Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sham democracy

Our nations govt is a sham. A fraud. Govt of/by/for the people, don't make me laugh. We have a rich ruling elite running the show. People with NO conscience what so ever. People dedicated to power and wealth, NOT their fellow citizens. Our rulers do what they please, when they please. Look at the wars against Islam. The American people overwhelmingly want peace. Our leaders do not. The liberals are determined to ram democracy down every societies throat whether they want it, can handle it, or not. The neoconservatives, are determined to spread democracy by tank. The people's of other countries wishes matter even less then the will of the people here in the USA.
The USA is NOT, repeat not a democracy. Our govt consists of rule by POLITICAL/BUSINESS/MILITARY elites. Groups who have their own agendas, and whose loyalty to the American people is non existent. Our rulers prefer to war against Islam, because like other movements in the past, it is anti Capitalist. To our rulers, either your totally for Capitalism, and them making tons of money thru same, or your an enemy to be crushed by any means. Our rulers are ruthless. Heartless. Look at how the American middle class is withering, while our ruling class squabbles over the spoils of our give away political system.
Get it thru your head. Our rulers hate us common folks. HATE us. They look down at us from their lofty heights. To them, we aren't worth spit. White Aryans are too uppity. WE refuse to accept being treated like slaves. That's why our rulers want to get rid of us. We do things like form and join unions. We don't take orders well. We have an independent streak, that doesn't sit well with our masters. Our govt wants to be rid of us. Its intent on letting in herds of Hispanics and Arabs. Non Aryan peoples. Its not just them. To make sure we get outnumbered and assimilated, to non Aryan culture, our govt is letting in massive numbers of Asians. 2 million Asian Indians have entered the USA last year. That's a 16% growth rate for the year. Do the math. How long before we white Aryans are outnumbered, and a minority in what was once OUR country. This is typically Judeo-Capitalist diabolical. So cunning. So very much Jewish thinking, plotting , planning. Get rid of troublesome Aryans. Don't kill them, outnumber them. Assimilate them. Change the face of America from white Aryan, to Hispanic/Arab/Hindu. Govt molding populations to suit itself.
ATTENTION! This fact should freeze your blood in your body. Its more then scary. Its tragic. Its outrageous. The fact is: 62 people on this planet, control the wealth equivalent to 3.6 billion people. In other words, 62 people have the wealth equaling $1.76 trillion dollars. Can you grasp the significance of this? Just 62 people have all this wealth. Wealth that is more then most nations GDP, is in the hands of just 62 people. This is outrageous. Shameful. Highly dangerous. Think of the ramifications. So many are hungry, and homeless. Living in poverty, while just a lousy 62 people control enough wealth to form a super rich nation. This is utterly insane. Letting people use their ability to earn a little more then others is OK. Letting people accumulate wealth on this scale is societal suicide. Notice how these fat cats hoard their money. They could virtually end poverty tomorrow if they opened their wallets, but they don't. Greed is NEVER, EVER known for its compassion. If the world continues to allow this horribly lopsided wealth distribution, this world will become even more of a hell hole then it is already. Enough is enough. With a society this unfair, we won't be jetting across the galaxy like in Star Trek. We'll all be too poor. Besides, the greedy think ONLY of money, nothing else. Expect just money making schemes instead of real policy. We see it already. We'll get more as we go.
ANP represents Nazism. No, not the TV/movie crap you see. A form of govt/society that doesn't worship money like Judeo-Capitalism. It believes in the race, as the building black of society. RACE, not money. RACE. The current inequality would never be allowed under National Socialism. You make a little more, but never enough to outdo whole nations. This current system is crazy. This kind of inequality will not stand. As populations get poorer, violence and disorder will occur. You cannot avoid it. Choose equality. Fairness. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Let's stop this march to planetary slavery that we are on. Let's work to make sure everyone is treated decently. We shouldn't have whose poverty then there was in the Middle Ages. We should be so much further along then that. The current society is horribly unequal, and unjust. Help ANP rectify this. A world where just 62 people have the same amount of wealth as 3.6 billion is out of control, and needs to start fresh with a far more equable system/society.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The peril from openness.

