Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not just us.

Nazism is pilloried because it doesn't like Jews. Its like we're the only ones, and everybody else loves them. NOT true. Jews are hated by their kindred race, fellow Semites, the Arabs. I find this very interesting. A close racial kindred race, wants to destroy the Jews. The Arabs can't be called anti Semites, because they are Semites.
In the Bible New Testament, the Gospel of John refers to Jews as the "children of the devil". In the Bible New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew, a Jewish bystander calls out during the crucifixion of Christ, "his blood be on us and on our children". Since John and Matthew were Jews, this can not be attributed to Antisemitism.
The Black Muslims are anti Semitic Read Farrakhan's speeches. Remember Jesse Jackson's famous "Hymie" remark. There are even Japanese Nazis. I know this for a fact, because I have seen with my own eyes their literature. Now if Japanese can be Nazi, and hate Jews, how come we're singled out as evil. We've opposed Jewish influence over this country for 7 decades. We don't like it. It is NOT based on mindless Antisemitism. We oppose how the Jews use their quite considerable influence to have things their way, according to their belief system. Jewish thought feels there is no right and wrong, black or white, but a moral gray area. How they got here to such an amoral place, I don't know. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the book of Leviticus has something like 600 commandments about living a righteous life. Seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Nowadays we have religious Jews, and secular Jews. Secular like to be avant garde. I think this particular trend started with Karl Marx, who was a German Jew, and the creator of Communism. Jews are far too liberal. Nothing is wrong to them. They are highly intolerant of anyone disagreeing with them. They play the " holocaust" card at every turn, to get their way. I blame our current permissive, morally degenerate society on them. They have pushed thru legislation in order to "outlaw" discriminatory behavior. It never, ever occurs to them, that their own beliefs and behavior are the problem, and the cause of their worldwide unpopularity. The ACLU is 90% Jewish. It makes a living defending and pushing the liberal agenda. Pushing things like gay/lesbian rights, even though there are many people here, and many nations, for whom it is considered evil, and even in some countries, criminal behavior. The Jews win their arguments, supposedly by moral suasion, but in reality, by MONEY. They fund their lobby groups liberally, and get their way. People make a show of going along, but its all based on money, and paying them off. Individuals, and nations alike. I am talking about the Jews today, because we may end up with a Jewish president. A Socialist (read Communist) no less. We could be on the verge of a far left govt in this country. Then what. I expect the far left agenda will be anything but hospitable to white Aryans. It sure hasn't been good for us so far, and they influence things now. When they out and out run things, look out. Non whites will have everything their way, and we white Aryans will be out in the cold looking in.
The ANP is the only lifeline we white Aryans have left. All other parties and groups have fallen by the wayside. ANP is our last best hope to preserving something of our race, and being able to combat pernicious Jewish influence that is undermining us. Donate to ANP. Both money, and time for giving out lit. Unless we unite, and start taking stands against those who seek to undermine, and eventually eliminate our beliefs, we will disappear as a race. This is not idle speculation. You can see it everyday in this country. The white Aryan race could very well soon be on the precipice of extinction. Support ANP with every fiber of your being. Its our one true shield that can save us from the abyss. THINK. Look. See how things are now. Pro white, or not. If not, shouldn't we band together to change this. Our kids are frankly doomed unless the evil is stopped and defeated. We white Aryans must trust in ourselves to save ourselves. No talking head politician will do it for us. WE must oppose the evil ourselves together. United. Determined.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Wasted money

The 2016 Presidential election, has cost so far, 1 BILLION dollars so far. Hillary Clinton is projected to end up raising 2 billion herself. Her super PAC has raised 11 million so far. That we know. This presidential race, with candidates that are less then human garbage, will end up costing 5 BILLION dollars by its end. Think of what all this money could do for the good of the general populace. How many schools and hospitals could be built/repaired with so much money. American infrastructure could be repaired. We could even do some space exploration with the surplus. The deficit would be brought down with such an infusion of cash.
