Monday, August 29, 2016


The US economy is stagnant. Our leaders don't want to hear it, but it's true. We common workers are just spinning our wheels. Going no where, when we should be doing gangbusters. Is it any wonder the US middle class is declining, when household income is stagnant. The US economy has grown by roughly 30%. This is piss poor growth for a n economy like the US. Consider. The US GDP was 17% in 2000. It was a paltry 2% in 2008. The only group doing great are the well heeled. Household income went up for the top 10% of the population. GLOBALIZATION. It is literally killing us. The American middle class in particular. The sad fact is, that it allows the wealthy to totally control all means of production. Marx said that workers should control the means of production. This is why. We are fast developing on this planet, a world of nations/societies of rich elites who run everything. The vast majority are left out. If our workers step out of line, and demand better wages/ working conditions, jobs get outsourced to other countries. Preferably non white. The fact that countries are little more then giant slave labor camps, doesn't matter to our rich ruling elite. To them, profit is the name of the game. Unless, and until, our leaders, decide to make importing goods from overseas more expensive thru taxes/tariffs, we'll continue to lose industry. Especially manufacturing. It is impossible to have a middle class country like the US has been, if there are no jobs to be had. The jobs available, are minimum wage, no benefits. No where near what is needed to preserve US prosperity. Fact is, our rich ruling elite doesn't care about anything but themselves, and their own aggrandizement. Look who's running for president. Rich folks. Not a common working person among them. How on God's good earth is some super rich asshole, going to be able to identify with common workers. Just isn't possible. Someone living in a mansion, surrounded by servants, with a limo, and yacht, just is not going to understand the plight of a common working stiff. Someone who gets up, and puts in hours of their life to make a living. Someone struggling. Someone with no time to play, but just struggles to support a family.
I've had a gut full of the crap that passes for politics in this country. Candidates who tell us how much they love us, then don't hesitate to screw us once elected. Look at Obama. What an SOB. The peace candidate. Peace candidate my ass. Besides that sellout to the medical insurance companies called Obamacare, what the hell has he done for us common folk. Nothing. Just speeches. Just platitudes. All he wants to do, and has done, is play general. He has us constantly at war. All we ever hear is about our troops going hither, and yon. Never talk of peace, just war. Total phony. He just wants to play war. Like LBJ with Vietnam. He too wants to be the commander in chief war hero. Like LBJ, he has fallen on his face, and got this country stuck to the Middle East tar baby. If something isn't done, and done soon, this country will collapse into a sea of debt, and a sea of mud peoples. Non whites are pouring over our borders. I never, ever, expected a non white president to care, and I was not disappointed. We white Aryans are threatened with being overrun. Overrun by people who don't like us gringos. We face a bleak future of massive discrimination against us, unless we put a halt to it now.
Support ANP. It is the one and only bulwark we have to help us, protect us. It would never allow outsourcing, to get out of hand as it is. Tariffs would rain in the profiteers. No more give aways of industry. Immigration would be severely enforced. ANP is totally pro white Aryan. No if's and's or but's. It values the race. That means you white Aryan. To National Socialism, you have worth. Great worth. You matter. Help us. Help your race. Help yourself. Save what's left of our society/economy. Time is NOT on your side. Not at all.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


