Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lies make money.

We hear so much about global warming. That emissions from industrial factories, and autos, with their CO2 emissions, are warming the atmosphere. This is incorrect. Emissions are not the problem. What is making the world hotter, is THE fact, that the planet, has tilted exactly 1 degree. Doesn't sound like much, but with everything in nature delicately balanced, something like one degree can cause a lot of havoc. Claims about global warming get you into the paper. It makes people feel they still have control, since the planet titling has no way to be controlled. It gives the eco geeks a cause to rally around. Its fun to protest against evil corporate America. It gives the govt something to do as it investigates pollution, and enacts laws against it. Climate change is used by environmentalists to enact anti pollution laws, they might not otherwise get passed without a major issue like global warming. Hell, everyone wants to save the planet, right? Besides, we have had a scandal, where these climate scientists and their global warming claim, turned out to be fraudulent. they published to prove their side.
Why the lies. Simple. Makes money. Scientists are human, and subject to the pull of greed in this Judeo-Capitalist society just like everybody else. Hence they publish results way too early, in order to get grant money to keep in "business". Our academics are bought and sold every day. Why do you think in court, each side ends up with experts. Each side buys people with degrees, who then vouch for their side. Money is the great decider in all too many court cases. In everything in this damn country. Products get rushed to market before proper testing is finished. That s why on TV, you see so many law firms that are suing for damages. Everyone wants to rush their product to market, to make a buck, safety be damned. Why not climate theory. Many scientific studies/theories are rushed to press so the authors can gain fame and a fortune to. In a society where lying is a common practice, what do you expect. Our politicians lie every God damn day. To them, lying is easy. They have absolutely no moral qualms about-lying. Its as easy as breathing. This is yet another sign of the total moral breakdown of this country. People follow no code. Civil, or religious. Nothing. Its everyone for themselves. So we see academics who act like used car salesmen. Full court press, to sell you on whatever they're peddling. Products, theories, they're all just selling tools. Making money is the ultimate goal.
Its a very sad commentary on the state of this country. Lying is commonplace. People just accept it. Morals are old fashioned. A joke. Only, the joke is on us. With so much to distrust, can we ever hope to achieve anything really. I sure don't see a "Star Trek" universe in the cards. If we do go out into the galaxy, it will be as a species of liars, and fools. Totally corrupt. No moral compass. Not beings I'd want anything to do with. As it stands now, this is the type of human we are becoming. Non human. Without a soul. Not a drop of moral integrity.
National Socialism may seem corny these days, with its strong emphasis on morals. Face it. We need a moral code to live by. A goal to live for. otherwise we're just aimlessly drifting in space. National Socialism demands, DEMANDS, honesty/duty/honor. The building blocks of society. It reaches out to family, not pushes it away. It being based on race, it has an entirely different perspective on life, then the Capitalist drive for wealth. If you want to live in a moral society, then change is needed. A change from immoral Capitalism, where anything underhanded goes, to National Socialism, and a society befitting humans, not animal humans. Donate to ANP and help bring change. Donate time as well as money, to give out lit. Help change things. For the better. A society based on lies, is like building a castle on quicksand. Ain't gonna last. Let's go back to being righteous humans again. Enough of Capitalism and its greed, and practice of hell.

