Thursday, May 31, 2018

Spoiled children

Our country is slipping. Especially our white Aryan kids. They are becoming too spoiled. Our kids just don't have the gusto of old. All they do anymore is sit at their desks and play video games. No exercise. Limited mental stimulation. Look back at the Hitler Youth. Kids were encouraged to show toughness and self reliance. Kids went out on hikes. Learned woodcraft, like tracking and finding food in the forest. They were taught swimming. Boys were taught boxing, so they knew how to defend themselves. Now our kids have it too easy. All thru history, it has been shown, that peace plus plenty leads to males being effeminate, which in turn, means being conquered. No better example was Imperial China. It grew rich. Its people prosperous. Then its people would lose their ability to fight to defend themselves. Time and again, they would be invaded by the Mongols, and the Manchus. The Chinese would be weak, the invaders strong. The Chinese counted on their enemies eventually being absorbed into Chinese culture. Here in the US, we definitely can't count on that. More likely we white Aryans will be absorbed by the Black/Hispanic/Arab alliance, as they have kids, and white Aryan women now reject reproduction. Our kids can't be counted on to do anything anymore. Granted, much time has passed between Nazi Germany, and today, but the basic premise is still valid. Our kids need to toughen up, and smarten up. If we don't get our kids in shape, we white Aryans will lose everything. Our future generations will continue their slide downhill, and like China of old, become helpless, and ripe for overthrow, and enslavement. Even worse, our race could vanish. Become extinct. Think about it. Our women have been brainwashed by feminism to reject reproduction. Our people are told same sex couples are OK. Our kids are taught racial self hate in school. Add in a spoiled brat lifestyle, and is it any wonder the plight of the white Aryans is getting precarious.
ANP is trying to breathe life back into the white Aryan cause in general, and white Aryan youth in particular. It wants to re-shape our youth into the strong reliant types of yesteryear. Our race needs to be molded. Made strong. Made able to handle any crisis that comes along. Only a strong, racially oriented educational curriculum can do that. Only positive racial encouragement can do that. Our kids need to be made, once again, sound of mind, and body. Help ANP restore our race. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. ANP isn't looking to bring back the good old days. Its trying to bring our people back from the edge of a cliff, and help them survive. Unless we white Aryans get our act together, we are lost. Doomed to extinction, thru assimilation of our race, by the non whites. You can see it on TV and the movies, every day. They constantly push race mixing. I say no. I say we need to support, and attain racial identity and strength, and save our race, from oblivion. Help ANP. Help our race survive. Help our race attain the strength it once had, and needs again. So much is at stake, we dare not fail.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Birth rate

The US birth rate is going down.  people are choosing not to have kids. There are many reasons for this. Same sex couples, people preferring celibacy or being alone. For couples who want kids, it has become just too damn expensive to raise kids anymore. Our people want the comforts of the American middle class lifestyle. This means they have a choice. Have kids, or not. Use to be, children were considered a blessing. Now they are merely the byproduct of sex. People would much rather spend money on pleasure then raise a family. Sacrifice is no longer in vogue. As much as their enemies condemn them, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany encouraged having children. Both govts gave financial help to families. In Germany, there was a special award for mothers. Mothers of 5 or more children got an actual medal. The much maligned SS had Lebensborn homes, which were birthing centers for women, married or not, to have children in comfort and safety. What does our govt do now. Nothing. The child tax deduction is constantly lowered. Our govt cancels programs that smack even the slightest of social welfare. The so called "evil" Fascists and Nazis were far more family friendly then our govt has ever been. They cared. Our Judeo-Capitalist govt doesn't, and never will. Our liberal left govt is anti family. This is because Jews would rather make money then have kids. Look at Israel. Its birth rate is low, even though they need every Jew baby they can get. This by the way is why South Africa and Rhodesia failed as white ruled nations. They were grossly outnumbered by the black Africans. So to here. Hispanics and Arab Muslims believe in having large families. Whites don't. Soon we'll be outnumbered. ZOG wants a non white populace as easier to control. They want white Aryans to disappear. Unfortunately, our people are doing just that.
Friends. We MUST go back to the basics. Go back to having families, and family life once again. Unless we do, white Aryans will become extinct in the USA. ANP stands for family. In power, it would give medals to mothers, honoring them. Even more, it would give financial help, to struggling families. Having children should be a pleasure, not a hardship, or an annoyance. Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Our people must be made to understand, that ANP will help them have and rear children. ANP is pro child. If our people keep on their selfish, narrow path, white Aryan families will be a thing of the past. ANP wants to save Aryan family life. Help it do so. Our people have become corrupted by Judeo-Capitalism. They need to return to the basics which is what ANP will help them do. How in the hell did we get to this, where children are unwanted. Our media is too Jew liberal controlled, and it wants our people to be like the Jews, and be anti family. Except for Orthodox, Jews don't have many or any children. Too selfish. Are we Aryans to follow suit. I hope not. Help ANP bring Aryandom back to its core value set once again. Children as blessing, not a curse.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


