Thursday, December 31, 2015

Racial suicide

Many asshole liberals, here in the States as well as in Europe, call for open borders. Let in the poor Arab Semite Muslim masses they cry. Its the only decent thing to do. The Christian thing (these are Muslims we're talking about) to do. This is total nonsense. It is a quick way to racial suicide. What we have, is that Aryan nations are being asked to open up to non Aryan, Semitic, people. A lot of people. The result will be national/racial suicide. How long will Aryan societies continue to exist, when millions upon millions of Arab Semites come thru the door? Not very long. The Aryans will be submerged by the Semites. The Arab families are big, and extended. It is not the nuclear family. You have the core family, plus extended family, plus very numerous and varied relatives. A million people easily becomes 10 million. If the Aryan people foolishly open their doors, the flood of Semites will overwhelm them in short order.
Its not just racial and cultural issues we face. There is the danger of epidemic disease to consider. For example, in London, Tuberculosis and Scarlett Fever, two diseases thought all but eradicated are making a frightening comeback. This is the result of globalization. Thanks to travel, and migration, diseases that had become unknown in the West, are now back. Back with a vengeance. Let's face the cold, hard facts of the situation. The peoples of the Arab Semite lands, don't vaccinate their children against disease. They end up bringing it among us, who had become free of them. Its nice to want to be generous and helpful, but we mustn't for a second be stupid about it. Helping these people, giving them an open door to our lands, could very well be signing our Aryan racial death warrant. That's why the Europeans were able to conquer the Americas. Disease had virtually wiped out the Native Americans. Lets not repeat history, and end up getting ourselves wiped out by diseases we had once thought were gone, but now brought to our shores by alien invader races. The Third world is rife with disease. Very severe disease. Like Ebola for example. Are we doing the right thing letting them in, where they can infect us, and end up getting us wiped out, like Europe nearly was by Bubonic Plague. The Plague nearly wiped out the European people. It was spread by "globalization", in this case trade and travel between Europe, and Asia.
No, I say do not let them in. Let them stay in their native lands, and fight their wars. Fight their battles. Deal with their problems. We need to stay out of it. Totally. Frankly, the hell with them. They are alien peoples with alien cultures. They threaten to outnumber us and take over. They, threaten to bring horrible pandemics of truly terrible diseases to us. Diseases we may not be able to handle any more. Remember, we have been disease free virtually of TB and Scarlett Fever, and Whooping Cough. Bringing them back now, could very well overwhelm our populations. Bringing disease our KIDS have no immunity to, back to our shores. To me, it is little more then national racial mass suicide to do so.
Donate to ANP. It is fighting for our very racial existence. It is fighting to keep the wolf at bay from the door. Only ANP is really dedicated to saving us, and fighting the insanity of open immigration. Our presidential candidates are all system tools. They'll so whatever ZOG wants, and ZOG wants to turn America from Aryan, to Semite/Hispanic. Races they feel they can dominate much better. Give of your time to give out lit. We must counter ZOG's media, and right now, lit is our only option besides the internet to get out the word and make the Aryan people see what is really going on. Our very Aryan existence is at stake. Help ANP defend it. Disease like TB and Scarlett Fever are very hard ways to die. Do you really want to see your kids die of them, as happened in our parents time. No, we must defend and protect our race. If we do as the liberal left want, letting these Semite people in, we will be signing our collective racial death warrant. Help ANP. It is our shield, and only hope for our existence. If we fail, we may very well fail to have any racial future existence.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Acceptance of evil

