Thursday, July 28, 2016

US income inequality

The US may be the land of the free, and home of the brave, but it has a terrible inequality problem. Liberals are determined to let in hordes of Hispanics. Soon this country will be like Latin America, with the very rich, and very poor. Last year, the income for the top 1% surged with a 7.7% rise. That translates as the richest households incomes rose twice as fast as it did for the remaining 99% of the population. If that isn't the road to an income chasm, I don't know what is. The incomes of everyone else rose last year, a mere 3.9%. This is why we have an income inequality problem. Its getting far worse. This is why income inequality is such a major problem and is being mentioned in the election.Trump wants to cancel trade deals, and use the age old device of tariffs to make manufacturing jobs return. Sounds good, but he is a super Capitalist, and it won't happen. He gets rich just like the rest by importing cheap goods from overseas like from China. Clinton wants a debt free college loan program, and a higher minimum wage. How that translates into jobs for Americans is NEVER made clear. Raising the minimum wage loses jobs, as employers will move their businesses, or especially hire far fewer. Capitalists don't like to pay. Pure and simple. No manufacturing industries, means no place for college grads to seek jobs.
Income growth was greatest last year among the super wealthy. The top 0.1% had income growth of 9%. Remember when we talk of the ultra rich, we have to include people like professional sports stars, Hollywood actors, global corporate CEO's, and financial investors like Warren Buffet. Unless something is done, we are well on our way, to having a Latin America type society. Maybe this is why our govt, as directed by our rich ruling elite, want to have massive Hispanic immigration. They feel they will continue to be rich and powerful with an Hispanic majority, for whom income inequality is the norm, and is accepted as a part of life. White Aryans are too demanding, as in wanting to be treated as humans, not dogs. Is this what YOU want? A society little better then a rehash of the Middle Ages. With a rich nobility ruling and owning everything, and the poor mass of serfs, barely existing and utterly subservient to the whims of the rich rulers.
I for one, do not. I want to be a free white Aryan. One with dignity. White Aryan workers deserve rights. The right to respect. As a worker, you should be able to be calm, cool and collected on the job. Not terrified that your life will be destroyed, because you were fired, because the boss's toast got burned that morning. This is NOT an exaggeration. I have seen it for myself. Bosses firing people who they use as scapegoats for THEIR personal problems. Workers are treated like dirt in this country at present. This is totally unacceptable. National Socialism won't let this crap happen. It believes in worker's rights. It wants a national workers union. Relations with management are kept cordial. No us vs them will be tolerated. It wants the boss, and the worker, to be united, or at least not at each others throats. NS believes in the principal of race. Your skin color unites you. Like it or not. You are expected to work together for the race. Its improvement. Its protection. Racial justice. Some are able to do better then others, but none should be treated as worth less then spit. A racial folk community is a place of justice, equality, and respectable living conditions. NS will NOT allow people of the racial folk community to end up living under highway overpasses. No way, no how. Don't listen to our presidential candidates. They are both rich capitalists. They are not for us. ANP is for us. It is us. White Aryan workers. Just asking for economic justice. Donate to ANP. Give of your time to give out lit. ANP wants to help you help yourself. It is our only hope, to gain back equality for America. Consider this about leadership in America. They have to be of us, to be able to be for us. With a billionaire, and a multi millionaire running for president, who is really of and for us? Join ANP, and let's save our nation and ourselves.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Invasion, they're coming.

This is the age of invasion. Foreign peoples will over run the US and Europe, just like in ancient Rome. In ancient times, the Germanic peoples invaded Roman territory. At first peacefully, just seeking sanctuary from the Huns, and a better life. Then once established, they gradually took over. The army became predominately Germanic. There was even a special Emperor's bodyguard detail, made up of Germanic soldiers, separate from the Praetorian guard. Eventually the Germanic's invaded in force, and carved up the Roman Empire. The end of the empire is marked by the taking over of the Emperor ship by a Germanic general.
