Monday, February 29, 2016

One Worlders

The idiots advocating one world govt are truly insane. They want a cookie cutter world, with all nations based on Jewish liberalism tenets. Policies and practices that have totally failed. The people advocating one world govt etc., are the liberal types, who are into social experimentation. They look upon society as just one giant size test tube, where they can try out various theories. A good example, being the military. Notice how we have gone from desegregation, to gays in the military, to now, combat roles for women. All the while, the US is under threat from some or other group. This is madness, to play with the nations protective shield, but the Jewish liberals don't care. They are determined to force THEIR beliefs on the nation, like it or not. Using a nation/society as a social laboratory is insane. It is unfair to the people who don't want to be guinea pigs. The liberal left in the USA, are neo communists. They are still peddling the same crap we heard during the Cold War propaganda times. They are bound and determined to reshape America in to the leftist liberal mold. A quasi communist, lets all love each other mindset. Even if it is one sided. Notice how the left liberal push is ALWAYS on the white people. Never Blacks and Hispanics, neither of which love whites one bit. It gets mighty tiresome to constantly have your face rubbed in it, on how evil your race is. Especially when reverse discrimination goes on with nary a peep said. Our country today, is under great threat. We white Aryans, face extinction. Our enemies want to eliminate us totally from the equation. This is Cultural Marxism with a vengeance. Cultural Marxism, is the intent to destroy all traditions, languages, religions, govt, family and laws. The idea, is to mold everything in society into one giant lump of a society/govt. A big mass. It wants to eliminate all traces of racial, and national identity. Is this what YOU want? To have your racial and national identity erased totally. To be lumped in with Blacks and Hispanics, into one giant herd of cattle. To be herded along into whatever our rich ruling elite decides for us. The Jewish liberal left, insists, INSISTS, that it knows best. It is determined to run the show, even if it runs it into the ground. The Jewish liberal left, is determined to run things as they see fit. They are totally intolerant of any, and all other views/opinions. This is like Stalin's Russia all over again. Once was enough, thank you very much.
Help us preserve white Aryan identity and freedom. Donate to ANP. Help it keep the flame of white Aryan independence and identity alive. Donate time as well as money. Time to give out literature. We need to inform our fellow white Aryans, that there is an alternative. It would be a massive tragedy for the world, as well as this country, if white Aryan culture in the USA was allowed to die out. We white Aryans are the idea people. We're the ones who do the R & D for the world. The world is where its at now due to white Aryan efforts, and brains. We must fight the one worlders at all costs. They don't want a world, so much as a global gulag.  They intend to crate a worldwide prison, where we're all just part of a faceless, lifeless, mass. The common folk toiling away, while the rich ruling elite move the chess pieces all over the board. Various movements have fought against this, notably Fascism, Nazism, and now Islamism. All three movements, fighting to keep their racial and national identities, Islamism adding religious identity. Are we merely cattle to be herded, or are we the decedents of a once mighty warrior race, that once ruled this planet? Isn't it time we took back our white Aryan identity? Haven't our kids gotten enough racial self hatred in schools? Help ANP save our race, and even more importantly our racial soul. Our enemies are soulless, without morals. Totally uncaring to all but their own.  Help ANP fight, and right the wrongs, before they become overwhelming. Our race is on the edge. Help ANP guide it to safety. ANP is fighting hard to maintain a white Aryan existence. Its hard. Help now, or go extinct, later.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

For money.

