Thursday, March 29, 2018

Non whites over whites

The liberal left in this country is truly insane. They deliberately choose non whites, over their own white race. Every damn day, we see some article/news story about the poor non whites, and their mistreatment at the hands of evil whites. We never see the evil that non whites do continuously against whites. Not a word, not a mention. The liberal left is always baying about helping the poor non whites of the world. Even to the point of American military intervention. As if our sending our precious soldiers into harm's way into shit hole nations will bring about their salvation. We actually sent soldiers into Korea, and Vietnam. For what? To help prop up corrupt regimes. The result was disaster. We lost 30,000 men in Korea, only to have them end up taking OUR jobs away. Great way to say thanks huh. We lost 58,000 men in Vietnam. This time for absolutely nothing. While our boys fought, the liberal left made its move, and STABBED the US body politic in the back. Blacks marched, for civil rights, while our boys slogged thru rice patties. The result has been a pro non white minority govt, ZOG, that now rules us. Non whites get everything. White Aryans get the back of the hand. The liberal left hates its very own race. When the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa begged for help to survive a black onslaught, our leaders callously and coldly said no. Our fellow whites were left in the lurch. All the liberal left want to do is help the non white. The white is ignored. Our govt is no longer the govt of the white man, but the non white. We whites have no rights, and no hope. Our kids are taught racial self hatred in school, while non whites are held up as models of civilization.
ANP is determined to right the many wrongs of this country, and put an end to the depredations of the liberal left. White have rights. Whites deserve justice. Our rich ruling elite sees us whites as an annoyance. They want us out. That is why they want Hispanics and Arabs to come on in. They are easier populations to control. Supposedly. No, we whites have taken it on the chin for far too long. ANP wants to unite us politically. Help pro white candidates run for office, and win. ANP wants to right the many wrongs of a ZOG ruled govt. Donate money. Donate time. Check out the blog. We must regain white pride. Our children deserve to be able to be proud of their race once again. Help stop the insidious campaign of racial self hate our schools perpetrate. Whites deserve decent treatment. We must stop taking the abuse of non whites. Non whites have gotten away with murder for 60 damn years. Enough. This nonsense of non whites, especially blacks, being first hired no matter what their credentials, just because they are non white, and never able to be fired, again because they are non white, must go. White Aryans. Our race is in danger. It is ruled by a hostile govt. Our race is being submerged in an ocean of mud peoples. Stand up. Resist. Join ANP. Save your race. Save yourself. We are white Aryans, let us act like it.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Brain washing

The liberal left is determined to bring about a neo Communist state. Never mind that Communism failed so entirely. No they want to bring it back. This past Saturday, we saw thousands of young people march against guns. Supposedly it was for controls, but looking between the lines, it is quite obvious the march was against guns, and that the marchers want guns taken away from everybody whether dirt bag scum, or decent law abiding citizen. They want a disarmed populace. No chance of a citizen rebellion. That way, we can all just go quietly to our deaths when ordered, just like Stalin's Russia. The march showed that the liberal left is trying hard to brain wash our young into being good little drones of the govt. A liberal left govt, that loves non whites, and hates and wants to destroy white Aryans. This is how it is done. The liberal left take the moral high ground. They yell and scream about personal freedom. Yet when said freedom backfires, they are all atwitter. Is it right to penalize gun owners, who want a gun for protection, or hunting, because some lunatic goes berserk and shoots people? How is it the NRA's fault if people flip out and act up. The liberals created this mess with their policy of getting rid of mental health facilities. To them, they were freeing the prisoners of the Bastille. In reality, as with everything liberalism touches, it backfires. These mental cases with nowhere to go gravitate to the streets, where their mental illness germinates, and they go off. Who takes the blame, the NRA and gun owners. Like they should be responsible for the actions of sick individuals. The liberals want everyone to be free. Thing is, some can't ever be, and need to be institutionalized for their lives. They just can't cut it in real society. No, liberalism says make people free. This they do, with a large body count for their trouble. Liberalism has taken our schools, and instead of centers of learning, they have made them propaganda centers for the dissemination of liberal propaganda. Ergo, our kids are being brought up to hate guns, that guns are the root of all evil.  Our kids are taught to hate their race. It is just a short step for our kids to be manipulated to love a smothering govt system, just like in the USSR.