Monday, June 27, 2016

An example

Our Judeo-Capitalists don't love us. They don't even like us. They hold us in contempt. Look at Brexit. Look at Trump. These phenomena are mere symptoms of the underlying disease. A system that is deeply rooted in inequality. A system that allows only a few to get rich, while the many end up barely surviving of in deep poverty. Our corporate masters don't give a hang about us. They are only too willing to sell us all out.
As just ONE example, I'll us GE. US corporate giant. One of the companies that has made America great. GE has recently transferred 2,000 jobs to Saudi Arabia. Yes, you're reading right. This leaves its workforce in the US at 38%. Down from 68% as recently as 1995.
I repeat for emphasis, this is merely one example. Just one. All our corporate scum are selling us out. Greed predominates in this country. It is the be all, end all, for Americans, and American business in particular. Sad isn't it. Our "fellow" Americans would rather cut us working folk off, at the knees, just to make an extra buck. People lose jobs, and them, ability to make a living and afford food/clothing/housing. In other words our own people, make their own people poor. Amazing huh. Not to me. You will ALWAYS, have inequality come thru the door, when greed comes thru the window. They go hand in hand. Unless, and until we have a new and better system, our current system will chew us up and spit us out.
National Socialism is the system we need. It won't stifle the business climate. It lets business have its head. What it won't do, is let business run the show, and screw people at its whim. It keeps the corporate class under control. FIRM control. Under National Socialism you won't have a Great Depression. You won't have a Great Recession. There is no way on God's good earth, that corporate s, would be able to sell basically fraudulent securities/mortgages. Those who dare to do so, would face prison, not be allowed to waltz off into the sunset, like what happened in this country. No one has gone to jail, for what in all reality was corporate fraud, on a colossal scale. In an NS state, heads would roll. Just because your a Capitalist, shouldn't give you the right to commit a crime, or not even a crime, as something unjust and especially unfair. Our corporate culture is overflowing with unfairness. Workers have no rights. No recourse. Our govt is bought and paid for, right up the ladder. We have no say, no recourse, no hope. People want reform, but it will never come under Capitalism. You can NOT expect Capitalist stooges like Trump, and Clinton to care, or do anything to help us. They care only about themselves, and money/power. We need to start again. A new system, that will bring a new life for us all.
Support ANP. It needs funds for expenses. YOU are its ONLY source of funds. No corporate fat cats help us. Give of your time, to give out lit. We need to get the word out, and our enemies control the media totally. Hand flyers are our only means of communication. People can't search the web for us, if they don't know we exist. Either we change things of we die off as a race. Non whites are flooding in, while jobs are flooding out. What will it be? New system and life, or old system, and oblivion?

Monday, June 20, 2016


Far too many white Aryans still have false hope for the future. They still believe the white Aryan is in charge, and will stay in charge. They continue to believe that the USA is a majority white Aryan nation, filled with towns like May-berry from the Andy Griffith show. Small towns that are white, Christian, and filled with God fearing people. This is wrong. Repeat. Wrong. Dead wrong.
This country has had its job base decimated. What was once a massive manufacturing center is a shell of its former self. So many decent pay jobs have been outsourced overseas, that nothing of any value is left. Just minimum wage, no benefit, service jobs. Jobs that use massive numbers of part time, and temporary help. Jobs that have no future, and don't offer one a career. This country has become what our ancestors came here specifically to escape. We have a serious class divide, that is now a chasm. We have the haves, and the have nots. With precious little in the middle. We're fast becoming like Latin America, with the rich few, and poor many. Up to now, we all could agree on basic moral principals, and codes of conduct. We could all agree on what was right, and what was wrong. This has changed. To the great detriment of the family institution. We now actually have a gay/lesbian rights movement. Same sex marriage, recognized by law. This country is fast slipping from white Aryan control. In a mere 25 years, the US will be ruled by a non white majority. White Aryans will be outnumbered, outvoted, and poor. White existence will be dead as mutton. I won't belabor the point that white Aryans have LET this all happen. Suffice it to say, we did. We need to correct our mistakes and go forward. Forewarned is forearmed.
White Aryan. Ask yourself. Are you happy/content with the country as it currently is. If so, good luck to you, as you're in for a rude shock down the road. If not, think how things will be in a few more years. More changes. None for the good. At least for white Aryans. .Look at all that has happened. Happy, suburban, prosperous, white America. Is now a dream. Like looking at pictures of the Roman Empire, or the Middle Ages. Gone. History. This country is no longer May-berry. Hasn't been for a long time. Will continue to change. Change to the detriment of the white Aryan race. Our race is sinking beneath the waves of an ocean of mud peoples. We've lost our industry, thanks to greedy Judeo-Capitalists. We're fast losing our numerical advantage. We're losing our basic moral code. Family is no longer important. Besides the same sex relationship types, feminism speaks out against marriage and family for women. It preaches that women should just go it alone. As our women listen to, and buy into this crap, the family, building block of a society dies. Our leadership is the pits. Our system so corrupt, venal, depraved, it is beyond belief.
Our ONLY salvation is National Socialism. It stands for family. It honors mothers, not denigrates them like feminism does. We believe in class unity, not warfare. Why tear up your society, like Communism preaches, when you can unite the classes into one solid unit. Boss and worker should strive together, not be at each others throats. We need to get away from the Capitalist belief in, and love of money. National Socialism stresses the concept of race as united, and the central principal to live by. It believes in the unity of the race, not promoting selfishness, like Capitalism does. With NS, and its racial orientation, we'd have a lot less corruption. Not none, but much less. People working for the racial folk community, not themselves. Donate to ANP. Money, and time to give out lit. We need to take off the blinders on our people, while there is still time to save them. White Aryan America has lost much ground, but if we unify, and circle the wagons, we need not lose more. Especially as any more losses will lead to the loss of our own white Aryan race.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The US self imposed straight jacket.

