Thursday, June 28, 2018

The great mistake

Creating a Jewish state is THE biggest mistake of the 20th century. Israel is SUPPOSE to be a haven for persecuted Jews. Instead it has become an arrogant conqueror. It is solely concerned with Jews, and no others. This is understandable. However, they act more like genocidal butchers, then people defending themselves. Israel is fast becoming, if not already, a fanatic state. Like Iran with being and Islamic republic, Israel is a Jewish republic. Just as fanatic, and murderous. You cannot tell me there is a reason to shoot unarmed protesters. If they're unarm3ed, how are they a threat. We've had 60+ years of the Jew as victim. Yet all I see is the Jew as slave master, over a captive Arab slave force. I am sick and tired of the pro Jew propaganda we get. Day in, and day out, all we hear about is the Jew as victim. Enough is enough. It is NOT anti Semitic, to call Israel on gunning down unarmed Arabs. It is only right and proper that evil be condemned. Giving the Jews a state has made them masters of the Middle East, and they rule with an iron hand. They threaten their neighbors with nuclear weapons. They bomb innocent civilians. The Jewish state is running amok. It isn't right to claim persecution, then turn into what you have been decrying.
ANP refuses to kow tow to Israel and help it persecute the Arabs. It will never help the Jews commit atrocities. ANP wants to replace the Israeli stooges which is ZOG. It wants our govt to have clean hands. Be a force for justice, not help a nation enslave another. Israel's creation was a mistake, but we need not be a party to it. ANP would cut off aid. Save lives as best as it can. Put an end to the arrogance and murderesses. Donate money to ANP, to help it resist the state terrorism of Israel. Donate your time to give out lit, to confront and defeat ZOG. We need to clean out the corruption in order to regain our nation's honor and soul. We can't save the world, but we need not help destroy it either. ANP is a moral force. The last in American politics. Help it. Support it. Make America moral again. Oppose helping Israel do evil. We have no business being their allies, and partners in crime.

Monday, June 25, 2018

A free ride

The BLACK mayor of Stockton Cal is offering no strings attached handouts to people. People "in need" get $500 a month. This for a cash strapped city. As I've said before, non whites think of a treasury, as a piggy bank. To take out money as they please. This is not just mindless hater racism. It is fully true. This is just one case of non whites spending someone else's money, as in whitey. This country has a 17 trillion dollar deficit. Yet non whites want reparations for slavery. Non whites, like this mayor, want to just give our handouts to anyone who is non white and short on cash. Whites get to foot the bill. Stockton is predominately black. Blacks in this country have been told by liberal whites, that they deserve a free ride, to make up for Negro slavery. I say BULLSHIT! We whites, have no extra money. Most of us are just getting by. Plus. Why should non whites get a free ride. So they took it on the chin in the past. Who hasn't. There is a long line of groups who have suffered. Nobody is offering them cash. Like the Irish who came here. They were severely discriminated against, but no one is asking for reparations for them. No, our non whites have been told they deserve recompense. Even as our country suffers under massive debt. Do you deserve a free ride white Aryan? Well you ain't getting it. Non whites are being portrayed as helpless victims, and liberal want to shower money on them. What about white victims of black slave rebellions. Don't they deserve reparations for having relations killed. What about white victims of black on white crime. No one is talking about reparations for them. Its just poor little darkie. Blacks want a free ride. They want reparations. Even if it breaks the financial back of this country.
Folks, I am fed up. This constant movement to mollycoddle the non whites of this country makes me very angry. I am sick of it. Blacks had it rough. Tough shit. Grow up. Deal with it. This scheme to rob white Peter, to pay black Paul is totally insane. Our people are suffering enough as it is. Most jobs are minimum wage, with no benefits. Our people live paycheck to paycheck. Yet Jewish liberal led/inspired whites keep pushing for reparations for slavery, and other goodie programs for non whites. Needless to say, the non whites would love reparations and other handouts. Why work, when you can get sucker whites to pay your way. Haven't we seen enough abuse of programs in this country, like supposedly poor non whites using Food Stamps to buy steak, while whites can barely scrape by. Its time for the nonsense to end. ANP is determined to bring sanity back to US govt. No more give away the store programs, just because people are non white. Its time everyone pulled their own weight. With a 3% unemployment rate, there is no reason for non whites to get handouts, when they can get jobs. Our country can't afford any more giveaways, nor morally should these people just skate by, while hard working white Aryans struggle to survive. It is time for white Aryan freedom. Donate money to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit to ANP. Help whites gain justice. Enough of programs helping non whites to sit back and enjoy life, on the backs of the white Aryan community.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Our major parties

