Thursday, September 28, 2017


Loyalty. More like lack of. The age old question. Why are the Jews hated so very much. I suppose its the fact they always act like outsiders. From ancient times, to the present. The Jews of ancient Babylon opened the gates of the city to the Persians. They helped overthrow the Babylonian empire and set it up to be conquered by Persia. Here in present day USA, many Jews were pro Communist. Many sped for Stalin.  The Jews have been leading the charge for minority rights. They seem to think that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Not at all true. Anyway, the Jews led the charge for free speech. In both cases, things have turned into a disaster. The blacks have run amok. They control cities and have run them into the ground. They are first in line for the good jobs. BY LAW!. The freedom of speech has opened a Pandora's box of filth. The language on TV and in movies would make a Marine DI blush. Many TV shows are little more then soft core porn shows now. Hardly family viewing.
My point. The Jews have made their own bed. They have chosen to constantly raise hell throughout history. Then they whine and cry, when they get the inevitable backlash kick in the butt. I am so tired of the pro Jew agenda that passes for govt in this country. Everything gets done for the poor Jews, and Israel. This is madness. Our people need a break. Enough fighting Jew's wars. We need peace with Islam, and all we get is war. There are at present 4 different TV shows showing the US battling Muslim terrorists. The scenarios are all the same. US citizen taken hostage by Muslim terror group. US rushes in and saves hostage, and kills terrorists including their leader. Obviously Hollywood is sending a message. It is pro Jew/Israeli. I'm sick of it. Let them fight their own wars. I want peace. Spend our tax dollars here at home, not in some god forsaken area of the world. Why do we have to save people who have done nothing but raise holy hell the whole time they've been in this country. White Aryans pay for wars. Fight wars. For what? Not for themselves, that's for sure. We white Aryans have for the last 60 years, put up with the nonsense of the black/Jew alliance. Now they are adding gay/lesbians, Hispanics, and Arabs to the mix. All groups who demand special attention. We white Aryans carry the cost in blood and treasure, all the while being treated like dirt in our own country. It stinks to high heaven.
Become a supporter of ANP. It is the ONLY political party for white rights. White existence. Our school system is crumbling thanks to Jew inspired permissiveness. Kids can't be disciplined anymore. Jew activists interfere in everything. The ACLU is just a Jew battering ram, to smash anything they decide they don't like. ANP defends white rights. Fights for white existence. Cares about the white condition in this country. Donate money. Donate time to help give out lit. Its high time we took our country back, from those who hijacked it. It is totally ridiculous that we fight for a nation, Israel, at the cost of helping our own people here. That we protect the Jews, while our kids get taught racial self hate. Its time to put a stop to the bullshit. We are a proud and noble race. Time to start acting like it. No more kissing of non White's backsides. There is loyalty, and there is loyalty. There is loyalty to one's group/race, that should predominate over all else. Time to live as white Aryans should, in peace and freedom, and not as semi slaves to those who are hostile to us.