No matter what our leadership says, about the economy, they are liars. The economy is NOT good. NOT. How can it be good, when growth is only 2% a year. This is not growth. It is economic stagnation. Its like a hamster in a cage, running the exercise wheel. Much activity, but no real movement. So it is with our economy. Much movement, but no real progress getting anywhere. Its like we're frozen in time. Nothing changing. Its not going to change. Not when we have corporates running the show. Look at who we have running for president now. Trump, son of a rich man, who is a billionaire. Clinton, who practically sleeps 3 to a bed, because she is so close to Wall Street. Neither has a clue about the needs of the common folk, and could care less. All they care about is their own wealth and power. So it is with our political system these days. Corporate big shots run the show. Run it for their own needs, not ours. We run of the mill workers don't matter to the Wall Street Capitalist types. All we can expect from them is the shaft. Good and hard. What this world needs now, is not so much love, as redistribution of wealth. Yes, there can be rich folks, but not poor ones. No one should be massively above others. There should NOT be massive extremes between the rich and poor. Realistically some will do better then others, but it shouldn't be because they're giving the other guy the royal screw job. Unfortunately, all we can expect is exploitation. On a massive scale. In other words, just like now. This kill or be killed attitude in our economy is totally unacceptable. People should be allowed to make a living, as workers, not slaves. Our workers, when they have jobs that is, are literally being worked to death. It is so bad, everyone is afraid to take a vacation, as it might arouse the boss's anger. God forbid we have a life other then work. This is wrong. This is a miserable existence. Yet everyone seems to feel we have no choice. We must "stay the course", as in stay with this system, as there is nothing else. This is wrong thinking. There are alternatives. There is Communism. Not good though, as it is impractical, if not impossible, to control an economy by central govt fiat. National Socialism, on the other hand is a viable alternative. It is not anti-Capitalist. It is anti-exploitation. National Socialism values race, not wealth. You don't need to change people, so much as their views. It changes the societal dynamic from selfishness, to concern about one's own race. Hence with the stress on race, people think race, rather then self. A lot of dirty dealing is eliminated as people live according to the new principal, and get away from the old. Society can change. We have but to want to do so. Since we're a democracy, that means changing minds. Getting votes for having a new system. This is what ANP is trying to achieve. A new way. A better way. It needs help to achieve this. Money donations of course, since the bills don't pay themselves. Also, donations of your time, to give out lit. Lit distribution may seem old fashioned in the I pod age, but our enemies leave us little choice. The Jews have us blocked off from the media. We do what we can with what we have. We do what we can, with what you folks can give to help us. Please help. Our KIDS future is looking pretty bleak right now. Jobs outsourced. Massive floods of mud people pouring in over our borders. White Aryans, very soon to be a minority in their own country. Rule by non whites, hostile to whites. A Capitalist economic system, that is little better then having this country as a white man's slave plantation, where white Aryans are now the slaves. Help us. Time is running out. Help us put things to right. We can yet bring about the 14 words, if we hurry, and really try.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Judeo-Capitalism is a very bad system. It is inherently unfair. Read the following stats very carefully. This is what your living with, and under.
80% of the world, has no real wealth to speak of. 2% of the world's population has HALF its wealth. There are 7 billion people on planet earth, with a combined wealth of 237 trillion dollars. Of that,.5% are dirt poor with basically nothing. Meanwhile, 1% has 43% of the planets wealth. In other words, 8 out of 10 people on this planet only have a combined wealth total of 6%. Let me put it another way. 300 people, the number of passengers on a commercial jet, have the equivalent wealth of 3 billion people. That's the combined wealth of India, China US, and Brazil. There was inequality in the past, but its getting far worse. 200 years ago, the rich were richer by 3x the average population. In the 1960's, the rich were 35x richer. Now, the rich are 80x richer then the common folk.
I know that rich countries give to poor ones, roughly 130 billion dollars in aid yearly. BUT. The rich countries take out of poor countries, 900 billion. 600 billion goes for paying debt loans. 500 billion goes for meeting trade rules. As you see, rich, take far more then they give. 2 trillion goes from poor countries, to rich ones, every year.
Let's look here at home. For what a corporate CEO makes in a month, a common worker makes in 5 months. The bottom 40% of Americans, make as much as 1% of the wealthy do. The total US wealth is roughly 54 trillion dollars. Of that, the top 1% have 40% of the nations wealth. The bottom 80%, 8 out of 10, have only 7% of the nations wealth. The rich live off of 50% of their wealth in investments. The non rich only have .5% wealth in investments.
Okay, enough stats. The bottom line of all the above, is that we live in a very unequal society, and its getting much worse. Judeo-Capitalism is based on money. Lots of it. Having the most. With this kind of attitude, is it really any wonder our society is so very unequal. Look at our political system. All we ever have running for office any more are rich folks. That means our democracy is really a plutocracy (rule by the rich). Not a good situation. One we're very foolish to tolerate. Unless, and until, changes are made, our inequality problem will continue to grow. Soon we'll be like the banana republics. With all the Hispanics coming in, our society will really resemble one.
What can be done. We need a National Socialist society, and quickly. Unless, and until, we change beliefs, we're doomed. We'll be a basically poor dominated country, even though we'll have much wealth in this country. It just won't be any where except in the hands of the 1%. Let us free ourselves now, while we still can. Support ANP. National Socialism, does allow for wealth. It simply won't let it get out of hand, and roll over the common people, which our current system does in spades. I can't stress enough, at how we white Aryans are in grave danger. The Judeo-Capitalists want a slave society. Do you really expect them to admit it. They want to rule. They have the wealth, but being greedy, they constantly want more. They now want to open the immigration spigot, and let in millions of non whites, who they consider far more docile and obedient then white Aryan workers. White Aryans want dent pay. They refuse to work for pennies. Hence they need to be removed so the Capitalists can make their huge profits in peace. Support ANP. Donate money, but also your time to give out lit. Don't let yourself, but especially your kids, end up in a giant non white sweat shop. The USA is a nation, but our greedy rulers are trying to turn it into a national sweat shop with poorly paid workers, and rich fat cat owners. Our rulers want slave. We want white working class justice. ANP says no more to fat cats getting rich off poorly paid/treated workers. ANP says no more, to blacks getting and keeping jobs, because they're "poor discriminated" minorities. Bullshit. Let's practice what the liberals are always preaching, fairness in the workplace. Its time we stopped taking bullshit, and push for our rights. Demand our rights. Demand justice. Demand to be able to make a decent living. Support ANP, and let's get what we deserve as white Aryans, and stop eating the liberal Jew shit we've had to for the last 60 years.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