The liberal establishment is constantly harping on how the US should open its borders to all. The Statue of Liberty stuff. Open your doors to tired/poor/yearning to be free. That is crap. This isn't the 1890's. Its 2016. Things have changed mightily. For the WORSE. Look at our political system. The clowns running for office. People who shouldn't even run for dogcatcher. Our economy is a service economy now, thanks to the rich elite outsourcing our jobs overseas. The jobs we have are low pay, no benefits. being flooded by Hispanics, and soon Arabs, neither of which are Aryan peoples. These people are bringing alien customs/ideas/habits with them. They are also bringing something else. DISEASE.
How do you think the Europeans were able to conquer the Americas? It wasn't their guns, liquor, religion. It was disease. Smallpox wiped out 90% of the Americas population. The Native Americans had NO resistance to it. Now today, immigrants are coming in from pest hole countries, and bringing their diseases with them. Diseases that the USA had eradicated, are NOW making a big comeback. What diseases? The following: Dengue Fever, Zika Virus, Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough, Scarlett Fever. All back, thanks to the open immigration policies of the liberal establishment. Job competition is bad enough, but bringing the risk of some major pandemic is quite another thing. We white Aryans could now go the way of the Native Americans. Wiped out by disease, which we had eliminated on our soil, and have lost our immunity to. The simple but sad fact, is that the nations that are sending us immigrants these days are from poor, primitive countries, with no where near proper medical practice or resources. Hence they bring their diseases. Disease we Americans had gotten free of thanks to years of research for vaccines to prevent/cure. Now its all been for naught. They are coming back with a vengeance. Brought with the new crop of immigrants.
We white Aryans built this country. Have protected it. Cherished it. It is what it is today, thanks to generation of white Aryan hard work. Dedication. Can do spirit. Now it is in serious danger of being lost, thanks to air head liberalism, that constantly lives outside of reality. These diseases I mentioned above, had been eliminated. Now they are making a comeback, because we are letting in people who are sick. Carriers. Even at Ellis Island, the big immigration entry way, immigrants were checked for disease. Thing is, a lot of the new disease coming in are mutated viruses. Hard to detect. Dangerous. If things keep going as they are, unstoppable. Enough of this open door policy. Its sheer suicide for our nation. For US. We are now being exposed to diseases, which we had eradicated from these shores. Now its all coming back again. With dire consequences for us, and especially our kids. WE have no immunity anymore. Why should we, we had gotten rid of the menaces. Who knows what's next that will be brought in. Polio, Ebola. Things can get even worse. Enough of the nice guy crap. Time to play hardball. Its a shame, but that's how things are NOW, TODAY. WE must close the doors to this non white immigration. Enough is enough. WE must protect ourselves, and especially our kids. In colonial times, if you waited to travel to Europe as an adult, you were very likely to die of smallpox, since you had no immunity like Europeans had developed after centuries. Even back then Americans were losing some immunity to disease. Now, its far, far worse. Either we start taking steps to protect ourselves, or we perish. Its as simple as that. We must now block non white immigration. Super vet any who wish to enter our shores. We must consider every immigrant a bringer of death, until proven otherwise. This is the only sane policy we can have, that will allow us to save ourselves.
We wouldn't be in this crisis, if the liberals were so damn asinine. The lets all love each other, and let everybody in crap. Now we face a very deadly danger. Support the ANP. It is the only bulwark we have against insane policies that threaten to kill us. It refuses to countenance letting in potential time bombs, just to show how nice we are. They are in the real world. They know what needs be done, and are willing to do it. No more carte blanch immigration. Illegals have got to go, for safety not economics sake. Donate to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit. Help us, save YOU. Unless we act forcefully this problem will skyrocket into massive epidemics. God only knows what is still out there, that may come in. I for one, have no desire to do an American repeat of the Middle Ages Black Death. Once was quite enough. It killed a third of the European population. Lets not let America join that club. Our motto must be "hard, nut necessary". Because it really is.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The art of the indirect.

