Thursday, February 23, 2017

How much is enough?

Our Judeo-Capitalists are out of control. They live/eat/breathe money. To them making money is the be all, end all of life. To ordinary people, they can look at a forest, and admire the beauty of nature. To the Capitalist class, they just see future profits in lumber. Unless, and until, we change this mindset, our society is doomed. The American middle class is dying. Losing out as Big Capitalism outsources jobs to overseas. The fact that the Capitalists are depriving their own Aryan people of jobs and livelihoods, doesn't bother them in the least. To them it is solely making money. Bill Gates fortune is at 85 billion. Down the road, he will become a trillionaire. Can YOU, working stiff Aryan, imagine having a trillion dollars to play with. Bill Gates will soon enough. Our society is sick, SICK with greed. It is a disease, of the highest magnitude. It is poisoning our kids. Making our kids spoiled rich brats for those with money, and violent animals for those without money. Money is the measure of a man these days. Not intelligence, bravery, honesty. Money making. Is it any wonder our society is so sick, and keeps getting worse. Talk to someone who teaches these days. The kids are out of control. Administrators only care about budgets, and the kids can go to hell. If things keep going as they are, this country will be hell. Liberalism is changing our people for the worse. They feel anything goes. This is why liberalism fails. It talks a good game, but as long as liberalism stays wedded to Capitalism, our people will continue to sink. How much money is enough. This question is never asked in our society. It should be. It is why our rich never pay taxes. They are too stingy. They love their money too much. Can't a person be comfortable as a millionaire, as much as if they were billionaires. Can you spend a trillion dollars on yourself? After the mansion, limo, and yacht, just what do you spend your money on. It never occurs to the Capitalist class to spend their money helping others. No fun at that. Charity is never a thought to the super rich. You'd think it would be, but it is not. Money over all. Helping others just isn't in the cards. These people hoard money, just like on TV, you have people who hoard stuff. How much money is enough. What all can yo do with it. Have a mansion with a dozen bathrooms? You can only use one at a time. These men put their trousers on one leg at a time, yet when it comes to money making and hoarding, they are separate animals. They hold on to their plunder, and don't care about the plight of others. The only charity work they do, is for tax write off purposes only.
Folks, we can't go on much longer like this. Our people are becoming a new breed of animal. If not violent, certainly uncaring. How can we think of exploring the galaxy, when the future astronauts we'll send, will be selfish and petty. Such people are very rarely of help, and more of a hindrance. We need to change our ways, immediately. We need to change our core beliefs. We must go from Capitalism coldness, and uncaring, to National Socialism and caring. Honoring our race. Enough of this Capitalist uncaring. National Socialism values the concept of the race. The race is all important. IT is the be all, end all, of existence. Nothing is of more importance then the race. The race is cared for. Treated with respect. Honored even. Help ANP achieve the change our society desperately needs. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must change minds, in order to affect meaningful change in a society in desperate need of same. If we don't change our society, and adopt a new set of rules, we will perish. We will never get an answer to how much is enough, because there is no answer to the question in Capitalism. In Capitalism, its NEVER enough. ANP is now fighting for our race's very soul.