Right here, and now, Hispanics are invading the US. Both legally, and illegally. They're pouring in. They are different racially from the average American, as they are mestizo, mix of white and Native American. They speak Spanish. Are predominately Roman Catholic in religion. Have different customs from the White/Anglo-Saxon/Protestant majority. They are well on their way to becoming the new majority group of the USA.. There is very little the two groups have in common. White Aryan values are disappearing. Soon to be replaced, by those of Latin America. Liberals applaud this change. They think multi cultural ism is terrific. I find it horrific. These people don't love gringos. Hell, you can see in Latin America itself, they don't love their own. Can we realistically expect them to love us white Aryans? We are being over run by people who hate us, and will give us a hard time when they're running the show. I do not for a minute, believe that these people will be kindly rulers. With the terrible inequality in Latin America today, where they are the majority, can we realistically expect to be treated better. We who are not even Hispanic. They are going to stick it to us, pure and simple. There use to be an old joke saying, if you don't like something, then give it back to the Indians. I feel this country is reverting. Not back to Native American rule, but the next closest thing, mestizo rule. I foresee dire consequences. For the country, as well as us. For the world. We'll become as inept as Brazil. For example, they're having water sports there for the Olympic Games, in filthy dirty water. Contaminated by all sorts of waste. A govt/society, that is indifferent, and didn't bother to clean up. Just one out of many examples of life in Latin America.
Europe is besieged by Semitic Muslim Arabs. They are fleeing the war in Syria. They want to seek refuge in Europe. The Arabs are a Semitic people, not white Indo-European as is Europe. They are Muslim not Christian like Europeans are. They speak Arabic, a Semitic language. Arabic is so different a language, it is read right to left, compared to European languages which are read left to right. These people have very different beliefs and culture. They might as well be from another planet. They threaten to overwhelm Europe. There are fools in Europe, like Merkel, who think it would be nice to take in these refugees. She and those like her are insane. These people will absorb, and end up ruling. To Aryan Europeans great detriment.
We white Aryans must be hard. We must refuse those who are trying to enter our lands. In both cases, we stand to be overwhelmed by alien invaders.. Peoples who will take over, and then destroy white Aryan civilization. Ask the whites of Rhodesia/South Africa, how happy they are to be minorities in majority non white nations. We're next. If we don't stop the rot. We will be replaced. Europe is on its own. Here in the US, ANP is fighting to preserve our existence. It is fighting against the tide of Hispanics, who wish to take over. Help it. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. DO SOMETHING! Its YOUR existence at stake. If we continue to sit on our hands, we will very soon be sharing ancient Rome's fate and be over run. Is this what you want? Will you be able to look your children n the eye, and explain why they're a minority in their own country? Will they even understand you, or will you need a Spanish-English dictionary.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What we are now.

This country has taken a massive slide downhill. What was once a pure, noble society, is now a teeming cesspool of moral degeneracy. This country is totally dominated by wantonness, and materialism. The words "instant gratification" will be put on this country's tombstone. The easy way is seldom the right way, but our country now tries the easy way in all things. Is it any wonder our country is a moral cesspool. With attitudes like me first, is it really any wonder of the total degeneracy of this society. Every day I end up being appalled to read the newspaper. The news is invariably about what politician is up on charges of bribery/kickbacks, cops gunning down the unarmed, drug overdoses, all sorts of criminal mayhem. This all must stop, if we are to have a moral society. Hell, this must stop, if we're to have any kind of society to survive. Once, we had a society based on goodness and justice. Now dishonesty rules the land. I put the blame for ALL of this, on Judeo-Capitalism. It is a system, that is killing us. As long as the doctrine of selfishness continues to rule over us, this society will continue to go down to the depths of depravity. There MUST be change, NOW. To wait, is to invite ultimate destruction. Soon we'll be a society of less then animals if we don't pull out of the moral nosedive we're currently in.