This country is changing. Not in a good way. At least not for white Christians. Right now, 7 out of 10 people, 69%, are white Christian. Only 3 out of 10, 29% are young adults. That's quite a drop. It means white Christians are fast becoming a minority in the USA. Once majority, now minority. Is it any wonder our country is so screwed up, and getting worse.. ZOG hates white Christians. It is working overtime to screw them. Turn them into a powerless minority. That's why no action on immigration, or the wrong action, like letting herds of non whites in. The system attacks also, by discouraging people to have children. This is where its most sinister, and sly. The white birth rate is going down. Whites, especially white women, no longer want to have kids. As a side note, people are losing religious faith. Just don't believe in anything anymore. This situation is nothing new. The WASP (white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant) population has been declining for the last 40 years. ZOG wants what it is getting. The marginalization of white Aryans in this country. White Aryans were once the central core, upon which this country was built. Our population is changing. Drastically. In 1972, the white protestant average age was 46, in 2016, the white protestant age is just under 56. Translation, the white protestant population is getting older. No replacements (children) are coming along. By 2051, the white Aryan christian population will be a small minority in a majority non white nation. We'll have (possibly) an undifferentiated population, with a large percent non white, and a small white minority. Shunted aside, like the Native Americans. You can see it every where you go. Non whites crowding department stores, grocery store. Is every day shopping like a trip to the UN for you in your neighborhood? What can be done. Not much. Right off the bat, whites need to start having children again. Since they are now poisoned by Judeo-Capitalist materialism, that no longer seems a likely option. A quick historical note. Both Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany, had massive birthing programs. They encouraged people to have children, because they both knew, children are a nations future. Every possible aid was given to help families cope. Germany even gave mothers of 5 or more children a medal. We white Aryans need to have families again. Doubtful under a Clinton presidency. She wants to bring back, and pass the ERA (equal rights amendment) with "equality" for women, like unisex bathrooms. Its a totally feminist document. It will help destroy white family life.
Notice how ZOG works overtime to turn whites into blacks. Black family life disintegrated long ago. In the black community, grand parents, must take care of children, because parents are strung out on drugs, and in prison for crimes. ZOG wants whites to emulate this behaviour. ZOG doesn't want strong white family life. It wants white families shattered, so it can rule far more easily, and comfortably. The US population stats, show they are getting their way. If something isn't done soon, whites will be an insignificant minority in the US, and wholly marginalized. We white Aryans are now the "vanishing" Americans. To save ourselves, first off, we need to support the ANP. It is pro white, even more important, pro white family. It doesn't worry about unisex bathrooms. It concerns itself with making sure white families get the aid they need to make a go of it. They would provide myriad programs to help encourage, and strengthen white Aryan family life. Family is the core building bloc of any society. If family life is in decline, or worse, in chaos, then a society is in the dregs. Look at how down the American black community is. Brought low by drugs, materialism, crime. White Aryans society is following it. ANP intends to turn around this trend, and restore white Aryan family life, back to its former pristine, healthy condition. We need a govt that's cares for, and helps us. Not one concerned about unisex bathrooms. We need a govt with its head in the real world, concerned about real issues, not with its head up its ass. Support ANP. Give money. Give of your time to give out lit. We need to warn our people of the danger they're in. They don't see ZOG's trap. They must be warned, while there is still time. Whites have already lost much. Unless things are changed, they can easily lose the whole ball of wax.

