Thursday, December 31, 2015

Racial suicide

Many asshole liberals, here in the States as well as in Europe, call for open borders. Let in the poor Arab Semite Muslim masses they cry. Its the only decent thing to do. The Christian thing (these are Muslims we're talking about) to do. This is total nonsense. It is a quick way to racial suicide. What we have, is that Aryan nations are being asked to open up to non Aryan, Semitic, people. A lot of people. The result will be national/racial suicide. How long will Aryan societies continue to exist, when millions upon millions of Arab Semites come thru the door? Not very long. The Aryans will be submerged by the Semites. The Arab families are big, and extended. It is not the nuclear family. You have the core family, plus extended family, plus very numerous and varied relatives. A million people easily becomes 10 million. If the Aryan people foolishly open their doors, the flood of Semites will overwhelm them in short order.
Its not just racial and cultural issues we face. There is the danger of epidemic disease to consider. For example, in London, Tuberculosis and Scarlett Fever, two diseases thought all but eradicated are making a frightening comeback. This is the result of globalization. Thanks to travel, and migration, diseases that had become unknown in the West, are now back. Back with a vengeance. Let's face the cold, hard facts of the situation. The peoples of the Arab Semite lands, don't vaccinate their children against disease. They end up bringing it among us, who had become free of them. Its nice to want to be generous and helpful, but we mustn't for a second be stupid about it. Helping these people, giving them an open door to our lands, could very well be signing our Aryan racial death warrant. That's why the Europeans were able to conquer the Americas. Disease had virtually wiped out the Native Americans. Lets not repeat history, and end up getting ourselves wiped out by diseases we had once thought were gone, but now brought to our shores by alien invader races. The Third world is rife with disease. Very severe disease. Like Ebola for example. Are we doing the right thing letting them in, where they can infect us, and end up getting us wiped out, like Europe nearly was by Bubonic Plague. The Plague nearly wiped out the European people. It was spread by "globalization", in this case trade and travel between Europe, and Asia.
No, I say do not let them in. Let them stay in their native lands, and fight their wars. Fight their battles. Deal with their problems. We need to stay out of it. Totally. Frankly, the hell with them. They are alien peoples with alien cultures. They threaten to outnumber us and take over. They, threaten to bring horrible pandemics of truly terrible diseases to us. Diseases we may not be able to handle any more. Remember, we have been disease free virtually of TB and Scarlett Fever, and Whooping Cough. Bringing them back now, could very well overwhelm our populations. Bringing disease our KIDS have no immunity to, back to our shores. To me, it is little more then national racial mass suicide to do so.
Donate to ANP. It is fighting for our very racial existence. It is fighting to keep the wolf at bay from the door. Only ANP is really dedicated to saving us, and fighting the insanity of open immigration. Our presidential candidates are all system tools. They'll so whatever ZOG wants, and ZOG wants to turn America from Aryan, to Semite/Hispanic. Races they feel they can dominate much better. Give of your time to give out lit. We must counter ZOG's media, and right now, lit is our only option besides the internet to get out the word and make the Aryan people see what is really going on. Our very Aryan existence is at stake. Help ANP defend it. Disease like TB and Scarlett Fever are very hard ways to die. Do you really want to see your kids die of them, as happened in our parents time. No, we must defend and protect our race. If we do as the liberal left want, letting these Semite people in, we will be signing our collective racial death warrant. Help ANP. It is our shield, and only hope for our existence. If we fail, we may very well fail to have any racial future existence.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Acceptance of evil

Our society is changing so damn fast. It makes your head spin. Things are far different from our parents time. This country is on a moral slippery slope. Look. Gambling is now legal. Prostitution is now legal in some areas. Drugs like pot, are now becoming legal. Same sex marriage is becoming legal. Seems like nothing is sacred any more. I blame all this moral laxity on Judeo-Capitalism. Why? Because Judeo-Capitalism has no soul. No morals. Our corporate culture proves this time and again. Its not enough to just make a profit. Now, the profit imperative, is leading companies and individuals to do whatever it takes to make a profit, no matter how corrupt/evil/underhanded it is. Morals go out the window, when the profit motive comes in the door. Judeo-Capitalism exploits the workforce, making American workers little more then poorly paid slaves. The environment is going to hell, because the Capitalists insist on plundering the environment, just to make that extra profit buck. For some reason unknown to me, the Capitalist crowd, think they are immortal beings, and that they will not succumb to pollution. They breathe the same air, walk the same earth, drink the same water, but they think they are immune. I suppose its the insanity of their greed that drives them, as greed does make one insane if allowed to. The political and especially judicial systems, are corrupted beyond belief. Money runs the show. The rich pay, and get their way. Not thru out and out bribery, but far more subtly. Supposed campaign contributions, which are bribes disguised. Congress people do corporate bidding, for post office cushy, high paid, do nothing jobs. The corporate s know how to take care of their own. Its the hell with the rest of us. My point is, that corporate wrongdoing has become accepted practice in this country. Corporate s and their flunkies blatantly lie, and use PR to cover up wrongdoing. What gets me most, as I have said, is that we have a climate in this country that corporate s can do no wrong. I most strenuously disagree with this. To me, PROFIT=EXPLOITATION. People make money by screwing over the other person. It is now the accepted way of this country. The unholy trinity of greed/selfishness/uncaring is killing this country. Unless we change things, our system will destroy us. Thanks to greed, the US is no longer a middle class dominated nation. Soon we'll no longer be working class. Just poor. Majority poor. Like some third world nation. Add in that non Aryans are flooding in, and soon this country will be unrecognizable from what it is today. ARYANS! We must do something. We must change this climate of accepted evil that has developed, and is strangling this country to death. Unless we change things, we are done for. Our kids will have a truly hellish future, if they have a future at all. What has happened to the moral Aryan race, that once ruled this planet? It seems buried under piles of corruption. Our once solid morality is now a thing of the past. Only a society dedicated to itself, will survive and thrive. A world built on selfishness and lies will sink as into quicksand. Let us agree to stop accepting things as they are. let us further agree that things need to be radically changed. The ANP is a dedicated agent of said needed change. It believes in the old morality. It may seem corny, but it works, and keeps a nation/society working. Look how the selfishness we accept, and in some quarters promote, is destroying things. We must accept and promote National Socialism. A system based on race, not greed. We need a system that promotes the welfare of the entire racial folk community, not just 1% of the very rich. NS guarantees equality. Capitalism is destroying unions, leaving workers with no protection from management oppression. NS would have all work together. Both boss and worker. United as racial allies, not fighting as enemies. Thru elections, we can make a difference. Local at first, then building up strength to where we can make a difference. It has been done, and can be done again. Support the ANP. Donations of money of course, as it has expenses, but also time to give out lit. It can advise how to do it safely, and intelligently. Help ANP restore the "soul" of the Aryan race. Let us rid ourselves of the Capitalist curse, and once again have a superior society worthy of a superior race. We are far better then what we have, so lets change things for the better.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Judeo-Capitalism in action.

Why does the Nazi party oppose Judeo-Capitalism so much. Simple. Its what Capitalism stands for. Selfishness, and suffering. There are many examples, but I'll just choose the medical field to illustrate. Hospitals are run as businesses. They're suppose to be non profit, but don't you believe it. They want to make money. As always, the rich get saved. The poor are left to die. In the US, health care costs are 30-100% higher then in other nations. Somebody is obviously making big bucks over peoples suffering. Even with Obamacare, we have 40 million uninsured. 45,000 die each and every year, because they have NO insurance and therefore can't afford the life saving treatments they are denied due to their poverty. 60% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical costs. In the meantime, the greedy health insurance companies have massively raised their premiums. Many companies now have very poor medical plans, where workers pick up the cost of health insurance, and the company little or nothing.
Remember the Great Recession? The greedy bankers sold fraudulent mortgages that were suppose to be solvent, but weren't. The financial sector had a meltdown. The economy barely survived. Again, greed was at the heart of the mess. Agents sold fraudulent insolvent mortgages, just to make commissions and bonuses. The US govt came to the rescue with a 700 million dollar bailout of scum who were criminals. The feelings of the American people against it be damned. At a very conservative estimate, the health insurance companies make like 500 billion annually in sheer profit. This is Judeo-Capitalism. The profit motive is all important, and if it results in wrong doing, then so be it. To demonstrate the corruptness of our system, the assets of the 5 biggest banks are 40% larger now then before the Great Recession. They control 44% of the banking assets in this country. They control 39% of Gross Domestic Product.
In other words, the rich have gotten richer, even thru a financial catastrophe, while the rest of us struggle to survive. The 1% run the show. They live like kings, while the rest of us struggle to keep from falling into poverty. Our govt, is treated as a mere piggy bank for rich corporations and individuals to milk whenever they feel like it. Unless, and until we rid ourselves of this corrupt system, where greed is a virtue, we are doomed as a society. Condemned to a world of an elite of very rich, while the majority struggle in poverty. Struggling to make it, while having the status of virtual slaves.
Is this what YOU want? Really want. To live less then a dog, while assholes whose only thing is their money, lord it over you. To watch our kids be condemned to poverty because they can't find decent jobs, because they've been outsourced overseas. WE are Aryans. A race of warriors. Inventors. The race that raised this planet up from poverty and ignorance. It is not right we rot away as garbage. We need to rediscover our pride. We need to unify. We need to get off our collective asses and do something. Donate to ANP. Funds are needed to keep things running. Nothing in life is free. Especially in this greed dominated society that we have now. Give of your time in giving out literature. Lit is currently our only means available to us, to get the word out. The media is enemy dominated, and extremely hostile. A world based on money is a very lonely, and unpleasant place. Choose National Socialism. A creed that glorifies race, not money. It would be a far better society if everyone put race above self. Race survival before greedy self interest. We CAN have it better, we need only change the system we live by. It can be done, and must be done.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Racial suicide.