Monday, February 20, 2017

For money

I think one of the biggest problems we have, is that academia has sold itself to the highest bidder. Rather then working for knowledge and truth, our academics now work for the bucks. Notice how anybody can get an academic to agree and support anything, anywhere. Academia has sold itself. They are just whores working for the money. I see it all too plainly. So called academics who back even the most outlandish views, and theories, solely for a paycheck. Good example is race. Specifically racial differences. They ARE there, but our academics say no. They insist on the we're all just one big happy human family. This is patent nonsense. Look no further then Europe for an example. Look at what beautiful palaces, and cathedrals the Europeans built. You see absolutely nothing like such in Black Africa. Black Africa never got beyond the hut stage. There are real, serious differences, between Europe, and Black Africa. Real serious. Yet the Jew liberals trot out countless experts to refute any but the Jew liberal line. This sort of behavior is to be expected in a Judeo-Capitalist society, where money rules over all. Greed is infectious. Very. It is very foolish, to think it won't affect academia as well as the rest of society. Our academics want money. They all too often take what is offered. Even truth gets sacrificed to the quest for the "good life". We must NOT trust these academics who support the Jews and their ilk. The liberal yuppie trash have far too many of academia in their back pocket. Ready to say the party line. Think about the harm this has done, and is doing. How much further would we be along, if human hereditary disease were eliminated, or greatly lessened. Think of all the lives saved, or made productive. Yet we get the horseshit that racial research is "racist" and is a no no. What crap. What a tragedy. Because blacks may get embarrassed because they are PROVEN inferior in various respects to whites, all of human king must stay stagnant. Forced to deal with conditions, that racial research could unlock and cure. Eugenics is not a sin. It is very necessary if humans are to explore space. Our current bodies are inadequate for the challenges. What evolutionary advances might be made, if only there was inquiry. The bleeding heart liberals have made society almost ungovernable with their bleeding over criminals rights. Now they keep racial advances and differences hushed up, so poor darkie doesn't feel bad. This is madness. This is the real crime of academia. It sells itself for Jew gold, while needed research, just research is ignored, or even belittled. As long as we stay Capitalist, our academics are at risk of selling out. Only a system that emphasizes something other then money can save us. National Socialism. It stresses race, not money. Racial research would be massive under such a system. We could unlock the mystery of genetic disease. A major victory for humankind. These fools who think they're shielding poor darkey form terrible truth are not. Its been all too apparent for centuries. Time to stop having academics for hire. We need them researching. Too much is hidden and ignored concerning race, for truly asinine reasons. Time to stop reaching for money, and reach for the hidden knowledge that has been ignored for far too long.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Exceptionalism means extra ordinary. This is the mindset the majority of Americans have now. That this country is special, and being special, it can butt in anywhere in the world. Let's face facts. The people of this country think of themselves as the god nation. A nation of all knowing gods, who have a divine right to meddle anywhere they want in the world. This is ludicrous. This country is highly dysfunctional, but with the damn media constantly beating the drum on how we're the richest most powerful nation in the whole world, many have been brainwashed. This country is CRAP. A pile of crap. Ruled by some of the dumbest people on the planet. How is having a lot of money a guarantee of good government, anymore then having a lot of land was back in medieval times. It doesn't make sense. The money makers are usually the worst at ruling. First and foremost, all they think about is money. Money is NOT the be all, and end all of existence. Success in business, does not guarantee success elsewhere, such as on the battlefield. This country is being led by Judeo-Capitalists who sell it out at every turn in the quest for profits.