Monday, August 15, 2016

We're becoming poorer.

We common folk are becoming poorer by the day. Yet our leaders could care less. We are left to struggle, while the rich 1% enjoy themselves on multi million dollar yachts, and with sordid pleasures we don't hear about. Let's face reality. Our leaders don't care. In World War One, the various aristocracies of both Allied and Central Powers sent their soldiers off to war with abandon. They didn't care. After all, they were just ignorant poor peasants. Look at us. Our leaders use US, as cannon fodder. We're expected to be soldiers, to serve not our country, but our rich 1% as THEY, not us, THEY, nation build, and push democracy. Democracy my ass. Look at the home front. Our jobs are outsourced overseas. That's what the democracy kick is all about. Judeo-Capitalist democracy. Send jobs overseas, depriving Americans, so the filthy rich can make a few extra bucks. Does this sound like caring to you? Pay attention to the following statistic. In 2014, the rate of poverty went from 10%, to 14.4% among those 65 and over. In other words, our elderly/seniors, are allowed to wallow in poverty. This is the way our govt/society, thanks these folks for lifetimes of hard work, and good citizenship. According to the govt, a family of 4 making $24,000 or below is classified as poor. How many people are just making minimum wage?How much unemployment is there really? Is it a case of unemployment, or rather UNDEREMPLOYMENT? People not able to work as much as they want, because there are too few decent pay jobs available. We saved South Korea. For what. They turn around and steal our jobs. Same with Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. These countries got rich thanks to American aid. Now they screw us, and take our jobs, leaving us in the lurch. Look at Osam Bin Laden. The US supported him greatly when he was fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Then he turned on us, and gave us 9/11. Its bad enough when foreigners betray. Its far, far worse when its your own. Our middle class is shrinking. No jobs, no middle class. The numbers of white Aryans are shrinking, compared to the influx of Hispanics,and now Muslims, especially Arabs. Our leaders are perfectly content to let them spill over our borders, and outnumber us. I guess our leaders feel they'll be less trouble then white Aryan workers, since white Aryans demand decent pay. Is it any wonder we lose out, with the leadership that we have had since the end of the Vietnam war. The Jews led the blacks, and then all the other non whites to push for everything they could out of our govt. We whites let it happen, because we were wrapped up in the war against Communism. So we got civil rights laws, that let blacks get preferential treatment in hirig for jobs. Thing is, they are lazy, and very disrespectful. They make bad workers, but then they can afford to be, because they are protected by law from being fired. You need at least 6 months solid documentation to have any chance of getting rid of bad black employees. Even then don't hold your breath. Our leaders just went along with the bullshit, because they don't care in the least. To them, only money matters. If we stay the course our rich ruling elite has set for us, we are doomed. DOOMED. We white Aryans are on the precipice of our own destruction. Outnumbered. Unable to find work. Politically powerless. With no real future. No real hope. Our leaders don't care if we become poorer. We should care. ANP does care. We must support it. With money of course, but also out time to give out lit. ANP isn't just another political party. It offers a better way of life. It offers the key ingredient of life. CARING. To National Socialism, race is the ultimate. To be cared for, nurtured, protected. It offers us life, rather then the slow death that Capitalism is inflicting on us. Support ANP. They CARE, the major parties don't.

