Monday, July 31, 2017

The enemy within

These idiot liberal types slay me. They want us to invite, and welcome, alien peoples within our midst.People who are bad. Bring trouble, and are basically bad news. How can these fools tell us to open the gates to these aliens, who are lawless and dangerous. Its the same old liberal problem. They insist on making the ideology fit, even if it goes against common sense. In Sweden, land of peaceful neutrality, they did a study. Remember this is SWEDEN. In it they found that 92% of rapes, and 100% of attack rapes (attempted) were attributable to Muslim immigrants. They found that Afghans were 79 times more likely to be guilty of rape, and rape related crime, then native Swedes. If this doesn't open some eyes, I don't know what will. Obviously, these supposedly "innocent" refuges bring quite a lot of baggage along. Far too much if you ask me. Why don't we open our doors wide, how about because of what has just been said. These people are primitive. They are violent. They are very dangerous. They come from alien societies, where the rules are very different. Open up our doors and societies to these, BULLSHIT. Let them rot in their homelands. The hell with them. Who in their right mind would want these potential problems/threats, in their land. I sure don't. I want nothing to do with them. Keep them out. We have enough of a crime problem now, then have these people come in and raise unholy hell. No thanks. Keep them out. Permanently. We need to protect ourselves, not open ourselves to yet more crime, and violence. These lunatic liberals will never get the message, that these people are dangerous, and a threat. So be it. We at least can keep our wits about us, and keep them at arm's length. We must protect ourselves. Let them stay at home and deal with their problems there. No way they're coming here, to be yet another criminal plaque we have to deal with. Look at the Black, and Hispanic gangs we have to battle now. Why in the name of God add to our problems. Its pure insanity to let these people come in, to do God knows what. A border wall, hell, I'd put them on another planet if I could. The hell with this open door policy. The hell with this "lets all love each other" routine. Screw them. They stay out, and we stay safe. If even a tolerant and peaceful nation like Sweden is having problems, why in hell would we want to make the same mistake.
White Aryans. The ANP is our last line of defense. Defense against hoards of immigrants from alien countries, and their wild, criminal ways. Defense against alien peoples with their unpleasant ways. Defense against hose who would bring disorder to our shores. Defense against our homegrown idiots, who would open the doors, and let a flood of non Aryans come charging into our land, and make it into hell. ANP is out to save us. It is the ONLY group dedicated to such. No other political party gives a rat's ass about us. Donate to ANP. Give money, and your time to give out lit. We must stop the lunatics, who are suicidal enough to want to let in any asshole who claims to be a refugee, but who is in reality a secret enemy. People who pose a threat to us, and our way of life. People who are destroyers of culture. Rome opened its gates to the Germanic barbarians. They survived just long enough to see that that were fools, and the poor folk seeking entry, were really the vanguard of invading hoards, that eventually swallowed them whole.  Let us learn from Rome, and not invite our destroyers to come in and destroy all we hold dear. Our language, our religion, our families , are all at risk, if we foolishly let any asshole come on in. We're just asking for trouble, and even destruction.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What have we wrought