Monday, September 25, 2017


The white birth rate is in deep trouble. Led by white women brainwashed by feminism, white women are forgoing having children. Seems they just don't want to be bothered by the responsibilities of motherhood. There is another problem, far more insidious. The age of US white fathers is getting older. It usually runs, the older a man gets, the less fertile he gets. He inevitably starts shooting a lot of blanks. White Aryan US fathers age has risen from 27 in 1972, to 30. At least we're better off then in Japan. It is becoming a giant old folks home. In the land of the Samurai, their age for fatherhood has gone from 30 in 1972, to 36 these days. The numbers are against us. The white Aryan fathers average age these days has gone from 27 to 31 in 2015. Meanwhile, blacks fathering average age has gone down from 30 to 27.
Folks, this is bad. Yet another reason white Aryans are LOSING the battle of the births. I'd say the reason is pretty clear. White Aryan men are too damn busy either working or trying to find good jobs, to be able to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood. They're just too damn busy, or too damn poor. Blacks, who never care about the details, just believe in impregnating a female, and that is it. Different philosophies, with very different results. This kind of thing has been going on for decades, But now it stands out. As white Aryan births decrease, and our numbers dwindle, not only are we facing increasing numbers of blacks, but thru immigration, legal or otherwise, we face massive floods of Hispanics, and Arabs. Further putting white Aryans in a losing numbers position. We white Aryans are going from majority to minority. We will soon have a decidedly bad numbers position. We will face discrimination. Funny how so many white Aryans, especially female, have faith that it won't matter that white Aryans are a minority. We'll all just get along. That is unbelievable bullshit. Ain't gonna happen. Once they are firmly in the drivers seat, non whites will stick to old whitey, and hard.  We will face discrimination. It will be death by slow torture for our race.
We must support ANP. It wants to unite white Aryans. Make the most of our dwindling numbers. Use our numbers to preserve what's left of white power in this country. Support ANP. Send money. Donate your time to give out lit. It wants to help families. Make having children a joy rather then a burden. Once in power, it will help white Aryans families afford having kids. National Socialism is pro family. It wants people to enjoy family life. Family shouldn't be a miserable burden. That's why National Socialism believes in giving families help, rather then the back of the hand like Capitalism does. National Socialism sees family for what it is. Survival. Reproduction. The continuation of the race. Any help that can be given to families is to the good. Support ANP. Help it in its work to save the white Aryan family. Between same sex unions, drugs, over work, and now failing birth rate, white Aryan families are hurting. Let's get in a system to help them. The result of failure will be a mud nation, that has no place for whites, literally. ANP is white Aryan salvation. As it grows in power, it will work to restore the happiness in white families. The work grind is killing us, and threatening to damage white Aryan reproductively beyond repair. Let us avoid Japan's fate as a land of just old people. Let us stay the young and vibrant nation we have been in the past.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

US, land of anti culture.

