Monday, August 31, 2015

Invading hoardes

Both the USA, and Europe are being inundated by hoards of immigrants. people who are alien to the culture of the host country. Peoples migrations, that are creating states within states.
In the USA, Hispanic migrants from Latin America are pouring in. If this continues unabated, the US will be predominately Hispanic by 2030 These are people who are brown skinned. Speak Spanish. Are predominately Roman Catholic. Of mixed race (mestizo). They go against the white/Anglo/protestant/Caucasian people who are currently the majority of white Aryan America. The two cultures are different. One must give way. seems that its white Aryan that is being moved aside. Once Hispanics are in the driver seat, white Aryans will be shoved aside. We'll end up in ghettos or reservations. We won't be free any more. We also won't be wealthy. The illegal immigrants are taking our jobs, because they're willing to work for slave wages. The future for white Aryans is bad. The new immigrants, unlike the old ones, refuse to adapt or learn American ways/culture. They refuse to speak English. They are different, and intend to stay that way. Legal immigrants are bad enough, but the illegals are taking our jobs, and don't deserve to even be here. Yet, liberal bleeding hearts, continue to cry for the poor immigrant, even if illegal, that they deserve a chance. I say bullshit. You have no business whatsoever being here if your here illegally. You don't belong. We pay for these peoples needs, medical care, and education, when they're not even citizens. That is just plain dumb. Crazy even.
In Europe, they have their illegal immigrant problems. Arabs from Iraq, and Syria are flooding into Europe. If things continue, Europe will be majority Arab Muslim by 2050. They are brown skinned, speak Arabic, and are Muslim. They represent an entirely different culture then Western civilization. They are from the Islamic civilization. Europe stand at risk of being inundated, and the European peoples outnumbered in what were once their homelands. The white Aryan European is in distinct danger of becoming extinct. As per here, liberal bleeding hearts plead for the poor immigrants, even if it spells the end of European civilization as we know it. As per above, this is bullshit. It is totally crazy to invite your own destruction. I think there would be far more resistance, but Europe is basically an American colony now, totally under ZOG's thumb. The Europeans fear American power, so are subservient to it.
What can be done. First and foremost, what shouldn't be done is welcome these illegal immigrants with open arms. If here illegally, send them back. It is totally unfair to the people who follow the rules and wait for admission, to let illegals get in, and enjoy the benefits of citizenship to which they have no right. Laws that are tough must be passed, and enforced. No skating on by. You follow the rules, or you're out. To accept masses of people flooding over the border is guaranteeing your own demise. Especially as in both cases, the immigrants refuse to become citizens, and blend in with the dominant culture. If you don't want to conform, then go home and good riddance. Catering to people who have no right to any benefits of citizenship is just plain wrong. its like letting a bank robber keep the money. Its not victimless crime, because the taxpayer foots the bill for taking care of people who don't have a right o or deserve care at govt expense. The liberals can howl, but let's face it, they've been out of touch for decades, as their latest thing, a black president blows up in their faces. liberals live in a dream world, NOT reality. They're well off, and can move far from trouble. Its the poor whites, who bear the brunt of living with illegal immigrants, who take jobs, bring crime, and in many cases are just plain bad neighbors.
Donate to the ANP. It wants to stop illegal immigration to the USA. Europe will have to handle its own problem. Give time to give lit. Only ANP wants to save white Aryan America. The major parties could care less. They are corporate tools, who only care about increasing their masters profits. Only ANP is willing to fight for white Aryan future, especially for our kids. ANP believes in the 14 words. The major parties could care less. If they cared, they wouldn't allow illegal immigration, or outsource jobs.
White Aryan. Your very existence is at stake. Join the ANP in resisting. WE must stop illegal immigration, of soon have to learn a new national language, Spanish.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our failing society.

The US economy is failing. Yes, it is still rich, but that wealth is locked into the hands of the rich 1%. The vast majority barely are making it. Many are now struggling to keep out of poverty.
The middle class has shrunk in every state during the period 2000-2013. There has been a decrease in median income across the board. The following stats show the percent of decrease in a few selected states. The worst for middle class shrink.
