Thursday, December 28, 2017

Commiting racial suicide

The EU govt in their wisdom, think it only right they accept all the poor Muslims who want to immigrate in a mass migration from the poor third world countries. They are out of their minds. It is nothing less then racial suicide if they do this. Europe would cease to be Europe. It would become just a backwater province of the third world. Just another area of non whites who would be poor, and primitive. These leaders who dare propose such a thing need to be voted out of office immediately, but such is doubtful as ZOG likes the idea. The Jews have never, and will never, forgive European white Christians for defying them. Hence they are thirsty for revenge. How better, then to eliminate white Aryans, and substitute Semites instead. Since Jew and Arab are both Semite, I guess the Jews would feel more at home in a Semitic Europe. Anyway. The cost of letting this migratory herd in would be astronomical. Europe's cushy lifestyle would disappear. The govt would have to come up with MONEY for increased education needs, employment, and vocational training. These things cost money as it is, but to have to do it for people who don't speak the language, and are from basically primitive, medieval type cultures would be especially hard. Economics aside, it would mean the replacement of white Aryans with Arab Muslim Semites. Europe would cease to be. It would end up resembling the Arab countries. Primitive, backward. Totally alien in culture from what exists presently. It is maddening to me that supposed leaders are OK with the destruction of their own people. To let in a flood of Muslims is insane. Muslims are allowed 4 wives. They want big families. Throw in relatives, and you can see why the white Aryans would be outnumbered in short order. Europe would lose the Greco-Roman and Napoleonic law codes, and end up with Sharia law. A very harsh and inflexible law code. Europeans would be utterly miserable living under Muslim auspices. Why in hell do it? As I said, the Jews want revenge. More then that, they want to make damn sure the white Aryans never rise up to threaten them, or even bug them ever again. How better to solve a problem, then to eliminate it in entirety. The Jews would never be bugged by Christmas preparations ever again.
White Aryans. Our leaders want to do the same to us, as to Europe. Eliminate the troublesome white Aryan, and replace him with the submissive Semite. It is a diabolical piece of skullduggery. Worthy of the most cunning people on the planet, the Jews. They are only too happy to see the white Aryan disappear in a sea of Arab Semite Muslims. The Jews don't care about white Aryan existence or values. We of the ANP care. We already are fighting for the racial life of the white Aryan in the US. Now we must add in Europe as well. The ANP NEEDS funds to do its work. Unless we get the funds we need to defend our people, white Aryans will become extinct on this entire planet. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must HELP the white Aryans of Europe to save themselves. Save their culture. Save their very existence and identity. Help. Now. Things are desperate. Our very race existence is at stake. Not just in the US, but in the ancestral homeland of the white Aryan. Would you really be able to be content to visit a Europe Arab Muslim rather then white Aryan. It is not such a far fetched notion anymore. Europe is on the brink thanks to race traitor leadership. Help fight an Arab Muslim future for Europe. Help save your race here. Help ANP.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Not so sweet a home

Housing prices in this country are out of control. People can't afford decent housing anymore. In Northern California for example, people are using RV's as homes, because housing prices are out of their reach. Even rents are unaffordable for many. The median cost of an apt in San Jose California is $2500 a month. For Oakland its $2200. Friends, this is truly horrible. No Aryan should be homeless or living in squalor. Nothing pisses me off more, then Aryans living like animals, while blacks and other non whites can afford the best of homes thanks to great paying jobs they got solely on the basis of their race. We, by law, make sure that non whites get a crack at the choicest jobs. Jobs with big paychecks and great benefits solely on the basis of their race. They get priority. The civil rights laws make sure non whites get the good jobs, while far better qualified Aryans are left with open hands begging for a chance for anything they can get. We Aryans are third class citizens in what was once OUR country. It stinks to high heaven. White Aryans are losing the ability to afford decent housing, never mind great. People are going homeless. They are now forced to live in tents and RV's because they can afford neither a house, or even an apt. This is so wrong. People unable to afford decent shelter. Living permanently in what is suppose to be just temp quarters for trips or camping. An RV is not meant to be a permanent home. The fact that they have become so, is a black eye on our society.
Friends, this must stop. We need a govt system that sees to our needs. One that cares for us. One that doesn't treat us as human garbage. A National Socialist govt would make sure every Aryan had a decent home. It wouldn't own everything like in Communism, but it would step in when things got too rough on the people. Right now, our rich ruling elite just stands back and watches as our people suffer. National Socialism calls for an active govt that will intervene when things go wrong and need correction. Donate to ANP. Your money, and time, to give out lit. We must find a new way. People forced to live in RV's as homes is wrong, and shouldn't be happening. There should be rent control, when rents are so high, no one can afford them. A Nazi govt would step in. A Capitalist govt never will. Its past time we changed systems, and got a govt/system responsive to our needs. Help support ANP. Unite with us to bring about a pro Aryan govt. One that cares for us, and will help us. Its time we stop letting non whites, especially blacks, get a free ride off the backs of Aryans. We deserve good treatment to, if not more so. Support ANP. Let us work for change. Our people deserve good treatment. Our people have rights. Our people need. ANP works for you to raise the standard of living of whites, to what it once was, decent, and lift whites out of the gutter.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Home not so sweet