If this country looks more and more like a giant lunatic asylum, that's because for all intents and purposes, it is. How else can you explain why the 2 major presidential candidates, Trump and Clinton, are hated by most of the electorate. How else can you explain why the US insists on outsourcing its jobs, making rival countries strong, and our own workers jobless. Do you find yourself wondering, "does anything ever make sense" when it comes to matters of govt. That's because our system is ruled by a rich elite, and things they do only make sense to them, not us. We common ordinary citizens are called on for much, but given precious little. Ours is a Judeo-Capitalist democracy. We're expected to be good little drones who obey the law. Even if said law discriminates against us, and actually is harmful to us. While we're law abiding, our rich ruling Judeo-Capitalist elite sells us out. Look at the facts. First it was NAFTA, which ended up with all our jobs being outsourced to Mexico. Now its TTP, which just makes official all our jobs being outsourced to Asia. Next, it will be a trade agreement with the EU. Our ruling elite has no trouble whatsoever selling us out, harming their own people, just to make an extra buck. Like it or nut, and I don't, our system promotes greed. Then when people act greedy, its called being good at business. Business. What about humanity. That gets short shrift. This is part and parcel of Capitalism. Screw the other guy. This is the system we're stuck with. Elections cost so much money, only rich people can run for office anymore. No more Lincoln log cabin bullshit. WE the people let this crap go on. We support a system that screws us time and again. Our country is trapped in a straight jacket, of its own making. Its fast getting to the point that the only thing Americans can do is just exist. Not live, exist. Like a patient in a mental hospital. Just sit in our room, and reflect on the good old days. Not doing anything. Forced to do nothing but watch the grass grow. Only the grass is growing over our manufacturing base. Its becoming critical. Our country is ceasing to make things for itself. Its now all imports. We just sit around, and accept that its all inevitable, and sigh. Unable to save ourselves.
This is total crap. We are NOT helpless. Not if we choose not to be. We have it within our power to change things. Either we continue to be cattle, and herded around by leaders who hold us in contempt, or WE change things. We can change to a new system. A better system. One based on race, rather then money. Race would be the guiding principle. Its called National Socialism. Rather then give a political lecture, let's just suffice it to say, that all white Aryans would be considered precious and treated accordingly. We wouldn't be treated as something to exploit and jettison. We'd have real value. Value because in NS all race is of value. To be treated with respect. To be cared for. To not be betrayed by greedy rulers, so no more hurtful trade deals, that sock it to the American worker. National Socialism is not evil. Its a force for good. Its enemies denigrate it. Yet, what are they selling. They want to keep the status quo, so they can make money at the common peoples expense. In NS, there are NO common people. All have great value. This is the heart and soul of National Socialism. YOU white Aryan have a choice. Keep supporting the clown show we call elections in this country, or choose another path. We can keep on our current path, which sells us out left and right, or we change paths and become something new, something much better. Support the ANP. Its your ticket to happiness. Help it change things for the better. Our enemies offer economic slavery, based on debt, and stagnant wages, to pay off said debt. Our enemies offer racial extinction as white Aryans become a hated minority. Give generously. Money, and time to give out lit. Time to mobilize the masses, while there is still time. Isn't it long past time to take off our straight jacket. WE can live, if we want to. It just takes unity of numbers, and unity of purpose.