Nevada has 5% shrinkage in middle class household. A drop off in tourism is blamed. People without money can't gamble, now can they.
Vermont has 5% shrinkage. This is blamed on Vermont having a large senior population.
North Dakota, the supposed boom state has 5.1% middle class shrinkage. As oil prices drop, oil states are in big trouble.
Ohio has a 5.2% drop in middle class people. Ohio is a big manufacturing state. As jobs are outsourced overseas, this puts the bind on workers jobs in the state.
Wisconsin has a 5.7% drop in its middle class. The average median income has dropped $9,000. A big factor, is the massive cutting of the state workforce. Its always a good idea that if you're going to eliminate public jobs, workers have private sector jobs to go to.
Basically, the middle class is dying in the USA. The reasons above are just crap. The rock bottom reason is the total contempt our rich have for the common people. Jobs are outsourced overseas with abandon. Illegal immigrant labor is secretly encouraged. Employers just plain don't want to pay a decent wage. Our workers are getting the shaft, and there is no group able to stop it. Unions are being destroyed everywhere, by right to work laws, which are the death of unions. Without union bargaining power, our workers are left to the not so tender mercies of employers.
WE, the common people of this country, are being screwed. We have got to stop taking it, if we want to survive. This means uniting in common cause. Uniting behind a group that wants to help us, not burn us. The ANP is the American white middle classes only hope for salvation. The ONLY hope.  It is dedicated to saving the white Aryan from being destroyed by a non white dominated govt and society. The only hope. Its the only hope, as it is the only political party dedicated to us, the white Aryan. We're losing our jobs. Our homes. Our society and civilization. Unless we change the system by which we live, we won't be able to live much longer. Not with jobs being outsourced. Not with illegal immigrants flooding in. We white Aryans face inundation and ruin. The ANP is dedicated to racial self preservation. The race is the guiding principal. The 2 major political parties are merely Wall Street creatures, dedicated to helping their rich masters make money without govt interference. The business of a govt is to govern, not be an adjunct to profit making rich fat cats. If we don't stop it NOW, the above stats will only get worse. Far worse. Soon the middle class will disappear form America entirely. It can happen. As the above shows, it is happening. We need caring leadership, not a bunch of arrogant rich people lording it over us. Our govt is so screwed up. Instead of trying to deal with the above mentioned, our govt is busy off playing war against Islam. Like it really matters to the average American whether a Muslim country has Sharia law or not. All the money and blood being shed for nonsense. Meanwhile our jobs continue to disappear, and our infrastructure rots away.
We must rersit in the only way we can. Political power. We must build a local power base. Run for local office. Work our way up the ladder of success. Eventually getting offices where there is real power. Power that allows us to actually do something about things. Demos don't cut it. Political office does. Help the ANP with its party building role. Donate money, and time to give out lit. We can change things, if we work hard enough. We have to, for ours, and our kids sakes.

Monday, August 24, 2015

False flag ops

A false flag op, is when the govt goes undercover and pretends. Makes up a phony org to trap, or confuse the unwary. Dirty tactics, you bet. This is ZOG's tock in trade. Far too many sincere people are being led astray by phony baloney orgs/individuals. It is vitally important to remember to mind your mouth, and keep your wits about you. Do not, repeat NOT, shoot your mouth off. ZOG has NO sense of humor. Do something for a joke, like bragging about what you'll do to evil ZOG, and you'll wind up in the gulag. Our govt does the same to outlaw biker gangs, mafia families, or just plain malcontents. Make unpleasant noise, and you too will go to jail. ZOG constantly used infiltration during the Vietnam war, to investigate any and all anti war groups. Oppose the war, and you were classified a subversive who was against America and ready to help a Communist invasion. Unfortunately, the American people are basically stupid, and fall easy prey to such crap. They believe the lie, that if you oppose Judeo-Capitalism, and its policies, you must be evil and an enemy of America. ZOG is quite subjective in its use of infiltration. If your for the Judeo-Capitalist agenda of race mixing and letting non whites run amok under the guise of liberty/freedom, your left alone. Oppose ZOG, and its a different story.
