Thursday, April 27, 2017


The left elites of this country have a mission. To MAKE us all love each other. They make out that its solely whites fault that the races don't get along. They live in a fantasy world, that Jews are nice people, and blacks just poor unfortunates. The Hispanics just want a nice life. That Muslims are really nice people, just misunderstood. This is because the left believes in internationalism. This is an idea that dates from Communism days. One happy world run according to the dictates of the Jew god Marx. Back then the Communists thought that the world should be run from Moscow. That Stalin should run everything. The one world govt crap. Differences should be a matter of complete indifference. We'll all just trade and be happy making money thanks to the EU, NAFTA, and TPP.
The left is just as wrong today, as it was previously. Jews like money far too much. Either that, or they're always trying to PUSH the liberal agenda. I hate liberals, because of their immense hypocrisy. Blacks are violent. Who the hell are the majority of people in prison. Black. Hispanics come here to establish colonies not assimilate. Muslims are not nice but misunderstood. They kill for their religion. They tolerate no opposition to Islam, period. I wish to God we could have a real political discussion in this country. The neo- Communists won't allow it. Look at Trump rallies during the campaign. Left provocateurs caused disturbances, like fights to disrupt. They are ruthless and devious, just like their Communist forbears. They are determined to get their way. The left is out in la la land. Most of them are god damn arrogant yuppies. They think THEY know best. They don't have a clue, or care about, the average white Aryan's problems. I doubt they live near any blacks whatsoever for an example.
The left will ALWAYS fail. Why? Because they are arrogant. Because they push causes that white Aryans hate. The greatest weakness of the left is that it over intellectualizes.
People like being part of a group. Especially a nation. People believe in nationalism. They want a place to call home. A place to be proud of. A place. Why is there populism? Because people want govt to be responsive, not nagging. Govt should help solve, not create problems. People want to live in peace and happiness. They don't like distant bureaucrats telling them to live with people that are impossible to live with. We need protectionism. Need it. Look at what has happened to a global economy with globalization. Our jobs left us. Went off to China, leaving us white Aryan common working stiffs in the lurch. How the hell do we support our families. The left doesn't care. The left elites are determined to do the one world govt, no matter what. Since many Jews are liberal, they enjoy sticking it to white Christians. The ACLU is 90% Jewish. That's why they uphold the rights of criminals. It never occurs to them to side with the grief stricken victims families.
ANP is trying desperately to reverse this tide of liberal insanity. We flatly refuse to live in a human ant colony. We want white Aryans to have a good life. Be left alone. Have peace and prosperity. Our enemies disparage us as evil. They hate us, because we refuse to go along and submit. ANP wants at a very minimum, white Aryan rights restored. Far too much is done for, and given to non whites in this country. Time to stop the giveaways. White Aryans deserve their pride. Enough of the racial self hate. Enough of the bullshit. Support ANP. Help in the Spring Blitz. Give money, and also devote time to giving out literature. White Aryans must unite, and work for their freedom. Unless we take action to help ourselves, the liberal paradise will come to pass. It is already upon us. A nation where non whites run amok, while us white Aryans huddle in our shack homes hiding. Scared, and helpless. No liberal world for me. I know what I must do. YOU?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Virtue vs depravity

Our society is schizophrenic. On the one hand, everyone talks about how virtuous this country is. That we're the super good guys. On the other hand, it is quite apparent that this society is quite depraved. Look at our divorce rate. 50%. Half of all marriages fail. NOT due to abuse, or adultery, but over disagreements about money. Look at movies. Look at TV. The level of filth is rising steadily. Parents have to put electronic locks on their TV's to protect their kids from depraved television movies and programs. The home, should not be a porno theater. This country is choking to death on its total hypocrisy. People talk about freedom, and democracy. Yet, such freedom is used for really disgusting pursuits. To liberals, nothing is wrong. This is the Jewish influence, as Jews have no black or white, just gray areas where morality is concerned. I totally disagree with this approach. Things are wrong. No if's, and's or but's about it. There is right, there is wrong. Unless and until there is once again agreement on what is right and wrong, our society will continue to sink beneath the waves. Look at how smooth running our society was, when we all could agree on basic right vs wrong behavior. Allowing the multi cultural approach to morality has undermined our society, and endangers the nation. There MUST be a sense of right, and wrong. You can not escape it. Without it, you get a society that has no moral compass, no core moral values, and no moral anchor in which the society can cling to. Instead, you get a jungle atmosphere. The motto becomes:"screw the other guy before he screws you". How can a society possibly function like that. It can't. That's why our society is currently in the toilet. It will stay there. It will only get worse. How much worse, I dread to think. Without morality, a society simply can't function. What are the 10 Commandments, but rules in which a society can function. Never mind the religious morality. They are glue that keeps a society together. How can you possibly have a society that is anything like human, if all people do is animalistic behavior. If people are killing each other, taking each others wives, stealing from each other, there is no chance of a decent well functioning society. So we have it with today's America. A moral cesspool, filled with people little better then animals. Liberals only care about freedom. National Socialists care about what is done with freedom.
Join ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out literature. The ANP is fighting a rearguard action, to try and preserve something of human society from the degradation that our society is hurtling into. Support us. The more support we get, the better we can fight for our white Aryan people. We're fighting for YOU. To help you stay in a morally righteous society, and not in some pseudo hell. Its very hard. Far too many of our scum politicians are willing to sell their souls, and let the common people suffer. ANP is not a collection of goody goody's. Its normal hard working common folk, who refuse to accept having a society that's a collection of animal like beings. Help us. Join the struggle for good. Is freedom really meant for people to do whatever without consequences. That's what liberals say/want. We want a society worthy of the name human. Join us, or rot in a Jew liberal hell.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Economic stratification