We need leaders who have a mindset to rule. That means taking responsibility for those below you. Something not possible with our current system based on personal profit. We need National Socialism, now more then ever. We need a system that stresses race over all. That all in a racial group have merit, and worth. That the racial folk community is what matters above all. If we keep the Capitalist system, we will die. We white Aryans will simply die off, as no one wants to have children anymore. You see it every day, as whites have few kids, while Hispanics have huge families. Wait till the Arab Muslim wave starts coming in earnest. We'll be a Muslim country in no time. A society devoted to self, cannot stand. History is replete with examples of societies that became overweening with selfishness as the dominant mindset, collapsing into the dust. Rather then join history's dustbin, let us choose a new and better path. National Socialism stresses the race. The race above all. All for the race, rather then self. A race united with self, rather then against itself is guaranteed survival, and ultimate success. It is within our power, to unite, and make ourselves strong, so we can survive. Not have to take orders from the liberal nigger lovers. There is nothing, NOTHING, wrong with racial self love. If personal self love is considered a necessary ingredient of survival, why not racial self love. If you need to love yourself to survive, why wouldn't you need to love your race, for survival also. If we all decide to dedicate ourselves to our selves, our race, we can achieve anything. Advance, and live without fear. Live free, not as subservient slaves to non white masters. Right now our govt is determined to harness whites to the oar of the non whites slave galley. I reject this plan. Do you? If so help support ANP. Donate time, for giving out lit, as well as money. Help now, while you still can. Exceptional should be reserved, for the love of you for your race.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Our society has changed. Radically. Not as we National Socialists had hoped, but in a much different way. Basically, our society has just three categories. In Bourbon France, it to had three categories. Nobility/Clergy/Everybody else. Here in the USA, we have Billionaires/Millionaires/Dumb ass working stiffs busting ass. We Aryan Americans have ALLOWED our country, to become a mutant of feudalism. Only instead of a society based on land ownership, our social categories are based on money. In Latin America, society is based on the very rich and the very poor. We here in the US are fast doing this to ourselves, only we divide the rich into rich, and very rich. We have a society like this. How can this be a surprise to anyone. Its been coming for years. The wealthy have been building wealth for generations. Now they are like the noble houses of Europe. Unfortunately, that means just as corrupt, and degenerate. The nobility never bothered to help out the lower classes. Hence they were eventually overthrown. I see no evidence of this happening here. Our people are too lazy and scared. Too self centered. Hence we'll just keep on suffering. We'll just stay drones. We'll just keep declining. You can see how things are going, by looking at the American middle class. Its shrinking. Dying, because of a lack of decent pay jobs. Our economic nobility are outsourcing our jobs, to overseas. Leaving us white folks to battle with non whites for minimum wage jobs. Only non whites are given an edge by racial hiring quotas, as dictated by law. Is it really any wonder that the white Aryan middle class is being destroyed. That the working class has to work ever harder, just to survive. That our society is evolving into a rich folks paradise, and a poor workers hell on earth.
Fellow Aryans, let us not dwell on the past. What is done, is done. Let us decide that it can be undone. We MUST unite. Rally our race. We must elect National Socialist candidates, to office, and change this terrible system, before we white Aryans are either destroyed, or condemned to hopeless poverty. Our future as a race depends on ourselves. The rich hate us, have nothing but contempt for us. They'll let you die, whitey. They've planted the seeds, with the racial quota laws. Now they send our jobs off to non white nations. Our place in society, our very existence, is at stake. Just because these assholes have money, doesn't make them our superiors. Those should rule who care. Only those with an ideology care. They believe. National Socialism is a belief system. One dedicated to the race. Making the race THE most important thing in life. ANP is struggling to bring this about. It is trying to free us from the rich's control. It is trying to hold back the wave of non whites who threaten to flood our country and take our jobs. ANP is our salvation. The rich 1% are the enemy. They aim to destroy us in the name of profit. Only ANP victory at the ballot box, will prevent this. Donate to ANP. Vote ANP. Give out ANP literature, to convince our people that the elite are enemies, not friends. That they will let us die if we let them. That is the key phrase, "if we LET them". Our fate is in our hands. Disaster can still be avoided. We needn't stay slaves unless we wish to do so.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Classism, is defined as discrimination, based on social class. The benefiting of the upper, over the lower class. In other words, our society is forming into the same type as existed in the Middle Ages. When society was divided between the rich and powerful nobility, and the poor and powerless lower classes, especially the landless serfs. If nothing else shows the true evil of Judeo-Capitalism, then this developing state of affairs should. We are becoming divided into a society of a small elite, 1% of the population, that has 90% of the nations wealth. Meanwhile, 99% of the population has virtually nothing. Is this state of affairs, what our Aryan ancestors struggled for, all these hundreds of years, has come to nought. Our Aryan ancestors came to this country to start new lives, free from social stratification. To avoid the harsh class discrimination of Europe. Now, the evil has been brought here, and is growing fast. We  have a billionaires govt now, with the Trump administration. This is frankly madness. These rich people, and really any rich people, cannot be trusted to do the right thing by the poor. They love money and power far too much, to care about those below them. In the old days, people just accepted, and went along with how things were. Then came the age of the masses. All the revolts, and revolutions, and rebellions. All in the cause of freedom, and especially social advancement. Now there is nowhere to advance to. Like the serfs trapped on the manor, our people are trapped in minimum wage/no benefit jobs. All the decent pay jobs have been allowed to leave the country. The American middle class, once the backbone of the nation, is dying. There are just not enough jobs that pay anything like decent, for people to be able to afford, and maintain the American middle class lifestyle. By going along with this ghastly system, we are our own jailers. We self police ourselves. We hope that somehow, we can do better, when the truth is, that there is no way to do better, ever. Our govt is for the rich. Only them. Our rich:
Pledge allegiance to the spirit of money, the color for which it stands.