None of the above will happen. Instead, its spent on helping total assholes to become president. Their ego's are much too important to spend money on their people. Rather, its all spent, so they can get their faces in the media. Why is this. Why so much on elections. First off, this country is big. A lot of ground to cover. Secondly, this country is rich, so our rich ruling elite figure, why not. Nothing is too good for them, pond scum that they are. There are very many contests. From dog catcher to president. Democracy is for a rich nation, not a poor one. All the campaign materials, for so many places, costs. Especially when candidates start politicking a full year in advance. Thanks to the Supreme Courts "Citizens United" decision, the money spigot was turned on, and left on. Hence we bleed massive amounts of money every election. Even small ones. A major election, like now for president, costs massive amounts. You start a year ahead, have to cover a big country,  play to myriad interest groups. Its a daunting undertaking even in good times. Our political class feels its worth anything, and everything. Nothing is too good for them. The fact that many unemployed Americans are just that, unemployed/malnourished/homeless, just doesn't matter. I know for a fact, that at holidays, like Christmas, and Easter, whole stadiums are used to feed and clothe the homeless. STADIUMS! They are filled to the brim. People needing food clothing, shelter. Being able to use bathroom and shower briefly. This is a disgrace. This is shocking. So much poverty and want in THIS country. Yet our election process goes on. Wasting money, electing morons to high office. Our candidates are just establishment drones. Puppets of the paymasters. That's why outsiders like Trump and Sanders are so damn popular. The establishment just promises more of the same. If your poor and down and out, that's the last thing you want. We need to stop wasting money on worthless Tweedledee Dee Tweedledum elections. We're wasting billions upon billions of dollars, and all we ever get are the talking head sock puppets. People that are hard pressed to be toilet cleaners, yet end up in power, because they sold their souls to the moneyed interests. This country can NO longer afford business as usual. Our middle class is dying. Our people are becoming impoverished. For a rich nation to have so much poverty and want is a scandal. The fact that it goes on, and is getting worse, is a true testament to the total corruption of the American Political system.
Stop wasting money. If we must have elections, lets spend our money on something worthwhile. NOT the ass kissing political whores. Support ANP. It is the ONLY political force in the USA that is dedicated to saving the White Aryan race from extinction, or servitude. ANP is out to help its race. Money it spends, is used to help PRO white candidates, not just get some asshole some publicity. We need money to contest elections. That's the fact of American political life. Lets spend our money where it will do the most good. On ourselves. On OUR champion. The  only group dedicated to us, the common white Aryan folk. We need help. Our system wants us to support establishment lackeys, who will constantly sell us out. Lets instead help those who will help us. Donate money, donate time to give out lit. Right now, we're stuck with a corrupt system. We don't need to keep it forever. Support ANP and help it achieve OUR freedom. We need not be serfs/slaves if we choose not to be.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Many renters in America are barely making it. They are spending approx. 70% of their income on housing. 1 in 4 live below the poverty line. Many are struggling to exist on a mere $5 a day. This is but one example of the inequality that covers our land. Our people suffer, but our govt neglects them. ZOG has other priorities.
There is a new website up, from a new group. It is "Workers Watchdogs". The web address is Its name is self explanatory. It monitors the plight of the US worker. I find it informative. Its no system tool, like so many other honeypot blogs.
