Thursday, April 28, 2016


Since when is progress guaranteed to be good? Automation is killing the white Aryan worker. Workers are being replaced. The march of technology. No more elevator operators. Film development has changed radically. Robots do painting and welding in auto factories, that humans once did. 47% of jobs are expected to be automated in future. Incredibly, 2/3 of workers think their job won't be. That's 80%. American workers are living and working with blinders on. Remember the old saying "progress marches on"? Well, it does, and will. Many American workers will end up in poverty, as they are replaced by machines. This cannot be avoided. New technologies will be invented and developed, and jobs will disappear. My beef, is what CAN be done about this, but isn't being done. Retraining workers should be a top priority of our govt, but is not. It is given short shrift by a callous, uncaring system. Seems the rich ruling elite that runs the show feels re-training workers, just isn't worth the money. There is always other workers to take their places. Why spend money on helping workers, usually older, re-train. They are just discarded like used tissues. Like in 1900, we have a new wave of immigration, Hispanics, and Arabs, who are coming over. They will end up taking white Aryan jobs. They work cheap, and obey orders without question. Their numbers continue to grow, giving them political power at the voting booth. With unions dying, there is no group able to offer resistance, or protection to white Aryan workers any more. White Aryans are being used, and discarded when no longer of use. Add in the fact of illegal immigration, and the plight of the white Aryan worker becomes dire. We white Aryans have enough to deal with in the form of technological innovation, but this is a natural progression of life. What we shouldn't have to deal with, is our workers left to fend for themselves. Our workers replaced by cheap scab/strike breaker immigrant labor. Our workers displaced by illegal immigrants who have no problem undercutting white Aryans.
It boils down to this. In a nutshell, either white Aryan workers stick up for themselves, and DEMAND respect, and help, or they continue to be used, abused, and end up royally screwed. We are white Aryans. We DESERVE better. We work hard. On our backs, this country was built. Our hard work and dedication made this country great. Now we are on the precipice of oblivion. Either we get our act together, or we perish. Our death as a race will NOT be either quick, or kind. Let's work to avoid this fate. We must unite. Unions in this country have had it. Right to work laws are killing unionization. So let's stop beating a dead horse. We must unite under the race banner. The ANP is our only true salvation left to us. It values based on race. Being white Aryan, you are of value. When in need, you WILL be helped. You will be re-trained. You will always be treated with respect and dignity. You can apply for assistance without shame, and receive decent treatment. It won't be like now, where your treated like a criminal, because you dare ask this govt of/by/for the people for help. Being replaced by tech can, and will happen to workers. In rather greater numbers then our people are willing to admit. It need not be a period of suffering. That is a Judeo-Capitalist mind set. National Socialism is there to help. Believes in helping. Wants very much to help. Give it a chance. Help it, so down the road it can help you if and when needed to do so. Donate to ANP. Money, but also time, to give out lit. We need to spread the word to our racial brethren, that there is help, if it becomes needed.
That they are of value, and will be treated accordingly. Help ANP. We need to win local races, so as to build a power base at the grass roots, to enable us to go on to victory. A victory of white Aryans, over a system populated by scum, who take terrible advantage, and offer no help when it is needed. Don't be a slave. Don't be a serf. Don't be a peon. Be an Aryan worker. Deserving of dignity, respect, and when needed help. Let's get rid of our scum rulers, and establish a system dedicated to us, not profit.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Much is made by our ZOG govt about Islam. How it is our enemy, and must be destroyed. The truth is, our govt is the enemy. It is run by the military-industrial complex. A group that wants war to keep itself in wealth and power. The industrials want war to sell weapons. The military wants war to keep itself employed. Notice how we went from enemy to enemy. Imperial Spain. Imperial Germany. Nazi Germany. Communist Russia. Now Islam. The anti Islam crusade has much darker tones to it. Islam is encouraged, and manipulated to fight among itself. The US, and Israel, want Islam to fight among itself, to protect Israel, and keep it master of the Middle East. Since the US is a proxy of Israel, it goes along with this dirty dealing. The US is the Israeli hatchet man. The Jewish lobby makes damn sure of this. Look at the Islamic world. It is constantly at war, weak, and marginalized. In other words, it is kept in a subservient condition, so Israel can be safe, but also powerful. What Israel lacks in strength, the US provides. We, the Americans, are just Israel's proxies. Doing their fighting for them. .I don't much like being played for a sucker. Especially, when it involves me in a war that need not be fought. It stinks to high heaven. Don't expect our greedy, venal politicians to suddenly decide to stop the carnage. They are total slaves to Jew money, and will continue on no matter what the damage to the country, and the world. We white Aryans, can be such jackasses at times. We are so easily sold a bill of goods. We're told about the Islamic menace. So we believe this trash. We get head up and go off to fight a war (s), that really don't need to be fought. Islam wants its holy places in Jerusalem. The Arab Palestinians want their land back. Both things are none of our business. Let Arab, and Jew battle, and the spoils go to the winner. We have no business being involved. This is nothing more then a civil war among the Semitic peoples. We have no business interfering, and get nothing out of it. We're just being Israel's puppets. Our govt is ZOG. It wants to help the Israel/Jew cause. DUH. If I was a Jew, I'd do the same things in all honesty. I'm not a Jew. I'm an Aryan. This means I want peace, and above all, not to be embroiled in wars I know nothing about, and have no stake in. Only our corrupt leadership wants war. Look at Obama the "peace" candidate. He's done nothing but wage war the whole time he's been president. He never served a day in the army, but he loves playing soldier. Unfortunately, he plays with others lives. But, then, he thinks he's a god, so it doesn't matter to him. It doesn't matter to any of our leaders. We're just cannon fodder for them to make a buck, and show off their rank and privileges.
White Aryans of the USA. Enough. Time for peace. Don't you want peace? Or do you prefer to constantly fight Israel's wars for it. Do you want to spill American blood for the Jews? Do you want your TAX money wasted on constant wars that don't help you, but hurt you? The ANP is THE party of peace. Yes, the evil Nazis, want peace. We don't want war with Islam, or China, or Russia. We believe in minding our own business. We aren't the Jew haters we're made out to be by an exceedingly hostile Jew controlled media. We take NO sides in the Semitic civil war going on. It matters not  one whit to us who wins. All we care about, is that white Aryan American blood not be shed for a cause that is not our own. Support ANP. Help it bring peace to OUR country. Give out lit, so our people can come to understand that they're being played for suckers, by a group of criminals. Blood thirsty criminals. An NS govt guarantees peace. A Judeo-Capitalist govt guarantees more war and destruction. We must unite, and free ourselves, lest we be eternal soldiers fighting others wars. The only fighting we should be doing, is against the corruption of our body politic. period. Help us. We may just save the lives of you and yours. Help us do it. Support us. We care if you live or die, our current system doesn't.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Capitalism's gifts.