Let's be brutally honest. We Nazis have no rights in this country. The Bill of Rights gets forgotten about, when it comes to us. We're considered worse then child molesters. I've always thought this insane, as we offer the only solution to this nations problems. Nevertheless, we are not popular. Our people have been brain washed against us. This is why the movement has had such a hard time. The movement made the big mistake of believing in the govt, and the bullshit that we Nazis have rights protected by the Constitution. Hence they have kept walking into walls.
To counter ZOG, we must use our heads. Be clever. Be cautious. Say absolutely nothing about doing anything against the law ever, no exceptions. We MUST be law abiding, no matter how pissed off we get. Lose your cool, and it will cost you everything. So we hunker down, and be good citizen drones. Never attract attention to ourselves. That's why, no demos. It does no good at present. Just gets us outed, and sets us up for ZOG retribution. Unless we can muster a minimum of 500 people, a demo just looks pathetically weak. Having ZOG police having to protect you shows a terrible image. We're against ZOG, but have to use their police. Looks worse then it sounds. We are a dissident movement, no doubt, but we must move very carefully as we are in a dictatorship. Judeo-Capitalist  dictatorship. Until we've won our people over, we must stay underground, out of the limelight. As we inform our people about the truth, we can run for LOCAL office. Even dogcatcher. Anything that can help us gain influence. We must run as individuals. No running as Nazis. Then, as we slowly build a power base, we can start moving up the ladder. To ever higher offices. This is how we win.
Remember, no getting drunk and shooting your mouth off. No illegal activity whatsoever. We must behave ourselves, to be able to present a respectable image to our fellow white Aryans. Nobody want to, or will, follow a bum. People like well groomed, intelligent sounding people to follow, and above all believe in. Yes, its hard. ZOG's power is turned against us, but we must persevere. It takes time to change minds, especially brain washed ones as our peoples are.
Shun all leaders you tell you different then what I have said. They could very well be ZOG agents trying to cause trouble. The govt chooses to cast us as criminals, and uses crime fighting techniques like the RICO act against us. Since this is the case, we must not fight the enemies fight, but our own. Stay peaceful, and law abiding. Keep out of trouble, and out of any spotlight. We must be what we are. Common working people, who dissent, and want to change things lawfully. Its the only way open to use. It can and will work. We just need time. That, and more mistakes on ZOG's part. Our enemy is mistake prone because of its arrogance. Let us indulge them, then take advantage down the road. Our people are starting to search for a new way. They have lost hope in the current system. Eventually they will reach out to us. What else is there? The two major parties and their clown shows. I think not.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cheating the American taxpayer.

We Americans pay our taxes like good little drones. We have no choice. Not to pay means ending up in ZOG's gulag. So we pay. Pay our hard earned money to a govt that squanders it on all sorts of ridiculous nonsense. Our govt is bound and determined to spend our money on a war against Islam. Islam is at odds with a lot in Judeo-Capitalism. So ZOG makes war against it. The American people want peace, but in this country, its what the rich and powerful want that goes. So billions of dollars are spent fighting a war the common people don't want. Like with the Communist scare, systems that are hostile to Judeo-Capitalism are blown out of proportion into super menaces, that must be fought and destroyed at all costs. Look at the Vietnam war, as just one example. We fought the Vietnamese, because we were told otherwise they'd conquer all of Asia. Well it was bullshit. Vietnam just unified and didn't threaten any other countries. Now its becoming a major US trading partner. Our govt would rather waste billions in fighting wars, and building big prestige projects that make no real sense. Our system is doing the exact same thing it accused the Communists of doing. We common citizens are getting the royal screw job.
Our system favors the rich and powerful. A good example is the Walton family. Owners of Walmart store chain. They are WORTH 144 billion dollars. They are getting back this year 6 billion in TAX BREAKS. If this seems unfair, it is. Frankly, its insane. The govt is constantly working up tax schemes, to gain revenue. Yet, the most obvious choice, tax the wealthy, is never, ever, on the table. Why? Because our govt is controlled by the rich and powerful, not the common people. The rich use their wealth to buy political influence. Translation, they get whatever the hell they want, and the hell with us little guys. We don't matter at all. The Walton's are but one example. There are countless more.