Monday, June 13, 2016


This country is drowning in hypocrisy. We get every minute of every day, how we're the richest, and most powerful country in the world. Yet conditions here at home are really terrible. For the rich ruling elite, things are great. if your part of the common folk, things aren't so great. The middle class is shrinking. Being ground down by economic attrition. Not by foreign enemies, but by the Judeo-Capitalist class here at home. Jobs are outsourced. Unions busted. Illegal immigrants imported in by the bus load to replace Aryan workers. Is this the mark of a happy prosperous nation? I doubt it.
The statistics speak for themselves. We white Aryans need some motivation to correct things. Never mind radicalization, I'd just like to see some effort. There are currently in THIS country, not some third world country, this country, 670,000 homeless. There are 48 million hungry. There are 46 million in poverty. These stats are a disgrace, especially if you think about the wealth of this country. Yet, our rich ruling class does nothing. They'd rather throw mud at each other in meaningless elections, where high office is merely an ego boost to megalomaniacs. The real power in this country is held by the Capitalist class, who would much rather make money making war, then take care of the needs of their very own people. Do either of our current candidates look like they care? Have their past actions shown any real proclivity for doing good deeds? Or does their rich backgrounds show something else, like arrogance. Lust for power. Totally ignoring the needs of the people. The stats mentioned above, show our nation is in a bad way. Many things need to be dealt with. Our current system sits back and does nothing for we, the common people. The people who built, and maintain this country. We're treated worse then beasts of burden. We're used up, then discarded like used tissues. Let's face the awful truth. In this country, unless you're rich, you simply don't matter, period. To tolerate such poverty, and want in a nation like this is truly a disgrace, whats more, it is a sign of depravity. This system hates its own people. A hangover from the leftist liberal days, when neo communism was popular in certain circles. That old Marxian class struggle. That groups within a nation must oppose each other. This is Marxian class conflict/warfare. A nation must be against itself.
National Socialism disagrees. Why do you think Hitler developed National Socialism, instead of just joining the German Communist party. He believed in the unity of the nation. That like people shouldn't fight each other. He wanted a nation that worked/lived/achieved together. The Nazis created communal kitchens, so people from all walks/stations of life could eat together, and come to feel as one. The boss ate with the worker. Don't hld your breath about seeing such things here. Ain't gonna happen in a Capitalist society. Our current system is just as divisive as Communism is. It sets people apart, against each other. It encourages the ones with much, to look down on the poor. To be poor in a Capitalist country is to be a dog. I for one do not wish to live in a Capitalist society with all of its many inequalities. I want a National Socialist society. A society that stresses unity. A society that stresses the importance of the racial folk community. Unless and until, we start thinking in racial terms, we are dooming ourselves to the miseries of poverty. The calamity of class conflict and even warfare. There will be no joy in USA ville if we don't make very necessary changes. Donate to ANP. It is trying to bring NS to this country. Something the above stats show we desperately need. Give your time to give out lit. We need to reach minds, in order to change them. Above all, we can change this country from a land of poverty and want to a racial folk community where the race is cared for, and even more considered of value. Stay with this system, and we'll all end up dirt poor and starving. You can see it now. Soon you'll see it in your own home, as long as you have one that is.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The dying US middle class.

The US middle class is dying. Make no mistake about it. It is happening. Why? Many reasons. There is terrible inequality in American society. This is a natural result of Judeo-Capitalism. A rich few, poor many. In Capitalism, those who mindlessly pursue money, end up with the most, since the rest of us try to live normal lives. US industry has declined precipitously. Being outsourced to Mexico and China. Now Vietnam of all places. There is decreased financial stability. The Great Recession shows how reckless the Capitalist class is, and how they don't hesitate to cry to Uncle Sam for help, sticking us taxpayers with their considerable tabs. US wages are stagnant. The death of unionism has helped this along. Outsourcing too. The big problem, is Capitalism encourages selfishness. When it goes bust, everyone is open mouthed in wonder, at what is patently obvious. Encourage selfishness in people, and they will be, to the detriment of the many. The fact that people feel betrayed by the system, is largely responsible for the Trump phenomenon. The white Aryans, especially the middle class, are hoping that as an outsider, he will save them. He won't. He is a Capitalist, not a saint.Clinton is no working class heroine. She comes from money. At a recent gathering, she wore a $12,000 watch. Does this sound like someone who will be compassionate and caring about us common folk? The worst areas for middle class decline, at this writing, are: Detroit, Mich, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Springfield Ohio. A major reason for the immense decline of the middle class in these areas, has been the decline of manufacturing. No jobs, no money. No money means an impoverished tax base. People literally can't afford to purchase anything, or to do anything. The middle class declined in 9 out of 10 US metro areas. There are fields with jobs, but they're in finance, tech, and energy. There are just not nearly enough jobs in these fields. What jobs there are, are highly technical, and beyond the abilities of average people.
Adults in the middle class have declined in 203 out of 229 US metro areas. They have shrunk from 55% of the population in the year 2000, to 51% in 2014. The number of poor in this country has gone up from 28% to 29%. Remember your Economics 101. Unemployment has a ripple effect. For every unemployed person, 6-8 others are effected. Families without breadwinners end up shortchanged in every possible respect. Look at how our system, our govt, ignores our needs. Jobs get outsourced, and nothing is done. Illegal immigrants pour onto our shores, and the govt basically sits on its hands. Our rich ruling elite doesn't care. They're rich, and have written us common working folk off long ago. What I have written here, is NOT propaganda. This is the truth of it. We face a growing crisis. We white Aryans, the backbone of this country, the ones who made it great, are being abandoned to our fate. A fate as an impoverished minority in a land that was once our own. Clinton and the rest of the race traitors want a non white US as so they can rule it. Fools, they will be overthrown, and replaced, but they're too greedy and power hungry to see this. None of the Capitalist, or political class care about us. We're as we have always been, on our own. We white Aryans must unite. Support a party that is for US, not our enemies. We must gain political power. Not to lord it over others, but for the sake of our survival. Donate to ANP. The white Aryans only friend, and shield. Volunteer your time to give out lit. We must elect pro white candidates to office, not race traitors. Our very survival as a race demands this. Either we unite and resist, or we die as a race. Drowned in a sea of mud peoples. Don't follow our traitorous politicians. Follow your people, those of the ANP. Those who follow National Socialism, the ideology of/by/for white Aryans. Those who want to save YOU. Our kids have been robbed of so much already, let's at least try and keep something of this nation for them.

