Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the year 2065

White Aryans. We as a race are in deep trouble. We literally stand on the threshold of extinction in the USA. Non whites are flooding in. To make matters worse, white Aryans are no longer having children. ZOG's family killing policies are taking a terrific toll on white Aryan family life. Thanks to feminism, gay/lesbian rights, and just plain selfishness, white Aryans no longer believe in having families. No kids, means no reproduction, means NO future race of white Aryans in the USA. It has been estimated that by 2055, Asians will be 36% of the US population. Hispanics, 34%. Together that makes 70%. The rest will be whites, and blacks. White Aryans are losing control of this country day by day, minute by minute. Soon we'll be a minority. A most oppressed one. Non whites hate us, and will treat us harshly. Once THEY have the power, we will suffer very greatly.
By the year 2065, the white Aryan population will be 46% of the US population. Right now its 62%. Hispanics will be 24%. Right now they're 18%. Asians will be 14%. Right now they're 6%. Blacks will be 13%. Right now they're 12%. Unless we get a family friendly system in place, our race is doomed. Right now raising kids is hard, and very expensive. Judeo-Capitalism doesn't care. Unless something results in profit, they could care less about it. National Socialism on the other hand believes in the family as THE building block of a racial society. A strong family means a healthy race, and strong vital society/nation. Dysfunctional family life means dysfunctional future citizens. No family means no life. As Hitler said, " what is life, life is the nation". No kids, means no nation/race/society.
To help with the cost of raising a family, National Socialism would give everyone interested child care allowances. A stipend to help with costs. Be they for medical needs, schooling, food/clothing/shelter. NS Germany actually awarded medals, "mothers cross", to mothers of 5 or more children. Doesn't having a helpful govt sound better then continuing to live in a family hostile system like we have now. Prices keep going up. Yet wages are stagnant. The govt  interferes with lots of rules and regulations, but no meaningful help. We need a govt willing to keep a helping hand to its racial folk community.
ZOG wants white Aryans to disappear. The fewer the better. They want passive submissive slave workers. Hence the importation of illegal immigrants. Workers who work cheap, less they get deported. Pseudo slaves. Hence nothing is done to curb the illegal immigrant flood. Our rich ruling elite wants it to keep going and grow. The better to substitute white Aryan with Asian and especially Hispanic.
Is this what YOU want? A mud nation. The total lack of white Aryans. This is what is coming. Unless white Aryans have children, and lots of them, this is what we can expect. Unless we get a system dedicated to taking care of its citizens, and giving them a needed helping hand, we will continue to rot away as a race. National Socialism believes in race. Race is NOT a dirty word. Its what you are. What you should unite with, and support. Help ANP bring about a pro family system. Race is the highest consideration in NS. Don't you want help with the costs of life and raising a family? Donate to ANP. Help give out lit. Help counteract the enemy brainwashing that has our people thinking family is wrong, and something not to bother with. A world with out  family will be a lonely place, and well nigh anarchic. This world is hellish enough, let's not add to it. Let us have family, and care for family, as white Aryans have done and can do again. A civilization is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it dies of neglect, and uncaring.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A decaying society.

Our controlled media constantly harps about the govt line that all is well. Our Judeo-Capitalist masters want us to think we're OK. The truth is that we're a decaying society. Wages for the working class are stagnant. Yes, STAGNANT. There will be NO cost of living raise for Social Security recipients in 2016. Our rich ruling elite could care less about us common folk. The fact that WE have to struggle to live is of no concern to them at all. We common working folk are getting the short end of the stick. The median income from 1988 to 2007, has gone down 7%.
Our rulers have their media stooges tell us that thanks to oil and gas drilling, our economy is doing well. But is it. There is a major GLUT of oil and natural gas. prices are very low. We were told fracking for natural gas created jobs. That is a semi truth. Jobs are created establishing a well. Once a well is set up, it needs only 2-3 people to keep it going. Everything is automated. Many people are no longer needed. We're told fracking is safe, by the industry. Yet many scientific studies show fracking fraught with peril. There is the great potential for contaminating ground water. There is also the chance that the process will cause minor earth tremors. When it comes to profits, people's safety and security goes out the window.