People, this march shows we are in danger of losing our children. They are being brain washed. Our race is in danger of losing its very "soul". ANP is fighting the future. It refuses to lay down and die. It is determined that the white Aryan race stays healthy and free and true to itself. Donate both money, and time to ANP. Check out its blog, It is an org dedicated to YOU the white Aryan. It is fighting for our children's identity. If it fails, our kids will be lost to history. Our kids minds are in danger of being manipulated out of their racial identity. help ANP keep white minds white, and prevent enemy propaganda from turning our kids into pseudo Jews. Communism failed. Let it stay buried. Let's not let it infiltrate our kids minds, and make a comeback. One Stalin was more then enough.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The future USA

The US is changing, fast. Unfortunately, it is changing in the wrong direction. The Democratic party is really an enemy of the white Aryans. They are the front men for the liberal leftist subversives, who are little more then pseudo Communists. Look at what the liberal left want. More immigration, not less. They won't be satisfied, until this country is majority non white. They much rather see this country swamped by Hispanics, and Arabs, then allow it to stay white Aryan. The Jews seem to think a non white US will be more easily controlled then a white Aryan one. I think this is ludicrous as the non whites will run amok, and dumb down this country, like they have their homelands. Liberal leftists won't question their beliefs. They should. Look at Latin America. Especially Brazil. With so much in resources, why are they still so poor and primitive. Look at the Arabs. In the Middle East, 8 million Israelis constantly kick 100 millions Arabs ass. This ineptitude is what the liberal left want to bring here, and have take over. So unless something is done, our country will very soon be majority non white. The liberal left want to take away our guns. All of them. They don't want Americans armed. To them, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is a joke and to be ignored. They figure an armed populace is harder to control, then a populace that is totally unarmed. Stalin was no military genius, but he knew only too well how to slaughter unarmed people. Is this what WE want? I should say not. Unarmed, we'd be sitting ducks for an interfering non white govt. We'd be defenseless, literally, to a tyranny of nanny govt. The liberal leftists want to elevate blacks to the rank of  ruling elite of this country. This makes no sense at all. Look at black achievement, or rather lack of in this country. You can't yell racism any more, not after 8 years of a black president. Yet the liberal left seems to think/believe, that blacks should run the show. This is madness. Remember the fad of promoting black women to the ranks of upper management. In most cases, the result was chaos. Companies, and especially govt, was run into the ground. Do YOU really want to end up worshipping the blacks? That's what the liberal left want for this country. God will be black. All famous people will be black. And let's not forget the reverse of the black ruling caste coin. Whites will be worthless pond scum. With no rights, no power, no wealth. No life. The liberal left also want same sex coupling. This will effectively destroy reproduction, and ensure a future of emptiness. No kids, means no future generations. Family life will whither away. The entire planet will become depopulated. Almost a ghost world. Think I'm being overly hysterical. Think about it. Same sex precludes children. Even if some couples procreate, if enough go the same sex route, the population numbers will decrease. This country, and even world will see a drastic drop in population. We saw a precursor of this in Communist East Germany. There population plummeted as people didn't have kids. The state was in a state of decline to the point of disintegration. That's what really led to East Germany's downfall. It was a dying society. This is what the liberal left wants for us white Aryans. Why do you think our kids are taught in our schools that homosexuality is OK. Its to set us white Aryan for a fall in numbers, and allow non whites to outnumber us.
