Thursday, June 29, 2017

Societal suicide

Our people are killing themselves thru drug abuse. Literally. As an example, the state of Ohio is projected to have 10,000 drug related overdose deaths by the end of 2017. There is always, every decade, a drug of choice. In the 60's it was heroin. In the 80's it was cocaine. Now the big drug is FETANYL. This drug is 1,000's of times stronger then heroin. Every day, in all communities, at least one person dies from a drug OD. Very many from OD'' ING with this drug.
Fellow white Aryans. How did we get to this point? How can this be happening? I suspect strongly, it is because our people have given up hope. In the former Soviet Union, alcoholism was rampant. The people were bored, and hopeless. They literally had nothing better to do then get drunk. So it is with our people. They have no spare time for anything. They work non stop. They are literally afraid to take vacations, even when they have the time coming. They are under constant pressure to increase productivity. That is Capitalist for being worked to death. So people have no time to relax. Their pay is poor, as wages have stagnated, so they don't have money to spend on amusements. Our people are little more then Judeo-Capitalist slaves. Increasing productivity sounds nice, but it translates into making people produce more, so you don't need as many people. One group works harder then ever, with no break, while the other group gets fired. This is whats happening in our economy today. Our people owe on their credit cards. They are little better then serfs. Instead of being tied to the soil, they are tied to their credit cards, and forced to work off their debt. Thing is, rates of interest are way too high. Once in debt, you can never pay off. You are stuck in an  endless cycle of working and paying debt for the rest of your life. Never to be free ever again. I am shocked and appalled that our society has become such. Capitalist slavery. Taking advantage of people. Making them sweat so much about losing their jobs, that they put up with anything and everything to stay employed. Even when it is harming their physical/mental/emotional health. For people without work, they really struggle as they are accused of being lazy. Our society hates the poor. If your poor, our society feels you need to be punished. With a society like this, people reach for the drug bottle to escape. Escape a horrible hopeless reality. A situation with no escape. With our wealth and power, it is a crime for our citizenry to be becoming a nation of drug addicts. Yet our rich, ruling elite doesn't care one whit about it. Our whole nation can OD, and they could care less. Judeo-Capitalist is hard hearted and uncaring. Capitalism is by its very nature cold and unfeeling. This is manifested by its ignoring our drug problem as our people sink deeper into drug abuse.
National Socialism IS the answer. Can it keep people off drugs, no. What it can do, is lessen the problem greatly. It gives people purpose. It gives people self worth and pride. If your considered valuable because you are a white Aryan, you are far less vulnerable, and much less likely to need to take drugs to alleviate your misery. NS is our salvation. It can solve a lot of problems. Even our drug problems. Our people are a mess. They need not stay that way. We can set things right. We can do better. Frankly we must. If we fail to change our system, we will die as a nation. Even worse, we will die as a race. Drugged up, and unable to cope with life. Donate money to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit. Help change things. Change for the better. Avoid the change to hell that we're currently facing now. Support ANP. Help it change our system, and prevent millions from falling into drug abuse and early OD death. Our race must be saved. ANP can do it, if we help support it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Some white accomplishments

We white Aryans are selling ourselves short. We are condemning ourselves to poverty. Why must the vast majority of us work for peanuts, when people like Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon make billions. Bezos fortune will soon top 80 billion dollars. Making HIM the richest American. Surpassing Bill Gates.
We have let non white and Jew liberal propaganda poison our guts. White Aryans have accomplished so very mush. We must resist racial self hatred. Let us review a few things that whites have invented/developed. Mayonnaise, sunblock, golf, square dancing, disco, Frisbee, electric lights, Segway. I picked various and sundry products. Whether really good or not, this all shows white Aryan ingenuity and inventiveness. This shows the superior white Aryan mind. We are superior. Why then, do we accept an inferior place in American society. We let ourselves be treated like dirt. Like we have no value. We deserve better, not worse. We have so much to be proud of as white Aryans. So much has been accomplished by our ancestors. We shouldn't lay down in the dirt and eat non white shit. We should run the show, not be shunted aside. We let our schools teach racial self hate. We have let laws be passed that relegate white Aryans to second class status. The Civil Rights laws tell us we HAVE to do business with those we do not want to. We HAVE to live with those we do not want to. That non whites get first crack at jobs. That non whites can't be fired.
White Aryans. The current situation in this country is little short of insane. We're letting inferior peoples run the show. We are letting them walk all over us. We deserve better. After all, shouldn't the best qualified be in charge, and not the inferior screw ups. We white Aryans must unite. There is still time to rectify our mistakes and omissions. United, and determined, we can roll back the non white gains at our expense. Why in god's name should we be punished for things that happened that were out of our control, and happened before any of us were even born yet. Time for social justice. Time for racial justice. Support ANP. It aims to restore white Aryan rights. It sticks up for white Aryans, and works to restore their rights and dignity. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must find a champion to work for us, and defend us. ANP is such a champion. Be aware. ANP can help us fight oppression, but it can NOT do it for us. WE, white Aryans must do our own work to free ourselves. It will take work and dedication, but it can be done. It must be done. Our kids futures depend on our successfully overcoming the anti white forces in our society. if we fail, we will be relegated to the trash heap of history. Our past is glorious. We were once a great people. Time to be great again. Help ANP. Let us struggle. Let us once again taste freedom and pride, rather then ignominy and shame. Join ANP as a supporter. Help it help you. It is long past time to right the wrongs done to us. White Aryans. Our grievances are many. Our defenders few. Support ANP and resist, while there is yet time. Otherwise our future is going to be bleak to non existent.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


