Thursday, September 29, 2016

Worriying numbers

White Aryan numbers are dwindling. Hispanics increase every damn day. In the state of Georgia, non English speakers were 1 out of every 10 in 1980. They are now 2 out of 10 in 2010. Hispanics are roughly 9% of the population of Georgia officially. Unofficially god only knows. In the US, Hispanics are 17.4% of the population.Officially. That comes to 55 million people. Projections are that Hispanics will be 40% of the population very soon. That is a staggering increase, as they were just 23% in 1980.
The USA in 2015 was : white 62%, Asian 6%, black 12%, and Hispanic 18%. By the year 2065, the USA is projected to be: white 46%, Asian 13%, black 14% and Hispanic 24%.
These numbers are alarming. They show that white are being displaced, by non whites, especially Hispanics. I think these numbers way too conservative. I think that the underground illegal Hispanic immigrant population is at LEAST 10x greater then our govt says. I think that very soon, white Aryans will be a minority. Look at the current presidential race. How the candidates kiss Hispanic ass for their support. The Hispanic vote has gotten that important. Its importance will only grow. Far too much for my taste. This country is hurtling towards becoming majority Hispanic. We are on the threshold of becoming another banana republic, with a govt that works just as well as any other third world nation, in other words, one that doesn't. Is THIS what the future of white Aryans in America holds? One where we're a minority. One where nothing works right, if at all. One where Spanish is the new national language. A nation like a theocracy as the Roman Catholic church becomes all powerful, due to the fact Hispanics are mostly Catholics. A nation completely different from the one we have now. Our future looks bleak under a Hispanic near dictatorship.
We white Aryans have got to wake up. Stop the liberal horseshit. Steel ourselves to the new reality. Clinton is the non whites champion. She shamelessly uses the non white vote to gain herself political power, and prestige. She is worth 50 million dollars, so any sympathy for working Americans is all phony with her. She only cares for herself. I don't think Trump is for us white working class either. He is worth 4 billion dollars. He is the son of privilege. He has nothing in common with the common working person. Now more then ever, we NEED a group/party dedicated to white Aryans. Its our only hope. Thanks to liberals letting in all these non whites, we whites are facing minority status. We will be outnumbered, and marginalized. Non whites have long memories, and NO compassion. They will be only too glad to take revenge on whitey, for the abuses real and/or imagined they feel they have suffered. For those of you working, and getting shoved aside because non white minorities get preferential treatment, what in hell do you think things will be like, when non whites are running the show? Only ANP can save us. At least give us a measure of protection. Our justice system is corrupt. There is no justice. Its for sale to the highest bidder. I see the day, real soon, when non white police are gunning down whites, and nobody gives a god damn. The very thing blacks are crying about now, will soon be our fate, and no non white will cry or protest over dead whites. Become a supporter of ANP. It can act like a shield. Help blunt the worst excesses of a majority non white nation/govt. Unless we help ANP, we will have no group out there for US. Give of your time, to give out lit. It can be done smartly, and safely. We have a pamphlet that tells you how. Don't be afraid. Act. Act now. If we do nothing we are lost. Our kids will be lost. White civilization will disappear. Swallowed by a primitive, dysfunctional nation, and world.