This society is ignorant. Rude. Dumbed down. I am truly appalled by how low we have come. It seems that the predominant states of being here in the US, are dominated by ARROGANCE, and VIOLENCE. Our crime problem is terrible. Our leaders have nothing but contempt for us common folk. Our leaders treat us as worth less then the dirt they have under their finger nails. Our needs are ignored. We struggle unaided. Governed by a cabal that couldn't care less if we live or die. Ask yourselves, just what kind of a society is it, that has drug gangs that are virtual mini armies. For example, the notorious black drug gangs, the Crips, and the Bloods, are each well armed, with approx. 30,000 members a piece. Sounds utterly incredible, but it is only too true. Drug abuse is rampant. In fact it has gotten much worse, with constant, daily OD deaths. Is it really any wonder that other countries hate us. Fear us. Look down at us. Our constant interference in other countries business has only bought us enemies, not friends. We use to be the nice guy nation. The Marshall Plan bought us a lot of goodwill. Now, we are despised. The Jew led liberal establishment constantly wants to interfere abroad, and here at home. The Jew led liberals are arrogant. They have this "we know best" mentality. They force integration on us, even when it is patently obvious it has failed. Our cities are disaster areas, thanks to black rule. Yet they would bring in boatloads of Hispanics, and Arab Muslims. Overseas, the liberal left works to force other countries/societies to accept gay rights. Sorry, but many other countries don't like it, don't believe in it. According to "let's all love each other" liberal dogma, we're suppose to accept and respect others beliefs. Like the "prime directive" on Star Trek. Non interference. Yet our Jew inspired liberal left is determined to force gay rights on other societies, whether they want it or not. Arrogance. Our govt lords it over us, and overseas. Nanny govt, more like slave plantation govt. The Jews have never gotten the message. Don't interfere. I feel strongly this why they're really not liked. They interfere. They try and force new, different ways on people, whether they want to do something or not. This was Communism writ large. Marx developed it, because he felt an elite (Jewish?!) knew best. Stalin murdered millions to force a square peg peasantry, into a round hole of Jewish Marxist inspired schemes to "improve" society. So it is today. Look at the ACLU. It is 90% Jewish membership. It is suppose to stand for rights, but it ends up defending people for their "activism", which translates into gross interference into people's private affairs. Unless something is done, soon our govt will be able to dictate what people do, even with their kids welfare, like the Gard case in the UK. Do YOU want the govt to decide for you, the parent, what is, or isn't best for your child. Or would you rather, as the parent, have the right to decide what is best for YOUR child.
It is truly sickening to see how abjectly venal our society has become. Even worse, to see how Aryans simply take it. Put up with crap with barely a peep of protest. Come on people. We can fight this. We must. How can we go on like this. What will our future be like. The ANP is determined to revitalize white Aryan society. Make us strong and proud again. Lead us against those who would trample us into the dirt. Become a supporter of ANP. Give money. Give of your time, to give out lit. We need to get our heads out of our asses, and get back into the struggle of life. We've sat back far too long, and look at the result. Our civilization is dying. Unless we make up our minds to resist, white Aryan life will simply waste away. We see it every damn day. It need not be like this. We can change it. It only takes will, and effort.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Life is a battlefield

We white Aryans need to change the way we look at the world. Far too many of us, look at the world as a giant play pen. A place to party and have a good time. This attitude will end up destroying us. We're in a minefield. Never relax. To do so would be signing our death warrant. We've taken life too easy. Now our lackadaisical attitude is coming back to bite us in the ass. We have sat back and tried to go along to get along. This approach has failed miserably. Our enemies don't want to get along. They want to get along without white Aryans. No matter what our enemies say, to them, nothing will suffice except the destruction of the white race. Look at the attempts at the elimination of our race. Teaching racial self hate to our kids. Using the law to give non whites, especially blacks, preferred treatment in all things. Look at hiring. Blacks come first. No matter how bad a worker's record, if they're black they MUST be hired, by law. No matter how bad a worker, if they're black, they cannot be fired. This by law. On the battlefield, prowess and bravery are admired, and needed. So to, on the battlefields of peace. We must show a willingness to confront our enemies. We have been doormats for far too long. We must be ready and able to push for white rights. Refuse to accept racial self hate. Refuse to let our white heritage be trampled underfoot. Either we resist, or we die. Its as simple as that. Because of enemy pressure, spearheaded, by ZOG, we now stand at a crossroads. Either we gird our loins for battle, or we meekly surrender our very existence. Either we make up our minds to resist to the bitter end, or we go hands up, and take whatever our enemy dishes out, be it ever so base.
Join with ANP. Become a supporter. Time is running out. Time for the white race is running out. Our enemies make the blacks and Jews as saintly peoples worthy of our love and admiration. This is pure propaganda. Our enemies don't love us. They want to destroy us. Would loving people freeze you out of jobs? Would people that love you, prey upon you, as in black on white crime. Whites trapped in the city, in black neighborhoods, know only too well how things really are. They are tortured by non white neighbors every damn day. ANP says no. It refuses to take crap. It will HELP you resist. It will NOT do your fighting for you. It will help by advice. Support ANP. Give money. Give of your time to give out literature. Let us resist the terrible thing that threatens our race. Our very racial existence. If we continue to sit on our hands, our kids can expect a very bumpy ride. A future of being third class citizens in a country that was once the whites. Don't let our race perish. Don't let our race be treated like dirt as it has been up to now. We are white Aryans. Time to start acting like it. We come from a proud race, that once mastered this entire planet. We once were great. Time to be great again.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The call of the warrior