National Socialism opposes Judeo-Capitalism. We don't mind if someone does better and makes some more money then another. We understand some are better then others and will do better.. What we oppose is the near worship of money that Capitalism engenders. Inevitably, greed ends up out of control. For the little guy, as well as the big fat cat. Capitalism is poison to mind and soul. In the days of the California and Alaska Gold Rushes, people went literally crazy with "gold fever". They'd pack up their belongings and go to the gold fields intending to strike it rich. For the vast majority, all they found was poverty and even death. Yet, like lemmings, they went stampeding off. Why, because Capitalism stresses wealth accumulation at any and every cost. No matter what. If that means leaving your family to shift for itself while your gone, then so be it. Then there is boxing/MMA. People fighting over money. Purse, piece of the gate. Money. People can die , but some are just that desperate.  To risk permanent brain injury (punch drunk syndrome) just to try to get rich. This is what Capitalism does to people. Makes them so crazy with greed, they'll risk life and health. Now we have a new example. Seems that American football players end up with a condition that is called CTE. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Seems that from constant banging each other, football players end up with concussions. They end up like Alzheimer's patients. Having confusion, mood swings, forgetfulness. Seems that the helmet and shoulder pads don't really help. Not with this anyway. Pro footballers make lots of money, but look at what cost. This is Capitalism destroying lives. Just for entertainment sake. Another example is pornography. Been around a long time. People showing their bodies and even performing sex acts, for others entertainment, all for money. Then there is prostitution, people selling themselves for money. On a big scale, there are US corporations moving overseas. Depriving their nation and the people of same, jobs, just so they, the company can make bigger and better profits. This is greed so powerful, it makes the decision makers so greedy and heartless, they abandon their very own country and people, just to make an extra buck. Workers lose jobs, with all the hardship, and heartache associated with same, just so some rich fat cat, gets a little richer.
It all comes down to THIS, in Capitalism, there is never an answer to "when is there enough". Never. For the Capitalists, there is literally never enough. Its invariably always make more money. As much as possible. Its never, ever enough. It NEVER matters, who gets hurt. Or how bad. Nothing matters except making money. Mindlessly. People will jump off cliffs, if they think they'll make money. Especially if they think they'll get rich.
This is the year 2016. Isn't it time we changed our ways and especially, way of thinking? Shouldn't we be encouraging people to care for the racial state, and racial folk community, rather then how they're going to make their next buck. Capitalism walks hand in hand with greed. Nothing good ever comes from such a marriage. We need to get people off the greed agenda. Get them valuing race instead. Make them see that valuing the race is the smart and decent way to go. Not self aggrandizement. ANP promotes National Socialism. Is it because it will solve all ills, no. Its because it will solve the worst ill, greed. The conscienceless exploitation of workers that is everyday policy in this country. Time for a new system, so this country can start fresh with a clean slate. Donate to ANP. Donate time, to giving out lit. We must change things. Our kids deserve far better, then to grow up in the Capitalist jungle, like we have. I want a better world. I'll settle for just a better country. A moral country. A country that cares. A country whose society is race, and doing everything for the cause of race. I no longer, like I ever really did, want to live in a society dominated by greed, where literally everything/anything goes, all in the cause of making money. We are white Aryans. We are better then this. Let's support ANP, and bring about very needed change.