US workers are suffering. Very many decent pay jobs have been lost, and will continue to be lost, thanks to a greed dominated society. Our rulers all come from the rich 1% class. They don't give a fig about the common worker. Millionaires and billionaires stride our country. They have as much in common with non rich folk as a human does with an amoeba. It is truly sad how the white worker of this country is little better then a whipped dog. Passive, submissive. Ready to jump thru hoops upon command. The days of white warriors ended some time ago. Materialism, poisons our guts. Add in racial self hate as taught in our schools. Then there is the immense greed, and lust for power that pervades every fiber of our country's being. Unless white Aryans recover their nerve, and make up their minds to do something about our current predicament, then we will surely die as a race. So far, very few are willing to resist, to preserve what we are. White Aryans. Not dogs as out liberal media would like us to be, but suppressed white Aryans. We need to unite. Resist. Fight against the awful future we're facing.  It is awful. Our jobs continue to be outsourced overseas. Illegal Hispanic immigrants flood the country, putting downward pressure on wages, as they are a very cheap source of labor. Now our govt wants to flood the country with Arab Muslims. Where will it all end? Once place it will end, is when white Aryans are unemployed and dirt poor. Once the ruling race, white Aryans are under siege. Facing loss of jobs, and competition for those that are left. Competition from those who don't even belong here. Is it really any wonder white Aryans are angry. The media puts on a blank stare as to why white Aryans are angry. Since its totally in league with ZOG, this is understandable. Look at how the system is out to bust unions. Like it, or not, unions MADE employers pay decent. Without a union, you're at the tender mercies of employers, who never want to pay anything like a decent wage. Its rather surprising to me, that this country outlawed slavery. Seems that employers in this country would love nothing better then a slave society, like ancient Rome. A full third of ancient Rome was slave. They had a slave war, Spartacus. over it. The Roman system won, because it bought a professional army to put down the revolt. Our govt does it better. They get this country into conflict with Russia/China/Islam. The idea being, that the common folks won't cause trouble, but will rally round the flag. That's why our system needs enemies, not friends. Enemies, help distract attention. Do you think our govt/business types would be able to outsource like they do, if attention was focused on them.
It is long past time the white Aryans took back control of their country and lives. ANP is our only way out. It opposes ZOG in all its many evils. It champions the white Aryan worker. To ANP, race means everything, materialism/profit, means nothing. Its a system that stands for us. White Aryans. Our lives, as well as livelihoods. Support ANP. Donate money, donate time, to give out literature. We need to get the word out, now. Look at the creatures running for president currently. Unless we do something to resist, life will only get much harder, especially for our kids. White Aryans, you've suffered enough. Help ANP restore your dignity, and ability to make a living.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Love is strictly a one way street.

We're constantly hearing the "let's all love one another" liberal mantra. Day in, day out. It is bullshit. Total BS. It invariably is invoked to get white Aryans. to feel kinship, and even love for non white Aryans. Its always white Aryans who are expected to love everyone. Thing is, notice how its never, ever, non whites being called on to love. NEVER. That's because they DON'T, and never will. Non white Aryans hate white Aryans. Always have. Always will. There is NO love of non white Aryans for white Aryans, and no calls on non white Aryans to do so. As if hate is strictly limited to white Aryans according to liberal PC propaganda. Nothing could be further from the truth. The facts show only too clearly, that white Aryans are victims of hate, and suffer accordingly. Blacks hate whites. Period. They have no love for whites whatsoever. I know numerous whites, who got trapped in the cities, because they were too poor to escape. They are treated horribly by their black neighbors in black majority neighborhoods. They suffer vandalism. Their kids get picked on or shunned or both. Blacks make life a living hell on white neighbors. Same with Hispanics. They to hate white Aryans. Harass them with vandalism. Their kids shun white Aryan kids. Hispanics don't want non Hispanics in their neighborhoods, and act hostile to any non Hispanic, especially white Aryans. Now, our govt wants to import into our country, millions upon millions of Arab Muslims. Dearborn, Michigan, is a predominately Arab Muslim city. It is called "little Arabia". I have friends who live there. Their neighborhood changed. They are now the ONLY white Aryan Christian family on their bloc. They are in a sea of Arabs. Their 4th grade son is shunned by the other