Monday, April 30, 2018

It never ends.

I have had it with the constant poor little darkie, poor little Jew, bullshit. I'm thoroughly sick of it. My god, we have a holocaust memorial/museum, in practically every god damn American city and town. In every damn one, the Jews are portrayed as poor, helpless victims. People who were picked on for no good reason. This is total crap. Jewish greed and avarice is well known. This is why they are hated, even by nations no where near Israel, like Japan. There is an actual Japanese Nazi style party. My god, how much of the damn holocaust must we hear. It NEVER happened here in any way, shape or form. Yet, we Americans are bombarded by it. ZOG. Does that sound like the Jews are helpless, and powerless. The Jewish lobby keeps the USA protecting Israel 24/7. If your not pro Jewish in America, your out of luck. Our govt gives us no choice.
As far as the blacks are concerned, they too, are portrayed as innocent, helpless victims of mean ole master white race. The fact that blacks have a history of laziness, and violence is perpetually ignored to build them up. NOW!, we have an anti lynching memorial, to blacks lynched. Talk about over kill. Yes, some blacks were the victims of illegal activity. That still goes on. Yet there is no memorial to victims of black on black crime. No, is always is solely white atrocities that are pushed. What about a memorial to white victims of black violence. The prisons are full of black criminals. Violent criminals. Why is there no monument to the white victims of slave rebellions, like those of Denmark Vesey, and Nat Turner, where totally innocent victims were butchered. No, even black killing of white kids is overlooked by these asshole white liberals. It sickens me so.
I won't go on, lest I be accused of being a hater. What I am is fed up. Fed up with insane liberal crap. Support ANP. It is trying desperately to make a last stand for white dignity. It is fighting against this nonsenses of raising blacks and Jews into hero races, while whites are vilified at every turn. Our schools teach racial self hate to our kids. Our govt puts up, and supports monuments to Jew and black greatness. You'd think both groups were solely populated by saintly peoples as the liberal line goes. We whites will continue to get the shaft as long as we keep taking the crap in silence. We need to speak up, and out. Not in useless street demos that accomplish nothing, but by REAL political action. Running candidates for office, and winning office, and changing things from behind the scene like our enemies do. Time to be smart. We've been dumb so far, and we have had to swallow all sorts of indignities. Now a monument against lynching. History is being re-written, and unless its stopped, the white race in the US will simply be shoved aside. Through greater numbers, but also propaganda, our people will go down without a fight. Help ANP save our race. Save its existence, save its dignity. I for one am tired of being accused. Our race is good. Its long past time we stopped letting the white race reputation be dragged thru the mud.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Let's face it. Our kids are far too spoiled today. They are good for nothing. Hitler wanted children to be brought up as future soldiers. As fast, tough, hard.  He didn't buy the "let's all love one another" crap. He knew, that having a pool of future soldiers, guaranteed Germany independence and a protected German society/state. The Jew liberals spout love of all,  but the Jews don't hesitate to kill Arabs at a whim. The Jews are the world's biggest hypocrites. I digress. We need kids to be brought up to be able to handle themselves in any emergency. They need to be physically healthy, and mentally/emotionally strong. Wimp/wuss kids can do nothing. Strong kids grow to be strong adults, able to take on any and all challenges. Our schools are a joke. Kids just slide by. They come out learning little. When kids come out of school and can't read or write, something is very wrong. There should be no reason for college courses based on REMEDIAL English and math. School is suppose to educate, but it seems, at least to me, that our kids are whiny know nothings. There is an old saying. Education without culture, is education wasted. Our kids without manners, is a waste of human potential. Our education system is bringing up rude ignorant savages. Our kids should respect authority, not hold it in contempt. I can't blame them. A system like ours that teaches, and stresses, racial self hatred, is hard to respect. 
Become a supporter of ANP. It wants our kids to have a National Socialist education. What does that mean? It means our kids would be taught to LOVE their race. Love their country. Be ready and willing to fight for their race and nation. In the Jew verse, all that matters is making money. There is more to life then making money. Has to be. NS stresses love of race and nation. Children brought up to be able to fight for their race and country. Able to deal with any, and all threats to the white Aryan community. Its time we stopped accepting this sad Judeo-Capitalist education system, and instituted an NS system instead. What our kids learn is important. Also important, is the values that they are inculcated with. NS Germany wanted to be ready for trouble. It wanted a strong populace, able to deal with  any threat on this planet. Can we say the same about our schools and kids today. I sure don't like what I'm seeing and experiencing. When 3rd graders have mouths like Marine drill sergeants, something is very wrong. We're raising primitive creatures, not white Aryan human beings. For too long now, our kids are being raised black. The result is the dumbing down of the white Aryan. It must be stopped. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Our race needs to regain its "soul". Our race very existence is at stake. Our kids are fast becoming white skinned niggers. This must be stopped while there is yet time.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sad but true.

