Monday, May 23, 2016

Rotten and Corrupt

This country is NOT a democracy. It is a giant slave plantation. We are slaves to the lobbyists. They control the politicians who control our lives. What we say, and want doesn't matter. Only the power of money matters. Our politicians don't give a fig about us. They don't act for the good of the country. Only re-election is what matters to them. These primary elections are in reality meaningless. They're just something to make us feel happy and in control. The true role is for the political class to keep their jobs. Just make it look good, while lobby money makes the real decisions. Notice how much of our politicians time is spent fund raising. Its all they really do, or care about. Raising money, so they can continue to be the lobbyists flunkies. Washington, DC, our nations capital, might as well be on another planet. Our federal govt is just a collection of leeches living off the public trough. All they do is sit around and think up new ways to rip off the taxpayer. The US has mortgaged its future to the hilt. Between China, and the Arabs, we owe massive amounts of money. These debts must be repaid. I doubt we'll ever dig ourselves out of the hole. Not while our govt spend money like water. Our system is riddled with contradictions. We're told we need more spending, yet at the same time, we're told we need to lessen the deficit. We're told we should be tough on crime, yet we constantly have these do gooders worrying about criminals rights. We're suppose to be the nation dedicated to peace, yet we're constantly jumping into wars. The voters of this county are highly gullible know nothings, who are incredibly easy to manipulate. The US voting public are naive, self absorbed sheep, who only care about instant gratification. The lobbyists spend 3 billion dollars a year, to make sure everything goes their way. Money, our politicians are only too ready to take. Let's face facts. Our system is incredibly corrupt. Riddled with dishonesty. Meant to serve only the rich and powerful. Fellow white Aryans. Unless and until, we come to terms with our reality, this crap will continue, and get worse. As Arabs and Hispanics continue to pour into this country, they will bring their political culture with them. A culture notorious for corruption, and bribery. WE must act. Yes, we. Unless we, the common people, act, we will continue to be treated as worms that crawl the earth. Rightly so. We must stand on our hind legs, and make it crystal clear we will no longer tolerate the bullshit. Pure and simple. No more. No mas.
Become a supporter of the ANP. Donate money, but also your time to give out lit. We, as white Aryans, must unite. Show we demand justice. Refuse to accept business as usual. The ANP is more then just a political party. Its not out to just win offices. It stands for a moral code. A moral way of life. It wants to bring back morals to a nation in dire need of them. A united white Aryan bloc, can block at least the most egregious acts of corruption. White rights, white existence, depends on our getting together and resisting the terrible corruption that is embracing this country. Remember the old saying:"united we stand, divided we fall"? Truer words were never spoken. White Aryans have lost much ground in this country. It can be stopped, and even reversed, but only if we combine and make it so. If we continue to do nothing, white Aryans will end up a poor, powerless minority, doomed to extinction. Think I'm being unduly alarmist, look around your community. Your neighboring communities. Look at the inhabitants. If it seems like you're in the UN, you are. A United Nations of non whites, who will displace and despoil you. YOU. Your family. Your race. Your country.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Adolf Hitler is so vilified these days, its almost impossible to know the real man. He had many good points. Something his enemies don't want known. His enemies want him to be the evil villain. He wasn't. The man stood for a lot of good things. A lot. First off, he wanted to have interest free govt  loans for people, to afford homes, cars, and college. How is this wrong? Our politicians today are constantly talking about this same issue. Only difference is that with Hitler, it wasn't talk. He did. He was a great believer in animal rights. Whereas Goering loved hunting, Hitler loved animals. Wanted to limit, if not eliminate, hunting. He wanted animals treated humanly. He was a firm believer in environmental protection. He was definitely green all the way. He wanted a clean environment. Wanted industry to clean up its act. He wanted unspoiled wilderness areas for Germany. Make cities greener. Bring nature to all the people, whether city dweller of rural. He promoted family values. He established a decoration for women, for mothers of 5 or more children. It was called the "Mother's Cross". Hitler actually intervened in Goebbels life, when he was thinking of divorcing his wife. Hitler talked the Goebbels into staying married, because he believed in marriage. One of his last acts in his life, was to marry his long time girlfriend Eva Braun. I think this shows an honorable, and compassionate man, not a monster. Hitler was anti smoking. This being decades before the US Surgeon Generals report. He didn't think it just a bad habit, but felt it was harmful. This before the cigarette companies came clean in the 60's on how addictive smoking really was. Hitler had a standing offer of a gold watch, to anyone who quit smoking. Does this sound like an uncaring man? Hitler wanted socialized medicine. He felt proper medical care was a person's right, not just a mere privilege. This is the very same language being used today. He was way ahead of his time. He meant it. He wanted his people taken care of, not hoodwinked like god damn Obama care. No insurance company fraud. Real govt health care protection/help. Hitler loved classical art. Hated modern art. I fully support him on this. The thought of people making millions selling modern art, which looks like a chimp made it turns my stomach. He loved classical music. He had good taste. He was a class act. Visitors thought him pleasant and charming. Germany led the world in jet aircraft development. Hitler is beaten up over the German jet program, but this is unfair. The engines were new, and untried and untested. Development took precious time. Even if Hitler ordered jet production within the hour, it couldn't have been done. Just too new science, and couldn't be rushed. Most importantly, Hitler wanted a workers welfare commission. He wanted workers paid decently. Given benefits. Treated with dignity. Treated like humans should be treated, not treated like dogs, which had been the case up to then. He had worked a number of jobs in his life, so he knew all too well what it was like to be a working man, working for wages. Nobody ever gave him anything. He had to work his ass off, just like the rest of us. He was no 1%er, no way.