We white Aryans are fast becoming white nigger slaves. Working grueling hours at grueling jobs for peanuts. Our rich ruling elite would like to bring slavery back. Not just Negro slavery, but enslave all other groups, with the rich elite sitting pretty on a mountain of money. Unions are being destroyed. Undermined by outsourcing jobs overseas. Wages are stagnant. Employers simply don't want to pay decent wages. Now we have waves of Muslims and Hispanics flooding in. Many illegally. Illegals work cheap, so our ruling elite is loath to do anything about illegal immigration except mere lip service.
Unless we white Aryans stick up for ourselves, and insist on our rights, we will be no better off then medieval peasants were during the Middle Ages. We MUST unite. Together we can do much. Singly we can do little or nothing. The ANP is our salvation. It is trying to unite white Aryans into a mighty political party, that can and will protect white rights. Without it we are individually helpless. Think how a mighty white Aryan party could do things. Have laws passed protecting white rights. Restoring sorely abused white pride. Helping white people live with dignity and respect, not letting them be treated like animals. Less then animals. The ANP wants to build a political organization that can contest local elections. This can be done easily. Then as a political base is created, further up the political power chain till it contests national elections.
Donate to the ANP. Money is needed for supplies. It gives out literature, since the mass media is Jew controlled and hostile to white Aryan interests. Help give out lit. A little of your time, can help mightily in the cause of white life and liberty. Either we unite and fight the oppressor, or we continue to cave in, and be little more then slaves. Our fate is in our very own hands. What we do will affect us, and especially our children for ages to come.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our traitorus system

The US govt, is no longer the helpful friendly type. It works overtime now screwing its very own people. The once sacrosanct social contract is now in ruins. The betrayal is most noticeable in Social Security. The system set up to help and protect the old and poor, is fast becoming worthless. Social Security is suppose to help people survive. Not so much live, as at least survive. Yet, Congress is short changing the system. There will be NO cost of living raise for Social Security for 2016. No adequate explanation has been given, but is one really necessary. Congress is a millionaires club. People not at all disposed to helping their fellow humans. The plight of the elderly/ poor in the USA is bad and getting worse. Social Security was meant to help the poor elderly have dignity in their "golden years". Instead, now they're getting a kick in the teeth. Medicare part D deductibles have gone up to $360. A 12.5% increase. The initial coverage limit, has gone up to $3,310. An increase of 11.8% The catastrophe limit has gone up to $7,515. An increase of 6.4%.
For people on fixed incomes, every dollar counts. More expense means less money to live on. People whose only offense is that they're old and/or poor, are being given the royal screw job. This from a rich ruling elite, that doesn't have a clue what a supermarket price scanner is for, or does. Our rich ruling elite, would much rather make war, then care for our societies most weak and vulnerable. They are far more interested in fighting with anti Judeo-Capitalist Islam, then caring for their own. When the hell are we ever going to get out of Afghanistan? Obama now wants to keep troops there past 2016. None of the other candidates will get us out. Every presidential candidate wants to play soldier. Be "commander in chief". Be a war winning hero. No matter how long it takes. No matter how many die. No matter how much money is squandered. To our rich ruling elite, not being Judeo-Capitalist is NOT an option. Hence our troops go in to change attitudes. A fruitless mission, as Afghan culture dictates a different way of life then we have in this country. Yet our troops soldier on, in a cause as hopeless as Vietnam was. You can't successfully fight someone else's fight. Either they do it, or it doesn't work. Vietnamization was a good idea, it was just done in the wrong place/context. Keeping our troops fighting the Afghan govt war is a waste. It won't work. What it will do, is cost money. Money needed here at home, to care for our people. Money needed to care for our elderly who were good citizens. Loyal citizens. People who have worked hard all their lives, and just want to be able to finally have rest. Our elderly shouldn't have to eat dog food in order to survive. That is truly disgraceful, but this is what it is coming to. People who need govt help to get by, are now getting the shaft. Talk about betrayal. How is someone old and sick suppose to get by, when the govt constantly shirks its responsibility to care for its citizens. This country is so screwed up, we now care for ILLEGAL immigrants. People who have no right to anything, yet are now getting everything. In the meantime, people who are natural citizens, born and raised in the US are having their needs ignored. People on a fixed income need aid. Not increases in costs. Just a difference of $30 a month, can make the difference of having a shabby home/apt, or no place whatsoever to call home. Its that close. Far too many elderly, in the US, live on the razor's edge. The slightest deviation can bring disaster. For the want of a cost of living raise, they face not just "poverty", but the worst kind of want. The lack of any kind of decent life. This is a stab in the back our people don't deserve. For God's sake, our people deserve to die with at least a little dignity, and comfort.