Monday, February 22, 2016

We are being royally scrwed

Ours is supposed to be a govt of/by/for the people. What a total joke. Our leaders lie to us. Sure, when they're running for office, they promise all sorts of things. Once they're in power, all promises are forgotten. The truth of the matter is, that we common folk don't count. Not at all. Look at all the damage done by NAFTA. The North American Free Trade Act. Eliminates borders and tariffs between Mexico, Canada, and the USA. It promotes free trade as the secret to paradise. Its turned out to be a nightmare for this country. Businesses moved to Mexico. Not even Canada, but Mexico. Especially the auto makers, to take advantage of cheap Mexican labor. The result has been the loss of decent pay/benefits jobs. The great trade pact helped Wall Street get rich, but lowered the boom on the little guy. Our lying leaders are just that. Liars. LIARS. Now instead of learning the lessons of this mess, our govt has joined yet another trade pact. The TTP, for Pacific nations. Again, the crap of how free trade will save the day. This new pact really takes chutzpah to pass, as the American middle class slowly shrinks. The very backbone of the nation, and our rich ruling elite is doing its very best to destroy it. These trade pacts hurt us. They use cheap non white foreign labor to undercut our very own workers. ZOG doesn't care. To it, money is all that matters. ZOG follows the orders of its rich ruling elite paymasters. Hence we common folk get the royal screw job. Our jobs are yanked right out from under us, and we're forced to scrounge for work. Any kind of work, at any wage. Inevitably low. This is not how a govt is suppose to act. Especially against its very own people. Our rich ruling elite only cares about wealth, and power. Their own. We common folk are just so much human garbage to them. This is the direct, inevitable result of having a Judeo-Capitalist system. Capitalism glorifies greed. Hence people act greedily. Selfishly. All for just the self. Is it any wonder our society is so unjust. So unequal. That the level of inequality in the USA is the same as it was in 1820. As in massive. Our people are becoming impoverished, by a system that is totally uncaring. A system that is more user hostile then friendly. Look at healthcare. Instead of the govt paying medical bills, our govt has given it over to the insurance companies. They get rich. We get substandard care. if care at all, since health insurance companies don't like to pay out, for any reason. Instead of a govt of/by/for the people, we have govt by corporations. A true corporate state. Where we consumers, are instead, consumed ourselves by a system that chews us up, and then tosses us away like discarded tissues, as we no longer are of use. This system is totally callous. You needn't look far for proof. Just look under any highway overpass. The people who actually live there. Call it home, because they're poor and homeless. Yet our govt insists on fighting any and every war on the planet. All to show the world that we are the god nation. Masters over all. All our govt does is engender hatred, and envy. So we end up fighting everywhere. All the while, as we fight to "protect" our homeland, our own rich ruling elite works to undermine and destroy us. Look at how our govt sits on its hands while Hispanics, and soon Arabs flood in. People willing to work for low wages. Natural scabs, and strike breakers. Useful to further undermine the white Aryan worker. People who are meant to crowd us out. White Aryans insist on working for decent wages. This angers our rich ruling elite. Hence we are being slowly replaced. Replaced by overseas outsourcing, and illegal immigrant labor here. Unless WE, the white Aryans, do something, we are well and truly lost. Become a supporter of ANP. Donate. Donate time for giving out lit. We have to reach our people. Get them to unite. Oppose the plan intended for us. We have got to organize politically, and eventually regain power. Contest elections. Local at first, higher office down the road. Either we band together and help each other, or we all continue to lose ground. White Aryans will soon be a poor minority in the USA, unless something is done to stop the rot.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Remembering morality.

Our enemies constantly harp about us "evil" Nazis. As if its Nazism that causes all the ills of the world. The truth is quite different. There is NOT any nation on earth with a Nazi govt. Nor are any nations with even a powerful Nazi type party. So it can't be Nazism that is causing the worlds evil. Has to be something else. Right? Makes sense doesn't it. For the record, Nazism is NOT about hate. It is about race. Racial separation. It is a system devoted to its people. It wants its people to be able to survive, in comfort. For Nazism, it is NOT hate. It is not even just living. It is all about living rightly. Animals live. Humans are suppose to be a higher life form.  Are suppose to have a moral code. A set of rules/laws dictating proper behavior. Nazism strives for this. Nothing else does. Religion has lost its power and appeal. People just don't believe any more. Nor do they pay attention to their own moral tenets. Nationalism has also lost its luster. People just don't care about the country. Capitalism has raised love of money/wealth/status, to cult like proportions. Its who can get the most stuff. Ruthlessness, and greed are now the "in" thing. We're not human anymore. I don't really know what we can categorize people these days, but its certainly not human. Humans are social animals. Nowadays, its the go it alone stuff. Humans care about each other. Nowadays, its everyone for themselves. The selfishness, ruthlessness, deceit, that make up our society today is not human.
Nazism is secular, not religious. Yet it is moral. MORAL. It stands for something. Something very positive. National Socialism stands for people being part of a racial folk community. Working together. Living together. When the time arises, fighting together. White Aryans are encouraged to be proud of their race. Proud. Non of the current system teaching our kids to HATE their own race. Bosses, are encouraged to treat workers with dignity. Nazism WANTS the boss to eat with the worker. Eat a simple meal together. It hates class warfare. It hates injustice, and inequality. Nazism wants its race to be apart. Is that really wrong? People like being with those like themselves. Its only natural. Nazism understands and accepts this. To do likewise is very foolish. This is something liberalism just will not accept. They want all  together. Not natural. not wise. Look at the utter scum running for president right now. People who are lower then a snakes belly in a wagon rut. People not worth spit. Total pond scum. This is what we end up with in a Capitalist society. All because of the climate of greed and selfishness that Capitalism engenders.
Either we make up our minds to do away with this evil system that breeds evil, or we meekly accept it and slowly whither away as a race. Our rich ruling elite is right now, this minute, letting in Hispanics, and Arab Semites into our nation. They are constantly outsourcing our jobs to overseas, to pseudo slave nations. Our own govt is NOT our own. It is ZOG. Zionist Occupied Govt. Our govt is not of/by/for us. It hates us, and is doing its level best to destroy us. Unless we do something now, the white Aryan will become as extinct as the Dodo bird. Its time, long past time, we did away with this corrupt, horrific system we're saddled with right now. Donate money to help ANP resist the system and field candidates for office. Pro white Aryan candidates. Not the crap with have now. White Aryans dedicated to the preservation of their race. We win on a local level. Then we move onward, and upward. Eventually we get power. Donate your time to give out literature. The more who know us, the more will help us. This is a struggle we must engage in. Must win. We can with YOUR help. Think of your kids. What they have now, compared to what they could have under an NS govt. Nazism stands for something. Is moral. Wants a moral society. Do you see even the slightest wee bit of morality in the major parties anymore?