kids. No other children will play with him, because he is a white Aryan Christian rather then Arab Muslim. They suffer constant acts of vandalism. They have even been told by various neighbors to get out. Their neighbors feel they have no place there, not being Arab Muslim. To their mind, only Arab Muslims should live together. All other are infidels, and to be shunned. These are the facts on the ground. The liberals can talk a good game, because they are well off yuppies who live in lily white suburbs, and never even see, let alone interact, with non whites. Its easy to talk, when you don't experience things. For white Aryans trapped in non white areas, life is hell. Pure hell. Their neighbors make sure of that. We don't have enough to deal with, now our govt wants to open the flood gates to Arab Muslim refugees. They want to cut out food stamps, to deserving poor white Aryan families, so Arab Muslim refugees can have 5 years of solid tax breaks/relief as they open their party stores. Muslims are forbidden alcohol, as stipulated in the holy Quran. Why do they own stores that serve alcohol? Anyway, they do. Our govt takes pity and gives THEM, special breaks and privileges, that are totally denied to native  born American citizens. Once they are in the ascendant, what might they do? I doubt very highly, it will be to have a love fest with non Arab Muslims. No, don't fall for the liberal love fest propaganda. These groups mentioned above hate us. They don't want us around, and love the idea of white Aryan Christians going elsewhere. Anywhere but here. Are they unfair, yes. Is it wrong, yes. Will it continue, you bet your ass. Either we white Aryans get our act together, and face reality, or we slide down the slippery slope of becoming a racial minority. A HATED racial minority. The other groups hate us, and will harass us when they can. There is absolutely no love/pity/compassion in these groups, for us. NONE. Either we unite to fight or go under. No white Aryan, should have to take crap everyday in their lives, because they are white Aryan. Our enemies will continue to discriminate against us. Liberals have their heads up their asses, and will continue to ignore the suffering, and even danger of the poor and not so poor white Aryan Christians, who by bad luck, got stuck in hostile racial areas. Support ANP. White Aryan unity is THE only thing that will save us, and help us survive. We need to vote racially, like our enemies do. Otherwise, the whole country will become hostile territory for white Aryan Christians. There will be no place to go to escape. We'll all suffer. We'll become a despised minority. treated like dirt, and with no value/dignity/respect ever. Support ANP. Give out lit. Our people must be made to see the danger, and accept that when even one white Aryan suffers, we all suffer, because we white Aryans are a racial folk community of one heart, one mind. One will. If we fail, our race will die. Unlamented by our racist, hate filled,  non white Aryan neighbors.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


What makes s society that advances, from one that stagnates, or even declines. One factor, is how nomadic the people are. If they move around a lot, they don't have the chance to concentrate on building/developing things. Two, is if they are tribal, and by how much. tribalism hurts unity. Makes for division. That precludes collective efforts. Third, is if a society is illiterate, and by how much. Obviously, if a society's people are mostly illiterate, they won't develop the know how to do/repair/develop things.
I mention these things, because I feel our own society in on the downward slope. Our people are becoming nomadic. Like sheepherders following pasture, our people follow jobs. Many areas have nothing good, or even decent in the way of jobs, and so must follow where they think decent jobs may be. Two, our multicultural experiment is a failure. Without a dominant culture, there is no unifying factor. Our society is all over the map. No agreement on anything. No agreement means nothing gets done, whatsoever. Can do America, is now CAN'T do America. Finally, our country is not illiterate, but it might as well be. We have to have remedial courses in college, because our high schools turn out poor students. Written language skills are being lost, as everyone and his brother has a cell phone/smart phone. People are losing the ability to spell, and have proper grammar. Computers do our thinking for us now.
Our society is now at a dysfunctional state. Nothing gets done. Nothing gets done right. Too much arguing. Too many differing opinions. Liberals welcome cultural diversity, as enriching. I consider it a curse. It is causing our country to shatter into fragments. We CANNOT be both a European based culture as well as African, Latino, Native American, as well as Islamic. All these cultures are mutually exclusive. There is NO way to combine them successfully. They are far too different from each other. The current election confirms this. Everyone has a different view, and differing paths. There is really no common denominator. Too many cultures, too many differences. This is NOT racism. It is statement of fact.