The way things are right now, either we do something to change the system we live under/with, or we wither away. Our modern Capitalist society is really mutating into a modern version of the Middle Ages. Our rich ruling elites, who are based on money wealth, are in reality little different from the Middle Ages nobility who ruled long ago. In both cases, long ago, and today, elites push for wealth, and aggressively lead the charge to take over resources. They create massive instability, but don't care, because money/wealth is all they care about. It is selfishness writ large. Right here and now, HALF the world's population lives on a mere pittance of $3 dollars a day. Financial workers are like the retainers of old. Helping to despoil the common folk of whatever little wealth they have, just to fill their masters yearning for ever more wealth. Translation. There are a hell of a lot of poor people in this world, and its getting worse as time goes on. Elites didn't care about underlings in the Middle Ages. The Nobility felt far superior to the serf peasantry, and used/abused it as they saw fit. Only after many bloody revolutions, did things really change for the better. Now things are reverting. Changing for the worse. The rich ruling elites of today are just as greedy, if not more so, then any medieval baron. Only now, instead of swords, they use laws to despoil the masses. They're even killing the damn planet in their mindless greed. Either they feel they'll die before things get too bad, or they're rich enough to pay for development of a spaceship so they can leave the planet as it becomes unlivable. I'm NOT rich, so I don't know the workings of the rich mind. I do know, that things are rough, for the common working person. We're being worked to death. Our wages are meager. What we earn is eaten up by taxes. Taxes to pay for the non whites living expenses. Non whites are the ones govt helps. We white Aryans are just beasts of burden, who toil, and have our hard earned money ripped from our hands by greedy govt tax collectors. I feel the national animal should be the vampire bat, as our govt sucks the life blood out of the white Aryan populace. When we white Aryans ask for help, we are ignored, and even belittled. I find this disgusting, but also bewildering. Why do we keep taking it. It has become quite obvious, our system is for non whites only to help. We white Aryans get nothing out of it but the back of the hand. Why do we put up with it. Do we really believe in our system? Think tomorrow will be better. Is there really any hope. Really any chance for change. So far all the changes are for the worse. Be realistic. What in hell is going to make things change for the better?
National Socialism is our only real way out of the mess. This system we have now is quicksand. It is sucking us down, till it sucks the very life out of us. National Socialism, with its emphasis on the race, rather then the individual, is our only way out. People need a sea change of attitude and belief. People need a new focus. One positive, not negative. The good of the race, not the good of the individual. Fail to change this system, and it will continue to destroy us poor common folk. We don't matter. Never have, never will. Capitalism favors the rich. Its built that way. You can NOT change it. Look at today's world. Nations ruled by rich uncaring elites. Only the rich matter, the common folk are ignored. Elections are meaningless, as the rich buy them. Let's end this farce. Let's get a system that cares for us, the common folk. We need change. We need a new system. One that cares for us, not screws us. Donate to ANP. Money, and your time to give out lit. Its either change or live as draft animals, and die ignominiously.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Jewish influence

