Thursday, September 24, 2015

The enemy within.

The danger, of illegal aliens flooding into our country, isn't just that they foster unfair competition for jobs. The unseen danger, ignored by the enemy controlled liberal media is that they pose a grave danger to us. Politically. Illegal aliens are now showing up in govt. At first local, but I'm sure there are some in higher govt, and more to follow. Can you imagine a worse case. Illegal aliens running YOUR life. People with NO legal right to be in this country, actually taking over govt and giving proper citizens orders. Its happening right now. People who seem OK, are not. We cannot afford to let illegal immigrants do as they please. Liberals cry about the "rights" of the poor illegals. Bullshit. How the hell can you have rights if you're not even a citizen. The liberals always have their heads up their asses.
To let illegal immigrants take over is societal suicide, not to mention racial suicide. If they don't belong, they have no say, and certainly shouldn't be allowed to run things. Illegal immigrants do NOT belong in local govt at all. To do so, is rewarding people who break the law. Isn't upholding the law a cardinal principal of govt. Jackasses like Obama can talk, He's safe in the White House surrounded by Secret Service guards. He never has to deal with it, so he can afford to shoot his mouth off. Our govt is so damn hypocritical, and two faced its nauseating. Congress can talk about helping immigrants, since they're all millionaires, living in mansions, and never having to get dirty rubbing shoulders with the great unwashed.
The lunk head liberal media wants you to think that just let in illegal immigrants, and they'll automatically transform into good American citizens. What crap. Don't be fooled. Theses people are as alien, as if they came from another planet. They represent an entirely different culture, and racial mix. The illegal immigrants are from Latin America. They speak Spanish. They are mestizo, in that they are half white, half Native American. They are very different from us, and they have no intention of assimilating. They intend to turn the USA, into just another Latin American nation. Sure not a prospect I relish. Our leaders betray us by going along. They look at it solely as getting a cheap workforce. Pseudo slaves. Our rich ruling elite is just that. Rich. They only care about money, not race. This country can go to racial hell, and they could care less. They think that they're cut off behind their mansion walls. Its us common people who must bear the brunt of the immigrant invasion. Not only are they taking our jobs, but our govts as well. Look how many Hispanics are in the govts of Texas, and California. They pretty much run the show. Are many are really illegal. Very many I say. people who don't even deserve citizenship are running the show. Their real agenda, to make the country safe for more and more illegal immigrants to flood in. Don't you think is our govt really wanted it stopped, they'd stop it. No, too many sellouts are collaborating with the enemy. Our govt is fast becoming the bastion of an enemy race. One determined to take over and rule, just like in their homelands. From what I've seen of Latin America, that's a very dismal prospect.
Unless we unite, and put an end to illegal immigration, we White Aryans will be overwhelmed. We'll lose our racial identity and our land, and culture. We must unite. National Socialism stands above all for racial survival. Unified under the banner of the ANP, we can oppose the invasion. We can force our govt to stop it, because we white Aryans will be the govt. No more kiss ass liberals, or money worshipping greedy fat cats running the show. An Aryan govt for the Aryans. We need to vote white Aryan. WE need to have white Aryan candidates devoted to the white Aryan cause. Donate to ANP. Give of your time to give lit. Run for local office. Keep your NS to yourself. Local office is important, because it means local influence. The illegal immigrants have learned that lesson already. Power is important at any level. Grab what you can get, always. We have a black president. A total jackass. An Hispanic president isn't far behind. Unless we throw a money wrench into the illegal immigrant works, we'll soon be ruled over by aliens, in a horror scenario worse then any horror movie.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The US economy.