Liberal assholes keep yelling how we need to help the poor Arab SEMITIC Muslims, by taking them in. This is a true act of insanity. It would lead to racial suicide, for Aryan nations to do so. If Aryan nations take in large numbers of migrants, it will alter them forever. Irreparably. If they take in large numbers of migrants, the following Aryan nations will cease to be so: by 2050, Australia, UK, France, Macedonia, New Zealand, Bosnia ( European Muslim) and the Netherlands will cease to be Aryan, but will have become Arab Muslim. Look, these migrants come in great numbers. They have very extended large families. They have many children, as they believe in having large families with many kids. Aryans will simply lose the battle of births, hands down. They will end up outnumbered, and a poor pitiful minority in nations ruled by people who have a reputation for being hard, without any compassion. Maybe because the Muslims come from the hard desert, and their culture is based on hard desert living, they are hard in turn. Anyway, we Aryans must NOT open our doors. What Europeans are experiencing with Semitic Arabs, so the USA is experiencing with mixed race Hispanics. Non white minorities becoming non white majorities due to massive immigration, that bleeding heart liberals openly encouraged. Its good to be nice, but don't be a damn fool about it. Opening up the doors of immigration, would instead open a flood door of massive numbers of basically alien people with a far different culture as well as racial differences, to take over ones nation. Liberals always give us the let's all love each other speech, as they sit behind their mansion walls surrounded by guards. For us common Aryans, we're the ones who would have to deal with these people on a daily basis. Not a pleasant prospect. Ask any poor white who is/has been trapped in a black neighborhood. Ask them how happy they are. Ask them how they enjoy daily harassment by a non white people that hates them, and wants them out. This is what will happen to Aryan nations who foolishly open their gates, and let non whites flood in. You can expect to lose your nation, and racial identity in very short order. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a war of religion. Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo are Muslim majority, but Aryan racially. No, this is a movement by sinister forces behind the scenes, to destroy the current racial makeup of various Aryan nations, to turn them non white. Aryans, you are already under siege by non whites. This will make it far worse. Letting in hoards of non whites will hasten our racial extinction. The liberal yuppies, are really Judeo-Capitalists who love money above all, even race. They very mistakenly think they'll be able to buy control of the non whites with their money. They are very wrong. Eventually the non whites will come to realize their power, and exercise it, to the great detriment on all Aryans, rich and poor. We'd become poor, powerless minorities in what was once our own nations. Our race will cease to exist thru race mixing, and just plain being outnumbered by non white people with far higher birth rates. Where the American bison almost became extinct by low numbers, Aryans will most definitely become extinct in a nation built by them, as they become outnumbered by a racially different people. It cannot be avoided. We dare not open up the gates, lest we end up in racial peril.
The ANP is our ONLY safeguard for our continued existence. Look at the clown show of current political presidential candidates. Not a damn one champions their race. They are all opportunists out for themselves. ANP wants to save us. Help us. Make sure we survive. They won't let enemy peoples food in to eventually overwhelm us and destroy us. Donate to ANP, it needs money to operate. Donate time to give out lit. The word must be spread. Above all, support those dedicated to YOUR survival, not your destruction.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is it any wonder.

This society is sick. Sick with greed. Greed is running amok. Everyone seems OK with it. The ANP is not. What does Nazism stand for? It stands against overwhelming greed, and for an equal, racially based society. Translation: we stand for a racial folk community governed by equality, and dedicated to health/prosperity/peace of that said racial folk community. What it is against, and can never condone is the GLORIFICATION of greed that is the bedrock of Judeo-Capitalism.
In THIS country, not some third world nation, but right here in the good old USA. We have the ultra rich. people with so much money it makes your head spin. People so damn rich they have toys to play with like trophy mansions. MANSIONS. Homes, worth between 100-300 million dollars. Yes, your reading right. For example, there is currently construction of said homes going on in Los Angeles. These mansions, have things like 8,000 square foot master bedrooms. IMAX movie theatres. Champagne rooms. The homes of us working stiffs, are about 1,500 square feet. Just a bedroom of these behemoths can fit an entire house in them. There is a mansion for sale in Bel Air that is going for 500 million. Its the size of a shopping mall. Its 110,000 square feet, and has a bowling alley, night club, casino, and 4 swimming pools. These mega mansions, are total self indulgence. Narcissism off the charts. This is truly horrible, but it has become the be all, and end all of our society. This is worse then the conspicuous consumption of the "robber baron" days of the 1880's. The overweening greed, and glorification of greed. The declaration that all are not equal. Some consider themselves as demigods. This is a clear declaration, that we common people, serve no useful purpose, and are worth less then garbage in this Capitalist hell hole of our OWN making. Yes, our own making. We allowed it to happen. We allow it to continue. It will only get worse. Far worse. Look at the presidential candidates for 2016. Both parties. All millionaires. All with CLOSE ties to Wall Street. No working class hero among this crowd of opportunistic megalomaniacs. Just people who are stooges of Wall Street. Who will do their bidding, and use the power of govt to help screw the American even more. The American middle class, the bedrock of this nation and society, is shrinking. Its down by over a full third. The majority of Americans, are no longer middle class. As things go on, most Americans won't even be working class. Most will be poor. We'll have just the very rich, and very poor, like Latin America. That's why our rich ruling elite is so dilatory about dealing with illegal immigration. They want people use to a system like that here, as we become like there.
Fellow Aryan. We can continue to sit on our hands, as our great American middle class lifestyle disappears, and we continue to become poor peons in an Hispanic nation, or we can be Aryans. Resist this future the 1% have in mind for us. If we unite, we can achieve much. We can battle the awful internal rot that is killing our society/nation/world. Either we resist, or become a poor, miserable minority, doomed to poverty, and political impotence. The ANP is our salvation. The ONLY group trying to save us, the white Aryans of the USA. Donate to it. Both money, and your time, for giving out literature. We have got to stop this new religion of the glorification of greed. This current state of affairs is an affront to god and humankind. The virtual worship of money (mammon), and the glorification of the rich. The rich of this country are out of control. They dare think of themselves as gods. They need to be brought back to earth, and brought to heel. A united Aryan people can do much. Our history shows this time and again. Help support ANP. Time is running out. Its way past time that power be taken from Wall Street, and put back where it belongs, Main Street.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Nihilism: 1) Rejection of all religious and moral principles
                 2) Belief that life is meaningless.

Why the dictionary definition? Because it is such a relevant topic for our society today. Americans today, believe in nothing. Trust in nothing. Care about nothing. Nothing except themselves. We've lost our moral compass. Even worse, we've lost our sanity. The fact that we have such an abysmal field of candidates for president, shows this. We have a field of politicians running for the highest office in the land, who I wouldn't even vote for dog catcher. People who are greedy to high heaven, and total ego maniacs. This is what our civilization has been reduced to. A giant joke. Americans reject religion/nation/race as anything to believe in. Even family. This is catastrophe waiting to happen. We see the results every damn day. As we believe in nothing, we lose out. Without unity, which is based on "faith" in someone or something, we are lost. Just look at our society. The smallest outlaw biker gang has 500 people. The Crips, and the Bloods, have 30,000 members a piece. The ANP hasn't anything like this in supporters. Criminal gangs have far more support, because rather then belief in race, most people believe in money. Our economy is a sham. OFFICIAL unemployment may be 5%, but it is really far worse, as many have simply given up looking. Having a job today, is little more then slavery. Look at retail for an example. Hours can be cut to just 2 for the day. Or a day can be 12 hours. Whatever the employer feels like. All based on GREED. How much money is at stake. Compassion, decency, caring. all but unknown as greed takes over. The emptiness of money as a master, leaves no space for any other emotions, especially compassion. Look at what a money/greed based society is doing to us. The majority of the US is NO longer middle class. I'll repeat that. The majority of the US is no longer middle class. The "sharing economics", is in reality killing us. People are used, and abused, all in the cause of profit. Making money. WE are allowing our society to become a slave society. A society in which having a job, is tantamount o being a slave. Ancient Rome, had 1 out of every 3 people a slave. We are now doing the same thing. Besides outsourcing jobs overseas, our rich ruling elite is allowing illegal immigrant Hispanics, and Muslim Semitic Arabs to come and settle. As if we don't have enough people looking for work as it is. They want these groups, as they work cheap, and are much  more easily exploited then Aryans. This is deplorable. Soon we Aryans will be outnumbered. Outnumbered, outvoted, and marginalized. There are no champions for us Aryans. We must believe in ourselves. Believe in the concept of race. Believe in our future as a race. Believe in future for our kids. Unless we accept, and believe in our race, and ourselves, we can expect a very dim future. Very probably, no future.
Unless we believe in ourselves, we are lost. Our Aryan ancestors built, and did great things. They led the way to the modern world we have now. All this will soon be lost, unless we again embrace who, and what we are. Aryans. The race that achieves. The race that does. The race that use to believe. Believe again. Accept race as the principal to live by. Live for. Embrace, the race. If we continue on the empty path of non belief, we will become an empty race, fit for nothing, capable of nothing. Believe in your race. BELIEVE IN YOUR RACE. Its believing in yourself. Donate to the ANP. It is struggling to revive the Aryan race belief in itself once again. It is fighting against the racial apathy, and self loathing that our society is trying to foist upon us. Our schools teach Aryan racial self hatred, when schools should be teaching racial self pride. We must reverse this. Gain back control of our schools and our kids. ANP needs your time to distribute literature. We must get the word out, and resurrect the Aryan ideal. The media is closed off to us, so we must give out lit. Help us. Believe in the Aryan ideal once again. Spread the word. Believe. We need a govt that is not hostile to us Aryans. We can achieve this. Locally at first, but then on to the nation. Getting Aryans to believe in their race once again. The concept of race guarantees fairness, just as Capitalism guarantees inequality. Believe. Donate. Help. A great race needs YOUR help, to be great once again.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The coming storm.