The left wing liberals make fun of right wing allegations of undue Jewish influence in govt. That's why we National Socialists and others call our govt ZOG. Zionist Occupation Govt. Jews have far too much to say, and far too much influence, over American govt policy. This past election, the right wing crowed about how we dodged a Jewish bullet. We could very easily have ended up with a Jewish president in Bernie Sanders. He was defeated. Yet now, we face massive Jewish influence thru Trump's Jewish son in law. His very own daughter converted to marry a Jew. Kushner now has massive power and influence. This is why we are "anti Semitic". Jews are a small percentage of the population, but have massive influence. They end up controlling things. Making policies that no one really voted on. White Aryans were caught off guard, and flat footed, by the Jewish led free speech movement, which quickly morphed into freeing the blacks from white oppression. What the civil rights era has done, is free blacks to be able to make white life hell. Blacks have, at Jew urging, become sacrosanct. Unassailable. They now get special treatment at every damn level of American life. First hired, last fired. They can be horrible workers, yet faced with dismissal, they play the race card. They're not being fired for coming to work drunk as a skunk at 8 in the morning. No, it must be because of white discrimination. WTF. This is the insanity that passes for govt in this country. This is due to Jew meddling. There is every sign that this will continue and get worse. The Jews intend to run the show. It just doesn't sink in that they make themselves enemies. Germany blew up against undue Jew influence and we had the "Brown Revolution" (Nazis) in Germany. The Jews just don't take no for an answer. They do whatever to protect Israel. They do whatever to gain revenge on Aryan Christian countries/societies. Jew vengeance is unquenchable. They hunt Nazis, even when they're in their nineties and old and dying. Here, they have, and still use blacks, as a weapon to beat down on whitey. We can not stop being vigilant and opposing the Jews ever. They won't quit. Look at the political landscape today. We avoided Sanders, but have Kushner instead. Jews seek out power, wherever they are. If one door is closed, another opens.
Nazism is NOT wrong in opposing Jewish influence. Look at what the Jews have done with this country. The blacks are special treatment types. White Aryans get screwed at every damn turn. The ANP doesn't like seeing white Aryans walked over. It opposes Jewish influence in our govt. For a very good reason as I see it. Unless something is done, for all intents and purposes, this country will be ruled from Israel. Help keep white Aryan America in white Aryan hands. Enough of Jewish machinations. Donate to ANP. We need money, and your time to give out lit. Unless we do something now, things will just continue to get worse. A total breakdown in morality and decency. We already see the results of living under a Jew inspired moral code.The filth in movies, and TV. Our schools hotbeds of budding criminality.All do to Jewish liberalism and permissiveness. Help us save this country. Turn back the evil that is threatening to engulf it. Jews have far too much influence. This might not be bad if they used their influence to help. They use it to hurt white Aryans in an insane effort to gain vengeance for all the wrongs they feel they've suffered thru history, real or imagined. Help us. We're up against the most powerful and cunning group of people on the planet. The anti Islam campaign is just a distraction from the real enemy. We see it every day in our govt. Let us unite, and resist. No more kissing Jew ass. Jews are NOT poor victims. White Aryan America is both victim, and sucker.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


One of the big bug a boos about Communism was/is about collectivization of agriculture. The collective farm is decried for forcing rural folk onto factory farms. That although the aim is suppose to be industrial scale agriculture, it ends up being highly inefficient and next to worthless. Well folks, why are corporate farms better? More efficient? Corporatization may be economically more "efficient", but because its based on Capitalism, it only cares about profit. In other words, to put it bluntly, its pay what price is demanded, or starve. This is inevitably the result when the profit motive enters the picture. Nothing but nothing is ever done for free. The good old family farm, that was the backbone of American agriculture is dying off. Simply can't compete with the economy of scale of the corporates. I don't see corporate farms as the answer. For whatever gains you get in efficiency, you lose far more as the corporate entity must make a profit, and if it is at the expense of the starving, then so be it. Is this how we should be living? Like a form of blackmail. Corporate strong arm tactics. Having a corporate gun to our heads. Like it or not, and I don't, this is our system. Food for those with the MONEY for which to buy it. Lose your job, and starvation is very likely the result. During the Great Depression, people actually starved, right here in America. They lost their jobs. No job, no money. No money, no eat. There was no govt safety net. Now our govt wants to get rid of any and all social programs. Basically our govt is telling its own citizens to go to hell.
Now our Capitalist govt wants to corporatize education, and health care. The consequences of such action will be quite severe. I find it appalling that with a gun to our heads in farming, our people are letting the corporates have control over the two greatest forces in our modern lives. Health and education. Ask yourself, are these RIGHTS, or mere PRIVILEGES, that can be doled out by the ruling elite as it sees fit. We are hurtling to a future that closely resembles the past. A feudal past. The peasantry lorded over by the nobility. Nowadays, its the corporates lording it over us common consumers. Forcing us to pay their extortionate prices, or face disaster. In Capitalism, its pay up, or suffer. There is NO other way around it. Pay up or else.
Is this how YOU want to live? How you want your KIDS to live? Shouldn't we have made progress in developing a better world by now. Well, actually we have. National Socialism developed, to give people another way to live. One where they could make a profit, but NOT at the expense of others. Things are kept fair for all. NOT where one can hold up for whatever profit they can squeeze from all others. It is a system of governing, not legalized criminality as Capitalism is. Communism is cursed for not helping the individual. Well Capitalism needs be cursed for making the greedy individual almighty. We will continue to have suffering as long as we accept greed as normal every day behavior. Let us move on to a new and better society. One that stands for something. Something good, and positive. The race. National Socialism. It was destroyed by force before. It need not stay destroyed. Right principles can never really be destroyed. It only requires the will to act. Unite with your fellow Aryans, under the banner of the ANP. Let us form a National Socialist govt. One that will provide food, education and health care to its people. Not like today's govt that aids and abets the corporate price gouging that has become a hallmark of our society. Donate to ANP. Money and time to give out lit. Our people must be educated, that there is something better. That it can be established in this country. For the Aryan people. Govt should be a help, not a curse.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Money vs morality.