National Socialism is our only real hope. I don't bring it up just to hear myself talk. I talk about it, because I believe in it. That's right, I believe. Believe. Belief is considered corny these days, but without it what do we have? What we do now, a faithless,morally empty nation. Unless, and until we change, we are doomed. DOOMED. Doomed to become like the rest of the third world. Nations of primitive scum. Where crime is rampant, and nothing ever gets done. Nations so primitive, its little better then the stone age. I do not wish to become a third world nation. Unless something is done, this will be our fate. ANP is trying to bring National Socialism into the USA. Establish it as our system of govt. We must support this in every way. We need a National Socialist system. One based on race. Where race is the be all, end all goal. All for the race. When we forget this, like now, we suffer. Liberalism says to take care of all, but ends up hurting its own. Liberals praise the non white, while their own go jobless, and hungry. Only an NS govt will see all of value if it is their own race. The selfishness, and lust for and love of money won't exist. Only the well being of the race will matter. Isn't it obvious that a pro race party/system is far preferable to the moral swamp we inhabit now. I just don't know what to say to convince you. I really shouldn't have to say anything. Just look around you. Go to the store, and all you see are non white faces. Our media is totally filth. Moral depravity is in every nook and cranny of this country. Think how things could be. A system based on race. Jobs not outsourced overseas. Whites getting a chance at jobs, instead of these miserable hateful racial job quotas. A nation at peace, as NS believes in honest trade between nations, not the Capitalist resource grabs of old. Our kids taught racial pride, instead of racial self hate. The family made strong again with govt support, instead of all the current anti family laws/policies that our liberal system rams down our throats. Divorce, same sex marriage, single parent family, etc. The family is the stone on which a society is based. NS accepts this, and supports this. Our society is determined to tear family life down. Destroy it, and by doing so, make us little better then the chaotic third world. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Help. To do nothing guarantees disaster. A society even more corrupt and primitive then what we have now. Help ANP save white Aryan civilization. There is still time, but precious little.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Economic facts

Our leaders lie to us. Things are NOT good. They're bad. There is no leadership. Just highway robbery. Incomes in this country have risen on average only .7% between 2008, and 2014. Income has decreased 6% for 20% of the population. In 2015, there are fewer middle income families. Many jobs are now P/T or outright shrinking. due to hiring of temps. Office/admin, bookkeeping, factory assembly. In 2007, full time jobs rose only 1.3%. In the same year, part time jobs rose 12%. Now, fewer then half of American adults are middle class. In 1971, 61% of American adults were middle class. Face it worker. Our economy is declining. Our leadership does nothing. Our leadership doesn't care. Capitalism is a dead end street for the vast majority of us. It is a system based on personal greed. It makes promises, that it never keeps. It is an illusion. The vast majority of us will never get rich. Not even close. If we stay with Capitalism, it will drag us down. We'll end up living like animals. Only a rich few will enjoy power and wealth. We're suppose to be humans. Above mere existing. That's for animals. Humans have minds. We're suppose to think great thoughts. I think we deserve better then to live in the gutter. Our leaders don't care if we're poor, because their rich. They don't care if we die in war, because they're safe at home. I find this system intolerable. We need a new system. A new way. A new way of life, based on a new morality and way of thinking. Out with the old, in with the new.
National Socialism is not a new way, but it is better. It has been tried before, but was destroyed in war. It is based on RACE, not money/greed. People are encouraged to act in a racial frame of mind. To do what will help the race, not themselves. The history of humankind is replete with examples of humans doing unspeakable acts to each other, to "get ahead". In other words, stick it to the other guy. National Socialism offers a totally different mind set. To do whatever helps, and benefits the racial folk community. A racial based state, is peaceful. Without greed driving it, it fights only in defense, not offense. It is fair. People make a decent living, because race is valued. Those with more talent can earn more, but it is NEVER allowed for those better off, to trample on those below. Racial solidarity is the name of the game. Think how much less crime there would be if people all got a decent break. There would be no labor strife, as boos and worker would work TOGETHER for a higher goal, namely the racial folk community. No more of the ugly greed and especially selfishness we see constantly in our current Capitalist society. Pie in the sky, not really. National Socialism won't solve every possible problem. It will solve a lot of them. Certainly, it will help control the economic raping of the land, and enslavement of our workers. It won't allow jobs to be sent overseas while our own people hunt for work. A livable minimum wage is possible, but only under a protective National Socialist govt preventing price gouging and various other economic wrongdoing. The bottom line is that National Socialism lets you do so much, but draws the line when the race is harmed, or treated unfairly. Unlike Capitalism, where anything goes, and does, with govt, being paid off, turns a blind eye.
