Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Social Insecurity

Social Security (SSI) is in grave danger. It is facing cuts in benefits by at least 21%. This for a system that 6 out of every 10 seniors use. Clinton is out of reality. She wants to expand benefits for poor women caregivers. Nice sentiment, but where is the money suppose to come from to pay for this? Even on Social Security 10% of the elderly on it, are below the poverty line. Meanwhile, others are above the poverty line, about 5%, who are above by at least 25%. We keep hearing the tax the rich mantra, but does anyone seriously believe either rich woman Clinton ( she made 28 million in speaking fees alone) or billionaire Trump, will really take pity and help the poor. Not bloody likely. This is at the heart of why this country, with all its wealth and power, is so dysfunctional. The rich are rich. They intend to stay rich. They do not wish to part with a single dollar, even to help the poor. These 1% consider the poor to be lazy, and deserving of their fate. They have no pity for the poor, or anyone else for that matter. Trump is a Capitalist. He only cares abut himself, and his own. Clinton is a notorious tool of Wall Street. Expect no help from her. Do expect her to give away the store, when it comes to helping Wall Street and the rich of this country getting all they want, and more. With a system that glorifies wealth, we can expect nothing from our Capitalist rulers but the back of the hand. Our rulers hate us common folk. Think of us as scum. We're merely an obstacle to manipulate, in order for them to gain ever more wealth. With the attitudes the rich have towards everyone else, nothing is done to alleviate poverty. Nothing is being done to help save our vanishing middle class. Jobs will continue to be outsourced overseas. Clinton in particular loves trade deals, which end up losing us jobs. NAFTA has been a catastrophe for white Aryan workers. Expect more of the same, like the Trans Pacific deal, and worse. Trump sends jobs overseas. We can look forward to NO relief for us with either candidate. We are being abandoned by our own ruling class. The monied people. Just as arrogant and unhelpful, as any hereditary nobility ever was. Our ancestors came to this country to escape the suffocating class system of Europe. Now we have one of our own. Instead of land, ours is based on money. A plutocracy. Rule by the rich.
People, we, and I mean WE, the common people, must take matters into our own hands. Not wait for the man/woman on the white horse to come and save us. We must take our own fate into our very own hands. This means dumping this Capitalist system. We need a better system, if we are to end up living as befits human beings, and not human garbage. National Socialism promises salvation. It will not continence the rich running roughshod over the poor or any other group. It is an ideology based on race. Not money, RACE. Hence its emphasis is on a totally different track. People matter. A lot. Money, and especially selfishness, is anathema. Under an NS govt, jobs would never, ever be allowed to be outsourced. Workers would be treated with respect. Have dignity. No one would need worry about losing their job, or if jobs were eliminated, as because of tech advances, which does happen, aid would be forthcoming. You see, we can have a just society, we need only choose to do so. WE. If we vote in NS, we shall have NS govt. Will the rich ruling elite, try to stop us,? You bet your ass they will. We must gird our loins, and be determined to stop them. We must unite, and work toward gaining a society that cares for its common folk, not continue the current system that despises all but the rich. Donate to ANP. Both money, and time to give out lit. We need to change minds. Not too difficult a task these days, as it is now glaringly clear that this system has no qualms about destroying its own. Let us be white Aryans, and act accordingly. Enough of taking the rich folks crap. Time to give them crap instead.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I am sick to death of liberals ramming their policies down our throats. Policies meant to help non whites, and screw whitey. For the record, I'm no Trump fan. He's of the 1% crowd, so it is highly unlikely he'll be of any real help to the common white Aryan. His saving grace, is that he at least says the right things. Clinton and the Democrats are flaming liberals. This means they only care to help their core constituency, which sure ain't us. The three cornerstones of the Democratic party are BLACKS, GAYS, FEMINISTS. It in turn works tirelessly to serve them, at white Aryan expense. This will be the result of a Clinton presidency. Blacks will get even more racial work quotas. Quotas that MAKE them be hired simply because they're black, and virtually impossible to fire, again based solely on their race. I have no doubt whatsoever, the country will end up paying reparations for Negro slavery, since they've been pushing this for years, but will have a flaming nigger lover in power to finally implement it. Black Lives Matter want police to not touch blacks for any reason. No matter how much of a no good a black is, they are to be left totally alone. Expect a massive rise in the crime rate due to this. Expect any, and all, ways to royally screw us white folks, to be done to us. Gays will push for anti religion legislation. The