Friday, August 12, 2016


Like it or not, people's impressions matter. A lot. I think this is why the movement has done so poorly in this country. Why whites have embraced Trump as their champion, instead of the Nazis or Klan. The days of the Klan are over. Certainly the wearing of the robes. Just doesn't play well with the masses. Comes across as what it is, a relic from the 1860's. Whether YOU personally like it or not, we racialists have GOT to think mainstream. This is NOT the way to do that. Besides, its suppose to be the "invisible" empire. It was NEVER designed to be a public spectacle, but a group working in the shadows. Its defeats show that it is not able to cope with ZOG security forces. Talking trash about bringing back slavery just makes it look silly, as its painfully obvious whites are no longer tough enough to deal with non whites. Their just scared rabbits, too afraid to talk back, much less enslave anybody.
The Nazi movement has also bungled the job. Wearing uniforms turns off the average Joe. Unfortunate but true. American whites are undisciplined. They don't want a disciplined existence. Talking about making everyone tow the line just turns them off. Especially the anti black/Jew talk. It ends up just being trash talk, by white trash. The Nazis of 1920's Germany impressed the average (AVERAGE) German voter by being disciplined. That means neat and orderly. Today the movement people that show up in public look disheveled. I hate to say it, but white trash look. Not at all impressive. Just the opposite. Consider. In 1920's Germany, the Nazi Brown shirts walked the streets with military bearing. They for the most part were ex-soldiers. They looked neat and orderly. They talked about a united, powerful  Germany. Contrast their behavior/demeanor, with their rivals, the Communists. The Communists had their street fighter group. They wore workers caps. This showed they were interested only in class solidarity, not national. This next one is why they lost out to Hitler and the Nazis. They wore Soviet/Russian peasant blouses. Russian. To Germans who were nationalistic, this showed loyalty to an alien people. One that many Germans disliked. Hence Germans, who loved their country, felt the Communists really didn't. Hence the support of the nation lovers went to the Nazis, not the Communists. What I have just written is true. Look it up. American Nazism got off track. Wearing uniforms of what is perceived by very many Americans as a "foreign" uniform. Talking tough, about what they'll do to non whites, when it is painfully obvious, that the American Nazi movement has no muscle. In life, it has been proven time and again, that talking tough, without the muscle to back it up, just makes you look foolish. Nobody wants to follow a fool.
We of the racialist right, need to get our heads out of our asses, and act like a normal American political party. Yes, we need security at gatherings, but security that looks it, not like refugees form a WW2 movie. We need to look the part, and talk the part of a mainstream political party with ideas/proposals about topics of interest to the American white Aryan voter. In his own way, Trump has sort of done this. We who should be the leaders of white resistance, are always lagging behind, stuck in a time warp. Preaching and acting of a time long ago. Not at all relevant to today. Would I like to go around in uniform, with my swastika armband on, you bet. I know I cannot. We Nazis have NO rights in ZOG America. If we show who we are, and where our sentiments are, we are harassed mercilessly. This is NOT a free nation. Not if your anti Judeo-Capitalist. We need to accept this, and deal with it, in an intelligent way. Do I like playing ball, and following ZOG rules. NO. Do I do it, yes. We have to, if we are to survive, and make sure our kids have a future. We must be sly like the fox. Not brazen. We must show our people we fit in, that we have good ideas, ideas that will save them. If we keep fucking around, we WILL lose the whole ball of wax. We white Aryans are on the border of being a racial minority in America. We must make ourselves into our peoples saviours, and that means being mainstream and rational, not a costume club, or talking crap. We can, and must present a sober, strong, vibrant face to our people, or we will continue to fail.