The Judeo-Capitalists controlled media, never tires of telling us how great things are. Compared to what? Compared to Uganda maybe, but how things were in this country, and are now, there is a huge gap. Unions are on the run in the USA. Far too much pro employer legislation. By destroying union power, Workers are being left with no power. No way to challenge companies. Forced on a take it or leave basis. College costs in the US have risen 1000%. Yet wages have risen barely 10%. Basically workers wages in the USA are stagnant. That spells big trouble for the common people trying to get by. Big trouble. This Judeo-Capitalist economy exists solely on the principal of money. With money you live well. Without money, you live poor and miserable. Our workers are hurting. You workers, you're being screwed. Royally screwed. Your jobs are being sent overseas. The jobs left here, minimum wage/no benefit, have to be fought over with illegal very low wage illegal immigrants. there is no longer any gainful employment in this country anymore. Our jobs are being outsourced, while our wages are kept set in cement at a very low rate. How is the common worker suppose to survive. The fat cats running for the presidency could care less. The presidency is just a jewel in the crown. Something to stroke their enormous egos with. Our rich ruling elite doesn't give a whit about social justice. Doubt they even understand the term. American politics right now, is all about the rich getting richer, while us workers are left to struggle. Unless something is done, this country is fast becoming just another rich elite poor masses Latin American country. Is this what YOU want American worker? To become just a mere peon. To be a pseudo slave. To be a white nigger. This is what is happening. The American workforce is fast becoming impoverished. Soon we'll be poor and starving. How can we help but be so, when there are no jobs. No decent jobs. No jobs that let a worker feed their family. There already is malnutrition in the USA. Someday very soon, it will become outright starvation. Our leaders don't care. Nothing should be more sacred to a govt then to provide jobs to its workforce. People need to make a living. Calling the unemployed lazy is really rotten. How can people work, if there are no jobs. Our economy is subject to countless booms and busts. Capitalism is inherently unstable. It absolutely is unfair. No one should be able to buy a 50 million dollar yacht, or $400,000 RV, while many have to sleep on park benches or under traffic overpasses. The level of inequality in this country is at the same level it was in 1820. We've learned nothing. We're still treating our workers like crap. Countries overseas pay their workers slave wages. This lets them sell products very cheaply, undercutting countries like the US. Our workers don't want to work like slaves. They shouldn't have to. Every worker is entitled to a decent living wage. Every worker. A decent living wage. Letting the fat cats send jobs overseas, and sell their crap at giveaway prices here is just plain insane. Or incredibly callous, or both. We need to stop outsourcing. You don't give away your livelihood. Our workers deserve dignity. It is their RIGHT! We need a new system. One that respects and values the worker. One that stresses something else besides greed.
National Socialism stresses the race, not money/profit. The RACE!. Members of the race have value, no matter what they do. Making money is not, repeat not, the priority. We need a new path. A white Aryan should be valued for being a white Aryan. Judeo-Capitalism only values the rich. If you can't make money, your pond scum. We need a new system, with a new attitude. Workers need to be free to work. Not forced to take any job just to survive, as is all to much the case in the USA today.
The US economy is garbage. Don't buy the media hype. The media is controlled by those who have a vested interest in you thinking everything is rosy. Its not. Help the ANP bring freedom to workers. Keep jobs here at home where they belong. Give money, and time to give lit. Help change America from giant sweatshop, to nation of proud workers. Our kids deserve a future where they're not slaves, and playthings for fat cats to manipulate for their amusement.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


There is a lot of political talk about giving amnesty to illegal aliens in Europe, and especially the US. Hopefully this will not happen. It spells disaster if it is done. people who are in countries illegally deserve nothing but the boot. They are ILLEGAL. Lawbreakers. Why give them the slightest consideration. How about the people who follow the rules, and wait patiently for years to finally become citizens. Don't THEY deserve consideration for doing it the right way. Following the law. Going by the immigration book.
No, bleeding heart liberals say pity them, and cry over the poor immigrants. This is truly foolish, but that's the name of the game with liberalism. Crying for those who don't deserve pity. Look, its more then just a matter of legality. Whole nations/societies/races are at stake. Let in too many people, and there is an excellent chance you'll lose your national/racial identity. That's why we have immigration laws in the first place. To PROTECT the homeland. People who flout the law to get in, are NOT going to be solid citizens. You have to ask yourself, if they break the law getting in, what other laws might they break.
The peoples trying to get into Europe, are Arab Muslims. let enough get in, and you can kiss Aryan Christian Europe goodbye. These people have no intention of assimilating. They intend to take over. Make Aryan Christian Europe, into just another version of the Arab Muslim Middle East. Europe will lose its identity forever. Never to return. Is that what YOU want. Europe transformed.
Some stats. France has currently 7.5% of its population as Arab Muslim. Germany follows with 5.8%. Eastern Europe which is far tougher with immigration has .1% for Poland and Czech, and .2% for Slovakia. Quite a difference. If given amnesty, these numbers would change drastically, for the worse of Aryan Christian Europe. Instead Europe would be just another Arab Muslim land, and we all see how well life is in the Arab Middle East.
In the case of the USA, it is far worse. Many liberals in America say that illegal immigrants deserve amnesty. DESERVE? They deserve nothing but swift deportation back home. If your here illegally, you deserve nothing. You should get nothing, including sympathy. The US is already 30% Hispanic. What would it be like if amnesty were given. The USA is already well on its way to becoming a majority Hispanic nation. This means no more Aryan America. The majority would be mixed race mestizos. Are YOU willing to write your race off. Give non whites power over YOU and your kids for ever. The Hispanics must be kept at bay, not encouraged. Just how great would a Hispanic US be. Look at Latin America. How great is life there. Is this what YOU want. These people have no intention of assimilating one damn bit. Spanish would become our national language. Mexican food would predominate. What would this do to our crime levels, as drug cartels from south of the border become entrenched up here. The US, as a narco state. Not a prospect I welcome. What would happen to our precious kids. They'd be taught in Spanish. Lose their Aryan Identity and heritage. Become hooked on drugs as they flood in with the illegals. Liberals like to overlook the fact that our society could change radically, for the worse. This crap about how these people deserve a chance is just that crap. Our ancestors followed the rules. They assimilated. They adopted the US as their country, and abandoned the ways of the old country. The new immigrants will not. Lets not aid and abet our own societal destruction by giving mercy to those who are really undeserving of it. NO to amnesty. No to illegal immigration. They contribute nothing to society, so are totally undeserving of any societal benefits There is an old saying." Its nice to be a nice guy, but don't be a damn fool about it."