During the usual con job that passes for an election in this country, it is useful to re-examine how things really are in this system/society. Especially the truth about Capitalism. You can't expect rich folks to talk truthfully about a system where they're doing great, and most people lousy. Naturally they build it up. If they told the truth, we'd be angry. So we are lied to, and manipulated.
Here are Capitalism's true "gifts" to the world.
UNEMPLOYMENT. Capitalism does not, repeat, not, care about full employment. In reality it thrives on, and needs, unemployment. It needs workers destitute, and willing to do anything for a job, even if it is working for slave wages. Capitalism wants workers to compete for jobs. By compete, that means using workers against each other. Playing groups of workers off against each other. In the early 1900's, in the USA, one immigrant group would be used against another. Hungarians would be used to replace Italians when they started to ask for more money, and so on down the line. Each new immigrant group would be used as strikebreakers and scabs against another group. Steel magnet Henry Frick was especially notorious for this. No different today. Our jobs get outsourced to slave wage countries like China and Mexico, because our American workers, dare to ask for decent wages. Workers get the shaft in Capitalism, then, and now.
CORRUPTION. Our Capitalist system, is wholly corrupt. Money talks. Money commands. Growing up in a Capitalist society, our politicians are products of their environment. In other words they grow up selfish, and act accordingly when they are in the halls of wealth and power. They sell out the common person at the drop of a hat. Look at the current front runners in the election. Clinton, and Trump. People who grew up with money. Have money. Have shown they are quite chummy with the powers that be on Wall Street. Can anyone really expect them to care for the needs of the common people. We've had people in this country commit treason, by selling secrets to foreign powers, for money. If you're rich you get listened to, and catered to. If you're not rich, your ignored, and even treated with contempt. Politicians , even church people worry about money, not justice. Academics sell their influence, and opinions, all for money.
POVERTY. Capitalism tolerates poverty. Its view is that if your not rich, you must be lazy, or stupid, or both. It takes the view that people deserve to be PUNISHED for being poor. As if having your job outsourced overseas is somehow your fault. That you need to be punished and treated like dirt, to make you find another job and work. In Capitalism, there is NO help for the poor. It is Social Darwinism at its most blatant. Survival of the fittest. Or in Capitalism's case, survival of the most ruthless, and above all cunning. Jews are known for their cunning. They make darn good Capitalists. You make the connection. You WILL have poverty in Capitalism. You cannot avoid it. A few gain wealth, the majority get stuck in poverty. What else can you expect as a few adroitly seize most wealth, leaving the majority to fight over table scraps/crumbs, like animals.
ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION. Capitalists in the race to make profit, run roughshod over the environment. To their money mentality, nature is something to exploit and make money with. For example, while most of us would see a forest as an ecosystem, filled with plants and animals, and a thing of beauty, Capitalists see it as a load of future lumber to make money with. Get the point?
Nuff said? Capitalism is a bad system. It has luxury and affluence for the fortunate (more like ruthless) few. The rest of us can go to hell. This needs to stop. Must stop. We need a new way. National Socialism stresses race, not money. It literally puts people first, as the best and greatest resource a nation can have. Let's get rid of Capitalism and replace with NS. Replace a system of inequality, with one that may not be totally equal, but pretty darn close. Let's start working for ourselves, instead of some rich heartless ruler. Donate to ANP. Let's bring about a better way. Donate your time to give out lit. Let's us common folk change things for the better. For ourselves. Time to bring dignity to the white Aryan working class. Right now, we're slaves, just as much as blacks were. Slaves without chains, but slaves none the less. Interest slaves. Owing our shirts, to our Capitalist rulers who only care about getting their money. Time for a new civilization. One that means fairness, not poverty and degradation. White Aryans need to unite and take their place at the front of the line, not behind non whites waiting on their scraps.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Heartless govt