The real question for America, is the choice we face. The choice is simple and stark. Either we keep going as now, with this failed multiculturalism, or we stop it, and pick a dominant culture. Either we get our societal head on straight, or we continue with this political schizophrenia. I frankly don't see our country lasting, if it goes on as is. We need a society that functions. Functions. Not one all over the political and economic map. We're too divided. Too confused. Incapable of making informed decisions. Differing views are causing either stagnation,  confusion, of decay. Unless and until we get our head on straight, and make real political choices, we are doomed. You can see the decay among white Aryans now. Racial self hatred. Lack of goals. Lack of any real racial ideals. Our people are in the wilderness. Only real determination, and above all racial unity, can save us. If we continue to float aimlessly, we will die as a race. We MUST preserve what we are. It is our only hope. ANP is out to preserve our race. Keep it guidance and support. Please support it in kind. Give money, and time to give out lit. Its time for white Aryan America to decide where it is going, and how. ANP is our race savior. Help it do so. Work with it. Too much is now at stake, to sit back and do nothing. This presidential election, could very well mean life or death for the future of our race. White Aryan, or non white. The choice is here. Make it.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Gone away

Especially at election time, we get the usual political claptrap of how our politicians love us. Yeah right. They love us so much, they send decent pay, benefits jobs to other countries, leaving us white workers high and dry. There are very many examples, but I'll pick the electronics industry as an example. There currently are six countries that are major producers in electronics. The big six are: China, US, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico. Notice, out of the six, the only white country (if you can call it that) is the US. The others are non white. Not a pretty picture. Us workers are being bypassed for jobs, so our corporate elite can make a bundle in profit on the backs of non white foreign workers. If your an electronics worker, and you've lost your job, or its in danger of being lost, this is why. You've been screwed, ye old royal screw job. Foreign non white labor are union busters, strike breakers. Our Capitalist elite use them, to destroy our unions, and beggar our workers. The fact that they are basically screwing their own people, mans nothing to them. YOU workers, are of NO value to your own leaders. You're just pawns. Toys. Good little drones, to work, exploit, toss out when done with. Multiply electronics by many hundreds, if not thousands of industries. Is it any wonder the American worker is sinking low. That the middle class is dying in the US. Obama crows about job creation, but they are low pay, no benefit jobs. Jobs that don't allow a worker to afford dinner, much less raise a family. This isn't going to stop and go away. The only one who will change things if elected is Jew Communist Sanders. All the others are just total tools of Wall Street. We, WE, workers mean nothing to those we serve, and work for. We're just human garbage. Dispensable. We're like used tissues. To be discarded, when no longer needed. I don't know about you, but I want/need job security in my life. Job security. Especially if you have a family to support. Our very own govt, doesn't want to help us, white American citizen/workers. It wants to eliminate every blessed social program we have. In the good old days of when we all made a decent buck, that would be OK. In today's economy of shit jobs available, that kind of attitude is nothing short of criminal. CRIMINAL! Our own govt, of/by/for the people, is quite willing, and even happy, to let us, be jobless/homeless/hopeless. Let's face facts. We don't matter. If we did, something would have been done about the job hemorrhaging in this country. Here is the real kicker. US soldiers gave their precious lives to keep South Korea, from being taken over by North Korea. Look at the result. They take away OUR jobs. What the hell did our service personnel die for? So some Korean worker can live well, while American workers starve and go without. Here's an even bigger kicker. US companies are now massively investing in Vietnam. Making its industry great, like we did for China. The US invested in China, and have made it strong enough, to now be a potential rival to US wealth and power. The Vietnam war, cost 58,000 US lives. FOR WHAT? So some Communist Vietnamese can live well, while US workers are left high and dry. This is outrageous. Yeah, I know the war is over, but don't we owe those who died something? Like respecting their memory, and not helping those that killed them become middle class, while those they died for, become poor, and lose their middle class status. This is the USA today. Ruled by a rich uncaring, greedy elite, who doesn't give a fig for the welfare of its own people. They are only too happy to watch us die, while they make money. Lot's of money. Any jobs left in the USA are being gobbled up by illegal immigrants. Again, because of elite greed, they are happy to screw native white workers, because illegals work cheap.
