Thursday, January 19, 2017

Us vs them.

There has developed in this country a massive gap. There is the rich and powerful one percent, and everybody else. In this country, if your not rich, you're considered garbage, and treated as same. In this current Judeo-Capitalist ZOG system, us common folk stand no chance. We're just things to be used, and then discarded like tissues. The only time our rulers notice us, is when they need cannon fodder, to fight one of their many interminable wars to supposedly protect the country, but in reality is merely for the aggrandizement of their wealth and power. There are NO rich folks who are sincere in their desire to help the non rich. Hence, the American middle class is dying. No help available. Look at the supposed saviors of the American working class, the Clinton s. They are personally worth a cool hundred million. Just their daughter Chelsea, is worth 21 million. Throw in her husbands wealth, and their personal fortune rises to 30 million. Translation, there is no rich family out there that cares about us non rich. No help is forthcoming. We, the non rich common folk, can expect no help whatsoever.
Is this right? Is this the way a govt of a nation should act, be? Why have govt if it doesn't help you. We need a system responsive to we the people. Not just some class. Not just to help rich people make profits. In a National Socialist system, people are cared for. The bedrock core belief of National Socialism, is to help, and protect the RACE. Race is the be all, and end all of existence. Race is sacred. Nothing in the universe is more important then the race. The race is to be safeguarded and helped. Not screwed. No NS govt would let jobs go overseas, and its people go unemployed. No NS govt would constantly jump into wars, exposing its people to danger, and death. An NS govt would make sure its people had medical care, and education. An NS govt would make sure its people were clothed, and housed.
If you're tired of the constant bullshit from this current system, then change systems. It can be done. Get off your duff, and get involved. Become a supporter of the ANP. Donate your money of course. Also donate your time, to help distribute literature. We rely on printed material distribution. NOT because we're old fashioned and behind the times. Our enemies, which are your enemies also, have a choke hold on the media. Besides the web, printed materials are the only way open to us to get our message out. Ignorance serves our enemies, and is meant to hurt us. Keep the truth from us. The truth that there is a better way. Not perfect, but better. Help ANP,. Become a supporter. Serve your race. Help save your race. Unless we change things, white Aryan America, will literally cease to exist. I don't know about you, but I refuse to die upon request.

Monday, January 16, 2017

What are we fighting for?

Why are we having our brave, and loyal soldiers fight and die? For what? Our homes. To supposedly defend us. Let's review just what is going on here at home. What our troops are REALLY defending. First off, our armed forces are risking their lives for the unnatural. So people can be transgender. For people like Bruce Jenner to get a sex change operation. For gay/lesbian couples to marry. Even for THEM, to have children. Gay/lesbians, to me anyway, forfeited their right to have children, by their choice of lifestyle. By their actions, they indirectly/directly chose to forgo children. This society allows them to have their cake and eat it to. Our troops risk their lives, so gay/lesbians can have their lifestyle and children. Our troops are risking their lives to protect Israel. Israel has an empire. It occupies Arab Palestinian land. It keeps them as semi slaves. Our troops are protecting Israel, and all its evils. Our troops protect ZOG, who really runs our govt, and which in turn protects Israel, and allows it to run roughshod over the Arab Palestinians. Our troops are fighting, to protect our homeland, so blacks can get preferential treatment in virtually everything. Certainly in job hiring, thanks to racial hiring quotas. If your black, you're first hired, last fired, if ever. Blacks are protected by law, like some endangered species. Blacks aren't animals. They may act like it, but they're not. They don't deserve special consideration in anything. Whatever happened to an equal and fair playing field? How can that be, when a race gets special treatment mandated by law. Our armed forces are protecting a home front that is rotting away. The US divorce rate is at 50%. That means that half of all marriages in the US will end up in divorce court. HALF! Family life is being destroyed. This is what our soldiers are actually being asked to give their lives for. So families can collapse and disintegrate. Leaving kids in broken homes. The family stability that is the lifeblood of a society, is dying in the US, but our troops are asked to give their lives to protect it, and keep going with this sorry state of affairs. Our troops are being asked to risk death on the battlefield, while far too many of the American people drink and drug. Is it proper, that while an American soldier faces death on the battlefield, back home, people are off getting drunk and stoned. Just what the hell kind of society are our troops being asked to defend. One awash in drugs and booze. Is the blood of our warriors worth having people drinking and drugging to excess. We're fast becoming a nation of alcohol and drug abusers. Protected by a military that is designed to save and protect. Protecting the wrong damn things if you ask me. Our armed forces are being made to serve, and risk life and limb, so our fat cat rich ruling elite can relax and keep making money. Our troops risk their ordinary lives, so the politicians and big business types can rake in the bucks. To these scum, our troops blood translates into money. A lot of money. Tons of it. They get rich, while the common people go without. Us common folk struggle to survive, while the big wheels do whatever the hell they want. Our army, is just the muscle to back up the elite in their depredations. Our army is just like mafia knee breakers. Roughing up those who don't pay up. Ours is a criminal govt. Made up of thieving politicians, and dirty business CEO's. People who long ago lost their humanity in the cause of personal profit. ANP is fighting to restore sanity to our society. To have our soldiers defending a nation, not a giant human garbage dump. ANP is a moral force. It is not prudery, to expect people at home to maintain a shred of decency, especially when others are giving their lives for said people. Donate to ANP. The money is being used to fight the terrible rot seeping into our nation. Give of your time to give out lit, and change this horror, while we can still save our troops from being just cannon fodder for rich elite scumbags.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The elite leftist liberals.