Our govt likes to portray itself as the bringer of wonder. That its leaders are so wonderful, that butter just melts in their mouths. The reality is quite different. Just recently, 1 million people have LOST their access to Food Stamps. Because our leaders feel poverty is because of laziness, they have enacted work requirements. This started in the 1990's. People on food stamps are looked upon as lazy freeloaders, and many regulations are put in place to discourage using govt programs like Food Stamps. When it comes to the social safety net, versus laziness, the govt inevitably goes with laziness as the motivation that people use public assistance. In other words, our govt thinks that if you apply for public assistance, your some worthless, lazy low life, and need to be punished. This country wages an unremitting war against the poor. Day and night, our so called "public servants" think of ways to screw people desperately in need of help. Not all poor are black. Unfortunately, the white poor are ignored, and treated like they don't exist. The US likes to see itself as the good guy nation. This is bullshit, pure and simple. Our govt doesn't care about us, the 99% who aren't rich. The rich 1% get everything, we common folk get nothing. Look at how things are. Jobs outsourced. How are people suppose to support themselves, when they can't find work. How are people suppose to get jobs, when they have to compete with illegal immigrants, who work for pennies. How are our people suppose to do anything, when they constantly worry about attack, since our govt insists on fighting a war against Islam. A war that at its core, is meant to protect and serve Israel. We common people want peace, but our leaders say war, so war it is. We're fighting people that we really shouldn't be. Like Commander Rockwell said about US involvement in WW2, we're fighting on the wrong side. Our rich ruling elite are masters of manipulation. Hence we're fighting a war that we should not be fighting, need not be fighting. Our govt system is collective madness. We common people are encouraged to believe that our vote matters. Bullshit. All that matters in American politics is money. MONEY. Lots of it. If you can't fork over $30,000 a plate for dinner, like for example a recent Clinton fund raiser, then you don't count, don't matter. Folks, we're living in a dream world. We common folk have no power, no influence. We don't matter. This is why our govt treats us like dirt. Makes getting help a Herculean task. White Aryans. We are looked on, and treated like enemies by what is suppose to be OUR govt. Our govt likes non whites. Hates us. Look at the Hispanic, and now Arab immigrants. They get all sorts of benefits. All kinds of govt help. We native white Aryans get the shaft. Any help we get is pulling teeth. Our govt in reality hates us. Money is the master here.
I'm frankly fed up. This is insane. We're citizens of a country and govt that hates us, and holds us in contempt. Its high time we stop being doormats. Let's face facts, and accept how things are. No more rose colored glasses. We have to face the fact our govt is garbage. We need a new system. A new govt. A new way. National Socialism values race. We white Aryans have worth, a lot of it. We matter. Race over money. I like that idea a lot. Donate to support ANP as it strives to bring this about. Give out lit. Let's have a National Socialist govnt system. Let's free ourselves form ZOG's illusion. We've lived in ZOG's matrix, like the movie, a false reality. Our govt hates us, let's hate it in turn. Help ANP elect local folks to office. Then we can move up the ladder. Eventually we'll be running the show. If we keep on as is, we'll be overun by non Aryans, and be faced with grinding poverty, and callousness, and indifference by what is suppose to be our govt. Either we liberate, or go extinct.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Not natural