Our society is changing so damn fast. It makes your head spin. Things are far different from our parents time. This country is on a moral slippery slope. Look. Gambling is now legal. Prostitution is now legal in some areas. Drugs like pot, are now becoming legal. Same sex marriage is becoming legal. Seems like nothing is sacred any more. I blame all this moral laxity on Judeo-Capitalism. Why? Because Judeo-Capitalism has no soul. No morals. Our corporate culture proves this time and again. Its not enough to just make a profit. Now, the profit imperative, is leading companies and individuals to do whatever it takes to make a profit, no matter how corrupt/evil/underhanded it is. Morals go out the window, when the profit motive comes in the door. Judeo-Capitalism exploits the workforce, making American workers little more then poorly paid slaves. The environment is going to hell, because the Capitalists insist on plundering the environment, just to make that extra profit buck. For some reason unknown to me, the Capitalist crowd, think they are immortal beings, and that they will not succumb to pollution. They breathe the same air, walk the same earth, drink the same water, but they think they are immune. I suppose its the insanity of their greed that drives them, as greed does make one insane if allowed to. The political and especially judicial systems, are corrupted beyond belief. Money runs the show. The rich pay, and get their way. Not thru out and out bribery, but far more subtly. Supposed campaign contributions, which are bribes disguised. Congress people do corporate bidding, for post office cushy, high paid, do nothing jobs. The corporate s know how to take care of their own. Its the hell with the rest of us. My point is, that corporate wrongdoing has become accepted practice in this country. Corporate s and their flunkies blatantly lie, and use PR to cover up wrongdoing. What gets me most, as I have said, is that we have a climate in this country that corporate s can do no wrong. I most strenuously disagree with this. To me, PROFIT=EXPLOITATION. People make money by screwing over the other person. It is now the accepted way of this country. The unholy trinity of greed/selfishness/uncaring is killing this country. Unless we change things, our system will destroy us. Thanks to greed, the US is no longer a middle class dominated nation. Soon we'll no longer be working class. Just poor. Majority poor. Like some third world nation. Add in that non Aryans are flooding in, and soon this country will be unrecognizable from what it is today. ARYANS! We must do something. We must change this climate of accepted evil that has developed, and is strangling this country to death. Unless we change things, we are done for. Our kids will have a truly hellish future, if they have a future at all. What has happened to the moral Aryan race, that once ruled this planet? It seems buried under piles of corruption. Our once solid morality is now a thing of the past. Only a society dedicated to itself, will survive and thrive. A world built on selfishness and lies will sink as into quicksand. Let us agree to stop accepting things as they are. let us further agree that things need to be radically changed. The ANP is a dedicated agent of said needed change. It believes in the old morality. It may seem corny, but it works, and keeps a nation/society working. Look how the selfishness we accept, and in some quarters promote, is destroying things. We must accept and promote National Socialism. A system based on race, not greed. We need a system that promotes the welfare of the entire racial folk community, not just 1% of the very rich. NS guarantees equality. Capitalism is destroying unions, leaving workers with no protection from management oppression. NS would have all work together. Both boss and worker. United as racial allies, not fighting as enemies. Thru elections, we can make a difference. Local at first, then building up strength to where we can make a difference. It has been done, and can be done again. Support the ANP. Donations of money of course, as it has expenses, but also time to give out lit. It can advise how to do it safely, and intelligently. Help ANP restore the "soul" of the Aryan race. Let us rid ourselves of the Capitalist curse, and once again have a superior society worthy of a superior race. We are far better then what we have, so lets change things for the better.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Judeo-Capitalism in action.

Why does the Nazi party oppose Judeo-Capitalism so much. Simple. Its what Capitalism stands for. Selfishness, and suffering. There are many examples, but I'll just choose the medical field to illustrate. Hospitals are run as businesses. They're suppose to be non profit, but don't you believe it. They want to make money. As always, the rich get saved. The poor are left to die. In the US, health care costs are 30-100% higher then in other nations. Somebody is obviously making big bucks over peoples suffering. Even with Obamacare, we have 40 million uninsured. 45,000 die each and every year, because they have NO insurance and therefore can't afford the life saving treatments they are denied due to their poverty. 60% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical costs. In the meantime, the greedy health insurance companies have massively raised their premiums. Many companies now have very poor medical plans, where workers pick up the cost of health insurance, and the company little or nothing.
