Monday, January 29, 2018

A failing nation

Our country is on the skids. Our culture is degrading. We now have tribalism here in the good old USA. Each group sticks to itself. No unity anymore. Our media follows dishonest practices. We can no longer trust them. They are totally partisan. Our country is suffering from cultural rot. Nuclear proliferation is the least of our worries. No one is going to use the bomb, since it guarantees their own destruction. Our political system is broken. Hopefully not beyond repair. Our govt just keeps spending. Our national debt is 19 trillion and counting. It is far too partisan. No one can agree on anything anymore. Our govt is out of control. It is like a giant tick, sucking the life's blood out of the nation. All our govt does, is feed off of its citizenry. Suck their taxes from them, to spend on unworthy projects. Foreign aid is merely bribing countries to stay loyal. Any idiot knows that paid for loyalty is no loyalty at all. We pay out so much to "help" poor non whites get thru college, or open businesses. All the while, the white tax payer is soaked for more and more money, to help unproductive, and undeserving  non whites. How much longer is the white Aryan taxpayer suppose to carry the load. Carry everything. All the while, white Aryans are losing their homes/jobs/self respect.
Our govt is like an alien entity. Totally out of empathy with its very own people. The American middle class is dying. It is shrinking. People keep losing jobs to overseas. Yet our govt wants to keep bringing in Hispanics and Muslims, when there are damn few decent jobs left for native Americans. White Aryans are singled out for discrimination, but none in govt care. To be a white Aryan these days is to be a worm crawling in the dirt.
People help us. Help ANP fight the rot that threatens us. Help ANP fight for racial justice. Just because we're white doesn't mean it should be A-OK to discriminate against us. We have rights. We deserve consideration. For 60 years we white Aryans have taken it on the chin. Blamed for all the world's evils. That its all our collective Aryan fault. Help ANP put things to right. White Aryans have rights. Let's exercise them. We must unite, and fight against the terrible evil that is taking over our country. White Aryans deserve so much more then what they're getting. If your a white Aryan, and you're tired of getting the back of ZOG's hand, then join with ANP and let's do something about it. We need to unite politically. We need to run candidates for office. Minor at first, higher up offices down the road. Together, we can make a difference. A big difference. Donate to ANP. Money, but also your time to give out lit. Let us unite, and form an unbeatable political party. One based on racial justice, and not political grandstanding. If things go on as they are now, I for see the death of the white Aryan race in the USA. Over run by non whites, and smothered politically and culturally.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Our country

Our country sucks. It is in a terrible way. Blacks get away with so much. Just because they're a minority, they have been given the keys to the kingdom. I think they have a lax morality. Just listen to gangsta rap. They are protected by civil rights laws. They are first hired, never fired. They are lazy. Violent. Look at the current prison population. Majority black. The language is crude. Now the liberals want to add to the problems by letting in crowds of immigrants. I can understand, if not condone, why people are so desperate as to want to shoot immigrants. These people sneaking in can be anybody. Criminals. Who the hell knows. Hey, if you don't follow the rules, no entry. Citizenship should NOT be automatically bestowed. It should be earned. The thing with the Hispanic and Muslim immigrants, is that they bring others, many others, with them. You admit one, then you get the wife, 5 kids, the grand parents, even aunts and uncles. All coming into a land with no decent pay jobs. Hispanics, and Muslims, are from alien cultures. They are different. To let all these people in will change fundamentally the nature of the United States. We will go from a Western European derived state, to a mish mash of a society half Hispanic, half Muslim. Its like having a creature half horse, half cow. It isn't viable. Not will our country. It will cease to be. We white Aryans will take it on the chin. They will treat us like dirt, since we'll be a powerless minority. They will take revenge. For all slights, real and imagined.
Folks, is this what YOU want for our country. Waves of immigrants from strange land we can't understand, and can't cope with. People whose customs are so radically different. What kind of society will we have. Our country is in danger of breaking up into mini tribes of groups. No more united front. Just groups. Primitive groups, with a low level of education. Poor understanding or none of our ways. We will become a morally and economically empty nation. ANP is trying to prevent this. Keep our nation whole and the way it is. ANP is fighting to keep our white Aryan identity. Keep America the great nation that it is. Don't let our nation die. Support ANP. Give money, and your time to give out lit. We need to arouse the masses, out of their slumber, and get them to see the coming danger. Support us. Join the fight. Save yourself. Save your kids. Help preserve your white Aryan identity. Don't let our white Aryan civilization die. We have so much, built by the labor and blood of our Aryan ancestors.  Don't let these intruders, just move in and take all that is currently ours. Our lives are at stake. Our country is at stake. We must unite and defend our very existence. I for one, refuse to let my race die upon request.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Bullshit justice