Ever wonder how we got to such a sick society. Why our society brims with filth and corruption. Look at our cities. The Jews constantly pushed for an end to segregation. That blacks deserved a chance. Blacks then proceeded to take over  the cities. The result has been horrendous. Our cities are filled to the brim with corruption, filth and crime. What happened. How did we get to this place.
We, the white Aryans, lost our identity. Thanks to decades of liberal inspired self hate, we white Aryans have a low opinion of ourselves. We don't know, we don't care. We have lost that extra that made us great, and made us better. The Warrior Code. Our ancestors followed the code of the warrior. They valued BRAVERY, HONOR, and DUTY. That is why they achieved. It wasn't just war. They excelled in science, finance, innovation. The above mentioned traits aren't just for war. They're meant to last a lifetime, and allow people to deal with life. Parents who don't prepare children for life, end up with children who become adults, who can never handle life, all their lives.
How can anyone really succeed in life without BRAVERY. It takes guts to get up, and gird your loins for going in and dealing with the horseshit that you get from the job. People need to be ready to confront difficulty. By not developing bravery, people find it impossible to confront difficulty. Hence why we have such a massive drug abuse problem in this country. People turn to drugs to escape, that which they were never developed to deal with. The difficulties of life.
How can one live without HONOR. More then honoring our parents, we need to honor our nation. Our God. Our race. When nothing is sacred, all is just garbage. Without honor, there is no trust. Without trust, we all must constantly look over our shoulders to make sure the other guy isn't going to screw with us. A world with out trust is hell. Our society proves this 10 fold.
DUTY. People need to feel/have a sense of duty. Duty isn't just something for a military base. It is the value/virtue, that keeps people trying. Keeps the nose to the grindstone. Without a sense of duty, people just give up at the slightest adversity. They don't try. They don't care. Nothing means anything any more. This is why we have an empty society, where nothing means anything, or matters. Or is taken seriously.
National Socialism hears the call of the warrior. It hears and answers the call of the warrior, just like with our ancestors. It stresses the virtues we need in life in order to succeed. In order to survive. Struggle takes many forms. It isn't just military. Struggle is the daily grind. Trying to earn enough for food, clothing, shelter. The martial values prepare one for life. Prepare one to deal with life. To keep trying rather then just give up. Support ANP. It strives to awaken the martial traits within our people. Make them great again. Enable us to survive, and thwart ZOG and its myriad evils. Donate money to ANP. Answer the call of the ancient Aryan warrior that lies deep within us. Donate your time to give out lit. Be a "warrior" for your race. Have the courage to help save your people. Have the moxie to save our kids, from the great evil that currently befalls them. Fight for white rights. Fight for white existence. Resist. We white Aryans have lost a lot, but it CAN be regained. All that is needed is effort.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Birth control

