Monday, July 30, 2018


National Socialism is all about duty in the final analysis. In the ECONOMIC field, It wants to ensure full employment, BUT, at a decent able to live wage. It wants respect for workers. No white Aryan worker should ever be treated like a dog. Never. Our workers deserve reward, not crap. Paid vacations should be the workers lot, not this ant colony mentality of working people to death.
National Socialism is INTELLECTUAL.. The right is often accused of being anti intellectual. Not so. National Socialism believes in the race. In past, it worked tirelessly to probe into the history of the white Aryan race. It organized many, around the world, archaeological digs, to find the truth. To delve into the past. To see what made white Aryans tick. It wanted to know. It was interested in exploring space. Rocketry got its start under Nazism. Thanks to Nazism, we now are staring to explore our own solar system.
Nazism is SOCIAL. It encouraged at every turn, the social community. The concept of a racial national state. A state that doesn't care about class. Capitalism only cares about money, and is run by the rich ruling elite. Communism is suppose to be about class, and helping the workers. In both cases the workers get treated like dirt. Workers are little more then beasts of burden. A nation that doesn't care about, and protect its people, is not long for this world. National Socialism encourages community. The sense of belonging. Of doing for something far greater then self. The racial national community, a nation state that cares for its people, and sees to their health/education/comfort.
National Socialism is a MORAL force. It may even seem prudish, but isn't that better then people running amok like animals. It upholds honor, and duty. It cares how people think and act, and talk. Do you want a nation of morally straight dedicated soldiers ready to defend home and hearth, or just a giant collection of wild dogs that tear each other to pieces. Nazism worships the family, as its the cornerstone on which the race builds. It helps the family. With real help, not just bullshit words. It has deeds.
All the above stem from the duty to ones race that Nazism promotes. A national folk community united in its determination to build and maintain, a racial state, where all work to the goal of racial self preservation. Help ANP achieve its lofty goals. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Help ANP usher in and build a new, and far better society, then the one we have now. If continue on our present course, we'll end up as just a giant pack of animals in a land of decay.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Enough of crap

There is far too much mollycoddling of non whites today. They get away with murder. I for one am fed up. How in the name of god did we ever get to this place. That blacks are just poor picked on minorities. Or even better, that Jews are just born innocent, and are saints. I have lived in black neighborhoods. I've been harassed because I am white. I found that black culture, if you can call it that, is basically primitive. There is drug and alcohol abuse, on a massive scale. Blacks are discriminated against concerning jobs, NOT because of their skin color, but because they are bad workers. They are shiftless in the extreme. Look at the violence in black communities. The largest contingent of prison populations is black. Its time to put a stop to the black and other non whites nonsense. They need to straighten up and fly right. No more poor little non white stuff. Its as plain as your nose on your face, that non whites get away with murder. In some cases literally.
ANP is THE racial champion, that is out to save the day for white Aryans. It is the only org that cares. It alone, can put things right. ANP refuses to kow tow to the non white community. Most white politicians are sell outs. Traitors to their race, only out for money. They'll happily let us all die, just so they can make an extra buck. Its time blacks were made to get jobs on merit, not skin color. Whites deserve a chance at decent pay jobs to. This system discriminates against them, very badly. Non whites get special help, like welfare. What about poor whites. They get zilch. If a white uses profanity at a non white, its a "hate" crime. If a non white uses profanity at a white, nothing is said or done. I've had it with the inequality of our society. Everything bad is laid at the whites door. Non whites are excused, and ignored. Help ANP set things right. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We white Aryans are not trained dogs, who jump thru hoops at our non whites masters command. Its time we stuck up for ourselves. Put an end to whites being pushed around, and taken advantage of. A united white Aryan front can work wonders in freeing ourselves. We need only the will to do so. Help ANP. It is the liberator of white Aryans from the yoke of non white oppression. We can be free. It is within our grasp.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Us vs them