How much could we do to fight poverty in this country, if our govt wasn't spending our bucks to fight meaningless wars? How much could be done to raise wages, if our rich weren't spending billions on elections? How much could we help our citizens with funding programs like Medicare, if our govt wasn't daydreaming about how to colonize Mars? We need to get back down to earth in this country, and start working on solving real problems. Our govt is so out of touch with the citizenry, that it no longer even notices problems like crime/drug abuse/decline of the family. Our divorce rate is 50%. The majority of Americans are single. Now we have same sex marriage. Marriage and family are no longer popular choices. Yet our govt doesn't even acknowledge the problem. Destroy family, and you end up with a non society. Just a collection of animalistic humans. All culture and creativity lost. Its happening right now as I write, but our govt is asleep at the switch.
Don't pay attention to the current election. Whoever wins, YOU lose. Only someone rich will win, and who won't give a crap about common people. We, the common people, need to get our act together. We need to take action. Support the ANP. Donate money of course, but also your time to give out lit. Only we, the common folk can rescue ourselves from out of touch/control govt. WE need to save us. It won't be from some rich dumbass. We need to run for office ourselves. Local office. Build a political underpinning. Then as we grow, we can take on more until were moving on up. We must hide our true feelings. So be it. Our enemies lie to us constantly. So we don't lie, just don't tell the whole truth. Gaining power is our sacred mission. Our duty, to ourselves, and our race. Our kids future depends on us defeating those who hate us, and think they can manipulate us for their own ends. Continue to do nothing, and we will all end up with nothing, in a non white dominated nation as a poor white Aryan underclass. Constantly played by the rich 1%. High time for fairness and dignity to return to Aryan America.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Our hypocrite govt

The US govt is a giant collection of liars and phonies. People who have no conscience, and will lie about anything. Like Stalinist Russia, our govt lies about whatever, whenever convenient. Our govt and its agents the media, constantly crow about how rich the US is. Rich for who? We never hear about that. Its all lies. Our govt and system is highly unequal. The US society is as unequal now, as it was in 1820. The rich ruling elite is just that, rich and ruling. They will tell any falsehood to stay in power. This country is rich only for a select few. Most people are struggling to survive.
Pay attention. As an example, the US is 27th in homelessness. What happened to the "rich" society. Rich only for a few. Many of our people are suffering in poverty. 1 out of every 5 children in America is part of a poor, POOR, household. Does this sound like a rich society? Certainly isn't a fair one. This is truly grotesque. For the US, a country rich and powerful, to let many of its citizens be homeless is truly horrible. This country has the resources to put every one of its citizens in some kind of proper abode. Yet many go without. WHY? Because our rich ruling elite think if you're poor, you must be lazy. They outsource our jobs, but we're lazy because we're poor. Our rich ruling elite would rather spend 50 million dollars on a personal yacht, then contribute to help poor folk find proper food and housing. Our rich ruling elite doesn't give a god damn about us. Its that simple. They care only for profit, and personal pleasure. Helping others isn't anywhere on their radar screen. Many Americans went hungry and were homeless during the Great Depression. You'd think we'd have learned, but we haven't. Not one damn bit. Our rich ruling elite have shown us time and again that they are heartless bastards. They don't give a crap about any except themselves. Their attitude is the hell with us common folk. They're only to happy to watch us die off. Suffer. Do without.
Our caring govt isn't. Our jobs continue to be outsourced overseas. Our govt continues its military adventurism overseas. Our govt would rather fight Islam, then give aid to needy people on the home front. Our govt is bought and paid for by corporate money. What the corporates want, they get. Our govt is on the Jewish lobby payroll. How else can it be explained how our govt does whatever Israel wants, no matter how bad for American interests. Our govt is only interested in using its people as cannon fodder. It risks its soldiers lives with abandon, and won't take care of its very own people. The future of our kids is of no concern to the rich elite. They'd as soon as do away with college student loans. To them, college should only be a privilege for the rich.