Our society is not at all equal. We have the very rich, and the very poor. The once vaunted middle class is slowly eroding away. The American middle class has already been reduced by at least a third, probably more by now. The big draw of America has always been that it offered hope, that things would get better. That people could better their lives, but especially their kids. Now that hope fades. The Capitalist class has outsourced jobs overseas. The political class aids and abets them in this endeavor. The fact that this causes major job loss, and in turn, economic catastrophe to the non rich, is ignored. This is now. What about the future? People, as per usual, are hoping the coming presidential election will elect someone who will save them. This is utter insanity. Who of the candidates is REALLY for the little guy? All the candidates are rich. Sanders wants us to become totally liberal. Translation, let non whites rule, while white Aryans get shoved into the background, to wallow in poverty. He's just George McGovern come back from the dead. The rest are all creatures of Wall Street in one way or another. The great working class hero Clinton, actually has a history of being cozy with Wall Street. All the candidates are millionaires. No Joe working man among them. Who will help us, the common folk? The answer is no one. Not anyone of this bunch. Whoever wins, we lose. Sanders will establish a non white govt. The rest will establish a Capitalist dictatorship, one even worse then we have now. Face the facts. Our politicians go where the money is. They like being wealthy and powerful. They are out for themselves. WE, the common working people of the US have no savior coming in this election. If the trend continues, we'll soon not even have the shirts on our backs. Our govt, ruled by ZOG, is a total Capitalist sell out. As president Coolidge said: "the business of America is business". This will continue, and get far worse. As unions get busted, and jobs outsourced, and US workers must compete with illegal immigrants, the American workers status will go to rock bottom. As our economy erodes at home, our rich ruling elite, will continue to make war. Any group/ideology/religion, not pro Capitalism, will be warred against by our ruling elite. Like the current crusade against Islam. Its not pro Capitalist enough to suit Wall Street, so we war against it. Make no mistake, these wars we fight are bullshit. Totally unnecessary. Islam, and the Arab world, fight us, because ZOG has us firmly allied with Israel. For all intents and purposes, the US is just an Israeli colony. Since we ally ourselves with their enemy, the Islam/Arab nations consider us their enemy also. Hence the constant warfare. We the common folk bear the brunt. Our rich ruling elite sits back in their mansions, surrounded by guards and walls, and relax counting their money. They can afford to relax, they're not going into combat to fight, possibly die, to keep them rich and powerful, and Israel supreme.
Do YOU really, honestly expect the forth coming election to "save" us? Look at what creatures have inhabited the White House so far. Clinton couldn't keep his pants on. George W. Bush got us into war with Islam. Obama talked great, but is a total weakling. What's next? Nothing good I assure you. How can it ever be good, when we're stuck with the Judeo-Capitalist system that we have. A system, in which money is all that matters. A system in which the wealthy have, and control, everything. The common people have little, and continue to lose that, The common folk get screwed at every turn. We're just cannon fodder for the Judeo-Capitalist war machine. Expected to fight for world Capitalism, and to make Israel safe. This is all that political life in America has come to, and it will remain  the same, no matter which system drone wins the election. ANP is fighting to change the system. To go from money loving Capitalism, to race loving National Socialism. A race based system would be light years from how we are now. ANP is entering local elections. Build a local power base. Then move on. Eventually competing for national office. A NS govt will be a far cry from the corruption we have now. Donate money to ANP. Elections cost big bucks, even on the local level. Donate your time, to give out lit. Since the enemy has shut us out of the media, lit is our only way to  spread the good word. We need to save ourselves. No hero will be elected in this system to save us. Only screw us worse. Help ANP. Its fighting for a future for our race. To help our kids live their lives as free Aryans, not the helots of the Judeo-Capitalists, or become a marginalized minority race in a sea of mud peoples. Our very existence is at stake. Let's take our destiny in our own hands and make sure its the right one.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Capitalist combat

As we are now past yet another Black Friday shopping horror, let's review what has transpired. We have had people, who act normally most of the year, pushing, shoving, fist fighting, even shooting each other. All in the name of bargain hunting. This leaves one with a sick stomach for a number of reasons. First off, is it really worth saving a couple of bucks to engage in hand to hand combat over some "bargain". This is especially ridiculous, as its an old retailer trick, to hike prices, so as to give phony discounts by appearing to have sale prices, when its really just the normal pricing for an item. An important rule that all too many forget, is that Capitalists don't play fair. They cheat. They trick. They do anything to make a buck. The holidays are suppose to be a time of family, and happiness. What family? In my area alone, I saw many stores open for business, with "sales", starting at 3 PM Thanksgiving day, onward. In other words, instead of sitting down to family dinner, to give thanks, people were already out shopping. Some holiday. Some sense of family. This is what we have condemned ourselves to. WE have allowed the holidays to lose all meaning. To mean absolutely nothing. That Judeo-Capitalism now reigns supreme, with its empty rhetoric, and even more empty hearts. Money is the be all, and end all, of existence these days. The whole planet is being corrupted by this attitude. Islamism is trying to fight a rear guard action against this, but even it is at risk of succumbing. With a world dominated by the single thought of greed, is it really any wonder that our world is such a total hell hole. With some having 50 million dollar yachts, while others must sleep under highway overpasses for shelter. Such want. Such total inequality. Such a shame. It doesn't have to be like this. There are alternatives. The media wants everyone to feel that Judeo-Capitalism is the be all, and end all of existence. That this is all there is, and ever will be. This is because, the media is OWNED by rich people. People who love Capitalism. Who are utterly greedy. Who don't want any other alternatives, because they know how to play this current system, to their wealthy advantage. We CAN do better. We have to. If we keep on this course, the human species is doomed. The planet is doomed. Greed will destroy us, as it has so many peoples and nations and species in the past. Greed inevitably begets sadness/unhappiness, as a few win, and the many lose out. Look at our society. Decent pay jobs are few and far between, because of greed. Our rich ruling elite, has outsourced our jobs to overseas, so as to make a few extra bucks in profits. They'd rather ship stuff back and forth from China, then have factories here in the US and pay American workers a few bucks more an hour. We must cut the chains of Capitalist greed controlling our lives. Condemning us to life in a Capitalist pseudo-slave hell hole.
There is a choice. There is. We can continue down the Capitalist road, with its gross inequality, and massive suffering. Letting it destroy family life, and any values we have, or we can choose. Choose National Socialism. Another way. A way that rejects greed as a code to live by. National Socialism believes in the concept of race. It is race based, NOT money based. The race comes first. Everything for the race. Nothing else matters. The race comes before all. You take care of your own racial folk community. Nothing else matters. Nothing. Think what could be achieved if people thought in these terms, rather then Capitalistic greed terms. Our kids could grow up in a society of humans, not struggle in a human jungle of greed, as they do now. Our schools teach race self hatred, because Judeo-Capitalism wants us ashamed, and pliable. A nation/society dedicated to racial pride would be a far cry from the society we have now. Our people wouldn't take crap like they do now. White Aryans who are proud, don't take crap, and there would be a sea change of attitude if our society were NS. Donate to the ANP. Both money, and your time to give out lit. Work for a change in this society. We need to convince our people that what is now, is NOT set in stone. We can choose a different path. ANP is working to win local elections. Small baby steps, on the road to ultimate power. Eventually growing into a national party, capable of winning office on all levels. With victory there would be change. Change for the better. Change for the white Aryans. Let's stop being the system's doormats. Let us go forth and change things. To meekly accept a system that is out to destroy us is insane. It can be changed. Must be changed. Help change it. Support ANP. Your kids will thank you, when they have a future of hope to look forward to, rather the current system of wage slavery, drudgery, and misery.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The priveleged

Non whites in the USA have gone from discriminated (supposedly) minority, to now privileged elite. If your black in America, you get special treatment everywhere in every thing. Just one of many examples is the US civil service. If your non white, you get SPECIAL consideration, and points added to your civil service test score, just because you're a non white. What the hell. What kind of fairness is that? Need another example, coming right up. In 1990, the IRS said that Willie Nelson, the country singer, owed 16 million in back taxes. Which of course he had to pay. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton, black preacher, and white race baiter troublemaker, owes 19 million in back taxes, yet, got an invitation to the White House, and met with the president. Get the idea. We now have 2 kinds of law in this country. One to kick white ass, the other to kiss black ass. Blacks, needless to say, take full advantage. At YOUR own job, notice how blacks take it easy. You on the other hand have to break your butt to do everything, in quick time. Why is this? Simple. Very simple. Blacks MUST be hired for jobs. No matter what. Our civil rights laws dictate this. You must hire non whites, regardless, no matter how bad a work record they have. Don't , and you'll be brought up on charges of discrimination. So your firm gets stuck with massive amounts of deadwood. The other side of the coin is, blacks can't be fired. Unless they murder someone in front of the entire company, there is no way to get rid of them. No matter how bad they are, you cannot by law just fire them. I myself, worked with a black woman, who every damn morning would show up for work at 8AM drunk as a skunk. Nothing was ever said or done. White managers were afraid to take action, lest they be accused of being racist. Black managers refused to take action against a "sister". Hence this obviously horrible employee, who was hired to be a clerk, yet couldn't really read or write, continued in employment, to the great harm of the company, in her many serious mistakes, and disruptive manners. There are many, many examples both professional, and personal. How about YOU? Do you have any war stories? I'd be very surprised if you don't.
This is what this country has come to. White Aryans, kissing black ass. Non whites, especially blacks, are sacrosanct. What has happened to American fair play. Fairness. Equal opportunity. Decency. We white Aryans have only ourselves to blame. WE let it happen. We've come to this state of affairs, because we did nothing to prevent it, or fight it, or resist it. Take your pick what word you want to use, but the truth of the matter we act like doormats for black insults and abuse. We let non whites bitch slap us each and every day, without a whimper of protest. Time to stop taking the abuse. Is it any wonder our kids are self hating. They're taught in schools that non whites are pure and good, while white Aryans are evil. They see this reinforced every day in the media. Movies and TV especially. They hear this constantly. I say enough. We need to battle for white Aryan rights. Regain our pride. We need white rights, not hoards of Hispanics, and now Arabs. Our rich ruling elite outsources jobs to non white nations, especially China and Mexico. Our rich ruling elite doesn't care about illegal immigration, to them, the more non whites the better as they work cheap. Our govt and media is dominated by liberalism that puts non whites on a pedestal, while white Aryans are left to rot. I say enough. We need National Socialism, to get our thinking away from money, to thinking about the race. On a simpler note, we need NS, simply to ensure whites have a place in the sun, Whites need a champion just to ensure their continued survival. Donate to the ANP. Its working to save the white Aryan position in this country. It wants racial justice, not a system with one law for whites, and a separate law for blacks. Remember all the hysteria about separate but unequal from the civil rights era? Well it is still unequal, but its white Aryans who are the victims. Help ANP, donate, and give of your time to give out lit. We must reverse the kick whitey trend, or we shall perish. As extinct as the Dodo. The choice is stark. Do nothing and continue the march to oblivion, or take charge of our fate, and become a proud and healthy race once again. Remember. There is in the end, no one to fight YOUR battles, but your own self.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Our political system.