Monday, August 8, 2016

US lack of morality

Thanks to permissive liberalism, the US is a nation without a soul. I'm not a priest/minister, and ANP is not a church, so a morality talk is new territory, but I feel it must be said. Why is the white race failing in the US? It has no backbone. Its lost its certainty. From being the land of the free, and home of the brave, the US is just a giant empty suit. Look at the new characteristics of this country. The US is awash with Hedonism, Materialism, Greed, and Immorality. The biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse. Only it turns out the apocalypse isn't the end of the world, but the end of the white world in the USA. How can we expect a nation to stay strong and prosperous when it has these four traits. All our people want to do is have a good time. This trait is canceling out hard work, and a sense of responsibility. Materialism speaks for itself. An overriding desire to get stuff. Greed is the overwhelming desire to make profit, no matter at who's expense. Immorality. What is right and wrong any more. Liberalism says basically anything goes. Give people more freedom. Unfortunately, people take advantage, as any student of human nature would know, and run amok. Blacks cop an attitude these days. Why work, whitey owes me a living. Same sex couples want the freedom to do their thing. Our Capitalists want to get their mitts on everything they can lay hands on. Our govt has pretty much, at liberal behest, wants give everyone who is non white want they want. As long as no one gets physically hurt. I absolutely reject this. Wrong is wrong, whether someone gets physically hurt or not. Without morals, our society is dying. Our race is dying. Non whites, eat, sleep, and have children. Theirs is a simple existence, but they know what their about. Whites haven't a clue anymore. Hillary Clinton is the poster girl for lying politician. She is under a cloud for improper procedure concerning e mail use. She has lied about it. She is a presidential candidate. So it goes in our politics. No longer are our politicians held accountable. Hence they act with reckless abandon. Screwing us hard working common folk, who long to be able to believe in someone and something. Isn't going to happen. Not in this moral cesspool. Don't you wonder why so many countries have so much corruption? Its because they have no moral compass. People don't care about anything except self aggrandizement. A land awash in greed, is not about to have everyone warm and fuzzy with each other. Its screw the other guy. A nation can NOT exist like that, with that as the dominant goal. Nations were formed, at the most basic level, for people to get together, and help each other. When instead people get together to screw each other, its welcome to hell time. The white middle class is dying. Shrinking. Why, because our sleazy politicians are at the beck and call of our even sleazier Capitalists, who are out for every thing they can make a profit on. Like outsourcing jobs overseas. The fact that it hurts American workers, doesn't faze our Capitalists. No, their greed dominates all. So it goes. With no real belief system, people do as they want, or at least what they think they can get away with. Hence a truly dying society, without the will to survive.
National Socialism is THE glue to hold us together. It is a heightened sense of community. It has people thinking race, not self. It extols community service and dedication. Its gotten a bad rep, because the forces against it know they wouldn't get away with the crap they do now in a National Socialist state. No way, no how. Support ANP. It honors the old values. The old morality. Wouldn't you want your kids to grow up in a moral society, with their own moral code, dedicated to doing good for the racial nation? Or, you can sit back, and let your kids continue to turn into jungle animals as the liberals like, without any moral upbringing or beliefs. A kill or be killed society. Worse then animals. Creatures of greed. Without substance/soul/fortitude. Is it any wonder the white position in this country is failing badly. Support ANP. Help it SAVE YOU. Give money, but also time to give out lit. Unless and until we stop the awful internal rot that is plaguing our country, things will continue to decline. What is left of the white race, will be a punching bag for vengeful, mean spirited non whites. A very unpleasant fate.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The parties and THEIR issues.

Our major political parties, are off in their own universe when it comes to "issues". They may differ on emphasis, on what they consider important, but they have their own agendas.
The Republicans, are primarily concerned with: right to life, a balanced budget, term limits, the states legally defining marriage, and giving parents control over their children's education.
The Democrats, are primarily concerned about over turning the Supreme Courts Citizens United ruling. Especially with Clinton running, they are now pushing the Equal Rights Amendment once again. They also, being pro black, want to give statehood to Washington D.C.
No matter what your views are on the above issues, one thing should strike you. Where are the racial issues? Where is there anything even remotely about pro white policies? There is nothing about helping white folks. Nothing about helping the middle class survive. In other words, noting of major importance, vital to peoples lives.
The parties are off in their own worlds. Chasing after causes, that really don't matter in the greater scheme of things. White Aryans are FAST becoming a minority. How are they to continue to survive in a country dominated by non whites? What is to be done, to protect decent pay jobs? To stop outsourcing. Both parties are made up of greedy, and I mean GREEDY, Capitalists, who are utterly uncaring about sending jobs overseas. Losing white Aryan jobs. Hurting in very many cases, their very own peoples livelihoods. Neither party is the least bit interested in saving the white race. Not a bit. We're being sacrificed by our very own leaders, so they're paymasters can make a profit at our expense. We white Aryans are being crowded out, first by blacks, then Hispanics, and now Muslim Arabs. I find it quite horrifying that our supposed govt of the people, is only too happy to let a segment of its population, go down beneath the waves. Look at the issues the parties are concerned with. Are any of these issues really important to you, and your SURVIVAL? This country needs to move away from debate, and right now. We don't have time for political science exercises, or group discussion about jurisprudence. We NEED help, right now. The American white middle class, is being ground down in a war of attrition waged by liberal leftists. These people are determined to follow a neo Communist agenda. They are determined to strip whites of everything, to help non whites. With Capitalists out to profit at their own peoples expense, and leftist liberals determined to collectivize our society, the white middle class is being ground down into the dirt. Not a whimper raised in its defense. Trump says a few things, but not nearly enough. He's a Capitalist, so we can't expect much from him.
We need a PRO WHITE political party. Now. We have one. ANP. It is dedicated, DEDICATED, to saving the white race in America. It is not a hobby to it. It is a mission. It can and WILL save us if we support it. Donate. They money you give, will be used to support the party, which in turn supports you. It will work for YOUR survival. Will the other parties do that? Even attempt it. Donate your time to give out lit. No other way at present to get the message out. If we are to survive as a race, we must support a political party that thinks/acts racial. I can't make it any clearer then this. Support ANP, your shield for racial survival. Otherwise, we shall perish. Our kids denied a future, an existence. We stand at the precipice of racial extinction. Help ANP pull us back from the brink.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Dire news

