Monday, February 26, 2018


White Aryans are in trouble in the USA. The numbers don't look good. The prospect of a Hispanic US are very great. Whites are losing the numbers game. If nothing changes, whites will end up a minority. With all the perils that that entails. Right now, the percentage of white Aryans of the US population is 60%. By 2060, it will be 45%. The growth in the Hispanic population was 5 million in the years between 2010-2016. For whites in the same period, it was a decrease in population of 400,000. We can already see how things are going. For young Americans, the non Hispanic whites have gone down 60%. We MUST cut Hispanic immigration, NOW. If we do nothing, whites will become a minority in 5 years. A big problem with Hispanic immigration, is that once one gets into the country, then all the damn family members end up coming in also. So where we once had one, we end up with 2 dozen. The snowball effect. Latin Americans, and African Americans are predicted to be the majority by 2044 in the latest census projection. It truly amazes me how white liberals aren't alarmed by this trend. They think it will be us all just getting along. Bullshit. Unbelievable bullshit.  These groups hate whites, and will discriminate against us like crazy. They'll be no civil rights legislation among them. Black and Hispanic racism is a real, and palpable thing. It is not to be ignored, or belittled. Unless we can buck the trends, we white Aryans are up the creek without a paddle.
ANP is fighting to avoid this fate. It is fighting to hold the line against Hispanic immigration. Less white Aryans be over run and submerged in a sea of mud peoples. This a very real possibility, and ANP is determined to resist it at all costs. If we fail to regulated non white population growth, we are done for. ANP is our protection. It is fighting to stop illegal immigration. Keep Hispanic numbers in check. If this country, does as liberals want, we will expand the population problem by letting in Arab Muslims. A dire prospect. As if we don't have enough to deal with. ANP is resisting letting Hispanic families move in en mass. It is fighting to keep numbers down, and especially keep numbers on the up and up. If your illegal, that means you have no business being here, and out you should go. Lets face facts. This country was built by white ingenuity. If we lose this, game over. Our country will sink into the sea of mediocrity. Peoples who have historically shown no innovation, will be running the show here in the USA. We will definitely lose out to other countries. We won't be able to compete, and we will become poor. Don't let this happen. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help pass laws. The job you save may very well be your own. Thanks to liberalism, whites are digging their own graves. Help ANP reverse this terrible trend. People must be made aware of the danger. White Aryans must be called to action. Join us. Join the struggle to save white identity, and existence. Support ANP just as hard as you can.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Our world is out of balance. There is no steady middle ground. With Capitalism, greed predominates. All people think about is money, and self aggrandizement. Nothing is done for the sake of the people. Its all everyone screwing everyone. Undermining the rule of law, and decency, for the sake of profit. Marxism on the other hand is all about the state owning everything. It is authoritarianism run rampant. The state owns everything. The state runs the economy. It may be OK if you have a near feudal society, but a govt trying to control and direct a complex modern economy is a losing proposition. No, the only balanced system, is National Socialism. In NS, the govt monitors the economy, rather then trying to control it. It lets people make money. It only steps in to control things, when things are out of hand, and true wrongdoing is occurring. National Socialism, lets business get on with business, and ONLY acts when absolutely necessary. NS offers a different world view. Its morality is based on race. The idea of serving the race. In NS, the race comes first and foremost. The idea of betraying the race is anathema. Everything for the race, everything done in the name of the race. Selfishness doesn't enter into a National Socialist consciousness. Sacrificing for the race is part and parcel of existence. All for the race is NS battle cry.
It is vitally important we bring stability to the planet. We need a system of fairness, and balance. We need to be forward looking. Support ANP. It wishes to bring balance back to our society. NS ideas aren't welcome because of political correctness. We are stuck with either unfettered Capitalism, or unwieldy, unworkable Marxism. Either of which brings societal failure. Donate to ANP. Your time, and your money. Your time, to give out lit. We must get people to see NS offers balance. Something sorely needed, but currently non existent today's world. Without a balanced societal and world view, our problems will only increase and get far worse. We NEED National Socialism. We need it to live by. It alone can guarantee a life of decency and respect for all white Aryans. If we keep on the road we are on now, our race will die. Submerged by a sea of muds. Only ANP can offer an island of peace and security for us in the future. Join us. Live for your race. Help convert this cesspool society into one that white Aryans can be proud of, and secure in. National Socialism is the only system that offers balance, and a future for us.

Monday, February 19, 2018

US debt.

