Thursday, December 29, 2016

Too many.

I recently got the other day, medical insurance info. It was complicated of course. What really stood out for me was, that it was printed in 17, I counted them, languages. 17 languages. Some I thought very exotic. Folks, this is little short of insane. Multiculturalism is insane. One culture MUST predominate. Otherwise, you end up with a confusing mish mash. Doesn't it seem ridiculous to have to print something in 17 different languages. Think of the extra costs involved. The extra time. Having to find speakers of said languages in order to translate. Isn't it much cheaper and easier to have everyone speak the national language of English. Jew Liberalism says its OK if people don't assimilate. That everyone should keep their own identity if they want. This is little short of madness. At its core, a nation is based on/ built on, unity. Some kind of unity. Religious like India. Language like Europe. Racial as we propose. Some kind of UNITY. Take that away, and what do you have? Nothing. Nothing but an amorphous mass. A shapeless blob of nothingness. Of nothing. Dedicated to nothing. Imagine all the ethnic groups in this country saying the pledge of allegiance all at once. Could you realistically make out anything from it. Or, would it sound indistinct, meaningless. Assimilation is a MUST for a country. If people come to live in a country, they must assimilate. To not, weakens said country. Handicaps it. So it is with ours. No assimilation condemns our country to confusion. Inefficiency, like the incredible cost and inefficiency of printing info in 17 languages. This is madness. More then madness, highly impractical. Its creating a very needless burden. Our country's mantra should be, if you don't want to assimilate, stay the hell home. We only want people willing to be Americans. No others. Consider it the price of attaining a free, and good life. After all, if you come here, you're suppose to be escaping from the conditions of home. Why then, bring them here.
ANP wants a united homeland. One based on race, but above all, one united. We cannot hope to survive in this world if we suffer from national schizophrenia, if we are not of one mind. If you don't want to play ball, you need to be out of here. How the hell can we hope to keep an American identity, if we have 17 different groups all talking at the same time in their own languages. ANP is unity. It stresses white Aryan unity. It wants this country to succeed. It intends to work for the goal of white Aryan unity, and prosperity. It refuses to countenance the Jew liberal multiculturalism. It considers that, to be the equivalent, of the country swallowing a national suicide pill. Help ANP save and preserve our country. Help save a nation. Ours. Donate to ANP. It needs funds to pay many bills. Donate your time to saving this country, by giving out literature. We need to convince, and help our people understand, that unity is the keep to our continued existence. Letting in hordes of immigrants who won't assimilate, will be the death of our race, and society. Help. Help stave off an ethnic disaster. Our racial existence is hanging by a thread.

Monday, December 26, 2016

It wasn't just the Jews

It wasn't just the Jews who suffered in World War Two. The Germans suffered greatly. In this I don't mean military casualties. In war soldiers die. When civilians die, that is not war, but butchery. Right after Germany surrendered, surrendered mind you, 12 million Germans were ethnically cleansed and forced from their homes to move to Germany. In Eastern Europe at the time, Germans lived all over the place. Many had lived in their neighborhoods for hundreds of years. Yet at wars end, they were forced to flee in fear of their lives. The Allies, neither East, or West, lifted a finger to help them. The Slavs took terrible revenge/sadism in roughing up/raping/killing Germans. The butchers bill is truly horrible. 500,000 killed. Remember, these are civilians we are talking about, NOT military. Frankly, it takes a special mentality to kill women and children. A particularly nasty piece of work, was that 2 million ethnic German women and girls were raped. How depraved is that. No use mourning the dead, they're long gone. What we need remember from this, is that others besides the Jews suffered. This constant harping on the suffering of the Jews really gets old fast. In war people get hurt. The enemy, but also your own. To just single out one group, and ignore all the rest, is unfair, and a slap in the face to all the others who suffered. My point is, that enough is definitely enough. We need to stop mourning the damn Jews. They weren't the only ones to suffer. Many other groups did. Suffered greatly. War brings suffering. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. No one group has a monopoly. I am sick and disgusted by the singling out of the Jews as some kind of special case. They aren't. Maybe they get all the media play, since their Gods "chosen people". I think its more because they  own the media. Literally. Jews are very overly represented in the media. Owning same. Controlling same. Giving out news to serve their interests. Crying over how much THEY suffered, as if they were the only victims, is a publicity dodge to gain sympathy, and power. They want to be victims, to gain sympathy and get volunteer soldiers to defend Israel. No one would fight for an all victorious ZOG, now would they. Victim ZOG is much more appealing. Able to tug at heart strings. Like the saying goes, "there is a sucker born every minute". Especially among the goyim.
People. Let us stop being played. Enough of the poor little Jew victim crap. The Jews suffered in World War Two. So did a hell of a lot of people. Let us stop being suckers. Start thinking like Aryans, instead of fools. The Jews should not be listened to, much less obeyed. So what if they suffered. Tough shit. Their policies are wrong. They are PRO black, pro gay, pro feminist. They are anti white Aryan. We need to stop listening to them, and giving in to their wants/demands. Our very existence is at stake. If we continue to follow the Jew Liberals and their idiotic ideas, we shall surely perish. Support ANP. It is dedicated to us, the white Aryans. It eats/thinks/breathes white Aryanism. It will help US fight for our existence. It won't be taken in by the Jews as victims bullshit. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Lets get America pro Aryan again. Enough of listening to pathetic claptrap. Time to resist. Time to see things as they really are, and not keep falling for the Jewish liberal line. We must act now. Time grows short. If we keep following the Jewish liberal line, we will fall off a cliff. To the Jews, saving Israel is all that matters. We in the ANP beg to differ.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Farewell education