Remember the Great Recession? The greedy bankers sold fraudulent mortgages that were suppose to be solvent, but weren't. The financial sector had a meltdown. The economy barely survived. Again, greed was at the heart of the mess. Agents sold fraudulent insolvent mortgages, just to make commissions and bonuses. The US govt came to the rescue with a 700 million dollar bailout of scum who were criminals. The feelings of the American people against it be damned. At a very conservative estimate, the health insurance companies make like 500 billion annually in sheer profit. This is Judeo-Capitalism. The profit motive is all important, and if it results in wrong doing, then so be it. To demonstrate the corruptness of our system, the assets of the 5 biggest banks are 40% larger now then before the Great Recession. They control 44% of the banking assets in this country. They control 39% of Gross Domestic Product.
In other words, the rich have gotten richer, even thru a financial catastrophe, while the rest of us struggle to survive. The 1% run the show. They live like kings, while the rest of us struggle to keep from falling into poverty. Our govt, is treated as a mere piggy bank for rich corporations and individuals to milk whenever they feel like it. Unless, and until we rid ourselves of this corrupt system, where greed is a virtue, we are doomed as a society. Condemned to a world of an elite of very rich, while the majority struggle in poverty. Struggling to make it, while having the status of virtual slaves.
Is this what YOU want? Really want. To live less then a dog, while assholes whose only thing is their money, lord it over you. To watch our kids be condemned to poverty because they can't find decent jobs, because they've been outsourced overseas. WE are Aryans. A race of warriors. Inventors. The race that raised this planet up from poverty and ignorance. It is not right we rot away as garbage. We need to rediscover our pride. We need to unify. We need to get off our collective asses and do something. Donate to ANP. Funds are needed to keep things running. Nothing in life is free. Especially in this greed dominated society that we have now. Give of your time in giving out literature. Lit is currently our only means available to us, to get the word out. The media is enemy dominated, and extremely hostile. A world based on money is a very lonely, and unpleasant place. Choose National Socialism. A creed that glorifies race, not money. It would be a far better society if everyone put race above self. Race survival before greedy self interest. We CAN have it better, we need only change the system we live by. It can be done, and must be done.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Racial suicide.

Liberal assholes keep yelling how we need to help the poor Arab SEMITIC Muslims, by taking them in. This is a true act of insanity. It would lead to racial suicide, for Aryan nations to do so. If Aryan nations take in large numbers of migrants, it will alter them forever. Irreparably. If they take in large numbers of migrants, the following Aryan nations will cease to be so: by 2050, Australia, UK, France, Macedonia, New Zealand, Bosnia ( European Muslim) and the Netherlands will cease to be Aryan, but will have become Arab Muslim. Look, these migrants come in great numbers. They have very extended large families. They have many children, as they believe in having large families with many kids. Aryans will simply lose the battle of births, hands down. They will end up outnumbered, and a poor pitiful minority in nations ruled by people who have a reputation for being hard, without any compassion. Maybe because the Muslims come from the hard desert, and their culture is based on hard desert living, they are hard in turn. Anyway, we Aryans must NOT open our doors. What Europeans are experiencing with Semitic Arabs, so the USA is experiencing with mixed race Hispanics. Non white minorities becoming non white majorities due to massive immigration, that bleeding heart liberals openly encouraged. Its good to be nice, but don't be a damn fool about it. Opening up the doors of immigration, would instead open a flood door of massive numbers of basically alien people with a far different culture as well as racial differences, to take over ones nation. Liberals always give us the let's all love each other speech, as they sit behind their mansion walls surrounded by guards. For us common Aryans, we're the ones who would have to deal with these people on a daily basis. Not a pleasant prospect. Ask any poor white who is/has been trapped in a black neighborhood. Ask them how happy they are. Ask them how they enjoy daily harassment by a non white people that hates them, and wants them out. This is what will happen to Aryan nations who foolishly open their gates, and let non whites flood in. You can expect to lose your nation, and racial identity in very short order. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a war of religion. Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo are Muslim majority, but Aryan racially. No, this is a movement by sinister forces behind the scenes, to destroy the current racial makeup of various Aryan nations, to turn them non white. Aryans, you are already under siege by non whites. This will make it far worse. Letting in hoards of non whites will hasten our racial extinction. The liberal yuppies, are really Judeo-Capitalists who love money above all, even race. They very mistakenly think they'll be able to buy control of the non whites with their money. They are very wrong. Eventually the non whites will come to realize their power, and exercise it, to the great detriment on all Aryans, rich and poor. We'd become poor, powerless minorities in what was once our own nations. Our race will cease to exist thru race mixing, and just plain being outnumbered by non white people with far higher birth rates. Where the American bison almost became extinct by low numbers, Aryans will most definitely become extinct in a nation built by them, as they become outnumbered by a racially different people. It cannot be avoided. We dare not open up the gates, lest we end up in racial peril.