Judaeo-Christian Bible forbids homosexual sex. Hence gays are determined to get rid of it in American life. Liberals talk about freedom. If it doesn't agree with their version they mock religion as primitive superstition. Many people do not approve of homosexuality on religious grounds. Shouldn't their views be taken into account? Fair is fair. No, they are mocked, and vilified. Their views ignored. Seems liberal tolerance is only for THEIR own views, and no others. Feminism will reign supreme. Clinton will make her presidency, the boys vs the girls. Just what we don't need. Feminism has already damaged our society severely with making divorce much easier. They are anti family. They preach that women not marry or have children. Their mantra is that women "find themselves". Translation. Women should just concentrate on having a grand old time, and forget anything that smacks of family responsibility. Family, the building block of society, is already dying in the US. Clinton will bury it. The new mantra for women these days is "go it alone". This is the slogan of primitive rutting animals, not civilized humans. Expect more wars. A lot more. Clinton is a super interventionist, and very chummy with Wall Street. She will make sure this country has plenty of enemies, and conflicts to enrich the military-industrial complex. She is a Jew tool, and will continue, and increase, the Jew war against Islam. Why do you think we call it ZOG. Zionist Occupation Govt. Jew money courtesy of the Jew lobby runs this country. Since Muslims threaten Israel, ZOG uses the USA to protect Israel. Our army is merely an Israeli extension. Hence more and more interventions. We face continuous warfare. Liberals talk about being peaceful, but they are far more fanatical then the Communists ever were about forcing their agenda on others. By force if needed. Look at gay rights. Our govt is determined to force it on societies who find it anathema. Their mores, and customs are ignored, because only the liberal agenda will be tolerated in this country. Think differently, and you'll be punished. Either by police harassment, by smear, or by losing your job after liberal "activists" talk to (threaten) your boss. This country is a liberal DICTATORSHIP. Don't tow the liberal line, and a rock drops on you.
Folks, haven't you had enough of this shit? My god, what else needs to happen, to make you want to do something. Have your white children forcibly mated with non whites? I feel we're almost at this point. The state dictates who your children are taught by, such as gays, whether parents approve or not. The state dictates what your children are taught. That non whites are great, and whites are garbage. All programs are geared to helping non whites, especially blacks, while whites get the shaft. Become a supporter of ANP. It respects your beliefs. It won't force unpalatable programs upon you and yours. It wants very much to fight this liberal dictatorship, not help it, like the major parties are doing. ANP is your ONLY salvation. If we are to protect and preserve anything left of white America, become a supporter. Give money, but also time to give out lit. We need support. NOW!, while there is still precious something left of us. Failure to act means racial, and cultural dictatorship, that will grind us down, till we vanish.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Black lives only

I just read a news article, how in Alabama, a high school-er, white, posted that he supports the police against Black Lives Matter. He ended up getting jumped, and badly beaten. The moral of this story, is that these rabid liberals, have let blacks run amok. Any who stand against them, will suffer greatly. So much for democracy, and free speech. This article shows that this is not a free country by any means. Go against PC correctness, and you'll be sorry. Our govt has completely abdicated its responsibility to protect and defend its citizens. Our govt is now selective, when it comes to defending peoples rights. Non whites have rights. White Aryans have none whatsoever. Our govt doesn't bother to deal with illegal immigration. In fact, it indirectly encourages it. We in this country, actually have Aliens, registering, and VOTING. This is utterly outrageous, and totally unacceptable. Only citizens have the right to vote. Anything else, cheapens, and degrades the US electoral process. To the great detriment to American democracy.
Folks, this can not be allowed to go on. Our govt, is now given over to the non whites. Obama has started the ball rolling, with Clinton, the arch race traitor, finishing up. Non whites want total power. Liberal whites are A-OK with this. Liberal whites see noting at all wrong with non white rule. Any of us white Aryans, who have dealt with non whites, as co-workers, neighbors, and the like, know only too well how bad, how racist, they can be. White Aryan life will fast go to hell under a non white majority. We'll end up on reservations, like the Native Americans. Or worse. Non whites will discriminate like hell against white Aryans. To believe otherwise is total foolishness. They want revenge. They want to exercise power, and push whitey around. They WILL make our life hell. No doubt about it. Blacks want a free hand to do as they will. They want to handcuff the police. This will mean our society going to hell, but they don't care. All they care about is sticking it to the man.