People. We must stick up for ourselves. Oppose the enemy plan for us. We white Aryans must unite, and fight for right. ANP is leading the fight to save our very existence. It knows the enemies plan. It is fighting. It needs resources to do so. Donate money for it to meet expenses. Donate your time to give out lit. The enemy is determined to choke off any anti liberal left propaganda. They want us subservient. Let us resist. Our future is in our own hands. if we fail, the very existence of the white Aryan in the USA is at stake. Look around, and ask yourself if I'm exaggerating. Is your neighborhood, school, store, overrun with non whites. If your answer is yeas, then get moving and help. Time is against us.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Our reckless rulers, are determined to squander our blood and treasure on stupid useless wars, whose only real purpose is to save Israel's ass for it. So far, the various interventions into the Arab/Islamic world have cost thousands killed, thousands wounded, and the loss of 5.6 trillion dollars spent on them. Our tax dollars have gone to fight Islamism. Its like the Cold War all over again. An unfriendly power, has been blown up out of proportion, to be a supposed threat to mankind. Meaning they must be stopped at all costs. Its the Iraq WMD's horseshit all over again. Talk about fake news. Just because a nation goes to Sharia Islamic law, doesn't mean the end of the USA. This is bad economics. Our wealth is being siphoned off, to wage a useless war upon those who really are no threat. The USSR was the big bug a boo, yet it turned out to be a paper tiger. No, the military-industrial complex manufactures enemies, and threats, so as to justify the huge expenditures that we are making on senseless quagmires. It use to be, that we needed the Middle East for its oil. Now, thanks to fracking, we no longer need their oil, or them. Why keeping struggling with them. The only threat they pose, is to Israel. Even that is pretty lame. Our oil producers are functioning just fine, making money, and filling the US with low cost gas/oil. To help sell their bunko case, our rich ruling elite, makes up the great terrorist bug a boo. They want to frighten us, in order to get a blank check, to battle with Islam. The terrorist threat is minimal. It wouldn't be the big deal it is, if the Jews media would stop fanning the flames. Jew manipulation is the threat, not Islam. The Jews will save Israel at any price, so the Israelis will fight to the last American. We're being played for suckers. We need to wake up and smell the coffee. Enough of the bullshit. Time to refuse to do Israel's dirty work any more.
Friends. We must stop the military juggernaut. We must resist being sucked into wars constantly. Our country is in danger, but from Jewish manipulation, not Islamic terrorism. Have we learned nothing from the Cold War fiasco's, especially Korea, and Vietnam. Enemies are manufactured for us, to be against. ANP wants no part of the new crusades. We believe in peace. Let Israel fight its own battles. Don't know, don't care. Its strictly a Semite/Islamic war, and let them all fight. The HELL with them all. I say leave us be. Use our taxes to help US, not godforsaken sand piles, that are of no earthly use to us anymore. What are we defending anymore. Let us concentrate on the homeland. ANP intends to do just that. A vote for ANP, is a vote for peace. Our peace. Peace for our country. Let's stop trying to save the damn world. Let us save us instead. Donate to ANP, the party of peace. Both money, and your time, to give out lit. Support ANP as it tries desperately to bring us and the world back from the brink. ANP wants to save YOU, and your family. Can the other parties make that claim. Of course not, their in the palm of the weapons dealers hands. ANP fights only for the USA. It feels the other countries can all go to hell. Let them fight, its none of our business. We don't need the bastards, so let's drop them. We need to rebuild America, not support insane wars. Our soldiers blood is way too sacred, to be squandered in wars that have absolutely no real meaning. We Americans have been played for suckers long enough. We had the Tonkin Gulf resolution, and then the WMD's of Iraq. When do we stop being fools, and act like citizens of a country determined to defend its own, and no others.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Moral decay

This country is sinking fast into a quagmire of decay. Morals are just a big joke anymore. Look at how we're living. Take a good long hard look. We are in the process of legalizing drugs. Pot especially, but look at how much opioid abuse there is now. There are so damn many opioid ODs is incredible. Our emergency rooms are being overwhelmed by OD cases. Our people have now accepted gambling. Even though it destroys lives, it is now quite accepted. Money better spent elsewhere, now goes toward gambling. We now have same sex marriage. This bodes ill for family life. We don't even have the nuclear family anymore. Now its same sex couples. This is the beginning of the end for family in America. Even if a same sex couple adopts, it is an unbalanced home. To be a balanced, normal home requires mother and father, not two of the same. The gay/lesbian community are even willing to use home life, to spread their message that homosexuality is A-OK. There is an old saying, that when women become tough, and men effeminate, civilization is sure to implode. We are seeing it now, that truer words were never spoken. Our society is on the downswing, as previously illegal/immoral practice, are now considered OK.