I constantly wonder why Aryan people continue to take bitch slaps from the system. Our people seem content to be the system drones that they are. Apathy that is destroying them. I think I know why. We have been conditioned by ZOG propaganda to accept whatever slop the political process feels like serving us. Ours is the do it yourself political destruction. We accept it, because its slow and steady, not immediate and overwhelming. A whimper, versus a major boom. Rather then have everyone starve massively at once, our Judeo-Capitalist system has people starve selectively, and ever so slowly. Sure, there are many areas in America, that are starving/malnourished, but it happens so slowly and quietly, ZOG media is able to cover up/ignore it all. Its so insidiously slow, people just don't pay attention to it. So it creeps along, with more and more areas/people falling prey to hunger, but with no major attention paid. People just accept it as normal everyday stuff. Acceptance of hunger. Got to hand it to ZOG. Being able to manipulate people to accept hunger in others, and not worry about hunger for themselves down the road.
Our people accept racial self hatred, like its a normal every day thing. That racial pride is an alien concept. This to is ZOG's work. They have taken over our schools, and control what our kids learn. Hence our kids are taught that white Aryans are evil, and deserve to suffer. A normal thing like racial pride is declared bad, and we accept it. If a hate white Aryan campaign had been declared by ZOG at the national level, people would oppose it. Instead it happens so slowly and carefully, that before we knew it, our school boards, were packed with ZOG underlings whose sole agenda is to undermine white morale. Our kids hate themselves, because they've been taught to. Never mind learning anything. As long as our school system teaches our kids racial self hate, ZOG is happy. Again, white Aryans take it in, because it happens so slow and steady. Any objections, you're called a racist, and if that doesn't shut you up, the liberal left calls you baby killer, to sink your reputation. Our enemies show QUIET determination to undermine us, and poisoning our kids is a truly great way to do in the white Aryan race. Those who hate themselves, can never achieve, or stick up for themselves.
Ours is a do it yourself, make yourself poor system. White Aryans are so conditioned these days to accept what the system says, that they quietly and meekly accept their own impoverishment. We just quietly, and meekly surrender our jobs to overseas, so the fat cats get fatter. A lot fatter. How much profit is enough? To give away America's manufacturing base, is national suicide. China is a major industrialized power, because the rich ruling elite of America made it so. We GAVE China a manufacturing base. The fact that it was taken from the white Aryan workers of the US matters little to our ruling elite. They want to make more profits by being able to pay slave wages. Yet again, white Aryans of the US just sat back and let it happen. Self impoverishment. We have made ourselves poor, by just standing aside, and letting our govt make sweetheart contracts on behalf of corporate America, that rob the homeland of decent pay jobs, and instead, allow China to become menacingly powerful. Talk about damn idiocy.
We white Aryans of the US, have disarmed ourselves. Instead of getting mad, and fighting back, we just hang our heads, and accept how things are. Not even a murmur of discontent. Quite a change from the days of the American Revolution. The white Aryans of the US, are now the doormat people. Fit for ZOG to walk on, and wipe its feet on. This is positively shameful. We are accepting defeat. Just because something happens slowly, doesn't make it any less bad then if it happened rapidly. Our enemies have learned. let things happen gradually, and people will accept it. We have got to stop accepting everything that is happening to us, and start growing backbones again. Unless and until, we start saying no, no we won't accept things as they are, we are doomed as a people. The American middle class is shrinking at an alarming rate. This is NOT Nazi propaganda. Its happening. Too much acceptance of ZOG policies that are meant to, and do, undermine us.
Support ANP. Help it with both money, and your time to give out lit. We are a dying people. Dying from apathy. We need to UNITE, and stand up to ZOG. Now, before it becomes too late. ZOG is out to destroy us. Let's not make it easy for them to. They've made China a major power at our expense. Once middle class Americans now know poverty because their jobs were sent overseas. Our children feel racial self loathing. Time for racial pride once again. Help ANP help white America rediscover its pride, and sense of purpose. For God's sake, above all, let's stop doing ZOG's work for it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Company store Capitalism

In the bad old days, workers were a virtual captive audience. Like serfs tied to the feudal lords manor, workers were for all intents and purposes stuck, and at the employers whim. For example, in the coal fields. Workers worked at mines. They lived in company housing, and bought goods at the company store. Wages on paper looked good. Say a worker made $5 a week. Very good wages for back then. Then each week, at pay time, the deductions from the paycheck would start. For housing, for equipment/work supplies, for the store account. By the end, you were lucky to have 50 cents left out of your $5. So it went. You end up owing your shirt, and are in reality a virtual slave to the company.