Fellow white Aryans. This descent into darkness, must be stopped. I have no desire to live in a mud nation. Especially, one that has it in for me. ANP is THE only political party ready, and willing to put a stop to the non white steam roller. In power, it will act. It will stop illegal immigration. Severely limit non white access to this country. So much has happened, that keeping this nation majority white may not be possible. ANP can, and will fight for our rights. Do what it can to protect us. Try hard to keep us from being bulldozed under by a non white majority out for our blood.
Support ANP. Give money. Give of your time to give out lit. The Trump candidacy has somewhat awakened white Aryans to the terrible danger they face. Trump isn't the man on horseback that will save us. We must unite, and save ourselves. We must work to preserve what we are, lest we die as a race. The time to act is NOW. While there is still a chance for white Aryan free speech. We need to gird our loins and prepare for legal battles in this country. Clinton and her ilk are determined to give this country over to the non whites. ANP is determined that they shall not pass- legislation hurting white Aryan rights. We white Aryans have lost major amounts of ground, but we can hold the line, and maybe even win back some rights, if we work at it. Don't look to the major parties to save you. ANP is our only hope. If we don't act, soon we'll be forced to keep our mouths shut, lest we risk non white violence. Like the teenager above. Go against PC, and suffer. ANP has suffered like this for 60 years. Help it come out of the closet, and stick up for its race. We can make a difference. We must decide to do so.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The homeless

Right NOW, there is a homeless problem in the USA. Homelessness in this country does seem unbelievable, but it does exist. Right now, half the homeless in the USA are age 50 and above. Seems that old age in this country condemns many of you to poverty. This number is expected to double by 2050. I think far sooner. For those poor, life expectancy is projected to be more like  age 63 rather then the current national average of 80. Why are stats like this possible in this country. SIMPLE. Very simple. WE let it happen. We let our leaders spend OUR tax money on crap. Prestige projects that show off, but have very little practical application. We let our leaders spend our money on constant wars. In its 230+ years of existence, the US has been at peace only about 20 or so. Look at now. Our country is locked in struggle with the forces of Islam. We have been told Islam poses a deadly danger to us. Is this really true? How can we trust our leaders. We are led by the 1%. They love us not. They let us battle Communism, because THEY said it was a threat to us. As it turns out, Communism was all mouth, and no muscle. Nothing even near challenging us. The Kremlin was scared of us. Ever since the Western Allies invaded Russia in 1918 to stamp out Communism, the Soviets were paranoid. They talked tough. They knew the truth. Yet we had the Cold War, because our rich folk didn't like Communism. To our rich ruling elite, its either Capitalism or nothing. Same with this Islamic threat. Islam isn't pro Capitalism. It is especially so about banking. Islam prohibits charging interest on loans. This is in the Quran, their holy book. I think you know how well Wall Street likes that. Hence to our 1% Islam needs to go. So an enemy is created, and war entered into. All that has happened since, is from this. Our rich ruling elite doesn't believe in helping the downtrodden. At least not the white kind. Non whites, especially blacks, get all sorts of aid. Welfare, and Medicaid were instituted to help fight poverty. Black poverty. We whites are considered to deserve nothing. The elite thinking being, that non whites will be so grateful, they will support the elite in anything they want. The Clinton candidacy is proof of that. Blacks support her totally, because the Clinton's learned long ago, that if they throw a few bones in black directions, they'll get carte blanche to do as they want. This is why she defeated Bernie Sanders. He offered goodies to all. She concentrated on a specific block of voters. So it goes on. The good old game of politics. Thing is, we common white Aryan citizens get nothing. We are called on for much, but given squat in return. Its not really our govt. Our govt is the 1%. We common folk don't count. Hence we get nothing. Hence we end our lives of long, hard work, with nothing. Rotting away in poverty. Is this any way for a society to reward its workers for a lifetime of work and loyalty. Now our govt is giving us even less. It lets the corporate s take our jobs and move them to non white nations. The American middle class is fading. It is falling away to pieces. Once, what was the backbone, and bedrock of this country, is being allowed to die. In fact, being helped to die. Helped by a callous, greedy ruling class. Look at Clinton for example. Her e mails show she is really in Wall Streets pocket, and will accelerate the loss of jobs with her "open borders". She want a Hemispheric NAFTA. Bill Clinton got NAFTA passed. Al its done is kill US jobs. Whole plants have moved to Mexico.