I don't think Hitler was a god. He made mistakes. I do think he was above average in ability, and did the best he could for his people. I talk about him today, because I'm sick and tired of him being pilloried in the Jew controlled media. They constantly pour filth on him. Time for the truth to be told. Hitler is a white Aryan hero. Hence why his enemies put him down so bad. They don't want us to have any racially aware heroes.  Unless and until we white Aryans start defending our people against the libel/slander of our enemies, we'll continue to sink beneath the sea. Our kids need role models. Stories of people dedicated to their race, and even paying the ultimate price for their efforts on their race's behalf. Support ANP. It wants the truth to be told, not covered up, or slanted as our system does now. Give money, but also your time to give out literature. Our people NEED to know the truth. Our kids need to know that there are people who gave up their lives for our race. Our enemies would keep us in the dark. Time to liberate our minds from media brainwashing.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Some facts.

There are various cold, hard facts that white Aryans need be aware of, to help guide them through this time of trouble. 4 out of the 6 major media companies are controlled by Jews. Gay/lesbian, is being touted as OK, and "normal" by said media companies. These liberal oriented companies, reflect the group that runs them, views. That same sex couples are A-OK. There are instances where pedophilia, seems to be considered OK in the Talmud, a Jewish book. Jews constantly push multicultural education. Yet practice it not in Israel, as Arabs are very severely restricted in all that they do.The Jews are only 1.8% of the college eligible population, yet they generally run 25% of college admissions. Is this a lust for learning, or for power? The Jews have been removed from 109 countries throughout history. The 1965 immigration bill, opened the floddgates to Hispanics, to come pouring into this country. You can see the result everywhere. The US is now resembling yet another banana republic. Rich elite, poor many.
We need to keep the above facts in our mind at all times. Maybe in the back of our minds, but in our consciousness. We must not swallow the enemy "poor Jew" propaganda. Our country swallowed the poor Jew as victim line, and it made a mess of this country. Jewish liberalism has inundated us with Hispanics. Soon Arabs. We're told about the poor Jews. Now its the poor Hispanics fleeing poverty. Soon it will be the poor Arabs fleeing war. What about poor white Aryans? The US middle class is shrinking. Manufacturing has pretty much been outsourced to other countries. What was once a good source of jobs for white Aryans has dried up. More and more white Aryans are ending up poor. This nation's way of saying thanks for loyalty and service. Go die poor and homeless somewhere, where we don't have to put up with you. The once "good guy" nation, the nation that took care of its people, now treats its people like dirt. We white Aryans need to accept that our govt feels we aren't worth spit. Our govt is hostile to us. Our enemy. Out to destroy us. Look at the population policies of this system. Let in massive amounts of Hispanics. They work cheap, and since many are illegal, can be easily manipulated into obedience. The case with the Arabs will be the same. They'll soon be let in by the shipload. Already towns in America look more like the Middle East, then the Middle West. Our leaders have betrayed us. Will always betray us. It is inevitable in a system like this. A system that promotes greed and selfishness, like Capitalism does, cannot have any other result. We white Aryans are now standing on a threshold. Either to continue to support this system, with dire future consequences for our race, or we choose a new path, and try to save ourselves. No one can help us, but us. No Trump or anybody will come along and play superhero and save our collective ass. We white Aryans must save ourselves. We must unite. That magic word yet again. Yes magic. A united people can achieve very much, as proved by history time and again. We must support ANP. Donate money, but also time to give out lit. Some people are unaware of ANP and what it stands for, as well as what National Socialism is, and what it stands for. The enemy controlled media is not about to help enlighten them. We must unite behind ANP, and support it. Its goals are true. No less then to save our race. Our govt is hostile to our race. As non white numbers grow, this will only get worse. Either we join ANP and defend our rights, or we will whither away in powerlessness. Join in the struggle for white Aryan future. Our kids need to have one. They won't under a majority non white regime. White Aryans are now looking disaster in the face. Help resist it. Help your race. YOUR race. You. What we achieve or not now, will determine our future existence.