There is NO justice in this current system. It is a sick joke. As an example, one need only to look at the Mueller investigation of the Trump campaign. Of Mueller's grand jury. half of the twenty jurors, and black. That's 11 out of 20. Blacks hate Trump. What kind of impartial justice is he really going to get. Talk about set up. This is how our jury system is now a days. The Trump jury should represent the society. Black numbers are not half the country, so why is the Mueller jury half black. This shows our jury system is a joke. Prosecutors create juries that are sure to go along with whatever they want. There is no attempt at fairness or reasonableness. Our juries are just set ups for ambitious prosecuting attorneys to use them to showboat on how tough on crime they are. Its all for show. Not justice, show. If our system really worked, we wouldn't have 2 million people behind bars right now. Our prison population is bigger then many nations armies. I find it very sad. Our nation is crime ridden. People are afraid to walk the streets, all the while our prosecutors show boat. Juries are packed to be just willing tools of the system. I suspect strongly, that this is why ZOG is so pro non white, and wants to import them here so badly. ZOG feels that non whites are far more easily controlled then whites. Hence, get rid of the whites, and bring in non whites. The Mueller grand jury is but one example of how ZOG wants to use non whites for its nefarious schemes. Use non whites, like companies used strike breakers in the labor wars of the 1930's. Break up the enemy. Only in this case, the enemy is white Aryan society. If we get swamped by non whites, ZOG will have a green light to do as it pleases. The Mueller grand jury should have proportional representation on it. Instead it is packed against Trump. So it is with everything ZOG does in this country. Non whites are the weapon ZOG intends to use to control everything. Their battering ram against us white Aryans.
White Aryans. I am fed up with a justice system that is just a play toy for ZOG. There is no justice. We have a revolving door justice system, as criminals go into prison, criminals come out ready to rob/steal/kill. We need a system of justice that works. National Socialism believes in justice and fairness. A travesty like the Mueller grand jury where half the jurors are black, when only 12% of the population is black wouldn't happen. Juries would be proportional representation. The ANP is working to change our system. It wants a true justice system, not a joke one. Help ANP fight for justice. Fight for fairness. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Let us inspire our people with hope for a better future. Hope for a far more fair justice system. Juries should be about finding the truth, not used as weapons to screw political enemies, or put on a media show. ANP is fighting a long hard war of attrition. We need YOU. Help us. We need to bring justice to a dark and evil land. ANP is our only hope to free ourselves from ZOG's machinations.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Muslim America

According to census projections, Muslims will be America's second largest religious group by 2040. I think this is wrong. I think they will be the largest group in about ten years. They have lots of children. If we allow Muslim immigration, this country will become just another Arab Muslim nation. A hell for white Aryans. We will be discriminated against, severely. I'm sure we'll see a massive increase in Black Muslims as they will have seen where true power in the US will be residing. A Muslim America means just that. Yeah, they hate Jews, so we'll have them with us on that score. However, Arabic will become an official American language. Islam will replace Christianity as our national religion, and may become our official religion. Feminism will be held in check, but at a high price, as we white Aryans will be greatly outnumbered and outvoted on virtually everything under the sun. Unlike the stupid white person, Blacks, Muslims, etc. vote for the group. They don't care about the individual candidate. Blacks continually voted for Adam Clayton Powell even though he was under suspicion for corruption, because he was BLACK. They didn't care about anything else about the man. So it will be with the Muslim vote. I know that in Redford MI a suburb of Detroit, they voted for judge a woman just out of law school. Her only real qualification to the people there was that she was Muslim. Dearborn MI, near Detroit is now "little Arabia". Heavy Arab Muslim presence. The Muslims are starting to spread out. Like the Hispanics. Throughout the US you now find Hispanic communities in what were once white Aryan small rural towns. This fellow whites, is what awaits us. We'll become a minority in our own country. We will be shunted aside and be made a penniless, powerless group. Not a very happy prospect as history shows only too well, how badly it can go for minorities in a society.
White Aryans. Wake up. Get off your asses and get involved. Six decades of Jew led and inspired liberalism has set up the white Aryan for destruction. Not just from the old problem of black America, but now two new problems. Hispanics now, and Arab Muslims in future. Build the wall. Add a moat. Minefields. Whatever will keep them out. We are in danger. We stand to be outnumbered in the very near future. Outnumbered, outvoted, and dead as mutton. White existence is at stake. We must bring order out of chaos, lest we perish. SUPPORT ANP. It is the white Aryans only real, true hope. Our ONLY chance of survival. Unless we keep the gates closed we will be overrun. ANP is trying to hold the line. Keep America white. Help it. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We white Aryans are facing a bleak future. MASSIVE non white immigration. We will be overwhelmed. Obliterated. ZOG has decided it is far happier with compliant non whites then whites. Hence it wants us out of the picture. Let us fight this. Resist with all our might. Help ANP. Help it hold the brown tide back. If we fail, we are doomed as a race. We must unite and resist, to preserve what we are. Help us. Help yourself. The end is on the horizon. Fight the future. Resist ZOG. Save our race. Think of the children. Our Aryan children. What future they?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Uncle Sap