In the US in 2014, 20 million children under 5 years old, 50.2% ,were non white. Non whites will make up 56% of the US population by 2060. Last year, 2015, non whites made up 38% of the population. In 2008, 14.6% of marriages, were mixed race.
What these statistics show, is that the white race will no longer be the majority in America. I personally feel these numbers are way too conservative, and that the US will have a non white majority much sooner. If these numbers aren't changed and soon, I fear for my race. I think whites will be persecuted. Payback for slights real, and imagined. We are already discriminated against, by racial hiring quotas passed to make up for past discrimination. Whites today have to make amends for past discrimination, even though they had nothing to do about what went on in the past. No, liberals with their white guilt, are determined to make their own white race pay for bad treatment on non whites, even though today's whites are innocent. So white men are denied jobs in favor of black women. Govt jobs are reserved for non whites, who get extra points on their civil service exams, just because they're non white.
What will life be like for whites in a non white world? Well, for starters, we'll have more non white leaders. Like Obama and his black based govt. We'll see non whites in all the positions of power. No doubt fucking up, to judge from their less then stellar performances running America's cities. Our kids will be minorities, and picked on in school. Christianity will die as other "religions", take over like Islam, voodoo, Wicca, and Santeria. Probably a return of the Aztec gods, as many Mexicans are now studying and learning Aztec ways. Mexican drug gangs talk in Aztec now. There is a movement to make Hispanics the premier race/culture in America. Aztlan or something like that. Hispanics are bursting with pride about "La Raza", the race. Like the Black power movement. These groups aren't dedicated to racial justice, but racial power. They want to be on top. That means the bottom for us whites. Whites are flocking to Trump as a last ditch defense. Won't help. This system is death to us whites. We have no place in a non white America. We'll be the new niggers. Most probably treated a lot worse. We'll be a hated, despised minority, in a very hostile land. Total hell if you're white. I don't trust this "let's all just get along" bullshit. They hate us, and will give us the business. I personally have experienced reverse racism. Non whites can be very nasty. They hate other races, like us whites who they pillory.
What is to be done. How about something. We whites cannot continue to sit on our hands. Either we resist, or we go down. By resist, I don't mean vote for Trump. We need a real pro white political party. ANP is our only hope. It is dedicated to us, the white race. It is determined to save US. Save our KIDS. Save our future EXISTENCE. Unless we get real change, not the bullshit Obama kind, but real change, we are doomed. DOOMED. We must support ANP. with dollars, and with our time to give out lit. Our people must be made to see the danger. The liberal media are determined to keep them in the dark. Let them just continue their lives, while they are being undermined. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and now Arabs. Non whites are being imported, to get rid of us whites. Our Judeo-Capitalist masters think we're too rebellious, and want us gone, or enfeebled. We must resist. Organize and be determined not to be non whites doormats. Aryans were once great, time to be great again.