Monday, September 26, 2016


The word majoritarian, is defined as where the majority group in a country has political primacy. Translation, majority rules. The largest group calls the shots by weight of numbers. When you think about it, its only logical. The group with the most people should rule. Yet, our country is ruled by minorities. First off, the Jews. Small minority in America, but with inordinate power. Jew money influences far too much. Notice how our politicians grovel at the feet of the Jewish lobby for their money support. Its disgusting, but thats how our politicians are. All they care about is the money. Hispanics make up about 20% of the population. Blacks about 13%. In both cases they are raising hell in this country constantly. Blacks especially. Black Lives Matter is constantly in the news protesting this or that, and ending up with conflict, if not all out riots. Minority groups in this country have far too much power. This is because the media play to them. This is because our media is Jew controlled, and the Jews want to keep white Aryan America off balance. This state of affairs is wrong. Letting these groups run amok is wrong. Yet our liberals keep on pushing. They're hung up on "minority rights". Thing is, what about majority rights. Nixon used to talk about the silent majority. He felt that most of the country supported him, they just didn't say so out loud. Being a silent majority is stupid. Its worse then stupid, its suicidal. Remember the old saying, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"? Look at our current society. Groups are protesting, and getting in the media on a daily basis. Minority groups. Getting more coverage then international affairs between nations. Whatever happened to majority rules. We're suppose to be democratic, where the majority of people vote for who/what they want and everyone must abide by the decision. NOW, we have minority groups raising hell, and making demands. Acting like they're in charge, because they are. The majority needs to be assertive, not silent. White Aryans have been non whites doormats for far too long. It never should have been allowed to get this way, but here we are. Luckily, it need not stay this way.
We white Aryans can still save ourselves. Time is running out. We must act, while we're still the majority, as that situation is fast slipping away. You can bet your ass, that non whites will insist on majority rules, once they are the majority. Our current black president, is just the beginning of a non white govt. Already, non whites have a disproportionate presence in govt, especially on the federal level. What can we do? First off, we can decide to do something. Stop being silent. We white Aryans must start to be assertive. Insist on our rights. Stop taking blacks crap. We as the majority, must insist these non whites behave themselves. I'm fed up with the boorish behavior, childish nonsense, and just overall bad behavior that non Aryans get away with.. We white Aryans built this country. We need to maintain it. We must unite. Become a majority dedicated to our own well being. No more putting up with the non white shit that gets dumped on us every damn day. Support ANP. Become a REGULAR supporter. That means coughing up the bucks. Nothing in life is free. Also, give of your time, and give out literature. The white masses need to be aroused from their slumber. We must act now, while we still have the high cards. Once we're a minority, we're screwed. Help ANP. Its the standard bearer of white rights in this country. Unless we whites put a brake on non white misbehavior, we'll suffer forever. With no way to control things anymore. It will be a human non white social jungle. We must unite, and save ourselves. With ANP, we can.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Black demands

It has come to light what the group "Black Lives Matter" want. Very interesting. Very scary.
First off, they want reparations for slavery. That is so obvious they could phone it in. Some how, this country is suppose to come up with money, to make amends for something that happened 155 years ago. Something no living white person had anything to do with. Like blacks are the only ones who've suffered through the ages. Where the hell is the money to come from? Our economy is lack luster, and just limping along. Worker wages are stagnant. The USA owes 19 TRILLION in debt. They don't care. To them, more debt is of no interest.. They want their blood money. To them, its the hell with whitey and his country. Whites country, not THEIRS.
They want community central funding. Translation, this means give them money, and mind your own business. They want the govt to just give money to black communities, without the slightest oversight, or accountability. I don't think I need belabor the point, that giving black communities carte blanch to spend money as they please would lead to massive corruption. It would be like letting a vampire suck you dry of blood with no consequences what so ever.
Next, they want collective ownership. Heavens, this has the shades of Communism. I guess they see the black community as owning businesses and property in common. Isn't this what Communism was all about? Collective farms. Communal ownership. Talk about retro. This is a throw back to the glory days of Communism. It is also highly impractical, as Communism's fall demonstrates. Some reject 60's radicals must have thought that one up.
Finally, they want the cops to stop killing blacks. OK, I'll say it. Bullshit. The cops are generally killing criminals. I'm sure there are incidents where someone is unjustly shot and or killed. I strongly believe most cops are gunning down street trash. People we are well rid of. Black Lives want to make every black into a saint. That is totally divorced from reality.
Black Lives gets the headlines. They raise hell, to make sure they get headlines. The liberal  media struggles to make them acceptable. Make them seem OK. This shows us many things. One, the media is hopelessly liberal dominated. To the point, the media trys its best to manipulate whites into thinking what their told, and ignoring reality. The media is totally divorced from reality. The liberal media is determined to live in a fantasy world. They wish to drag whitey there to. Our media people must be on drugs, to be able to swallow the shit they turn out. Blacks are not saints, or poor victims. The black community has a massive drug addiction problem. Blacks are very violent, and have high crime rates. Some black gangs are national in scope, and like small armies with 30,000 members.