We have become two societies in this country. One is led by and controlled by Jewish inspired liberalism. It takes the view, that nothing is wrong as long as no one is physically hurt. It has a movable morality. The other school of thought, is that there must be a right and wrong morality. It takes the view, that something is wrong, whether someone is hurt or not. In the liberal view, there are no such things as moral lessons. In the other morality, moral lessons are imperative. The liberal view is A-OK with gratuitous sex and violence in moves and on TV. The other side is categorically against it.
Which side do YOU choose? The easy morality, or the strict on. We can't have both as one cancels out the other. I feel the liberal school of moral thought is virtually non existent. Everything grey, means anything and everything goes. What is to control people. They do need control. Letting people run amok, is tantamount to suicide for a society. Look hard at ours today. People do so much, most of it bad. They don't care about their kids. They don't care about their country. They most certainly don't care about their race. So we're sinking under a moral sea of permissiveness. The other side may be hard ass, but isn't that what is really needed. Govt needs to keep people in line. Keep things under control. Keep passions controlled. WE must choose. I say choose morality. A harsh moral code, but one that we allow us to remain human, not be an animal society.
ANP is for a strict moral code. Not to show off how moral they are, but because it feels strong morals make for a strong society. ANP works tirelessly to bring our race back out of the moral swamp, and back into the racial paradise of a hard working, morally sober race, able to do anything. Look at how much damage, Jew influenced liberal morality has done. We have a society that doesn't value family thanks to liberalized divorce. We have filth on TV and in the movies, so much that it can't be a family exercise. We have a govt that is little more then a Capitalist lick spittle. Bad language is now commonplace. Nothing is held sacred, or treated with respect. ANP is fighting all this. Help it. Donate your money. Donate your time to give out lit. The moral underpinnings of this nation have been compromised. Help ANP restore them. A firm moral underpinning will help establish the racial nation state as just that, a nation, not a pack of wild animals.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The US many sins

Our country, and especially its ZOG govt are guilty of many offense. Rather then the govt of a nation, our current system is simply legalized gang rule. Pay close attention to the following. Se what you think. If at the end of this litany of evil, perhaps you'll be in a mood to do something about it.
1 Our govt is engaged in unjust wars. We're fighting against Islam, whose only real sin, is that is opposes Jewish evil doing. Our ZOG govt wants you to think Israel is a land of saints. Far from it. The Jews are determined to run off or exterminate the Palestinian Arabs. Since this is an inter Semitic affair, why are we involved. Our ZOG govt wants us to fight for their Israel masters. I do not appreciate being a puppet of others, especially when it gets us into a conflict we shouldn't be involved in.
2 Our society is riddled with violence and corruption. The Jew liberal line of more freedom, always more freedom, opens the door to abuse. People do whatever the hell they want. Is it any wonder that ours is such a sick society. Especially when our nations model now, is "everyone for themselves".
3 Our society is one of moral decay. Nothing is ever wrong anymore. This is Jewish liberalism at its worst. Instead of morals, our society has consumerism. That's all people concern themselves with. What society can ever hope to survive with no one caring about anything but themselves.
4 Our society is more divided now then at the time of the American Civil War. We are in constant discord. This is because the Jews pushed the liberal line, at the exclusion of everything else. With no outlet, the people's anger built up. Now its burst its seams, and all we have for politics in this country is rancor.
5 Foreign money does corrupt our politics, but it isn't Russia that is the problem. We have Jew money from Israel, keeping the US firmly at the side of Israel, being their muscle. We have Arab oil money corrupting our politics for decades. Who knows how much money has passed hands from China, and the EU to influence trade policies. Our politicians are always up for sale. All nations know this, and do their best to take advantage.
If you are sickened by the above, good. Lets do something about it. Let us usher in a National Socialist govt. It can save the day, and turn things right. National Socialism emphasizes the race above all. A society/govt that puts race above money can't help but have a far better society. Donate to ANP. Help it in its struggle to right all the wrongs in our society. Donate money, donate your time, to give out lit. We white Aryans must unite, and become one people, one mind. Otherwise our society will continue to deteriorate, and we white Aryans will become a minority, in a sea of corruption and mud peoples who don't give a shit about anything but their very narrow interests. We must become the loyal brave warriors our ancestors were, once again. Aryan America can rise again, we have only to work toward that goal.  Our children, and children's children deserve a future, but one morally clean. Not a degenerate morass.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A world of drug addicts