Friends. The ANP is opposed to this "liberalization". Its not because we're prudes. We believe there is right, and there is wrong. Pure and simple. How is same sex marriage going to help a society, if it helps destroy marriage and the family. Gambling has destroyed many a family. it should be discouraged, not legalized. Letting people get high on drugs, is just asking for trouble. Do you really want for example, a truck driver driving high under the influence. Where are the controls of behavior of yesteryear. We ANP take the view people are here to serve a purpose, not just to enjoy themselves. people have a duty to race and family. A DUTY. Don't like it, too bad. We white Aryans need to gets our heads out of our asses and back in the game. Survival of the race should be our top priority. If your inconvenienced too bad. You have a duty, like it or not, to serve your race, and help it propagate. Do you really want a world without white Aryans in it. Can you imagine how earth would be today without the white Aryan influence. Our enemies want us out. They can't confront us openly, so they are undermining us. Drugs, gambling, homosexuality. They want us weakened, and eventually destroyed. Let us resist. Let us show strength. Moral strength. Let us once again be morally pure. Aryans achieved by being disciplined, not high and fractured. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit, to combat the new gospel of do what you want. Help ANP bring white Aryans to clean living, just like our ancestors. A clean society is a strong society. History has proven this many times before. ANP is a force for morality. Help us.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Criminalizing the poor

This country is waging a war against the poor. The criminal Judeo-Capitalists insist on making the poor into lazy bums who deserve no help whatsoever. Now the poor are harassed legally to now. In Los Angeles, it is now illegal to sleep in your car and/or RV. It seems that 7,000 people are living in their car/RV because they can't afford housing. This apparently annoys the yuppies who are annoyed by poverty's ugly sight, and wish it to go away. So it is made illegal to live in your car or RV. No effort is made to help people find employment or housing. No, they are merely told to go away or face arrest. Is this really America? Is this what we have sunk to, We are offended by the site of poverty, and the poor are told to get out of sight. No effort whatsoever is made to help out. No effort is made to help at all. This is basically telling people to go off and die, just so the rich ruling elite don't have to look at it, as it might upset their happy notion of America the beautiful, and RICH. This is absolutely wrong. Its like merely watching somebody drown, while a life preserver is right at hand, but its too much trouble to bother saving someone. WTH. This new callous attitude toward the poor is just one more in a long line of efforts to stick it to the poor. The weakest people in our society are treated like dirt. Yet, nothing is done to alleviate poverty in this country. The "war on poverty" of the LBJ years is over. Dead and buried. Now the poor are left to flounder. The working, and middle classes are also left by the wayside. This is now a Capitalist society, fit only for Capitalists. No others wanted.