Our once great land, is great no more. Not in the cultural realm at least. Once our children were respectful of their elders. Not they have smart ass, disrespectful mouths. Our art exhibits use to look almost like photographs, because of the high skill of artists. Now what passes for exhibits in museums, modern art, is suppose to be worth millions, but looks like a chimp made it. Compare Picasso, with Van Dyke. Music has degenerated from musical masterpieces that were like dictation from heaven, to punk rock, heavy metal, anything that is loud, and incomprehensible lyrics. I mention all this, as my proof of how dumb downed we white Aryans have become. Ever since the Jews let the blacks out of their cages, our society has taken a downward plunge. Black street culture is primitive. Ignorant. Violent. There are, and always will be those who don't like themselves. Hence we have wiggers. Whites who wish they were black and act black.. It use to be only a few individuals. Now many thousands of whites, want to be black, and act black. The result is US culture is now black. Black in race, and black in mood. I do not want to be black. I do not like black African art. The masks and carvings are primitive. Compare them to the statue of David by Michelangelo. Compare Black Africa to Europe. Europe has the Coliseum. Black Africa just had, and has mud huts.
We white Aryans need to regain our "soul". We are accepting living primitively and we shouldn't. We, the white Aryans have invented so much. Created so much that is truly beautiful in art and music. It is downright wrong to allow it all to just melt away, and let our culture turn primitive and ugly. ZOG has done its work well. It has brainwashed the whites to hate themselves, and look down on the achievements of our ancestors. Whites transported black slaves, but the people who sold blacks into slavery, were other blacks. This IS true. Look it up. This nonsense going around, of how we should all emulate the sweet, kindly, poor black is ridiculous. Africa was not, repeat NOT a land of peace and prosperity. It still isn't. Why emulate it. We white Aryans need to regain our identity, so that we don't lose who we are. We need to overhaul the education system of this country, and make being white OK again. Enough self racial hatred.
ANP is struggling to reverse the terrible damage done by ZOG. The Jews let the cat out of the bag, by holding up black African culture as the one all peace loving peoples should love. So we have embraced everything black. Now we have a drug epidemic in this country. Begun in the black ghetto, and it has come to the white suburbs. This must stop. ANP is determined to stop it. To change things around. To make the US cultured again. To bring back what was once good. Donate to ANP. It needs money to pay expenses. ANP personnel don't take junkets like the major parties do. They use money to pay bills period. Donate your time to get out lit and get the word out. Whites have been brainwashed, and to in do this is very difficult and time consuming. It comes down to this. Either help ANP and raise your kids white, or sit and do nothing and end up with your kids just as black in attitude and culture, as anything from black Africa. Your call, your kids.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Our Judeo-Capitalist society is constantly exhorting us to buy. Spend. Get anything and everything we want. Don't have the money, then just charge it. This is very bad thinking on many levels. First, it let's people have no discipline. Its do as you please. A favorite liberal line is that its OK to do, if no one gets hurt. This is flat out wrong. Wrong is wrong, and right is right, regardless if anyone is physically hurt or not. A moral code is for proper behavior, not ease of use. Spending money like water is not good. It is bad. Bad because it puts one in debt. Debt is not an abstract idea. It means you owe money. You buy now, but will pay later. This presupposes you will be able to pay later. In this society that is an increasingly dubious proposition. Basically, by constantly spending and charging it, you are putting yourself into Interest Slavery. You work to pay off debt. You can never stop working, because you can never pay off debt. You get fixed in position. You dare not leave your job, or lose your job, because if you have no job, and no source of income to pay your debts, you end up losing everything. Pretty soon you get to the point, that your job is your whole life, you need to work, just to stay above water.  If this sounds like blackmail, it is. Work like a dog to pay your debts, or have everything, home/car etc. taken away. You are a slave to your debt. Tied by chains of money, just as firmly as slaves were tied by iron chains in Roman times. Interest Slavery leads inevitably to Debt Bondage. You obey orders, because you have no choice. Your boss, becomes your lord and master. You must grovel at his/her feet, because you need a job, to pay for your debt. It is quite an insidious system. It makes something seem good, paying later then now, and turns it into a truly monstrous situation. You get trapped. You're no better then a junkie who will do anything to get the next fix. In these times of job outsourcing, how can you possibly be sure you will always have a job. So many jobs have been outsourced. So many people have been caught flat footed. Losing their job, and losing all, because they have no money to pay, and they owe their shirts.
This is more then a moral lesson on being thrifty. Getting into too much debt is very bad, even if no one is physically hurt. Losing everything is psychologically very hurtful. Emotionally, there is hurt. More then on a personal level, its bad for the country and society. This society currently has people in 5,000 square foot semi palace homes, while others sleep under highway overpasses. Such inequality is wrong. People shouldn't be allowed to suffer. People should be helped. This Capitalist society, just wants people to spend, and get themselves into financial difficulty, so the Capitalists can lord it over them, and of course, profit. We need a system that offers help, and offers hope. Not a system that helps lead us down to disaster like Capitalism does. National Socialism stresses unity and fellowship. It wants the people of a society, a racial folk state, to work together for the common good. How good a society is it really, if it helps push you over a cliff. This is our society currently. It wants debt slaves. To Capitalists its all about money. To National Socialists, its all about the race. Everything for the race. Race is of importance, not how much stuff you buy. Donate to ANP. It is striving to change attitudes, and beliefs. It wants to reverse the Capitalist brainwashing. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must regain the "hearts and minds" of our white Aryan people, so they may reject the siren song of Capitalism, and embrace the love your race principles of National Socialism. The Roman Empire was a full third slave. I dare say we have surpassed that with our society's debt slavery. Isn't it time for a breath of National Socialist freedom. Are you white Aryan, slave, or free?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Good virtues