In Sweden, they have a criminal category, "severe rapes". I don't know Swedish law, so I'm not real sure what it means. I do know, that they are done by 92% of what Sweden terms "people of migratory status". What this pussy footing means is that migrants, the same ones who cry pity us, pity us, as they flee their persecutors in Syria and such, commit crimes once in Europe. Other countries have the same problem. These refugees, are Arab Muslims, and have a very different outlook on women. Chivalry was a European idea. They don't buy it in non white, non Christian countries and societies. To the refugees, women are for the taking, period. This kind of thing is why countries are opposed to taking in these alien cultures. They and the Europeans do things differently. Very differently. It is not discrimination, it is self defense. This is why the US opposes immigration. Not because they're mean, but because the refugees are too much of a headache. They bring trouble. A lot of trouble. Life is tough enough, without adding to the grief, by letting in alien trouble makers.
Friends. Don't let yourselves be fooled. These idiot liberals, are just that. Idiots. They are still in "let's all love each other" mode. That is a recipe for national suicide. We'd be letting in people who don't have our values, and even are opposed to them. Our police are busy enough. Why add to their already considerable burden. It is good to be nice, but one must not be a damn fool about it. These would be immigrants will just have to find some place else. There are plenty of Muslim Arab countries. Go there. Leave us alone. Don't let in the Muslim Arab immigrants. They pose a problem, even a danger to our people. Letting them in would just compound the problems we have here already. If this sounds racist, I don't care. I worry for my country, and don't want any group that would be trouble allowed in. Don't we white Aryans put up with enough of ZOG's bullshit. Must we add more to the cross we bear already.
Support ANP. It isn't just for the US. It espouses National Socialism. It is for the rights, and safety of ALL white Aryan peoples. ANP is the shield of the white Aryan people, no matter where they are. They have to be, as our own govt is hostile to us, as it is dominated by white Aryan hating non whites. Donate money. Donate your time. to give out lit. We need, we demand, a govt that protects us, not one to screw us. Out govt betrays us every day. lets not make it easy for them. I for one refuse to jump off a cliff as in Sweden, and let in the Arab Muslim Trojan horse, so we can suffer like Sweden does now. They opened their doors. The migrants rushed in. Now Sweden has massive problems due to same. Let's not be fools like they have been. Build the wall. Save our race. Keep these alien migrants out. They can go elsewhere, anywhere then here. This a white Aryan country. Let us keep it as such. We've helped the world, time to help ourselves. Support ANP. Save ourselves. To do otherwise is pure stupidity.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Our sinking fortunes

Are you uneasy? Have a sinking feeling? You should. This country is declining rapidly. Everything is corporate now. People hated Communism, because it wanted to collectivize everything, especially agriculture. Now, we have corporatist everything. Agriculture is dominated by massive corporate farms. Drugs and drug prices, are at the mercy of giant pharmaceutical firms.  Everything is corporate these days. Everything including our govt. The Democrats/liberals pretend to be on the side of the little guy. Bullshit. They are strictly on the side of non whites. White Aryans can go hang for all they care. We white folks have been left swinging in the breeze. Judeo-Capitalism is all about profit, and nothing else. To them only profit matters. That's why they are so unconcerned about the health of the planet. To them making money is the be all, end all, of life. I guess they figure when the time comes, they'll pay someone to develop a space ship so they can leave here, and go to another planet. Dream on. The corporate elite have outsourced our jobs. All we white Aryans have for jobs anymore, are minimum wage, no benefit ones. Even these we have to struggle to get, against Hispanic and black competition. We white Aryans made this country. We fought for it, worked the land, defended it, bled for it. Now we're being cast aside. The overriding greed that is slowly, ever so slowly, strangling us is fast becoming overwhelming. It must be stopped, if we are to have any chance of survival. We need a political system that cares about, and supports white Aryans. Without one, we will perish.