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Fascist Italy was called the "corporate" state.. It had state corporations instead of ministries. I won't go on, because this article is about the USA. The corporate nation. In Italy, govt controlled business. Here, business controls govt. Massively. So much so, that govt and business are practically one and the same. President Calvin Coolidge  said the "the business of America is business". Unfortunately, today in the USA, business is the govt. Not out front and visible, but from behind the scenes. The old power behind the throne. Notice how everything is being made corporate. Everything. Not just business, but things you wouldn't expect to be corporate. During the Cold War, everyone use to decry collectivization of agriculture. How terrible it was for the govt to totally control farming. Here, we have corporate farming. Private corporations control the farming sector. Totally. No more family farms. Now we have giant corporate farms. Farms that are factory plantations. They grow big yields of crops. Unfortunately, they control prices. Supply. Like it or not, they control everything about food production. What the corporate farms don't control, the chemical corporations control, with their stranglehold on fertilizer, and pesticides. How is a corporate farm, any different from a collective farm? Both have a huge organization controlling them. Collective, the govt, Corporate a business corporation. The only difference I see, is the corporate makes a profit. In both cases, the consumer is at the mercy of the providers. Consumers are at the whim of corporate farms to control prices. Anti trust laws are useless, if not enforced, and with our greedy politicians on the corporate "dole", expect no justice or price relief. People work corporate farms just like they were in factories. punching a time clock. Taking orders. Doing as they are told. All the old freedom of the family farm is gone. Our Corporate farms, are little more then wage slave plantations. Cold, callous. Devoted to profit making. Starving people never a thought in the corporate mind.
Instead of independent hospitals, now we have corporate ones. Healthcare is going corporate. Health corporations are buying up doctor and dentist practices. Many doctors and dentists think they'll be better off working for a corporation. After all, President Reagan said hospitals should be run like businesses. He was wrong. Very wrong. Healthcare corporations work their people long hours. You can put in a 14 hour day. I know this for a fact, as I have friends in healthcare, and they tell me things. You may expect a 2 week vacation, but in reality you never get it. One person does like 6 jobs. You're totally at the beck and call of a non human corporation, that feels it must be the center of your life. The independence of owning a practice and being your own boss is being lost on med school graduates. That plus overwhelming expenses like malpractice insurance. Our medical establishment has fought a long war of attrition with the govt, and the govt has won. Medicine is towing the line finally. For us patients, we're just cogs in the machinery of corporate machine hospitals. Forget kindly hand holding. Decisions are made on a machine like basis, for man as machine. We get certain care, and that's all. Everything done on a cold calculating basis. I don't know about you, but when I go to my doctor, I don't want it to be like visiting my auto mechanic.
I think the worst part of the corporatizing of America, are these corporate prisons. Talk about an insane idea. Your basically encouraging the court system to send people to prison, to justify the expense of the prison system. What possible rehabilitation will there be, when everything is going to be based on dollars and cents. Can a profit motivated entity really be trusted with caring for and rehabilitating convicts? I highly doubt it, considering the corporate track record of the past. I feel our prisons will just become colleges of crime even more then they are now.