There is a lot of propaganda out there, that is flat out wrong. The liberal media, especially the liberal Jew media, is constantly trying to spread the tale, that non white societies were paradise on earth, before the evil white man arrived and spoiled everything. Nothing can be further from the truth. Pre -European non white societies around the world, were not meek/subservient/peaceful places. They were highly bloodthirsty. The Aztec Native Americans of Mexico, sacrificed approx. 30,000 people a year to their gods. Africa and Oceania had cannibalism. South America had head hunting. None of the above is either meek, subservient, or peaceful. Yet we are bombarded with this "let's all love each other" crap, day after day. Like its the real deal. Its all just liberal make believe. Liberal dogma holds for uniting the races. Why? Because they have convinced themselves that somehow the races united, will result in a magnificent super race. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The reality, is that non whites have dumbed down our society. Our armies did well on the battlefield, before integration. Now they flounder helplessly. Our schools were top notch, and turned out well rounded, intelligent students. Now our schools turn out uncouth, ill mannered, idiots. Blacks have destroyed manners. They are disruptive in both school, and workplace. They're tearing our country down. If things were so great before the Europeans, why aren't things great now with the Europeans gone? The non white countries, are primitive, and very backward. Even after independence, things are still bad. The loss of the Europeans has hurt nations, rather then freed them to a greater glory. No, non white nations were NOT better off before the Europeans. We are not better off integrating with the hoards of non white, non Aryan peoples trying to move in. Its just dumbing us down. Running our once efficient society into the ground.
ANP doesn't buy the let's all love each other bullshit. It knows only too well the reality. We have literally thousands of members, many of which are whites trapped in black neighborhoods. Why do you think they came to us in the first place. They want/need help, to try and survive non white harassment/bullying. Blacks hate whites, and give them grief at every possible moment. Live with these people, what a joke. ANP is trying to preserve white Aryan identity. Preserve who and what we are. The white man has been run out of Rhodesia. He is being run out of South Africa. We're next. They want to get rid of our separate racial identity under the guise of racial integration. What it is, is anti white extermination policies. Not to kill us, but eliminate our culture and civilization. By teaching racial self hate in schools for example. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP lead the fight to maintain white Aryan racial identity. No more of this integration crap, that will only sound the death knell of our race. We need to cast off the shackles of liberal Jew bullshit policies, and become once again white Aryans, determined to flourish, no matter what. Our ancestors never said die, let us not either.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The price of greatness.