WE need to stop this. We need to stand up to this. The 1% are heartless. They could care less how our people are suffering. ANP cares a great deal. For it, the people, the race, matters above all else. No matter how old, or sick, the race must be cared for. The natural way of each caring for its own. Its the decent thing to do. Help ANP care for those in need. We need a new way National Socialism. people deserve to die as humans, not be treated as garbage. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. We need to change beliefs/attitudes/expectations in this country. If we don't, we can all expect to die poor and miserable. Ignored by an uncaring, callous system. Our govt should be a help, not a rip off. No more money for wars. Our people need care. Lots of it. Help ANP do so. If not, watch YOUR Social Security fade away. Spent on hopeless war. How do YOU want to retire? Poor and starving, or with a modicum of dignity and happiness.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

NO! The new middle class word.

The American middle class use to be able to look forward to buying a great many things. Well, things are now very changed. These days, its not what the middle class can buy, its what they now can't.
NO new vehicles. The prices of new vehicles, are now beyond the price range of most middle class households. NO vacations. The idea of getting away for two glorious weeks somewhere is now out of the question for most households. Even if they have the money, TIME is no longer available, as Americans can no longer get time off to do anything, by employers chaining them to the oar. NO student loans. Our govt in its wisdom has decided students should work their way thru college, just like the good old days. The fact being that college is far more expensive now then in the good old days doesn't matter at all to our rich ruling elite. They'd like nothing better then to keep college exclusively for the rich. Hence our students who can even afford college, end up with crippling debt after graduation. Debt that takes decades to pay off. NO emergency savings. The old rainy day fund is history. American middle class households need every cent to be able to pay off their bills. No extra money to set aside. NO retirement. No golden years. Just a life of servitude. Work till you drop, is the new philosophy of workplace America. Consider it sort of the new plantation system. Instead of Negro slaves, we now have working whites who are trapped by debt into working forever, without hope of any leisure, or even a break. Most workers can't afford to retire. Can't get enough savings, and our govt no longer believes is helping people retire. Our govt nowadays is a Capitalist overseer keeping the whip of "productivity" cracking all the live long day. NO medical care. Our govt , controlled by a rich ruling elite, believes in medicine the old fashion way. Cure yourself or die. The tech is now there, but it now it is a matter of money whether you get it. No money, your left to die by the wayside. The govt no longer believes it should take care of its own people. If you can't work, your jettisoned as worthless garbage. What a way to repay a lifetime of hard work and loyalty. NO dental coverage. Our govt feels if you lose your teeth so be it. With the cut back in benefits in companies, people who once had excellent dental coverage, now have rotting teeth, just like our ancestors. So much for progress. We can save teeth, but too few can afford to do so, on low wages, without benefits. Unions helped in this a lot, but as they die, so does dental coverage. NO paycheck. Some companies actually have the gall to delay pay, for all sorts of reasons. The usual real reason, is to delay pay, so the company can make a few extra bucks on interest on the accounts. Hurting the worker, is now the new national sport, but then this is a Judeo-Capitalist system, where workers have no worth, and are exploited to the max.