The ANP is our ONLY safeguard for our continued existence. Look at the clown show of current political presidential candidates. Not a damn one champions their race. They are all opportunists out for themselves. ANP wants to save us. Help us. Make sure we survive. They won't let enemy peoples food in to eventually overwhelm us and destroy us. Donate to ANP, it needs money to operate. Donate time to give out lit. The word must be spread. Above all, support those dedicated to YOUR survival, not your destruction.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is it any wonder.

This society is sick. Sick with greed. Greed is running amok. Everyone seems OK with it. The ANP is not. What does Nazism stand for? It stands against overwhelming greed, and for an equal, racially based society. Translation: we stand for a racial folk community governed by equality, and dedicated to health/prosperity/peace of that said racial folk community. What it is against, and can never condone is the GLORIFICATION of greed that is the bedrock of Judeo-Capitalism.
In THIS country, not some third world nation, but right here in the good old USA. We have the ultra rich. people with so much money it makes your head spin. People so damn rich they have toys to play with like trophy mansions. MANSIONS. Homes, worth between 100-300 million dollars. Yes, your reading right. For example, there is currently construction of said homes going on in Los Angeles. These mansions, have things like 8,000 square foot master bedrooms. IMAX movie theatres. Champagne rooms. The homes of us working stiffs, are about 1,500 square feet. Just a bedroom of these behemoths can fit an entire house in them. There is a mansion for sale in Bel Air that is going for 500 million. Its the size of a shopping mall. Its 110,000 square feet, and has a bowling alley, night club, casino, and 4 swimming pools. These mega mansions, are total self indulgence. Narcissism off the charts. This is truly horrible, but it has become the be all, and end all of our society. This is worse then the conspicuous consumption of the "robber baron" days of the 1880's. The overweening greed, and glorification of greed. The declaration that all are not equal. Some consider themselves as demigods. This is a clear declaration, that we common people, serve no useful purpose, and are worth less then garbage in this Capitalist hell hole of our OWN making. Yes, our own making. We allowed it to happen. We allow it to continue. It will only get worse. Far worse. Look at the presidential candidates for 2016. Both parties. All millionaires. All with CLOSE ties to Wall Street. No working class hero among this crowd of opportunistic megalomaniacs. Just people who are stooges of Wall Street. Who will do their bidding, and use the power of govt to help screw the American even more. The American middle class, the bedrock of this nation and society, is shrinking. Its down by over a full third. The majority of Americans, are no longer middle class. As things go on, most Americans won't even be working class. Most will be poor. We'll have just the very rich, and very poor, like Latin America. That's why our rich ruling elite is so dilatory about dealing with illegal immigration. They want people use to a system like that here, as we become like there.
Fellow Aryan. We can continue to sit on our hands, as our great American middle class lifestyle disappears, and we continue to become poor peons in an Hispanic nation, or we can be Aryans. Resist this future the 1% have in mind for us. If we unite, we can achieve much. We can battle the awful internal rot that is killing our society/nation/world. Either we resist, or become a poor, miserable minority, doomed to poverty, and political impotence. The ANP is our salvation. The ONLY group trying to save us, the white Aryans of the USA. Donate to it. Both money, and your time, for giving out literature. We have got to stop this new religion of the glorification of greed. This current state of affairs is an affront to god and humankind. The virtual worship of money (mammon), and the glorification of the rich. The rich of this country are out of control. They dare think of themselves as gods. They need to be brought back to earth, and brought to heel. A united Aryan people can do much. Our history shows this time and again. Help support ANP. Time is running out. Its way past time that power be taken from Wall Street, and put back where it belongs, Main Street.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Nihilism: 1) Rejection of all religious and moral principles
                 2) Belief that life is meaningless.