I see this very disturbing trend, coming back in full force. People today, now owe the bank for their mortgage. Instead of a fixed rate, they now have annual rates. Supposedly rates can go down, but they never do. They just go up and up. If you don't make that much to begin with, you end up paying all your life, your mortgage. Same with a car. They are so expensive, its hard to make ends meet. Cars are made in Mexico, but here in the US, the price tag is astronomical. Since the US doesn't believe in public transportation, you need a car. From just a home mortgage, and a car, you already owe your shirt. Unless you make real good money, your on the hamster wheel striving to keep your head above water. Employers in this country don't want to pay, especially decent wages. Hence workers in this country are not even paid a living wage, yet are told they can have everything/anything. Interest slavery, something Nazism is dead set against, is for real. We live with it every day. The above is an example. We're so in debt to the bank for home and car, yet make so little in wages, that we're stuck trying to survive. All the while, the big fat cat Capitalists make tons of money. Look at the Great Recession. Banks deliberately sold fraudulent mortgages, that were in reality worthless. For bonuses, and commissions, banks sold mortgages that were worthless, that couldn't be paid on, and the house would end up foreclosed on. Yet, none have gone to jail. They bought their way out of trouble. Like the old company store of old, our banks have us as prisoners. In hock to them for big bucks, with NO way to pay off, thanks to miserly employers/companies. THIS is Judeo-Capitalism in a nutshell. Something to be opposed, not coddled. We need to bring justice, to a truly unjust, corrupt system. Unless, and until, we change our system, we will be virtual slaves. Stuck on a hamster wheel of payments, all the while making peanuts in pay. People shouldn't have to struggle to survive. Not in this day and age. Govt should be the helper of the worker, not the goon of the Judeo-Capitalist. Our govt system is totally corrupt. It works at the behest of the rich ruling elite. Their muscle. Keep things calm, and under control. Make sure nobody rocks the boat. Keep our collective noses to the grindstone.
Donate to ANP. Give your time to give out lit. Help us, help you. You are a slave to the system. Help us help you become free. We shouldn't be slaves. We shouldn't be in massive debt. Workers NEED to be paid a living, decent wage. We white Aryan workers shouldn't be slaves. We need/deserve freedom. Help ANP get us off the hamster wheel. Help ANP help you to be free. Free of debt. Free from economic slavery. Aryans deserve respect and fair treatment. We don't deserve to be beasts of burden. Paid a pittance, for back breaking labor. Join with us, to free the Aryan worker, and restore dignity to the workforce. Help ANP help YOU live. Live well. You deserve it.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Americans these days are being grossly shortchanged when it comes to the pay envelope. Their wages are virtually stagnant. Obama can talk about job creation, but its for low pay, no benefit jobs. The sad fact is, that the US workforce, is fast becoming a slave workforce. Forced to work for virtually nothing, while the rich 1% rake in their ill gotten profits.
Here are the facts. Read them and weep if your in the 90%. Read them and jump for joy, if you're in the 1%. For 90% of the US population, their income rose a paltry .7%  For the middle income/professional crowd, their income rose 3x faster. For the rich 1%, their income rose 4x faster. For 2012, only a mere .5% had their income top 10%.
Why such disparity? Because, our Judeo-Capitalist govt gives away the store to the rich, thru capital gains tax breaks. Throw in stock dividends, and the rich make out like bandits. For the vast majority of people whose income is wages, they are stagnant, or decreasing. The sad fact is, wages just aren't keeping up. Employers, simply  don't want to pay. Why should they. The govt doesn't care about economic justice. Its perfectly OK with this income disparity. The US Congress is a rich folks club. Everybody a millionaire. They could care less about the non rich.