The US is facing a massive housing crisis. How these morons can go around and shout that we're the richest most powerful nation, when we have so much in housing worries astounds me. Half of all renters in the US are under a major financial burden. They are hard pressed to make their rent. It is no wonder that the number of homeless are increasing. Fully one third of renters are over  age 50. There are simply not enough rental units affordable for the average person. Rental units are now geared to the rich, not the common folk, and certainly not the poor. In this country, the rich are catered to. The poor are neglected. The middle and working class suffer. Homelessness is suppose to be something that happens in other countries. Not here. Yet, here it is. Our people suffer and are neglected. Judeo-Capitalism doesn't care about the non rich. If your not rich, your left to starve. Or be homeless. The thought of whites being homeless, while blacks and other non whites have great homes to live in is truly appalling to me. White Aryans end up in the streets, while non whites get preferential treatment in hiring. They get the best jobs, simply because of their race. This backed by law. Is it right for a white family to live under a highway overpass, because some non white got job priority and is able to get a good pay job, and afford a nice home. This is outrageous, but it is the state of this screwed up country. Whites deserve good treatment. They're the ones that built this country, and fought to keep it safe. Yet, we let our fellow whites wallow in poverty, and the mud, while non whites get all the good things in life solely on the basis of their race.
White Aryans. This system is hopelessly corrupt. It is white hostile. Everything is geared to the non whites. We need a new system. A white friendly system. Let us unite and determine to end this tyranny. We must free the white Aryan to again take his place in dignity. Not wallow in mud like a pig. Support ANP. Give money. Give your time to give out lit. We must show our people that they can regain their rights, and dignity once again. No white Aryan should ever be homeless. Whites should have access to good pay jobs. White wages should be decent and allow a decent standard of living. Rental units should be geared for people to afford them. Not struggle with rent. This can all be achieved with National Socialism. It values race, not money. White Aryans have value. They get decent treatment. They get treated with dignity. Help ANP bring about a white Aryan nation, where the white Aryan gets decent treatment. No more white Aryan poor.

Monday, December 18, 2017

A changing nation

In the USA, the richest 1% now own more wealth in 50 years, then 40% of the rest of the population. 1%  of the population have more then 90% of the entire population, 300 million, of the USA. Look at it like cutting a pizza pie. The top 20% get 90 slices of the pie. The next 20% get 8 slices. The middle 20% get just two slices. The fourth 20th percentile gets zero slices. The bottom 20% lose a slice of the pie. If this sounds pretty shitty, that's because it is. The rich take all, the poor get taken from. The middle is under siege, just trying to survive. Its a sad situation. Getting worse. Yet, it continues to go on. I am so disgusted. With how things are, but even more, with how the American people just go along with it. This current system is unfair to high heaven. Why in gods name to we continue to put up with it? I am at a loss to explain it. Are YOU happy with things as they are? Happy with things as they're getting? Soon the middle class will well nigh cease to exist. This country is fast approaching the state of Latin America. The very rich few, the very poor many. Letting in hoards of Hispanics only ensures that we will change fro prosperous yeoman republic, to an oligarchy run by between 100 to 400 families. We're getting to family dynasty politics like in India. prominent families run the show. They are the only ones that run candidates for office. Is this what YOU want for this country. Only a choice of a few obscenely wealthy family candidates to choose from. People as different from the average citizen as an amoeba is from a human.
People! White Aryans. This is not how our country has been, or is meant to be. Such gross inequality is and should be unacceptable. To continue to allow this, and let it get worse, is terrible. What we are witnessing is the death of the American middle class. Unless, and until, we make up our minds, that we will not be slaves in our very own land, then that is exactly what will become of us. Look at the Negro slaves of the ante bellum South, before the Civil war. They were enslaved. Kept down. No chance of successful revolt. This is what the rich now want to do to us white Aryans. Enslave us. Not with chains, nowadays, it is with debt. Interest slavery. Debt bondage. We owe our shirts, need our jobs, so we obey orders. I say bullshit. One stupid order too many. It is time we rebel. We must rebel by running in and winning elections. Minor offices at first, then on to greater power. We white Aryans must unite behind the banner of the ANP and National Socialism. A society NOT based on money, but race, as the deciding factor of life. People of the same race working together, helping each other. None of this screw the other guy stuff that is part and parcel of Judeo-Capitalism. Race should be the guiding principle of life, NOT who has the most stuff at death. Remember the old saying, "you can't take it with you"? Well that what National Socialism says. Help the race, not yourself. Support ANP with money. Support it with your time to give out lit. Our people must be made to see the great danger they are in and facing. The danger of an ever greater poverty. White Aryans can be and are poor. They don't need more company. Let us save ourselves, while there is still time. Otherwise, we should make Spanish as our national language, as we'll end up being just another copy of Latin America and its terrible and pernicious poverty. Hasta la vista.