Blacks have gotten special treatment by virtue of the civil rights laws. They have gotten preferential hiring, and protection from being fired. Blacks got aid programs like welfare, and food stamps, which were created to help blacks. Whites only got help incidentally. I totally reject the notion of Black Lives Matter getting anything. No dice. Blacks have gotten plenty. Is there discrimination still around? Yeah. Deal with it. Every group has its problems. NO more special treatment for blacks. Certainly not if it costs whites massive amounts of money. I don't believe in hosing down descendants for what their ancestors did. I don't believe it for the Jews over the "Holocaust", and I don't go for it for blacks. We whites need to start getting on our hind legs, and saying no to all the liberal bullshit. Support ANP. It calls for a united front to resist the liberal push for power. It is determined to stop the stripping of whites their power, and dignity. Support ANP. It needs the help. Money. Your time to give out lit. Whites must stand together and resist black demands. We aren't dogs to come running at our masters whistle. Or are we? YOU choose. Are you a white Aryan, or a dog? If your a white Aryan, help your group, ANP. Plenty of blacks are helping Black Lives Matter. Blacks help their group, you as a white, help your group, ANP.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Why are the Jews the bane of all civilized societies. We hear about Jew greed, but I think its another, far more important reason. Notice how Jew inspired politics are. They consist in equal parts, of ruthlessness, and cunning. The Jews were heavily involved in the Bolshevik party that eventually took over Russia, and made it Communist. They practiced revolutionary politics with both ruthlessness, and cunning. They let nothing get in their way. They killed any in their way. Look up the Bolsheviks. Notice all the Jews. Hell, Lenin's number two, Trotsky, was really a Jew. The Jews hijacked the Wiemar republic. They took over the govt of post World War One Germany. A major reason for the rise of Hitler. Look at this country. In the 60's. The free speech movement. Led by Jews. They then attacked anything, and every thing, they didn't like, which was plenty. We're still suffering its effects to this day. The Jews let loose the blacks. Gave us civil rights laws, which made non whites superior to whites in hiring and firing. They created welfare, which ensured that many who were lazy and no good, got a free ride. Non whites had kids, simply to get bigger welfare checks. We all know the food stamps stories of food stamp recipients buying steak, and dog food, while whites struggled to make ends meet. Any time Jew sponsored programs were questioned, the Jews cried Antisemitism, and the blacks cried racism. The Jew controlled media, doesn't hesitate to smear and attack any who oppose the Jew liberal agenda. In other words, don't question liberalism, or else. This country is like an indirect dictatorship. No matter what we ordinary citizens say, or want, we get the Jewish liberal agenda rammed down our throats. Now we're getting homosexual rights thrown at us. If you are opposed to them due to religious beliefs, you're attacked as a bigot. Morality in this country is what the Jewish liberals say it is. No other view is tolerated. They bring the full force of the media down on the heads of those opposed to them. Oppose the liberals, and your vilified. Made to look worse then a child molester. The Jews cry freedom, and tolerance, but have none. Its their way or nothing. Look at Israel. Arabs have no rights. They step out of line, and get landed on.