When a nation is great, it has certain responsibilities. It is expected, even demanded of, to provide world leadership. To do anything, requires national pride. The USA is a world power. THE world's super power. Yet this country acts very irresponsibly.  Instead of helping to make the world better, it makes it worse. A case in point is gay/lesbian rights. Like it or not, this does not play in some countries. If liberals were true to their principles, they would not push it. However, liberals are hypocrites of the first order. They insist on pushing for gay/lesbian rights in societies that do not want them. In some countries homosexual activity is against the law. Liberals should respect their feelings on this matter. They don't. Anymore then they respect the American people's views. ZOG is determined to change the world. Turn it into a liberal Jew paradise. Don't like it, then tough shit is their motto. They intend to get what they want. The Jews have always led radical/liberal causes. They think its OK to rock the boat. They feel change is good no matter what. With an attitude like that, is it really any wonder the Jews end up despised by everybody. They are  suppose to respect others, yet they respect none but their own agenda. This is why this country sucks. Why it stinks to high heaven of corruption, and degeneracy. The liberal Jew agenda is not what a lot of people want, or are happy with. The liberal Jew answer, is to ram it down their throats. Integration, feminism, gay/lesbianism. They are rammed down our throats daily. If you say anything, you're branded an evil racist. An evil anti Semite. The Jews put down the Arabs as anti Semites. ARABS ARE SEMITES. The liberal smear tactics go into overdrive, when there are those who object.
ANP has had a gutful of the ZOG agenda. It is actively fighting it. It won't compromise its beliefs, like far too many orgs have done. It is determined to combat the terrible rot that currently afflicts this country. I personally do NOT want to live in a ZOG/Jew liberal/left paradise. It was tried in the USSR (Russia), and the results were little short of disastrous. Because Marx was a Jew, the Jew liberal/left think of him as a genius, and have made a god of him. What he says, goes. No way, I say. I know I am not alone. Many agree with me. If you agree with ANP, and wish to stop the rot, wish to reject the ZOG agenda intended for this country, then help us. The Jew liberal/left will not rest until this country is even more Marxist, then the USSR was. They want another Stalin. I do not. Help us prevent this eventuality. Donate money to ANP. As much as you can afford. Donate your time, to giving out lit. It is simple. Either we resist now, or surrender later. I say resist. I refuse to be dictated to. One Stalin was one too many. Let us make sure it never happens again. I reject the ZOG world. If you do to, help. Help now. If we act now, we may be able to save the white Aryan part of the country that is still left. If not, prepare for living in animal land, where people rut like animals, no family life, and the behavior is worse then animals.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


This country is choking on hypocrisy. It is literally suffocating the life out of us. The examples are many. Liberals talk about racial integration, yet, they make sure they live in lily white neighborhoods, with lily white private schools. People complain about lack of govt services, yet when presented with a tax bill to pay for said services, they raise up a stink and scream and yell  People yell about lack of jobs here at home, yet like the low price of goods from China. People piss and moan about lack of health care, or rather lack of affordable health care. Yet when Obama care is about to be yanked, all of a sudden everyone is whining and crying that they need it. Everyone talks about the desire for peace, yet everyone is A-OK with our govt constantly going off to war, for regime change, which never, ever, works out well. Liberals cry out about injustice done to poor little darkie blacks, yet when blacks run amok, liberals are far from the problem living in gated communities. We constantly hear about the poor little Jew victims of the Holohoax etc., yet we see daily the Jews gunning down Palestinian Arabs.
This country is schizophrenic. By the way, the term means shattered mind, NOT split personality. This country is all over the mental map. Why? Because we have NO set values or beliefs. Hypocrisy results from no real belief system. This is our great weakness. We have no real, held dear, beliefs. ANP is endeavoring to rectify this situation. ANP knows its mind. It has no doubt what needs to be done. We need national health care to take care of our citizens. We need an education system that doesn't put down the white race at every opportunity, but instead teaches white pride. We need jobs hear at home, not sent to China. We need peace here at home, not to go off crusading in shit hole worthless countries we know nothing about. We need to put the blacks and Jews in their place, not let them walk all over we white Aryans. ANP wants to give us values. Hard, set in concrete, values and beliefs. Nazi Germany's people believed. They fought and died for their beliefs. We have nothing comparable, because we believe in nothing. The state sponsored nihilism (belief in nothing) must be ended. ANP aims to end it. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Nothing will change, until WE, the white Aryans, change it. We must run for office and attain same. Change comes from within, not without. Help ANP change things. Help ANP instill sorely needed values and beliefs unto our people. Enough of hypocrisy.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Integration is constantly being spouted by the liberal media as a great thing. An uplifting thing. My question is, just how is it so uplifting for white Aryans. Let us review. In an all white army, we had victory. With an integrated army, we had a deadly deadlock in Korea (integration was just starting), and an out and out defeat in Vietnam. Look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They go on endlessly. No end in sight. I take it that an integrated army spells defeat, and disaster. It is a loser. Is having the races together, really worth constant defeat and humiliation? Now the liberals tell us that we should have women in combat, and have gay/lesbian soldiers defend us. One thing about liberalism is that it never, ever, learns its lessons. It just keeps making the same kind of mistakes, over and over again. Look at education. Its even worse. What has integration done for education in this country. Nothing good. Our white kids are taught racial self hatred. Integration of our schools has just dumbed down our kids. Blacks are violent and disrespectful.They are lazy and uncaring. They pass this behavior on to white kids. I can't tell you how many times I've seen and heard young white kids with dirty mouths, and disobedient demeanors. Blacks lead our kids astray. Look at how many white kids act like wiggers. The turned around ball caps, listening to black gangsta rap,  etc.. Our kids cease to be white anymore. This is integrations gift to white kids. It just makes them ignorant vandals. With no drive. No purpose in life. No nothing. Look how integration has affected the job front. Whites get passed over, in favor of blacks, solely over their race. Because they are black, blacks get hired first over whites, no matter how unqualified the black applicant is, and how qualified the white candidate is. Blacks can be discipline problems, yet have no fear of losing their jobs. All they need do is use the race card, and they are home free. They are last, if ever fired. Whites are last hired, first fired. The quality of the American work force has gone done the tubes, because bad black workers get and keep jobs, while whites are left out in the cold. Go ahead and ask unemployed white American workers how they like being unemployed because of integration. Ask white workers how it feels to be treated like garbage, while incompetent black workers are treated with kid gloves. This is integrations gift to our country.
ANP is out to rectify all the evils of our society. It is determined to right all the wrongs done by integration. Liberals are stupid and uncaring. For some dumb ass feel good cause, namely integration, they are content to see this country and society go to hell. ANP is determined not to let this happen. It is opposed to special treatment for blacks. It is determined to bring back white rights. We white Aryans have taken it on the chin long enough. Time to put things to right. Support ANP. Send money, and donate your time to give out literature. Whites have been brainwashed that there is nothing they can do about anything. They are wrong. We must give out lit showing this. We can do something. Whites can unite. We can give out lit. We can run for office. We can climb up the power grid, till we're at a level where we really can change things, for the better. We whites have taken too much shit, and got used to the idea. Enough. The hell with this integration crap. I refuse to accept blacks getting perks over me, just because of their race. Enough crap. We can change things. Help ANP. Our race has suffered enough. We've reached military/education/job rock bottom. Time for us white Aryans to raise ourselves up once again.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Our traitorus leadership