Why the dictionary definition? Because it is such a relevant topic for our society today. Americans today, believe in nothing. Trust in nothing. Care about nothing. Nothing except themselves. We've lost our moral compass. Even worse, we've lost our sanity. The fact that we have such an abysmal field of candidates for president, shows this. We have a field of politicians running for the highest office in the land, who I wouldn't even vote for dog catcher. People who are greedy to high heaven, and total ego maniacs. This is what our civilization has been reduced to. A giant joke. Americans reject religion/nation/race as anything to believe in. Even family. This is catastrophe waiting to happen. We see the results every damn day. As we believe in nothing, we lose out. Without unity, which is based on "faith" in someone or something, we are lost. Just look at our society. The smallest outlaw biker gang has 500 people. The Crips, and the Bloods, have 30,000 members a piece. The ANP hasn't anything like this in supporters. Criminal gangs have far more support, because rather then belief in race, most people believe in money. Our economy is a sham. OFFICIAL unemployment may be 5%, but it is really far worse, as many have simply given up looking. Having a job today, is little more then slavery. Look at retail for an example. Hours can be cut to just 2 for the day. Or a day can be 12 hours. Whatever the employer feels like. All based on GREED. How much money is at stake. Compassion, decency, caring. all but unknown as greed takes over. The emptiness of money as a master, leaves no space for any other emotions, especially compassion. Look at what a money/greed based society is doing to us. The majority of the US is NO longer middle class. I'll repeat that. The majority of the US is no longer middle class. The "sharing economics", is in reality killing us. People are used, and abused, all in the cause of profit. Making money. WE are allowing our society to become a slave society. A society in which having a job, is tantamount o being a slave. Ancient Rome, had 1 out of every 3 people a slave. We are now doing the same thing. Besides outsourcing jobs overseas, our rich ruling elite is allowing illegal immigrant Hispanics, and Muslim Semitic Arabs to come and settle. As if we don't have enough people looking for work as it is. They want these groups, as they work cheap, and are much  more easily exploited then Aryans. This is deplorable. Soon we Aryans will be outnumbered. Outnumbered, outvoted, and marginalized. There are no champions for us Aryans. We must believe in ourselves. Believe in the concept of race. Believe in our future as a race. Believe in future for our kids. Unless we accept, and believe in our race, and ourselves, we can expect a very dim future. Very probably, no future.
Unless we believe in ourselves, we are lost. Our Aryan ancestors built, and did great things. They led the way to the modern world we have now. All this will soon be lost, unless we again embrace who, and what we are. Aryans. The race that achieves. The race that does. The race that use to believe. Believe again. Accept race as the principal to live by. Live for. Embrace, the race. If we continue on the empty path of non belief, we will become an empty race, fit for nothing, capable of nothing. Believe in your race. BELIEVE IN YOUR RACE. Its believing in yourself. Donate to the ANP. It is struggling to revive the Aryan race belief in itself once again. It is fighting against the racial apathy, and self loathing that our society is trying to foist upon us. Our schools teach Aryan racial self hatred, when schools should be teaching racial self pride. We must reverse this. Gain back control of our schools and our kids. ANP needs your time to distribute literature. We must get the word out, and resurrect the Aryan ideal. The media is closed off to us, so we must give out lit. Help us. Believe in the Aryan ideal once again. Spread the word. Believe. We need a govt that is not hostile to us Aryans. We can achieve this. Locally at first, but then on to the nation. Getting Aryans to believe in their race once again. The concept of race guarantees fairness, just as Capitalism guarantees inequality. Believe. Donate. Help. A great race needs YOUR help, to be great once again.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The coming storm.