Folks, this is total bullshit. The rich are telling the rest of us to go to hell. To bring home the point, they are making it an offense to be poor. Capitalists believe the poor are the way they are, because they are lazy. This is patently untrue. The poor are poor because their jobs got outsourced, or were lost to technology. We need social justice, and we need it now. ANP would never, could never, allow its people to become so degraded. No way, no how. To an NS govt, taking care of its people is THE highest priority bar none. You absolutely won't see an NS govt hang back and do nothing as its people starve. It sure as hell won't persecute people for being poor. Helping the race is job number one for the National Socialist. An NS govt would ensure housing for its people, not shoo them off like flies, with asshole laws about sleeping in cars or RV's. Capitalism is just plain too perverted to be allowed to go on as the rulers of this nation. Time for a new govt, a new way. A far better way. A system that cares for we the white Aryans, and that doesn't treat us like trash. Donate to ANP. Money, and also your time to give out lit. Our people deserve respect, not petty harassment. As far as ANP is concerned, there must not be, and won't be, white Aryan poor in this country. If you agree with this goal, help us. Help YOUR race. There should be ab ironclad rule in this country that there should be NO white Aryan poor. ANP intends to make this happen, and stick with it. Our people deserve so much, yet get so little. Enough of Capitalist table scraps. Let us unite for white Aryan dignity and respect.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blame game

This society is totally unfair. Downright wrong. Notice how the right wing gets blasted by the liberal media, just because some whack job goes off the deep end and kills. How the hell is the right suppose to know that this will happen. They aren't mind readers. The right believes in gun rights. The left crucifies them for this. Any damn gun problem, and the liberal left wants to totally ban guns. Is this fair? Is this at all right? Why make good citizen gun owners the bad guys. The American people have the RIGHT of gun ownership. As mentioned in the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution. Like it or not, it is the law of the land. No, the anti gun people are just that. ANTI gun. They want and intend to take every damn firearm away from us. They say no, but they really mean yes. The liberal left can NOT be trusted. Any agreement, or understanding isn't worth the paper it is written on. As soon as they are in power, they WILL take guns away. They have shown this already in numerous instances at the state and city level. Its as simple as this, you can not vote liberal  unless you want your guns taken away. All of them. The liberal left is in love with the idea of govt running peoples lives. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible, dent, law abiding people. This means nothing to the liberal left. Someone goes off the deep end, and right away its a push for abolition of the ownership of firearms. People have no rights, if the liberal left decide they don't is the liberal left message.
Fellow white Aryans. Are you psychic? Can you tell when someone will commit a crime? No, then why does the liberal left blame you gun owners every time there is a gun incident. ANP doesn't play the blame game. Honest, decent gun owners are respected by ANP. Some ANP have firearms. Legally. They are quite responsibly and ALWAYS within the law. ANP respects and supports gun rights. An NS govt would respect and support your RIGHT to bare arms.  ANP refuses to place blame on all gun owner, just because someone goes off the deep end for whatever reason and ends up shooting someone else. If you want to keep your gun, you better start supporting ANP. It is the only political party that you can count on to protect your gun owning rights. All the others will sell you out. Our slimy politicians will break at the slightest political breeze. Look at how they kow tow to the anti gun people just because they throw a demo or two. Can you realistically trust them to stick with you thru rough times? I very much doubt it. Donate to ANP. Your money. Your time to give out lit. Help us preserve YOUR gun rights/ownership. Your not a criminal, so don't let yourself be treated like one. ANP is on your side. Help it. It is your only real defender against these rabid dog liberal leftists who would ban all gun ownership. Save your gun rights. Help us defend you. ANP upholds the law and peoples rights. Its the American way.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Work, work, work.

Our people are being worked to death. Greedy Judeo-Capitalists are using our people like a slave labor force. Our workers have NO worth in Capitalist eyes. We are only a "resource" to be exploited and tossed aside when no longer useful. To me, working ever more hours is not the good life. How can you live life chained to the oar. If people in our society have more money, its because they are working far more hours., NOT because of higher wages. In actuality, wages in the US have been stagnant for some years now. At the bottom 5th of the working population, wages went up at most 25%. Meanwhile, for the top 5th, wages went up 88%. This is a terrible discrepancy. It reinforces the inequality in our society, which is already at monstrous levels. The dream of an egalitarian society is fast fading. It sure won't be helped by our rich folks Congress. To our rich ruling elite, we are less then pond scum, and fit only to be beasts of burden. To be used up, as in exploited, as in "human resources", and then discarded when no longer useful. Why do you think our rich ruling elite hates things like Social Security and Medicare. They, with their total business mentality, think it is throwing good money after bad, as your wasting money on those who no longer can be used to make profits. Heartless, yes, logical yes. This is the logic of Capitalism. Make money at any cost. Especially at any human cost.