People dismiss the debt as nothing. It is not. It is money we owe. Solemn obligations. The two major US political parties handle debt differently. Blue states have on average $22,000 unfunded debt. Red states have $1500 in unfunded debt. Debt means either paying off, or borrowing money. To pay off would mean tax hikes, so we borrow. This puts us in hock to the Chinese. If a state has too many debts, it eventually suffers. California has the highest poverty rate in the country. It tries to do way too much to care for illegal immigrants, who pay no taxes, to help support the system. The US national poverty level was $24,000 for a family of 4 in 2016. The California poverty rate for 2015, was 20.6%. Basically, helping illegal immigrants, with govt education and health care is a losing proposition. Illegals don't pay taxes. They are underground. It is money thrown down a rat hole. Translation, helping provide for those who do nothing to help with costs, leads to borrowing. That in turn leads to indebtedness (debt slavery) as we end up being in thrall to our creditors. Countries that may not wish us well. Owing our shirts for the sake of the lazy and useless illegals, is a losing proposition. This crap of how illegals help our economy is just that, crap. people underground stay underground. In the meantime, our kids face a future burdened by heavy debt. Very heavy debt.
I support ANP, because it won't tolerate any nonsense like our parties do now. If someone is getting a free ride, and is here illegally, then out they go. ANP believes in taking care of its own. Yeah its selfishness, but its based on racial survival. We need to take care of our own. NOT the flotsam and jetsam of the whole world. Let other countries/societies take care of their own. We need to take care of just us, and only us. We white Aryans are the national piggy bank. We're expected to cough up, no matter what. Bullshit. Who says we have to save the world. We need to save our fellow white Aryans. Our people pay taxes, but get little or no benefit. Illegal aliens pay nothing, but are provided for nevertheless. We white Aryans end up owing our collective shirts, to a country like China that bears us no great love, while illegals live the good life. At least a life better then home. This is totally unacceptable. As our debt grows, we pay more in interest. Soon all we'll be able to do is pay interest, and nothing on debt principal. We'll be in debt forever. A financial Chinese colony.
Help ANP. Give money. Give of your time to give out lit. Help elect a party that knows the score, and is determined to avoid the fate of the eternally indebted borrower. ANP wants white Aryans to have financial independence, which translates into political independence. To be indebted to a no white nation that bares us no great love is exceedingly foolish. We must clean up our corrupt govt, and fast, or we'll be indebted slaves for all eternity. Far from being a rich strong country, if we stay in debt, we will end up poor and weak, and totally unable to cope.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


This country needs to change its ways. For far too long we have been giving handouts to every open palm. Enough. Generosity is nice, but it is very important not to be a damn fool about it. Right now in the good old US of A, 57% of immigrant families are on welfare. It makes no difference if legal, or illegal. They are basically uneducated, and a tax drain of the first magnitude. These people get better breaks then native born Americans. When foreigners open a business, they get 5 years worth of tax breaks. Why do you think all the 7/11 type stores are run by Indians and Arabs. They get the breaks, while our people get nothing but crap. Our country is overly generous. We're giving away the store, to people's who don't really like us, and will screw us when they get the chance. Its time we stopped being "Uncle Sucker", and started to face facts. This country has a 20 trillion dollar deficit. We can no longer afford to feed the world, and let in anybody who wants to make a buck. How can we trust that these people aren't some Trojan horse, sent by Islamic fanatics to do us harm. No, we need to take into account our safety. Our economy is OK, but we can't spend our money helping everyone, lest we end up in the poor house ourselves. Our govt has for too long been the gravy train for those who wish to just goof off. They wish to live off govt largess, while our citizens work hard and pay taxes. A lot of taxes. Its the same old story, only instead of blacks and Hispanics on welfare/food stamps, and buying steak, now its immigrants. All the while the hard working Aryans are stuck with a diet of franks and beans. Its not right. It is not feasible in the long run. Somewhere along the line, the dam must be held.
ANP is fighting to hold back the sea of mud peoples who are determined to flood our shores. Unless, and until something is really done to curb immigration, our white Aryan world is in real jeopardy. White Aryans are now in deadly danger of becoming a minority in this land. Should that happen, we can expect no mercy. ANP understands this, and is doing its utmost to hold back the tide and save its race. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We MUST arouse our people. Educate them to the deadly danger they are in. We must unite under ANP's banner and prevent anymore freeloading non whites from entering. Enough of being a giant goody bag, and time for us to act and think like a nation once more. Help ANP. Unite behind it. Help it rouse our people to resistance. We must run for office, and once in, convince our people they face ruin. Only a completely new approach to immigration can save the day. ANP offers that new approach. Time to be choosy on who we let in. No more freeloaders. You work, or your out. Help ANP bring sanity back to US immigration policy. Help it save the white race from being overwhelmed.