The American political system is a total failure. Our elections are meaningless. Instead of candidates being for the people,, they act for themselves. The best way to sum up the American political system, is the picture of a dog chasing its own tail, while making big bucks at the same time.
Our politicians represent the big money 1% of the population. The common folk are simply outbid for our politicians attention. Money talks. Money rules. The rich ruling elite runs this country, just like the medieval nobility lorded it over the serfs. Just LOOK. See what is happening. Our jobs have been outsourced overseas to such an extent, that the American middle class has shrunk by a full third at the very least. Decent pay/benefit jobs are now few and far between here in this country. 1% greed is destroying our economy, and society. Yet what do our so called leaders do, more of the same. To add insult to injury, our rich ruling elite is content to let herds of Hispanics flood into the country. Worse, now they want to let in hundreds of thousands of Muslim Arabs in. Our rich ruling elite wants a virtual slave work force. Peoples known to work cheap, and not make any waves. Peoples with a slave mentality. They bribed our Aryan parents/grandparents with all sorts of materialistic goodies, but once they had the levers of power in their hands, they are letting the American middle class die on the vine. They want to take away Social Security, Medicare, student college loans. All things they feel people should do for themselves. Things they do for themselves, because they are RICH. For us poor common folk, it is a death sentence. How in hell can the average family afford college without help? How can the average family possibly afford the huge cost of medical care? Our govt is just a jailer. Making sure everyone behaves, while they are sentenced to the poor house. I am convinced our rich ruling elite wants to bring us back as close to slavery as possible. That's why it is hitting on the middle class so bad. Have the govt just be a jailer, using the security forces as muscle to keep dissidence under control. Look at the job market. We have waves of Hispanics coming in to take what jobs are still left to us. Now it will soon be Arabs. All the while, blacks get special treatment, thanks to civil rights laws forcing their hire, and giving THEM, not YOU, them, special job preference all on the basis of their non white race. I find this all outrageous, and kind of crazy. Our rich ruling elite is perfectly willing to destroy the American middle class, in order to stay in power. This is nuts. Destroying the backbone of the country, so they can make a buck easier. This country long ago ceased to be a democracy. Now its a plutocracy. Rule by the rich. An oligarchy of rich families like the Walton's, Koch's, etc. We common white Aryans are fast losing our place here. Our country is ceasing to be OUR country. Soon Aryans will be a pitiful minority in the USA. Helpless, and hopeless. My god, look at the creatures we have running for office. A disguised Jew Communist, while the rest are all Wall Street toadies, who are only too happy to sell us out for the 1% big bucks. Not a true for the little guy Aryan among them. With leadership like this, no matter who wins, the Aryan loses, and loses big time. What in holy hell will it take for white Aryans to resist, while there is still time. How many more jobs must we lose to China, and Mexico, before we unite and organize a resistance. We have NAFTA, which has hurt us. Now our Judeo-Capitalist govt is establishing trade groups with East Asia, and Europe. This means more jobs lost, more Americans entering poverty. The US growing poorer, and weaker every damn day.
Please support the ANP. National Socialism is our only hope. We need a system that embraces race, not money. Give money, and your time to give out lit. White Aryan, save yourself. Our leaders are greedy bastards, bent on making money at OUR expense. We can see it already as white Aryans become jobless, or even more, underemployed. Our eventual slavery is assured, unless we change our system. NOW, not later. Help. Do something for YOUR own damn survival. Time is running out. A flood of Arab refugees, will be the end of us. We must move before its too late, and the situation is irretrievable.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Our system is suppose to be open to all, allowing everyone a fair chance. This is total bullshit. Imperial China had a supposedly open civil service. Anyone could sit and take the exam. Thing is, it was stacked in the rich's favor. It was based on knowledge of the Confucian classics. Only the RICH had the money and time to study properly and have a chance to pass. Poor folk didn't have the time or money to study. hence the exam was really rigged in favor of the rich.
Our civil service exam system is likewise a total sham. No matter how well you score, if you're white, you get passed over by non whites. In other words, no matter how ell you do, or how high you score, non whites will always score above you. They get SPECIAL preference because they are non white. Our system is stacked in favor of non whites. Because of Civil Rights laws, we have race quotas. Non whites get special consideration. This still goes on .Even though we have had a black president for 7 years.
When the god damn hell, do non whites stop needing extra help? When is special preference no longer needed? Its been 60 years since the civil rights legislation was passed. yet we CONTINUE to have non whites getting preferential treatment. Getting past white applicants on the basis of race. We whites take it over and over again. I for one, am tired of taking it. I've lost out on many a job due to said race quotas. This fight isn't personal. I am a dissident, not because I've screwed out of getting jobs, but because our whole white Aryan race continues to get the shaft. Even after many decades. I am totally fed up. This country is suppose to be all about fairness. Yet whites are discriminated against, by our very own govt. This is a total outrage. What has happened to America's sense of fair play, and decency? What kind of society not just allows discrimination against its own citizens, but enshrines it into law? Isn't this what the supposed evil Nazis supposedly did to the Jews? I hate liberalism, with a passion. The total, absolute hypocrisy really breaks my back. Discrimination against blacks and other non whites is made against the law. YET, discrimination against whites is enshrined into law. With decent pay and benefit jobs few and far between these days, to basically rope off the federal govt and its jobs away from whites, and reserve it solely for non whites stinks to high heaven. This has got to stop. Its UN-American.
We white Aryans, are frankly, STUPID, to continue to allow this, and put up with it. White rights need to be upheld, not trampled on. The race quota system is destroying this country. When I think of all the black women bosses I've had in my career, who were total idiots, and lazy as hell, yet making massive amounts of money for non performance of their jobs. Jobs they got for being black women. This kind of thing is killing our society. We're being ruled by incompetents. That's why things are so shitty these days. Look at who's running the show. How they got their high positions. We white Aryans need to unite. Unite behind the banner of white rights. More then that, white existence. WE need jobs. Decent pay. Benefits. If we have the skills, and knowledge, we deserve a chance. Yet we live in a non white dictatorship that keeps the likes of us down, and raises the likes of them on high. Support the ANP. It is determined to stop the injustice. It is NOT based on hate, but wants whites to have a fair shake. If race shouldn't be a reason to hire, and promote, then our govt needs to stop it. Our govt needs to be taken back by white Aryans and reformed. Give money, and your time to give out lit. We need opportunity. White Aryans have always worked hard. They deserve to be able to rise. Enough of this pro non white racial nonsense. Time for fairness to return. Time for white Aryans to stop allowing themselves to be bitch slapped. White dignity is on the line, but even more, economic opportunity for our future generations. Right now, with govt racial policy, our kids have no real future. Help stop this racial law travesty. ANP is ready and willing to help. All it needs is YOUR support.

Monday, November 16, 2015


What makes poverty.? What makes people end up poor? There are many factors.
Many govt and private organizations are focused on greed. They see their role solely as to help themselves and whatever group they are part of, or paid by. The US Congress is a perfect example. Thanks to corporate contributions, and the offers of cushy jobs post office, Congress, which is a millionaires club anyway, follows the money, and passes whatever legislation it is ORDERED to. Even if it is harmful to the body politic. Fr example, outsourcing jobs to China, and Mexico. Doesn't help the common folks, but it happens because Congress is bribed to let it happen.
Like the above. Money rules. Especially when in many countries, clans exist and have influence. The clan is paramount, not the nation. Here in the US, instead of clans, we have corporations. Enterprises formed to make a profit. Thing is, too often, its how those profits are made. When making money is the be all, and end all of existence, then the common folk will definitely suffer. After all, who will champion the poor folks cause? Not people/entities hell bent on making money. Corruption means money earmarked for doing good, ends up in greedy peoples pockets. Children starve while fat cats build yachts.
Third, the TAX BASE
If your govt looks on its tax base as a piggy bank to plunder, then poverty will surely reign. In all too many countries, the govt in power looks on the tax base as something to exploit, and takes everything but the shirts of those ruled. Here in the US, many cities are black ruled. Rather then collect tax money, and do needed work, the city govt just pockets the cash. Wastes it on nonsense projects, like Detroit's people mover. The tax base shrinks as white Aryans flee the chaos, but the city govts continue in their greedy wasteful ways, because they don't care. It all gets filed away as sticking it to whitey.
The culture of a country can influence its prosperity greatly. Some countries/societies, don't like Judeo-Capitalism, and are willing to forgo making money if it interferes with religious belief. Islam FORBIDS charging interest on loans. Hence they are not full Capitalists. The Judeo-Capitalists of ZOG in the USA, don't like that. To them Capitalism must reign supreme. Hence the Cold War against anti-Capitalism Communism, and now the war against Islam. Any force not pro Capitalism is to be destroyed. They hire what military muscle they need. After all, they have the money to do so. There is NO freedom of speech. In ZOG land, its do it our way, or else.
Some nations just have no resources, and do little. Land too poor for farming. No minerals worth anything. Or, nations with lots of mineral wealth, but rapacious Judeo-Capitalists rip them off. To our ZOG masters, the world is merely something for them to rape, and plunder. Seize anything of value, all in the name of making holy PROFIT. The fact that the native folk suffer means nothing. The fact that the native people get left with nothing, means less then nothing to them.
The five things above, lead to failing societies, which in turn lead to basket case nations. This is the road we are traveling with a Judeo-Capitalist society. We need to change NOW, not later, now. Unless, and until, we choose National Socialism as our way of life, we, the common people of the US will be marched into deadly poverty. Starvation, and suffering will be our lot. Our rulers have absolutely no human compassion, because they literally have ceased to be human. Look at the 2016 US president candidates. Do you trust any of them?. Will any really look out for YOU? NS believes in race, NOT money/profit. Only a new way will save us. Only dedicating ourselves to something greater then our mere selves, will let our race thrive, and have a real future. Not as slaves, but white Aryans, proud, strong, prosperous.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Words of warning

Read the New Testament, 2 Timothy 3. Warning to us.
You should know this,Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves, and their money. They will be boastful, and proud, scoffing at God. Disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving, and unforgiving. They will slander others, and have no self control. They will be cruel, and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure, rather then God. They will act religious, but will reject the power that could make them godly.
Isn't this what is happening within white Aryandom right now? What Judeo-Capitalism is bringing about.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sheer greed, plus sheer stupidity.