It is up to US. We hold our own fate in our hands. We can choose. Either we continue on, and continue to suffer economic disparity that multiplies by the day, or we choose a new more equitable path. It is time for us to choose. Our cushy American middle class lifestyle is dying. Betrayed by the rich ruling elite. They look on us as beneath contempt, and fit only to help them profit. National Socialism offers us hope. Hope for a better society. A better tomorrow. Capitalism offers us nothing. It takes, not gives. Donate to ANP. It needs funds to pay bills. It needs volunteers to give out lit. Literature is our only way to get the word out at present. Help usher in a new day for white Aryans. Let us change. We must unite, and determine that the old ways will be no more. Our kids future is at stake.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Greed wars.

Capitalism is based on GREED. No if's, but's about it. Greed. This underlying core value, makes life happy for a few, miserable for most. It even sparks wars. History is replete with examples of soldiers being asked to risk their lives, for less then honorable aims. Britain went to war with China over the importation of opium. The British wanted to export it to China from India which was a colony of theirs at the time. The Chinese didn't want it, as it caused many problems and was too expensive. The British fought 2 Opium Wars with China, and won both, and so flooded China with opium. Britain made a billion dollars a year selling opium to China, so wars to import the drug, were far preferable to peace and much less money. People forget what sparked America's wars was money. The British took a hard line with the colonies, because they didn't want to lose out on the 4 billion dollars of goods they got every year from the New World. So they played hardball, and fought a war to stay in control. That war was the American Revolution. They lost the war, and control. 7,000 lives were lost in that war, all because the ruling class in Britain, wouldn't countenance any lessening of their power, or mercantile policies. When forced to choose, money always seems to win out, but when you have a Capitalist system, how can there ever be any doubt about this always being the choice.. The American Civil War was fought over the issue of Negro slavery. People wonder why the South was so stubborn about freeing the slaves. Simple. Money. Southern slaves were worth 4 billion dollars. Thats a hell of a lot of money, but especially for back then. There were those on both sides of the divide that felt the US should just buy all the South's slaves. Northern rich folk and abolitionists wouldn't here of it. Seems both groups didn't want to pay so much money. The rich wanted to keep their money. A buyout would means taxes to pay for it. Abolitionists felt the Southern slave holders should be punished for their wickedness, so hit them where it hurts, their pockets. In the end, cheapness, and greed, resulted in a war. For Capitalism, blood is ALWAYS preferable to lose, then money. The United States, was built on the wholesale expropriation of Native American land. Land was valuable. Indians were not. So they were exterminated in a genocide, so white Europeans could come and take their land. Talk about selfishness. Murder as govt policy. When its Capitalism involved, it is always so.
Folks, with a Capitalist system, war is part and parcel of it. Not wars of defense, but of greed. Wars for power. Economic power. Economic self interest. People dying is much preferable to losing a single cent of profit. This is the mentality of pirates. The true Capitalists were the famous pirates like Blackbeard and the rest. True Capitalists all. We need to break free of this mindset. Now. Before yet more die. ZOG has us bogged down in wars, for Afghan copper, and Iraqi oil. Pure and simple. No make the world safe for democracy crap. We in this country, need to face reality, about who, and what we are as a people. We're the foot soldiers of greedy bastards out to plunder other nations for all they have. We need National Socialism. A new way. Most importantly, a new mindset. Race over greed. People taught to value race will be far more peaceful then those taught selfishness is OK. We need a new generation, taught new values. Otherwise we just keep having the same old mindset, and same old problems. Donate to ANP. Help it achieve a new society. A society where race is all important, not money. Give out lit. We need to spread the word. Unless and until we change, nothing will change. Just more wars, so Capitalists can make a buck. The almighty dollar. A piece of green paper, dictating when men should die in war. Disgusting. Enough. Let us change.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A matter of determination

The fate of white Aryans in the US, is fast approaching a major divide. Either we unite as a racial bloc, determined to no longer kiss non white ass, or we perish. Stark, but simple choice. Yes, it is that simple. The recent week in the US shows this. Blacks, under the guise of "Black Lives Matter", have only hatred for whites, and wish them evil tidings. Their unofficial motto is white lives don't matter, at all. Imagine, as non whites gain greater power, how things will be for whites, especially with blacks leading the anti white forces. Things definitely don't look good for old whitey.
