Thursday, December 8, 2016

Super Power

What makes a nation a super power? Having a top notch military. Having a strong economy. The US has a trillion dollar economy, with a large population, that translates into a lot of consumers. Also tech smarts help. A culture of a can do attitude. Geography, as in, are you in a spot with a lot of natural resources, and fertile land. Finally, institutions that are pro business. This makes for a super power.
The above is what we use to have. Its what made America great. Now what do we have. A cesspool. A land of indifference, and outright failure. I blame multiculturalism. We use to function perfectly well as a homogeneous society. When this country was European culture dominated, things got done. Then we allowed in Hispanics, with their tomorrow attitude. Black culture has always been subsistence oriented. Look at the history of Black Africa. Notice how there is no version of the Coliseum etc there. Orientals are hard workers, but have no imagination. The ideas have all come from Europe. The typical European invention is the steam engine. The typical Chinese invention is the wheelbarrow.
Multiculturalism has failed. It has failed this nation. It is killing this nation. These asshole liberals with their let's all just get along are suicidal. They are leading this nation over a cliff. We have got to stop, and reverse this trend before it overwhelms us, and destroys us. Everyday, we see the results. This country is getting to be more and more like a Third World nation. Things done half ass, if done at all.  We're the nation that put men on the moon. Now your lucky if you mail a letter and it gets to where its going. Nothing works anymore. Nobody cares. Nobody tries. Our schools no longer turn out bright kids ready to succeed in life, but rather emotional messes who are filled with self hate. Our kids no longer have motivation. Its been "educated" out of them.
Fellow racial folk. This process MUST be stopped and reversed. While there is still time. While there is still something of white Aryan civilization left to save. This means no more non white Aryan immigrants be allowed in. They don't belong. Their ways are alien to us, and will drag us down to their low level. We need to stop lowering ourselves to Black level. This means n more white Aryans using Black mannerisms like the turned around ball cap, or street jive language. It certainly means no more coddling of "nigger English" in our schools. Its high time we took our country back, and stopped its further erosion, before our civilization is destroyed, or mutated beyond recognition. If we fail to act, things will continue as is, and get much worse. Having that sanctimonious asshole nigger president has opened our eyes to what the future holds if we don't act. The sinking of the white Aryan race into a sea of mud peoples. Peoples alien to our ways. Peoples who bring their cultural primitive and bad habits with them, who flat out refuse to assimilate.
ANP is fighting for YOUR future. To make real sure you have one. It is resisting the trend of multiculturalism. It is fighting to keep white Aryan identity. It is fighting to keep white Aryans from becoming second, even third, class citizens. Help it. Donate money. Bills need payment. Resisting the system is an expensive proposition. Give of your time to give out literature. The liberal Jew media has choked off all other forms of communication. Help resist. Let us not meekly accept our fate. We are white Aryans, and we should act the part.