I don't think I can stand much more "love" form our rich ruling elite. I want economic justice. I ask nothing more then a fair deal, and level playing field. The ANP promises such. Promises. White workers will get that commodity rare now in our society. Consideration. National Socialism values race. Meaning all white lives are precious and to be treated with respect. NS will NOT tolerate disrespect or exploitation of our workers. No way, no how. Donate to ANP. Its your ONLY hope, if you want to have any kind of decent life. Stop being drone. The good little worker who just takes crap. ANP will see to it, that you don't take crap. You white worker, deserve better, and ANP will see you get it. Donate your time to give out lit. We have no other way of communication at present. Help us, save you. Donate. Join us as supporters. Make up your mind that you, and all other white workers deserve decent treatment, and are determined to get same.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Because of Judeo liberal sensitivities, genetics, the science of race, has all but been buried. God forbid we investigate and learn anything. Learn how to prevent and/or treat genetic disease. No, these fools would have us do nothing, learn nothing. Its like living in the Dark Ages. Genetics can help improve humankind. Think how it would be with the scourge of genetic disease defeated. How long humans could live, and in perfect help. So much of disease that afflicts mankind is hereditary. Based on genetics. We NEED to study genetics to help ourselves, and even improve ourselves. The nonsense of how it might lead to some all conquering master race, is just that. Total nonsense. Genetics is to combat hereditary disease first and foremost. Its not all for white benefit. Blacks suffer from sickle cell anemia. Jews suffer from Tay Sachs disease. Both hereditary diseases. I for one am tired of visiting hospitals, and seeing kids deformed,due to some genetic abnormality, passed on thru their heredity. Doomed to live a miserable existence because of their heredity. Its time to get out of the Dark Ages, and come into the light of knowledge. The Jews/liberals  need to stop being obstructionist and let science take its course.
The science of genetics is here to stay. Right now, as I write, scientists are studying genetics. Eventually, they will perfect certain tech we have right now. Cloning will progress. People will be able to clone themselves. We will then have a clone population. Another form of being is coming also. The GELF (Genetically Engineered Life Form). Test tube babies. Made from cells, and brought up in an artificial environment. They will be a source of competition for jobs, and all else. We need to start putting together policies for dealing with these humanoid life forms, now, not later. Lets be ready for once, instead of the crisis management our system is so usually fond of. Its coming. We must accept it, and prepare for it. To not do so, invites tragedy, as yet more social conflict will be inevitable.
Right now, in Japan, and other labs, work is going on for AI (Artificial Intelligence). Robots, and androids (human looking robots) are being developed. They WILL replace many humans from their jobs. They have already. Doing jobs such as welding in auto plants, spray painting, etc. What is to become of all these soon to be jobless humans? We National Socialists care very much about this question. Capitalists not a whit. National Socialism is NOT a primitive belief system. That is enemy propaganda. National Socialism is, and always has been, at the forefront of science. Especially racial science. It wants to improve the human condition. Since its core belief is based on race, it wants to improve the race as much as possible. Eliminate hereditary disease, thru genetics the science of racial study and development. Think how wonderful life would be if hereditary disease were eliminated, as we've done with small pox. It would be a major achievement and victory for all humankind. Does this sound like the goal of some evil nut job? We can achieve much in the study of race, if only our science was let go, instead of kept prisoner, by the Jew/liberal alliance. Nazi Germany was forefront in science. Jets, rockets and sundry inventions came from it. It was not primitive. It was not evil racist. It was pure, unadulterated science.
ANP wants to bring genetics back from the wilderness. Let scientists work where they will. Improve the race. Time to stop supporting a system determined to keep us in the genetic dark, as much as the Catholic church tried to suppress knowledge by keeping Galileo under house arrest. Support ANP. Help it usher in the new racial dawn. Help it destroy hereditary disease. Its time to leave the racial dark ages. ANP will help bring forth a new racial dawn for all humanity. Be a part of it. Support us. Give of your time to give out lit. People need to be made aware. Progress must be made. Enough to genetic suffering. ANP wants to bring in the genetic world of tomorrow. Help us do it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Such a waste.