Monday, February 15, 2016

We are betrayed.

Americans are generally proud of their system. Why? We hear the mantra daily that we're the richest, most powerful country in the world. The cruel reality is, that only a tiny rich ruling elite has anything to be proud of. The rest of us are suckers, to be played. Look at how things are NOW, not then, now. Our rich ruling elite gave away the store, or rather, factory, to overseas NON white nations. Now said nations are our competitors, out producing us, and out selling us. China has become a modern nation now, and is now becoming a major military threat. If the rich ruling elite hadn't MADE them a modern industrialized nation, they wouldn't pose a threat to us now. The USA fought against China in the Korean war. Now they're a major industrial nation with growing power. If our Capitalists weren't so greedy, they'd still be just a nation of simple farmers. The USA fought a WAR with Vietnam. It cost 58,000 American lives, all for nothing as it turned out. Now our rich ruling elite is doing for Vietnam, as it did for China. Making it industrialized. Thereby making it stronger. Making a mockery of all the American soldiers suffering there. Peace is one thing, but to reward a nation that did us such harm, is truly venal. Look at the world business map. The USA has outsourced virtually all of its manufacturing. Now all we do is R & D, farming, and movies. Our rich ruling elite has given OUR jobs to: China, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan. The USA lost 30,000 soldiers defending South Korea. Now they're made fools of, because US jobs now go to outsourcing in South Korea. This is how we're paid back for our sacrifices of blood and treasure. Our workers go jobless while South Koreans get jobs. Jobs we should have. All the countries named, its the same exact case. Jobs outsourced from America to slave wage NON white nations, who gladly scoop them up, without a thought of gratitude. Uncle Sam, is in reality, Uncle Sucker. Or rather we common folk are. Our rich ruling elite are now at it again in the Islamic world. Our soldiers make war. For what? I think 2 reasons. One, protect Israel. After all, this is ZOG (Zionist Occupation Govt) we're talking about. Have to keep safe the homeland. Two, is to make a buck. To open yet more countries to becoming American slave labor colonies. The true beneficiaries being our rich ruling elite, that is utterly corrupt. Look at the current presidential election. Except for Sanders the Jew Communist, all the other candidates are total tools of Wall Street. Hillary Clinton is no champion of the workers. She is VERY chummy with Wall Street bankers/Capitalists. All the Republican candidates are utter tools of Wall Street. We white Aryans have let ourselves be screwed enough. We MUST do something to save our jobs. Between our govt giving our jobs away, and all the illegal immigrants pouring thru our borders, very little is left for the white Aryan worker. Illegal immigrants are another source of slave labor for the rich ruling elite. They accept pitiful wages, but dare not complain, lest they be deported. Our rich ruling elite is sitting in the catbird seat. Enjoying the show, as the rest of us struggle to survive.
Donate to the ANP. It is THE only political party left, that cares about the white Aryan worker. National Socialism values the race, not money. The race is the most precious resource, and is to be protected and cherished, not screwed. Donate your time to ANP lit distribution. We need to get the good word out to our people. ZOG has us blocked from the media. Lit is our only way to reach out. ANP is getting people to run for LOCAL political office. Silent supporters. To push a pro white agenda. Eventually to expand onward and upward. Till we can change policies. If we do nothing, or simply accept the status quo, we will very soon be a Fourth world country. Just very rich few, and dismally poor many. An army of jobless white Aryans, with no where to go, and nothing to do. This current system, just looks on us as something to use and discard. NS looks on us as its most sacred precious treasure. The choice of side you choose should not be very difficult. Downtrodden Capitalist slave, or proud cared for Aryan National Socialist worker.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Non white minority govt