Its time we stopped taking this abuse. Falling for the same old phony caring line. Its all manipulation. Our govt can at least do that right. The US govt is an apt pupil of Stalin. Pretend. Hide the truth. Have the media show a different face to the one that is really in power. Enough. ENOUGH! We white Aryans must unite. Must clear our minds of enemy propaganda. Refuse to be patsies anymore. We must unite. Determined to survive. We must choose National Socialism. Its our only hope. The govt system that actually values its people. Considers them a great resource. Not as beasts of burden like Communism. Not as some resource to be exploited like Judeo-Capitalism. In Nazism, white Aryans have worth. A lot of it. We matter. The race is the core belief. The ANP is the hope of us all. Donate. Give out lit. Help. We live in a very rich nation, that treats its own people as dirt. Enough of this. Time for changes. We must run for local office. Slowly work our way up the electoral ladder. If need be, we must hide our true intentions, as our enemies hide theirs. Its a long slog, but we must push on. Our kids need to live in dignity, not treated like pigs by a callous system. We must overcome. The wrongs must be righted. If we do nothing we will stagnate, and eventually become a mere slave class to the non whites. We hold our futures in our collective hands.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Moral jujitsu.

Why is Nazism having a rough slog thru the American political wilderness. Simple really. Our enemies take the moral high ground. They demonize us. They cry loudly how Nazism is evil. How they're just poor victims. How if your anti Jew, you must be an evil baby killer Nazi. The blacks have caught on. Like the Jews playing the Holocaust, blacks play slavery, and lynching for all they're worth. Both groups make others think whites are evil, even unto other whites. This is of course totally outrageous and untrue, but our media is totally Jew controlled. Only the Jewish liberal line is heard by our people. Many of our white Aryan people have been brainwashed with self hate. This is really understandable as its what they hear constantly.
Our enemies have taken our white Aryan moral code and used it against us. They portray themselves as victims, and white Aryans as evil doers. We have got , GOT, to take back the moral high ground. White Aryans must show ourselves to be just ordinary, common working folk, who want fair play, and a decent life. Our strongest strength, our morality, is used against us, as in martial arts, you use an enemies strength against him. We need to portray ourselves as what we really are, victims. White Aryans are suffering greatly. Unfortunately our Judeo-Capitalist media refuses to show our side of it. They know, if our people know the truth, their days of power are over. The only thing we can do for now, is give out literature, with our side of the story. Our people must be made to see how things really are. We white Aryans are suffering racial discrimination as jobs go to non whites because, they are just that, on white. This is reverse discrimination absolutely. Punishing modern people over things that happened hundreds of years ago. Is this right? Is this fair? Our ZOG dominated justice system thinks so. Its been drummed into our peoples brains for so long, they believe it as true. White rights have been walked over for so long, its now a joke to talk about them. White Aryans have discovered so much, given so much to this world, it is an absolute sin to demonize them as evildoers. We must get out and give literature. As much as we can. This will help. So will giving donations. Biggest thing, is to run for political office. The more political power we have, the less vulnerable we will be. Just asking for rights goes nowhere. Doing street demos is less then useless, if the crowd is below 500. Only a strong presence will get respect, and be listened to. Relying on police for protection, the same group that harries us, is ridiculous. Unless and until Nazism can defend itself, it needs to stay home. Our tools are literature and the web. We must show how its the others who are the real enemies. How many are made poor by Jew led Capitalist greed. How Israel treats the Palestinians as slaves. That blacks are lazy/ undisciplined workers, and are very violent. The majority of non whites in US prisons are black. BLACK.
Its time the bullshit stops. No more white Aryans swallowing ZOG crap as gospel. Read the Old Testament. The Jews committed genocide, we're talking real genocide, on a virtually weekly basis. Our enemies love to play mind games. Its like the old joke: "are you still beating your wife". If you answer yes, your bad. If you say no, it implies that you did. Either way your trapped in a bad situation. We need to break out of the box. Stop setting ourselves up for ignominy. No more demos showing hangman's nooses. Only have demos with large numbers of impeccable looking storm troops. We need to push the true National Socialist message of racial justice, and economic equality. Take the moral high road. Not put down non whites, or threaten them, or pay them any mind.
WE need to talk economics. White Aryan welfare. Jobs/wages/housing. The stuff of survival.