WHY? Why is it whites ponder their voting ballots, trying to make the best choice of candidate. Sounds good, but is highly impractical. Its no good trying to make an  intelligent choice, when non whites bloc vote. The white vote is diffuse and disunited. Non whites vote en mass, for THEIR candidate. They don't give a rat's ass if the candidate is any damn good. If its one of them, that's all they care about. They'd vote for Elmer Fudd, as long as he was black, and one of them. We've seen this time and again. Non white elected officials, corrupt as hell, refused a seat in Congress because they're so corrupt, yet voted in, in landslides time and again. To non whites, if he/she is one of theirs, they'll vote for them till the cows come home. Doesn't matter how corrupt they are, they're one of them. Not that the common non white gets any of the goodies, its just the pure pleasure of sticking it to whitey.
Folks, this country cannot stand as such. We white Aryans can't hope to survive, when we're a minority, constantly out voted, and especially outnumbered. Its bad enough with a large black minority. Now we have a growing Hispanic population. Soon we'll be flooded by Arabs. All of which bloc vote, for THEIR candidate. Its time we white folks faced reality and did the same. Only a united white Aryan front will save us. Let us stave off disaster.
ANP is our only hope. It is our shield. You want a police force to protect you from criminals. You want medical help to ward off disease. ANP is our shield against political/economic attack. Being white in this country, means your a target for every non white to do evil to you. They hate us. They will exact revenge when they have sole power. Look at whats going on now. Obama is siding with his bros and sis against the (white) police. He's the president. He is suppose to be for the country, but he is going with his race, NOT his country. Its like its now open season on white cops in black communities. How soon before its open season on white folks in general? ANP is the ONLY barrier we have to save ourselves. Donate generously. Money is needed to pay bills. Survival is expensive in a Capitalist society. Donate your time to give out literature. We need to get the word out, and our enemy controlled media won't let us. Lit is our only way at present. Don't just sit there. Do something. Resist. Let us white Aryans bloc vote. Vote for something that stands for white power, but even more important, white survival. Unless and until white Aryans unite and get their heads out of their asses, I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for white chances of survival.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beginning of the End?

I'm not a Donald Trump fan. He's a Capitalist, so no doubt has no love for the common people. His saving grace is that he is at least saying the right things. He at least talks a good game about limiting Hispanic, and Arab migration here. Clinton on the other hand, is a total sell out. She is using the non white vote, to propel her into the White House. She is so power hungry, she has no qualms or scruples to using non whites against her own people. Once in, she will finish Bill's work of making America poor, and only for non whites. Bill brought in NAFTA, which has down incalculable damage to this country's economy. Besides China, manufacturing left for Mexico. A Ford auto exec, once privately admitted as such to me. Now Hillary and the Democrats, are pushing the Trans Pacific trade pact, the TTP. Once in office, she will push for a trade pact with the EU. Probably a lot more. Clinton is basically bribing non whites with sweetheart offers of aid, in exchange for votes. We have three main non white groups to deal with. Blacks are long standing. Now we have the Hispanic hoard. Now we have the beginnings of an Arab flood. Unless something is done, the white Aryan of this country, will simply cease to exist. There is a science fiction TV show on called "Wayward Pines". It is about a small colony of humans who wake up after some catastrophe, and find that the earth is dominated by cannibalistic mutants. Humans are confined to a small valley, and under siege. There is just this small human colony on the whole planet. All else are mutants. This is how I see white Aryans in this country. A small minority confined to a reservation. All else is non white.
The Clinton's have been race traitors for a  long time. They have no problem with selling out their own people, for political advantage. Another Clinton White House, will finish white Aryans in this country. For heaven sake let's stop the rot. Let's stop these harmful political games we play in this country. Either we change course now, or we die. This isn't a movie, or TV show. White Aryan existence is at stake. We need a new system, or we die as a race. Its that stark, that simple. Either we change course and start to defend our interests, or we lose all. We need to switch to a National Socialism system. Immediately. Right now. We haven't any time to waste. Either we switch and become a pro white nation again, or we let thieving politicians sell us out, and destroy us. A Clinton administration is poison to white Aryans. The "kiss of death". Non whites will get all sort of perks, to buy their loyalty, while the white Aryan will universally get the shaft. I for one, am tired of white Aryans getting the royal screw job. We built this country. We, WE, made it strong and great. Now we're treated worse then dogs. White position in this country is lower then a snakes belly in a wagon rut. Donate to ANP. It is literally our ONLY hope of salvation. Donate as much money as possible, because it has a lot of bills to pay. Donate your time to give out literature. We need to get the word out, and with the Jews dominating the media, flyers are our only option at present. Either we succeed, or we die as a race. Our would be rulers are so crazy with greed and power lust, they'll happily lead us all to oblivion, just to satisfy their huge egos. White Aryans, time to save ourselves. There is no "hero" to do it for us. Either we change or die. Help ANP change things, so a science fiction TV show stays that way, and doesn't become OUR reality.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Outsourcing our futures.

