Thursday, September 27, 2018


Our so called leaders are such hypocrites, its disgusting. They talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they are total scum. The Democrats are just an arrogant bunch of yuppies. They're all for minority rights, except let a black family move next door, and they're just as horrified as any "redneck" family would be. The Dem's only care about non whites. We white Aryans are their enemies, and they do everything to screw us. Thanks to Democrat legislation, non whites get priority in jobs, education, housing, and medical care. White Aryans get nothing in every category. The Democrats ARE the party of the non whites, solely.
The Republicans are quite simply, the party of the rich. If you haven't got money, they ignore you. Like with campaign contributions. Off them $10, and they could care less about your needs and wants. Off them $100,000, and they'll parachute in to meet your every demand. The common white Aryan is ignored, and given short shrift.
Only ANP cares about the common white Aryans needs, wants, and aspirations. National Socialism, is race based. The cause of the race is all important. The care of the race is all important. To a National Socialist, the race is all, and all for the race. Anything, and everything will be done to preserve the race. Help the race. See to it that the common white Aryans are treated with dignity and respect, not like now, where both major parties spit on us. To the major parties, we occupy a position lower then a snakes belly in a wagon rut.
Time to stand up and be counted. Counted among the great race that we white Aryans are. No matter how much our kids are told we are inferior, and no good, our basic goodness and wisdom comes thru. We are THE race on this planet. We have done to much to tame this world. Many who would have doomed to poverty, now live well thanks to white Aryan efforts. Help ANP save the race. Help it regain power. Regain respect. Donate to ANP. Money, but also time to give out lit. There is nothing dangerous about giving out lit. It merely requires dedication, and a belief in ones cause. Our rich ruling elite only care about money and power. We don't matter. Its high time, we did matter. Matter a lot. By developing a political bloc, it can become a political force. A force able to get things done. This can be done, must be done. No more holding back. A world collapsing that is built on lies is especially hard to bear. ANP can restore the truth. Eliminate the hypocrisy. Make America honest and sensible again. ANP can restore honesty and decency to this swamp of a society we currently inhabit. Join the cause. Support ANP. Get the truth finally. End the lies.

