Monday, August 20, 2018

Unequal wages.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, makes in 26 seconds, what an employee makes in a year. Is this right? Does someone making in seconds, what an average employee makes in a year OK. This is but one of many examples of the total inequality of our system. To make tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of seconds, while an employee busts their butt for a full year, is little short of outrageous. What in the name of the gods kind of society do w have. Bezos just sits and counts his money, while someone works hard, very hard, just to earn enough to make ends meet. How many of us working stiffs, are just getting by, pay check to pay check? Far too many. Yet our rich ruling Judeo-Capitalist elite lives the good life, and sits back and enjoys life. Remember the old saying of the " idle rich". I say this society is beyond reformation. It has to be replaced. We need a new way, one which helps the common person, not the rich fat cats. Only a complete restructure, and change of priorities, will save the day. WE need to look out for us. The rich Capitalists won't do it. They have only contempt for us common folk.
ANP is trying to replace our corrupt and patently unfair system, with one dedicated to the common white Aryan worker. A society where working folk are treated with dignity. Treated with respect. Right now, half of American workers are afraid to take vacations. Even if they have time accrued, because they're afraid their boss will fire them. This is insane. If your entitled to vacation time, you should be able to use it. A National Socialist govt will not only guarantee vacation, it will give every worker two weeks paid time off, at govt expense. Compare that, with our current nonsense of people afraid to take time off, because their boss may decide to replace them while they're gone. Right now, workers are little more then beasts of burden. Join with ANP. Become an official supporter. Donate money, donate time to give out lit. The sooner we get going on replacing this travesty of a workplace system, the better. White Aryan workers deserve far better then they're getting. Help ANP see to it they get a decent break.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

REAL wages

Real wages are the true purchasing power of money. For example, you make $100 a month. You get a $50 per month raise  That supposedly means your now making $150 a month. You should be ahead by $50 a month. Thing is. If your rent goes up by $50 a month, you really haven't gotten any better. You are no better off then before you got your raise. Your real purchasing power stays the same. It is still $100 a month, and NOT $150.
Wage growth is stagnant. Wages after inflation have the same purchasing power as 40 years ago. The same purchasing power as 1978. $4.03 in 1973 is the same as $23.68 is today. The lowest paid worker's purchasing power has gone up a paltry 4.3% since the year 2000. Meanwhile, the top 10th of the population has seen their purchasing power go up 15.7%. For the bottom rung of the economic ladder, their purchasing power has gone up 10%, but that translates into a mere $26 a week.
All the economic stuff aside, basically, the US worker is getting the royal screw job. We workers are getting shafted. We work, and work, but never really have anything to show for it at the end of the day. We're just working on a subsistence level, trying to survive.
National Socialism is FOR economic justice. It is determined that the white Aryan workers get decent wages, and decent treatment. Respect should be just as much a part of work as wages. National Socialism values the white Aryan worker. The worker's work is respected and valued. Hence the worker is respected and valued. An NS govt will give its workers 2 weeks of govt paid vacation per year. NS believe workers deserve a break. It sees workers as people, not as beasts of burden. ANP is fighting to bring justice to the workplace. It seeks to bring real change, like real change in the purchasing power of wages, to the average worker. No white Aryan should be left out in the cold. All should be able to share at the table of plenty. It can be done. It was done in the past. It can be done again. If your sick of the workplace bullshit, and want real change for the worker, support ANP. It can and will bring a change to how workers are treated. It will take care of you. Don't let ZOG's full employment figure fool you. There are very many jobs, but they pay shit. ANP intends to bring back jobs that pay decent, and allow workers  to raise their station in life. This isn't India with the caste system, where your stuck in the social rank you were born into. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help raise your standard of living. White Aryan workers are losing way too much ground to ZOG and its Judeo-Capitalist master elite. Time to raise up the ordinary working person' status.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Our future

ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has retired. So has ANP lobbyist J Bowles. Both after 45 years of non stop service to their race. They want ANP to continue, and it will. This party/organization is beyond any single person. It is an idea. An ideology, that is meant to be found in the minds of the white Aryan people. National Socialism has received a lot of very negative press. Past and present. The ANP is determined to make sure it doesn't happen in future. ANP is determined to show and explain to the white race that NS is their salvation, not their enemy. It is hard to undo the brainwashing. Our enemies have been very thorough with that. Even making our kids have racial self hate. ANP will carry on. The idea will not die. White Aryans will continue to be guided by principles of racial love that have gone on for centuries. Two men are now retired. It is not the end of ANP. How do you fight an idea. With another idea. ANP will change the current racial self loathing, with renewed racial pride. Count on it.
Donate to ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. The two men who have retired gave their all, 24/7, for 45 years. Can you do less. ANP asks for help, because our enemies are well heeled. Remember, they are evil, greedy Judeo-Capitalists, for whom money is the be all, end all, of existence for them. They have the money, but we have right on our side. Help us regain racial justice in America. Help ANP overcome the evil that now grips us. Our race is in danger. Help it. Resist the tyranny. Non whites wish to enslave us, if not eliminate our race entirely. Let us thwart them. Let us be free. ANP lives on. National Socialism lives on.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