This society as it currently is, is doomed. Doomed to die a long, slow, lingering death. This is because, it has lost all the qualities that make up "civilization". We have a nothing  society, that all we can expect from it, is nothingness. Our GOVT is a joke. Corrupt and rudderless. It serves the Judeo-Capitalists, not us common folk. There is total corruption. Total idiocy. No effectiveness whatsoever. Without good, or even decent govt, our society can not last long, and certainly not prosper.
In the matter of WORSHIP, it too is not good. People are losing their faith.  Religion is important to a society, because it provides moral boundaries to behavior. It is not so much worrying about the hereafter, as about the here and now. Moral based rules and regulations that keep human behavior in check. Without some kind of braking system, human behavior can easily get out of control and go berserk. With dire consequences for all.
SOCIAL INTERACTION. People don't socialize like they use to. Use to be people attended parties and various functions. This bred familiarity, which in turn built community ties. Now, eveyone just stays in their homes. Watching TV, playing video games. Interacting with none, and not building the social skills that enable one to function in a society. Is it really any wonder why we have so many lone gunmen that go on a rampage. They are angry and alienated. They are this way, because Capitalism marginalizes the individual. No money, and your a pariah.
WRITING is becoming a lost art. The printed word is going the way of the dinosaur. Now its I pod, I pad, etc. People just look at something, and don't write down their thoughts. This ends up with them not having any thoughts about anything. Look at our media. No editing. I consonantly see simple spelling errors. Many paragraphs make no sense.. No, writing, the ability to be able to put thoughts down on paper, is becoming a lost art. We are becoming a society of morons. Empty heads, devoid of thought and reason.
ART should reflect a societies look at itself. How it is, how it wants to be. Nowadays, art shows just how primitive and asinine our society has become. Look at modern art. Looks like something a chimp did. Your suppose to see some message. Bullshit. It is just an expensive mess, that people say means something, when it is just meaningless crap. The prices paid, for this garbage blows my mind. Millions, for something that looks like crap, and I wouldn't give spit for. This has become our society
White Aryans. Our civilization is in mortal danger. We need to get back to the basics of what makes a society great. National Socialism, not only has good taste in art and music, but far more importantly, it builds and maintains a society. It stresses loyalty. People working together to accomplish things. This is the heart of civilization. It stresses duty. People working with and for each other, for the good of the whole, and shunning personal gain. An animal thinks only of self. When IT is hungry for example, it wants food, it doesn't worry about others.. NS works for a society that acts like one. One people, one nation, one race. Dedicated to survival, but also to greatness. NS wants to harness the human spirit to achieve great things. Our current society is just a collection of dead heads who have no ambition, or drive. This is why the terrible scourge of drug abuse. Our people are empty. NS is the water of life. Racial life. It wants to preserve and improve the white Aryan condition. Donate money to ANP. Donate time to give out lit. Help make a difference. Our civilization is slipping away.Jewish Liberalism tears down civilization. It has no right or wrong, just gray areas. NS makes society grow, and get strong .It has values. It acts to protect society, and people. Think hard about what I have said. Do you agree?

Monday, June 19, 2017

What we need.