Know why our govt sucks, and our country is going down the drain? Because, our land is no longer virtuous. Our govt is utterly corrupt. Our people are without guidance. Our people are aimless. Is it any wonder with our country in such a state that things are so totally fucked up.
National Socialism brings many POSITIVE things to a nation. ORDER, UNITY,  DISCIPLINE, LOYALTY. These are virtues. Virtues help a nation grow strong. Determined. All powerful..
ORDER is necessary for stability. When a nation is unstable, nothing can really be done. Too much fighting and arguing. Nobody can get anything done, no matter how determined they are.. Its all just keeping one's head above water.
UNITY is what makes civilization. A people united is a strong people. A people disunited, is one that is confused and without hope of change or progress. That is why we have civilization in the first place, as humans discovered that working together they can accomplish far more, then working singly as anarchism says.
DISCIPLINE is the glue that holds things together. It fixes attention. Keeps things from falling apart. In war, there are constant examples of how discipline helped armies win, while indiscipline and non discipline guaranteed armies defeat.
LOYALTY speaks for itself. There is no surer way to hell, then to live in a world without loyalty. If you can't trust, how can you really function. In a world without trust, you end up constantly looking over your shoulder. Wondering, worrying. Never quite knowing who can be trusted, who can be confided in. Your playing defense for all of your existence. Remember FDR, and his "freedom from fear".
National Socialism embodies all of the above. It delivers a strong society. One capable of getting things done, and getting them done right. ANP is trying to bring National Socialism to this country. Before it can do so, it must educate the people as to just what National Socialism is, and what it can do to help improve this country. The enemies of Nazism constantly put it down. Claim how bad it is. Consider the source of the criticism. Naturally the Jews hate it. It blocks their takeover of power. Non whites hate it, because they want everything for themselves, and white Aryans to have nothing at all. Gay/lesbians hate it, because Nazism doesn't approve of their lifestyle. For them its all or nothing. There is no co-existence. Our enemies have many axes to grind in their opposition. You're not going to get anything like the truth out of them. Just crap. No, NS can help mightily. We have only to implement it. Donate to ANP. Your money of course. Donate your time to give out lit. Our people need to know about the cause, before they can be a part of it. We don't have to live in moral squalor if we don't wish to. There is a party/movement, that is available to help us. We have only to tap into it, and support it, to let it bring the wonders that it has to us. Its either we support our liberators, ANP, or drown in a sea of muds determined to utterly destroy us. A non white govt/society, will definitely not be one that white Aryans will want to live in, or be allowed to live in.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The US workforce