Seems that learning is fast becoming a prerogative of the rich. What once freed the world, reading, that allowed flights of the all important imagination, is now disappearing. Education in this country is fast becoming only for those who can pay, and pay dearly. Teacher salaries have gotten too big. Too expensive for school district budgets. Many schools have in my humble opinion, overdone. Do our schools really need indoor swimming pools. What happened to learning to swim at a YMCA. Do our schools really need planetariums. Its just too much. People in this country keep losing jobs. Decent pay jobs keep going over seas. That means less wage income. That means less of a tax base. We just can't afford things like in the good old days. There must be limits. Our wallets are overworked these days just to pay the basic bills. Only the rich folk can afford private schools with better facilities then most top colleges. I don't mean to begrudge teachers their due, but big salaries are uncalled for when everyone is hurting financially. If we in this country, don't do anything, to keep education universal, we will go downhill to the level of a third world country. Maybe even lower. Like the fourth world. Countries in dire grinding poverty. This can easily be our fate if ZOG has its way. ZOG just wants us to have a smattering of education, to keep things going, but no more. Educated people are a threat. They get demanding, and educated, can make their demands felt. This is why ZOG let's in the illegal immigrants. All the better to control them. Keep them in line, deport them if they become demanding, or unruly. In other words, the illegals make for perfect slaves. This is the fate that our rich ruling 1% Judeo-Capitalists want for us. They don't care about us. Their attitude and actions about health care, and education prove this. They want everything in this country based on privilege alone. Like Europe was before World War One. Strangling class stratification. Societies where everything was class dominated and based. Where the rich had everything and the poor nothing. Societies where the poor had nothing in the way of opportunity, and all they had to look forward to, was to be cannon fodder in wars. This is what our rich ruling elite wants for us. The common people to fill the ranks, and be cannon fodder to fight in ZOG's wars. Fight against any and all who oppose Judeo-Capitalism. Fight in rich folks wars with only poor folks blood being shed. Like the current crusade against Islam. Islam is against Israel, so ZOG wants us to fight Islam. Islam is against Judeo-Capitalism. Islam is opposed to interest on loans. ZOG's bankers sure don't like that. Hence Islam has to go, like the other anti Capitalist movements Fascism/Nazism/Communism. Oppose the moneyed class, and they will do everything to destroy you. In this case, in this country, keep you ignorant and uneducated. Make you a slave, because you can't do anything else, but menial labor.
Help stop this evil turn of events. Support ANP. Help it save US from catastrophe. Help it, while their are still people in this country able to read messages, like this one. If we sink into ignorance, we will sink into poverty. Become pseudo slaves. Lose everything. Its happening right now. Help stop it. Support ANP with money. Support it with your time. Give out lit. Keep our public reading, so they can read the truth, like "Mein Kampf". Let's not become slaves. Education is a right, not a privilege. That's not just words. It should be a way of life. ANP will make sure it becomes one. It will fight constantly against ZOG and its plans to enslave us.