This country stinks to high heaven of inequality. As of this writing, 1% own 22% of the wealth of the USA. This is Ludicrous. For such a small few to own so much. Yet our people continue to put up with it. Shouldn't we be all equal. My god, we get then enough crap about it in the media. The let's all love each other stuff. The we should be all equal. Bullshit. Non whites get the gravy. White Aryans work to support the rich and the non white. White Aryans are just the workforce. The beasts of burden who work to keep the others comfortable. How the hell did we get to this place, where white Aryans are mere beasts of burden. Doing all the work, but getting none of the benefit. Yeah unemployment is low, but so are wages. We've had our decent pay jobs sent overseas. All that's left are the garbage jobs, that we have to compete with illegal Hispanics for.
Fellow white Aryans. We are better then this. We can free ourselves. We have only to try. We must unite behind the ANP and form a more perfect white Aryan union. WE must dedicate ourselves to freeing ourselves. Enough of white Aryan servility. WE must decide to become people again. We are not dogs, why do we act like it. A dedicated electoral force, can win elections. We can elect pro white candidates. Once we elect enough, we can repeal laws that benefit only the rich, or non whites. We can enact laws that help us. Save us even, from being taken advantage of.  Let us go forth and spread the word. Donate to ANP. Your money, and your time. Help it win, so that we can win in the end. No white Aryan should be hungry, homeless, or under/un employed. No white Aryan should have to put up with abuse at work, afraid of losing a crap job. Let's make a difference. One that helps us. It should not be allowed, that some asshole, because he/she has money, lives on a 50 million dollar yacht, while white Aryan workers make it paycheck to paycheck, or don't make it at all.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Under age 35

The future is looking pretty bleak for up coming generations of white Aryans. Right now, 1 out of every six needs help from their parents. They are being forced to delay marriage. They are ending up with big financial debt by age 25. This is why 6 in 10 are unmarried. Many, far too many, owe their shirts with student loans. Right now our future generations, are facing debt, unemployment, and stagnant incomes. Friends, this is intolerable. Our future is being left to rot. This Judeo-Capitalist society is hostile to the family. It is anti family. It discourages people from having a family. It only cares about money. Something like family isn't even on Capitalist radar.
ANP promotes National Socialism. It is pro family. It helps the individual succeed. A National Socialist govt would give aid to families, so that family could once again be a joy, instead of a burden. It would pay the college way, for those kids who qualify. For those who don't, it pays for vocational tech training. No one is forced by poverty, to miss out. Women would be honored for child birth. They'd get a medal, for having 5 or more children. Jobs would be kept here at home, instead of sent overseas. Jobs that pay a decent wage. Illegal immigrants get sent back. If your not here legally, you don't belong. It only makes sense. Our people would be able to have, and enjoy family again, not have to forgo, and end up with mommy and daddy forever. We'd have a normal human society once again. Not this current poor excuse of a life, where people can't afford to do anything, especially that most human of activities, having families. Workers would have jobs, and even get paid, at govt expense, vacations for their families. In an NS govt/society, no one need miss out due to poverty, or lack of money.
Support ANP. Donate money now. Donate your time to give out lit, now. Help it secure a future for our upcoming generations. They need/deserve something to look forward to. They need help to get established. A National Socialist govt would help. It would be there to back up its people. It promotes the race, and especially the future of the race. An NS govt will make sure there is still a white Aryan race in the future. Our current society can't, won't. Let us free our generations from being stuck at home, missing out. Let us ensure there even will be a future generation of people. of white Aryan stock in the future. NS is the guarantee of the white Aryan future. It is our protector. Help it help your kids to live fruitful lives, not have to live by hanging by their fingernails.