Our two party system stinks to high heaven. I am convinced if we had an official church, it would be the Church of Satan. Our system is utterly depraved. The Republicans are the party of the RICH. All they care about is getting rich folks tax deductions, that let them pay nothing, or next to nothing. The Democrats are, well I just don't know what the hell they are, or what they stand for. They are simpering. So much whining is truly unbecoming. They don't have an ideology. They are suppose to be pragmatic, but they always seem to be pie in the sky. They are ready to make a deal, just like the Republicans. Our political parties are based on race. To the detriment of the white Aryan population. The Republicans talk white, but their color of interest is the green of money. The Dems are the party of non whites. As long as your not white, they love you. Republicans always want to kick ass. Dems always want to kiss non white ass. Neither party has any coherence any more. They are rather incoherent. There is no clear cut message any more. They just make deals to cut campaign contributions, and the hell with everything else. Especially we white Aryans. We're just garbage to them both. Both parties use, and abuse us. The poor dumb electorate are constantly played for fools. It is sad. Sad that we white Aryans continue to put up with the bullshit. That we let ourselves be bullied, and hoodwinked. Is it really any wonder that white America is in a mess. It can be fixed, but it requires gumption to do so. Something in short supply these days.
ANP is determined to turn this system on its head. Win office, and make needed changes and reforms. To stop white Aryans from letting themselves be abused. We have gone from the preeminent warrior race, to a troop of clowns led by fools. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help it win the war for existence, that is now overtaking white America. How long will white Aryans survive in an Hispanic US? I doubt very long. This is what we face. Yet we continue to support the parties, that are sitting back watching, and letting it happen. Support ANP. It is the party of the white Aryan. The party of the future. The only party that offers any hope to white Aryan America. Help. Get involved. SAVE yourself, and your family. We can win, we only have to find the will to do so.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The way to do it.

Austria has cut benefits for non German speaking foreign refugees. What does this mean. It means that foreigners shouldn't get the benefits and Austrian CITIZEN gets. That is the big mistake we make here. People get the benefits of citizenship, without having to be citizens. WTH Why be a citizen, when it does nothing for you. You get everything handed to you, whether you take a citizenship test or not. That is not logical, nor is it smart. You make it irrelevant if your a citizen or not. Citizenship shouldn't be irrelevant. It should be treated as a major factor in one's life. white liberal like to give away the store, to any who come knocking, without requiring anything in return. That is crazy. The language of Austria is German. If people come knocking at your door not speaking it, or not caring to learn, they are obviously going to create their own alien community. A nation within a nation. That is ALWAYS a bad thing, as shown thru history. This is why Nazism opposed the Jews. They formed a state within the state. This is why European countries oppose letting refugees in. If you don't care about the norms of a country, you don't belong there. This is where the US fails so spectacularly. We let in Hispanics who don't give a damn about this country. They refuse to learn English. They have no caring about the norms and practice of being an American. They are out to crate a nation within a nation. They are a nest of aliens in our nation's bosom. They want to convert Anglo American to their Hispanic ways, rather then learn their supposedly adopted countries ways. Hey, if you don't want to learn our ways, then keep walking, there is no place for you here. In the Roman Empire, citizenship meant something, so people were willing, and even eager to work to acquire it. It meant getting certain rights and privileges. It meant something, so people worked their asses off to be able to say they were a citizen of Rome. Not so here. We let these aliens in, and let them do their own thing. Citizenship means nothing. They do as they please. This is the surest road to disaster. We guarantee our own destruction if we continue on this path. We'll end up two societies, with the Hispanic one swallowing up our white Aryan one. Let us make these people earn their keep. Make them work to become citizens. Make them show that they care about this country. If not, keep walking. Let us not allow another semi underground society to form, that will be a threat to ours. A threat of overrunning us, and taking away our white Aryan identity. Citizenship is only a right for those born in a nation. Immigrants must prove their worth and commitment. Otherwise citizenship becomes meaningless. Your nation becomes a joke.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