We are humans. We deserve to live in a human society, not as corporate automatons. National Socialism will NEVER allow corporate America to run the show. It will be kept under control. NS values race, not profit. Donate to ANP, and help it throw a money wrench into corporate control of America. Unless we bring corporates to heel, we'll all be living in a corporate nation. mere employees rather then citizens. Donate time to give out lit. people need to be made aware. Time is running out. Unless you want to be a mere cog in a corporate-govt machine, a wage slave to a rich ruling elite, then become a supporter. Either we unite, or we lay at our corporate masters feet like loyal dogs.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The US middle class

The US middle class is losing ground rapidly. It is between a rock and a hard place. It has stagnant wages, and rising costs. Things the middle class used to do, and get, are now a thing of the past. Middle class families can no longer afford vacations. With stagnant wages, vacations are now just too costly for the average middle class family. Plus, add in the time factor. The vast majority of businesses in America only employ the barest minimum. This means one person doing six different jobs. There is just no vacation time for people. Leave your job, and you could be axed. Maybe even by an illegal immigrant. Most people feel its just too risky to take a vacation. They don't want to put their job in jeopardy. Our people are basically being worked to death. New vehicles, are now a memory for the American middle class. Same as with vacations. Stagnant wages don't allow for new car buying. A conundrum of American life, is that jobs have been outsourced to China and Mexico, in order to get cheaper products. Unfortunately, this leaves damn few decent pay jobs left in the USA. Student loans are increasingly becoming impossible to get. people can't afford college any more.  College in now becoming the province of the rich. Those non rich who go, face crippling debt, when they graduate. Debts that will take many years to repay. One thing that has gone by the boards is families having emergency savings. No longer possible. Our people are now living paycheck to paycheck. Same with retirement. The "experts" can talk about not relying on just Social Security, but when you don't have much money at the end of a career, what else can you do. Companies fritter away pension plan money with abandon. Private pensions are becoming a thing of the past. Medical care is frightfully expensive. Again, companies keep getting rid of medical/dental/vision plans. Workers are expendable. Work till you drop, then be replaced. With all the Hispanics, and now Arabs coming into the country, replacement workers are not at all hard to find. Seems our rich ruling elite is just fine with workers getting sick. Many companies no longer pay sick days. You get paid solely for when you work. Having poor teeth, and poor vision is of no concern to our rich ruling elite. We're just scum in their eyes. Stupid, lazy scum. Many companies no longer pay on time. They skip pay with excuses. This is not a help to workers needing their paychecks. This too, helps grind down the middle class.
Isn't it time we did something about this crap? What can we do? First off, unite. Think and act as one. We should gather round, and become support4ers of the ANP. It alone cares about our welfare. It won't rely on the tender mercies of the Judeo-Capitalist elite. It will insist, by law, that workers get a fair shake. get what they're entitled. Be treated with dignity and respect, something missing these days. Unless we unite, we;ll continue to be ground down into the dust. White Aryans are treated by our system as enemies. Let's wake up and realize this. Next let's deal with it. We need to start electing PRO white Aryan candidates to office. People dedicated to race rather then profit. Enough is enough. Time for a change. A pro white Aryan change. Unless we act, we'll continue to lose ground. White Aryan poverty will become widespread. We'll be outnumbered in our own country by non whites. A white middle class reduced to poverty is a politically powerless one. One doomed to oblivion. We must stop the rot now, while we still can. No asshole phony political candidate will save us. Only we can save us.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Off Limits

Higher education is now becoming off limits to the middle class Americans, as well as working class, and poor folk. Unless of course your non white, in that case you get all the govt help you want. Nowadays, households must spend on ave 76% of their annual income on college tuition. This is tuition, not to mention all the other expense associated with college. 30 govt programs have been cut by 61% concerning tuition assistance. Even Community College, is becoming too much of a financial burden to households. This, even though Community College was meant to make at least some college affordable to the average American family. The sad fact is, American worker wages are stagnant. People simply can no longer afford things. College is the gateway, to a better life. The more education, you have, the better salary you can command. How can you advance these days, when you can't afford college. The white Aryans are being condemned to servitude. Made to work long hours at hard work, with no chance of advancement. Meanwhile, non whites get a free ride. This is a terrible state of affairs, at least for white Aryans, if your non white things are truly great. The fact is, our white Aryan workforce, has been put into economic handcuffs. We work long hard hours for very low pay. Our rich ruling elite ignores our plight. 92 million workers are working part time hours, even though surveys have shown very many workers want full time. You're not lazy, if you want to work full time, but can only find part time work. This is the current corporate mindset. Work people part time. That way they can be paid less, and not qualify for benefits. Usually 34 hours per week if the magic cutoff between what is classified full time vs part time work. A difference now set in stone, by law. Is it any wonder, that 25% of part time workers live in poverty. Our workers are paid just enough to keep them from starving, period. If you can afford the basics of life, food/clothing/shelter, you should get on your knees and thank God. Our rich ruling elite doesn't care about US. The white Aryan worker. We're expendable. That's why OUR jobs are outsourced overseas. This is why our wages stagnant. This is why our govt really doesn't care about illegal immigration, because illegals can be worked like slaves, with no rebellion, lest they be deported. This is why we white Aryan workers are treated like shit. The rich ruling elite feel they are as above ordinary people, as a human is above an amoeba. Frankly folks, we're treated like shit, because we act like it. Instead of joining unions, we sit back as our stooge politicians destroy them. We say nothing, do nothing, as we are being destroyed. We are being economically strangled. Credit was suppose to help the worker gain what was wanted. Instead, our workers are now condemned to interest based slavery. Condemned to working every day of our lives, just to repay debts. This at low wages, and few work hours. This is a very sad state of affairs, for what was once the leading work force on the planet. Now condemned to near servitude. All the while, those of the non white persuasion get all the goodies. Non whites get every god damn help imaginable. We white Aryans are becoming the new slave class. No one has offered to free me. How about YOU? We white Aryans are being made little more then a prison work force in what was once our own country. We work at low wages. We're now being priced out of the market for home ownership, and now even, higher education. We're being condemned to a meager existence.