I for one, am sick of Jewish liberal hypocrisy. They push their agenda, and smear anybody who isn't on board. We white Aryans are slaves in our own country. What we want is ignored, even attacked. The Jews, and blacks can do no wrong.  ENOUGH! Time for we, the white Aryans of America, to stand up for ourselves. Time to stop cowering. I'm fed up with kissing Jew/black ass. We need to unite. To embrace our race, and history, once again. To assert ourselves. To demand to be treated with respect. The ANP is THE political party dedicated to the white Aryan cause. It is our party. dedicated to us, and our needs. There is no other group out there that will help us. ANP is determined to defend us, and our interests. As we become a minority, we must start being assertive. We must use ruthlessness, and cunning, like the Jews have, to push our white racial agenda. If we continue to sit on our hands, all will be lost. Donate money to ANP. It has bills to pay. Donate your time to give out lit, so we can get the word out to our people. Our people must be made aware that they need not be slaves. They can be free citizens, if only they put their minds to it. Enough of liberal hypocrisy. The liberal agenda is destroying this country. It must be stopped and reversed. Only the ANP can do this. Help it. Support it with all your might. Fail, and this country fails. Just more meaningless elections like we have now.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Liberalism, especially the Jew brand, is a hopelessly illogical cause. It takes the view, that if we whites would only love the non whites, they would love us back, and all would be well. What a bunch of drivel. Non whites do NOT like whites. Work near blacks or Hispanics, and listen in on their conversations. When it comes to whites, they do NOT like us, one little bit. Why should they? We're job competition. There has been discrimination in the past, and they have very long, very unforgiving memories. To me, liberalism, is the racial equivalent of putting a square peg in a round hole. Just doesn't go, yet liberals insist on pushing it. Liberals are hypocritical to the max. Look at the Kennedy's, the liberal champions. They catted around like there was no tomorrow. Its very easy to be liberal, when you live in an upscale lily white neighborhood, like these damn yuppie types do. Ask poor whites, who got left behind in the exodus to the suburbs, and trapped in nigger neighborhoods, how life is for them. Not at all pleasant they will answer. I know many, who are harassed every day of their lives, by white hating nigger neighbors. Look at the Clinton's. They have made a career of being supposedly pro black. In actuality, they have bought black support with aid programs, in other words giving the black community money, in exchange for political support. It was Clinton's history of giving blacks anything and everything that got Hillary chosen as Democratic candidate over Bernie Sanders. Besides, blacks and Hispanics really don't like Jews, they just used them for help in gaining power. They have no trouble playing the white man's political game. They feign friendliness, in order to get aid or whatever political favors they can. Once in power, like blacks are in the big cities, its a different story. They call the shots, and do as they please. Why do you think our big cities are such cesspools of corruption?  Blacks run them that way. Call them on it, and they cry racism. Liberalism is a system that will NEVER work. It can't. Its central premise, that non whites will love whites if only given the chance is totally wrong. Not real. Has no basis in reality. Totally false. Pie in the sky thinking. It doesn't work. Hasn't worked, doesn't work, will never work.
National Socialism takes the view, that each group must take care of its own. Look at the Black Muslims. They take care of their own. Quite well. Yes I respect them. Why not. They have their act together, totally. There is no phony "let's all love each other" crap. They do what they need to do with no bullshit. That's what all racial groups need to do. The Jews protect Israel. If I were Jewish, I would to. Each group should take care of its own. Go it alone. None of this integration nonsense. Not natural. People like being with their own. More comfortable that way. The Jew media sold the country on liberalism. All its done is distract us from doing what needs be done. We whites need to unite once again and vote racially, just like the other groups do. We're becoming a minority in this country. Either we get together, or we perish. Disunity will bring racial death to our people and civilization. Consider carefully my words I have written. If you agree, then support ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Help get YOUR fellow white people back on track. If we are to survive as a race, it is imperative we think and act as one. No one else will help us. Don't dwell in the liberal's house of dreams. The reality is hard. Non whites are hostile. Either we circle the wagons, or we're finished.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Image is everything