Ever wonder why our society is so fucked up now, when it use to work just fine? Its really not hard to figure out. Our society changed. For the worse. We became black dominated. Politically, and culturally. Black rules. Blacks get whatever they want. They have played the racism card to death. Every problem is due to racism. Black society rejects the notion that it can do any wrong. Hence, black ghetto culture has taken over. Laws are made to help blacks, and screw whites. It use to be the USA had a sense of purpose. Now we all just listen to gangsta rap, and use drugs. What we have lost.
CONSISTENCY. Its gone. The most glaring example is our court system. Cases are totally left to a judge's whim. More times then not, its a minority judge. If blacks commit crimes, its because of racism. If whites do, its because their evil. The penalties are laughable. Dealing in marijuana you get life. Killing someone you get 20 years. Use to be, you killed, you die. Circumstances, whether hot or cold blood, didn't matter. Victim was still dead, no matter the reason. I hate our court system. Its a crap shoot. Instead of sure and certain justice, you have to worry if the judge toast was burned that morning. It all comes down to the judge feelings at the moment of sentencing. This system sucks. We need consistency in our society. Law enforcement above all.
We need PERSISTENCE Seems that our people are too ready to just give up. Except where war is concerned. Then we're too persistent, and end up fighting forever. Like the Middle East. We're stuck there, because we are ZOG. We're fighting eternally to save Israel. Other wise we give up, and give in too easily. We white Aryans, have let the non whites walk all over us. Instead of resisting, we have simply surrendered. That's why we have these hateful civil rights laws, which should be called the black special rights laws. Blacks get the run of the place to do as they god damn want to. They can hiring priority. They are never fired. All this bull shit protected by law. All because we whites just gave up and rolled over. We needed to defend our freedom, and resist tyranny. Instead we just kiss black ass.
We need SIMPLICITY. Our society is far too complex. No better example then the damn tax code. It is truly ridiculous. Far too complex. In trying to be "fair", it is truly undecipherable. It is pages of crap. The only people really able to negotiate it are tax lawyers. Us common folk haven't got a clue. Things need to be simple. You make so much, you pay so much. No more loopholes, or tax dodges. The tax code was meant to be fair, but it has mutated into a monster that is unfathomable to the vast majority of Americans. We now have a whole industry devoted to doing taxes. This is madness. Things need to be simple, not complex. We're not all nuclear physicists. We need simplicity in our lives. Things need to be able to be understood, not guessed at.
This is what we have lost. Basically, a workable society. We need the three attributes discussed. The only way we'll get them is with a new system. National Socialism, will provide all three. We have only to institute it. Donate to ANP. Your money. Your time to give out lit. Our people are hungry for change. They're sick of same old, same old. This is why we have the Trump phenomena. We must push things further. WE must give out lit, and show our people a better way. That we can get our society back to being a good one, instead of the shit hole it currently is now. We can do better. We must do better. Our kids need a future in a society based on intelligence, not liberal stupidity. I sure don't want my kids to grow up thinking kissing black ass is normal and acceptable. We need new, and better. New and better in the right way. A society based on intelligence, not liberal idiocy.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some facts