Our Judeo-Capitalists. Their intelligence, seems to walk hand in hand with their utter stupidity. They shout about the Islamic threat. Yet they conveniently forget to mention that Islam is our enemy, because we are a virtual province of Israel. If we stopped being joined at the hip with Israel, then there would be peace, rather then the current state of war. The Israelis intend to destroy the Muslim mosque on Temple Mount. They intend to eventually build a third Jewish Temple. Needless to say, this infuriates Islam. Our imbecile leaders have gotten us mixed up in this religious warfare. Us, the United States, where we no longer allow prayer in school, are fighting a holy war for Judaism against Islam. This is sheer craziness. Unless we drop support for Israel, we can expect eternal warfare between the West, and Islam. Israel intends to fight to the last American, with ZOG's hot and happy help.
Another example of the moral stupidity, and total political bankruptcy of our current system. Our Capitalists made China strong. So strong in fact, that it now is starting to challenge us for world domination as the new and upcoming superpower. To circumvent high US worker wages, out corporate types started outsourcing to China virtually every manufacturing industry possible. Now China is the preeminent manufacturer on planet earth. All so our rich ruling elite, that loves money above everything, could make a profit. Not just a profit, but massive profit. All that it had to do, was sell out our country's workers, which they eagerly did. Now American workers can only aspire to getting minimum wage, no benefit jobs. Once the best paid workers in the world, now American workers must scramble for low pay jobs. Competing with illegal immigrants for same. Our leadership welcomes illegal immigration, no matter what they say. They want cheap, slave like workers, and illegals can be easily extorted to work for virtually nothing.
Our military-industrial complex, wants enemies, and to be able to engage in war. hence our country is world policeman/world nanny. Our country is constantly butting into other countries business. We go out of our way to make enemies. Like pushing for gay/lesbian rights, in extremely conservative societies that find such behavior abhorrent. ZOG will do anything to piss off other nations and turn them against us. That way, ZOG can claim it is threatened and must build and maintain a major military for protection.
Domestically, the racialist right is pilloried as evil. Having pride in your race is stamped as evil racism. The racialist right is built up in the media as some kind of threat to ZOG, hence the need for a massive, and well armed police force. Of course liberals don't care if they handcuff the police. They want freedom for blacks. In the meantime police feel hamstrung, which they are, and hesitate to do their jobs. Now we're seeing a rise in crime, just so liberals can make an ideological point. Stupid. I can't wait for liberals to suffer violent crime in their lily white suburbs, as poor whites, trapped in the city, suffer every damn day.
The Jews claim they want justice, but notice how if they're opposed, they yell racism/Antisemitism/Holocaust. They use it as a weapon. Our dumb ass people have so far bought it, and back off. This just ensures it will continue to be used. This is the old Communist way of infiltration. Sow doubt. Confuse the enemy. Infiltrate. Blend in. Fool your enemy. Unless we wake up and just say NO, we will continue to erode like a beach at high tide.
Donate to ANP. Donate time as well as money, to give out lit. Help stop white Aryan rot. Our system is killing us. Unless we unite and begin to oppose it, will die as a race. Hispanics are flooding in. Once a minority, we will be helpless. We must change the system in which we live. Something more compatible with survival. Our system now is too corrupt. It is too stupid to survive. It makes enemies, and in a further show of madness, builds them up into major threats to itself. Its time for this nonsense to end.

Monday, November 9, 2015


These days, white Aryans are getting the shaft from every side. Its like we no longer matter in the scheme of things. If something isn't done soon, we may very well cease to matter at all.
Hillary Clinton, in her push for the presidency, apparently has no problem making deals with the devil. As part of her campaign promises, she promises to see to it, that blacks get preference for Federal contracts, and govt business loans. White Aryans, as per usual, can expect nothing, except the bill to cover this expense. My question is this, why do blacks still need "help" 60 years after the civil rights era.? Why do blacks still need special help, even though we now have had a black president for 7 years? As I see it, this is political pandering at its most base, outrageous form. Since blacks vote in a block, and vote race, Clinton is bribing for votes. Pure and simple. Disgraceful. This is yet another example of our system being up for sale. Do me a favor, and do you a favor politics. Sounds more like a Mafia movie then real life, yet real it is. This is our future if not stopped. Racial politics. Liberals hold up their hands in horror, yet they practice it very much. Unless we white Aryans unite, and start voting racially, we are doomed. We're slowly being marginalized. Soon it won't be so slowly. Eventually we'll be jealous of how Native Americans were treated. We won't go down by war, but by legal fiat. We'll be a permanent underclass in a sea of non whites. Helped along by race traitors willing to sell out for votes.
Another betrayal, is by American corporate business. To them, profit is all. Even at the expense of their very own people. A good example is medicinal drugs. Our pharmaceuticals have us hog tied, thanks to the help of a bought Congress. For example, the drug Advair, costs in the US $800. In Canada, it costs $130. Why the huge discrepancy? We're never given a reason. Americans tried to buy drugs from Canada, but have been stopped from doing so, by the drug companies after lobbying our for sale Congress. This is but one of many examples of sheer greed being normal every day policy. It is to be expected in a Judeo-Capitalist society/economy such as our own. Money rules. Greed is triumphant. The common person gets screwed. The US Congress is a millionaires club. They care about wealth and power. Their own. If you're not rich, you're not worth their time and trouble.
As the above shows, we the common white Aryan are betrayed on both a political as well as economic level. When do YOU white Aryan intend to do something about it? Our politicians are bought and paid for. Our companies are insane to make profits. Where will it all end? Unless we unite as a people, and determine that there will be no more dirty dealing, we will eventually die out as a race in the USA. Already hoards of Hispanics are swarming in. Asians too are coming in in droves. Pretty soon we'll be outnumbered. Pretty soon we'll be a pitiful minority, a mere shadow of the great race we once were. We must rally around the standard bearer of white Aryan rights in this country. Only the ANP can save us. Only, if, big if, we rally around it, and support it. This means unity, and the determination to fight corruption, racial special privilege, corporate greed. ANP can save us, but only, if we agree to support it to let it do so. In other words, we must be willing to struggle for our rights. If we continue to just sit on our asses, we will fall away into oblivion. Donate to ANP. Give of your time to give out lit. Do something. Its your life. Your kids future at stake. WE have to help ourselves. No man on a white horse hero will do it for us. Join with ANP. Stop taking crap. We were once a proud, strong race. Time to be so again.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Income inequality

We constantly get a lot of crap from the media on how wonderful our society is. This is pure invention. Our rich ruling elite want us brain washed to think that all is well. They know if we realize the truth, it would make problems for them. Hence the "Horatio Alger" propaganda. That you can provide a better future for yourself and family, thru hard work, and education.
This is patently false. In this society, you can work yourself to death, and never get anywhere. In our Judeo-Capitalist society, only cunning and ruthlessness result in success. Look at those who have gotten rich and powerful. Its NOT by making a better product at a low price, its by financial skullduggery. The rich and powerful get that way by ruthless cunning. Money manipulation. Corporate raiding. In simple terms, screwing the other guy. Our political system reflects this. People opposed the great bank bailout, because they didn't want to have a bunch of greedy, reckless bankers saved. Especially to the tune of 700 billion bucks. Yet saved they were. Congress did it anyway. Money talks. Campaign contributions buys loyalty and obedience. Supposed public service goes out the window when money comes into the picture.
The sacred American middle class lifestyle is dying. It is being allowed to die as I write. The American middle class has already shrunk by a third. It continues to die. Our rich ruling elite is happy to make profit. That is what they live for. Hence job outsourcing. Finding a near slave labor work force to make something. The fact that it costs American jobs means nothing at all to them. Profit means everything. We workers are losing our jobs. Our livelihoods. Our social standing. Our everything. We're now losing our country to non white immigration. Unless we break out of the Capitalist noose that is strangling us, we, the white Aryans of the USA, will simply cease to exist. We are the vanishing Americans. Our rich ruling elite would like us to become a non white country. They feel non whites are cheaper, and far more submissive workers. people they can pay next to nothing, and make far more profit out of. White Aryans are too troublesome, with their demands for decent wages, and decent working conditions. Hence, the replacement process going on.
Our society is quite unequal. We have billionaires worth 40 billion in personal wealth. people who think nothing of spending 50 million on say a yacht. We have people sleeping on grates in the street. people sleeping on park benches. People hungry, homeless, hopeless. We have extremes of poverty, just like Latin America, which countries/societies we are coming to closely resemble. This is the 21st century, yet we continue to have societies little different from the Middle Ages, with ruling nobility, and serfs tied to the manor living in wretched poverty. My God, isn't it time we improved the HUMAN condition? Enough of technical progress. We need humanity progress. A truly just and equitable society. Leaving people to do as they please will NOT accomplish that.
National Socialism is our gateway to social equality. Its basis is race, not profit/self-interest. Hence all the RACE is of value and must be treated fairly. Workers given dignity. People given self worth. A true safety net to help those who fall into life misfortune in whatever way. Our system currently feels if you don't work, you're lazy. Govt shouldn't help you, just do military duty and law enforcement. In other words, National Socialism wants to raise up the living standard of its people. Capitalism wants to see it destroyed. We have 2 stark choices. We can continue with the pseudo slave society we have, which is slowly dragging us to a primitive poverty ridden existence, constantly in a state of war. OR. We can turn to a National Socialist way of life. A society where workers have jobs, and dignity. Differences in income will still exist, but the GROSS disparities will not be allowed. NS allows you to do a little better if able, but NOT, and this is very important, at the expense of the wellbeing of your fellow white Aryans. Some economic differences is normal. Gross exploitation, and savaging of the workforce is absolutely not.
Support ANP as it battles to bring economic justice to an economically lawless society. There is absolutely no justification for someone to live in stupendous wealth, while another lives in dire poverty. Hope should be eternal. If nothing else, people should feel their govt will help them in the lurch, not push them into the abyss.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Needed changes