Monday, September 24, 2018

False hope

Our system works overtime, to convince us that everything is OK. That either there are no problems, or that they are very minor. It doesn't seem to occur to the average white Aryan that this may all be smoke and mirrors. When they have to work 24/7 to convince you of something, it must just not be true. Our economy hums along. Lowest unemployment in its history. 3% is phenomenal. Unheard of. Yet is it really so great. The answer is, no it isn't. The jobs are minimum wage, no benefits. Unions have all but been destroyed. Without collective bargaining, our workers are at the whim of management. Forced to take whatever they are given which is usually a pittance. Our workers throw themselves on employer mercy, which in the vast majority of cases, simply isn't there. Look at the student loan program. The TRUE cost of it, is horrendous. Our people go to college, to advance themselves by learning, only to leave college owing massive amounts of money. It takes a person basically half their working life, to pay off their student loan obligations. How is that really a good thing? The system, in reality, gives nothing. Nothing but the shaft. We common types get ye old royal screw job. Our rich ruling elite lives in the lap of luxury and power. Able to do whatever they want. In the meantime, our society slowly rots away. We have to have remedial classes in college, because our kids graduate high school unable to read. What kind of progress is that. Even if you make decent money, the cost of medical care will bleed you dry. Without a govt program to help with costs, our medical care today, though impressive, is beyond the reach of most Americans. The system doesn't work in reality.
ANP is the people's champion. It isn't just for racial justice, but also for economic justice. It wants the white Aryan people to have racial rights, but also programs that help it survive. ANP wants universal medical care. It realizes a healthy race, is a strong race. It wants the people educated. Our kids need to come out of school prepared for life. That means our schools need to be far more then just places to park kids for some amount of years  We white Aryans have rights. One should be the right to feel racial pride, not have our race constantly attacked in our schools leading to racial self hate. We need liberation from our oppressors. They talk a good game, but are venal and corrupt. They are total hypocrites. Support ANP. Donate money, donate your time to give out lit. WE need a system like National Socialism. One that takes care of us. Fully. What we definitely don't need, is to be led by a herd of jackasses, who are downright stupid. Hypocritical. Corrupt. We need a system that cares for us, not one that cares only how to part us from our money like currently. Enough of the bullshit. Let's get serious. Time to roll up our sleeves are clean house. We must support NS type candidates in elections. Gain political power, and then clean house. We can be free. We need not be an eternal underclass if we put our minds to resistance.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Respect is a very rare thing these days. Especially lacking in children and young peoples respect for their elders. Our kids these days are snotty brats. I'm appalled at how kids talk to elders these days. Even their own parents. Whatever happened to the respectful child. Like everything else in our society, Jewish liberalism has destroyed it. The Jew liberals are always harping on freedom. This means people do whatever. In this case, kids snot off to parents. Give them a rap in the mouth, and your brought up on charges of child abuse. Is it really any wonder why people no longer want kids anymore. Being able to control children has been taken away from parents, and given to the state, just like in Stalin's Russia.  Parents no longer have a say in how to raise their kids. Our white Aryan kids are taught racial self hate in schools. Our kids are taught NO manners. We are at a point, where third graders have mouths like Marine drill sergeants. Rather then human children, we now are raising animals. Children need boundaries. They crave parental/elder authority. Yet the Jew liberals insist on "freedom". Just leave them be, and let them do as they will. The fact that we are now faced with a highly dysfunctional society doesn't register with the liberal mind. It registers only too well with me. I find it appalling that our white Aryan kids talk back. Act snotty. Act disrespectful. Are lazy and selfish. Are basically worthless human beings. The Jew liberal world is based on freedom, and money. That may work for them, but its killing white Aryan civilization. No doubt on purpose, as the Jews hate Aryans. They pray for our destruction. To them we are a threat and annoyance.
ANP is determined to restore order, and sanity to our society. Children need punishment for bad behavior. To try and "reason" with a CHILD is ridiculous. Donate money. Donate your time to giving out lit. The Jew led liberals, are determined to Jewify our young. This means letting them do whatever. ANP believes in punishing wrong doing, not just talking about it. Without proper correction, what can we hope for our children to become. We're seeing it now. It will only get worse. Unless it is stopped, our kids will only continue to degenerate. We must act to preserve our civilization, our race. Our kids need discipline. Any child does. No more of this liberal permissiveness, that raises hell, rather then polite children. Help save your children. ANP is determined to stop the insanity of letting kids set the agenda. Children are just that. They must be followers, not leaders. Letting kids run the show is pure folly. Help save our young. They are the future of our race, and its future existence. It never use to be like this. It need not continue. Children need parenting and correction, NOT doing your own thing.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sinking into the mud

We are becoming inundated with mud peoples. Like the Carolinas and their floods, we white Aryans are being threatened to be overwhelmed  by non whites. They are objecting to anything they don't like, like Confederacy statues, and now, old west statues that portray Indians in a way THEY don't like. Anything not liked, is removed. Our history is under attack. I have seen so many TV shows, and movies that portray black people in Medieval England. This is patently false, but is shown anyway. If it was whites being inaccurate, heads would roll. Blacks are now saying that blacks ruled Egypt. Blacks like Cleopatra, which is false. We have her bones. Reconstruction shows her as what she was, Greek-Arab, NOT black. Now blacks are even saying Moses and other ancient Israel leaders/people were black. He was a Jew, and looked Jewish. What the hell else would you expect. Yet the inaccuracies continue. Now blacks want to blow up Stone Mountain Georgia's Confederate memorial, that is a sculpture on a hillside, like Mount Rushmore. Our white Aryan history means nothing. The truth means nothing. The facts mean nothing. Blacks and other non whites, want to rewrite history to suit themselves. They intend to make the past represent their views, and eliminate anything they find objectionable. Don't dare tell me there is no non white agenda, or plan, to eliminate the white Aryan. There sure as hell is. This is why they want to open the gates to non white immigration. Bring in enough non whites, and they'll outnumber us. Then they can alter everything thing to their liking. Everything that is an uncomfortable reminder of unpleasantness in the past, can be removed, like any and all mention of the Confederacy. Like black slavery in the US. This is censorship on the scale of Stalin's Russia. He too, changed things to suit himself. For example,  that he basically won the Russian Civil War, when he played virtually no part in it. This is Orwell's 1984 writ large. History is being rewritten to suit non white sensibilities. White Aryan feelings and beliefs are being shunted aside. Pretty soon, white Aryans themselves will be shunted aside also.
ANP is the champion of white Aryan existence. It is fighting hard, to preserve the white Aryan culture. If we fail, white Aryans will be eliminated from this country's, and world history, and non whites will be the only ones in the history books. Help us protect the truth. Unpleasant facts should be faced, not erased. ANP stands for the truth. It wants to preserve white Aryan heritage. Help it do so. Donate money. It is needed to pay for legal fees. Fighting battles in court is expensive. Donate your time to give out lit. Help preserve the white Aryan legacy. Don't let the white Aryan history be that we shoveled shit in Louisiana. We have a great and glorious past. It must be protected and fought for. Otherwise our history we be erased, and then us. We must resist, lest white Aryan life become a thing of the past, that is erased, as non whites don't like it or want to be reminded of it.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Death of the family