So much fake news is thrown around today, its very hard to know what is true, what is believable. Here are a couple of facts. In the home health, and laundry businesses, hourly pay has only gone up by $2 since 1990. How do you like these TRUE facts. Interesting huh. More like appalling. People are being kept and worked as virtual slaves. Working hard, but with stagnant wages. So it goes in the USA. Our workers work hard, but get meager pay. Is this the country we want? One where we working stiffs are practically little more then slave labor. WTH. Seems our freedom, is the freedom to be little more then a slave. Work like a horse, but be paid a few measly bucks. This sucks. It continues, and is getting worse. Our govt has been so worried about helping the downtrodden non whites, especially blacks, that white Aryan workers have been forgotten about, and are ignored. Instead of white Aryans being strong and independent, they are pseudo slaves, and dependent on ZOG's largess to survive. In California, 454,000 children, from low income households, are dependent on child care subsidies. This begs the question, of who pays the bills for these people. No doubt, quite a few of which are really illegal aliens. The white Aryan worker is now the bedrock of our govt. We pay the fright for everyone and everything. Our taxes go to help everyone, but US. We get nothing but the shaft. Is this right? Is this justice? Is this the new "American way"?
I say NO. No to the screwing of American workers. No to this bullshit of helping non whites live the good life while white Aryans work themselves into an early grave. Is it really right that non whites get Food Stamps, and can afford to buy steak, while I, a white Aryan, get no govt help and can't afford it. This system blows. It stinks to high heaven. White Aryan workers keep this god damn country going. It is not right we get the royal screw job. I am sick and tired of non whites getting everything under the sun in the way of help, while we white Aryans work for wages that haven't gone up in a decade. We whites work, while the non whites play. We need racial justice in this country, and we need it now. We need economic justice, and we need it now. Enough of us white Aryans being played for suckers. We deserve decent pay for a decent day's work. Remember the old saying? "A fair days wage for a fair days work". What has happened to us. Why so much injustice? I say we let Judeo-Capitalism take over, and run amok. A system notorious for its corruption/greed/unfairness, and we make it the law of the land. Time for a change.
Support ANP. It is working to restore justice to white Aryan workers. Both legal, and economic. Enough of white Aryans having to constantly walk on eggshells so as not to "offend" non white sensitivities. Donate money. We need it as we have a lot of bills. Donate your time to give out lit. The printed word is our only outlet as our media is enemy controlled. God damn it, do something. We will die as a race, unless our situation is turned around and improved. The poor don't live long lives, and far too many white Aryans are becoming poor. Very poor. Stand on your feet and resist, or die on your knees poor and pathetic. Are you a white Aryan, or a worm to be trampled upon. Your call.

Monday, June 12, 2017


I feel this country isn't rudderless. On the contrary, it has far too many directions it wants to head in. This country suffers from political schizophrenia. Schizophrenia means "shattered mind". You can't think straight or in a goal directed manner. So it is with our country. We have far too many people, wanting to go in far too many directions.  We have people who want an isolationist foreign policy. They're tired of the endless wars such as Korea, Vietnam, and now the anti Islam crusade. They want peace. We have the interventionists. They want to jump into any, and every war, in order to save the world for democracy We have the whites only people, who want racial separation, and white Aryan rights. We have the pro non whites, who want race mixing, and anything and everything, but for non whites only.. One thing everyone agrees on is that they want to live the good life. How we all can is the big debate. Some want socialism. Others want mega Capitalism. There are those who haven't given up on National Socialism (Nazism). The interests of the business community, especially the mega corporations, are running roughshod over our political process decision making. It use to be the Republicans were the party of big business. The Democrats were the party of the "working man". Now both parties are just a collection of yuppies, who serve the interests of the mega Capitalists. Money talks, and it buys political influence. Profit rules, and any and all things that increase profits are good, no matter what the consequences. I find this very dangerous thinking. It is putting our nation, even the world, in jeopardy. All sorts of environmental pollution is being allowed, so business can save money and make profits. Our foreign policy is little more then our govt being the muscle to strong arm countries into doing as they're told, which is to greet the Capitalists with open arms and allow any depredation our companies feel like unleashing. Our country acts like a criminal gang rather then a nation. Shaking down countries for resources, any lip, and they're declared anti American, and the military is sent in to neutralize the "threat".
Folks, once we all thought with one mind. That mind has been shattered by ZOG. We are being manipulated, to support the interests of orgs, that is not our own. We are made to fight for Israel, even though many of us don't want to. There are too many currents of political thought in this country, that all lead back to ZOG running the show. Free reign Capitalism, defending Israel, destroying jobs here at home. Outsourcing jobs to other countries while at home we go jobless is truly horrific. We need to become of one mind again. We white Aryans must unite under the banner of National Socialism with our standard bearer being the ANP. Its time we put an head to schizo govt. Time we determine our own course, and stop letting ourselves be led around by the nose by ZOG. Support ANP. Give money. Give of your time to give out lit. We desperately need to get our people's head on straight again, and have a clear sense of purpose for our racial folk. The future will be bleak, if we fail to concentrate, and continue to flail away at anything and everything. We need to think RACE, and that is all. All else will flow from this basic idea. The race is all, all for the race.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Free and Easy