Friday, December 15, 2017


American culture is under siege. It faces many threats. We face being inundated by Hispanics, and Arab Muslims. Blacks run amok in our streets, while getting special treatment in hiring and firing for jobs. The rich get richer. The middle class is wasting away. Morality is a joke nowadays. Women are encouraged to avoid marriage and family. I lay the blame for all this on the Jews. NO, this isn't the same old Jew baiting of old. That if it rains, it must be the Jews fault. No, this is the facts, speaking for themselves. Jewish liberalism is sabotaging America. In the 1950's, the Jews started and led the free speech movement. They demanded "freedom". Everyone should be allowed to do their own thing. Thing is, their thing was drug abuse. Their thing, is the black community being put on a pedestal that they don't deserve. Their thing, is whites being demonized by their own education system. Their thing is the degeneracy of TV and movies with soft core porn plots, and language that would make a Marine DI blush. The Jews have sabotaged white Aryan culture. They have subverted it. The Jews have used Christian compassion against itself to subvert it, and use it against itself. The Jews are all for free speech, no matter how filthy. The Jews believe in gray areas, and not in black and white morality. Jews are fixated on helping blacks, because they're "persecuted" like them. Conversely, they do anything and everything to destroy the white Christian Aryan culture they so despise. They have pushed laws that liberalize anything and everything, because to them, nothing is ever really wrong. The Jews stabbed our country in the back while it was fighting the Vietnam war. They raised hell in the streets under the guise of anti war activity, while our leaders grappled with fighting the war. Just like with Imperial Germany, the US armies were stabbed in the back and deprived of victory, just so the Jews could push their hidden agenda. Nothing has done more damage then feminism. Betty Friedan, a Jewess, wrote a book that basically calls for women to forgo family life. Career is all that should matter. It rejects marriage and child bearing as beneath a woman's dignity. The fact that if women follow this line of reasoning, humans will simply fade out of existence, meant nothing to her, and means nothing to feminists today. No more human beings, oh well, is the feminist attitude. The Jews are anti family. Look at theirs. Liberal, and Avant garde, and totally screwed up. Yet, they would foist this poison on us white Christian Aryans. Even if your an Odinist, surely you can see the terrible danger in these terrible doctrines. The Jews have made family life, something to be avoided. No love. No warmth. No caring. Just cold hard money grubbing is the Jew universe.
White Aryans, whether your Christian, Odinist, or atheist, our culture is under attack. The Jews have infiltrated our govt. our culture, our country's very soul. They have subverted everything it means to be an American. America isn't suppose to be just a land of freedom to do what you want. It was and is meant to be a beacon of morality to an immoral world. It is suppose to stand for something, that is positive and morally good. ANP is fighting this battle as we speak. It is fighting to keep morality in our nation's fiber against those who wish to remove same. Donate money. Donate your time to ANP to give out lit. Help fight this battle for the morality of America. For the USA's very soul. If we lose this one, we shall fade out of existence. White Aryan culture will cease to exist. The race will die. More importantly, morality will die. The concept of good and evil is a good one. Don't let it die. Don't let family life die. Help ANP fight for the good things of this country against those who push evil as a positive good. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Help us show it, and defend morality. It shouldn't be a big joke. The future of good is at stake.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

School days.