From 1965, to 1980, blacks and white liberals never shut up about the ruling white minority regime in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Ever since the end of World War Two, the blacks and white liberals constantly harped about white rule in South Africa. They hurled every possible abuse. Ranted and raved about the injustice. Cheered widely when white rule ended. What has the result been, for which we hear nothing from said blacks and white liberals. Whites have been run out of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. All gone. Run off, by the black majority govt which has in turn run the country into the ground. Same with South Africa. Whites are being pushed out. The economy, run well by the whites, is now decaying. South Africa, now has the worst crime rate on the planet. The US is a kindergarten, compared to South African crime. Of all of this, we hear absolutely nothing. The same high minded callers for justice, have nothing to say about white suffering. The white liberals of Europe, and especially the USA, just wrote off their racial brethren. out of the headlines, out of mind.
NOW. We, the white Aryans of the USA, have a non white minority govt. One that elicits no comment from white liberals, but is doing considerable damage to white Aryans. The once vaunted American economy is going downhill fast. Obama likes to say that jobs are being created. Thing is, the pay is atrocious, and they have no benefits. This we never hear about. The media is Jew/liberal dominated. Anything negative about the great society is kept quiet. Jobs, especially govt jobs, are reserved for non whites as mandated by racial quotas imposed by the civil rights laws. If your non white, your given every opportunity. If your white, you're given the back of the hand. All we hear in the news, is how mean to minorities white cops are. What total bullshit. White rights get trampled on every god damn day. Everything is about minority rights. Whites have no rights. We're not even second class citizens, in what use to be our country. More like third class now. Schools now have non white, especially black studies. White studies are classified racist. All whites get at school are lessons in racial self hatred. Our kids, are told to be ashamed of being white, because whites are evil. Obama has made sure he has appointed plenty of non whites to various posts. You'd think the US was a black nation, so many of our officials, especially at the federal level, are black. Everywhere we whites look, all we can see are black and other non white officials. Our law courts are heavily non white. Especially judges. Hence we get one law for non whites, and another harsh law for whites. Blacks commit crimes, and its the media crying about poor little darky, how abused he is by racism. Whites accused of crimes are considered guilty by virtue of being white. Blacks kill whites, and its dismissed as a result of white racism. Whites kill blacks, and its because their evil whites. Whether its self defense or any reason is immaterial when whites are on trial. We have a black president. He in turn has a minority Attorney General. Various other posts are given out like door prizes to non whites. You hardly see a white face in govt any more. Its all non whites. The media stays silent in all of this. The Ferguson riots. Chuckled up to white racism, not black law breaking. Black Lives Matter acts rude and insulting to candidates, every liberal ones like Sanders. Notice that there is NO white lives matter. There isn't, because we don't. Ours is no longer a govt of/by/for the people. Not if the people are white. Ours is now a govt run by a non white minority. Soon, as non white numbers swell, ours will be a non white majority govt. Then where will we be? If we're pushed around now while we're still a majority, what will happen when we aren't. We whites have been walked on for 70 years. We've let ourselves be non whites doormats for long enough.
Support ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Unless we whites draw a line in the sand, we'll be overrun, overwhelmed, and forced out. We'll be as surely run out of the Americas, as whites have been run out of Africa. White liberals talk of let's all love each other. Non whites have NO love for whites whatsoever. We can expect NO mercy whatsoever. Just harassment, and misery. We must unite while we still have power. Unite and struggle for white rights. Struggle for our dignity and freedom. Obama is bad enough. What kind of non white creature will follow him into office. Let's not find out. Support ANP and get pro white candidates elected, and start taking back our govt and country.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cultural conformism