Look. Why do you think unions are under such great attack in this country? The rich and powerful want to stay that way. Unions keep them from doing what they want. Without the brake of a union, an employer in the US has virtually the power of a god, life and death. No, I'm not exaggerating. Think about it. Hard. If you work in a non union place, you're at the whim of your employer. If the boss's toast got burned that morning, you can be blamed and fired. If fired, where can you go. Most people just don't have skills or education that lets them go anywhere on the planet like say a doctor, or engineer. No. Finding a new job can be rough. Very rough. Age is a factor. Another, is a tight job economy. In this case, the US has lots of jobs, but the vast majority are poor pay, no benefit ones. Add in the fact, that the 1% hate and want to do away with unemployment, and losing your job can very easily become a matter of life and death. Employers don't want you to be able to quit easily. They want you dependent. They want you pliable. A willing slave. Like a serf tied to the manor in feudal times, they want you tied to the business. At their mercy. More like lack of. Look at the current election campaign for president. Rich folks all. Except for one, who is a Jew commie, the others are all tools of Wall Street in the worst possible way. No savior of the working American here. Just a bunch of rich folks fighting over the spoils. Rich people who are fighting to get even richer. This is our way these days. This is what our elections are all about anymore. Factions of rich fighting over this country like dogs fighting over a bone. The presidency is just a trophy to show off on the mantle. It means nothing as the country is controlled by the rich 1%.
A National Socialist govt would do things very differently. The Nazis in Germany HATED divisiveness in the workplace. They wanted unions and employers to work together. Worker and boss to be a team, NOT at each others throats. Rather then unions, there was a working people's group, the Reich Front which represented workers. They would periodically sit with the representatives of the employers, and hammer out their differences under govt watch. They were made to work together, with the govt as referee, and final arbiter. No class warfare. Class unity. Class equality. An economic team. Hell, workers actually got a 2 week paid at govt expense, vacation.  Compare this to today. We have class warfare under Capitalism, just like under Communism, only even worse. Us against them. Is it any wonder our society has such inequality.
Donate to ANP. Money is needed for expenses. No one gets rich in this group. Give of your time to give out lit. Our people need to know their is another way. There need not be class warfare, or gross income inequality. There can be rich folks, without cutting the throats of the workers. Its all a matter of priorities. Nazism believes in race, not class, and certainly not money. Race is everything. It is to be protected and cherished, not chewed up and spit out. Help us establish a fair state. Where workers can be proud and prosperous, not neo slaves. Think about it. Our KIDS can be decently treated workers, or pseudo slaves. Which do you prefer?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Facts and figures.

The American economy is a castle built on quicksand. The media trumpets how great things are, but its all just smoke and mirrors. Read the following, and ask yourself, is this really a sound economy/society.
Congress has just passed a 1.1 TRILLION dollar spending bill. It has a 700 billion dollar tax break. For the rich of course. This country is just a giant piggy bank for the 1%. Between 2010, and 2014, poverty has risen by a full America's 3,000 counties. US household income, has declined 3 years in a row. In the potential labor force, the number of people looking for work, or in a job, is at less then 63%. That means that 93 million are NOT, repeat, not working for some reason. Job creation, consists of creating the LOWEST paying jobs possible. 2.3 million are trapped in the lowest paid jobs. There are 700,000 fewer middle income positions, 500,000fewer high pay positions. This country is in deflation. Incomes are going down.
Wages in the least paying jobs, declined by 5.7% Mid level wage paying jobs have declined by 2.6%. High paying jobs have declined by 3%.
This is the new Feudalism, where instead of serfs tied to the lords manor, we have workers tied to companies, who are paid poorly, yet they can't afford to leave. We now have income inequality/wealth inequality. Half of all renters, have their rent consume up to 50% of their income. That's around roughly 11 million people. There are roughly 2.5 million vacant homes, in 25 American cities. In the supposed land of milk and honey, we have 47 million people living in poverty. 6 million, 1 out of every 5, are children. 1.5 million in this country, yes, THIS country, live in extreme poverty. In the state of Ohio for example, 52 out of 88 counties have had poverty increase within the last 5 years. Incomes have decreased in 54 counties. Half the counties in the US have had home owner decline. 5% of American workers make below the median national average wage. 45 million are on food stamps. At least, 62% of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck.
Does any of this sound in the least way good? They facts and figures don't lie. They show America is fundamentally an unjust society, that is getting worse by the day. The greed and corruption that governs us, is destroying us. There is an awful internal rot that is killing this country/society. Unless it is dealt with, this country will end up just as poor as any third world nation. Massive poverty, in the richest nation on earth.