Friends. We must stop this travesty of a society. It is destroying our people. Our workers have no value in Capitalist eyes, and the rich ruling elite could care less how many lives get used up, in order for them to make an extra million. How many yachts and mansions can these people have. To them its never enough. National Socialism believes in worker rights. That workers have an obligation to work for the state and society, but get cared for in return. NS believes in helping its people. Its whole reason for its existence is to help care for the race. To NS, the racial state should be, and must be to care for ALL members of the race. No differentiation based on wealth. Race is where it is at. The race must be all. It must come before self. Only a racially based society can be healthy. Look at how depraved our Capitalist society is. Movies and TV that is filthy. Our kids uneducated. Our people living worse then animals. NS will never allow this. We workers have value in NS. Great value. Being a white Aryan gets you respect, not condemnation like it is now. Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We need ANP to bring about a better society. A NS one. One where a white Aryan worker has worth, and is treated accordingly. If we do nothing, we condemn ourselves, and future generations to the new slavery. Interest slavery. Debt bondage. A miserable existence of constant work, without enjoyment at any time. Your not a machine. Don't act like one. Support the ANP. Bring about the egalitarian racial state.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The basics

Our country has lost its way. It is in a holding pattern, with no real direction. The reason for our societal stagnation is that we no longer value anything. Nothing means anything anymore. Our people have lost belief in anything and everything. Values are treated as irrelevant and annoying. We need to believe. We need to have core values again. Let us start our rebirth with belief in three things. WORK. We need to once again value work. We need to once again take pride in our work. No more half ass measures. People need to feel pride in work, and proud to be American workers. Judeo-Capitalism treats workers like crap. That they have no value. That they are as interchangeable as the parts they manufacture with. Only when the white Aryan worker is treated with pride again, will the world of work be once again rewarding, instead of demeaning.
FAMILY. It use to be family life was valued. Children were considered a blessing. Now kids are considered as just byproducts of sex. Child rearing is considered an annoyance. How can our society survive, if reproduction is considered a joke to be avoided. Is it any wonder our numbers are decreasing. We put our enemies down, but they are better then us when it comes to kids. They want theirs. A lot of them. We avoid child rearing. It is beneath us. Especially women now feel child rearing is something best avoided. We must think again of the future, and stop whining about problems. No one said child rearing was easy. It is VITAL, if we are to have future generations of white Aryans to carry on the legacy of our race.
HOMELAND. The US is our land. Our nation. We need to have pride and confidence in it once again. We must take our land seriously. Stop taking it for granted. We have become lazy. We allow excess without complaint. Its anything goes. Enough. There is such a thing as right and wrong. Evil must never be tolerated. We should assert ourselves, not be doormats. Non whites get away with murder here. It is time they be brought to heel. Enough of them getting special treatment. We white Aryans need help. A lot of it. We have lost our jobs to overseas. We pay taxes, but get nothing but crap in return. We white Aryans ate treated worse then second class citizens. WE are treated like we have no worth whatsoever. Our TV and movies are filth. Morality is considered a bad joke.
ANP. It is for white Aryan America. It want to bring jobs back home. It wants a strong military, but only to defend the homeland, not go crusading in stupid interventions in other, alien lands. It wants to bring morality back. It wants a moral, hard working, proud white Aryan America. It wants to live and let live. Not out of weakness, but out of simple intelligence that this is the right thing to do. It wants a strong nation, but one that upholds white Aryan rights. Donate to ANP your money, and your time to give out lit. Help spread the words. Justice. Unity. Peace. White Aryans should be allowed to live their lives like humans, not be treated like we're worms in the ground.