With luxury and affluence for the fortunate few.
Folks, I am very not alright, with a society that is rapidly retrogressing back to the Middle Ages. In this day and age, when you can cross from one continent to another in 8-10 hours, when we can leave earth for another space body, like the moon, this classism is intolerable. We should be free and prosperous as befits Aryans, not poor and miserable as befits animals.
Support ANP. It works tirelessly to keep Aryans as Aryans, not beasts of burden. No Aryan should be a dog. Ours is a warrior people. People who refused to lay down and be obedient dogs Help ANP. Support it with money, but also your time to give out literature. The people must be told. They must be made aware, that there is another way. A better way. That National Socialism ensures treatment as befits an Aryan. Serfdom ended in 1860. It should not be allowed to return. This is whats happening. Our people are being forced to take whatever piss ant job they can, just to survive. This is wrong. Jobs should never have been allowed to leave. Time for them to return. Our ancestors must be hanging their heads in shame, for what has become of us. let us undo the terrible wrongs that have come abut. A united Aryan people, has shown it can accomplish anything. Only the will need be there.

Monday, February 6, 2017


Where have all the jobs gone. Especially in manufacturing. They have been  ALLOWED to go to overseas destinations. Places like Japan, but especially Mexico, China and Korea. Use to be a man could get a decent pay with benefits factory job with some ease. There were plenty to choose from. Now there is very little to choose from. The rich ruling corporate fat cat elite decided that there was more money to be made by shipping jobs overseas. Whole factories were moved. This makes economic sense, in that even with shipping costs, it costs far less to make something overseas then here. This is because here, our workers demand decent pay, and benefits. Overseas, they are little more then slaves. Working for a whole dollar a day, and no benefits whatsoever. Overseas they use pallets as floors. They use crates as shelter/homes. In both cases, the companies CHARGE them for such "building supplies". To be able to compete economically, with such workers, our own workers would have to work and live like slaves as they do. Needless to say, to American workers, that is totally unacceptable. This situation is OUR own fault. The white Aryan workers of the USA simply have sat on their hands, and let the corporate s do as they wanted/want. Doing nothing to oppose the system, has left America jobless. Manufacturing has been lost. Everything is made in China. There are no more jobs for common workers. No more jobs that one can break into the working world in. All lost to corporate greed. I am amazed as to why people are surprised by this development. The 1% have shown time and again, that they are greedy beyond measure. Ruthless and cunning. Out to screw their fellow citizen at the drop of a hat. Judeo-Capitalism is utterly heartless. It worships money. The 1% can NEVER make enough money. They will stoop to any length to make a few extra bucks. The fact that sending jobs overseas hurts our people and country, doesn't matter a bit to them. What was once an industrial powerhouse, is now a hollow joke. A mere shadow of it self. We make virtually nothing ourselves anymore. Every product label these days has made in China on it. This is all due to white Aryans sitting on their asses and letting the 1% do as they will. Why have our people done nothing. I suppose that its because they felt they didn't have to. It would be OK in the end. What fools we Aryans be. The greed sector is just that greedy. They do things for profit only, and the devil with anything else. Our people have been played. We've shown ourselves as naive fools. We've let ourselves be hoodwinked, and cheated. Evil has been given free reign, and unemployment in the USA is the result. The govt boasts of how many jobs there are. These jobs are minimum wage, no benefit ones. Jobs that don't let you support a family.