Had enough of the above? Our American middle class lifestyle is dying. Workers are being screwed 24/7. Our govt is just a Capitalist tool, and helps maximize profit, rather then insure worker rights. Safety, once a hallmark of things American, is now just a sick joke, as companies flout it. Safety costs profits. If you're tired of the above, can see the writing on the wall, then do something. Donate to the ANP. We need a National Socialist system. A system devoted to care of the race. Profit is a dirty word. It brings exploitation. Workers get deprived of needs, while Capitalist fat cats grow rich on profits. profits built on the sweat of the workers. This has got to stop. Donate money to ANP. Help in the battle for worker survival. Give out lit to get the word out. The rich ruling elite doesn't want anything said about social justice. Hence the media silence on the subject. ANP is the only force for workers anymore. Unions are dying off. Unions are being screwed by open shops, outsourcing overseas, illegal immigrants scabbing and strikebreaking. Only ANP will see that the above goes back to YES. Keep supporting the system we have, and the list of NO above will only grow longer, and get worse. Do you want to be a slave? See your kids become slaves. Its happening. Only NS can stop it. The govt should rule business, NOT as here business rules govt. Join us. Help us. HELP! White Aryans are fast becoming slave workers. Low pay, no benefits. Either we change the system, or we slowly sink into interest slavery. American worker, free yourself. The means is at hand. ANP can make you free. You have only to support it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

US Congress, the Best money can BUY.

The US Congress is a collection of rich folks. No common folk there. It is of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. If your not rich, its the hell with you. If you can't cough up cash, and a lot of it, you're worthless in your "representatives' eyes. In the US Congress, money talks, and even more, listens to problems, and acts on them. No money, no action.
Go ahead and write your Congressperson about your feelings. Many people did about the bank bailout. They opposed it. Sailed thru anyway. You can bet, that if you backed up your objections with mountains of cash, even if you lived in the heart of the Rockies, they'd be parachuting to you to kiss your ass. No money = no influence. The more money, the more they listen. Our Congress has always favored the rich, over the poor, but now its like a religion.
Before Reagan, the top tax rate was 70%. The growth in the US economy was 5%. After Reagan, the top tax rate was a mere 30%. The growth rate of the US economy was 30%. Wealth controls both parties. Don't believe the Democrats as the party of the working man. They're just as corrupt. Both parties could care less about the needs of the common folk. Especially the working poor. They are perfectly content to run up the National Debt. It doesn't bother them to owe China, as long as they can get money from their Judeo-Capitalist masters, making fortunes outsourcing to China, and wherever. The rich want to eliminate social programs. They take the view all must work, even if they really can't. If you don't work, you must be lazy. Doesn't matter if your in a wheelchair, or have cancer. Work. Find something to do. The govt shouldn't help. Govt help might make you less willing to work for pennies to survive, and our Capitalists can't have that. The rich ruling elite is leading an assault on all other classes. It is class warfare at its most ugly. Their idea is to screw the others. They must profit, and all others can fall by the wayside. The US middle class has already shrunk by a third. The US middle class is dying. Being ground down in an economic war of attrition. Overseas nations are used as scabs, and strikebreakers. That's why jobs are outsourced. Beat US workers out of decent wages and benefits employment.
We are living in a worldwide plutocracy. The wealthy rule. The non wealthy struggle to survive. It has always been so. You'd think by now there would be a better way. Alas no. Various other ways were tried. Fascism, Nazism, Communism. All have failed for various reasons. Now there is Islamism. Hence the war against Islam. Any religion, or ideology against Judeo-Capitalism, is attacked with intention of destruction, as no opposition is tolerated. Currently, in the world right NOW, 50 families control the bulk of the world's wealth. Sound fantastic? Yes, it does, but its the logic of Capitalism, that always has one person, having far more then a group. Those who strive for wealth, eat/sleep/live money. Its all they think or care about. Humanitarian concerns are never on the radar. Capitalism is encouraging selfishness. How can you not have inequality. Goes with the territory.