As long as we let the enemy define us, we are doomed. Time for us to start defining the enemy, and show its true evil face. Our people must see which side is truly evil. That we are the bringers of racial dignity and freedom. We are their champions. Full of racial love of our race. We must define ourselves, not let the enemy do it.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The American worker as chattal.

The American worker is taking a beating these days. Our white Aryan people are really taking it on the chin. Unless something is done, all except the rich 1% will be living very poorly, unworthy of Aryans.
Since 1978 onwards.
College tuition has gone up 1,120%.
Medical care has gone up 601%.
Food prices have risen 244%
The cost of shelter has risen 380%
These rise in prices, have occurred while American wages are stagnant. Jobs are being created, but they are for the most part low pay, no benefit type. American workers pay has only gone up 10%. Minimum wage workers have actually lost monetary clout as their wages have gone down by 5.5%
Only one group of "workers" is doing great. Corporate CEO's pay has risen 937%.
I'll repeat those stats.
American workers pay has only risen 10%
Corporate CEO's pay has risen 937%
This state of affairs is absolutely deplorable. Our work force is being transformed into pseudo slaves. Forced to take whatever crumbs the rich ruling elite 1% deigns to give them. Which is damn little. What's happened to people's consciences, if these people even have one. How people so fabulously rich can stand by and count their money while many suffer in poverty and even starvation is truly beyond my comprehension. The heartlessness that now makes up America is appalling. Its also rather stupid. Why don't American workers DEMAND fairness. I don't know, but they better get a move on. Our Judeo-Capitalist masters are only interested in two things.
One is money. Making lots of it. The rich ruling elite can never make enough money. They are NEVER satisfied. Ever. Their greed is overpowering, so they will never play fair. To them profit is the be all, and end all of existence.
Two. Our rulers think of the lesser classes as mere cannon fodder for continuous wars. Any nation or group of people who don't like Judeo-Capitalism and want to opt out, will be prevented from doing so by force of arms. Judeo-Capitalism does NOT believe in freedom of choice. It wants workers as near slaves, forced to work hard for the greater profit of the ruling class. Those who say no, are considered enemies who must be destroyed. We've seen this time and again. Communism was at first the big bugaboo. People daring to want to do something other then Capitalism. Horror of horrors. Next it was Fascism, and National Socialism. Again peoples who wanted out of Capitalism. Communism was ground down in a war of attrition. Fascism and National Socialism were destroyed by force of arms. Now we are told Islamism is evil and must be destroyed. Seems Islam's love of Allah is unacceptable, and only Judeo-Capitalism's love of money will be permitted. Hence we, the common people of the US are called on to be good little soldiers and fight people classified as evil, by our own evil rulers.
White Aryans. We must do something, to help ourselves. If we do nothing, the rich ruling elite will get even richer, while the rest of us sink into poverty, with all the suffering that that entails. I for one do not wish to be a semi slave. Working for peanuts as my boss makes massive bucks and lives better then a Roman Emperor. We white Aryans must unite. UNITE. Behind and under the banner of National Socialism. We must choose a new system to live under that stresses our worth, not our profit making potential. A system that stresses race over profit. Care for the racial folk community, not some fat cat making unholy amounts of money off worker backs. The ANP is our only hope, and salvation. Support the ANP. Give of your time and pass out lit. We must save ourselves. The ANP isn't a church group, but it is far more moral, then the major parties who have no morality whatsoever. Stop fooling yourselves. White Aryan workers you're being shortchanged. Under the present system you'll continue to be cheated and abused. Your only hope is a National Socialist govt. Pure and simple. The stats above should convince you. Unless you get rid of the current system, you're on a slow ride to oblivion. Study the above stats. Hard. See what message they convey to YOU. If you decide you've had enough of the bullshit, contact ANP. Become a supporter. Become a volunteer worker for your own liberation. Think of your kids, and how much worse things will be for them as the above stats show where this country is going. Choose to be free, not a dog, a free white Aryan with pride/dignity. You deserve so much more, stop settling for far less.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting Involved

