culture, and national values. A world that is screwed up, because it is based solely on greed. Uncaring, ruthless greed. A world where only the rich have value, because only those with a lot of money get to be heard. A world in thrall to money. A world enslaved by money. This, money is god ,world, is killing us. Physical pollution. Moral degeneration, and degeneracy. Is it really any wonder that this damn planet is the hell hole that it is.
ANP wants to create a new, BETTER world. One based on National Socialism. A world based on race, not money. Where people matter, not currency. Donate to ANP. Give money (necessary evil), and your time to give out lit. It is time we changed. It is time to return to having an Aryan world again, not a Jewish knock off, that is sick with the worst kind of corruption. A world based on money is a death trap. It is an illusion of prosperity, but an unseen hell. Help ANP help our people to see the truth. To see the real values at work. The evils of a money society, as opposed to the inherent goodness of a racial nation state. Money will kill us in the end. Racial awareness will save and ennoble us. Aryans need not follow Judeo-Capitalism to their death. We can break free.

Monday, October 1, 2018


This country is going to hell in a Cadillac. We have much, but only for those who have the money to pay for it. Our people, despite a rich powerful nation, are more divided then ever. There is a chasm between men and women. Man and woman are suppose to become as one. Instead, men and women are now divided as never before. I blame this on feminism. Liberals figured they'd convince women to go it alone, as being best. How is this best. It makes forming a family, well nigh impossible. Women now put career, not just ahead of family, but instead of family. Children now a days are considered, not as blessing, but just a byproduct of sex. No love of family any more.
We now have the movement for gay/lesbian rights. Same sex marriage. No chance of real family life there. Our kids are getting brainwashed, over something most of them don't understand, being so young. This all just adds to the social conflict. Militant gay/lesbianism pushing their cause in the face of the hetero community. Pushing for conflict.
Racially we've always been divided. Now its coming to a head. Blacks have gotten away with murder. Thanks to the civil rights laws, blacks get job preference. They are always the ones who benefit from special programs that just help them. They can't be touched legally. If a black acts up, the cops dare not do anything to same, lest they be accused of racism. Racism is the literal get out of jail free card for blacks. They can legally run amok. This is why we have black gangs the size of small armies. 20-30,000 members. Like the Crips and Bloods as examples.
Hispanics are becoming a major threat. Gangs are running in massive amounts of drugs from the cartels. They too are becoming armies. Our country is awash in Latin American drugs. Their illegal drug money poisons the guts out of our country. We are fighting a WAR against drugs. And losing it would seem.
The hallmark of Communism, was how it would turn part of a nation against the other part. It was eternal class conflict. Communism believes in constant struggle. Jewish liberalism is just as damaging. It comes up with the "battle" against racism/sexism and any and all discrimination. Instead, they have given groups carte blanche to do as they please. Groups that get special privileges, at the expense of others, like the white Aryans. Instead of unity, we keep getting divisiveness. We're told it is "fair", but any idiot can see it is not. Communism poisons a nation with self hate. They pick out groups to persecute, to maintain control. So do the liberals. They choose cusses to support, that end up in division. As Lincoln said, " a house divided can not stand". So it is with our nation today. Choose a side. The color of your skin should dictate who you support. We white Aryans must unite. We must have unity, at least with ourselves. Oppose the current move to divide and conquer us. Unless we stop the moves to divide, we will fall. ANP is the unity white Aryans need. It is determined to defend its race. Stop the division. Preserve the white way of life. Support ANP. With money, and with the giving of your time to give out lit. Work for unity. Stop the division. Division tactics should have ended with Stalin, but today's liberals are using them. STOP them. We must work to stay united, and defend our birthright, and existence. Unity of our race is the goal. ANP is the way.