National Socialism was tried, but destroyed. It should be tried again. We NEED a system that is NOT money crazy. NS concerns itself with the race, NOT money. Not Profit. The RACE. If you want a govt system that doesn't just take care of you, but actually promotes your welfare, you need to make a change. This country needs to make a change. The world needs to make a change. We can continue with the system we have, and slowly watch the rich get richer and the rest of us get squeezed economically, or we can make a change, and get a system DEVOTED, to us, the common white Aryans. We work hard. Are law abiding. We don't deserve to be treated as less then dogs. Time to end elite rule. We don't need a Congress of rich people out to screw us at every turn. Support the ANP. Donate to your freedom and survival. Money, and time to give lit. United we can win. We can amass strength. Run for local office, then move on up as we grow stronger. Eventually going to where we really can do some good. Stop kissing nigger ass. Stop letting Hispanics and Asians overrun us. Stop letting Judeo-Capitalism work us as pseudo slaves. It CAN be done, if we work at it.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Class warfare

Marx predicted class warfare, but was dismissed as a lunatic. Well, he was right. There is a growing class inequality around the planet. One that can be dropped at Judeo-Capitalism's doorstep. Look at the Koch brothers. The Walton family. Two groups worth literally billions. Yet its never enough. They always want more. More wealth, more power. More, more, more. You see, the rich of this world have come to believe they are well nigh gods. Blasphemous, but all too true. They feel because they are rich they are better, and deserve to live better. Helping out the less fortunate is dismissed as throwing good money after bad. To the rich ruling elite, if you're not rich, you must be lazy and stupid, and deserving of poverty and suffering.
Look at the USA. The rich ruling elite wants to eliminate any and all social programs. Eliminate Medicare, Social security, college student loans, etc.. To their minds, if your poor, you deserve no consideration whatsoever. The Christian message of charity to the less fortunate is rejected, and ignored. Only money means anything to our ruling plutocracy. Look at supposedly socialist Obama. He who is worth 3 million.He's a total Capitalist tool. What a phony. He is nothing but a snake oil con man. He conned a country into thinking it was getting something different, when in reality, it was same old, same old. The rich don't want to pay taxes to support others. In their medieval minds, the poor deserve no consideration what so ever. Thing is, thanks to tax loopholes, our rich pay little or nothing in taxes. The tax structure doesn't even affect them, so why the opposition? Go figure. No, in this country, we now have a WAR against the poor. To be poor is to be garbage, and you must be punished for same.
Our rich ruling elite, would much rather war against Islam, then help their fellow citizens. They want, so they take. Islam isn't Capitalist enough, so it is opposed even unto war. Our rich ruling elite are in the process of plundering planet earth, to enhance their fortunes. They do NOT care one whit who gets hurt in the process. Its all for war, nothing for people. They use their controlled media, to push their agenda. They tell us commoners, all is well. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, the common people are suffering. Suffering greatly. Barely making it.
As an example, we keep hearing how good the economy is. The job creation that is going on. A LIE. Just for WHITE MALES, the unemployment rate is currently at 30%. For other racial groups, it is higher. Does this sound like things are OK? Too often, we're sold a bill of goods, and unfortunately believe it. We believe because we want to believe. We want to believe our leaders care about us, and want to help us. False hope. Our rich ruling elite wants us to have hope, as it keeps down the  desire for rebellion. The policy is, "tell them anything to keep them tame".
I for one, am tired of seeing the rich buy 50 million dollar yachts, and super expensive cars, and mansions, while many common people suffer. It is NOT right that people live on the verge of starvation and are homeless. Poverty is not due to laziness. Many are poor, because they lost their jobs. Lost their jobs to outsourcing overseas, because rich fat cats want ever more profit, and can pay near slave wages overseas.
We have two stark choices. We can accept how we're living, and continue to do so. We can say no. Either we accept a Judeo-Capitalist system that is cold hearted and cruel, or we rebel and become free. We  of the ANP say no. We ask you to help us say no. Refuse to be dogs. We believe  National Socialism is the creed that will save us. Give everyone a true chance in life. We need a system that stresses people, thru the race, not money thru greed and avarice. Donate money. Donate time. Help your own race survive. The Aryan people have achieved so much, it is wrong to have them treated like dirt. Workers deserve respect. People deserve help when needed. Our rulers are fun loving, and cold hearted. National Socialism can put heart back into the body politic. ANP is running candidates for local office. As power is won at the local level, ANP will be able to go up the ladder. Eventually national, and be able to change things for the right. Choose life and dignity. Help ANP, bring a new, and far better system into play. We need NOT live like dogs, if we do not wish to do so.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Jews.