Monday, December 19, 2016

A sinking ship

Why is it, that football fans will stay out in 1 degree weather to watch their team, but white Aryans do nothing to save themselves. Between 1975, and 2014, median income for white male workers, without college, fell 20%. That is a hell of a drop. All the economic statistics for white people are equally dismal. The long, and the short of it is, that the white middle class is dying. The Republicans only care about helping the rich 1%. The Democrats only care about helping everyone except white. The Democrats are the party of the non whites. All their policies are only to help their core constitutions. BLACKS/GAYS/FEMINISTS. We white Aryans are constantly at the broken end of a bottle these days. Unless WE do something, the white race in this country is doomed. DOOMED! We need jobs. Not just minimum wage, no benefit ones. Decent jobs, with decent pay. Without said jobs, how in hell do we take care of families. I think the liberal neo communists want white Aryan families to disappear. Whites are too much trouble, since we demand rights. The ZOG establishment feels that hiring illegal Hispanics, is the right way to go. That they can be controlled. Our govt hates us. Sad, but true. Our govt wants to see us fail, and die. Why else the lack of concern. The total lack of help to whites. Non whites get everything just given to them. We whites are left to rot. I just saw this kind of behavior over the weekend. My city had a clothing drive to help the "poor". The only people to show up to give out stuff were whites. The people that showed up to get stuff, were black. The blacks were very arrogant, and demanding. They feel they have a right to everything. Rather then gratitude, all I saw and experienced was the greed and total lack of manners of people who should have gotten on their knees and thanked God for help. This kind of stuff will only continue. This is why whites have turned their backs on the Democratic party. Its only for non whites. We white Aryans need a party for us. FOR US. Unless, and until, we get a party for/by/of us, we will continue to lose out. Lose out big time. The ANP is such a party. It needs support. Money donations, and donations of time to give out literature. Its the only group on the side of white America, wholeheartedly. They care. None of the others do. To ANP, the race is all. That means it/they work for the race to ensure its survival, and well being. We must get behind it, and support it. The enemies of white America never give up. They will continue to try and shaft us. Think of the children. Right now their future looks grim. Unless we organize, and unite, white America is doomed. ANP is our only salvation. THE life preserver that will guarantee the continued existence of white America. Stop sitting on your ass. Get involved. Time is running out. Once enough Hispanics and Arabs come into this country, white Aryans will be finished. Totally. Get going. Get involved. Help save YOUR race.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Jewish leftist/liberal establishment

The Jews whine constantly about being a helpless minority. Don't you believe it. Here in the US, the Jewish lobby has great power. Thanks to their money contributions to our crooked politicians. They get what they want. The US is a mere extension of Israel. We're just puppets for them to use as they will. The liberals to me, are just pseudo communists. They are determined to establish state control over everything, and lump us all into an amorphous mass, with ethnicity ignored. Complain, and your called anti Semitic/racist. The liberal establishment is arrogant. Determined to force their way upon us. Determined to eliminate our race. The liberals policies promote evil, not good. They have established a caste society here in the USA. A caste system not based on birth, but one based on race. They want to put non whites over whites. Make us white Aryans little more then slaves to the non whites. Their creed is if your white Aryan your garbage. If your non white your wonderful. Obviously these asshole liberals have never gone to a big city, and driven thru its non white sections.
Liberal policies threaten to destroy us. They teach white Aryans self hatred in school. Whites are demonized, while non whites are proclaimed saints. All the great things whites have done are ignored. Liberals don't want our kids thinking in racial terms. They want them thinking in terms of being part of a great mass. Yeah, a slave mass. Look at Stalin's Russia. He brutalized the country to exhaustion. People were terrorized into being part of a herd, to be lead by the nose to whatever the ruling elite wanted. Is this what we want for our kids? To have them little more then cattle. Their sense of race obliterated. Just ZOG zombies.
Our rich ruling elite want to tax us little guys to death. They are bound and determined to wage eternal warfare for the sake of Israel. They want to condemn our nation to constant war with Islam/Arabs. The liberals are basically yuppies, so they don't care about casualties as their kids won't go. They will use poor white kids to fight THEIR wars. Instead of peace with Islam, we will just have war. ZOG is determined to protect Israel at all costs. That means tapping into US  military muscle. I hate this. I hate how ZOG uses OUR kids as cannon fodder. They look upon us lower class whites as just garbage. To be used/abused as they see fit. Our people are being made into slaves. Slaves to a rich ruling elite that holds them in utter contempt. That will use, then discard them. The elite ruling this country is an enemy of it. An enemy of the white Aryan working class. There are far too many white Aryan traitors. People who sold their souls to ZOG. People desperate to get any crumbs from the ZOG table.
ANP is fighting hard for YOU. White Aryan. It wants to help you. It wants to stop the abuse of our race. Stop the teaching of racial self hatred. It wants to make our people proud again. Not make America great, but the entire white Aryan race. Give our people decent pay jobs again. Help Aryan families stay together. Help families survive, with govt aid to them. Race is all important to National Socialism. It is the key core belief. It will NEVER, ever, support or condone any abuse whatsoever to it. Race is sacred to Nazism. It is valued, and to be protected and supported. Help ANP in its great crusade. A crusade that makes sense, not like the senseless Capitalist crusades we're fighting now. Give money. Give of your time to give out literature. Support YOUR cause, by supporting YOUR party. ANP is the party of the white Aryans. Dedicated to help protecting and saving said race.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Student debt