If you are overwhelmed by the above, read it, then take a break, then read it again. Continue till you've absorbed it all. Its a lot to take in, but its the truth. Truth we Americans need to know. We need to know how we're being royally screwed, each and every day. Better to be warned then blind sided.
If the above means nothing to you, or you are unimpressed, then goodbye. If you are totally ticked off by the above, then do something about it. Donate to the ANP. Give money, and your time to give out lit. Do something. Do something now, before its too late. Under National Socialism, the race, the people of the nation, have value. Great value. Since they are considered a major asset, they would be treated with kid gloves, as something precious, to be preserved, not walked over. NS is our only hope. Our ONLY hope. If we stay with the current Judeo-Capitalist system we presently have, we will all end up poor. Treated like garbage. Capitalism doesn't value people. They're just commodities to exploit. Nazism says the PEOPLE, the Aryan people, are the racial folk community's greatest, most precious resource to be preserved and cherished. Our govt doesn't love us Aryans. It is trying to swamp us with non Aryan peoples like the Hispanics and Arabs. It is allowing us, the American workers, to be turned into a virtual slave labor force. look at the above. Does it look like the statistics of a govt that cares? We need change. Change NOW! Help ANP change the system. Its our only hope. Otherwise, we'll be condemned to live truly wretched lives.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


This society has far too much talk. There is an old saying: "talk is cheap". Only too true. Look how Obama won the White House with his glib tongue, only to show himself to be a liar, incompetent, and now cry baby. His words won him office, even though he shouldn't be elected dog catcher. Here are two sayings.
Stand on your feet, rather then die on your knees.
Live on your knees, rather than die on your feet.
One preaches defiance. To resist tyranny, no matter what the cost, even your life. The other preaches cowardice. To surrender and be a slave, just to prolong your life. I feel far too many Aryans today have conceded to defeat. That they would rather surrender their rights, and eventual existence to non whites. I find this appalling. Aryans were once a proud people. No longer. Look at the current crop of creatures running for president of the USA. Judeo-Capitalists all. People who are ruthless, and utterly cold. Yet, this is what we have, and tolerate. This is so very wrong. We as Aryans need to find our dignity again. Get some damn backbone. We have got to STOP listening to the politicians siren call, that makes the ship of state ram onto the rocks of disorder, and poverty. We Aryans these says a re little more then slaves. Our wages are stagnant. Our economy is not flourishing as we are constantly told. We're just told what we want to hear. We need to deal with the TRUTH. Our wages are stagnant. The jobs available are low wage, no benefits. All the decent manufacturing jobs got outsourced to China. Remember when, during the Cold War, how China was the great enemy. Then all of a sudden it becomes our biggest trading partner. Words. We were told to hate China as an enemy. Then when our Capitalists found they could make deals, and make bucks, all of a sudden, our enemy became our trading partner, then the US's source for all manufactured goods. The Capitalist class fucked over its very own people. Condemning many to poverty. Many more to slaving away at very inadequate wages, just so THEY, the 1%, could make some extra profits. What is in a word. Profit. Its suppose to mean a return on an investment. Instead it stands for exploitation with a capital E. Our Capitalist class rampages thru nations, pillaging their resources worse then the Huns ever did to the Roman Empire. Is it really any wonder, that nations become anti-American when they are so ruthlessly plundered? These people, and I use the term very loosely, have no conscience. They use words to confuse, and allay. They are master manipulators. So far, their confidence game has worked. We shouldn't let it. We should insist on white rights. With existence. We should NOT trust our politicians, no matter their color. Anyone supporting the current system is a fool. Our politicians are Wall Street flunkies. The media, just bought and paid for mouthpieces. We have a Congress that is a millionaires club. People who talk a good game, but in reality, intend to keep the likes of us down. Keep us as a permanent servant class. Joining the ranks of non whites flooding into this country, who then compete for jobs that are frankly unworthy of Aryans. Aryans are the idea people of the human race. To condemn us to being fetchers of water, and hewers of wood is wrong. Yet we accept it. High time we stopped being so patient and timid.