It is projected, that by the year 2100, the population of planet earth will be 11 billion people. I disagree. There may be a lot of people now, but that is changing drastically. How, why? It isn't birth control. Neither pill or procedure. It is the wholesale rejection of family life. The fertility rate of this planet, is going down. From an average of 5 children per family, to 2 children per family. Actually its going down even more. People are rejecting having families. Especially women. This is the gift Feminism has given us. Women now reject the idea of motherhood. They don't want to be "baby machines". Instead, they want the good life. The single life. A life without responsibility. Well, the population is bound to go down, if no one is having children. Right NOW, half the population of the USA is single. What kind of a future can we expect, if only a few couples have kids? The Jew liberals, have pushed Feminism down our throats. The result is an attack on family life. The Feminist push to have ZERO (0) children. Add in the new push for gay/lesbian rights, and same sex couples, and you can see my point. No family. No reproduction. No people. Just what in hell kind of society are we going to end up with, when there are very few children. What kind of society can we have, when children are not wanted. It use to be, children were considered a blessing. Now they're just a byproduct of sex. Now they're becoming an annoyance. They are becoming something unwanted. This society is doing its level best to become the new hell. A place devoid of love/caring. Where the selfish pursuit of pleasure is all that matters. Is it any wonder our society is more and more being led by the emotionally cold, and ruthless. I find it appalling. Jew liberals love that they're freeing women from the drudgery of child rearing. Obviously, for people to push this, they must have no loving family life. You can't, if you feel having a child is just a royal pain in the ass. The Jews started the free speech movement in the 1960's. They now push all sorts of "liberating" causes. To me, all they are doing is "liberating" humans from their humanity.
Fellow white Aryans. Family life is the backbone of society. Of existence. This is what makes us human. We don't just rut like animals. We form family groups. To be together for companionship, and work together to get things done. The liberals would destroy all of this. They reject family as an old fashioned notion. If loving and wanting family life makes me old fashioned, then count me in. We need to liberate ourselves, from Jewish liberal inspired anti family laws and practices. Laws and practices that will eventually destroy our families, society, and race. Donate to ANP. It needs your support. Your money, but also your time. Time to devote to giving out literature. It can be done quickly, and safely. We tell you how, in step by step instructions. We must work to undo this anti family govt/society we live in. Family should be promoted, not castigated. A National Socialist govt would help families. Financially, and socially. Under National Socialism, families would receive financial aid. Mother would receive medals in recognition of service, in the battle of the births. If we are humans, and want to continue being so, we must stop, and reverse the anti family liberal neo communism. Communism didn't value family. Stalin treated his worse then dirt. Let us be as humans. Let us welcome family life, and defend it. Jewish liberals would drag family thru the mud. They must be stopped. I do not want to have their lovelessness as the law, and rule of my society.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Whats been lost

We white Aryans have paid a very steep price for ZOG's let's all love each other universe. Jewish liberalism says we can all live happy, and carefree lives. We just need to obey and pamper non whites. What drivel. We white Aryans have lost values that are irreplaceable. All for what? So blacks and other non whites can lord it over us. Look at what we have lost.
GLORY. When is the last time we've seen anything truly glorious happen. The word has been practically forgotten. Nobody tries anymore. Nobody cares. You don't see anyone triumph over adversity any more. Certainly not for the sake of the race. What was once a truly wonderful part of white Aryan life/existence, is now all but forgotten. In the age of selfishness, people don't care about glory. Just themselves. Doing things for others, like nation or race, has all but been forgotten. This is ZOG's doing. Pushing selfish, instead of selflessness.
Another casualty of ZOG, is PRAISEWORTHINESS. When was the last time you saw in the newspaper any story about someone doing something praiseworthy. Something to be proud of. White pride is dead. Now its a hollow slogan. Meaningless, without emotion. Certainly our govt  is anything but praiseworthy. Constant scandals. Total confusion. Incompetence. Chicanery and skulduggery. We have a criminal clown show for a govt.
Yet another casualty of the ZOG offensives is LEGALITY. ZOG doesn't hesitate to be ruthless and underhanded. Notice how it tries to be manipulative. It tries to always take the moral high ground. It is right, and all others are wrong. It encourages people to sue, all the better for Jew lawyers to make money. The Jews are never to be questioned, lest you be accused of being an anti Semite. ZOG has its own agenda, and will pull any trick, legal or otherwise, to push their agenda.
Finally, ZOG is without HONOR. White Aryans use to be the most honorable people on earth. The people who developed the code of chivalry for warriors, and conduct in battle. Now its all but been forgotten. It is ignored as something that was only for the Middle Ages. Since when is righteous conduct only for a certain era? Isn't it for always? At least its suppose to be.
Our ZOG govt/system has sucked the life out of us white Aryans. Sucked out our identity. Our life force., like a morality vampire. The spirit of the white Aryan use to be about defending one's race against all, while holding up white Aryan values. Like home life. Like a code of honor. Like living life as if it mattered. Now, ours is a zombie race. We just go thru the motions. No real live emotions, or beliefs. Just playacting.
White Aryans. We must come back from the dead. ZOG would keep us in hell. An emotionally, morally empty hell. WE must fight to come back. Reawaken our people. Breathe new life into them. Support ANP. Donate money, but also your time to give out lit. We must breathe new life into our race, while there is still something left to save. We need to put the idea of National Socialism into our empty vessel white Aryans, and bring them back from oblivion. Our race was once good. It has suffered from Jewish Liberal attacks. Time to repel the evil trying to enthrall us, and become the nation/race of honorable warriors we once were.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Jews