The US economy is not good. The Federal Reserve all but admitted it, when they left bank interest rates alone at virtual zero. Oil prices are way down. This sounds like good news, but it isn't. American oil companies are losing money. Yeah, it makes up for massive price gouging in the past, but they are a major part of the US economy, so if they lose, we lose. Remember," too big to fail"? Then there is the China problem. China basically does OUR manufacturing for us. We're like slaves to China. We need it, to keep up our cheap goods lifestyle. Thing is, China must be paid for all the goods it dumps on us. Paid in US dollars. The net result being, that our currency is held in thrall by China.
The US national debt is currently at 17 trillion dollars and climbing. China owns 1.19 trillion worth of that debt. That means we owe China a hell of a lot of money. If China ever calls in that debt, it would be a massive body blow to our economy and indirectly, our country. China has economic power over us. This is economic power we gave it. The US, thru greed and stupidity took a predominantly agricultural economy, and industrialized it. Then gave away its manufacturing to its Chinese Frankenstein monster. Now we're in hock to China up to our eyeballs.
Ours is a Judeo-Capitalist system. It cares only for making profits. The US rich ruling elite decided to make China a major manufacturing hub, even though China is not a friend of the US. The US took an enemy that wasn't very powerful, and gave it a manufacturing capacity that has enabled it to industrialize at great speed. Letting it sell its overly cheap manufactures here, and putting a lot of American companies out of business. Now China is using its wealth, to modernize militarily. Now China is within range of being able to challenge the US militarily.
There is really no difference between them anymore. China is state Capitalism, the US corporate Capitalism. Either way, the operative word is Capitalism. Doing things solely for money profit. Now the US is trying to cow China into submission by interfering with China's claims in the South China sea. Seems we don't have enough problems with the world of Islam, our govt has to anger China by butting into its affairs. Our govt thinks it can extort China into obedience by muscle flexing. It can't. Nations are determined to be independent, and masters of their own fate. The nations of the world are sick of US meddling in their affairs, with our sanctimonious hypocrisy. Our country has no one to blame then itself, for letting China get as powerful as it has. OUR greed has got us a rival, that may even surpass us one day. The day of US hegemony over the world is almost over. Nations are growing stronger, while we grow weaker. We can barely make anything for ourselves anymore.
National Socialism would NEVER have allowed this state of affairs to have come about. First off, it would never have allowed our industry to move overseas. American companies would have had to stay in America, not move to, and help strengthen foreign countries, especially if they had a chance to become our rivals. The USSR never overly helped China. They didn't want China to rival them in power. That's why China played the US card, and played the US for the suckers that they are. Secondly, China would not be a rival to an NS US because NS doesn't look for trouble. An NS US wouldn't go looking for trouble, and trying to rape the world's riches. NS believes in live and let live. It believes in peace, something our ZOG govt has long ago forgot about.
Support ANP. Give money, and time to give out lit. We NEED a new system. One that looks out for its people, not for chances to help their people get screwed. Capitalism will ALWAYS be hoisted on its own petard of massive greed. NS won't because its based on race, nor profit making. We can have a decent  caring govt, we need only change the system of govt we have. Vote ANP, and let the will of the people bring justice, and not further exploitation.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the year 2065

White Aryans. We as a race are in deep trouble. We literally stand on the threshold of extinction in the USA. Non whites are flooding in. To make matters worse, white Aryans are no longer having children. ZOG's family killing policies are taking a terrific toll on white Aryan family life. Thanks to feminism, gay/lesbian rights, and just plain selfishness, white Aryans no longer believe in having families. No kids, means no reproduction, means NO future race of white Aryans in the USA. It has been estimated that by 2055, Asians will be 36% of the US population. Hispanics, 34%. Together that makes 70%. The rest will be whites, and blacks. White Aryans are losing control of this country day by day, minute by minute. Soon we'll be a minority. A most oppressed one. Non whites hate us, and will treat us harshly. Once THEY have the power, we will suffer very greatly.
By the year 2065, the white Aryan population will be 46% of the US population. Right now its 62%. Hispanics will be 24%. Right now they're 18%. Asians will be 14%. Right now they're 6%. Blacks will be 13%. Right now they're 12%. Unless we get a family friendly system in place, our race is doomed. Right now raising kids is hard, and very expensive. Judeo-Capitalism doesn't care. Unless something results in profit, they could care less about it. National Socialism on the other hand believes in the family as THE building block of a racial society. A strong family means a healthy race, and strong vital society/nation. Dysfunctional family life means dysfunctional future citizens. No family means no life. As Hitler said, " what is life, life is the nation". No kids, means no nation/race/society.
To help with the cost of raising a family, National Socialism would give everyone interested child care allowances. A stipend to help with costs. Be they for medical needs, schooling, food/clothing/shelter. NS Germany actually awarded medals, "mothers cross", to mothers of 5 or more children. Doesn't having a helpful govt sound better then continuing to live in a family hostile system like we have now. Prices keep going up. Yet wages are stagnant. The govt  interferes with lots of rules and regulations, but no meaningful help. We need a govt willing to keep a helping hand to its racial folk community.
ZOG wants white Aryans to disappear. The fewer the better. They want passive submissive slave workers. Hence the importation of illegal immigrants. Workers who work cheap, less they get deported. Pseudo slaves. Hence nothing is done to curb the illegal immigrant flood. Our rich ruling elite wants it to keep going and grow. The better to substitute white Aryan with Asian and especially Hispanic.
Is this what YOU want? A mud nation. The total lack of white Aryans. This is what is coming. Unless white Aryans have children, and lots of them, this is what we can expect. Unless we get a system dedicated to taking care of its citizens, and giving them a needed helping hand, we will continue to rot away as a race. National Socialism believes in race. Race is NOT a dirty word. Its what you are. What you should unite with, and support. Help ANP bring about a pro family system. Race is the highest consideration in NS. Don't you want help with the costs of life and raising a family? Donate to ANP. Help give out lit. Help counteract the enemy brainwashing that has our people thinking family is wrong, and something not to bother with. A world with out  family will be a lonely place, and well nigh anarchic. This world is hellish enough, let's not add to it. Let us have family, and care for family, as white Aryans have done and can do again. A civilization is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it dies of neglect, and uncaring.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A decaying society.

Our controlled media constantly harps about the govt line that all is well. Our Judeo-Capitalist masters want us to think we're OK. The truth is that we're a decaying society. Wages for the working class are stagnant. Yes, STAGNANT. There will be NO cost of living raise for Social Security recipients in 2016. Our rich ruling elite could care less about us common folk. The fact that WE have to struggle to live is of no concern to them at all. We common working folk are getting the short end of the stick. The median income from 1988 to 2007, has gone down 7%.
Our rulers have their media stooges tell us that thanks to oil and gas drilling, our economy is doing well. But is it. There is a major GLUT of oil and natural gas. prices are very low. We were told fracking for natural gas created jobs. That is a semi truth. Jobs are created establishing a well. Once a well is set up, it needs only 2-3 people to keep it going. Everything is automated. Many people are no longer needed. We're told fracking is safe, by the industry. Yet many scientific studies show fracking fraught with peril. There is the great potential for contaminating ground water. There is also the chance that the process will cause minor earth tremors. When it comes to profits, people's safety and security goes out the window.
We white Aryans are fast becoming white nigger slaves. Working grueling hours at grueling jobs for peanuts. Our rich ruling elite would like to bring slavery back. Not just Negro slavery, but enslave all other groups, with the rich elite sitting pretty on a mountain of money. Unions are being destroyed. Undermined by outsourcing jobs overseas. Wages are stagnant. Employers simply don't want to pay decent wages. Now we have waves of Muslims and Hispanics flooding in. Many illegally. Illegals work cheap, so our ruling elite is loath to do anything about illegal immigration except mere lip service.
Unless we white Aryans stick up for ourselves, and insist on our rights, we will be no better off then medieval peasants were during the Middle Ages. We MUST unite. Together we can do much. Singly we can do little or nothing. The ANP is our salvation. It is trying to unite white Aryans into a mighty political party, that can and will protect white rights. Without it we are individually helpless. Think how a mighty white Aryan party could do things. Have laws passed protecting white rights. Restoring sorely abused white pride. Helping white people live with dignity and respect, not letting them be treated like animals. Less then animals. The ANP wants to build a political organization that can contest local elections. This can be done easily. Then as a political base is created, further up the political power chain till it contests national elections.
Donate to the ANP. Money is needed for supplies. It gives out literature, since the mass media is Jew controlled and hostile to white Aryan interests. Help give out lit. A little of your time, can help mightily in the cause of white life and liberty. Either we unite and fight the oppressor, or we continue to cave in, and be little more then slaves. Our fate is in our very own hands. What we do will affect us, and especially our children for ages to come.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our traitorus system