Education in America is fast becoming a luxury for the fortunate few. What was once considered a right of everyone, is now becoming possible only for the rich. The average student debt in the USA is $30,000.00. Who can realistically afford that. It adds up to $300 a month for 10 years. In other words, our students end up tied to the oar for a full decade. This is interest slavery at its most blatant. Indebtedness, controlling people's lives. If this trend isn't stopped, the white Aryans will have no means of hope or advancement. They will become a permanent underclass. A semi slave class. Fit only for the dirtiest jobs. Right now college professors make between $90,000, and $100,000 a year. I know. I've seen the personal records myself. I'm sorry, but I find this outrageous. Use to be, being a professor was a matter of prestige, not money. Now its all money. The salaries are too big. Its keeping people out of college, because they can't afford it. If ZOG eliminates student loans, as it wants, then very few will be able to go to college. College will become the sole prerogative of the rich, ruling elite. Add in the fact that non whites get in solely because their non white, and white Aryans end up doubly screwed. I'm fed up with non whites getting every damn benefit under the sun, while white Aryans are left to struggle on their own. This system is grossly unfair. In Europe, class stratification was extremely stringent. You were limited to your class, and could only do the jobs within said class. Our ancestors came here, to get away from such an oppressive system. Now the Judeo-Capitalists are bringing it to here with a vengeance. We white Aryans are being turned into modern day serfs. Instead of tied to the manor, we're being tied to our jobs. Forced to work at whatever job we can get, for benefits, as few jobs have them any more. Corporations are eliminating sick days. Is this right? Is this fair? Yet it is happening. Our people are now being forced to work at whatever they can get, in order to pay off student incurred debt. Debt that will be with them for an ungodly amount of time. Limiting their choices. Denying opportunity. A burden that they will bear for a crucial period of their lives. Is pseudo slavery/serfdom the way white Aryans should live. I don't think so, but that is whats happening.
White Aryans, our future, and especially our children's futures are in jeopardy. Unless we act now to break the chain that is forming around us, we will all end up as poor, menials. Our kids deserve far better. This is no way for white Aryans to live. We have got to break free now. Before its too late. The ANP is trying to form a better society. Its not out Jew baiting. Its working to ensure the best for our race. This means making sure all have a chance at college. For those who pass muster, the state will pay their way. For those who go the vocational-technical route, the state will pay for their apprenticeships. Education is a right, not a privilege. Only education will keep our race from being a permanent semi slave class. The rich 1% are only too happy to get us, and keep us as slaves. Support ANP. Donate as much as possible. Donate your time to give out literature. Time is running out. Price college now, and you'll see how expensive it is. What a horrible financial drain it is. That without student loans, college will be unattainable for our young. As white Aryans lose jobs to non whites at home and abroad, affording college is becoming an impossibility. Help ANP save our race. Our people deserve the best education possible, not a lifetime of drudgery.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Super Power