Here in the USA, we want our politicians to be scholar-athletes. Supposedly if your well educated, and good at sports, you must be a good person, and make a good leader. This is WRONG. Very wrong. Just because someone is educated, and good at sports, does NOT mean they are a good person, or a good leader. It just means they are well educated, and good at sports. Look at Bill Clinton for example. A Rhodes scholar, yet he was cheating on his wife. Honesty is NOT a function of intelligence. Look at our prison system. Many who are incarcerated, are quite intelligent. They're in prison, because they thought they could outwit the system, and because they are supremely selfish. They are not team players by any stretch of the imagination. Just because someone is good at sports, does not mean they're good and honest. Look at all the football scandals of football players beating their women and one case of being involved in a murder. Look at our politicians. They come educated, from well off families. Look at Obama the basketball player. I think Obama is one of our poorest presidents ever. He may not be dishonest, but god knows he's an imbecile. The man, and I use the term loosely, always seems clueless. I have no doubt he can't put his pants on, without ZOG telling him what to do. He went to Harvard, yet hasn't got a clue. An empty suit. Total ZOG crony. Look at our politicians. Most of them lawyers. That means well educated. Yet they show no smarts about anything. Overseas is all but unknown. They go charging into nations they know nothing about. Look at the list: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq. We have allowed our "leaders" to lead us into quagmires. Remember the saying, "know your enemy"? Our leaders sure don't. They don't know, and could care less. Our rich ruling elite thinks they are better then us common folk. They're well off financially, well educated, and good at sports. We ordinary folk, are just garbage in their eyes. Yet, we are humans, they, creatures of greed. We care, they don't. Its time we got away from the scholar-athlete bullshit. A good person, one worthy of command, requires beliefs. Belief in something greater then their own self.
National Socialism is a set of beliefs. It is dedication to the race. It shuns acting out of personal gain. To NS, the race is all. That's why it welcomes the non scholar-athlete type. It wants people dedicated to the people. The people of the same race. That's why NS offers us real leadership. People dedicated to US. People dedicated to helping us. Saving us. We can continue with the system we have, and the creatures who inhabit it. People who look and sound good on paper, but are in reality total scum. Or, we can choose to follow people DEDICATED to us. Our well being. Who will put things right. We need to stop fooling ourselves, that this system means anything, or is worth a damn. Our system is garbage. Inhabited by human garbage. We need people who have belief running the show. Without them, we'll just keep getting leaders like Obama, total know nothings. People who talk a good game, but are in reality worthless. We need leadership that know how WE feel, and takes into account our wishes. Right now, we have arrogant assholes running the show, who don't give a rat's ass about us, our feelings, our welfare. Let us free ourselves. Let us unite under National Socialism. Unite under the ANP. Donate both money and time. Time to give out lit. We need to show our people the folly of our current system of leadership. We need real people, who show real leadership. I don't care how smart or athletic a person is, as long as he/she has my racial welfare at heart. Do YOU feel the same? If so, HELP.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A psychic?

I for one do NOT think Hitler was a god, or demi god. I DO think he was somewhat psychic. Why? Consider. Hitler was against smoking long before the US Surgeon General's report. He had a standing offer of a gold watch to anyone who gave up smoking. He wasn't a scientist. How in hell did he know how bad smoking really was? Interesting huh. He saw how interest slavery kept the German people down. He ceaselessly denounced it. Its in" Mein Kampf". What he said then is just as relevant today. Even more so. He wasn't an economist, yet he saw interest slavery as a major threat, that brings great harm to a society. Why was he so rough on the Jews. I don't think it was as much as what they did in Germany at that time, though they did plenty by using the surrender to seize power. I think he foresaw what the Jews were going to do in the future. The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is suppose to be a forgery. Yet so much of what it said were Jewish objectives have come true. The Jews took over the media. Now our media is totally pro liberal. Other viewpoints are not allowed and are made fun of. Look at art. Modern art looks deranged, like a chimp made it, yet it is lauded in liberal circles.. Music became black influenced, leading down the road to rap. Our govt is totally pro non white. The Jews took advantage of Germany in the defeat of World War One. Trying to institute a left wing govt. The Jews of the US took advantage of the US govt fighting the Vietnam war, to begin the "free speech" movement, which brought on all the leftist liberal policies. Especially, giving the blacks a blank check to basically do as they please. Blacks get every break. like preferential hiring for jobs, especially federal. They went from discriminated minority, to privileged minority, virtually overnight. The result, blacks went on a rioting rampage in 1968. Our govt caved, and give in to their every demand. Jewish money influenced politicians to sell out their own people, and help a hostile minority to take power, and gain advantage. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is 90% Jewish. It uses the law, or making of laws, to push the liberal Jewish agenda. The Jews see the blacks as a useful tool to harass whitey with. Blacks get preferential treatment in hiring, and are virtually immune to being fired. Blacks take advantage. Why work, if you can't be fired. This state of affairs is all thanks to the Jews. Did Hitler see this? Did he see the Jewish assault on the family? The book by Jewess Betty Friedan, "The Feminine Mystique", which is the bible of feminism. A cause that is basically anti family, as it calls for women to go it alone, without husband or family. Now the latest cause is same sex marriage. Again an anti family movement, supported by liberal Jews.