Monday, February 12, 2018

US decline

The US is fast becoming a hopeless debtor nation. Our debt is now at approx. 20 trillion dollars. That comes in around 25% of GDP. By the year 2050, our balance of payments of our govt will consist of 58% interest on our debt. Our nation currently lacks the production capacity to make enough and sell enough products to make a dent in our debt. At least a meaningful dent. This country is in a real jam. Unless our govt gets their act together, we're all screwed. This system has got to go. Under Judeo-Capitalism, we are all getting poorer. Jobs outsourced. All the while our debt is skyrocketing. We now owe our shirts to China and the Arabs. Jewish finance doesn't care. It only cares about the interest that can be made lending money. Even if it harms our country's well being, the Capitalist just want to make money, by lending money. The military industrial complex is just a money maker. That's why we have so many damn wars. War is good for business. The cost of weapons, with their overruns are just pure profit, to the war profiteers. In the meantime, money gets scarce. Things we need, like education, and health care, are falling by the wayside, as all our tax money ends up paying the damn national debt.
Folks, that old bull that we're the richest nation is fast getting undone. As I said, with job outsourcing, we can't make anything to sell to pay off our debt. We are now in national debt slavery. Debt interest slavery. We are slaves to our nation's debt, and all our money is being sucked up paying same. ANP is determined to bring in a better system. One that doesn't get wrapped up in financial gymnastics, but a govt that does what is needed. A system that provides. education. A system that provides health care. A system that cares about, and takes care of its people. Help ANP put things to right. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. The deficit is a tough issue to explain to people, but they must be made to see the great danger it poses. Either we curb spending and control borrowing, or we end up a poor, economically drained nation. There ARE limits to a nation's power, and finances. Our nation is fast approaching those limits. It is getting so that Aryan is fast becoming another word for poor person. Let's save our country, and our own wallets, and stop this crazy system before it does any more damage. National Socialism is THE system that is best. It doesn't let things run amok like Capitalism, and doesn't throttle economic activity like Communism. It is the "Goldie locks system", its just right. It has the right balance for the health of the nation. Economic, as well as political. Out with the old, in with the new. Help us. Help stem the rot. Being a beggar clad in rags, is no way for an Aryan to be.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Descent into hell

Our country is going down the tubes. Everything is coming apart at the seams. Morally, we are in the toilet. The fantasy "Purge" movies about letting people run wild and commit murder, will probably come to pass the way things are going. Consider. Gambling was once considered a no no. It was considered morally wrong, and disallowed. Now it is quite common. Hell, even the states have gotten in on the act with their lotto's. Gambling is now OK, and totally accepted. Is it really OK? What about compulsive gambling. The wreckage of lives. Another taboo that has fallen by the wayside is same sex marriage. It is now legal in a number of states. There is a push to make it legal in the country. We are told it is OK. The Bible says no. It is now ignored. Another biggie is recreational drug use. Pot is becoming legal. The drug war seems to be ending, with society's surrender. There are other examples, but these are enough to get my point across. I am NO prude. Ever since the beginning of civilization, society has decide what is, and is not permissible. People were expected to adhere to the rules. Now liberals want to toss out the rule book. Nothing need be wrong as long as nobody gets physically hurt. This philosophy ignores the moral hurt of such actions. Gambling can wreck families due to excess. Same sex couples hurt the family by forgoing reproduction. Families end. The human race will end without children. As far as adoption is concerned, I'm sorry, but I feel a child should be exposed to a parent of each sex, for a balanced look at life. Same sex parents, just don't provide that. Drug abuse is considered bad, yet now we're letting people partake. Hurting their bodies, and families. Addiction is a dreaded scourge, by feed it? People are expected to abide by certain societal agreed behaviors. To ignore this is at your peril. A society that let's everyone do as they please, ends up on the dustbin of history. Freedom can be a deadly poison, if misused. Look at democratic ancient Athens. The ancient Roman republic. People got freedom. people abused freedom. Both entities ended up decaying, and dying.
Friends. The ANP is fighting a hard battle against entrenched interests. Interests that want everybody to be "free" to do your own thing. This is a recipe for chaos. Look at our society today. Its a total mess. Many are using freedom as a license to run amok. ANP is NOT a collection of prudes. It is NOT social snobbery that makes it oppose unbridled freedom. It is the fact that discipline must be maintained or the society falls. There must be boundaries. ANP is fighting a battle against those who are basically anarchic in thinking. Anarchism takes to the level of animals. Everyone for themselves. Is this really how a society should be. Practices are forbidden because they can have serious consequences. Wanton sex is bad. It can spread venereal diseases, like syphilis and gonorrhea. Never mind morality. Things are forbidden simply because they are bad things to do. ANP sees this. Our opponents don't. Help us maintain a society, and not a human jungle. Donate time and money to ANP. Time to give out lit. Our people need to see that freedom is an illusion that can have dire consequences. Help us maintain a society of humans, and not human beasts.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Wokers lament