The left liberal establishment in this country, just doesn't get the message. They insist on ramming down our throats the "lets all just get along" bullshit. They refuse to face the reality that white Aryans want nothing to do with non whites. They refuse to accept that after being walked on, and bending their backsides, white Aryans are tired of kissing non white ass. Non whites, especially blacks, have gotten away with murder. They have gone from dispossessed minority, to privileged elite. Though the majority, white Aryans have gotten nothing but the shaft in the cause of "racial equality". Let's face facts. The leftist liberals are nothing more then a privileged college yuppie elite. They're the new nobility. The moneyed gentry. Look who makes up the liberal left: academics, entertainers, pundits, and low level tech types. In other words, people with elite type jobs. Not a Joe the working man among them. Its easy for them to scold and criticize. They have the bucks, and from the isolation of their 5,000 square foot homes, they tell us how to live. They who skate thru life, tell us, who break our backs every day, how to live. Even more, who to love and cherish. These people never even see a black, but they demand we have black neighbors. Folks, these people, the liberal left of the USA, are just retread pseudo communists. People who reject the ending of the Cold War with the victory of Capitalism. They keep trying to turn back the clock. The liberal left is still peddling the old commune type living arrangement. Instead of collective farms, they want us to have and live in collective communities. So we're to end up with black neighbors whether we want them or not. Well, the hell with PC. I don't want black neighbors. I've had them in the past, and it was a nightmare.They were highly disruptive, and didn't give a crap about it. I don't want non whites running rough shod over me. I frankly find it insane, that the majority white Aryans have let non whites get away with murder. How did we come to this. The answer is the liberal left. They are still committed to Communism. Still trying to mold politically the perfect society. Doing so with out any sense of God, nation, or race. To me trying to achieve the impossible. Communism failed utterly, because it totally ignores humans natural impulses for a cold, supposedly scientific way to change and organize people. All it ever has achieved, is killing people and making them miserable. Yet these lunatic left liberals still want to keep trying. Using us common white Aryans as lab rats. The election of Trump is a backlash, but I guarantee, it won't be nearly enough. We need a PRO white govt in power in this country. From president, to dog catcher, we need a DEDICATED to whites govt. No more systemite traitors. No more arrogant white liberal yuppies trying to run us. No more corrupt politicians trying to play us.
Donate to ANP. It ALONE is the only pro white Aryan political party. The only pro white political entity of this country. It is bound and determined to restore to white people their DIGNITY. Their LIBERTY. Their sense of WELL BEING. We've had more then enough racial self hate spewed at us. Time for a change. Donate money. Donate time to give out literature. As the Trump election shows, now is the time. White Aryans are finally fed up with non white nonsense. Time for us to take our lives back. Let us consign Communism, and the leftist liberal version of same, to the dustbin of history. Permanently.