Monday, December 5, 2016

What we need

This country is dysfunctional, because its a moral sewer. Nobody cares. Nobody tries. All people care about is getting the good life, and screwing each other to do so. We NEED a new system. One far better then the one we have now. To make a nation great, certain traits must be in play. Look at the Roman Empire. Rome went from a village on the Tiber, to an empire controlling the Mediterranean. How did it do this. Its society stressed three things. DISCIPLINE, SELF DENIAL, SIMPLICITY..
To really achieve, a society needs DISCIPLINE. You cannot achieve much of anything, if everyone can just do as they please. There have to be rules. There has to be a code of behavior. People must act in a certain approved way, one worthy of being civilized, not free to act like animals. For example, we use to have marriage for life. Now marriage is considered nothing. Our people rut like animals. No responsibility. No children. Just sexual pleasure. Any children of such unions are not considered blessings, but annoyances. Any wonder our kids are growing up conscienceless, and worthless. People NEED rules. You cannot escape it. Without rules, everything goes to hell. Laws/rules, are the glue that holds society together. I reject anarchism. I feel we need govt, we need laws. Otherwise we're on an animal level. I reject liberalism and its permissiveness. As I said, people need rules to live by, as befits humans, rather then animals. Freedom is a two edged sword. It can be fun, but a society needs far more then fun making in order to truly progress.
SELF DENIAL is very important. This means sacrifice. During the Punic wars, Rome suffered horrendous losses on the battlefield. Yet its citizens served when called, unhesitatingly. This is a trait very badly needed in a society. People have to stop being selfish, and be willing to do what is asked of them, without hesitation, without complaint. Is it fair, no. Some will shirk, and do well while everyone else sacrifices. Unfortunate, but that's how it is. Most need to be ready and willing to sacrifice, even their lives, in order for the society to progress/achieve. Selfishness destroys, because if everyone is just out for themselves, all they end up doing is looking over their shoulders worrying about the other guy, and not being able to concentrate on anything else. I reject our Capitalist system. It holds up personal greed as a positive virtue. It takes the view that self interest is the be all, end all motivator for people. I strenuously reject this. Selfishness is just that. It makes people only care for self, at the expense of all else. How can we defend ourselves, if no one is willing to fight, even die for this country. Is there any wonder there is poverty in the world, when a Capitalist system calls for greed and selfishness, and proclaims that these are "positive" virtues. No, a society of humans, civilized humans, must be willing to sacrifice, and work for the COMMON good. You cannot have a successful society if everyone is just out to screw each other. You have what we have now.
SIMPLICITY is very helpful to a society. There is no shame in trying to make things as easy to understand as possible. The reason the left has failed throughout history, is that it condescends. It throws a lot of intellectual babble at you, and if you don't understand, your belittled. The left nags. It comes on as the know it all. Only the leftists know best. Look at our own system of nanny govt. The leftist liberals constantly throw it in our faces that they know better. They give us tiresome lectures. They are constantly critical. I want to live under a govt. I don't want a govt constantly nagging me, and throwing a lot of big words at me to make itself seem smart, and all knowing. No, the simple way is the best way. Just give it to me straight, on MY level. No BS. Straight shooting.
Friends, National Socialism gives us all three of the above. That's why its the best system of govt. It stresses discipline. It encourages self denial. It doesn't hesitate to call for sacrifice when needed. It keeps things simple. It values the race. Its that simple. No lectures. No theories. Just a basic statement of belief, and acting on said belief. People, support ANP. It is trying to bring about an NS govt. One that has a society, not a collection of animals like we do now. We need and want a society that acts like one. ANP can and will deliver when given the chance. Support it with money, and also your time (self sacrifice) to give out lit. We need a better way. We have it withing our grasp, we need only reach out for it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dangerous dependence

The US is in a very dangerous position. We are far too dependent on other countries. Countries that are far too alien to ever be our friends. If we were dependent on fellow Aryan nations, we could expect charity/compassion. Instead we are economically dependent on alien nations/cultures/races like the Semitic Arabs, and Chinese. We owe them billions, if not trillions of dollars in debt. If these nations get pissed off at us enough, for whatever reason, the US economy could very easily crash. Could YOU live in Depression era America, like your ancestors did? I know I'd have a hell of a time. We have become such a spoiled nation, I doubt very highly we'd all be able to survive. How has this come about? Simple. Our rulers, the rich Judeo-Capitalist political/corporate elite did the easy thing of borrowing money from these countries. Alien peoples, with alien values. Yet our reckless leadership has been borrowing money with abandon. Hence, we now owe massive sums. No thought what so ever, was  given to the danger of being so dependent on these inherently unstable countries. Countries that have no love for us, and could turn on us on a dime. This is just one more nail in ZOG's coffin. It is greedy, but also lazy. It has invested in countries, taking jobs away from white Aryan workers, to give to non whites, who work cheap. This leaves damn few decent pay jobs here. Worse, rather then live within our means, our leaders instead have borrowed heavily. Placing our economy, and especially US, in economic peril. If the loans get called in, we are royally screwed. Yet our leadership ignores the danger. Since we are ruled by a rich elite, they don't give a crap about us. We don't matter. Like during the Depression, the rich didn't care what happened to ordinary workers, as they stayed rich and comfortable. Is this what YOU want? To live on the edge of disaster like we're doing. Blindly trusting that things will continue OK. Or, are you alarmed as I am. Worried about the future. Worrying about us getting blind sided. The economic and social chaos that would inevitably follow. If you are worried, you need to become a supporter of ANP. The American Nazi Party would not allow this. It would keep jobs HERE, not let them go overseas. It would never, ever, allow jobs to go overseas thereby risking the nations security, and impoverishing the nations workers. It would pay off the debts, and no longer use the Arabs, and China as giant piggy banks. Debts are just that, debts. Not gifts. Loans are given with expectation of eventual repayment. ANP cares about the race. It would NEVER put it in jeopardy by reckless borrowing, that would put said race in the economic clutches of alien, potentially hostile nations/races.  Nations that if they ever chose to, could wreck havoc on us and our economy. Look at globalization so far. It has only made rich elites. The vast majority of workers have to hustle for a buck. Besides job loss, we face the prospect of economic ruination by nations that bear us no great love. This is insane, yet our Judeo-Capitalist masters continue to do so. Time for this insanity to stop. Support ANP.  With money donations, and volunteer your time to give out literature.The white Aryan workers guardian. It will NEVER put Aryan workers at risk like they are  now. It will bring jobs home, and keep them home  It will live on our country's means, and not borrow wildly from potentially hostile nations who could do massive damage to us if they have a mind to do so. Time for some good old fashioned freedom from fear and stupidity. Support ANP. Your friend, your guardian. The party of intelligence and reason, not the Capitalist craziness we have now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