Welfare and Food Stamps were programs designed and intended to help the poor. Supposedly all poor, but in reality solely black poor. Whites were never meant to really use them. They were LBJ's plans to help the poor downtrodden black folk. Whites were never really considered for help. After all, blacks needed help after centuries of discrimination. Whites needed help not at all. What happened was that Welfare immediately morphed into a black welfare system, where blacks lived off the dole, and didn't have to do a lick of work. It soon became all too apparent that Welfare= no work. Food Stamps morphed even worse. Thanks to Trump's push to deport illegal aliens, many people have dropped out of the Food Stamp program. Why? Because they ARE illegal aliens. They are afraid if they stay on the program they get their illegal asses deported back to their countries of origin. This all sounds about right when it comes to our govt. When I hear the words "govt program" words like muddle, idiocy, screw up, scam, all come to mind. That's because our govt programs are the previously mentioned words. They suck to high heaven. LBJ put thru programs that helped blacks but not whites. Whites however, pay the bills. Our hard earned tax dollars go to supporting lazy no goods. People quite content with living off the dole. In our grandfathers time, living off the dole was considered shameful. Not anymore. Blacks feel "entitled", as a way to make up for slavery. I say that this is totally ridiculous. To give a group of people a free ride for something that happened a century before anyone was born today is patently ridiculous. We white Aryans are getting the royal screw job. We pay, they play. Its bad enough blacks get away with crap. But illegal aliens. That is really going too far. Doesn't anyone check anything anymore? How can so many of these illegal freeloaders get away with so much. It truly boggles the mind. I think a big difference is that non whites have organizations with big mouths that make a lot of noise. For example, blacks have the NAACP. It pushes for things for THEM, not us, them. That is why we're stuck with idiot programs like Affirmative Action. Blacks get away with first hired, last fired, all because of THEIR skin color. Blacks come in first with the most. Whites come in last with the least. We white Aryans have shot ourselves in the foot. Programs that meant well, were immediately hijacked, and used wrongfully ever after. For blacks, non whites, illegal aliens, our govt programs are just pockets to pick. For white Aryans, govt programs translate into that we pay thru the nose, for programs we derive absolutely no benefit from. Like I said, we pay, they play. When I see a Food Stamps recipient in the grocery line with steak, when I can't afford it, it makes my blood boil. Especially, when this person is most probably an illegal alien, who came to this country to live the good life. Their good life, at the expense of me forking over my hard earned pay by busting my hump for 40+ hours per week.
I am truly fed up. I'm tired of this crap. It goes on and on. Are YOU tired of it? Are YOU sick of being played? Then support ANP. It is trying to right the many wrongs of our system. To do this it needs funds. Donate generously. Isn't it better your kind gets the help, rather then a non white freeloader, or even worse an illegal getting help, when they shouldn't even be in this country. Donate your time to help give out lit. We can get things done with enough support. We need to get the word out, so our people know they have a champion, a real champion, to fight for them. We white Aryans have taken enough crap. Time to put things right. Support ANP. Time for us to be white Aryans again, instead of a bunch of fools.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Desireable virtues.

Why is our society at present such a moral cesspool? Probably, because we have lost (or thrown away for some) our moral compass. Nothing is sacred anymore. Not God, not country, not family, not marriage. Nothing. Is it any wonder our people are massively hooked on drugs. Is it really any wonder that instead of the golden rule, we live by the law of the jungle. You can NOT have a successful society, if everyone is out to screw everyone else. Everyone vs everyone is the rule for hell, not heaven. What does our society need.
PROWESS. Our nation needs to be prepared for, not at, but prepared, for war. You fight only in self defense. Not to conquer the world, or to make it safe for democracy. If you want peace, prepare for war. Our current society, we prepare for war, in order to wage war. First against the Kaiser, then the Nazis, then the Communists, now against Islam. We have no peace, because our racketeer rulers won't permit peace. They want war. They don't make money with peace, only war. Our children should/must be trained for war. Made hard. So they can handle any problem/threat that comes along. Right now, our kids are selfish weaklings. Good for nothings. This is a recipe for disaster. Unless we condition our kids to be hard and tough, they will fail to be anything but a bunch of bums.
DISCIPLINE. This goes hand in hand with the above. Our kids need a system of discipline. Psychology has shown this. Children need discipline. They need boundaries. Any of you parents can I'm sure, attest to that in spades. Without discipline, children, and societies for that matter, end up being just a pack of wild animals. Is this what we want. Our schools "Black" board jungles. Our cities jungles. Our country little more then a giant jungle. We suffer now, because WE let this happen. We sat back, while these liberal educators sold their philosophy like snake oil. To the ruination of our kids, and our country, and our race. Discipline isn't fun, but is it very much necessary. Compare thru history, and the societies that are strong are disciplined, and survived. Those that are weak fall away into nothingness.
DETERMINATION. A society must be focused. Focused on something positive, NOT negative. Hitler was elected, NOT because he didn't like Jews, but because he wanted to fix the German economy. He knew that people were most concerned with being able to eat each day, rather then starve. He cared for his people and country. So to it must be with us. We need a new society. One goal driven. A positive goal. Not negative. Instead of stressing the self, we need a society that stresses something else. Like the race for example. Nazism stresses the existence of the race. It wants its people fed, clothed, and housed. It wants the race to be safe, and secure. It wants the race to be able to live. Right now our race is in danger. It is under siege. Thanks to racial self hatred taught in schools. We must change this. Change racial hate, to racial self love.
Donate to ANP. It is working to bring about a National Socialist society. One dedicated to the race. No more selfishness. A society dedicated to the racial folk community. Its survival. Its prosperity. It has a positive  goal driven program. Not hate, but racial survival. Is that so wrong. To want your race to survive. To want your race to thrive/ Donate money, donate time to give out lit. Help us change this country to something good, rather then keep it going in its evil. Greed is NOT good, and no good can ever come of it. History constantly proves this. Research it. Prove it for yourself.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What we need.