One of the biggest gifts of Judeo-Capitalism to the world is the rampant drug abuse now found worldwide. Ours is now a world of drug addicts. Nation, race, class, sex, no longer matter. Nothing matters to drug addicts except drugs. Every where you look, there is some kind of drug problem. In the US, there is drug abuse, plus criminal drug cartels (organized crime) that work tirelessly to smuggle drugs into this country. We have severe punishment, but the "profits" are just too great to be resisted. Europe also has a use problem. It was used as a smuggling base for awhile, remember the "French connection"? Now it mostly has a massive abuse problem. In both the US, and Europe, we now have addicted segments of the population that number many, like the size of small armies. Central and South America have become "narco states". Drug cartels run the various countries. The authorities are bribed to mind their own business. I find this truly horrifying. Nations that are now little more then giant drug warehouses, and drug labs. All aimed at importing drugs into the US. Even long suffering Iraq, now has a drug problem. I am very discouraged by this development. Islam, being so severe, seemed best placed to resist illegal drugs. Iraq now has an abuse problem, which is serviced by budding drug gangs, which will no doubt become cartels like in the Americas.
People are turning to drugs out of a lack of hope. The old "escape reality" cliché. They are so stressed out, they self medicate. They have no hope in the real world, so they escape into a drug addled fantasy world. Those who supply are pure hard headed Capitalists. They want the fabulous wealth that is available to dealers. Why work a minimum wage job, with no benefits, when you can make a ton of money in a month. These drug kingpins, live like kings. Even thought there is the risk of death or prison, there is no shortage of people eager to sell drugs for great reward. This is all Capitalism. This is our Capitalist world. Make money. Even if its illegal.
ANP has no easy, quick solution to the drug problem. It is determined to fight, and lift this scourge from the world. It pushes Nazism as a philosophy of life. Real life, not drug fantasy. It feels that if people are steered in the right direction, progress can be made. That means stressing race, not money as the basis of life. A society that is dedicated to the care of the race, will be if not immune, then much less vulnerable to drug abuse. ANP gives people hope. It gives people a stable platform to live by. It guides for the good of the racial state. It opposes, making money over the bodies of fellow members of the racial state. Donate to ANP. Help it fight the scourge of drug abuse. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP orient our people to another, better way to live. Capitalism just stresses profit above all else, even if its your own society that is hurt. Nazism stresses that race is all, and anything against the race must be resisted at all cost. With a National Socialist orientation, our world can resist and overcome drug abuse.  Either we get control over this problem, or our world becomes a giant drug lab. Sci fi shows/movies show us winging our way thru the galaxy. They neglect to mention that we'll be high junkies doing it. Avoid the drug future. Help ANP turn the country around, and Bring it off its illegal drug high.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