The US govt, is no longer the helpful friendly type. It works overtime now screwing its very own people. The once sacrosanct social contract is now in ruins. The betrayal is most noticeable in Social Security. The system set up to help and protect the old and poor, is fast becoming worthless. Social Security is suppose to help people survive. Not so much live, as at least survive. Yet, Congress is short changing the system. There will be NO cost of living raise for Social Security for 2016. No adequate explanation has been given, but is one really necessary. Congress is a millionaires club. People not at all disposed to helping their fellow humans. The plight of the elderly/ poor in the USA is bad and getting worse. Social Security was meant to help the poor elderly have dignity in their "golden years". Instead, now they're getting a kick in the teeth. Medicare part D deductibles have gone up to $360. A 12.5% increase. The initial coverage limit, has gone up to $3,310. An increase of 11.8% The catastrophe limit has gone up to $7,515. An increase of 6.4%.
For people on fixed incomes, every dollar counts. More expense means less money to live on. People whose only offense is that they're old and/or poor, are being given the royal screw job. This from a rich ruling elite, that doesn't have a clue what a supermarket price scanner is for, or does. Our rich ruling elite, would much rather make war, then care for our societies most weak and vulnerable. They are far more interested in fighting with anti Judeo-Capitalist Islam, then caring for their own. When the hell are we ever going to get out of Afghanistan? Obama now wants to keep troops there past 2016. None of the other candidates will get us out. Every presidential candidate wants to play soldier. Be "commander in chief". Be a war winning hero. No matter how long it takes. No matter how many die. No matter how much money is squandered. To our rich ruling elite, not being Judeo-Capitalist is NOT an option. Hence our troops go in to change attitudes. A fruitless mission, as Afghan culture dictates a different way of life then we have in this country. Yet our troops soldier on, in a cause as hopeless as Vietnam was. You can't successfully fight someone else's fight. Either they do it, or it doesn't work. Vietnamization was a good idea, it was just done in the wrong place/context. Keeping our troops fighting the Afghan govt war is a waste. It won't work. What it will do, is cost money. Money needed here at home, to care for our people. Money needed to care for our elderly who were good citizens. Loyal citizens. People who have worked hard all their lives, and just want to be able to finally have rest. Our elderly shouldn't have to eat dog food in order to survive. That is truly disgraceful, but this is what it is coming to. People who need govt help to get by, are now getting the shaft. Talk about betrayal. How is someone old and sick suppose to get by, when the govt constantly shirks its responsibility to care for its citizens. This country is so screwed up, we now care for ILLEGAL immigrants. People who have no right to anything, yet are now getting everything. In the meantime, people who are natural citizens, born and raised in the US are having their needs ignored. People on a fixed income need aid. Not increases in costs. Just a difference of $30 a month, can make the difference of having a shabby home/apt, or no place whatsoever to call home. Its that close. Far too many elderly, in the US, live on the razor's edge. The slightest deviation can bring disaster. For the want of a cost of living raise, they face not just "poverty", but the worst kind of want. The lack of any kind of decent life. This is a stab in the back our people don't deserve. For God's sake, our people deserve to die with at least a little dignity, and comfort.
WE need to stop this. We need to stand up to this. The 1% are heartless. They could care less how our people are suffering. ANP cares a great deal. For it, the people, the race, matters above all else. No matter how old, or sick, the race must be cared for. The natural way of each caring for its own. Its the decent thing to do. Help ANP care for those in need. We need a new way National Socialism. people deserve to die as humans, not be treated as garbage. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. We need to change beliefs/attitudes/expectations in this country. If we don't, we can all expect to die poor and miserable. Ignored by an uncaring, callous system. Our govt should be a help, not a rip off. No more money for wars. Our people need care. Lots of it. Help ANP do so. If not, watch YOUR Social Security fade away. Spent on hopeless war. How do YOU want to retire? Poor and starving, or with a modicum of dignity and happiness.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

NO! The new middle class word.

The American middle class use to be able to look forward to buying a great many things. Well, things are now very changed. These days, its not what the middle class can buy, its what they now can't.
NO new vehicles. The prices of new vehicles, are now beyond the price range of most middle class households. NO vacations. The idea of getting away for two glorious weeks somewhere is now out of the question for most households. Even if they have the money, TIME is no longer available, as Americans can no longer get time off to do anything, by employers chaining them to the oar. NO student loans. Our govt in its wisdom has decided students should work their way thru college, just like the good old days. The fact being that college is far more expensive now then in the good old days doesn't matter at all to our rich ruling elite. They'd like nothing better then to keep college exclusively for the rich. Hence our students who can even afford college, end up with crippling debt after graduation. Debt that takes decades to pay off. NO emergency savings. The old rainy day fund is history. American middle class households need every cent to be able to pay off their bills. No extra money to set aside. NO retirement. No golden years. Just a life of servitude. Work till you drop, is the new philosophy of workplace America. Consider it sort of the new plantation system. Instead of Negro slaves, we now have working whites who are trapped by debt into working forever, without hope of any leisure, or even a break. Most workers can't afford to retire. Can't get enough savings, and our govt no longer believes is helping people retire. Our govt nowadays is a Capitalist overseer keeping the whip of "productivity" cracking all the live long day. NO medical care. Our govt , controlled by a rich ruling elite, believes in medicine the old fashion way. Cure yourself or die. The tech is now there, but it now it is a matter of money whether you get it. No money, your left to die by the wayside. The govt no longer believes it should take care of its own people. If you can't work, your jettisoned as worthless garbage. What a way to repay a lifetime of hard work and loyalty. NO dental coverage. Our govt feels if you lose your teeth so be it. With the cut back in benefits in companies, people who once had excellent dental coverage, now have rotting teeth, just like our ancestors. So much for progress. We can save teeth, but too few can afford to do so, on low wages, without benefits. Unions helped in this a lot, but as they die, so does dental coverage. NO paycheck. Some companies actually have the gall to delay pay, for all sorts of reasons. The usual real reason, is to delay pay, so the company can make a few extra bucks on interest on the accounts. Hurting the worker, is now the new national sport, but then this is a Judeo-Capitalist system, where workers have no worth, and are exploited to the max.
Had enough of the above? Our American middle class lifestyle is dying. Workers are being screwed 24/7. Our govt is just a Capitalist tool, and helps maximize profit, rather then insure worker rights. Safety, once a hallmark of things American, is now just a sick joke, as companies flout it. Safety costs profits. If you're tired of the above, can see the writing on the wall, then do something. Donate to the ANP. We need a National Socialist system. A system devoted to care of the race. Profit is a dirty word. It brings exploitation. Workers get deprived of needs, while Capitalist fat cats grow rich on profits. profits built on the sweat of the workers. This has got to stop. Donate money to ANP. Help in the battle for worker survival. Give out lit to get the word out. The rich ruling elite doesn't want anything said about social justice. Hence the media silence on the subject. ANP is the only force for workers anymore. Unions are dying off. Unions are being screwed by open shops, outsourcing overseas, illegal immigrants scabbing and strikebreaking. Only ANP will see that the above goes back to YES. Keep supporting the system we have, and the list of NO above will only grow longer, and get worse. Do you want to be a slave? See your kids become slaves. Its happening. Only NS can stop it. The govt should rule business, NOT as here business rules govt. Join us. Help us. HELP! White Aryans are fast becoming slave workers. Low pay, no benefits. Either we change the system, or we slowly sink into interest slavery. American worker, free yourself. The means is at hand. ANP can make you free. You have only to support it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

US Congress, the Best money can BUY.

The US Congress is a collection of rich folks. No common folk there. It is of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. If your not rich, its the hell with you. If you can't cough up cash, and a lot of it, you're worthless in your "representatives' eyes. In the US Congress, money talks, and even more, listens to problems, and acts on them. No money, no action.
Go ahead and write your Congressperson about your feelings. Many people did about the bank bailout. They opposed it. Sailed thru anyway. You can bet, that if you backed up your objections with mountains of cash, even if you lived in the heart of the Rockies, they'd be parachuting to you to kiss your ass. No money = no influence. The more money, the more they listen. Our Congress has always favored the rich, over the poor, but now its like a religion.
Before Reagan, the top tax rate was 70%. The growth in the US economy was 5%. After Reagan, the top tax rate was a mere 30%. The growth rate of the US economy was 30%. Wealth controls both parties. Don't believe the Democrats as the party of the working man. They're just as corrupt. Both parties could care less about the needs of the common folk. Especially the working poor. They are perfectly content to run up the National Debt. It doesn't bother them to owe China, as long as they can get money from their Judeo-Capitalist masters, making fortunes outsourcing to China, and wherever. The rich want to eliminate social programs. They take the view all must work, even if they really can't. If you don't work, you must be lazy. Doesn't matter if your in a wheelchair, or have cancer. Work. Find something to do. The govt shouldn't help. Govt help might make you less willing to work for pennies to survive, and our Capitalists can't have that. The rich ruling elite is leading an assault on all other classes. It is class warfare at its most ugly. Their idea is to screw the others. They must profit, and all others can fall by the wayside. The US middle class has already shrunk by a third. The US middle class is dying. Being ground down in an economic war of attrition. Overseas nations are used as scabs, and strikebreakers. That's why jobs are outsourced. Beat US workers out of decent wages and benefits employment.
We are living in a worldwide plutocracy. The wealthy rule. The non wealthy struggle to survive. It has always been so. You'd think by now there would be a better way. Alas no. Various other ways were tried. Fascism, Nazism, Communism. All have failed for various reasons. Now there is Islamism. Hence the war against Islam. Any religion, or ideology against Judeo-Capitalism, is attacked with intention of destruction, as no opposition is tolerated. Currently, in the world right NOW, 50 families control the bulk of the world's wealth. Sound fantastic? Yes, it does, but its the logic of Capitalism, that always has one person, having far more then a group. Those who strive for wealth, eat/sleep/live money. Its all they think or care about. Humanitarian concerns are never on the radar. Capitalism is encouraging selfishness. How can you not have inequality. Goes with the territory.
National Socialism was tried, but destroyed. It should be tried again. We NEED a system that is NOT money crazy. NS concerns itself with the race, NOT money. Not Profit. The RACE. If you want a govt system that doesn't just take care of you, but actually promotes your welfare, you need to make a change. This country needs to make a change. The world needs to make a change. We can continue with the system we have, and slowly watch the rich get richer and the rest of us get squeezed economically, or we can make a change, and get a system DEVOTED, to us, the common white Aryans. We work hard. Are law abiding. We don't deserve to be treated as less then dogs. Time to end elite rule. We don't need a Congress of rich people out to screw us at every turn. Support the ANP. Donate to your freedom and survival. Money, and time to give lit. United we can win. We can amass strength. Run for local office, then move on up as we grow stronger. Eventually going to where we really can do some good. Stop kissing nigger ass. Stop letting Hispanics and Asians overrun us. Stop letting Judeo-Capitalism work us as pseudo slaves. It CAN be done, if we work at it.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Class warfare