The US male workforce is shrinking. As of now, 6.98 million men are looking for work. .2% have given up the search for work, because they couldn't find anything. 1% aren't working but are looking. Many are stuck working part time, the under employed. They want to be full time, but can't find anything. Some other facts about our workforce. 1.5 million are in prison. (this is the size of a damn army) 9 million are on disability. This is a rise of 40% over the last 15 years. 63% work or want work, this was 67% in the year 2000. Women have gone from 60% working, down to 59% now. For men, the numbers are even more dramatic. The male workforce has gone from 86% in 1948 to now 69%. The following problems dog our workforce. Disability, drug abuse, imprisonment, disinterest. As the figures show, the constant rosy picture we get from ZOG is wrong. A lie. Merely smoke and mirrors meant to confuse and mislead us. Our good for nothing govt wants us feeling good. They hope we'll swallow their Pablum, and not make any trouble. They want a nice pliant, no trouble work, as in slave, workforce. Its a dirty deal, but then that's politics in this country. If you think this is all outrageous, you'd be right. It is. The magic question is, what are you gonna do about it?
The above shows all is not right in ZOG land. The white Aryan work force is melting away. Slowly but surely. We white Aryans are facing terrible times. Our govt lets jobs be outsourced. Whites go begging for jobs, while non whites get guaranteed by law first pick. Non whites must be hired, and never fired. Since white Aryans have a habit of being defiant, and raising hell, ZOG wants us out. They want us to disappear form the job market. This is why they want immigration. To get rid of us. ZOG feels that Hispanics, and Arabs are far more manageable then white Aryans ever will be. So they want to bring them in by the boatload. They want us replaced, with their slave workforce. As far as ZOG is concerned, we white Aryans can all go to hell, the sooner the better.
White Aryans. Is this what we want? Is this what we want for our kids? To be unemployed, with no job prospects. To have nothing. To wander the streets homeless. Is this what white Aryans deserve. We who built this country. Helped with our labor, to make it strong. Make it rich. Now we get the shaft. We're treated like enemies in what is suppose to be OUR country. Our country is being taken from us. Unless we stop the rot, we WILL die as a people. Slowly rotting away. left to wander the job wilderness. We white Aryans MUST unite. We must become strong again. We must resist ZOG's grand plan or we perish. Become a supporter of ANP. It is the only alternative we have to ZOG mandated poverty for white Aryans. ANP will fight for our rights. It needs money to fight the only real battle, the court battle. It needs money to contest elections. It wants to regain power. No better way to gain power, then be elected to it. It needs your time to give out lit. Its the only way to get the word out, since ZOG controls the media. It shouldn't be a big think, since you can see every day, how our country, and us, are sinking into the sea of mud's. Soon our country as we've known it, will be unrecognizable. It will be a half breed version of Latin America, and Arabia. Let us stop this before it becomes facts on the ground. Help ANP. Its our only salvation. Our only friend. White Aryans like yourselves, trying to save our race. The work figures show, white Aryans are on a downward slope. Unless its reversed, it will be twilight for white Aryans in the USA.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A second job

This country is suppose to be so great. The land of opportunity. In reality, workers have it pretty hard here. There is a total absence of wage growth. Instead we have wage stagnation. Many people in this country are quite ambitious, and wish to work full time. They are instead thwarted, and forced to work part time or temporary, resulting in underemployment. Things are so bad, that there is a spike in Americans taking a second job. One full time job just doesn't cut it any more when it comes to paying the bills. Its not like people are buying frills. No, its people just trying to survive. 7.6 million people took a second job from 1/17, to 7/17. This is up 29% from 7.4 million from 1/16, to 7/16.  This is the highest its been in 20 years, of people taking second jobs. Long ago, the American workers were told they'd have lots of leisure time.. This promise hasn't just been broken, its been shattered. Under employment, was 8.6% from Jan to July 2017. This is up, since it was 8.4%  during the year of 2007.
All these numbers mean, that the American worker is being shafted. American workers are getting the royal screw job. The worst part, is that we're letting ourselves be kicked around. WE let ourselves be deprived of work, and work opportunities. Our Judeo-Capitalists happily ship our jobs overseas. We workers do nothing. We let them kick us in the ass. We actually take their slap in the face and say thank you. This sure isn't the Aryan America I knew, and grew up in. Our fathers and grandfathers didn't hesitate to raise hell at injustice. Now the American worker is just a doormat. seems all that American workers can do anymore, is let themselves be worked to death. Its not enough to go thru the pains of hell to work a full time job, American workers have to add to their burdens with working a second, and even a third job, just to survive. Talk about the fast track to an early grave. We're working ourselves to death. The majority of American workers are working themselves into an early grave, while an elite of fat cats lay back and enjoy leisure. The "idle" rich. Its not enough they get to relax while the majority of us work like beasts of burden, they also get to run the political show. Hence no, and nothing like, legislation to help workers. Just the opposite. Employers get all, while workers are given nothing. Just death and taxes.
Fellow workers, this is WRONG. Since when did it become OK for a govt/society to treat its workers like dirt. I for one, have had a gutful of it. Its long past time for us to do something about the state of the white Aryan working class. We MUST support ANP. There is no other alternative. ANP isn't just out for votes for elected office. No, it is out to change attitudes and practice. It champions the American white Aryan worker. It feels no worker should be treated like a dog. Hence it fights for laws to help, and alleviate  worker stress. Govt should be helping us, not burning us. Letting workers burn out from exhaustion is so wrong. ANP intends to bring labor justice. Give American workers a helping hand, not a swift kick. Donate to ANP. Both money, and time to give out lit. Help it as it struggles to gain elected office. Political power will be able to be used to free us, from corrupt political and economic practice. We workers would be able to enjoy life again, rather then spend our lives working them away. For example, ANP would push thru two paid weeks, (at govt expense) for workers. Does this sound like a group out to screw anybody. Help it. National Socialism is worker friendly. Not worker hostile like we have now. Workers, our freedom is within reach, we only have to reach out, and grab the voting lever to vote NS.