What makes a nation a super power? Having a top notch military. Having a strong economy. The US has a trillion dollar economy, with a large population, that translates into a lot of consumers. Also tech smarts help. A culture of a can do attitude. Geography, as in, are you in a spot with a lot of natural resources, and fertile land. Finally, institutions that are pro business. This makes for a super power.
The above is what we use to have. Its what made America great. Now what do we have. A cesspool. A land of indifference, and outright failure. I blame multiculturalism. We use to function perfectly well as a homogeneous society. When this country was European culture dominated, things got done. Then we allowed in Hispanics, with their tomorrow attitude. Black culture has always been subsistence oriented. Look at the history of Black Africa. Notice how there is no version of the Coliseum etc there. Orientals are hard workers, but have no imagination. The ideas have all come from Europe. The typical European invention is the steam engine. The typical Chinese invention is the wheelbarrow.
Multiculturalism has failed. It has failed this nation. It is killing this nation. These asshole liberals with their let's all just get along are suicidal. They are leading this nation over a cliff. We have got to stop, and reverse this trend before it overwhelms us, and destroys us. Everyday, we see the results. This country is getting to be more and more like a Third World nation. Things done half ass, if done at all.  We're the nation that put men on the moon. Now your lucky if you mail a letter and it gets to where its going. Nothing works anymore. Nobody cares. Nobody tries. Our schools no longer turn out bright kids ready to succeed in life, but rather emotional messes who are filled with self hate. Our kids no longer have motivation. Its been "educated" out of them.
Fellow racial folk. This process MUST be stopped and reversed. While there is still time. While there is still something of white Aryan civilization left to save. This means no more non white Aryan immigrants be allowed in. They don't belong. Their ways are alien to us, and will drag us down to their low level. We need to stop lowering ourselves to Black level. This means n more white Aryans using Black mannerisms like the turned around ball cap, or street jive language. It certainly means no more coddling of "nigger English" in our schools. Its high time we took our country back, and stopped its further erosion, before our civilization is destroyed, or mutated beyond recognition. If we fail to act, things will continue as is, and get much worse. Having that sanctimonious asshole nigger president has opened our eyes to what the future holds if we don't act. The sinking of the white Aryan race into a sea of mud peoples. Peoples alien to our ways. Peoples who bring their cultural primitive and bad habits with them, who flat out refuse to assimilate.
ANP is fighting for YOUR future. To make real sure you have one. It is resisting the trend of multiculturalism. It is fighting to keep white Aryan identity. It is fighting to keep white Aryans from becoming second, even third, class citizens. Help it. Donate money. Bills need payment. Resisting the system is an expensive proposition. Give of your time to give out literature. The liberal Jew media has choked off all other forms of communication. Help resist. Let us not meekly accept our fate. We are white Aryans, and we should act the part.

Monday, December 5, 2016

What we need

This country is dysfunctional, because its a moral sewer. Nobody cares. Nobody tries. All people care about is getting the good life, and screwing each other to do so. We NEED a new system. One far better then the one we have now. To make a nation great, certain traits must be in play. Look at the Roman Empire. Rome went from a village on the Tiber, to an empire controlling the Mediterranean. How did it do this. Its society stressed three things. DISCIPLINE, SELF DENIAL, SIMPLICITY..
To really achieve, a society needs DISCIPLINE. You cannot achieve much of anything, if everyone can just do as they please. There have to be rules. There has to be a code of behavior. People must act in a certain approved way, one worthy of being civilized, not free to act like animals. For example, we use to have marriage for life. Now marriage is considered nothing. Our people rut like animals. No responsibility. No children. Just sexual pleasure. Any children of such unions are not considered blessings, but annoyances. Any wonder our kids are growing up conscienceless, and worthless. People NEED rules. You cannot escape it. Without rules, everything goes to hell. Laws/rules, are the glue that holds society together. I reject anarchism. I feel we need govt, we need laws. Otherwise we're on an animal level. I reject liberalism and its permissiveness. As I said, people need rules to live by, as befits humans, rather then animals. Freedom is a two edged sword. It can be fun, but a society needs far more then fun making in order to truly progress.
SELF DENIAL is very important. This means sacrifice. During the Punic wars, Rome suffered horrendous losses on the battlefield. Yet its citizens served when called, unhesitatingly. This is a trait very badly needed in a society. People have to stop being selfish, and be willing to do what is asked of them, without hesitation, without complaint. Is it fair, no. Some will shirk, and do well while everyone else sacrifices. Unfortunate, but that's how it is. Most need to be ready and willing to sacrifice, even their lives, in order for the society to progress/achieve. Selfishness destroys, because if everyone is just out for themselves, all they end up doing is looking over their shoulders worrying about the other guy, and not being able to concentrate on anything else. I reject our Capitalist system. It holds up personal greed as a positive virtue. It takes the view that self interest is the be all, end all motivator for people. I strenuously reject this. Selfishness is just that. It makes people only care for self, at the expense of all else. How can we defend ourselves, if no one is willing to fight, even die for this country. Is there any wonder there is poverty in the world, when a Capitalist system calls for greed and selfishness, and proclaims that these are "positive" virtues. No, a society of humans, civilized humans, must be willing to sacrifice, and work for the COMMON good. You cannot have a successful society if everyone is just out to screw each other. You have what we have now.
SIMPLICITY is very helpful to a society. There is no shame in trying to make things as easy to understand as possible. The reason the left has failed throughout history, is that it condescends. It throws a lot of intellectual babble at you, and if you don't understand, your belittled. The left nags. It comes on as the know it all. Only the leftists know best. Look at our own system of nanny govt. The leftist liberals constantly throw it in our faces that they know better. They give us tiresome lectures. They are constantly critical. I want to live under a govt. I don't want a govt constantly nagging me, and throwing a lot of big words at me to make itself seem smart, and all knowing. No, the simple way is the best way. Just give it to me straight, on MY level. No BS. Straight shooting.
Friends, National Socialism gives us all three of the above. That's why its the best system of govt. It stresses discipline. It encourages self denial. It doesn't hesitate to call for sacrifice when needed. It keeps things simple. It values the race. Its that simple. No lectures. No theories. Just a basic statement of belief, and acting on said belief. People, support ANP. It is trying to bring about an NS govt. One that has a society, not a collection of animals like we do now. We need and want a society that acts like one. ANP can and will deliver when given the chance. Support it with money, and also your time (self sacrifice) to give out lit. We need a better way. We have it withing our grasp, we need only reach out for it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dangerous dependence