With a 50% divorce rate, meaning of every two marriages, one ends in divorce, family life is on the way out. Marriage and family are the bedrock of any, and every society. Without the firm foundation of family, human society degenerates into just packs of animals existing. How can we have a stable, productive, unified Aryan race, when family life doesn't exist. The answer is, we can't. This is why our enemy, ZOG, wants to destroy family. It preaches race mixing. It fills peoples heads with visons of a happy mixed race nation living the good life. Bullshit. Race mixing doesn't work. There are far too many differences between the races, for it to ever work. It preaches feminism, exhorting women to go it alone, and forgo marriage and family. It pushes same sex relationships, to prevent Aryan breeding. No children, means no one to take over and carry on. Our race will simply disappear. Numbers do matter in the racial cold war. If we outnumber them, our race stays in existence. If they outnumber us, we will be pushed onto reservations like the Native Americans, only we won't be allowed even a meagre existence like them. Our enemies want us destroyed. They don't have the numbers as yet to use force, but with enough of anti family propaganda and activity, they will eventually prevail. Our race will become powerless. Our race will fade into extinction. Remember photos of the olden days. The 1950's in this case. Youth were clean cut. Families looked happy. Now our youth look like bums. There are no longer any family portraits as family life is on the way out.
Help ANP save the day. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We need our people to overcome enemy brainwashing. We need to counter the terrible anti family propaganda that is pointed at the very heart of our Aryan race. We MUST over come our enemies and their nefarious tricks, if our race is to survive. Help us. Help stop the awful rot that has become white society. If we fail, then that's the ball game. Help ANP maintain a healthy race. One that is destined to rule, as it has. Let us avoid racial extinction. With so much at stake, how can you not help or get involved. Do you really want your kids growing up in a mud nation, where race is just one giant lump of mud, incapable of anything but the basest existence. Get off your duff and help. Get involved. It doesn't take much, but it can help greatly.

Monday, September 10, 2018

What a system.

Our current system does nothing to help us. Instead of caring for its people, it harms them, or is indifferent to their plight. Our wages are stagnant. Our jobs are outsourced. The rich and powerful get more so. Many Americans who were once middle class, have now lost their membership in that class. Our economy is stagnant. There are no decent pay jobs anymore, much less ones with benefits. Yet we continue to take it. For some unknown reason, the American people continue to accept the system slap in the face. Why? Beats me. I want freedom from this mess. I'm sick and tired of this joke of a system. I want to live as befits a white Aryan, not a slave. We're treated like human garbage, and its time we stood up and said no.
Become a supporter of National Socialism in general, and the ANP in particular. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We need a new system. One that cares for us, instead of one that screws us. One that offers free medical care. One that offers paid education. One that even offers paid vacation. We can have it. It is quite possible. We have only to free ourselves of this mess we live in. Help ANP change things. Real change, not just words or platitudes. Real honest to goodness change. A society that honors the white Aryan, instead of treating our people like human garbage. We need a new system, and we need it now. help. Become a part of the movement for National Socialism. Help ANP effect change. We are running people for public office. More we run, the more we win. The more we win, the more change we can effect. We need not be Judeo-Capitalist slaves forever. We can free ourselves. We just need unity, and determination of purpose.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our media today