We white Aryans are in great danger. We risk being overwhelmed by numbers of non Aryans. Even worse, we are at this very moment losing our racial and cultural identity. All the ruling elites of this planet are corrupt. They have NO beliefs in any but themselves. This allows them to be corrupted by the One World Govt types. People, usually liberals, under heavy Jew influence who really want one world govt. They are planting the seeds as we speak. Is this what YOU want? To lose YOUR racial identity. Be just another in the great herd of the non Aryan.
The easiest way I can explain my point is using a military analogy. In World War Two, each country had a distinct uniform and equipment. That which they had, each designed and developed on their own. Look at photos of the time of the uniforms and equipment. Each with a very distinctive look. Now look at the militaries of today. In each and every country, they follow the US lead. The "Fritz" helmet. Wearing camo. Weapons all basically the same. No individuality. Everyone looks like everyone else, based on the US model.
Another example, are the cities of planet earth. Each with skyscrapers. Each city looks like every other city. From Asia, like China and Japan, to Africa. From Europe, to the Americas, each place looks like every other place. If it wasn't for the Eiffel tower, and Arc de Triumph, I'd never know I was in Paris. All streets look the same. They have McDonalds hamburgers. Everywhere, everything the same. Countries are losing their identity. Becoming corporate clones of the Judeo-Capitalists. Everyone is adopting the same look, the same ways, the same corporate culture.
This is what the world govt types want. Everyone to look and act like everyone else. No individuality. People who think and act for themselves usually don't follow orders any too well. This is why the push for conformity. Have the rich ruling elite run the show, while the common folk just follow orders like slaves. The national animal of the US should be the dog, because its people are so dog like in loyalty to it. The spark of independent thinking is fading. Our once proud and free world is fading. Turning into a herd of cattle, to be herded in whatever direction the ruling elite deems best. In such a world, it is virtually impossible to reduce poverty, let alone eliminate it. LBJ launched a war on poverty. Nice idea, but doomed from the start. You can't eliminate poverty in Capitalism, which is a system that thrives on it. In this world, at present, just 62 people hold the equivalent wealth of 3 billion. Yes, you're reading correctly. Look at our society. Our govt is intent on forcing democracy down peoples throats, even if their societies aren't ready for it. Even more with gay/lesbian rights. What the natives want doesn't matter. The one world govt types have decided, and are using American wealth and power to project THEIR agenda, not ours. We now live in the Jew verse. Society with gay/lesbian marriage. Gambling. Drugs. Meaningless elections. Shrinking middle class. Death of unions, thru busting them by using overseas slave labor. This is the liberal outlook. Have everyone one race, but have a massive class divide, like Tsarist Russia, where the ruling elite could barely speak Russian, and preferred to speak French. One question. Does this sound like a society YOU want to live in? A world of cookie cutter countries. Societies so similar its hard to even tell them apart. When I go to another country, I want to feel I'm somewhere else. NOT just another knock off copy of the USA. The one worlders want one race, one language, no religion.  Not even separate sexes, remember the ERA?
This plan must be stopped. If we want to keep our precious racial identity, the one world stuff must be opposed. Our govt is totally under one worlder control. We need a new system to save us. ANP is striving mightily to save white Aryan Identity and existence. We don't want to be part of some non white herd. We want our own race, and racial identity. They can keep their one world nonsense. National Socialism promotes the race, not denigrates it. We want to stay ourselves. A white Aryan society. Not sink into a seas of mud peoples. Donate to ANP. Donate time as well as money to help promote our cause. Their cause is our cause, because their cause is US. Fight the one world crap. Keep our racial identity. Help ANP keep our race alive and well. Otherwise, our kids will cease to be white Aryan, or anything else for that matter. Just lumps of flesh serving the elite. All trace of white Aryan identity removed.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Capitalism is for rip offs..