ANP, is trying mightily to save our race. It wants to have fairness. It wants our people to live in dignity. We white Aryans are not dogs, why should we allow ourselves to be treated as such. Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. Unless we change minds, and fast, the damage to our planet in general, and our race in particular, will soon become irreversible. We can, and we must, run candidates for office. We must infiltrate, and seize power, like the leftist/liberals have done. They took over political offices, and then have instituted their anti white agenda. We must do the same in reverse. It can and must be done. Its simple. All we need do is lie. Just like them. Say a lot of crap that sounds good, then do as we please once in office, just like they have done. Communism seized power far more by infiltration, then it did by revolution. They got smarter. We must do so. No more waste of time demos. WE must go underground. Put on a mask of respectability. We must talk to the people about what they want. Later on we can add our secret pro white agenda. This is how Hitler came to power. Quietly. Giving the people what they wanted. When he was secure, only then, did he add Nazi agenda items to his to do list. We must be clever. Quiet. Respectable. people will only follow us, if it seems we offer a better alternative. We do, but in this day and age it must be proven. The old days of just saying "nigger, nigger, kike, kike" are long over. We must evolve, or perish. We are close to the edge now, with the racial self hate being taught in our schools. Only when we can start to take office, and make changes, will things really change for the better.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


National Socialism has for too long been maligned. It is the bug a boo. Something akin to pure evil. What a bunch of bullshit. The reason it is put down, is because it opposes Jewish machinations. It sticks up for the little guy. It is for the common man. Nazism stresses loyalty. LOYALTY. It is the old " a man's bond is his word". It may sound cornball, but isn't a world where one can be trusted preferable, to one where everything is a lie as it is today in this godforsaken country. People need honesty. A nation needs honesty in order to function. Look at all the dishonesty our nation now suffers from. Look at how our nation is going downhill because of it. Nazism stresses the cause of selfless devotion. Kind of like JFK's ask not speech. National Socialism stresses the devotion and duty to one's race. All for the race, nothing for the self. National Socialism is an ideal. It stands for something. It wants to bring about a just world. A protected race. A prosperous society based on honesty and fairness, not the moral sewer our society is currently.
This country needs a good dose of atonement. It has let its people down. Our people are in bad shape. Yeah there is 4% unemployment, but the vast majority of people are in minimum wage, no benefit jobs. Our people deserve better. They had better before ZOG took over and screwed things up mightily. We, WE white Aryans have let ourselves down. Betrayed our kids. We must stop worrying about the good life, and instead, think on how we can preserve a moral, and just life for our kids, and future generations.
The thing we most need to do is get the word out. National Socialism is an ideal. Ideas that mean something. It advocates a better world. An orderly world. Yet it is kept hidden from the masses. Only in 2015, was "Mein Kampf" allowed to be re-printed. Our enemies don't want our words to be read, or heard. Why? Because they fear them. They know we speak the truth. Not their truth, but THE truth. We offer society a way of living that respects the race. Cares for it. Helps it. This is what ZOG hates, and opposes at any cost. Help us defeat ZOG. Help us liberate our people. Donate money to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us form a real society with real goals. Not a society of idiocy, based on lies. Help. Liberation is within our grasp, we have only to will to achieve it.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Things aren't looking good for the millenniums. They are being priced out of life. The median total rent was $97,400 in 2017 There are increasing housing problems. Buyers these days are increasingly frustrated trying to find low income housing for renters. Far too many people are living paycheck to paycheck these days. This is why we have a homeless problem in the good old USA. In simple terms, our govt does NOT take care of its people. The rich ruling Judeo-Capitalist elite doesn't believe in govt doing anything for its people. All it wants govt to do is defense, and law enforcement. The elite feel that giving people anything, like medical care or education is merely encouraging laziness. There are those of us, who disagree, but we are in the minority at the moment. Or are we? First and foremost, white Aryans need to get off their asses, and get involved. Take a stand. Let yourself be heard. As the as the white Aryans stay the silent majority, nothing meaningful will be done. Our people deserve everything, not nothing. It is outrageous that our govt take the view its own people are just an annoyance and pain in the ass. We white Aryans built this damn country with our blood and sweat. It is a travesty that we lose out, just because our elite says so. We NEED a new system. Once that cares. One that helps. Not one that screws its own citizens. We need National Socialism. NEED. Not desire, not think about. We must make a firm decision for a National Socialist govt. It would be dedicated to the race, helping same. It is foolish in the extreme to keep a system whose only goal is to screw its citizens. A National Socialist govt would give us by RIGHT medical care, and education. Even paid vacations. It would help. We must help ourselves, free ourselves. Donate to ANP. It wants to make this country better. Livable for white Aryans. Donate money, donate your time to give out lit. Help make this a decent country for the white Aryans. Our ancestors worked hard for the American dream. Don't let it become a nightmare. Help ANP. Let us change things. They need to be changed. If we do nothing, then nothing will happen, nothing will change.