Many people are fed up these days by Jewish liberalism. They are consistently denied a voice. Hence the Trump phenomena. ANP has had a gut full to. Whether Hitler was psychic is irrelevant. We see, and experience the liberals crap, day in, day out. Its time to put an end to it. We need policies based on normal, civilized human behavior. Right now, too much abnormal, is now treated as normal. The world turned upside down. Time to put things right side up. If you want to continue to support the current system, don't be surprised if this society crashes and burns. If you want a normal human society back again, support ANP. It is working to undo all the harm that has been done. Support it with money, and with your time to give out lit. Our people need to know they do have a voice, one that raised, can drive out the liberals from power and free white Aryans. We need not take it unless we want to. United we can overturn the terrible evil that has fallen upon us. You need not be psychic, just have morality, and values.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Dumbing down

Our society has fallen very low. Look at the media. Especially TV. Seems like anything goes these days. Not only do we have commercials that are in bad taste like for laxatives, and douches, but the shows are in all too many cases like soft porn films. How have we gotten to this point? My view. The Jews led the charge about freedom of expression. Comics like Lenny Bruce, and Howard Stern, went/go out of their way to be dirty. This is toilet humor. It was most practiced in Catskill resorts. The Catskills were a major resort for Jews. They got the nickname, the "Jewish alps". The Jews with their free wheeling liberal ways, don't think anything is black/white, right/wrong. To them everything is gray. The Jews pressed for liberating the blacks. They basically pushed for an end to segregation, and discrimination. They wanted to free the "poor darkie". No doubt to gain an ally against whitey.The blacks freed, then proceeded to act as they are. Extremely low brow. With a Jewish monopoly on the media, everything was pitched to the new audience at an extremely low level. SCHLOCK is a Jewish term. Basically it means trashy, cheap, risque. Thanks to Jewish permissiveness, our country has become a cultural wasteland. Our TV is shameful. To be expected in a society that no longer has a sense of shame. Our museums now have modern art exhibits, that look like something a chimp did. Compare the beauty of Michelangelo's "David" with the stuff they now show in museums. Stuff supposedly worth big money. Insane. Look at our politics. The creatures they now pass off as candidates. People so vile and corrupt, you'd sooner believe a used car salesman then them. Manners have gone by the board. Now our white kids imitate blacks. The turned around ball caps. The exceedingly foul language, that would embarrass a Marine drill instructor. The deprecating of parents in all the kid shows these days. Our youth now have no manners, or morals. This is why people don't like the Jews. They may be greedy, but far, far worse is that they bring down a culture. Look at how ignorant our children and even adults are these days. Nothing matters. Nothing is sacred. TV soap operas are just who gets into bed with who. That's the only plot. Look at the divorce rate. Marriage has gone by the boards. Its not a union between a man and woman, its just a glorified business contract. Now, people aren't even getting married. They just live together, or even more now choose to live alone. Needless to say, family suffers from this. Now we have same sex unions. All the Jews see, is letting people do what they want.