Judeo-Capitalism, has a real penchant for the non natural. It is anti family. Instead of family life (marriage,motherhood) it encourages women to go it alone. It encourages humans to go it alone. It rejects family life. Humans are social. Hence the formation of family groups on up to nations. Now they're being encouraged to be like animals. The loner lifestyle. This is un natural, and contrary to basic human behavior. Add in same sex couples, for those who want companionship (supposedly), but no children, and the anti family crusade takes on even bigger proportions. Liberalism is all about people doing what they want. Since when is life like that. People need to do what they NEED to do, not what they want. This reminds me of the Orwell book "1984". The anti sex league. That celibacy should be the wave of the future. Thing is, without kids, what future. Liberals never answer that question. Civilization developed approx 5,000 years ago. All these many years family life has been the building block of society. Now these asshole liberals want people to forget about it, and go it alone like any other animal species. Humans are suppose to be above animals, not on a par with them. I'm angry, and horrified. Is it any wonder materialism, and just plain damn selfishness are so prevalent in our society, with a doctrine like this being promoted.
While liberals work to destroy the family, science is developing what I consider the ultimate anti human weapon. Robotization. Its not science fiction anymore. Japan is making massive strides in its development. On paper, it sounds good. Have robots do all the work. Just like some slave plantation, only the slaves this time will be machines. Downside. What happens to all the human workers? How do people make a living? What happens to them? Poverty/homelessness. What seems great on paper, looks far less so close up. I see an extra downside. I think as machines become very human looking, sex with machine will NOT be far behind. Why put up with a human, when you can have your very own porn movie sex with a human looking machine, that is your slave, and will obey your every command. How will this affect family? I think it will be the kiss of death for it. Look how TV shows have become soft core porn movies over the years. Can anyone really guarantee that this won't happen?
Sci fi aside. My point. We NEED family. Don't buy the propaganda that we don't. We're humans, not animals. We have minds. Animals don't. They live solely by instinct. I swear, I think liberals want to turn the clock back on human evolution, and have us living some kind of animal existence. ANP stands for family. I'll repeat that for emphasis. ANP supports, and believes in family. FAMILY. It finds itself the only standard bearer left against the perversion of human society, especially here in the United States. ANP supports, even encourages family. The whole concept, not just some half assed idea/theory. Churches aren't doing the job. They've become lax. ANP will do all in its power to promote family life. From financial aid to struggling families, to educational aid, to aid to women pre natal, natal, post natal care. ANP feels family life isn't something to be ashamed of, as women's lib does in its degrading of women who want to be moms. It wants a happy healthy family life for white Aryans. It knows, what all other groups have forgotten, that family life is the foundation on which civilization is built.  Become a supporter. Give money, but also your time to distribute lit to the masses. Our people need to know, but even more to understand the very real harm and menace that liberalism is to us. Destroying family, is a death sentence for any society. Family is the hallmark of human civilization. Help us keep it going. Don't let our civilization, our very humanity, be swept away, as so many arr trying to do now. Join humanities defender. ANP.

Monday, April 11, 2016

One way street.