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Liberals are the bane of human existence. They think they are broad minded. They are not. In fact, they are anything but. Liberalism is highly narrow minded. Extremely self righteous, and hate filled.
NARROW MINDED. The liberals see only what they want to see. The "lets all get along" bullshit. Its easy to say we should live with blacks, when you live in an upscale, lily white neighborhood. I think the vast majority of white liberals have hardly ever even seen a black, much less lived with one. The people most "prejudiced" are former military, or convicts, who lived up close and personal to blacks, for a prolonged period of time. Liberals feel they know all, and know what is best for all. Truth is, they only know what their rose colored glasses world tells them, and no more.
SELF RIGHTEOUS. Liberalism thinks its God's gift to the world. Actually, its the devils curse. It promotes what isn't there. Non whites do NOT like whites. Especially blacks and Hispanics. They hate whites. Harass them at every opportunity. Ask any poor white, who got stuck living in a black neighborhood, because they couldn't afford to escape to the suburbs. They get harassed daily. Yet liberals blame whites for all misdeeds, and wrap non whites, especially blacks, in "white robes". Look at the crime situation. Blacks rob whites, yet get excused by the "poor little darkey" bullshit. They're black, they must have it rough, so they deserve to be treated gently.  Hell, if a white even spits on the sidewalk, he/she, are thrown up against the wall. Yet liberals are just fine with this glaring discrepancy. Self righteous, is also self deluding. I enjoy when liberal types get a dose of reality, when a black beats and robs them. Do they still want to love their non white neighbor?
HATE FILLED. Liberals do hate. Their OWN people. They are self hating whites, who have swallowed Jew propaganda hook, line and sinker. They really believe whites are evil, and that all evil in the world is due to whites. That whites must be punished at every turn. So they harass their own people. Pass laws that help non whites, but royally screw their fellow whites. This is why, liberal influenced school agendas are based on whites hating themselves. Our kids are brainwashed, to hate themselves, and everything about their race. This is liberalism at work.
I support ANP. Honestly, because I HAVE to. Any white must. It is our only chance for survival. If we don't want to be treated like dogs, or treated even worse, we must support ANP in its legal battle to save us. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Either we oppose liberal shenanigans, or we perish. Non whites, once firmly in power, will have no mercy on us whatsoever. The white position in America is quite precarious. Either we whites resist and fight back at every step in every court, or we go under. A despised minority in our own land. Doomed to discrimination on a massive scale. These liberals think non whites will just accept a white minority. That is crazy talk. They will do a full court press to smash us to political/social/economic oblivion. Help ANP fight for us. US. The white Aryan race. We can avoid our fate, if we resist. Unite behind ANP, and support it massively. Our lives depend on it. Our kids future is up for grabs. Lets make sure our kids grow up as white Aryans, and proud. Not as whipped dogs, who are the punching bags for non white hate, and bile.

Monday, July 30, 2018


National Socialism is all about duty in the final analysis. In the ECONOMIC field, It wants to ensure full employment, BUT, at a decent able to live wage. It wants respect for workers. No white Aryan worker should ever be treated like a dog. Never. Our workers deserve reward, not crap. Paid vacations should be the workers lot, not this ant colony mentality of working people to death.
National Socialism is INTELLECTUAL.. The right is often accused of being anti intellectual. Not so. National Socialism believes in the race. In past, it worked tirelessly to probe into the history of the white Aryan race. It organized many, around the world, archaeological digs, to find the truth. To delve into the past. To see what made white Aryans tick. It wanted to know. It was interested in exploring space. Rocketry got its start under Nazism. Thanks to Nazism, we now are staring to explore our own solar system.
Nazism is SOCIAL. It encouraged at every turn, the social community. The concept of a racial national state. A state that doesn't care about class. Capitalism only cares about money, and is run by the rich ruling elite. Communism is suppose to be about class, and helping the workers. In both cases the workers get treated like dirt. Workers are little more then beasts of burden. A nation that doesn't care about, and protect its people, is not long for this world. National Socialism encourages community. The sense of belonging. Of doing for something far greater then self. The racial national community, a nation state that cares for its people, and sees to their health/education/comfort.
National Socialism is a MORAL force. It may even seem prudish, but isn't that better then people running amok like animals. It upholds honor, and duty. It cares how people think and act, and talk. Do you want a nation of morally straight dedicated soldiers ready to defend home and hearth, or just a giant collection of wild dogs that tear each other to pieces. Nazism worships the family, as its the cornerstone on which the race builds. It helps the family. With real help, not just bullshit words. It has deeds.
All the above stem from the duty to ones race that Nazism promotes. A national folk community united in its determination to build and maintain, a racial state, where all work to the goal of racial self preservation. Help ANP achieve its lofty goals. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Help ANP usher in and build a new, and far better society, then the one we have now. If continue on our present course, we'll end up as just a giant pack of animals in a land of decay.