We white Aryans, of the USA, are facing the most crucial period in our history. It is a decision that will affect our future massively. It comes down to this: do we pick dividends and the moral degradation that comes with them, or do we choose the making of a racial state, our main priority. We can NOT have both. Its either profits and the hell with people, or we choose to help and serve our fellow white Aryans. Think very carefully on this. It is of the utmost importance. Our future, and very existence are at stake. Right now, we let a rich ruling elite lord it over us. As we let the lust for wealth fester, our country's morals decline. Greed is fast becoming all that our people care about. This is harmful to our people. Notice how evil doers are treated with total indifference these days. Lying has become standard practice for our politicians, for our business leaders. Even for the common folk. Lying, dishonesty, deceit. Our country is now a moral cesspool. Is this really how we want to live? Can we even live in a society like this. The American middle class is dying. More and more, white Aryans are sinking into poverty. Far too many white Aryans are now comfortable with seeing fellow white Aryans struggling with poverty. They just don't care anymore. The evil virus that is Judaeo-Capitalism is making its way thru our society. Poisoning the guts of our race, and nation. The moral codes that our ancestors once honored, and upheld are fading fast. This is totally unacceptable, if we are to continue to exist as human beings should. We are fast becoming little more then a collection of jungle animals. I find the situation intolerable. What kind of future will our kids have. How much longer can our race hang on. As long as things are basically everyone vs everyone, there will be suffering. Aryandom will continue to weaken and die. If there was a group of us out in the forest, and we were beset by a wolf pack, wouldn't we band together to protect and defend ourselves, together.  Well, the Capitalist class is threatening us. They want to make us slaves. keep us down. Keep our mouths shut, lest we protest at the terrible injustice that is going on now in this country.
Let us not accept an empty future. Filled with empty promises. Made by morally empty politicians. Unless and until we unite, and decide to adopt the moral teachings, and behaviors of our ancestors, nothing will be done. We will continue to sink into the moral swamp, and end up dying as a race. We must resist, to preserve what we are. White Aryans. What was once a morally straight, can do people. We shouldn't allow ourselves to sink beneath the waves of corruption. Wall Street can be resisted. Must be resisted. People must come before money, always. Support the ANP. It is the moral standard bearer, for morality. National Socialism cares whether Aryan people go hungry. It wants to help. Let it. Volunteer your time, and give out lit. We must reverse the ZOG brain washing that has occurred. If we fail to act, we are doomed. We are seeing it every damn day. People losing decent pay jobs, to end up with jobs that are little better then slavery. Interest slavery. People who have had to borrow money to get by, and owe their shirts to the ZOG money lenders. Let us free them, and ourselves, while we still can.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Failing education