The US is in a very dangerous position. We are far too dependent on other countries. Countries that are far too alien to ever be our friends. If we were dependent on fellow Aryan nations, we could expect charity/compassion. Instead we are economically dependent on alien nations/cultures/races like the Semitic Arabs, and Chinese. We owe them billions, if not trillions of dollars in debt. If these nations get pissed off at us enough, for whatever reason, the US economy could very easily crash. Could YOU live in Depression era America, like your ancestors did? I know I'd have a hell of a time. We have become such a spoiled nation, I doubt very highly we'd all be able to survive. How has this come about? Simple. Our rulers, the rich Judeo-Capitalist political/corporate elite did the easy thing of borrowing money from these countries. Alien peoples, with alien values. Yet our reckless leadership has been borrowing money with abandon. Hence, we now owe massive sums. No thought what so ever, was  given to the danger of being so dependent on these inherently unstable countries. Countries that have no love for us, and could turn on us on a dime. This is just one more nail in ZOG's coffin. It is greedy, but also lazy. It has invested in countries, taking jobs away from white Aryan workers, to give to non whites, who work cheap. This leaves damn few decent pay jobs here. Worse, rather then live within our means, our leaders instead have borrowed heavily. Placing our economy, and especially US, in economic peril. If the loans get called in, we are royally screwed. Yet our leadership ignores the danger. Since we are ruled by a rich elite, they don't give a crap about us. We don't matter. Like during the Depression, the rich didn't care what happened to ordinary workers, as they stayed rich and comfortable. Is this what YOU want? To live on the edge of disaster like we're doing. Blindly trusting that things will continue OK. Or, are you alarmed as I am. Worried about the future. Worrying about us getting blind sided. The economic and social chaos that would inevitably follow. If you are worried, you need to become a supporter of ANP. The American Nazi Party would not allow this. It would keep jobs HERE, not let them go overseas. It would never, ever, allow jobs to go overseas thereby risking the nations security, and impoverishing the nations workers. It would pay off the debts, and no longer use the Arabs, and China as giant piggy banks. Debts are just that, debts. Not gifts. Loans are given with expectation of eventual repayment. ANP cares about the race. It would NEVER put it in jeopardy by reckless borrowing, that would put said race in the economic clutches of alien, potentially hostile nations/races.  Nations that if they ever chose to, could wreck havoc on us and our economy. Look at globalization so far. It has only made rich elites. The vast majority of workers have to hustle for a buck. Besides job loss, we face the prospect of economic ruination by nations that bear us no great love. This is insane, yet our Judeo-Capitalist masters continue to do so. Time for this insanity to stop. Support ANP.  With money donations, and volunteer your time to give out literature.The white Aryan workers guardian. It will NEVER put Aryan workers at risk like they are  now. It will bring jobs home, and keep them home  It will live on our country's means, and not borrow wildly from potentially hostile nations who could do massive damage to us if they have a mind to do so. Time for some good old fashioned freedom from fear and stupidity. Support ANP. Your friend, your guardian. The party of intelligence and reason, not the Capitalist craziness we have now.