If you want a govt that represents YOU, white Aryan, then you must support the ANP. National Socialism's cardinal rule, is to take care of the race. Race is of value. To be treated tenderly, even in old age, not left to rot like garbage. NS believes in loyalty, and rewarding workers for same. Even if they are no longer able to work. We NEED govt/system that will help and take care of us. This country needs to change. Now. While there are still some of us white folks left. Our leaders don't care if we die as a race, because they have other races to replace us. Is this OK with you? Or, do you want/need/demand a govt for the white Aryan? Support ANP with money, and your time to give out lit. Your very existence is at stake. Let us not be the race that dies on command.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Poverty in old age in the USA

The US treats its elderly very badly. It betrays its loyal citizens who want to rest after a lifetime of hard work. Instead of their golden years, our elders end up rotting in poverty. The thanks of a thankless nation for hard work, and loyalty. This is a worse betrayal then Judas and Christ. First off, we constantly hear that Social Security is running dry. In reality, it will NEVER run out of money, because if it comes up short, it will be funded out of general tax revenues. Nevertheless, the Social Security fund should NEVER , ever, face running dry. It was designed and built to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, our goddamn mealy mouthed, grasping politicians keep hitting on it as their own personal piggy bank to fund all sorts of pork barrel projects. It is a political football. It is suppose to be sacrosanct, but it isn't. Nothing is sacred in Washington DC when it comes to money, and prestige projects. The political class use Social Security to shore up projects that have less then optimal funding. All sorts of rider bills, constantly abuse the fund. The bottom line is that Social Security should be just that, secure. It isn't. Its in bad shape because of flagrant abuse. The only reason it would totally fail, is if it is eliminated, which is what many politicians want to do these days. The 1% feel it is a waste of money. To them, you succeed strictly on your own merits, without any govt help whatsoever. Another betrayal of the retirees in this country is the fact that police/state/local govt worker funds are being shortchanged. MANY govt agencies that are hard pressed for cash, are now sticking it to these groups. In other words, do your job, work hard, and when you wish/need to retire, we'll have spent your pension, and let it become underfunded, so no retirement. At least not one that is decent. 401K's in this country are in bad shape, due to bad investments. Pensions are thrown away on harebrained investment projects. Good example is the Great Recession. Many pension plans were abused. Bet on spurious schemes that didn't pan out, and left the pensioners in dire condition. This country let's its pensions, which should be protected, get used/abused. This is NOT right. Not at all. Our elderly deserve support, but all they ever get is a collective slap in the face. They should be allowed to retire in comfort, and dignity. They aren't. Companies use pension funds at their whim, for whatever reason, and the workers end up paying the price, with nothing to show for a lifetime of hard work.
I'm sick and tired of this elder abuse. Our seniors deserve a comfortable retirement, when they make the decision to retire. Instead, for far too many, when they decide to retire, they find their retirement has been spent, and they have nothing. This is incredibly wrong, yet our cold hearted Capitalist class continues to let it go on. They pay for political protection, and just conduct business as usual, even if it screws their workers. Its time to put a stop to this terrible injustice. Things like this are what National Socialism is all about. Protecting the race. In this case, protecting the elder members of the race, from flagrant abuse. NS would never allow this. To NS, a lifetime of work and loyalty as a good citizen deserves to be rewarded. Our elders deserve to spend the twilight of their lives comfortably, not starving, or suffering privation. Our country lets elders suffer. This is yet another example of Capitalism's utter moral failure. Letting its elders suffer. Rewarding work, with poverty. Letting those who deserve much, end up with virtually nothing. Support ANP. Donate your money, and your time to give out lit. If nothing else, isn't THIS a cause worth fighting for? Helping our seniors live out their lives decently. After all, they're just getting back what they put away all their working lives to attain. A decent life in retirement. Comfort, and dignity. NS feels they deserve this and at the very least. Help ANP help the elders. They need help. They deserve help. They get none from our Capitalist govt/society. Time to change things. Time to put things right. How is YOUR retirement fund? Think you'll see it, in this super greedy/callous society?