No way

I am against reparations for slavery. I am not alone in feeling this way. In a recent poll, 68% of whites were against giving anything whatsoever as reparations for Negro slavery. Contrary to non white opinion, whites are NOT made of money, and should not be used for same. Whites Aryans are a race of human beings, not ATM machines. Yeah, blacks were slaves. So what. Big deal. In the 1840's, Irish came to this country, and were openly discriminated against. Shops openly had signs, "No Irish Need Apply". No Supreme Court decision was made about that. It went on, till the Irish got into politics, and got power by being elected to office. (The same tactics ANP is currently employing) and changed attitudes. Blacks aren't the only ones to have suffered. So why single them out. Europe has known slavery and serfdom for thousands of years. Should we give the Southwest back to Mexico to make up for the Mexican war? Should we give the country back to the Indians to make up for our ancestors taking it? Everywhere on planet earth, some group has gotten its ass kicked by some other group at some time, some where. Blacks are no exception. Neither are they the only case, or only important group to do so. So let's not single them out for special treatment, especially as they are ordering us to do so. We are free people are we not. We white Aryans don't take well to having orders barked at us. If your group has had trouble in the past, tough shit. Deal with it. What's past, is past. Only the future should be important, not the past. Besides, even if we whites lost our minds and agreed to pay, how could we? Our country has a 17 trillion dollar deficit. White Aryan working class wages are stagnant. People are living paycheck to paycheck. There is literally no money left over for bullshit like reparations for slavery. There is an old saying "You can't get blood out of a turnip". So it is with white finances. There just isn't the money. Nor is there any morally compelling reason, as all groups on this planet have suffered at the hands of other groups. Non whites just don't get it, that govt money IS a finite resource, and that there are limits. To non whites, this thanks to Jew liberal whites, they think that govt money is limitless.
ANP is a defender of whites against just this kind of bullshit. It wants white Aryan issues addressed, not unreasonable black demands. ANP is determined to protect white Aryan rights. It will not let the white Aryans of this country be bullied, or bamboozled by idiot Jew led white liberals, and fast talking non whites. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. As with the Irish immigrants to the US in 1840, we can run for office, get elected to same, and change things to the way they should be. They sure as hell not going to let white Aryans be held up by black banditry as in reparations for slavery. That's like me saying I should get reparations for having a bad day at work. Bad things happen in this world. Get use to it. We whites need to unite, get our heads out of our asses, and get into the saddle of power. No more screwing around. If we don't, we'll be paying reparations for slavery, and god only knows what other bullshit our racial enemies can think up.

Monday, June 11, 2018

What we need.

This country, if it is to survive as a white nation, must regain what it has lost. Self confidence, and cultural cohesion. In other words, we must start acting as one again. Unity of purpose. There is nothing harder to beat.
Our country needs to have SELF CONFIDENCE again. The liberal neo left Jew media has attacked our society for so long, so much, our people have forgotten their way. Forgotten their identity. We need to rebuild white pride. I do NOT mean that silly slogan, "white power". Whites will have no power, even existence, if they don't get their racial pride back. Our forefathers did things out of conviction. Out of a determination that they were right. Even if wrong, a society NEEDS to think it is right, in order for everyone to be on board and supportive. Our ancestors never questioned their every move. Why do we now? Far too much Jew liberal leftist bullshit, knocking white Aryans down. We white Aryans need to start looking up again, not down.
CULTURAL COHESION, is vital to a society. Without common values, how can anything get done. That is the great weakness of our country today. Multi culturalism. We need unity. Imagine a committee where everyone speaks their own language. Not going to get much done would it. Like the UN. All talk, but no way to unite and move forward. So it is with this country. Our people are too divided. A house divided cannot stand. So it is with our country. There is too much, way too much, diversity. It prevents the forming of core central policies. Too many opinions. Not enough agreement. It ends up too much arguing, no agreeing. No agreement, means no common action, which means stagnation.
Friends. The ANP is devoted to National Socialism. It is more then an ideology, or philosophy. It is a way of life. In its most simple terms, it means uniting white Aryan racial America behind common accepted views/practices. ANP is trying to put the Humpty Dumpty of white Aryan racial identity and cultural unity back together. We want/need white racial pride once again. We need to decide what benefits the race, and act on same. We need to re-connect with our Aryan ancestors once again. We should have racial pride taught in schools once again, not Aryan shame. We need to focus on pro white policies, not continue with neo Communist leftist liberal Jew policies, that harm our race and our country. We need to become Aryans again. That is what ANP is ultimately trying to achieve. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP regain our racial self confidence. Help ANP rebuild cultural cohesion, so that the US resembles a white nation again, instead of a chaotic mongrel hoard as it is now.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The wrong path.