Aryans. Let us unite. Let us choose to fight what has happened. Fight for our jobs. Fight for our industry. A National Socialist govt would never betray its people like our Capitalist one has done. National Socialism values the race. It will not countenance anything that harms the race. Capitalism is all about profit making. It cares not for people. Even people of their own race. We white Aryan workers must untie and stand up for our rights. Get our industry and jobs back. Only a govt dedicated to the race can/will do that. We've slept enough. Things have gotten a lot worse. Time to put things right. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. We let ourselves be hoodwinked. Time to reverse course, and become a working nation once again. If you are unsure, go to any factory district. All the closed businesses should convince you that the time has come to take action.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


What is suppose to be OUR govt, a govt of the people, is totally divorced from reality. Our govt doesn't listen to us. Doesn't care about our needs. Our govt doesn't give a fig about us at all. A very big issue to people is the cost of living. Especially to those on fixed incomes. If prices rise, and your income doesn't, you can be in a lot of trouble. Yet last year, 2016, Social Security gave NO cost of living raise to recipients. This year, 2017, the cost of living raise is a paltry .8%. Meanwhile, prices rise as they will. I am not calling for wage and price controls like Nixon tried. The govt, especially ours, simply cannot handle the dynamics of an economy. Bureaucrats are bean counters, not leaders. They keep records and statistics, they are reactive. No, leadership requires proactive thinking and doing. Rather then try and tame Capitalism, best to just get rid of it. It can NOT be tamed. Greed is never able to be tamed, or for that matter channeled into niceness. Greed is greed, and it means screwing the other guy. This society is awash with inequality. You can see it everywhere you look. The economic mobility from times past is fast disappearing here and now. People are becoming stuck in jobs, and economic situations. Since our rich ruling elite gave our jobs away, people have to be content with what they can get. There is precious little to choose among jobs anymore. We're fast becoming the industrial version of the middle ages serf. Instead of tied to the land, we;re tied to whatever job we can get, and forced to stay with it. For example, if you teach high school, and want to leave, what can you do after 16 years teaching and wanting to leave. All you know is teaching. Without a skill, or specialized knowledge, you're stuck. No place to go. In the old days you could get a job in manufacturing fairly easily. Now, no. Manufacturing left for China, and Korea. There is no economic ladder you can climb up anymore. Inequality has a lot to do with education. To put it crudely but succinctly, "if you know dick, you get paid dick". As our rich ruling elite cuts us off from education by making it far too expensive, our futures become in doubt. If you can't learn new things, how can you possibly advance yourself. Yet college loans are under attack. The 1% feels you should support yourself thru college. Only trouble with that is, college is far too expensive, and the jobs out there now, won't let you be able to pay the bills as it is, much less for college education. College teachers make 90-100 thousand a year. College doesn't come cheap.
Friend. Fellow Aryans, we are being pushed into a black hole. A hole of hopelessness, and despair. Our job base shrinks daily. The American middle class is dying because decent pay jobs are dying. Unless something is done, and damn quickly, we will become just another poor nation. Our wealth and power are not limitless. It is based on people being able to improve themselves and their station in life. Things that are now on the way out. Support the ANP. National Socialism stands for the race. That means helping fellow whites advance, or at least be able to support themselves. Capitalism is all right with letting you starve. Not NS. In NS you matter. You will be cared for. You will be given the chance to raise yourself. Even if you fail to rise, you at least will have a decent life, one worthy of a human being, not a jungle animal. Support ANP. Give money. Give your time to give out lit. Let us choose a system that will work for us, rather then continue living in one with poverty and injustice for all non rich.