NO free rides

This country has become nothing but a giant international goody shop, where counties and people take terrible advantage. We give away the store, then we wonder why we have no money. Internationally, our so called allies spend virtually nothing on defense. They let the US shoulder the costs of defense. This way, Europe and Japan can afford cushy welfare states that pay for everything, especially medical care, from cradle to grave. Its high time they paid their fair share. No more freeloading off the US. Same with our non white minorities in this country. Blacks and Hispanics need to work. Welfare was suppose to be only a temporary arrangement to help people in between jobs. It was NOT meant to be a way of life. I have seen it with my own eyes, when I went to homes on jobs, young black girl with a couple of kids, no man around, just laying on the couch watching TV, with no job, and not looking, because she's on welfare. With this freeloader stuff going on, is it any wonder that our national debt is 17 trillion and counting. The national debt is ignored at our peril. It is money we OWE. If our debts get called in, the economic dislocation would be enormous. The American people just worry about the money they have in their pockets. That is very short sighted thinking. We need to think about the big picture, and the long term.
ANP is determined to bring order out of chaos. In power, it would crack the whip, and make our freeloader allies pay up, or get out of NATO. The era of coasting by would be over. Same domestically. No more welfare queens. Welfare would go back to being a program of temporary help, not a non white entitlement. WE need to get back to the old way of everyone pulling his weight. No more freebies or giveaways. The US needs to stop being Uncle Sucker. ANP would put things to right. The current system is a joke. The major parties just care about making money and getting into office. ANP worries about the other side of the coin what to do once in. ANP can and will right the many wrongs we suffer from now. It needs only a chance. That's why it seeks office. The real place of power, NOT the streets. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time. Support a group determined to make America a nation again, rather then the current international joke it is now. Things can change. We need only support the right group to do so. ANP is THE group to support, to bring righteous change to a morally bankrupt nation and society.

Monday, July 9, 2018


A minimum wage worker in the US needs to work two and a half full time jobs, to be able to afford a 1 bedroom apartment. The national hourly wage is $17.90 an hour. The current minimum wage, is $7.25 an hour. There is quite a discrepancy between national wage, and minimum wage. In the end, it all goes down the toilet, as jobs have been allowed to leave US shores, to be planted in China. Our greedy rulers, have given away the store. Everything is sent to China. Nothing is left for us American workers, except minimum wage, no benefit jobs. How the hell are American workers suppose to make ends meet. The brutal fact is they can't. Our system penalizes the less then rich. Our workers carry the cross of struggling from paycheck to paycheck. All the while our rich Capitalists make out like bandits. ANP is a force dedicated to the liberation of workers. To free our people from debt bondage, and interest slavery. ANP seeks social justice, as well as racial justice. For too long now, our white Aryan people have been taken advantage of, and pushed around. ANP is a force for good. For GOOD. Enemy propaganda puts down Nazism as evil. Where in lies the true evil. With ANP who fights doggedly for white Aryan rights, and welfare, or with the greedy, and ruthless Capitalists who take advantage at every turn.
Donate to ANP. Help it with the struggle. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Take a part in this titanic struggle where the fate of the white Aryan race hangs in the balance. Unless we prevail, we will die as a race. Unless we unite, and face the enemy, we will be condemned to an existence of misery and poverty. White Aryans have been treated like dogs for 60+ decades. Enough is enough. We are now at a crossroads. Either we resist, or we become a permanent slave underclass. Help with fighting for your freedom. We workers have been abused and taken advantage long enough. Time to strike blows for our freedom. We must contest elections, and win political office. Success will feed on itself. We can eventually take power, and reverse all the wrongs we have suffered. All it takes is the will to do something. The dedication. The determination. Help save your race. Help recover your worker dignity. Help!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The formula