Monday, October 3, 2016

US middle class RIP

The US middle class is dying. A slow, lingering death. None of our rapacious rulers want to help save us. Trump is a creature of Wall Street. Born to money, and a member of the 1%. The Clinton's became rich, by a lifetime of working politics. Hmm, seems public service does pay, and pay well. Anyway, Clinton is far too chummy with Wall Street to ever overturn the apple cart. We white Aryan middle class, are on our own. Betrayed by our own leaders. Sold off to the corporate class highest bidder.
US workers wages are stagnant Adjusted for inflation, for the last 50 years, wages have only grown by 8% Yet workers are deluged with multi tasking. More work, for the exact same money. most workers now do at least 6 different jobs now at their place of employment. This causes much stress. The days of just doing one job are long over. Employers don't hesitate to pile the work on, since they can get away with it. Unless you're bound by a union contract, employers today can pretty much do as they please. The labor laws are now totally in Capital's favor. Workers have no rights any more. We are at the mercy of big business, which has none. The middle class is struggling with high levels of debt. This is a credit society. people were tricked into becoming dependent on credit cards. Unfortunately, the common consumers didn't foresee banks getting carte blanche to do as they pleased which meant high interest rates, especially APR's, which let's banks charge whatever the hell they want. The middle class tries to save, but how can it. Things that  an be invested in, yield very low rates of interest. CD's, savings, checking, Treasury bonds. All yield very low rates of interest, which makes them anything but paths to riches. Americans have poor saving habits, but is it really their fault. Most families live pay check to pay check. Things cost. If your wages don't rise, you end up in a financial nut cracker, which leaves you zero extra investment income. US society is one of growing inequality. Like Latin America. We are fast developing into the very rich, and the very poor. The govt is still lingering in its recovery from the Great Recession. I doubt our country will ever really recover. Far too much damage occurred. Unlike the Great Depression, when the trick was to get manufacturing going again, this country, thanks to greedy, incompetent leadership, gave its manufacturing base away to China, and Mexico. A service based economy is always much harder to kick start. Spending isn't as easy to start up, especially when workers are poorly paid. Our economy is using massive numbers of PART time workers. This means less hours, which means less pay, and virtually no benefits. Its basically union busting. Attempts to destroy worker solidarity, and eventually, strength. Without union muscle to shield you, you're at your employer's mercy. You can be treated like dirt. You are worth less then spit. You either take crap, or lose your job. With jobs so scarce these days, especially decent pay jobs, how many of us have the balls to raise hell. These days its like the army. Do what you're told and keep  your mouth shut. And accept poor pay.
With an economy, and economic conditions like these, is it really any wonder that our middle class is dying. The bedrock that this country was built on. The back bone that has kept this country great. Being allowed to die. Even encouraged to do so. Our leaders want illegal immigrants, because they work cheap. Perfect semi slave labor force. These days I feel like I'm living in the Roman Empire. Rome was a full third slave. They imported German slave labor to do their work for them. Eventually the Germans took over. Looks like the 1% want to emulate Rome.
Become a supporter of ANP. National Socialism, unlike Communism, respects the notion of private property. It just doesn't allow the rich, to walk over the workers. It gave workers govt paid vacations. Wouldn't you like the govt to pay for YOUR vacation. Wouldn't you like to to be able to get time off. Our employers are working us to death. Employers don't want happy, well adjusted, underachievers. They look at us as machines, not humans. NS looks at you for what you are. White Aryan workers, deserving of dignity. You MUST be treated as humans, not animals. Support ANP. It will bring balance back to our economy. Decently paid workers, employers working within the law, and not able to act as a law unto themselves. Give money, give your time to give out lit. Either we reform this system now, or die within it in the very near future. This country once treated its people decently. The corporate s can be brought to heel, if we institute a pro worker society, with pro worker/race leadership. Support ANP. Our saviors. Otherwise we DIE as a class, and race.