Why is it the Jews always seem to have a knack of getting under a nation's skin. They always end up unwanted and resented. I think it is because of their constant meddling in the political life of a country. Unlike other groups, the Jews are NEVER content to just sit quietly and make a living like all the other groups. No, they have to meddle. They just have to be social "activists". They insist they, being God's chosen people, have a right and duty to interfere in everyone else s business. Case in point. The Jews were at the forefront of the civil rights movement. They were determined to help free poor little darkie from the evil white Aryans racism. Well, that sure has worked out hasn't it. Blacks got on welfare, and stayed on it, because they didn't want to work. Black crime exploded. Our prisons are overwhelmingly black. Blacks took over cities, and ran them into the ground. Black gangs have grown to mini armies, with some reaching memberships of 30,000 or more. Need I go on? The Jews made it seem they were out for justice. In reality they just wanted an ally against white Aryans. An alliance that failed I may add.
Now the Jews want to "help" the poor Muslims. Yeah right. Muslims hate Jews, but the Jews see them, as again, like with the blacks, a useful diversion. So they push for Muslim immigration. We can expect, once it gets going, a major increase in crime, corruption, and overall chaos. Just like with the "freeing" of the blacks. There is already an example. Germany is suffering under a major increase in crime. I mean major. Order loving Germany. It is because that stupid fat cow of a Chancellor Merkel, insists on throwing open the doors to Muslim immigrants. They in turn come in, and raise holy hell. A once orderly and prosperous country, ends up suffering. Is this what YOU want for here? The Jews sure do. All the better to manipulate the American people. Make Americans the Jews/Israelis allies in the never ending Arab-Israeli feud going on perpetually. If crime rises, the Jews don't care. They live well, and have plenty of protection available. For us not so rich types, we'll be royally screwed. White Aryan America is facing being outnumbered, and overwhelmed, by alien people who have nothing in common with our culture whatsoever. We will become a minority in our land. We'll be shunted aside, and left to rot just as whites did to Native Americans. Don't think for a moment that non whites don't want revenge. They do. A lot. Shall we give it to them?
I for one, don't want Muslim immigration, integration. Black involvement in our culture has dumb ed us down considerably. Muslims are basically backward. Their culture is immature. Why do you think 8 million Israelis constantly get the butt of 100 million Arabs. Israel is modern and advanced. The Muslims not. This country has already suffered irreparable harm from the "freeing" of the blacks. Now the Jews want to add the Muslims. Make our position untenable. Where are we white Aryans suppose to go? Back to Europe? Are we welcome anywhere. I say we stay and defend our homes. We defend our rights. We must unite and resist Jewish machinations. Become a supporter of ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. ZOG doesn't want to hear what we have to say. They don't want others to hear us. Help ANP. Help make this a white Aryan country again. First thing, is to defend our rights. That means we must gain strength. That means joining in support of ANP. This country won't survive a double body blow of both blacks and Muslims running amok. It will destroy what is left of white Aryan America. Why do you think Trump wants to limit Muslim immigration. He sees the future. It must be pretty damn bad.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