Our govt is so damn stupid. It pays massive amounts of money to an org that is all but worthless. The USA pays 22% of the UN budget. That comes out to 1.2 billion dollars a year. What do we get for our money. Shit hole nations, without a pot to piss in, mouthing off to us. They DARE to preach to us, at how bad we are, when they are poor, and primitive. They get aid thru the ass. Yet all we get is criticism, and obstructionism. What is the law, that says we should take crap form those who are below us. We should run the world. We help every rotten, stinking nation on earth, but one. The USA. This is outrageous. Our country should help itself, not some near Neanderthal primitives. The hell with other countries. Help the homeland, first and foremost. We have American poor. We have many needs. Infrastructure being the most glaring. Hey ZOG. how about helping your own. To give aid, to countries that not only don't deserve us, but bite the hand that feeds them is utterly nonsensical. I for one, am utterly appalled at this situation. Its time our people wised up. You take care of your own, first and foremost. The hell with saving the world. Why bother. Especially when they just spit in our faces. Let us stop helping the UN. It was and always has been a stupid idea. The one world govt types want it, but as for me, I say the hell with it. Let us save our money, and put it to better use. How about spending money here at home, to do things that need doing, and are way overdue.
Its high time that we have something like sense in govt. A National Socialist govt would never be so ridiculous as to waste money on a meaningless debating society that takes our money, then denounces us. A National Socialist govt would spend money on what it should, its own people. Our govt should help us, its people, survive, and not waste money on foreign bureaucrats to give them a chance to look good with asinine speeches. The ANP is fighting hard, to give the US what it most sorely needs. A govt that matters. That helps. That will do something. We need a pro white govt, that will help white Aryans, not give non whites the run of the place. Non whites get away with murder. They get first hired, last fired. They get aid up the ass, like aid to go to college, while deserving white Aryans are left unable to afford a college education. What the hell kind of bullshit is this. It stinks to high heaven. Let us stop having our govt played, and made a sucker of. Time for a govt of/by/for white Aryans to help same. Donate money to ANP. Donate your time to it to give out lit. We must get our people united behind us, to institute a new govt. That cares and helps, us, not gives money to a bunch of ignorant non white countries who have no clue what gratitude is. The UN is a useless org, that costs precious money, that adds up to nothing. Save the money.Get rid of this collection of international freeloaders. The UN is useless. Why bother. What does it do that our foreign aid doesn't. It is just another liberal expense that looks good for camera ops, but is quite useless in real life. Enough of crap. How about a govt of the people for a change.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The war against the poor.