American elections have become such a cesspool of waste. So much money gets sucked up helping elect some idiotic buffoon. The waste involved is truly horrible. As an example, the Jeb Bush presidential campaign has cost something in the range of 180 million dollars. yes, you're reading right. All that money, for a lost cause. So it is with all the candidates. American elections are for rich folks only. You won't find Joe working man running for office in this country. Who can raise that kind of money. Only rich folks with very rich friends. Our elections are strictly of/by/for the rich. Needless to say, the rich don't donate for the love of a candidate. They want return on their investment. Hence, our country is basically up for sale every election time. This ensures huge corruption, as candidates must go to people who are legal loan sharks for funds. Ensuring their thralldom to their money backers. Subject to being at the beck and call of all special interests and fat cat donors. Besides this, think of the bloody waste of money it all is. Millions of dollars wasted on electing some asshole to office, who will make a mess of it. What could all that 180 million of the Bush campaign have helped if it wasn't pissed away on his ego trip. How many schools/hospitals/hospices, could have been helped by that money. All the money being pissed away on our elections, depriving the needy, just to elect some puppet asshole, who will ensure the status quo. The establishment likes things just the way they are. Why wouldn't they, when they totally run the show. Whoever wins, we common folk lose. The money people call the shots. Look at Obama, the pseudo Socialist/Communist. He sold his soul. He is just as much a Wall Street tool as any of them. The vaunted change we were suppose to see, has not materialized. He isn't about to go against his Wall Street paymasters. So it is with all these presidential election candidate trash. They're scum now, and they'll stay scum when elected. All our elections do any more, is piss away precious monies, that could be spent on needed projects. Hell, we could be driving on roads made of gold, if all this electioneering money wasn't being spent on human garbage. America's infrastructure is crumbling, while desperately needed funds are thrown away to the winds by blowhard politicians who love to hear themselves talk. Their egos are killing this country. Draining our wealth, just for them to be able to parade around the White House. Think of the children. All the poor kids of this country, who are hungry, and sick, and alone, without any means of support. All these many millions could save and improve lives. Instead it gets spent on nonsense. Mud slinging debates, and meaningless speeches, that don't mater a hill of beans when the decision crunch comes. Our so called leaders, will follow the orders of the powers that be. Look at Obama. The rebel. He is worse then an uncle Tom. He is a traitor to his own so called beliefs. A total sellout. So it is with all these assholes who would be "king/queen". Our needs get ignored at every govt level, with the excuse there is no money. Of course there isn't. Its all be swallowed up by an election process that is unwieldy, and ultimately unworkable. A process that befits a Capitalist society, all money, and no meaning. Our political class just mouths platitudes. It has no beliefs, except in money. Wealth and power are all our politicalcos are really into. Anything else is of not the slightest interest to them. Hence millions upon millions of dollars spent on ads, and rallies, and merchandise, as if their peddling some new kind of soap. The selling of our candidates, at highly inflated prices, while all we end up getting, is garbage. Human trash of no value, and more importantly, no help to the common folk who toil, and suffer. This system hates the poor. It offers cold comfort to the working class. It is destroying the middle class. It itself should be eliminated.
Donate to ANP. The one and ONLY party dedicated, DEDICATED, to helping the white Aryan worker. Help give out literature. Our people need to know there is another, better way. National Socialism is based on the RACE, not MONEY. This means that first and foremost, the survival of the race is always, ALWAYS, the priority. People get fed/housed/clothed, before money is spent on other things. Especially wastes of money like our current million dollar ego shows that we call elections. Enough. Time to change. Vote ANP. Donate time and money. We common folk have limited resources, so we must unite, to take on the fat cats. At least we must try. Our kids are suffering, and will continue to suffer, until we get in place a system of govt that cares, instead of the current one that promotes the waste of massive amounts of money so fools can get their mugs on TV and in the papers/magazines. Is anyone's ego worth shortchanging our kids wellbeing, and future?