Notice the racial trend in this country. Non white lives matter, especially black, while white lives don't count at all. We have this group running around, "Black Lives Matter", complaining how blacks are persecuted and ignored. They actually heckle not just Trump, but CLINTON, who with her husband have a proven track record of being suck ups to the black community. There was a joke going around during the Clinton presidency, that he was the first "black" president, because he was so pro black. Guess being pro white doesn't get you anywhere, because the candidates aren't in the least. So we have this pro black group running around, being highly disruptive, and getting massive media publicity. Notice how no matter how obnoxious they are, they get treated with kid gloves, while if a "Nazi" spits on the sidewalk, the media is all over him, with very negative media coverage. Talk about a double standard. Non whites are treated with deference, while whites constantly get the back of the hand. Whites are constantly told to "love" others, even non whites. Non whites on the other hand treat whites with scorn, and contempt, with no one criticizing it, or even making any comment about it. Folks, non whites in this country have risen up the ranks to wealth and power, because they were HELPED by whites. Nobody, especially the liberals, likes to talk about it, but its true. Without massive white help, non whites would still be in a hole in the ground. Yet, for their efforts, blacks have spit in white faces constantly. No gratitude, just crap. As I've said, non whites, especially BLACKS, get any and all help. Political, and economic. Look how many govt programs were put in place to help the blacks. Help in every conceivable way. The social safety net has always been for non whites, especially blacks. They get financial help with bills, and food. That's why we have Welfare, and Food Stamps. They get special monies to help with education, especially college. They get extra points when they take civil service exams. They are treated to extra points in class, because they're poor oppressed black folks. Black Lives Matter doesn't look oppressed to me. They ARE the oppressors. Whites get nothing form this society, except the back of the hand. Aid is denied us, no matter what the need. We're told we don't need help, we're white. No one oppresses us. This is patently false. The rich 1% work us into the ground, but no one cares. The 1% outsource our jobs overseas, but no one gives a god damn. This society is anti white. You read me right. ANTI white. Blacks can do no wrong, while whites can do no right.
I for one am sick and tired of this bull crap. It needs to stop, now. The only way is if we whites make it stop. We have to circle the wagons and dig in. Unite. Be determined that there will be no more of whites being doormats to non whites. WE whites have to change Washington. Make it pro white again. Its a hard job, as Trump is finding out. It can be done. It calls for whites acting as one, demanding, not asking, but demanding proper treatment. White rights has been overdone as a phrase, but it is true. We whites have rights. Deserve rights. Only we can gain them. No one will do it for us. We must organize politically. Run candidates. Not as open Nazis, but secretly. Under the radar. Eventually we'll infiltrate the govts of all, and bring back white rights. Bring back white honor, and respect. Regain that which has been lost. Non whites have been allowed by white liberals to run amok. Whites let the genie out of the bottle, time to put it back in. Unless we do something, we will continue to decline and continue on our journey to becoming a slave race to the non whites. Its like this now, and will get far worse, as non white numbers increase, and they become the racial majority. I sure don't want my kids having to grow up kissing black ass. Do you?

Thursday, April 7, 2016


We keep getting thru our media, all this cheer leading about how wonderful life is here. The richest, most powerful nation in the world. You'd think butter just melts in our leaders mouths. What total bullshit. Our rich ruling elite doesn't give a god damn about us common folk. They do their level best to screw us at every turn. Just a couple of examples will prove my point. OREO cookies is closing its plant in Chicago. This means a loss of 600 jobs.. This will reduce their workforce there by 75%. The jobs are being moved to Mexico. This after the company got 90 million dollars in tax breaks. Nice huh. The all American cookie baker leaves the US for Mexico. Another company that is moving is FORD auto company. It is moving 2,000 jobs to Mexico.
This is a sad commentary on the US. Corporate America especially. Our companies let our jobs leave. Our rich ruling elite would rather move jobs to cheap labor Mexico, to make an extra buck, then stay in the USA and pay workers decent wages and benefits. This is our govt in a nutshell. This is our country in a nutshell. This is our society in a nutshell. This is CAPITALISM in a nutshell. Exploitation. A complete and utter disregard for their own people. As great a betrayal as Judas betraying Christ. What are all the displaced American workers suppose to do? How are they suppose to support their families? What is to become of them? Our rulers don't care. Its a matter of complete indifference to them. Let's face the painful fact, that the leadership of this country doesn't care about its people. We can all go to hell as far as corporate America is concerned. Our political leadership, if you can call it that, are just stooges for the corporate, and do as commanded. It it means fucking your very own fellow citizens, then so be it. Money runs the show. Our political process has shown this time and again. It makes me sick to my stomach, that the people running the show have so very much contempt for us common folk. In France, the aristocracy didn't care, and we had a French Revolution. In Russia, the aristocracy didn't care, and we had a Russian Revolution. Here, since we're a democracy, we're suppose to be able to change govt non violently. Thing is, how do you change anything, when the people in charge are rich, and can buy influence, and power. Expecting anything good out of our cesspool system is hopeless dreaming. We NEED a new system. On that cares about US. One that won't stab us workers in the back by outsourcing jobs, just to make an extra buck. Companies in this country have absolutely no loyalty to workers. This is unfortunately to be expected in a money dominant system. We need a system that stresses something other then personal profit. ANP is fighting for the cause of National Socialism. A form of govt based on the concept of the racial state.  That race matters. Self aggrandizement is bad. Things would be far different under an NS govt. We'd not have the corruption, and betrayal we currently have. An NS govt would never, ever outsource jobs, hurting their racial brethren. We need to learn a new, different, way of doing things, if we are to establish a truly just and honorable society. Out with the old, in with the new. Help ANP achieve the dream. Donate money of course, but also donate time to give out lit. We must get out lit, spread the word, so people know there is an alternative to our rotten system. There is NO security with our present system. Employed today, unemployed tomorrow. Our kids deserve better, then a system that discards them like used tissues, whenever the corporate big wigs decide they need an extra dollar of profit.