National Socialisms four gifts

In these times of increased peril, and all around downturn, it is painfully obvious we need a new way to live. National Socialism is that way. It offers the 4 gifts of being, that guarantee what we all want,  a comfortable and dignified life. One worthy of a human, not an animal.
First off is PEACE. National Socialism would bring peace. Never mind the "evil" warlike Nazi propaganda that we are deluged with by TV and movies. By studios in Jewish hands. The Cold War is over with Communism. Unfortunately, we're fighting a semi hot war with Islam. Why? Because we're so allied to Israel. Islam takes us as enemies. Naturally a Nazi govt would not be allied to Israel. Hence, the big reason Islam hates us would vanish. No hate, means chances to talk, to trade. Besides, why not let Israel fight its own battles. They seem to hold their own. Time to stop the constant wars, and settle down to peace. Nazism values the race, so it is loath to risk it in war. Judeo-Capitalism loves war, for the profit it brings in weapons sales. Besides, all the fancy toys and big armies, make our military feel good. An NS govt would be content for them to feel not so good. In the end, it comes down to YOUR  neck on the line. Are YOU willing to risk it, for Israel sake?
Next gift is FREEDOM. A National Socialist govt would promote white Aryan freedom. Don't be fooled. We are currently not free. We are at the mercy of those who have none. Capitalists give away our jobs to overseas sweat shops. This in turn forces us to compete with non whites for what jobs are left to us (low pay/no benefits). Thing is, we give non whites an advantage in being hired, by these asshole civil rights laws. They, by law mind you, get hiring preference. They get first crack at jobs, simply by fact of being non white. They can be terrible employees, but they are first hired, impossible to fire.Nazism would free us from this, and let us get to work. Also, Nazism offers freedom to be. All our schools do anymore, is put down white Aryans as terrible people. I find this particularly outrageous. Teaching OUR kids, self hate. Nazism would ensure pride in being a white Aryan would be mandatory in the lesson plans No more self hate ever again. We could honor our ancestors, without scum calling us racist. Pride in self, is NEVER a vice. It is in fact, necessary to a successful existence.
Third gift, is JUSTICE. Nazism offers justice to whites. Right now, whites are constantly vilified in everything, while non whites are made out to be heroes. If a white fights a non white, the white is guilty of a hate crime, while the non white is always assumed to be an innocent victim. White Aryans deserve justice, not condemnation. Non white gangs are like mini armies, but are treated by the system as poor, wayward, minorities treated badly by racist whites. This is pure, unadulterated crap. Non white gangs are just that. Gangs out to rob and/or kill. We need law enforcement, not the police acting as social workers in uniform. The crime problem we have in this country, is directly related to liberal idiocy in doing this.
Finally, Nazism offers perhaps the greatest gift of all. SECURITY. It offers the security of peace, and no meddling in world strife. It offers security at home. It would concentrate on law enforcement, not cops as social workers. It offers job security as jobs would be kept here, and not outsourced. It offers mental and emotional security as it lets white Aryans feel good about themselves. It offers to take care of the medical, and educational needs of its people, which takes a major burden off them. Secure in the knowledge of a govt that helps you, you can relax and enjoy life. No more worrying about job, medical bills, educational needs.
If the above sounds nice, then support ANP, which is working hard to bring this about. Give money, and your time to give out lit. Let's change things for the better. Accept the gifts that could be yours.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