The Judeo-Capitalist media is constantly harping on how wonderful Capitalism is. What total shit. For as long as its history, Capitalism fosters inequality. Greed. Even thievery. I think one of the greatest Capitalists was Bernie Madoff. He made millions in a Ponzi scheme. He left no sucker untouched. All he wanted was to make money. He, to me, is THE poster boy of Judeo-Capitalism. He IS Jewish by the way, but he ripped off everyone. This is the Capitalist mentality. Make money at all costs. Let no one, nothing, stand in the way. Look at all the shoddy products advertised. Half end up in recalls for said shoddy workmanship. Look at all the schlock that is on TV. All out to fleece us suckers from our dough. It seems like TV is just one giant confidence game, to take advantage of peoples trust. To take advantage period.
Here is a good example of people at the mercy of Capitalism, a system that has none. The drug companies. They make millions. Yet they do as they please. They keep the govt wolf from the door, and call the shots. For example. Instead of giving us patients a 90 day supply of a drug, which is good for insurance companies, the drug companies/pharmacies only give a 30 day supply. Why. Because they can make more money that way. Keep you coming back more times, and so make more profit. Something as simple as this. For us elderly citizens, they have us over a barrel. Not like we can go out of our drugs. For most of us, we're not on baby aspirin. We need our drugs to stay alive. So we accept and put up with the drug company/pharmacy bullshit. We're little more then pawns, to be manipulated and fleeced. Ask yourself, why drugs are 3x more expensive here then in Canada. WHY? They are. Same exact drug, but at least 3x more expensive in the USA, then Canada. Something is very, very wrong. people tried to get drugs from Canada, but drug companies "lobbied" the US Congress, and that pipeline was closed. Our Congress, being all millionaires, is so pro Capitalist it makes your head spin. Money talks. Even more it orders. Wealth buys power. More wealth, more power.
Lets face it, our govt is up for grabs. Its just an auction house, for sale to the highest bidder. In the Roman Empire, one time, the Imperial guard actually auctioned off the throne to the highest bidder. So do we here in this country. Not directly, no, we're much more subtle. We make our dirty deals at lunch in fancy restaurants. Innocuous places to hide dirty double dealing. Nice and quiet. No need to let the voters know, since it might upset them. Just buy your way, on the QT. The voter be damned. What the people want, is ignored. So it goes. We are just the simple common people, whom our business, and political leaders consider as sheep for the shearing. How many cars get recalled every year now. VW submitted false test results. All too many companies cover up problems. Problems with cars are ignored, and buried. Even at the cost of lives. As long as we stick with a Capitalist system, this kind of thing will be with us.
We need to start afresh. New system, new morality. New goal in life. National Socialism values race. It considers THE race, as the most important thing. Think of a system dedicated to race, rather then greed. How much better things would be. How much more could be accomplished. How much more equitable things would be. It wouldn't be heaven, but it wouldn't be the hell things are now. No starvation. No rip offs, or a hell of a lot less. Working for the race would replace working for self, with all the benefits of community based behavior, rather then glorifying selfishness. Things would be so much better. So much. Donate to ANP. Let's bring about a National Socialist state. A nation based on fairness, and helping the racial folk community. Let's bury Capitalism deep. Donate your time and give out lit. Let's get the word out. Time for a real change. Real change, not Obama change. Real change. Bring back white Aryan glory, instead of this moral/political swamp we currently exist in. Race means value. No race based system lets its people starve, or get ripped off by a band of Capitalist pirates. Want good govt, then install a good governing system. National Socialism. It won't solve all the problems, but it will a hell of a lot of them.