Monday, September 14, 2015

Gay/lesbian rights

Much is made these days about gay/lesbian rights. It is now liberal gospel that people have a "god" given right to have homosexual sex. It has even got to the point that we now are legalizing gay/lesbian marriage.
I find this a troubling trend. Even wrong headed. Typical liberalism at work. The Bible has a paragraph forbidding men to lie with each other like a man and woman would. Moral grounds aside, same sex marriage poses big trouble for a society. First and foremost it hurts family life. A society needs stable family life to truly thrive. Our terrible 50% divorce rate is already hurting American family life. Same sex marriage will kill it. I do NOT subscribe to the view that same sex families are just as good as heterosexual. There is no sexual balance in a same sex family. Children need role models. To have proper sexual roles, children need role models. Sexual role models. It has been scientifically proven that children will develop psychoses if not given sexual role models to follow. For example, how can a boy learn to be a man, if he grows up in a lesbian family structure. The odds are poor. Along the same vein, how can a girl grow up a normal female in a home with 2 dads.
Even more important. Gay/lesbian relationships hurt the racial state. In Hitler's Germany, his personal friend and right hand man, Ernst Rohm was gay. Hitler was incredibly tolerant of gay for the time. He didn't care a rat's ass about it, especially on moral grounds. Eventually he and Rohm had a falling out, but on political differences, not because Rohm was gay. Hitler was against homosexuality, because it harms the nation. A nation needs children to carry on. You really don't get children out of same sex couples. Hence, you end up not having a nation, or continuation of the race. Besides pleasure, sex is even more for REPRODUCTION. It seems an old fashioned concept these days, but it is a valid one nevertheless.
You can dismiss my comments, but think about it. If we stop having children, then where will be. If we have same sex couples adopting children, how can we possibly have well balanced normal families. How can our children really know what is expected, when they are getting an unbalanced family life. Unbalanced families, lead to dysfunctional society. You can not escape this consequence. Look at our society now. Perversion dominates. Movies and TV perpetuate this "alternate" lifestyle now. Is it any wonder our society is becoming more unbalanced, and perverse.
Our society is fast becoming abnormal. A society where the abnormal is becoming acceptable. Notice how our politicians are caving in. They are just fine with same sex relationships. Then again, how can you reasonably expect people without morals to take a moral stand, or stand for anything.
The major political parties, have caved to Jewish liberal ideas of "family" life. As per usual, its anything goes. These people have really strange morality. Same sex marriage is just as OK as race mixing. To liberals, nothing is really wrong. This is the old Jewish way of the gray area in everything. I say the hell with it. If you want a same sex relationship so be it. Keep it to yourself. Do NOT shove it in others faces. The ANP would not go checking in everyone's bedroom to see what they're doing. ANP is not for same sex marriage, on the grounds it is in the long run harmful to society. ANP is for the "RACE". Can't be for the race, when it doesn't exist. Reproduction is the name of the game. We need children. Balanced children, not children from an unbalanced environment. If you must do homosexuality, keep it to yourself. The society/race must come first and foremost always.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Racial suicide