Our world is so full of selfishness, and greed, its really terrible. Right now, on this planet, 1% of the population has enough wealth, equal to 82% of the rest of the population of planet earth.. Let's face it. The rich rule. Not thru honesty and hard work. That is a myth. Its by things like tax evasion. Not even illegality, but legal loopholes put into the tax code by bought off politicians. Corporations run policy in this country. They are suppose to honor workers rights. They don't. Instead, they run roughshod over workers. Companies don't  hesitate one second to cost cut by laying off workers. In 2017, 61 people were the world's richest and owned wealth equivalent to half the population of the planet. So far, in 2018, 42 people have as much wealth, as half the planet. This has got to stop. This has got to change. Got to. We can't possibly have a viable society when deprivation is so immense. We need a system that values the worker. Cares for the worker. A humane system that treats people as befits humans, not as draft animals. How much more degradation can we expect. I say, a lot more. This current system is utterly corrupt, and will eventually destroy the American worker. We are now in the age of neo slavery. Make people work long hours, for meagre pay. Just like in the bad old days.
People. You are just that. People. Not mindless animals. Machines. You are human beings deserving of human dignity. We need a new system. One that values people. National Socialism values people on the basis of race. White Aryans are valued. Cared for. Treated with the respect an Aryan deserves. Help ANP bring about system change. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help ANP put in place a better system. We Aryans deserve so much, yet get so little. ANP can help change that. White Aryans shouldn't lose out on jobs because of affirmative action. We have rights to. Help ANP. We can contest elections. Gain office. Minor at first, major offices later. With a united Aryan base, we can accomplish system change. It only takes our will, and unity to do so. Fight the system. Don't meekly submit. Help out ANP by giving out literature. We Aryans deserve things like education and health care. We need a system that will provide it. We should not stay in thralldom to a system that denies us that which is our due. Support ANP. Support the idea of National Socialism, and its central idea, of racial unity leading to racially based economic prosperity. Yes, NS is racially exclusive. That is natural. Let the other races take care of their own. Nobody is stopping them from doing so. Help promote the white Aryan cause, and guarantee a good life for generations of white Aryans to come.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Death of the US

This country is dying. Slowly, ever so slowly, rotting away. Too many problems, that are going unsolved. The percent of people in poverty is getting worse, not better. The US ranks 35 out of 157 countries. Of children living in poverty, the US ranks 34 out of 35 countries. In income inequality, the US is the 4th worst. The US is now in 27th place for having a middle class. In happiness, the US is 17 out of a field of 36. The US GDP now ranks 14 out of 228. Here is the real kicker. In education, the US is 17th in reading, 26th in math, and 21 in science. For health, the US ranks 33 out of 145. The only field the US ranks first anymore, is prison population. The US is number one in the number of people it has in prison. The US is 1 out of 224. In social progress the US ranks 16 out of 133.
I know I've thrown a lot of numbers at you. Its important. The US is no longer number one in far too many fields. We are a dying nation. We fight too many wars. We waste too much money giving it to shit hole countries that will NEVER be worth a damn. Too much is wasted here. Thru corruption, and mismanagement. Our precious tax money, that we pay, supposedly for govt services, is instead wasted. Spent on meaningless prestige projects whose only purpose is to flatter some asshole politicians ego. A nation mired in corruption can never hope to survive. Never. History is replete with examples.
Friends. It is time to put a stop to this rot. Stop it, and reverse it. We'll never survive if we keep going as we are. We need a new way. A new way for society to be structured. One that battles corruption, instead of mollycoddling it. We NEED National Socialism. The system of govt based on race, not money. It is only logical, that someone who values race, rather then money will be morally superior. Be able to be trusted. Relied on. Counted on. Motivation is the key. If we implant in our young brains the love of race, rather then self, we will get far more out of them. Good results, not garbage. We need a new way, less we perish. The current system is morally bankrupt. Useless. Donate to ANP. It is fighting to change things. Make a better society. More honest govt. A govt dedicated to the little guy. Donate your money, and your time to give out lit. let us work to have a better future. A future, period. Help ANP change things. For the better. An NS govt and society would be far purer racially, and morally. It would be still liable to corruption, but in a far more controlled atmosphere. An atmosphere in which evil doers are punished, not voted into office to plunder the system. Instead of the professional politician thieves, now, we have the cut and run kind. Get in and take what they can, then retire to live on their ill gotten gains. Enough. Time for good govt again in a good society. A National Socialist society. Once that upholds the concept of race, not selfishness.