True leadership

What makes for true leadership? It is having a knowledge of history. A sense of strategy. It is NOT bluff and bluster. Our system is nothing but politicians mouthing off. They just make noise for the cameras. They really have no idea of what they are doing. Only a well thought out strategy works. Trying to bluff/muddle thru doesn't cut it. ZOG whines and cries for the Jews. The poor victim Jews. What about all that those poor victims have done. The liberal Jew establishment let loose the dogs (and I do mean dogs) of war, the blacks. Everything enacted in the last 60 years has all been to help the poor darkies. The result has been the third worlding of America. Nothing works right any more. Everything is done slipshod, and sloppy. Our cities are now pig styes under black leadership. All we white Aryan taxpayers do, is pay taxes, to help blacks who are on welfare, enjoy an easy life. Blacks yell and scream for more. They are never satisfied. Oppose them, and they yell racism. Just like opposing the Jews, and they yell Antisemitism. Isn't it time, we stop putting up with bullshit. Isn't it time for a strategy to deal with our problem citizens. If we continue to do nothing, things will simply continue to decay. We'll end up with a shit pile country. Unfit for white Aryans to live in. Our politicians just know how to run their mouths, with no real plan. No caring. No nothing. Look. Our system sucks to high heaven. Its just a bunch of egomaniacs. running for office, and screwing the voter as soon as they get in. What the hell kind of sense does this make.
We NEED a National Socialist system. Right away. We can't expect anything but crap from a Judeo-Capitalist system that stresses greed as the highest ideal. We need a system with a bedrock foundation of values. Moral values. A set of principles that stand for something positive, not nonsensical. NS stands for love of ones race. This is NOT wrong. Its natural. Like creatures being with, and working with their own. Look at nature. Similar with similar. Like with like. In nature, one takes care of their own. How is this bad? Our system would be a lot less corrupt, if people only took responsibility for their own. Instead of having the govt do it, how about the racial folk community working together. Forging a racial-national unit able to care for its own, and defending them. This is Nazism at its core. I don't know how else to put it. Nazism wants to save its race. Save YOU. Save your kids. It believes in honor, duty, race. Yeah, the old values. They may seem corny today, but by god they worked. Help us. Help the ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help build the white Aryan society of the future. Build a racial nation state. One dedicated to the white Aryan race. One dedicated to preserving white Aryan civilization and culture. We white Aryans have worked hard. Fought hard. Done everything that our country has asked of us. We deserve far better then to be treated like garbage. We need/deserve leaders, not fools/morons. Support ANP, and let's get the leadership we need and deserve. Leaders who will save us, rather then burn us.