The US is suppose to be the nation for the "little guy". The nation that actually takes care of its own. What a bunch of bullshit. This country burns the poor at every freaking opportunity. To be poor in the USA is to be ridiculed, despised, and treated like a bum. To our rich ruling elite, if your poor, you must be lazy and deserving of hardship. It just doesn't occur to them that people can be poor thru no fault of their own. Bad things do happen to good people. People shouldn't be punished for bad luck. People think of blacks when the word poor comes up, referring to poverty in the US. Surprise, there are far more white Aryan poor. Our white Aryan people are losing jobs left and right. First, manufacturing goes overseas. Now, home shopping networks like Amazon are killing the retail trade. Stores are closing in their thousands. People are ending up out of work. Instead of aid, they get ridicule. Our govt just wants to eliminate entitlements. Especially unemployment insurance. Their attitude is go find a job. Like its so easy. No, our rich ruling elite, is just that. Rich.  In power. Totally uncaring. Unless your rich, you don't matter. Our poor are left to starve. You might be able to get a job, but at minimum wages, and with no benefits. No, blacks and other non whites get all the help, because they're non white, and supposedly need help. We white Aryans built this country, and defended it, and end up with nothing but suffering. For there to be white Aryan poor, especially kids, is truly horrible. The people who most deserve help, get the back of the hand. Disgraceful. What kind of lunatic asylum has this country become. We punish the very people we need the most, and who deserve the most. There should NOT be poor white Aryans, period!
Fellow citizens. Its high time something was done about conditions in this country. We need a govt system that helps. One that will help get you a job, not call you lazy. A system that helps families in need. We don't need the current system with its mindless platitudes. We need a govt that cares for us in sickness. People do get sick. It is not their fault if a disease germ attacks them. We need a govt that sees to it people are cared for when ill. We need a govt system that will make every effort to educate its people. People need education in the tech world of today. Our schools are barely beyond the Middle Ages. Way behind the times. No wonder China and the like are catching up and surpassing us. We let our kids get a half ass education, and graduate barely able to spell their names. People. Vote for National Socialism. Thru the ANP, we fellow white Aryans fight for a decent life for the Aryan. A decent education. Decent schools. Decent health care. Decent wages. The magic word being decency. NS doesn't promise to have you living in a palace, but it does promise you'll live and be treated like a human being, and NOT like an animal. If your white Aryan poor, you deserve help, not humiliation. ANP will see to it, that jobs will pay decently. That people will get help finding a job. That workers will have rights. That govt will be a help to the worker, not just another plantation overseer. Donate to ANP. Your money, and your time to give out lit. Our people must be educated to see that there is another way. A better way. A way that makes sense. A way that gives them dignity.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Sharia law is anti Capitalism

These days, ZOG is making sure we are constantly hit with the message that Islamic Sharia law is terrible, and to be fought against. Actually, the reason ZOG opposes Sharia law, is because it is anti Capitalism. According to the Islamic law code, known as Sharia, it is prohibited from earning interest on loans. You can only charged a fee as you repay the loan. Also, it is forbidden to loan money to fund any endeavor involving alcohol, pork, porno, or gambling. In other words, there would be no interest slavery under Sharia law. This is anathema to the Judeo-Capitalists, who live, eat, breathe money. Interest slavery/debt bondage is what keeps Judeo-Capitalism going. Keeping people in hock for ever. It is the modern slavery. Keep people owing. This is what loan sharking use to be. Now it is standard business practice for our financial community. What use to be illegal, is A-OK. ZOG hates Islam, because it opposes their evil, money grubbing ways. ZOG wants economic slaves. It likes economic slaves. Slaves are easily controlled. This is why we are engaged in anti Islamic wars. Its not religion, its economics. Islam won't let the Capitalists do as they want, which is to gouge the common person. ZOG has whipped up Islam as a threat, since it is a threat, to ZOG. Like with Communism, anything that opposes ZOG's greed is painted as an evil enemy, and opposed with force. We white Aryans have been played for suckers by ZOG. We are being used as cannon fodder, to oppose a system that is ZOG's enemy, not ours. I for one, would love a system where I could borrow money, and not pay crippling interest on loans. Just charging a fee is far kinder, and much more manageable. The interest payments on loans can put you in the poorhouse. Think about loans YOU have taken. The struggle to make just the interest payments, never mind the principle. Judeo-Capitalism is ALL about making money. It is evil. It hurts people. It is quite unnecessary. We should live under something akin to Sharia law. No more interest on loans. No more interest slavery. We deserve to be free, not enthralled to greedy bankers. We must stop looking at Islam in general, and Sharia law in particular as some great evil to be resisted. Instead, we must resist Judeo-Capitalism.
ANP promotes peace. Nazis are NOT the great haters they have been portrayed. Muslims fought for Nazi Germany in World War Two. The SS division Handshar was Bosnian Muslim. Given a chance, people can spot their true enemies. ZOG wants us confused. Unsure. They want us to fight, but their enemies, not ours. Help ANP free our people. Help ANP defeat and destroy Judeo-Capitalism. No one should ever have to suffer at the hands of ZOG ever again. It is high time its greed ends. Donate to ANP. Your money. Your time to give out lit. People must be made aware of how ZOG is the enemy, not Sharia law. Sharia is anti Capitalist. Anti interest slavery. I like that. I see it as an ally against ZOG and its evil ways. Let us all unite, in the Cold War against ZOG and its many machinations. Fight with us. Fight for YOUR self. It is time to resist. Let us stop being used. Time to oppose the real enemy.  The money changers in the temple of democracy need the boot. ANP will gladly do so, if only it gets the precious support it needs.