Monday, June 6, 2016

New Faces

We white Aryans are in big trouble. We foolishly opened our gates to alien races. Now we are on the brink of being over run. For example. In Northern Virginia, once an area of white Aryan farmers and federal govt officials, now you see Latinos, Asians and peoples from the Middle East. The white Aryan male voter is becoming impotent. The numbers are declining rapidly. Texas, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Georgia, and New Mexico, all have only 40% of voters who are white Aryan. In 1980, minority voters were only 16% of the country. Now they're 30%. By 2052, they will be 50% at least. The USA is projected to be majority non white by 2044. In Northern Virginia, there has been a 60% rise in Hispanics. 40% rise in Asians. In Florida, the entire population of the state is 1/4 Hispanic.
These numbers are troubling, especially for us white Aryans. We're in big trouble. We're being shoved aside. These non whites have no love for us. In fact they hate us. They will persecute us. We will suffer greatly at their hands. Endless discrimination, and harassment. We'd better make up our minds to do something about it. NOW! We must unite. White Aryans must unite. Join together to protect our rights and physical well being. We must all support the ANP. It is our one and only chance for survival. It is our only shield against being over run and discriminated against. If we continue to sit on our hands and do nothing, we white Aryans will be condemning ourselves to poverty and prejudice for evermore. We foolishly followed the idiot white liberal line of let's love everyone and let everyone in. Now we have an ungovernable hodgepodge of peoples. People who are NOT nice, and don't want to play by European civilization rules. The Hispanic harassment of Trump rallies, is only a foretaste of the political harassment and brow beating we can expect, from peoples who don't believe in, or wish to practice democracy. Expect far more political violence in this country as it changes, and becomes more like Latin America politically.
Is this what YOU want? Do you want to live in a nation based on European civilization that has provided prosperity and peace to you, or live in another banana republic. One of America's hallowed principles is that everyone deserves an opportunity to speak their mind, no matter what they have to say. Like him or not, Donald Trump deserves a chance to say his peace, and be heard. Our new Americans don't  agree. Hispanics interrupt his rallies, and harass his supporters. This is suppose to be unacceptable behavior, but to white liberals, non whites are always  right, and whites are evil, and deserve nothing but grief. This to me is nuts. Rights are suppose to be for everyone, but liberals see thru the racial lens only. Against thir own people! Crazy. Notice how we have "Black Lives Matter". They interrupt and cause grief, but its always excused. Just them defending themselves. What about white lives? Don't we matter? What about white rights? Don't we have any?  Doesn't seem like it any more. We're fast becoming a minority in what was once our country. Racially we're becoming a third world country. We need to close the gates. Politically, we need to become THE political party of the white Aryan race. Join ANP and help support it. Help it field candidates. Help it if not to turn the clock back, at least block non whites from over running us and destroying our nation, and way of life. The clock is ticking. We're running out of time. If we don't circle the wagons, we white Aryans will lose everything, and our kids will be left with noting. Abject poverty is not what our future generations deserve. Help us defend them, and YOU. We can only play defense any more, but we can do so that will make us winners. We must strive to resist what is happening. Not submit, resist. White Aryan America has done so much for this world, it would be a terrible tragedy if it simply gives up. White lives matter. Lets make sure of that.