Our politicians are scum. They are just a bunch of thieves, out to screw us. Look at the tax cuts. Working folks get a measly few bucks back, which is spent on living. The rich get massive money refunds, which gets spent on stock buybacks. Both major parties, are just collections of rich yuppies, who just want to make money. Our military gets dragged into wars. Our streets are not safe. Non whites get special treatment, like first hired last (if at all) fired, and job preferences based solely on color. This is what now passes for ordinary life in the USA. Our divorce rate is terribly high. Movies and TV are pure smut. All this going on, and all our leaders worry about, is the next perk they can enjoy. I think it stinks to high heaven.
ANP is trying to bring sanity and morality back to American shores. Make America moral again. We have got to stop taking the bullshit. We need to restore morality. We need desperately to restore racial pride. Our people for too long now, have been victims of public education taught racial self hate. No wonder we have a huge drug abuse problem in this country. When your constantly told to hate yourself, how can you not reach out for some kind of crutch, be it drugs, or something else. ANP is trying to reverse the rot. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We white Aryans need to focus on our problems, not blow them off. Unless we make up our minds to resist, and stand tall, and talk back, we are doomed to thralldom. We are white Aryans. Not garbage. We are the best race. The greatest race. We should act like it. There is no excuse why we don't run for office. Not openly, but quietly. Keeping our mouths under control. Once in office, we can slowly, ever so slowly, make pro white changes to the way things are done. A slow process, but one that will succeed. We can get our country back. I feel there is no a large pool of disaffected whites ready and willing to vote for a National Socialist type candidate. People have had a gutful. They want change. They want things rectified. Our people want their country back. Let's give it to them. Help ANP. Help your race. Let's make America pro white again.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Our people