Monday, April 4, 2016


UNITY. One of the most important words in the English language. In any language. It is more then a word. It is a concept of life, that ensures survival.
Case in point. In a recent poll, it turns out that 70% of Michigan households are NON union. That is a hell of a lot of people without union representation, and more importantly protection. That is the REAL reason you join a union. Not for better pay and benefits, they're nice, but to protect your self from managements whims. With our pro management laws right now, you basically can get fired if the boss's toast got burned that morning. Workers have no protection, making them helpless in the face of management dictates and dirty dealing. There is literally nothing to stop management from treating you like a damn slave. Think about it. Nothing. Unity in a union guarantees labor fairness. Protection. Security. Why do you think the corporate class wants to destroy unions so bad. They want a SLAVE work force to do their bidding, and at their mercy (more like lack of).
Politically, unity is even more important. Or should I say muy importante. Blacks and Hispanics vote racially. They don't care about the candidate, they care about the race, and what THEIR race gets out of the candidate. It has been so, and will continue to be so. Like it or not. None of this "right" candidate crap for them. They understand power, especially the power of a unified front. Soon, if ZOG gets its way, we'll have millions of Muslim Semitic Arabs joining us. You can bet your ass, that THEY will bloc vote. They will vote their candidates, not some infidel. They will use their NUMBERS to gain and hold power. Push their agenda. We white Aryans have grown stupid over the years. We have forgotten that unity is the KEY to power, and prosperity. We have frittered away our advantage in numbers, by allowing in non whites by the shipload. Millions have been allowed in. It was bad enough with the blacks. Then we allowed in Hispanics, and have ended up deluged by them. Now our numbskull govt wants to let in millions of Muslim Semitic Arabs. None of the groups being let in wants to assimilate. They INSIST on staying apart. Being communities unto themselves. There is no, repeat, NO, assimilation to be had. We white Aryans don't push it. Big mistake. We have, and are, creating colonies of alien beings in this country, cultures as different as night and day. Groups that BLOC vote. Hence they will get their way. We white Aryans on the other hand, unless we pull together, will end up helpless and hopeless. No unity, means no voting strength, and we end up out in the cold politically. Unity is strength. Strength is power. Power lets you do, what you want to do. Unlees we white Aryans re-learn the lesson of our history, we have NO future in this country whatsoever. Look back thru our history. Look at what unified white Aryan societies accomplished. Whole continents tamed, because of a unified will, and purpose. Notice how societies that are not united fare. They fare very badly. As I said, unions are workers united to gain protection, and a say in the running of a company. This goes double for politics. If a group is divided politically, if will flounder. Look at our election right now. The candidates suck. The body politic id fractured. Blacks vote en mass for Clinton, because she made promises to them. White Aryans demand no promises/agreements, so they end up with zip.
White Aryans unite. UNITE! We must present a united front, or we'll be steamrollered. ANP is our only hope. It is a force for Aryan unity. THE only one. It is our shield. Our protective shield. Just as a union holds management at bay, so to, ANP will hold the non whites at bay. Otherwise, as I said, we'll be steamrollered and plowed under. Donate to ANP, time for lit, as well as money. Europe is currently undergoing this. Soon it will be our turn. Our kids will end up aliens in their own nation. Ruled by an alien minority, soon to be majority. Muslims are allowed 4 (FOUR) wives. That makes for a lot of children, grandchildren. We face being outnumbered, which makes unity even more important. The non whites learned this lesson long ago. We need to re-learn it less we perish from the earth. Certainly American earth.