Monday, January 9, 2017

March to the abyss

Our govt, and those who lead it are in turn, leading us, its citizens, over a cliff. Rather then rewarded for lifetimes of loyalty, we, the common folk, are being given the royal screw job. Our jobs get outsourced overseas. We are called upon to fight grueling, meaningless wars. We jump thru hoops to help people/nations, who really don't deserve it. We white Aryans of America, are betrayed at every turn. Our governing system is bad, and getting worse.
Our jobs keep getting sent over seas. Ever since the white Aryan working class had their govt rug pulled out from under them, we suffer. Our jobs were sent to poor, non white slave labor countries. Countries where people work for a pittance. Workers with years of loyal service to a company, all of a sudden found themselves unemployed, and with no chances of gainful employment ever again. In the meantime, the fat cat 1% made super fortunes. This stuff still goes on. Our people look on impotently, as their livelihoods continue to disappear. All we end up here with, are minimum wage jobs with no benefits. Even now we must compete with non whites, especially blacks who have racial hiring quotas in their favor, for these jobs. Like fools, the white Aryans of this country put up with blacks getting everything handed to them. Backed by the force of law. Civil rights, just translates to give blacks everything and keep your mouth shut. What a sad way to live. No honor, no dignity.
We common folk are being ordered, not asked, ordered, to fight wars. Wars against Islam, because it is not Capitalist friendly. Wars to help defend Israel. Israel occupies the Palestinian territories. If it wants to survive, it needs to make peace. Anyway, what happens between Palestinian, and Israeli, is none of our business. They are both Semitic peoples, not Aryans. It is none of our concern what they do to each other. Why must we risk precious American blood for countries that are alien to us. What are we really defending? We're just cannon fodder, to help fat cats keep their cushy business empires. WE fight for Capitalist greed and ambition, not our homes. Our govt is corrupt. It is manned by greedy scumbags. People with no morals, who are insanely greedy. A rich ruling elite, that doesn't hesitate to sell us out at every turn. The rich in this country hate us non rich. They have as much in common with us as a human has with a bacteria. They are super rich. They buy and sell whole nations. We are mere ants to them. To be stepped on as they climb up the ladder of success.
Friends. The ANP is dedicated, DEDICATED, to the white Aryan cause. The word dedication is of utmost importance. It means they act for a cause. Our politicians just act out of self interest. ANP is dedicated to saving the white race. That means keeping jobs where they belong, in white hands. That means peace, with only war in self defense, not crusading all over the world, changing regimes like we change our socks. That means white self pride. Making our schools teach racial pride once again, instead of the current curriculum of racial self hate. Donate to ANP. It needs funds. It has many bills coming due. Donate your time to give out lit. We need to get the word out. Let us make a New Years resolution, to change things for the white Aryan. Change them for the better.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dumbing down

There is something terribly wrong with our society. The intellectual level is dropping. Our once vibrant, advancing society is dumbing down. This is a direct result of our liberal establishment pandering to the black community. Liberals have bombarded us with the mantra that things need to be put more simply, for the sake of the understanding of blacks. Translation, make it simple so blacks can understand. So it has gone. TV is all sex and violence. Not just that, but crudity. Out and out schlock courtesy of the Jews. I recently went to the movies. I sat thru 12 previews, before we got to what I was there to see. The wait was no big deal. The previews were a big deal, at least to me. They were an eye opener. The vast majority of movies coming out for the summer were based on comic book heroes. Yeah, I know that studios want to make movies for the summer kid crowd. Understandable. So many though. Nothing adult themed. Nothing intellectually advanced. Just comic book stuff. I admit I read them as a kid. I enjoy the escapism of comic book heroes movies. Very entertaining.  So many though worries me. Our society is sinking intellectually. Our leaders constantly say how we must prepare our kids to compete against others in the future. What kind of future does dumbing down offer. Is it any wonder China and Japan are starting to pull ahead of us academically. They keep their kid's noses to the grind stone. Our kids see simple kid stuff. That's OK at a kid's level, but when adults have the same intellectual level as they did as kids, that is a grim portent of the future. We have got to stay intellectual. Cultured. Advanced. White Aryan America has, and is, letting itself be led down the path of mediocrity, or worse. Pandering to black weakness/inferiority, whatever you want to call it, is societal suicide. Just because black society chooses to be primitive, does white society have to follow. So far it is. Let me illustrate, and remind people what I'm talking about. White Aryans have built, and so far are, building great buildings. Have composed wonderful music. Created fabulous paintings and sculptures. Led with incredible scientific inventions. Even taken us to the moon. These achievements risk being lost now. TV is at the simplest intellectual level. It is well named the "idiot box". Look at art museums. From old masters like Rubens and Van Dyck, we now have museums of modern art, that has stuff that looks trashy and primitive. Compare painting the Sistine Chapel, to the crap passed off as art now a days. Our society is dumbing down. This trend must be stopped, or the greatness of white Aryans, will go for nought. We'll become just a stupid, primitive minority. Destined not for greatness, but at best mediocrity. Isn't there enough groups like this already. Let us stay advanced. Stay cultured. No more dumbing down.
ANP is more then a political party. It is a cultural standard bearer. It doesn't mind people having fun at escapist entertainment. The problem is when said entertainment becomes an indelible part of one's culture. White Aryan culture has stayed at a high level in the past. If we let that slip we doom ourselves to impotence. ANP is determined that never happens. It will support science, and the arts. Act as a govt, but also a defender of our moral values, and cultural tastes. In other words it will keep an advanced society/culture, just that, advanced. Keep white Aryans where they always have been up to now. Leaders of the pack. Donate to ANP. Help it defend and protect Aryans values, and culture.
Donate your time to give out lit. Our people must be made aware of what has happened, and is happening to them. Help ANP defend the culture of white Aryans, lest it be lost to mediocrity at best, and outright primitive at worst.