Our society is not at all equal. We have the very rich, and the very poor. The once vaunted middle class is slowly eroding away. The American middle class has already been reduced by at least a third, probably more by now. The big draw of America has always been that it offered hope, that things would get better. That people could better their lives, but especially their kids. Now that hope fades. The Capitalist class has outsourced jobs overseas. The political class aids and abets them in this endeavor. The fact that this causes major job loss, and in turn, economic catastrophe to the non rich, is ignored. This is now. What about the future? People, as per usual, are hoping the coming presidential election will elect someone who will save them. This is utter insanity. Who of the candidates is REALLY for the little guy? All the candidates are rich. Sanders wants us to become totally liberal. Translation, let non whites rule, while white Aryans get shoved into the background, to wallow in poverty. He's just George McGovern come back from the dead. The rest are all creatures of Wall Street in one way or another. The great working class hero Clinton, actually has a history of being cozy with Wall Street. All the candidates are millionaires. No Joe working man among them. Who will help us, the common folk? The answer is no one. Not anyone of this bunch. Whoever wins, we lose. Sanders will establish a non white govt. The rest will establish a Capitalist dictatorship, one even worse then we have now. Face the facts. Our politicians go where the money is. They like being wealthy and powerful. They are out for themselves. WE, the common working people of the US have no savior coming in this election. If the trend continues, we'll soon not even have the shirts on our backs. Our govt, ruled by ZOG, is a total Capitalist sell out. As president Coolidge said: "the business of America is business". This will continue, and get far worse. As unions get busted, and jobs outsourced, and US workers must compete with illegal immigrants, the American workers status will go to rock bottom. As our economy erodes at home, our rich ruling elite, will continue to make war. Any group/ideology/religion, not pro Capitalism, will be warred against by our ruling elite. Like the current crusade against Islam. Its not pro Capitalist enough to suit Wall Street, so we war against it. Make no mistake, these wars we fight are bullshit. Totally unnecessary. Islam, and the Arab world, fight us, because ZOG has us firmly allied with Israel. For all intents and purposes, the US is just an Israeli colony. Since we ally ourselves with their enemy, the Islam/Arab nations consider us their enemy also. Hence the constant warfare. We the common folk bear the brunt. Our rich ruling elite sits back in their mansions, surrounded by guards and walls, and relax counting their money. They can afford to relax, they're not going into combat to fight, possibly die, to keep them rich and powerful, and Israel supreme.
Do YOU really, honestly expect the forth coming election to "save" us? Look at what creatures have inhabited the White House so far. Clinton couldn't keep his pants on. George W. Bush got us into war with Islam. Obama talked great, but is a total weakling. What's next? Nothing good I assure you. How can it ever be good, when we're stuck with the Judeo-Capitalist system that we have. A system, in which money is all that matters. A system in which the wealthy have, and control, everything. The common people have little, and continue to lose that, The common folk get screwed at every turn. We're just cannon fodder for the Judeo-Capitalist war machine. Expected to fight for world Capitalism, and to make Israel safe. This is all that political life in America has come to, and it will remain  the same, no matter which system drone wins the election. ANP is fighting to change the system. To go from money loving Capitalism, to race loving National Socialism. A race based system would be light years from how we are now. ANP is entering local elections. Build a local power base. Then move on. Eventually competing for national office. A NS govt will be a far cry from the corruption we have now. Donate money to ANP. Elections cost big bucks, even on the local level. Donate your time, to give out lit. Since the enemy has shut us out of the media, lit is our only way to  spread the good word. We need to save ourselves. No hero will be elected in this system to save us. Only screw us worse. Help ANP. Its fighting for a future for our race. To help our kids live their lives as free Aryans, not the helots of the Judeo-Capitalists, or become a marginalized minority race in a sea of mud peoples. Our very existence is at stake. Let's take our destiny in our own hands and make sure its the right one.