Europe, and in particular Germany and Austria are committing racial suicide. The USA is committing racial suicide. A very wise author wrote a book in 1964. Its title is "Suicide of the West". In it, he talks on how liberalism will destroy Western civilization. The bleeding heart liberals, bleed far too much. They want to save the world. Thing is, they are only too willing to do so, even at the cost of destroying their own race/nation.
Europe is foolishly taking in refugees from Iraq and Syria. The people there have bought into the liberal line, "let's help these poor unfortunates". As noble as this sounds, it is really insane. It is aiding and abetting their own racial suicide. Germany and Austria are white Aryan Christian nations. The people they are taking in are Arab Semitic Muslims. In other words, Germany and Austria are taking in the exact opposite peoples of themselves. The liberals say they will assimilate, and eventually blend in. The same liberals who are mostly Semitic Jews. Like here in the US, the Jews think any group can be made an ally in their eternal war against Aryan Christian peoples. Nothing could be further from the truth. These people will not assimilate. They can't change their ethnicity. They are Semites. They will continue to speak Arabic, not German or any of the European languages. They will not abandon their Muslim faith. What they will do, is make Europe just another part of the Arab world. The Arabs were beaten back in 600 AD. Now, they can take over Europe, at the behest of its current occupants. By 2050, Europe will be Arab Muslim. It will not be the continent we currently know now at all. Europe needs to become a fortress, not a place to get handouts, to any and all, like unemployment insurance and welfare.
In the USA, it is being inundated by Hispanics. The USA is predominately white Aryan Christian. The Hispanics are mostly Roman Catholic Christian. BUT. They are mostly mestizo. Half white, half Native American in race. They speak Spanish while English is the language of America. Here too, liberals say to take in these poor economic refugees. Its the right thing to do. Right for who. Jews are the majority of liberalism. The liberal organization the ACLU is 80-90% Jewish. Jews have helped  blacks gain  civil rights, not out of true concern, but to use them as allies against their sworn enemies, white Aryan Christianity. Now they intend to use the Hispanics the same way. Use them to bedevil white Aryans, just like they've used the blacks. Hispanics cannot change their racial makeup. They are Roman Catholic Christian. They speak Spanish, rather then the national tongue of the USA English. As Hispanic numbers grow, the "Anglos" power will decrease, until soon, white Aryans will be a persecuted minority. By 2030, the USA is projected to be majority Hispanic.
In both cases, in Europe, and in the USA, the groups that are growing are alien to the people who live there. Once in power, they will shunt white Aryans off to ghettos, powerless, and impoverished. Neither group, Arab Muslim, or Hispanic likes white Aryans, and are sure to give them a hard time once they are in power and can safely do so. No matter what these asshole liberals say. Liberalism is ALWAYS in a make believe dream world rather then reality. They are either ignorant, or totally reckless, with the future of their peoples, but it comes down to they don't care about their welfare.
National Socialism cares very deeply about the future of its peoples. It wants they to survive and prosper. It opposes the blanket amnesty for refugees. It knows it is racial suicide to let hoarded of people over your borders, especially when they're alien peoples. Look what happened to ancient Rome. It was swamped, then eventually swept away. We have GOT to save ourselves. Our rich ruling elite doesn't care, because they think they are safe behind their mansion walls. They see the Hispanics as just a cheap work force. They are wrong. We are ALL in danger of becoming a powerless hopeless minority. A minority that will suffer greatly at the hands of alien peoples.
Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time for giving out lit. We white Aryans have got to get the rest of us on board, and out of racial dreamland. We have got to stop the racial suicide of our people. We must spread the good racial word. Get our people to resist. Get our people to save themselves. Our future, and especially our kids future is at stake. To do nothing will condemn our kids to a nothing future as nothings in totally alien society.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Today on this, yet another Labor Day holiday, we can see the total hypocrisy of our system. Our politicians run off at the mouth about how they care about Joe average working man. What total bullshit. What utter hypocrisy. The people running the show don't care a rat's ass about the plight of the common folk. They'll tell people what they want to hear, just to win office. Office = wealth and power. Once in the campaign promises are forgotten, and our politicians do as their paymasters, the rich ruling elite command.
RIGHT NOW, in the USA,  1 out of every 5 children lives in poverty. POVERTY. This for a country constantly bragging about its wealth and power. Our ZOG controlled media, crows about job creation, such as 200,000 created for this month or that. We are NEVER told what jobs are created. Is it really of any benefit for our people if the jobs created are minimum wage, no benefit type? Unions are being destroyed in this country. The so called worker's paradise, is really worker hell. Like it or not, it was unionism that got Americans their high standard of living. Employers did NOT give decent pay and benefits out of the goodness of their hearts. (like they have one). Unions forced the issue. Now as unions die, wages are taking a tumble. Jobs are even being outsourced overseas. Workers, left to the none tender mercies of employers, are being forced to give back hard won (as in actual street battles) wages/benefits/rights. Ours is fast becoming a slave workforce. Just like in the ante bellum South, on the negroe slave plantations. Work for bare subsistence. Far worse, is our workers loss of dignity. Going from respected free living worker, To pseudo slave is devastating to one's pride and sense of well being. We are now developing into a worker drone society. Programmed like the insects to just keep doing a job mindlessly, because we have no choice.
Rather then care about their fellow citizens, and loyal hard working employees, the rich ruling elite plays politics. Pontificating on how THEY know what's best for us all. They don't say it, but it is all too obvious they dare think of themselves as gods. That they know best. Our politics are just games for rich people to play ruler. Look at the current crop of presidential political candidates. All rich people. No Joe working man. No common people. Just a bunch or rich people showing off for the cameras. They say a lot, but none of it is true. Once safely elected to office, they'll do as they please, which means the common worker will get it in the neck. I'm truly amazed the common workers still have shirts.
Rather then care for the people, our rulers would much rather play war. ZOG is bound and determined to fight in wars around the globe. Especially against anti Capitalism Islam. Any group/ideology that is even the slightest anti Capitalist is targeted by ZOG for destruction. ZOG will only allow Judeo-Capitalist regimes to exist.  The fact that they are hostile to workers interests is totally ignored. Hence we have international scab ism, and union busting, and a general enslavement of workers. Slave societies of the future are being developed now. This from the supposedly land of the free. The freedom of the USA is to make money. Fail to do so, and God help you. Poverty is a miserable way to live, but our rich ruling elite has absolutely no qualms about condemning the majority of its people to it.
Pleas donate to the ANP. National Socialism has a PROVEN track record of care for the worker. Workers were given representation. They were given decent pay and benefits. They even got 2 weeks vacation paid for by the state. Bosses and workers worked together, rather then being at odds. National Socialism values race, not self/money/wealth. Hence an entirely different attitude, and moral center. Help donate money, and time to give out lit. HELP. It is really helping yourself, and your kids futures. We need a system on the up and up concerning workers. Not one out to bust unions in order to make workers into slaves, while the rich just count their money. Help guarantee YOUR future, by supporting ANP. Its the workers only real friend these days of a worker hostile govt  that is the tool of a worker hostile system.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The quest for comfort.