Monday, September 4, 2017

A dying people.

The US fertility rate, is at a record low. It is now 61.5 births per 1000 in the first quarter of 2017. In 2016 it was 62.5 per 1000. Translation, Americans just aren't having many kids any more, if at all. Thanks to the Jew created, Feminist poison of "women's lib", our women now choose career over family. They have been brainwashed to believe that going it alone, is far preferable, to having a husband and children. They reject reproduction. White Aryan women no longer want families. This is very serious. Since the Judeo-Capitalist war machine shows no sign of becoming peaceful any time soon, ZOG needs to fill in the ranks and has to increase the numbers. Its solution, is thru immigration. Keep in mind that ZOG is total arrogance. Hence it thinks it can control everything. Hence ZOG wants immigrants. The fact that they are non Aryan means nothing to creatures who only care about money. They have convinced themselves, that non whites are easier to manage then whites. To them, this country can fill to the brim with Hispanics and Arabs, they can handle them. They want us white Aryans to fade away, as we are far too proud and freedom loving, to take their shit. They want creatures that they can rule and run.
We white Aryans are in big trouble. As our women reject home and family for career, our numbers dwindle. As Hispanics and Arabs flood into this country, we are fast becoming a minority. We are being outnumbered by alien peoples. In the good old days, immigration was from Europe, and we got people from all parts of it, they had in common a fundamental European civilization. Now we are faced with being ruled over by alien people with alien customs, and totally alien outlooks on life. We will soon be outnumbered, and find ourselves not just a minority, but one surrounded by totally alien surroundings. As an example, a far cry from Jesus Christ, Hinduism has a God with the body of a human, but an elephants head. Can you imagine feeling at home, surrounded by masses of people who believe in this God. If things keep going as they have been, we'll be stuck in an alien society, just as strange and unfamiliar as if we were on another planet. I doubt very highly, we'll all just get along. How can we, when we have such extreme differences in belief. The liberal left has convinced itself, that we'll all just have a giant love in. I highly doubt it. The differences are far too great, and severe. This is but one. There are many more examples.
Fellow white Aryans. Unless we take action now, not later, NOW, we stand to lose everything. Our white Aryan world is crumbling. Our leaders betray us. We are confused, and leaderless. ANP is our ONLY salvation. Donate both money and time to give out lit, to it. It fights to preserve white Aryan identity, and keep our culture going. Its not just politics anymore. It is cultural genocide. The Judeo-Capitalists are determined to destroy us. Why make it easy for them to do so. We need a party dedicated solely to us, for us. To save us. ANP is our only hope. The life preserver that will save us from drowning in a sea of mud peoples. Unless we support it, and unite behind its banner, we shall die as a race. ANP is determined to preserve what we are. We must resist the future ZOG has planned for us. ANP can do this. It can lead us to salvation. Think about it. Hard. What alternative is there? The major parties are so corrupt its mind boggling. They hate us, and don't care. ANP is OUR party. The white Aryan party. Of, by, for Aryans. Our savior. Our only hope. Become a supporter, and help it turn the tide against ZOG's machinations, while there is yet still time.