Monday, January 2, 2017


The Jewish liberal establishment wants everyone to go it alone. Do your own thing. Not be a part of anything. This goes against a fundamental need of humans. The need to belong. Human s need to be a part of something. Not just anything, but something meaningful. National Socialism fulfills that need. Without togetherness, and s sense of community, we're just animals. Functioning on the most primitive level. National Socialism promotes the concept of race, and racial identity. People need to belong. They identify with, and feel belonging with their own race. This is NOT evil racism. It is natural human behavior. To be with your own. A concept as old as humanity. People feel racial kinship, because its normal for them to. people like being with people like themselves. This goes for all human groups. How can a feeling be wrong, if it is based on natural action and behavior. People need to belong. They need to have allegiance to something. Some cause. To be a part of something greater then themselves. This is a natural impulse. Why people need religion, nation, race. To be a part of, rather then alone. People need to belong. That is what humans do. We're not animals, nor should we behave as such. Liberalism wants everyone free, and on their own. This is the philosophy of animal ism. Not humans. Humans are suppose to be a higher life form. We should act like it. If we accept the go it alone philosophy, we're condemning ourselves to an animal existence, and an inability to really accomplish anything. The Egyptian pyramids were a group effort. So to the European cathedrals. All the great achievements have been group efforts. Why stop now. National Socialism stresses the GROUP. It feels we need to belong. It happens to pick race as the group best suited for people to belong to, and work within. This is NOT evil racism. It is taking a natural human impulse, and expanding on it.
Help ANP build on the need for belonging. Help it bring people together on a racial basis. Let each racial group work for it self, on its own goals, if any. The ANP wants to build a strong racial basis for white Aryans. Have them united, and working for themselves. Judeo-Capitalism wants a  slave labor force. Hence it opposes unity, and togetherness. It feels humans are best dominated when alone, and helpless. Help fight ZOG's master plan. Help keep our people free and united. Support the party of natural impulses. Live like a human. Not some jungle animal. In unity there is life. What is life. Life is the nation. As long as the nation lives, there is life. Support ANP with donations. Donate your time to help get out the word. Let us choose life as humans. Live like humans. Achieve as humans.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Too many.

I recently got the other day, medical insurance info. It was complicated of course. What really stood out for me was, that it was printed in 17, I counted them, languages. 17 languages. Some I thought very exotic. Folks, this is little short of insane. Multiculturalism is insane. One culture MUST predominate. Otherwise, you end up with a confusing mish mash. Doesn't it seem ridiculous to have to print something in 17 different languages. Think of the extra costs involved. The extra time. Having to find speakers of said languages in order to translate. Isn't it much cheaper and easier to have everyone speak the national language of English. Jew Liberalism says its OK if people don't assimilate. That everyone should keep their own identity if they want. This is little short of madness. At its core, a nation is based on/ built on, unity. Some kind of unity. Religious like India. Language like Europe. Racial as we propose. Some kind of UNITY. Take that away, and what do you have? Nothing. Nothing but an amorphous mass. A shapeless blob of nothingness. Of nothing. Dedicated to nothing. Imagine all the ethnic groups in this country saying the pledge of allegiance all at once. Could you realistically make out anything from it. Or, would it sound indistinct, meaningless. Assimilation is a MUST for a country. If people come to live in a country, they must assimilate. To not, weakens said country. Handicaps it. So it is with ours. No assimilation condemns our country to confusion. Inefficiency, like the incredible cost and inefficiency of printing info in 17 languages. This is madness. More then madness, highly impractical. Its creating a very needless burden. Our country's mantra should be, if you don't want to assimilate, stay the hell home. We only want people willing to be Americans. No others. Consider it the price of attaining a free, and good life. After all, if you come here, you're suppose to be escaping from the conditions of home. Why then, bring them here.
ANP wants a united homeland. One based on race, but above all, one united. We cannot hope to survive in this world if we suffer from national schizophrenia, if we are not of one mind. If you don't want to play ball, you need to be out of here. How the hell can we hope to keep an American identity, if we have 17 different groups all talking at the same time in their own languages. ANP is unity. It stresses white Aryan unity. It wants this country to succeed. It intends to work for the goal of white Aryan unity, and prosperity. It refuses to countenance the Jew liberal multiculturalism. It considers that, to be the equivalent, of the country swallowing a national suicide pill. Help ANP save and preserve our country. Help save a nation. Ours. Donate to ANP. It needs funds to pay many bills. Donate your time to saving this country, by giving out literature. We need to convince, and help our people understand, that unity is the keep to our continued existence. Letting in hordes of immigrants who won't assimilate, will be the death of our race, and society. Help. Help stave off an ethnic disaster. Our racial existence is hanging by a thread.