Monday, November 21, 2016

A fine line

Its nice to help people from time to time. Makes YOU feel good. Like you matter, like your important. Thing is, there is a very fine line, between help, and dependence. Whites wanted to feel good about themselves. So they elected to help out poor little darkie. Thing is, darkie can't be helped. We saw this in Reconstruction. White abolitionists wanted to free the slaves and help them get started. So they freed them, and gave them 20 acres and a mule. And of course, the vote. Well, by the time of the 60's, blacks were still very poor. Liberals said it was racism. So we enacted the civil rights laws. Gave blacks welfare. To help. Turns out, after 60+ years, they're still crying for help. When do they stop needing help? What about whites, who NEVER get any damn help at all. Go to a welfare office. If you're black, they fall all over themselves to help you. If you're white, you get the cold shoulder. You're white, you don't deserve help. This sucks. Talk about unfair. Blacks live off handouts, while whites live hand to mouth. Why is this? First off, it shows that blacks march to a different drummer, then do whites. They want to live on welfare, on the state. They just can't be helped. I learned long ago, you can't help someone who doesn't want it. Blacks just want money, with no work involved.
In ZOG's master plan, the above is part and parcel of Jewish liberalism. Help breeds dependence. Get someone use to being "helped", and you've got them in your pocket for life. Being dependent on ZOG, makes blacks obedient servants of ZOG. At least as ZOG sees it. It really doesn't, but that's for another time. Meanwhile, whites get no help. For whites to get welfare, is like pulling teeth. This too, is part of ZOG's plan. No help, makes one lose hope. A demoralized white Aryan community, is one that can be dominated, even destroyed. ZOG wants white Aryans out of the picture. We're too damn stubborn and proud. Hence ZOG's push to bring in illegal immigrants, who are Hispanic, and Arab Muslim "refugees". ZOG wants to bring in any and all, it thinks it can dominate. It wants out we white Aryans, because we can't be controlled. It wants us GONE. Out of the picture.
Racial brethren. We can either accept this state of affairs or not. The liberal doctrine is false. Blacks ARE different from us. They think different, react different. The welfare story shows, and tells all quite clearly. After massive efforts at help, blacks till cry out for aid. I say enough. Enough of throwing money at an insoluble problem. Enough of us whites constantly taking it on the chin, over racism. Let us wash our hands of it, and the Jewish liberal agenda. We white Aryans must demand, DEMAND, not ask for help. Its our govt, our nation. We have built this country, let this country repay us. We white Aryans deserve jobs, not send them to Asia. We deserve govt paid medical care. The least a grateful nation can do to reward hard working good citizens. For too long, this country has been pouring money down a rat hole. Time it was stopped. We tried to help. Let's face the stark reality, that nothing more can or should be done. We need to think about ourselves. How we're going to be able to help OUR lids in the future. If we keep spending money on the hopeless, we'll have none to spend on the hopeful/deserving.
Its nice to be nice, but don't be a damn fool about it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wonder why this so called society is so damn dysfunctional? Without a moral core, how can it be anything else. The USA was built, for good or ill, on European Christian values. Now we have this semi Marxist multiculturalism. Christianity was thrown out of schools, so Jews could feel comfortable. The fact that we were eliminating a major moral source, and guide to conduct was totally ignored. Liberals are just cowardly atheists. They ridicule belief as silly superstition. Belief is belief, and should be shown reverence, regardless. Our European values system, has been replaced by a hydra of multi cultures. We now have in addition to European values, African values, Asian values, and Latin American values. All very distinct, and very different from each other. We have managed to go from a bulwark of civilization, to a multi cultural mess, that is an unguided missile in this world. Is it really any wonder why other countries think we're stupid and/or crazy. The Austro-Hungarian empire was a mix of nationalities. European based. Yet it ended up collapsing. How much more weaker are we to allow all these alien cultures upon our shores. They are mutually exclusive. Meaning that African culture is radically different from European. Native American, and European cultures were radically different. There was no melding. Just warfare. How can we have anything but, with such totally different groups lumped together. I feel deep in my bones, that unless the brakes are used, this country will end up in race war. How can it be helped when differences are so great. Look at how non whites are reacting to Trump's victory. Rioting and demos. Talk about sore losers. The non whites have kept pushing, and white America finally responded. Now they are mad, and rioting. So much for democracy, and accepting the will of the MAJORITY.
Folks, we need to do something. NOW, while we still have time. Trump's victory buys us some time, that's all. It does NOT save us. Not by a long shot. Non whites will continue to pour in. Illegally, now that legal immigration is on hold. We need a determined police presence on our border, to keep out the riff raff. Now more then ever, we MUST support ANP. It is our last line of defense. Trump will only be able to do a little. ANP intends to do a lot more. It opposes this cultural mixing, making America a cultural morass. Either we support the party, or the party is over for white Aryan civilization. ANP would never have allowed the immigration problem to get out of control to begin with. Now it would use every law enforcement technique/policy to defend our borders, and keep the mud flood out. ANP would deport illegals, forthwith. No if's, and's, but's. If your not legal, get the hell out. WE can save ourselves, but only if we really try. Trump victory, is only a baby step. We as a race, must unite, and march in step. We literally can NOT afford to sit and do nothing. Our very existence as a race is at stake. We dodged a bullet, but by a very thin margin. Let's join ANP, and repair the damage to our nation/society. Prevent our destruction. The Roman Empire failed to keep out the barbarians and was destroyed. Do you wish the same fate for Aryan America?