Its presidential election time yet again. That time when dumb ass Aryans vote for human garbage as their undisputed leader. Hoping that their choice won't be as big a moron as he/she seems. I get ill thinking of all the money spent to promote people who have no business being in any position of power. Its sad but true, that if we are to get anywhere, we must be willing to play according to system rules. We must get involved. Run for office. Give out lit, as well as donate money. Getting involved isn't really a problem if done intelligently. Remember the old saying: "work smarter, not harder". This means we can run for office. We just need to do it in an intelligent way, so as to not draw unpleasant attention to ourselves. This means running as say an independent. NOT a National Socialist. Keep any and all Nazi thoughts and words buried deep. You know what you truly are, keep it at that. The party has an excellent pamphlet on activism. Running for office, and giving out lit. It is based on real world experience. No theory, real world experience, compiled thru the years. We absolutely must gain office, to be able to attain the levers of power. So we start out small, with inoffensive offices. Ones no one wants, or runs for. We work to build a grass roots base of support. In time, as our party grows in numbers, and especially influence, we move on to higher and higher office. Eventually, we get to where we can influence policy and events. It is a slow process. We must have patience. Don't out yourself, or trust anyone who might in any way out you. Keep your beliefs to yourself. Be courteous. Polite. Treat non whites with respect. Of course hammer home on the issues in an INDIRECT racial way. No direct, outright racial statements or actions. Another old saying: "you get more flies with honey then vinegar". Above all, make sure you come across as a reasonable person, not some lunatic fanatic. Come on strong, and not only will you lose, but may suffer retribution in the future. We're told we have rights, but don't you believe it. We Nazis have no rights whatsoever. The enemy is determined to suppress us. Our truths would undermine them and weaken their power. This they intend to resist at all costs, and employ the dirtiest tricks to prevent. It is high time National Socialism took the moral highroad, instead of letting the enemy always have it. We must come across as the nice guys, the reasonable ones. This means NO incendiary rhetoric, or parading around with hangman's nooses, etc. We say we're the party who cares about the state of the white Aryan, so we must act like it. Emphasize economics, rather then race hatred. Our people are brainwashed. You can't undo that overnight. They have been taught and encouraged to hate us. We National Socialists know we are their saviors. This is an obstacle that can be overcome. We work quietly, in the shadows. Work at convincing our people that we have the right and only way. As more people come to accept us and our point of view, we can come out of the closet. Right now, gay/lesbian can come out, we must stay closeted. Our people are interested in economics, not race. They want to know how they can save their precious American middle class lifestyle. They can't, but we can try, if only to show them, it is over, and can't be saved. That a new way must be found and implemented. Our way. Basing govt on the racial folk community. How people working together, united and determined to preserve their race, can achieve very much. For too long, the movement has put on clown shows. People sloppily uniformed, with no discipline yelling and screaming racial insults, and making asinine threats to bring back slavery etc. We MUST stick to the real world, and real world issues. Talk taxes, and jobs, not hate. We must show we are NOT the media stereotype of a Nazis, as someone violent and hate filled. We just play it cool, and show everyone we're just like them. Normal. Hard working, caring folk, who believe each race should stick to, and take care of its own. This is a natural position, so it shouldn't draw too much ire. Just play it cool, and speak softly. Instead of a big mouth, show we have a big heart as we love our race, and want to save it from destruction. America is becoming a majority non white nation. White Aryans need a group that will fight for them, and protect them. National Socialism has the answer to this country's problems. but we must spoon feed it to the country. Patience and continuous effort, will eventually win out. There is no danger in running for office if you approach it carefully, and use your common sense. Don't be confrontational. Just be a common working person who cares, and people will eventually respond. These tactics make sense under the circumstances. That's why ANP stopped doing street demos. It got smarter, and stopped working harder. Think it can't be done, look at Europe. Political organization is succeeding, albeit slowly. Still progress is being made. We to, can achieve here. We just have to play the system, as they've played us. Show we're a force for good not evil. Our people will come around, and accept and follow us.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Biting the hand that helps you.