I think the reason white Aryans are having so many problems is that their basic attitudes have changed drastically. Europeans left their continent to search the world for adventure. For curiosity sake, to find and explore new things/places/people. The USA, child of Europe, followed in its foot steps.
Now Europe, is a changed continent. Caution predominates. It has no ambition any more. Everyone just wants to sit in front of the boob tube and vegetate. The quest for comfort above all. No wanting to see, and do more. Unfortunately, the US is following right in the Europeans foot steps. Is it any wonder, once great nations are now just collections of wimps/wusses.
Folks, our ancestors believed that there was more to life then mere existence. They went out for it. They didn't just hang around home and wonder. They did.
If the white Aryans of Europe and the US don't regain their ambition/energy, they are doomed to extinction. Europe is being over run by Semitic Arab Muslims. The US is being over run by Hispanics. White Aryan existence is hanging by a thread. Our enemies are invading us. Not on the battlefield, but by force of numbers. White Aryans no longer seem to want to have children. Our enemies are winning by default.
Let's stop apologizing for our ancestors, and start emulating them. We white Aryans need drive, and ambition once again. We need to be doers once again. Our kids need to go out and play once again, not hole themselves up in a room playing video games. We white Aryans have weakened ourselves. We're losing out, because we're permitting ourselves to lose out. Look at the magnificent empires Europe created. They brought civilization to many savage lands. We Americans need to stop apologizing. Yeah, we took Indian land, but we made a truly wondrous land that is THE model for the world. Our ancestors did things because they wanted to. They tried. We're sinking now because we don't try. An excellent example is the US. Blacks take decent jobs because of civil rights race quota laws. Laws passed while whitey was asleep at the switch. Now white folk suffer as they are cut off from decent employment, in a time when decent jobs are now hard to find since our rulers outsource them overseas.
Many people are now leaving Christianity for secularism. The result is people are leaving a moral code for none. This is yet another symptom of the malaise of spirit affecting white Aryans. They have no belief in anything anymore. God/country/family. Nothing matters anymore. We need a belief system again. One to galvanize us to action. National Socialism allows love of nation and deity. It foremost advocated love of race. We white Aryans need to love ourselves again. We need to demand respect again. We need to do, not just lay around in a stupor. Help support ANP. It offers a solution. It is the way. The only way white Aryans can save themselves. Support it with money. With your time to give out lit. We need to work for our race again. Our kids deserve a chance to live and develop, not rot in a materialist hell, where noting is sacred, or matters. Those with no pride, ambition, or goals, are doomed to mediocrity at best, and extinction at worst. Its time to end the quest for comfort at any price. The price for white Aryans is far too high. Our dignity, identity, our very existence. We were once a great race. Time to be great again.