Our Judeo-Capitalist ruling elite has no love for us workers, their own countrymen, what so ever. They don't hesitate a nano second, before they send our jobs overseas. Decent pay, decent benefit jobs. They send them overseas, to non white virtual slave labor camp countries. Countries where workers, can barely survive. Our Capitalists don't care. They don't care about them, but far far worse, is they don't care about us. This shit is pervasive throughout our country. Look. I mean LOOK very hard at the label where something is MADE. A couple examples should suffice. Zulilly has pajamas made in Malaysia. Malaysia is a South East Asian country. It is Muslim, and made up of Oriental people. NON white. I have seen with my own eyes, knit shirts in Walmart, from Nicaragua, and Honduras.The Waltons are worth billions, but they use foreign made products. Sticking it to American workers. Remember the great Commie scare, during the Reagan years? How the Reds were going to take Central America. We saved them. Only now they're taking our jobs, and cutting our workers throats with cheap goods. Both countries are non white Hispanic. It would have been far better for us if the Communists had taken them over. The greatest example is Afghanistan. Reagan and company smuggled weapons there, and HELPED the Afghans drive out the Soviets. And what did the thankful Afghan Muslims do. They helped Osama bin Laden blow up the World Trade Center. Look at South Korea. We "saved" it from being taken over by Communist North Korea. Only now it takes our jobs. KIA, and Hyundai are Korean companies. They are squeezing out OUR own auto companies, with cheap cars made in Korea, NOT here. Need I go on.
Look. We have a Capitalist based economy/society. It is based on money, and profit. It is based on exploitation. You have a few winners, like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. You mostly have a hell of a lot of losers, like all the rest of us. A few win, and have cushy lifestyles. Most of us work the daily grind, struggling to make a buck, just to be able to survive. So it has been, so it will be. If you want to live your life as a beast of burden, so be it. I do not. This is why I support changing our economy/society from Judeo-Capitalism, to National Socialism. Nazism. The great bug a boo. It has been so besmirched, that people have been brainwashed against it. THINK about the following. THINK. Isn't it better to have a system that values YOU? Actually thinks and feels you have some importance. National Socialism does. It values race, not money as THE central point of the value of a person. Race is of vital importance, money, not at all. THE central core of Nazi belief is the racial folk community. Nazism rejects the Communist/Marxist notion of class war/struggle/conflict. It wants everyone united. It wants the boss together with the worker, not at each others throats. Is it any wonder that Communism failed, with constant internal wrangling. Is it any wonder, people in Capitalist countries are angry and unhappy, because the rich ruling plutocracy constantly gives them short shrift. Either we remain Capitalist drones, and work as long as useful, then get discarded, or we embrace Nazism, and build a untied racial folk community. United, determined. If we are united, we can demand, not ask for, demand, racial justice. Demand white rights. Stop the non whites of this country from using us as a giant doormat. Our ancestors worked hard. Bled for this country/society. Let's not let it be lost to white apathy. We can change things. We only need the will, and organization, to do so. Our kids deserve to live as free human beings with respect. Not to exist as drudges working for heartless race traitors. Let us vow this day to change things. To unite. To put an end to the racial discrimination we whites struggle with every damn day. Liberals want whites to be the new "niggers". Let us reject this future strongly. Like Aryans. I want to live free, not be a slave to some money mad criminal Capitalism. That is basically what Capitalism is. Rule by a greed crazed, criminal minded elite. No more. NO more! Donate to ANP. Give of your time to give out lit. Let us change things. Change for a better racial future. As Aryans, not slaves.