No magic solution

National Socialism can succeed. Frankly it must. White Aryans are suffering. Our race is suffering terrible discrimination. Yet nothing is done to help US. We have no marches in Washington, or any group specifically advocating our cause. Basically, we've got nothing. This is why we must make something. Or rather, use what we have. Make it bigger, and better. ANP is our salvation.It is our advocate. Right now its just a skeleton. Needs meat on its bones. We white Aryans must support it. Not just with money, but with our time to help give out literature. We must get the word out, and to our people. Putting white lit in non white neighborhoods just to piss them off, is a waste of time and resources. We have none to waste. We need to make everything count. Just giving out lit isn't enough. ANP coordinates. It tries to direct what needs to go where. COORDINATION. It is making use of resources in the most efficient way possible. When your behind like ANP, it is vital. The major parties are turncoats. They have sold us out. The Republicans to the rich. The Democrats to the non whites. Competing with them is hard. They have the MONEY. This is why ANP is trying to direct. It needs to bring order out of chaos. In the past, groups have floundered. Directionless, without any real planning or organization. ANP wants to coordinate activities so that we're all on the same page. When your the underdog, this is vital. Let the major parties squabble. They have the resources. We do not.
We white Aryans, thru ANP, have a UNITY of PURPOSE. We must have, if we are to endure and eventually triumph. We white Aryans must think in those terms. What is good for, and to the betterment of our race. Nothing else matters. Nothing must be allowed to get in the way of us serving our race. ANP seeks the unity of white Aryan America. Forging it, like a weapon, into a force to be reckoned with. Right now, our enemies have nothing but contempt for us. let them laugh now. We'll have the last laugh. Trust in ANP. It is NOT our saviour. There is no such thing. It is however, our guiding force to bring the white Aryan cause to light, and make white Aryans voices heard. Our enemies don't deign to bother with what we want, because why care about us. So far, the cause of white Aryanism has been just a parade of buffoonery. With ANP that stops now. We white Aryans need to get serious. No more costume parties, or meaningless meetings. We need to engage in political action. Not silly 10 guys on a street corner action. No. We need to run candidates for political office. Take power thru elections. Get out the vote that is for us. Support pro white candidates. This is what ANP is doing. Encouraging people to run for office. Advising them. Assisting them. Being a political party. Like a political party, one builds up strength and support. It doesn't come automatically or quickly. With patience and perseverance, it can, and will come. We need not remain third class citizens. With time and effort, we can and will make progress. look at the competition. Corrupt, lazy, and downright stupid. How can we help but eventually win. Support ANP. It is your party. Work with and for it. Help the white Aryan cause. We can succeed. Frankly we must. Our very existence is at stake.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The key

What is the key to victory. The key to survival. Organization. Look throughout history. Why did one small village on the Tiber river in Italy become master of the Mediterranean world. Rome rose, because it had superior organization. No other society was as organized as it was. Sure, Rome lost battles. It was always able to come back. Superior organization allows this. Losses can be made good. Things can be kept under control. This is why our "movement", is failing to be successful. Far too many groups and individuals are unorganized. Muddling thru is NOT a policy. It is just that, muddling thru. Going thru life, hoping for the best, is a bad strategy. A foolish strategy. No real strategy. What we National Socialists need is organization. Period. Without it, we will continue to fail. I don't mean to blow our own horn, but ANP is THE only group out there that has its head on straight, and is working to make things right. It has the needed organization to give us white Aryans a fighting chance as we face racial oblivion. It is organized. Look at its web site. It is quite obvious that they have their shit together. It is organized. Branches in each state. Whether one person or a hundred, there is someone out there getting the word out. ANP's program/platform is there for all to see. You can read for yourself that it is well thought out. Covers all the bases. It is a political party that wants racial, and just as importantly, ECONOMIC justice for white Aryans. It wants all white Aryans to live in dignity. Have a comfortable lifestyle. Have racial pride. It wants its children educated, not just in technology, but also in racial terms. It wants no white Aryan self hatred. It wants to help defend white Aryans against ZOG and its relentless power grab, that in the end, if successful will destroy our race. Look at the web site. It has great racial works written by champions of their race, available on line to be read. Hitler, Rockwell, Ford. They are there to be read. If that isn't a sign of organization, I don't know what is.
I call upon all you white Aryans out there to become supporters of ANP. Donate money. Nothing in life is free, and especially in this greed dominated society. Donate your time to give out literature. We need to get the word out. Its really easy. ANP tells you how to do it safely, and intelligently. The media is enemy dominated. The written word is our only means at present to reach our people. Support ANP. Save yourselves. Save our society. Save our nation. Save our race. If we don't act, and organize, we will become a minority, just like Rhodesia, and South Africa, and be slowly destroyed as they have been. There is no savior but ourselves. Join with ANP. The time to act is now. ANP is organized for the struggle ahead. All other groups have their heads up their asses. The time for idiocy and game playing is over. We must unite. Organize. Resist. Regain our rights and pride/dignity. We are white Aryans. We have taken more then enough of ZOG's shit. Time to stand up for ourselves. I absolutely refuse to be ashamed that I'm a white Aryan. I am proud of it. Let us join and work for a far better future.