Become a supporter of ANP. Its our only chance to break the chains of slavery, before they become unbreakable. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. National Socialism is our ONLY salvation. It is the force for freedom. It alone is the force to cut the chains of interest slavery. It values the race, making the race a precious commodity. Hence something precious won't be abused. National Socialism prized its workforce so much, its govt actually gave workers two weeks paid vacation at govt expense. .Let's stop being slaves, and instead, choose a system, that chooses us. The white Aryan worker has no other friend then ANP. Let's make the intelligent choice and choose it, as it chooses us.

Monday, May 2, 2016


There is a mighty big gap between rulers and the ruled in this country. We're pouring money into the military. We're spending BILLIONS on wars with various Islamic opponents. All the while, major cutbacks in services are under way here in this country. Puerto Rico is hovering near bankruptcy. Our rulers could care less. We've had cities go bust already, now a semi state. What in hell is next? Do our rulers care? Not a whit from their behavior.
Look. Look at the facts. We're fighting a war with Islam, that we don't have to fight. Shouldn't be fighting. As Commander George Lincoln Rockwell after World War Two came to the conclusion we had fought on the wrong side, so too now. Germany was fighting for the Aryan race. Against Judeo-Communism. It lost, and the world has gone to hell. Jewish liberal law has become the law of the planet. With the chaos that inevitably ensues. Now our rulers are creating another bug a boo. The evil Muslims. We're told these people are a threat to us. Hitler never, ever planned to invade the US. Yet he was built up into a threat, and destroyed. Now ZOG wants the Islamic opposition to it destroyed. If we'd stop doing ZOG's bidding, we could easily have peace. We merely need stop acting like Israel's lap dog. Yet again, the white Aryans of America have been sold a bill of goods about what in reality is an imaginary threat. A threat that really doesn't exist, to fight wars that need not be fought.
As long as we are engaged overseas, WE the people, will suffer over here. Our govt has sneaked a trade pact with North America on us. NAFTA. All its done is cost American jobs. Now its TTP. Trans Pacific Trade Pact. It will cost more jobs. Next it will be a trade pact with the EU. More jobs lost. Our govt wants us worried about war, so we don't interfere with Judeo-Capitalists making money. Lot's of it. All at our expense. Notice how everything has to be cut back. NASA. Infrastructure improvements/repairs. No Social Security raise for this year. Schools are cutting back. Many businesses are using part time workers, instead of full time. This is why our unemployment rates are low. If you have A job, your NOT considered unemployed. Even if you need/desire full time employment.
White Aryans. Isn't it high time we took our govt back. Made it pro white again, instead of letting it be a tool of non whites to take over. Our system constantly screws us over now. Enough. Let's stop taking it. White Aryans need to stop being the non whites bitch. Enough of letting ZOG play us. Time for peace. Time to get done what needs doing. We can/must spend out money, on getting things in order here at home, not off somewhere so our rulers can go play war and pretend to be Alexander the Great. We need to stop all these Judeo-Capitalist trade deals. They are a deadly poison to our body politic. The more trade pacts, the more jobs WE lose. The sooner the once predominately middle class US, ends up being just another poor third world country. Our workers are suffering. Losing jobs so the greedy can make an extra buck. Hell, our jobs that are available now are minimum wage no benefits. Now our govt sits on its hands as Hispanic job seekers pour in. Very soon now, it will be Muslim Arabs. We white Aryans are LETTING ourselves be tricked and abused. Time to stop the rot. We must unite, to put things right. Support ANP. The only political entity in this country that has any chance of stopping the white Aryan decline. National Socialism loves its people. Won't let them become jobless, especially by letting jobs be transferred wholesale overseas. ANP is THE party of peace. It opposes war. Especially war for Israel's sake. It for one, is sick of this country being a Jewish puppet. No Jewish influence running the show, no war with Islam. Its just that simple. Give of your time to give out lit. Our people want to know the truth. Are hungry for it.
ANP is the ONLY force for change we have left in this country. The major parties sold their souls long ago. Help us. Help you. Vote for us. Give us support. We can fight the rot, but only with you, our people's support.