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Shtulim. It is a Hebrew word that translates roughly as implant, or undercover mole. As in a spy/saboteur. Why am I mentioning this. Because, we white Aryan Americans are riddled with ZOG spies. Zog has infiltrated this movement massively. Why do you think so little has been accomplished in so many years. Because we have traitor leaders, who are really ZOG operatives in some way. People who advocate violence, are not helping the cause. Not ours any way. They are no doubt ZOG flunkies trying hard to discredit us. Same with worthless street demos. The only true way we'll ever free ourselves, is by the ballot box. Like it or not, and I don't, we have to play by the rules to survive. As we survive, so we will thrive. Its that brutally simple. Tough talk will land you in jail as a dangerous subversive. We saw this during the Cold War, and now especially during the so called "war on terror". We NS have NO rights. The Constitution doesn't apply to us evil Nazis. All we can do, is keep our heads down, and work WITHIN the system to achieve. The Communists were past masters at infiltration. The leftist liberals even more so. Why do you think our country is so dominated by liberals. They weren't elected, they simply wormed their way into powerful positions. Now they run the show, and call the shots. If we are to overcome, let us be cunning and quiet. Not fools.
We white Aryans are fighting a war on two fronts. As we battle ZOG's secret agents, our nation is being destroyed, (our white Aryan nation) by race traitor politicians. During elections, the ZOG politicians talk a good game. They tell us how much they love us. Once elected, those self same politicians, betray us. Basically, our two party system, is just a system of sell outs. The Democrats only care about helping non whites. As far as they are concerned, we white Aryans can go to hell, since we're all so evil. The Democratic party is the race traitor party. A party that loves non whites, but can't do enough to punish and even destroy white Aryans and their culture. The Republicans are the party of the rich. If you don't have a lot of money, you mean nothing and will get even less then nothing in help. Our political class, in the simplest terms, despises us. For different reasons, but both parties hate us, and wish to exploit us. There is no, I repeat, NO, political party out there for US, white Aryan folk, except ANP. None. Nada. We white Aryans need to save ourselves. Our politicians will just sell us out time and time again. We constantly grumble among ourselves, how untrustworthy our politicians are. Why vote for them? Start voting ANP. Vote for the party that will help you, not screw you. Our traitorous ZOG sells us out constantly. NAFTA has cost us a massive number of jobs. Companies moved to Mexico, because of their slave wages there. The US workers have been hurt badly by this. Does this concern our govt, hell no. They go ahead and sign another trade agreement, the TTP. The Trans Pacific trade agreement. More competition. From slave labor countries in East, and Southeast Asia. Just what we white Aryan workers don't need. More competition. More lost jobs. If there is a buck to be made, our corporate types will do anything, and the devil take us white Aryan workers. As if white Aryans workers didn't have enough hell already. This is outrageous, but if you have no political power, or even voice, all you can do is obey and shut up. ANP is the only party for white Aryan America. This bears repeating. If we keep going along with the system, white Aryan America will be destroyed. Our govt is infiltrated by non whites who love whites not, and asshole white liberals, who can't kiss non white ass enough. They are only to happy to let in illegal Hispanic immigrants, to take what few jobs are left in this country. Now our rulers, want to let in millions, MILLIONS, of Arabs. More competition for jobs. Peoples who refuse to assimilate to American ways. No one try's to defend us, much less actually help us. Its time we washed our hands of this system. LOGIC. You can't be loyal to someone who is trying to destroy you.
Donate to ANP. Money is needed to pay bills. Donate your time. Give out literature. We need to get the word out and change minds if we are to regain our freedom, and ensure our existence as a race. We've been fooled in the past. Lets wise up in the present, and play it smart. No more just accepting this mess of a system. We can overcome. We must. We have no choice. Succeed or go extinct.