The movement is on the wrong path. no surprise since its led by imbeciles. A hell of a lot of so called "leaders", are really stupid. Have no understanding of real National Socialism. National Socialist Germany was not, repeat NOT, brought into being by the stormtroopers battling on the streets. Nor was it brought in on a wave of anti Semitism. It was brought into being because it offered the German people something. Namely hope. As throughout history, it is not power, but knowledge that has helped states come into being, and remain in place. Power is a fleeting resource. It can wane. If one is powerful, then becomes weak, all hell breaks loose. Nazi Germany had the best military on the planet, in 1939. Yet it collapsed in defeat in 1945. Power can only do so much. Knowledge offers far more. It enables. It helps with expansion. Hitler offered his people jobs and dignity. Even more, he delivered. He achieved. Not because of sheer power, but because he had men with him who were educated, and willing to THINK outside the box. Emphasis on the word think. My point is this. Leaders who talk tough, who talk of street battles, are usually just talk. No muscle. They get their 15 minutes of fame, and slink away. The leaders with a real program are the ones to follow. It is not by street theatre, that Nazism will achieve. It is by gaining the TRUST/RESPECT/LOYALTY of the voters. That means cooling our jets with fire brand rhetoric. It means running for office. Getting power gradually. Power is NOT to be seized, but gradually gained. It means running elections. Winning, then moving on up the ladder, till we our in control, and running the show. Our leaders need to learn from history. There is a vital saying. "Those who do not learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it". Hitler did NOT win power on the streets. He was given it, because he was seen as the only person who knew what he wanted to do, and how to do it. He didn't have his head up his ass like so many movement personalities do. Anyone who wants to lead in this movement, needs to understand history. The real history, not wishful thinking. It is because we want it to be, isn't going to cut it.
ANP is determined to win, but smart. No street hijinks. Not until we are ready. No, instead it intends to win at the ballot box, not the street. It is running candidates for office. Slowly but surely building a political base from which to draw, and grow. Donate to ANP. Money, but also your time. Help give out lit. Get the word out. Our people have been brainwashed by Jew liberalism. We must cleanse their minds of Jew filth. Our people must be brought back to white Aryan values. Made to think like white Aryans again. Help ANP return us to yesteryear. When white Aryans acted as same. We are fighting a clever enemy, so we must be clever to, if we are to win and be free once again, and not be ZOG stooges anymore.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Salaries and wages.

The income gap in this country is truly horrifying. CEO's make HUGE sums, while ordinary workers are kept at low wages. Its like slavery has made a comeback. At Walmart, the average median salary is approx. $20,000.00. It would take 1000 years for a Walmart wage worker to make what the CEO earns. The Walmart CEO makes 22 million a year. At Live Nation stores, the median income for workers is approx. $24,000.00. It would take a worker 2,893 years to equal what the CEO makes. Namely 70 million. Over at Time Warner, the median income is around $75,000. It would take a worker 651 years to make what the CEO makes which is 49 million a year. Not only are wages way behind, but thanks to outsourcing there aren't even jobs for people to get, period. This state of affairs is horrible. Even more, it should never even be. Our workers are treated like crap. Is it any wonder there is so much class animosity, even warfare in this world. Do YOU want to live/work in these conditions? Is this the "Great Society"?  Our country has massive inequality. It treats workers like slaves. Worse then slaves. Marx preached class war because of such glaring inequality. He wrote his book in 1847. Shouldn't we have leaned by now. Workers should lose their chains, not be bound ever more tightly.
ANP preaches National Socialism. Its not just about race, but also social standing. Workers being treated with dignity. Being treated like they matter. NS is about workers getting good treatment. Being able to look themselves in the face, and have a sense of self worth. Today's Capitalist society robs workers of everything. Dignity, social standing, the ability to make a decent living. This is why white Aryans need to support ANP. It brings freedom and dignity. It makes working for a living something honorable, not just slavery disguised. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Help white Aryans workers get good treatment. Be treated fairly. ANP wants a society of workers, who are happy at work. Not treated like mindless dumb animals. ANP is trying to help people run for office. Get people into leadership, who will lead us to a better life. Fairness is needed. Our workers need to be taken care of. NS Germany paid for workers vacations. That's how much they valued the working person. Let us free ourselves. Let us bring fairness, and dignity to our white Aryan working people. Our rich ruling elite wants a society of peons. That's why they want immigration. Let us fight for our white Aryan worker rights. Aryans should be treated as workers, not draft animals.