A little while ago, at an all liberal conference, two super liberal white Jew and white Aryan presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley were interrupted and heckled by Black activists for "Black Lives Matters". Why this happened escapes me, as these two whites are super liberal, and kiss black ass every chance they get. Apparently, no matter how low you bow, its never enough. Whites can walk on their knees as these 2 bozo's do, and still the black community in NOT satisfied. Fresh from their triumph of getting the Confederate flag removed from the South Carolina state capital dome, now blacks want to erase every vestige of the Confederacy in the entire USA. The NAACP openly calls for the sandblasting of the Confederate memorial sculpted into the rock, ala Mount Rushmore, at Stone Mountain Georgia. They want to eliminate every Confederate memorial/plaque/sign they can find. Even Confederate dead's headstones in cemeteries. Any effort to eliminate black culture is decried, but getting rid of white culture is A-OK with blacks. Blacks are determined to gain power, which they have, and exercise it, as they are doing right now. The new Ferguson MO police chief is black, replacing a white. Again, blacks are making their wishes known, and whites are caving in like wimps. Really sad. Blacks now just snap their fingers, and whites come running, eager to please. Aryan folk. The above incidents, show only too well, what is in store for us white Aryans, as the USA becomes more non white. Non whites HATE us. Never mind the liberal crap of everybody loves everybody. Blacks/Jews/Hispanics do not, repeat, NOT, love us white Aryans. They lie in wait patiently, then pounce like a jungle animal hunting its prey. The shooting of blacks in a church by a deranged white man, is now an excuse, and opportunity for non whites, in this case blacks in particular, to stick it to whitey. Non whites in this country want to humiliate, and emasculate the white man, using any and every excuse. Anything to drag down white pride, and increase wealth and power for the respective non white communities. Unfortunately, we have self deluding whites, liberals, who stupidly think they can live happily ever after with the non whites. With a rapidly changing US, with non whites heading for majority status, this is nothing less then racial suicide. Non whites want to wipe out the white racial presence in this country, totally. No ifs, ans or buts. This Confederacy stuff is just one more nail in the white race's coffin. Soon, the way things are headed, it will be a crime to be white. Non whites aren't satisfied with having job preference in getting jobs, especially at he federal level, due to their race. Now they want anything and everything. The Confederacy issue has shown the black hand. They want everything for themselves, and nothing for whitey. Their greed is insatiable. They want it all. They intend to use the media to influence the lawmakers, to give them everything they want. If refused, they scream racism, just like their mentors the Jews scream anti Semitism when they are denied what they want. Fellow white Aryans. We are staring defeat in the face. Non whites intend to do a full court press on us. They will continue to push whites out of the way. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING that will dissuade them from this course. If they can attack people who slavishly cater to their every whim, like Sanders and O'Malley, what can be in store for regular everyday white folk. Nothing good that is for certain. We white Aryans have got to pull together. We HAVE to. Otherwise we'll simply be swept under the rug of history. We now have a numbskull black as president. A massive liar. This while the US is still majority white. How will our leadership be, in a majority non white nation. If you think Hispanics will treat us Anglos with kid gloves, you're out of your mind. Our minorities have much anger against us. The only reason they haven't taken revenge for slights real and imagined, is that whites are still in power. Once whites no longer run the show, then anything goes. We white Aryans must unite. No other choice. Either we unite to defend our rights and liberties, even existence, or we get legislated out of existence by a non white majority determined to put paid to white existence in these United States. We white Aryans must put our own candidates into office. Not the mealy mouthed white traitors of the major parties we currently have. Real racial candidates. Men and women who think and above all act white. We NEED laws to protect us. Only way is if we stay united and focused. We must support ANP, with money, and give our time to give out lit. We're blocked off from the media, so we have to do things the old fashioned way. No other way. Must be done. MUST. Otherwise far more white concessions will be demanded, and the white place in this country will be eliminated, just as the Confederacy's is being right now. Our kids are white. They need protection from a racial future of being virtually enslaved and isolated by non white groups who bear us no love, and great ill will. Help the ANP save the white race. Save a future for your kids. Do nothing, and eventually we'll be stuck in dead end white ghettos. Hopeless and helpless. At the mercy (who have none) of non whites determined to destroy us. We can avoid a dark racial future only if we act now. NOW!