Fellow Aryans, how can we continue to live like this? A moral cesspool. Not befitting humans, much less Aryans. Its time to take our culture back. Its not being a prude if you object to things you don't think are right. Its exercising your sense of right and wrong. Unlike the Jews, who only think something is wrong if someone is physically hurt, Aryans believe in a moral sense of right and wrong. WE have values. We want to stick to them, as we feel its the only way a society can survive and be human, and not a collection of higher animals, as the Jews seem to believe. National Socialism is more then mere politics. It is a cause. The cause of moral correctness. That some things are just plain wrong, whether people are hurt physically or not. Right and wrong should never, ever, be the subject of debate. Its far too important. Our kids show this. Education without manners, is education wasted. Translation. No matter how intelligent, without a moral compass, someone will never be a good person. This is why the Aryans have triumphed over this planet. We have had strict, but required moral codes to live by. Our societies were strong, hence we were strong. Now that morals are a joke in this country, look how low we've gone. The Jews with their liberating the blacks, and anti moral crusades, have dumbed down America. Is it really any wonder nothing works right anymore, and that things run like a third world country. ANP is trying to restore mortality. At least for whites. Morality is needed, and ANP is determined to bring it back. Support ANP. It is dedicated to bringing back what has been lost. NOT slavery, or segregation, or anything of the past. Just morality. A very needful thing if you want a human society, and not a collection of animals. Give of your time as well as money, for giving out lit. Our people don't realize the changes that have been wrought, since it was done quietly. Incrementally. Help the part that is striving to help you, and save your kids from growing up primitive animals who happen to wear clothes. MORALS, is what made Aryans great. Time to be great again. We need not live with moral trash if we choose not to.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Our political system is so damn corrupt and dysfunctional, that three words more then sums it up.
First is deceive, which means to mislead. Our politicians are so dishonest, it makes your head spin. They do anything and everything to lead us astray, and cover up, or gloss over the real situation which is them grasping for power. To think that any of these 1% scum care about us, and will help us, is total insanity. Truth is they hate us, and have nothing but contempt for us common folk. They hide it, and try and convince us (mislead) at how wonderful they are. Bullshit. They are glorified scum, and nothing more. They are out to despoil us and take everything we have. To them, there is never enough. They want us confused, and floundering, all the better to take advantage of us.
The second word, is inveigle, which means deceptive. Our system reeks of deceit. It has actually gotten to the point, that we can't believe a word out of our politicians mouths. They do their level best to deceive us. That they're our champions, when the truth is, they keep us down.  Look at the various trade deals. NAFTA, TTP, with more to come. These deals take away our jobs. They are helping to destroy the American middle class. Yet our politicians continue to deceive us that they are somehow good for us. Its really sad, how the leadership of this country feels it must go out of its way to deceive us, and tell tall tales about how these trade pacts are so great, when all they do, is enrich a small minority, the 1%. Our leaders never tire of telling us crap, so they can get their way.
The third word, is obfuscate, which means to make difficult to understand. Look at all the congressional bills that come up. Thousands of pages. All gibberish. Look at tax time. The tax code is so damn complex, you need an army of accountants to make heads or tails of anything. Read the Congressional Register. Its insane.All the absolute drivel in it. Our leadership is so hopelessly dishonest, that there is nothing that can be done without some political dirty dealing done. Our tax code, our justice system, you name it, its tarnished by corruption.
Come on people, let's stop being chumps. We're white Aryans. We're better then this. We deserve better. We must do better, or the fourteen words become meaningless. We need National Socialism. A different idea, that would take us into a new direction. The idea, and ideal of the racial nation state. A state dominated by the idea of race. Its not wrong. Being with your own race is natural. Caring for your own group is natural. Substitute race, for money, and you'd have a pretty darn good society. This is what we need to do. CHANGE. Change our system, by changing our beliefs. This society won't last much longer if we keep on going as we have. Look at what we have running for high office. People who are totally worthless. Their dishonesty is what got them so far. Wouldn't leaders with idealism be far preferable? Donate to ANP. Help it change minds/values/behavior. Help it bring desperately needed change. Donate your time giving out lit. We need to get the word out, and change minds. We need a society fit for white Aryans, not the den of thieves govt we currently have. We need change, but the right change. An NS change.