This country is like any other, when it comes to survival. Our race needs certain conditions in order to be guaranteed of survival. Any nation/race NEEDS: Power, Pride, Security. They are the building blocks of survival. Without them, no society can survive. Hell, it can't even get started.
A nation needs to be powerful. It needs POWER to make itself secure. Be able to function without fear. If your not powerful, you get picked on. Maybe even conquered. Kind of like the school bully, only this is concerning a nation. Our race, white Aryan, has lost all power. We are now a laughing stock. We get pushed around, and forced to kiss black ass. Once we had power, and were respected. Now we have no power and are treated with contempt. It is a shame that such a mighty race has fallen so low. The American middle class once had great power. Now that is being slowly whittled away. The American middle class is now dying. The vanishing Americans. Power provides security. It provides existence. Without power you are at the mercy (or lack of) of others. Not a good place to be.
Above all, a nation needs PRIDE. Pride in itself. Pride in its achievements. pride leads to confidence. Confidence allows it to achieve. Nothing can be achieved if your nation/race has no pride in itself. White Aryans has swallowed the liberal line of racial self hatred. Now, instead of being the can do race, our race is the nothing race. We can do nothing, because we stand for nothing. Remember the moon project. We chose to go because it was hard. Now, our people are so busy being ashamed of themselves, they couldn't even manage a group effort to go down the block. No pride means no get up and go. No ability, or even desire to take on projects, much less finish them. Our school and govt system has killed white pride in this nation, and itself. Hence we're the joke nation. Unable to do anything right. I don't know about you, but I don't like being an international laughingstock.
I guess above all, a nation/race needs SECURITY. The ability to function without fear of attack. To feel at ease enough to be able to function in life without having to look over your shoulder. We white Aryans have definitely lost this ability. We quake in our boots now, worrying if everything is politically correct. I am so sick of political correctness. It is just a super scam to screw whites. We're made out to be the bad guys. We are expected to constantly bend OUR backs, while others get a free ride. Look at your own situation. I'm sure, if your a white Aryan, you have had to take a back seat to a non white, especially blacks. THEY come in late, and the boss says nothing. You, whitey, come in late a minute, and your docked without a seconds hesitation. Blacks in this country are sacrosanct. We white Aryans are very expendable. Rather then being able to relax, secure in the knowledge we are secure in our jobs, we constantly have to fret that we might get canned for whatever reason. Blacks are protected by law, like some endangered species. We white Aryans are cast to the winds.
I am sick and tired of living like this. Are YOU? Time to take action to correct these injustices. I for one, refuse to be punished for things like Negro slavery that happened long before I even existed. Just because blacks suffered a hundred years ago, don't take it out of my hide. Support ANP. It will bring National Socialism, which in turn will bring the above values/conditions. It will give white Aryans POWER, so that we aren't taken advantage of and treated like pond scum any more. It will give us PRIDE in ourselves again. I want to be proud of my race again. No more shame. It will give us precious SECURITY that we need not fear for our jobs, or fall a foul of these lunatic hate crime laws. It offers us freedom. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let's get our white Aryan act together, and make life better for us. It sure can't get much worse. I refuse to let my race go extinct quietly into the night. Time to wake up and act like a white Aryan should.