Our education system is falling apart. Kids do whatever the hell they want these days. No discipline worthy of the name. Kids can say "go fuck yourself" to teachers without anything being done. Kids can throw temper tantrums and break valuable pieces of equipment like computer keyboards and get away with it. The examples I just mentioned really happened. Teacher friends told this stuff. Teachers these days are just timeservers. Watching the clock till retirement. No dedication any more. Its all just a matter of dollars and cents these days. Money. After all, this is a Judeo- Capitalist society, where money is all that matters. This is the beginning of the end of our society, if our kids just grow up to be monsters.
College these days is way too expensive. A family earning 100,000 dollars a year, can't afford more then half the number of US colleges. Families earning far less, are pretty priced out of the market. Yet our govt wants to cut back, or even cut out student loans to help kids afford college. This is utterly appalling. Our rich ruling elite wants to stay an elite, so they want to make sure only the rich folks kids get to go to college. For the rest of us, its fuck you. This is the society we're evolving into. A system in which only the rich can afford college. For the non rich, its tough shit, be ignorant. College is horribly expensive. Even with loans its a massive investment of time and money. You end up graduating owing your shirt for years on end. That's not bad enough, now the elite wants to limit college to the rich only.
Friends, is THIS the system you want to live with and under? A system that favors only the rich. A system that once made possible education for people to better themselves, now becoming a select club. Don't you want your kids to have their chance at higher learning, if they so desire. Our system is taking away our educational opportunities. It wants us all as a bunch of dumb, ignorant peasants. Too stupid and uneducated to challenge our masters. They WANT us to be limited. That way we're no threat to their wealth and power. ZOG just wants ignorant people, that it can train to carry a rifle, and fight, but not challenge the leadership.
I say this system stinks to high heaven. When a society denies higher education to its people, then the result can only be a workforce that is passive and submissive. Remember the old saying, "ignorance is bliss". Our rich ruling elite wants us ignorant, and blissfully unaware of how exploited we really are. They want us to fight their wars, but precious little else. I for one, refuse to accept this state of affairs. Education should be for all, not a few. When we passively submit to our ruling elite, we're dooming ourselves to destruction. How can we function, if we don't know anything, nor can we find out anything. Learning is the key to a better life, and ZOG want s to deny us this. Help support ANP. It wants a fully educated workforce/people, and its willing to put its money where its mouth is. It will support education. Total govt support, for those who qualify. College isn't for everyone, but for those who should be there, there should be support. Help ANP. Support with money, and time to give out lit. We must insure an education for our children, lest they perish from this earth. The educated succeed. The ignorant do not.

Monday, April 3, 2017

An early grave.

The Jew dominated liberals never tire of telling us about the poor non whites, especially blacks, and how they suffer. That they have a greater mortality rate, because of discrimination, then whites. No longer. White Aryans are now going to their graves earlier then non whites. White Aryan middle aged men AND women's mortality rate has increased. It was down 50% in 1999. It has increased 30% in 2015. The reasons are myriad.
Drug abuse
Alcohol abuse
Heart disease
My personal take on all of these, is that the white Aryan working class, is being worked to death. Drug and alcohol abuse, to self medicate, to combat the stress of being overworked. Suicide because of an inability to maintain herculean job demands. Heart disease due to massive overwork. Cancer, due to exposure to harmful substances as safety is thrown out the window in exchange for greater increases in productivity. Both black and Hispanic mortality rates have declined. Folks, if anything proves that there is a plot afoot to do in the white Aryan in America, these numbers show it all too clearly. Our white Aryan folk are being literally worked to death. White Aryans are suffering worse then any damn black slave ever did. We of the white Aryan working class, are made to work long hard hours. With nothing worthy of the name in medical care available if we sicken. No bereavement if we die. We're just tossed aside and forgotten about, if we were ever in a Judeo-Capitalists memory to begin with. This is why nothing is done about illegal immigration. We need the workers. As white Aryans die off, non whites, especially Hispanics, move in to replace them, at a considerable savings to greedy Capitalist employers. Our heartless Capitalist class, is in reality committing genocide. Know that word. The Jews never tire of saying it about themselves. About us white Aryans, they are silent. Ever wonder why black slaves were brought to America in the first place? Simple. The Native Americans were enslaved as workers. They died off. They couldn't handle the diseases, and the brutal work regimen demanded by white Aryan owners. Hence a new workforce was found, namely Black Africans. Now we white Aryans are in the same boat. We're incapable of surviving such terrible overwork. As we die off, Hispanics now come in to replace us. We are fast becoming a mutant version of Latin America. Instead of a rich few, and poor many, here in the good old USA, we have a rich Judeo-Capitalist elite ruling over, and working into the ground, the many white Aryan workers. Unless, and until we white Aryans do something to stop this, we shall continue to die. Slow genocide. No UN, or Jew influenced liberal will try to help us, much less save us. No, it is up to us. We white Aryans must be responsible for our own fate. We must institute a pro white National Socialist govt. A govt dedicated to US, the white Aryan working class. Only that way we can be saved. We must unite under the banner of the ANP. Change this system of white Aryan exploitation. Change it while we still can. Support ANP. With donations. Donate your time to give out lit. We must work for our salvation. If we fail, we shall die. Our enemies love us not, and will let us die. They probably even seek our death. Let us foil them. Let us crate a pro worker white Aryan racial state, with a pro white system. As long as we stay Judeo-Capitalist, we shall continue to die off, and the white Aryan race will whither and die, in a country made great by their efforts.