We are constantly bombarded by how wonderful the Jews are. Our Jew controlled media, would have us believe the Jew is 1 a victim, and 2 the Israeli Jew as hero. Disagree with the Jews, and you're immediately painted as an evil anti Semitic racist. The reality is really quite different.
The Jews create their own mess. Constantly going on about being God's "chosen" people. They constantly rub everyone's nose in it. Not a good way to make friends. The Jews own arrogance continuously does them in. If they had played their cards right, Judaism may very well have become the official religion of the Roman Empire. At one point, Jews made up one tenth of the Roman Empire. Their arrogance did them in. They insisted on male circumcision, while Christianity did not.. History is filled with countless instances of Jew arrogance doing them in. Over and over.
The Jews use the Holocaust as a club to beat non Jews over the head with. What total arrogance. READ the Old Testament of the Bible. It is filled with countless instances of Jews committing genocide. The Midianites, Amalekites, and countless many other peoples were literally annihilated by the Jews. All in the name of God. They were the "chosen" ones, so it was A-OK for them to do so. The money of the Jewish lobby flows freely, when it is something the Jews are interested in/care about. Hence US foreign policy is trapped in a constant web of pro Jewish policies, that are very seldom good for the USA. America makes enemies of the Arab/Muslim worlds, just because our congressmen are greedy sellouts to what in reality is a fifth column. The USA fights Israel's wars for it. All the blood and treasure that has been spent to preserve a Jewish state, that in reality, is unviable, and will die out eventually. Israel has 8 million people. It is starting to have population problems as there are too many people, and too little land. Besides, the Arab birthrate is far greater, and the Jews will simply be outnumbered in the near future. Do the Jews care, no. They live in their own world, with their own reality.
The Jews are way too liberal. They make up 90% of the ACLU. They are always pushing the liberal agenda, even if detrimental to their host country. They frankly don't care about any but themselves, and causes they believe in. Hence, using their money power, they push things like civil rights, feminism, gay/lesbian rights, even if their host country does not approve. For them, its always what THEY want. No other opinions allowed. Disagree, and you get the evil anti Semite thrown in your face.
I for one, am tired of fighting Israel's wars for it. If we, the US, stopped being Israel's slave, and supporting them carte blanche, I am convinced, we could have peace, and even friendship with Arab/Islamic countries. If we want friendship we have to act like friends. Right now, thanks to Jew power and influence, we act like allies of Israel. Even more then that, that we are Israel's slave, and do whatever ordered, no matter what. Peace is quite possible, but will never be, because our politicians are race traitors of the first magnitude. They obey Jew cash, not the good of the nation.
The ANP opposes the Jews because of their actions. Not, because they're Semites, or non Christian or any other reason. It is NOT hate that drives ANP. That's what the Jew propaganda wants you to think. ANP opposes Jew policies, precisely because they're Jew policies, not in the interests of the USA. It is all too simple. We can continue to slavishly obey the Jews, and fight and die in their wars, to protect THEIR "sacred" Israel, or we can do as is best for we white Aryans. Our own self interest. We can and we must rid ourselves of this corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system we live under. Only then will we no longer fight the Jew's wars, and save our own peoples lives. Support ANP. Donate money. Lots of it. The Jews certainly do with their causes. Give out lit. The Jews control the media, so they get their message out 24/7. We Aryans have no such advantage. We have to do things the old fashioned way. Paper flyers. The word must be gotten out. We have GOT to break the Jew brainwashing. The very existence of our white Aryan race depends on it. Unless and until we get our people thinking again, we will continue to fight and die in Jew inspired wars, as our homeland is overrun with non white alien peoples, whom the Jews welcome as a semi slave workforce, and people easy to manipulate. Jew control must stop, and only we Aryans can stop it and free ourselves.