There is a formula by which we live. It is in reality very bad for us. It brings ruin and suffering. It is:
CAPITALISM=GLOBALIZATION=LAWLESSNESS. We ordinary workers were sold a bill of goods, that Capitalism is the way to go, in order to have a happy life thru trade. Trade not just in our region, but globally. We'd get cheaper prices, and access to all sorts of exotic goods we wouldn't ordinarily see. We were told that trade will bring the world together, and we'd all just be happy, and well off. What a bunch of bullshit. Capitalism has continued to be THE economic system of the world. Other systems were tried, Fascism/Nazism/Communism, but they were all destroyed. Only Capitalism is left standing. A system based on GREED. It it really any wonder that there is so much poverty, and inequality in the world. Capitalism pushed Globalization as the way for everyone to get a piece of the pie. Yeah right. Our jobs went to China. They benefited. The Chinese undercut Western prices. Thing is, yeah you can get goods cheaper, but with no jobs, how the hell do you afford anything? Our decent paying jobs went overseas, or down to Mexico. Now all we have left are minimum wage/no benefit jobs. This is the Capitalist/Globalization lawlessness I talked about. The Capitalist only want to make money. They don't care how. They don't care how many lose out. Globalization has just made sure that the misery of Capitalism gets sent worldwide. Traditional economies and societies, are forced to change. Forced to become what they hate. Capitalism brooks no interference, or resistance. The Capitalists want to change the world into their own cookie cutter image of a pliant workforce. Workers working for next to nothing. A pseudo slave labor force. Capitalism corrupts. Big time. It poisons politics. People sell out when offered big enough bribes. The Capitalists buy off the law. They get away with it. They break the law, and when caught, buy off the system. Laws get broken massively, but money talks, and our Capitalists get away with it. With globalization, this corruption from money, is now a worldwide phenomenon. Far too many have sold their souls. Its basically anything goes, as long as there is money for pay offs.
ANP is determined to end this cycle of corruption and degradation. Societies shouldn't become giant slave plantations, just so some rich assholes make plenty of money, and screw the other guy. Help ANP right the wrongs of our society. Donate to it. Money, but also time to give out lit. We've got to change minds. Show our people that our system is garbage. Show them that Capitalism just brings trouble and misery. If we don't change course, we are doomed. Doomed to being a world of the rich few, and poor many. Help ANP change things. It can be done. Electoral victories can grow into major political victories. Trump was given no chance, yet he came from behind and won. A Democratic Socialist upset a major Democratic candidate. Upsets can be done. Change is possible. Miracles can happen. We can make them ourselves.

Monday, July 2, 2018

What is Nazism

Now seems a good time to explain National Socialism (Nazism). It is not the bug a boo it has been painted by its enemies. It stands for aggressive nationalism. In that it won't let others (nations, races) walk all over it. It believes in standing up for itself. Do YOU really want a govt that lets itself be bullied and hoodwinked like our current one does? It may have a hostile foreign policy, but only to those who take advantage. A Nazi govt won't let itself be bullied or tricked, or taken advantage of. Israel gets away with murder. It gets massive help by claiming its an innocent victim. Yet said innocent Has nuclear weapons and guns down and blows up Arabs at will. Nazism is racist. Just what is wrong with being proud of your race, and refusing to let it be dragged thru the mud. National Socialism usually, but not always has a touch of political and cultural conservatism. Make no mistake. It is a revolutionary creed. It wants change. Big time. It wants a better deal for the white Aryan race. We whites have had to eat blacks shit for 60+ years. Time to stop. Nazism is patriotic. It loves the land. If one loves the land, doesn't that mean one loves country. A Nazi govt would have militant nationalism, but that just means, it sticks up for its rights, not lays down and dies on command. The ANP is determined and dedicated to defeating the insidious elements within our society that intend to destroy it from within
Nazism is uplifting. It puts the race first and foremost. No racial self hate here. It intends to revive the economy. Our current economy is a sham. It is totally unequal. Workers are suffering from low, stagnant wages. History is on the side of Nazism. Look all over the world, Nazi, or Nazi type groups are in the ascendancy. Nazism offers jobs, but more. It makes work a subject of dignity, not humiliation. Our workers would get 2 weeks paid vacation, at govt expense. Can you imagine our current Capitalist govt doing anything for us workers, much less that.
Donate to ANP. Your money, and your time to give out lit. Help the party of the white worker. Our time is now. We can still head off a calamity if we work together now. If we sit on our hands, Hispanics will flood in and take everything. There is a move a foot to make Puerto Rico the 51st state. Just what we don't need, more welfare loafing spics in our midst. Does anyone with half a brain really think they'll treat us Anglos kindly. I sure don't. Our people seem to finally become racially aware. Let's keep up the momentum. ANP follows Nazism. It is the doctrine that can/will save our racial lives. Help ANP. Help it free our kids from racial self hate. Our kids are where we're vulnerable. Our enemies want to brainwash our kids to hate themselves. To be ZOG drones. ANP won't let that happen. Help it. Accept the Nazi doctrines. They spell survival for the white race.