What passes for education in this swamp of a country is truly horrifying. A teacher friend of mine related this recent event to me. This is a white rural school mind you, not a prison or mental hospital. It seems that some person (s), unknown, smeared feces all over the walls of two bathrooms and urinated all over the floor. As gross and insane as this sounds, the real insanity is that there was NO investigation to find out the person or persons responsible. If this sounds incredible, it is, but it is true. No effort was made to find the culprit (s) responsible. It was just ignored by the school administration. Too much hassle to bother about it seems. Isn't this insane. What in the name of god has happened to our school system. In the old days the person responsible would be well nigh hunted down and expelled. Someone this disruptive needs to get the boot. Unfortunately, no one in authority cares. In my work at the VA hospital system, I talked to workers. They went to administration about problems, only to be blown away because the authorities didn't want to be bothered with problems. Private hospitals were just as bad. No one in authority wants to do their job anymore. They just want to sit back and collect their checks until they can retire. They don't care. Its the don't bother me with problems attitude. Our country is in a nosedive. No one in authority cares anymore. The whole country is uncaring. The old 60's rebellion against authority, has now taken on a life of its own. People take no responsibility, even when they're bosses, and should, as part of their job. Just how long can this country survive, with this kind of attitude and malaise. Our schools are sinking into the sea of indifference and primitiveness. Our kids are just animals. To allow the above incident mentioned, to just be ignored is a symptom of a dying system. Our kids won't be able to compete, if disruptions to learning like above are allowed. What kind of a country are we preparing kids for, if things like this are allowed to go on without the slightest bit of punishment. Too much is allowed today. Far too much. We need discipline. We need people who care in charge. In Judeo-Capitalism, people ONLY care about money and nothing else. Hence their only concern is to get by and collect their checks. I lay the blame for this mess on Jewish liberalism. The Jews always harp about freedom, and when it comes and makes a mess, they look blankly and wonder how things could go so wrong. In Jew thought there is no black and white, just gray. I say bullshit. There MUST be right and wrong. How the hell else can a society function. Survive. Thrive. No, this let everyone do as what is pleasing to them has to stop. If we want to continue to live in a society befitting humans, it must stop.
Join with, and help support ANP. It is fighting to keep white Aryan civilization alive, and keep our nation from descending any lower into the muck of ignorance and primitivism. ANP wants to save our people. Help them. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must bring about a change in our people, if we are to survive. ANP is striving to bring our people back from the brink. If we fail, then incidents like the above will become commonplace, and our kids will fail to learn, and fail in life. We white Aryans will be a failed people.

Monday, December 4, 2017

A Hispanic USA

These let's all love everybody liberals are crazy. Certifiable. They see Hispanics like they do blacks. Just nice, quiet,good citizens. That butter would just melt in their mouths. This is ludicrous. Blacks and Hispanics are NOT nice people. Blacks are very violent. Lazy. Disrespectful. Hispanics, are the same way. In 1943, here in the US, we had the zoot suit riots.Hispanic Mexican men who wore zoot suits.Rather then help with the war effort, they did nothing but pursue their own pleasure. Cloth was rationed, so everyone was asked to cut back. Zoot suitors did not, even though their suits took up much cloth. They were very disrespectful of US servicemen In1943, White Anglo anger boiled over, and whites attacked and beat up zoot suitors. Whites were incensed that in time of war, with our country's very existence on the line, these people refused to cooperate, and disparaged our brave armed forces. Does this sound like good people. Hispanics showed disrespect, and did nothing to help the war effort. They preferred to wear their outlandish suits, and party hearty. To them, their attitude was the hell with this country. Don't dare tell me how good and kind these people are. As they gain power in this country, it will just be more of the same. We need to build a wall. Complete with moat and minefields. Any and all things to keep them out. They will just bring lawlessness, and a flip attitude to this country, that we can definitely do without.
Generosity is one thing, but you mustn't be a damn fool about it. ANP is trying desperately to stem the tide of Hispanics and Arab Muslims. It doesn't want the whole country to go the way of our cities. We see every day, how black controlled cities are a mess. Ruled by corruption and inefficiency. Our cities are ruined. Let's not compound the error and have the whole country destroyed. We white Aryans need to defend ourselves. Defend our country. Not by violence, but by elections. We need to run candidates for office. Minor, easy offices first, then the more powerful offices. It can be done. Look at Trump. The total outsider, but the winner of the presidency. We white Aryans, must unite. Unite behind the ANP. Donate to ANP. Money, and time to give out lit. We must defend our land. Keep these unwelcome immigrants out, less they undermine, and destroy our nation. Our civilizations very existence is at stake. If we fail, or fail to act, we'll be in a half Hispanic, half Arab Muslim nation, with no room for us white Aryans. We'll be run out, just as whites have been run out of Southern Africa. Help us. Don't let the awful internal rot we have now fester, and get worse. We must take a stand. We must be very careful, who we let into our land, lest we allow enemies to come in and undermine and harm us. Join with ANP, and let us defend and protect our land and our people. People who won't be good citizens are not needed or wanted. They must be kept out.