Our media is determined to spread the filth of Jewish liberalism. I watched a TV show last night. It had in it quite a lot. All bad. The heroine is a lady lawyer who is mean and nasty, and uses the law as a weapon to intimidate others. She is utterly obnoxious. She obviously follows the feminist dogma of going it alone, and eschewing family/children. So right off the bat, we have the central character who is anti family. Great message huh. Also, the school where she is helping, (supposedly), the kids are highly disrespectful to adults. With shit like this on, is it any wonder our kids are little better then animals. Adults are suppose to be worthy of respect, but in the liberal Jew universe, paddling snotty kids is abusive. So these kids grow into monsters. Corrupt, greedy, above all selfish adults. To add to the mix, we have a pair of high school girls in a lesbian relationship. Is this what our kids need to see. Lesbianism not just flaunted, but at a high school age. I find this particularly appalling. Kids don't know what they want in high school, but this show is pushing the gay/lesbian agenda. Is this entertainment? More like a propaganda forum. Of course there is the now obligatory high school teens having sex. Again, sexual freedom is touted without responsibility. Is it any wonder our society is so screwed up.
ANP is battling all of the above. Morally, because it finds it reprehensible. Practically, because a society with such behavior can only go downhill. Our country is fast becoming a moral cesspool. A media espousing the above is helping this mightily. Those of the Jew liberal school tout only freedom. ANP and National Socialism tout moral decency and responsibility. people need to exercise self control. Hedonistic behavior is wrong. People need to be able to work soberly, and dedicate themselves to helping the society. Freedom without responsibility is freedom wasted. Letting people do as they want is bad enough. Encouraging bad behavior is the key to a dying society. If people don't look like humans, don't act like humans, how do you expect them to act with proper human behavior fit for a society to achieve anything. Donate money to ANP. Donate time to give out lit. If you think I am exaggerating, tune in your TV. Any programs will do as this filth permeates the air waves. Do you really want your young to watch TV and movies that are little more then soft core porn? If you've had a gut full, then join ANP. Become a supporter of decency. Help curb this tide of permissiveness, that is dragging our young down. Our race is doomed, if all it is is a bunch of ignorant slobs. Morals must be forever, not as a matter of convenience. Without morals, society dies. Look at history. Immorality destroys.

Monday, September 3, 2018


Feminism is bad. It rejects reproduction. It tells women to go it alone. To not have families. In other words, to rut like animals and fore go family life. If women feel this way, what is to become of the future? How do we have future generations without children? Hitler, and Mussolini both valued the family. They encouraged their people to have children. They knew instinctively that without a large number of people inhabiting their respective countries, they would continue to be weak and easy prey to others. Numbers DO matter. We can see it in our own society today. As white women refuse reproduction, turn their backs on family, this country is changing. Changing for the worse. The once white Aryan society, and societal norms we had are disappearing. With various other groups coming in, and outnumbering us, we are fast becoming weak and inferior. Bottom line is, we need family. We need women for families. Women are the source of reproduction. Like it or not, that's how it is. If we ignore this social imperative to reproduce, the white Aryan will soon become extinct. We need numbers in order to survive. No children, means no continuance of our race.
ANP pushes family. It knows how important, vital it is. A race that stops having children, is a race that will die. Keep in mind who wrote the book, "The Feminine Mystique". Betty Friedan, a Jewess, and Gloria Steinem, a half Jew. The Jews don't care about family. They push for people to do their "own thing". They tell women to fore go family, and just live a life of alone and pleasure. They totally ignore responsibility. We white Aryans have a responsibility to our race. To propagate it. We must turn our backs on hedonism. We must return to being what we have always been. A family oriented race. This is the message of National Socialism. Family life is good. Very good. Very necessary. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. We need to resurrect our racial strength in numbers, lest we all die out. Help ANP fight the evil doctrine of feminism. Anything that is against the family is evil, and that sure is. Help us return the white Aryan race back to basic moral and human practice. Humans need each other. That is what makes us humans. The go it alone stuff is for an animal existence. That is unacceptable, and quite unwise. We must preserve what we are, and that takes family.