Support the ANP. It wants to bring National Socialism to our shores. A system that cares for its people. It values its racial stock. Doesn't look on them, or treat them, as garbage. NS is our salvation. Our only hope to rectify the current crop of injustices that are constantly piled upon us. We need freedom. We need truth. We need. Words don't cut it. Just mouthing platitudes won't solve any of our problems. We need a new mindset. NS is it. Support the ANP. Donate money of course. Also donate time to give out lit. We must get the word out, but the right words. Racial pride. Economic equality. Racial folk community. These are real words, that matter. Aryans need to live on, and by deeds, not mealy mouthed words. Join us. Help us. Determine to change things. We can if we so wish to.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What Nazism really stands for.

The Jew dominated media constantly hits on Nazism as something evil. That all it is, is hate. This is patently untrue. Nazism got a bad rep, so the Jew lies are circulated as gospel. The truth is quite different. Nazism is a force for good. I'll repeat that. Nazism is a force for GOOD. What it stands for, is this race/country's survival. Judeo-Capitalism is its doom.
THIS is what Nazism stands for. Order. Unity. Loyalty. Discipline.
Order, in that it doesn't want crime in the streets running rampant. Can you say the same for our current judicial system, where murderers are let loose on early release only to kill yet again. A Nazi govt/judicial, would ensure criminals are punished, not sent to govt sponsored vacation resorts. Criminals would be punished, severely. Even more, people would be "encouraged" to treat each other with respect. Something sorely lacking right now. Love of race, which is the hallmark of Nazism, makes people respect each other, as fellow members of the racial folk community, and that they should work together for the betterment of all. That they should respect each other as they are fellow Aryans worthy of respect.
Unity. Speaks for itself. Aryans united for Aryans. No kill or be killed attitude like in Judeo-Capitalism. Everyone working together. United in their determination to make their race great. Even more, to secure the existence of their race. To  close ranks in the face of danger, but even more, just to be united in any approach to any problem. Remember the old saying: "united we stand, divided we fall"? Nazism takes this to heart. A race/people divided, not only cannot stand, it is highly doubtful it will even survive. Our nation is currently divided. How long can it realistically survive? What kind of future can our kids expect, if everyone is at each others throats?
Loyalty. In the old days, a man's word was his bond. Now it sounds corny to say it. It really shouldn't  People need to be loyal to each other, as well as the state. Honor should be a living, breathing thing, not a joke. In our current society, people are loyal to nothing. Believe in nothing. Care about nothing but themselves. The mess we call a society is the result. Only loyalty among the race, can make it strong enough to face the challenges facing it today. How can we achieve, if we can't trust each other, or rely on each other? Like a soldier in a fox hole, I need to be able to rely on my racial brethren when needed. No time for petty jealousies of quarreling. If I need help, my race must be there to back me up, just as I, an Aryan, must be ready to back up, and assist my racial brethren in their time of need. Interdependence. Its what sets us apart from the animals, and animalistic non Aryan humans. A person's loyalty is what builds the foundation of a society. Without it, there is nothing. A moral swamp that eventually engulfs a nation/people.
Discipline. Nazism believes in running a tight ship. Not, just to bully people, but to keep things under control. If we let people do whatever they please, we end up with the moral sewer we currently have, where people use drugs, and act like animals. People MUST have discipline. You cannot let people do as they will. The result is a so called society, that has nothing, and is nothing. Look at the constantly political scandals we have these days. People trying to do as they please, because they think they can get away with it. Unfortunately, in many cases, they do. Our justice system doesn't enforce laws. It merely protects the ruthless/cunning who flout it and rape the system. Look at the Great Recession of 2008. Not one banker has gone to jail, even though what they did was fraud. The system protects the rich and powerful, rather then punish wrong doing. A racial state punishes, because it upholds the race, and anything that harms the race, is dealt with on that basis. Not, as today, where money talks, and only the poor are jailed while the rich do as they please.
Help ANP. Donate both money, and time for giving out lit. Our current Judeo-Capitalist society is a moral cesspool, with the behaviors to go with it. Unless we set ourselves morally straight, we shall die as a race. Hispanics, and Arabs are flooding our shores. Only unity, and the above qualities, will allow us to stay strong, and survive. Nazism is our only salvation. Otherwise we fade into racial oblivion.