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Remember the word WASP? It stood for: White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It was a description that fit the majority of citizens of the USA. The majority race that ran America. No longer. The white population of the USA is shrinking. We are slowly (?) becoming a non white nation. The white Aryans of this nation have kept it going since its inception. The USA is a superpower, because of our white Aryan ancestors efforts. Our ancestors deserve our thanks and adoration. Instead, now non whites remove anything about whites they don't like. Blacks hate the Confederacy, so no more Confederate monuments. Now Native Americans have gotten into the act, by demanding the banishment of any and all references to the American Indian, they don't like. That goes for statues, and logos like "Chief Wahoo".  This is no more a white man's country. We see it everyday. It is suppose to be a "melting pot" of races. BULLSHIT. It is non whites gaining control, and establishing racial rule over white Aryans. Question. How do you describe an "American" these days? The old WASP designation no longer is valid. Just what is an American, these days? This country is a melting pot, of whites being overwhelmed and forced into second class citizenship by the non whites. The other day, I was on a business trip to Columbus Ohio. I passed a Jain temple. It is an offshoot of Hinduism from India. I feel like I'm on another planet. When I go shopping, its like visiting the UN. I see AFRICAN Americans, Hispanics, Hindus, Orientals. I'm sure Jews, just can't recognize them as they have gone underground. Its rare I see a white person anymore. We're losing the racial fight in this country. Soon we'll become a racial minority, and be run out, just like the whites of Rhodesia, and South Africa.
White Aryans. ANP is doing its level best to hold the gates closed to the onrushing tide of non whites. Its trying hard to keep the doors closed. IT knows that is immigration continues as its doing, we white Aryans are basically doomed. We'll be a minority in what was once our country. The non whites will harass us, and force us to flee. Can any sane thinking person really expect compassion and mercy from the non white hoards. Look at their homelands. Total hellholes. Now they want to bring their mess to our shores. Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out literature. We whites better get our act together, or we will literally be destroyed. We are being undermined as I write this. Don't trust the major parties. They are too corrupt and compromised by Jew money. The Jews hate WASP's and want them destroyed in revenge for slights, real and imagined. They want us gone. let us foil their plans. Unite behind ANP. It is your salvation. Your only savior. If we fail, the future of the white Aryan race is bleak indeed. WASP may be an old term, but it doesn't deserve oblivion. HELP us. HELP YOURSELF. Let us resist, to preserve what we are. Enough of shame, and ennui. We must unite, and take back control, by running for office, and eventually regaining power. Time is against us. Its come down to help ANP, or die as a race.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Our society is fast degenerating. Instead of the three R's, now it is HEP= HORRIBLE, EXHAUSTING, POINTLESS. This is the result of anything we do anymore. We're like a Third World country. Even less. Whatever happened to the good old American can do spirit. The quest for excellence. All gone. Now its the next day attitude. We'll do it tomorrow. Always tomorrow, never today. This change in attitude, is because we are a changing country. We are fast becoming non white. Hispanics flood our shores. Blacks are lazy and militant. Now the powers that be, want to flood us with Muslim Arabs. The values that once made us great are falling away. If this trend continues, this country will be the equivalent of a giant dung heap. Worthless. Good for nothing. We're losing our edge as we lose our very identity. We're losing our very national/racial soul if you will. Our race will some day become something of an oddity. Fit more for a freak show, then ruling a nation. Our racial enemies want this terrible turn of events. They hate us, and want to see us fail, and implode. Our enemies are implacable hatred. This is shown in everything they do.
People. ANP is trying mightily to save all that is left of the white Aryan race in this country. Its not easy. It is a very resource intensive struggle. Of course it needs money. A lot. Things cost. It needs your time to give out lit. It needs every bit of help it can get. Our enemies are well heeled. Going against them takes money, and courage to oppose them, as they try to harass people who oppose them. Don't be fooled. This country is a non white dictatorship, where white Aryans have NO rights whatsoever. This is why we now find ourselves fighting for our very existence. ANP is trying to stem the non white tide. Help it. Become part of the struggle. To preserve what we are. The race that has done so much for this planet, now we are in danger of extinction, just like the animals in nature. If we don't rise up and defend ourselves, and resist the tyranny constantly rammed down our throats, we are doomed. We must run for office, and take power. It must become we white Aryans calling the shots if we are to survive. It can be done. It must be done. Our very existence as a race is at stake. Donate. time, and money. Help save your race.