Monday, February 1, 2016


As our nation embarks on yet another year of political silliness, we need to consider. Strongly. What good does it do? Our democracy is a sham. Notice how all the presidential candidates are rich folks. How all of Congress are rich folks. How everything in this damn country is for the rich folks. The common as dirt American, is screwed each and every day by his govt. We're being fucked over. We better do something about it. Now. Not later, now. Our people are losing hope. Feeling helpless, and hopeless. Losing their will to live. Well, why shouldn't they. Our decent pay jobs have been outsourced overseas. The media insists on foisting filth onto the airways. Our race is attacked in schools as evil, fostering a feeling of self loathing in our young. This country is no longer one of hope and opportunity.
Look at the unemployment stats the system foists on us. Looks pretty goof huh. All bullshit. The unemployment rate is so low, because so very many have simply given up looking for work. 40% of Americans who are capable of doing a full days work, have given up looking and are unemployed, or underemployed. Since they're not actively looking for work, the Labor dept. doesn't count them as unemployed. Add them in, and the unemployment stats look quite a bit different. This country has under gone quite a major change. From decent pay manufacturing jobs, to low pay service jobs. Now, our rich ruling elite, wants to bring in illegal immigrants, who work for a pittance, to replace white Aryan service workers. Why do you think the system is so slow dealing with the illegal alien problem. They don't want to lose their semi slave workforce. Any way the 1% can save a buck, they will do. If that means cutting the throat of the white Aryan race, then so be it. These people, and I use the term loosely, worship money. Green/gold, are the only colors that matter to them. All we non rich white Aryans can go to hell as far as they're concerned. Look at how our govt wages war. Now its against Islam. Actually, any enemy will do. Anything, to keep the military-industrial complex going. Guess there is more money to be made in armaments, then fixing bridges and roads in our sadly deteriorated infrastructure. Hence we are constantly at war, while here in the homeland, everything goes to pot. Our rulers hate us. Don't buy the political bullshit being passed around. Our leaders hate us. Have nothing but contempt for us. They do their level best to trick us, con us. All the while to cheat us when they're in power. What we want matters little, what they want matters greatly. A communist, and Capitalist tools. This is what we have to choose from for president. My god, this is a really sad turn of affairs. When out of a population of 300 million, you end up with a bunch of thieves and idiots to run for president, something is very, very wrong.
Stop believing the systems bullshit. Our system sucks. It is destroying us white Aryans. The system is bringing in non Aryans as workers. They're taxing us to death. Outsourcing our jobs. Doing their level best to get our own race to hate itself. ENOUGH! Time for freedom. Long past time actually. Donate to ANP. It is fighting against the awful internal rot that permeates this horror show society of ours. Donate your time to give out lit. We have got to mobilize our people, before its too late. Before white Aryans becomes the vanishing Americans. ANP is determined to keep jobs here in THIS country, not overseas. It is determined to throw out illegal immigrants. If you're not here lawfully, you don't belong. ANP is determined to build. Rebuild this country to its state of former grandeur. Clean up the media, and stop the constant flood of absolute filth into our homes. ANP intends to make sure no American goes hungry. In a nation where you can't go past a quarter of a mile in built up areas without finding some kind of food place be it grocery or restaurant, hunger should be impossible. Thing is, in Capitalism, you need money to eat, exist. ANP is determined to give America a true national health system. Not like we have now, that gives money to corporate health insurance, but a govt of  the/by/for the people to be taken care of. YOU should not, and will not die/suffer either starvation, or sickness, under a National Socialist govt. NS treasures its people as its greatest resource. Hence it does its utmost to care/protect said resource. Help us, save you. The current crop of the political class con artists will only help you into an early grave, after impoverishing you.. Support ANP, our white Aryan races saviors.