The white Aryan working class is getting worked to death. Even the middle class is suffering. This country has lost a lot of its middle class. Our rulers don't care. The rich ruling Judeo-Capitalist elite is only too happy to outsource our jobs. We're left with minimum wage, no benefit jobs. Our rulers are quite content to let in masses of non white workers. People who will work for less, and take our jobs. The white Aryans are between a rock and a hard place. We lose our jobs to overseas, and we lose out on jobs, to people who come here, but are alien in language and custom. To allow this to go on is little short of suicide for our society. Yet the fat cats continue to undermine us. Unless we stop the rot, the white Aryan is doomed. Economically, our people are suffering. Wages stagnate, while the rich sit back and enjoy life. Remember the old saying, "the idle rich", well, its alive and well. Is it right, our people work hard. Work massive overtime. Do everything they can to succeed, yet get screwed at every turn. Our people deserve more, far more, then just table scraps from the rich. Our workers deserve, a decent wage. They deserve respect. Our workers are just that, workers, NOT slaves. Our sacred land is defiled everyday, by job stealing, strike braking evil aliens, who don't fit in, and never will. People who are fanatics, and dangerous security risks. We must defend ourselves, not let ourselves be slaughtered like sheep. If our ancestors took the crap we do, we'd still be living in mud huts in the swamps of Europe. No, our ancestors were strong, and THEY called the shots. They came to dominate the planet.
Support ANP. It is determined to change things. It is determined to make life better for our people. To have workers treated with dignity. To have workers earn a decent wage. To have the white Aryans get a proper education, and proper medical care. We white Aryans aren't dogs to just lay at our masters feet. We are a proud, capable race. We have rights. We need to push for their return. Our people deserve respect. Deserve help. Deserve to be treated like the worthy race they are. Let us unite. Let us determine to gain justice once again. To be able to make a decent living. To be proud of our race again. Join ANP as a supporter. Give money. Give of your time, to give out lit. Let us go forth determined to rebuild the white Aryan world. We must vote for pro white candidates. We must become pro white candidates and get elected to office. Once in power, we can change things. We must use our enemies tactics against them. Infiltrate, and take control, like they have done. Enough of being dogs. Time to return to mastery of this country and world.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A sickening society

US society is rotting away. Non whites now get special treatment. They are treated as sacrosanct. They get their way, no matter what, just like the spoiled children they are. Any TV show they object to is immediately canceled. They demand, and get, all sorts of goody govt  programs. Everything has to be done to help the "poor" Jew, and the "poor darkie". Even at the cost, scratch that, at THE cost of anything and everything for white America. It utterly amazes me, how this liberal white assholes, like on liberal TV MSNBC can continue to support programs and policies that harm their very own race. The liberal Jew owned and led media, continues to play up non whites as victims, while whites are vilified. It never seems to get old. In the meantime, we continue to have the siren call for our people to embrace liberal Jew views on everything, which translates as no views. Language on TV and the movies is appalling. It is not just bad taste. It is brainwashing. That the white race is bad, and anything goes. When little children, and I mean little, like third graders, have filthy mouths, that is a sure sign of degeneracy. The Communists were right, when they condemned the degenerate Americans. Filth is everywhere. Gambling and drugs (pot) and now being pushed to be legalized. Use to be both activities were considered wrong, but now its everything is OK. The Jews got the liberal movement going, with the free speech movement in the 1960's. Language got crude. Art as in modern, got silly and meaningless. and music went from the classics, to heavy metal. Family life has disintegrated thanks to feminism that hates marriage, and same sex coupling which is definitely anti family.  Everything that made America good and clean and a cut above all other nations, has now been lost, It is being lost. Liberalism has brought this country low. It is just Communism in another guise. The Jews are determined to make the world in the Communist ( as in Marx the JEW) image, by hook or crook. Can't win at the ballot box, then just infiltrate, and change from behind the scenes. Face it folks, the US is more of a Jew controlled "paradise" then even Israel.
Folk. It is high time we took our country back. We need not stay as humble, obedient slaves to ZOG and their ilk. We need not continue to take non white crap forevermore. ANP is fighting hard against the Jew control, and even more important, changing  of America. ANP is fighting to keep America white. Both in body politic, and especially mind. Our civilization is under attack. Our values are under attack. The very essence of what makes us white Aryans is under attack. Donate to ANP. Money, but also your time to give out lit. We have to counter the enemies brain washing, or this country will mean nothing, and stand for nothing. I have seen far too many wiggers. This has got to stop. Help ANP stop it while there is still time. Let's pull back form the abyss, before this country becomes permanently degenerate. An empty hell, devoid of caring, and meaning, on any and all subjects.