Marx predicted class warfare, but was dismissed as a lunatic. Well, he was right. There is a growing class inequality around the planet. One that can be dropped at Judeo-Capitalism's doorstep. Look at the Koch brothers. The Walton family. Two groups worth literally billions. Yet its never enough. They always want more. More wealth, more power. More, more, more. You see, the rich of this world have come to believe they are well nigh gods. Blasphemous, but all too true. They feel because they are rich they are better, and deserve to live better. Helping out the less fortunate is dismissed as throwing good money after bad. To the rich ruling elite, if you're not rich, you must be lazy and stupid, and deserving of poverty and suffering.
Look at the USA. The rich ruling elite wants to eliminate any and all social programs. Eliminate Medicare, Social security, college student loans, etc.. To their minds, if your poor, you deserve no consideration whatsoever. The Christian message of charity to the less fortunate is rejected, and ignored. Only money means anything to our ruling plutocracy. Look at supposedly socialist Obama. He who is worth 3 million.He's a total Capitalist tool. What a phony. He is nothing but a snake oil con man. He conned a country into thinking it was getting something different, when in reality, it was same old, same old. The rich don't want to pay taxes to support others. In their medieval minds, the poor deserve no consideration what so ever. Thing is, thanks to tax loopholes, our rich pay little or nothing in taxes. The tax structure doesn't even affect them, so why the opposition? Go figure. No, in this country, we now have a WAR against the poor. To be poor is to be garbage, and you must be punished for same.
Our rich ruling elite, would much rather war against Islam, then help their fellow citizens. They want, so they take. Islam isn't Capitalist enough, so it is opposed even unto war. Our rich ruling elite are in the process of plundering planet earth, to enhance their fortunes. They do NOT care one whit who gets hurt in the process. Its all for war, nothing for people. They use their controlled media, to push their agenda. They tell us commoners, all is well. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, the common people are suffering. Suffering greatly. Barely making it.
As an example, we keep hearing how good the economy is. The job creation that is going on. A LIE. Just for WHITE MALES, the unemployment rate is currently at 30%. For other racial groups, it is higher. Does this sound like things are OK? Too often, we're sold a bill of goods, and unfortunately believe it. We believe because we want to believe. We want to believe our leaders care about us, and want to help us. False hope. Our rich ruling elite wants us to have hope, as it keeps down the  desire for rebellion. The policy is, "tell them anything to keep them tame".
I for one, am tired of seeing the rich buy 50 million dollar yachts, and super expensive cars, and mansions, while many common people suffer. It is NOT right that people live on the verge of starvation and are homeless. Poverty is not due to laziness. Many are poor, because they lost their jobs. Lost their jobs to outsourcing overseas, because rich fat cats want ever more profit, and can pay near slave wages overseas.
We have two stark choices. We can accept how we're living, and continue to do so. We can say no. Either we accept a Judeo-Capitalist system that is cold hearted and cruel, or we rebel and become free. We  of the ANP say no. We ask you to help us say no. Refuse to be dogs. We believe  National Socialism is the creed that will save us. Give everyone a true chance in life. We need a system that stresses people, thru the race, not money thru greed and avarice. Donate money. Donate time. Help your own race survive. The Aryan people have achieved so much, it is wrong to have them treated like dirt. Workers deserve respect. People deserve help when needed. Our rulers are fun loving, and cold hearted. National Socialism can put heart back into the body politic. ANP is running candidates for local office. As power is won at the local level, ANP will be able to go up the ladder. Eventually national, and be able to change things for the right. Choose life and dignity. Help ANP, bring a new, and far better system into play. We need NOT live like dogs, if we do not wish to do so.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Jews.

We are constantly bombarded by how wonderful the Jews are. Our Jew controlled media, would have us believe the Jew is 1 a victim, and 2 the Israeli Jew as hero. Disagree with the Jews, and you're immediately painted as an evil anti Semitic racist. The reality is really quite different.
The Jews create their own mess. Constantly going on about being God's "chosen" people. They constantly rub everyone's nose in it. Not a good way to make friends. The Jews own arrogance continuously does them in. If they had played their cards right, Judaism may very well have become the official religion of the Roman Empire. At one point, Jews made up one tenth of the Roman Empire. Their arrogance did them in. They insisted on male circumcision, while Christianity did not.. History is filled with countless instances of Jew arrogance doing them in. Over and over.
The Jews use the Holocaust as a club to beat non Jews over the head with. What total arrogance. READ the Old Testament of the Bible. It is filled with countless instances of Jews committing genocide. The Midianites, Amalekites, and countless many other peoples were literally annihilated by the Jews. All in the name of God. They were the "chosen" ones, so it was A-OK for them to do so. The money of the Jewish lobby flows freely, when it is something the Jews are interested in/care about. Hence US foreign policy is trapped in a constant web of pro Jewish policies, that are very seldom good for the USA. America makes enemies of the Arab/Muslim worlds, just because our congressmen are greedy sellouts to what in reality is a fifth column. The USA fights Israel's wars for it. All the blood and treasure that has been spent to preserve a Jewish state, that in reality, is unviable, and will die out eventually. Israel has 8 million people. It is starting to have population problems as there are too many people, and too little land. Besides, the Arab birthrate is far greater, and the Jews will simply be outnumbered in the near future. Do the Jews care, no. They live in their own world, with their own reality.
The Jews are way too liberal. They make up 90% of the ACLU. They are always pushing the liberal agenda, even if detrimental to their host country. They frankly don't care about any but themselves, and causes they believe in. Hence, using their money power, they push things like civil rights, feminism, gay/lesbian rights, even if their host country does not approve. For them, its always what THEY want. No other opinions allowed. Disagree, and you get the evil anti Semite thrown in your face.
I for one, am tired of fighting Israel's wars for it. If we, the US, stopped being Israel's slave, and supporting them carte blanche, I am convinced, we could have peace, and even friendship with Arab/Islamic countries. If we want friendship we have to act like friends. Right now, thanks to Jew power and influence, we act like allies of Israel. Even more then that, that we are Israel's slave, and do whatever ordered, no matter what. Peace is quite possible, but will never be, because our politicians are race traitors of the first magnitude. They obey Jew cash, not the good of the nation.
The ANP opposes the Jews because of their actions. Not, because they're Semites, or non Christian or any other reason. It is NOT hate that drives ANP. That's what the Jew propaganda wants you to think. ANP opposes Jew policies, precisely because they're Jew policies, not in the interests of the USA. It is all too simple. We can continue to slavishly obey the Jews, and fight and die in their wars, to protect THEIR "sacred" Israel, or we can do as is best for we white Aryans. Our own self interest. We can and we must rid ourselves of this corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system we live under. Only then will we no longer fight the Jew's wars, and save our own peoples lives. Support ANP. Donate money. Lots of it. The Jews certainly do with their causes. Give out lit. The Jews control the media, so they get their message out 24/7. We Aryans have no such advantage. We have to do things the old fashioned way. Paper flyers. The word must be gotten out. We have GOT to break the Jew brainwashing. The very existence of our white Aryan race depends on it. Unless and until we get our people thinking again, we will continue to fight and die in Jew inspired wars, as our homeland is overrun with non white alien peoples, whom the Jews welcome as a semi slave workforce, and people easy to manipulate. Jew control must stop, and only we Aryans can stop it and free ourselves.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The enemy within.

The danger, of illegal aliens flooding into our country, isn't just that they foster unfair competition for jobs. The unseen danger, ignored by the enemy controlled liberal media is that they pose a grave danger to us. Politically. Illegal aliens are now showing up in govt. At first local, but I'm sure there are some in higher govt, and more to follow. Can you imagine a worse case. Illegal aliens running YOUR life. People with NO legal right to be in this country, actually taking over govt and giving proper citizens orders. Its happening right now. People who seem OK, are not. We cannot afford to let illegal immigrants do as they please. Liberals cry about the "rights" of the poor illegals. Bullshit. How the hell can you have rights if you're not even a citizen. The liberals always have their heads up their asses.
To let illegal immigrants take over is societal suicide, not to mention racial suicide. If they don't belong, they have no say, and certainly shouldn't be allowed to run things. Illegal immigrants do NOT belong in local govt at all. To do so, is rewarding people who break the law. Isn't upholding the law a cardinal principal of govt. Jackasses like Obama can talk, He's safe in the White House surrounded by Secret Service guards. He never has to deal with it, so he can afford to shoot his mouth off. Our govt is so damn hypocritical, and two faced its nauseating. Congress can talk about helping immigrants, since they're all millionaires, living in mansions, and never having to get dirty rubbing shoulders with the great unwashed.
The lunk head liberal media wants you to think that just let in illegal immigrants, and they'll automatically transform into good American citizens. What crap. Don't be fooled. Theses people are as alien, as if they came from another planet. They represent an entirely different culture, and racial mix. The illegal immigrants are from Latin America. They speak Spanish. They are mestizo, in that they are half white, half Native American. They are very different from us, and they have no intention of assimilating. They intend to turn the USA, into just another Latin American nation. Sure not a prospect I relish. Our leaders betray us by going along. They look at it solely as getting a cheap workforce. Pseudo slaves. Our rich ruling elite is just that. Rich. They only care about money, not race. This country can go to racial hell, and they could care less. They think that they're cut off behind their mansion walls. Its us common people who must bear the brunt of the immigrant invasion. Not only are they taking our jobs, but our govts as well. Look how many Hispanics are in the govts of Texas, and California. They pretty much run the show. Are many are really illegal. Very many I say. people who don't even deserve citizenship are running the show. Their real agenda, to make the country safe for more and more illegal immigrants to flood in. Don't you think is our govt really wanted it stopped, they'd stop it. No, too many sellouts are collaborating with the enemy. Our govt is fast becoming the bastion of an enemy race. One determined to take over and rule, just like in their homelands. From what I've seen of Latin America, that's a very dismal prospect.
Unless we unite, and put an end to illegal immigration, we White Aryans will be overwhelmed. We'll lose our racial identity and our land, and culture. We must unite. National Socialism stands above all for racial survival. Unified under the banner of the ANP, we can oppose the invasion. We can force our govt to stop it, because we white Aryans will be the govt. No more kiss ass liberals, or money worshipping greedy fat cats running the show. An Aryan govt for the Aryans. We need to vote white Aryan. WE need to have white Aryan candidates devoted to the white Aryan cause. Donate to ANP. Give of your time to give lit. Run for local office. Keep your NS to yourself. Local office is important, because it means local influence. The illegal immigrants have learned that lesson already. Power is important at any level. Grab what you can get, always. We have a black president. A total jackass. An Hispanic president isn't far behind. Unless we throw a money wrench into the illegal immigrant works, we'll soon be ruled over by aliens, in a horror scenario worse then any horror movie.