Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our govts 3 words.

Our govt is corrupt. It shows its hatred for us in myriad ways every damn day. This is because our govt is run by a rich ruling elite. Sure there is a 2 party system, but the 2 parties are horns on the same goat. The major parties are merely 2 factions of rich folk who are battling for wealth and power. We common folk don't matter one whit. We're garbage to them. That, or cannon fodder to fight their wars.
The first word our govt likes to use with us is LOST. The records we want to see, the reports, somehow got lost. This is lame, especially in the electronic age, where backup systems have backups. Is is highly doubtful reports/studies got lost. More like deliberately lost, to prevent unwanted news reaching we the people. Our govt believe strongly in keeping bad news from us. It feels no reason to rock the boat and get people upset with it. Better to keep people in the dark, all the better to continue nefarious dealings without the eye of the public looking in.
The next word to use with our govt, is HIDDEN. Our politicians won't admit it of course, but they hide things from us. like above, they are determined to hide anything that might get public opinion riled up. Best keep things like secret tax hikes, or projects massively over budget a secret. The rich ruling elite in this country wants a clear field to commit their nefarious crimes. That is best accomplished by keeping the public from knowing the criminal details of their various plots.
The third word associated with our govt is DENIAL. Our corrupt political class will always deny anything and everything. They take absolutely NO responsibility for anything, even when it is very much their fault. The mark of a strong character is to accept responsibility for actions. Admit a mistake. Take the blame. Man up. Admit your a human being who makes mistakes. No, not out rulers. They dare think of themselves as gods. Above any standards of morality and decency. Above the law. That they're "special". Our politicians are gutter trash. They're lower then a snake's belly in a wagon rut. They stink worse then cat piss.
Our politicians are scum. They conduct govt more like a meeting of Mafia dons then representing citizens. It seems there is no deal too sleazy for them.  Why do we continue to have a govt of sell outs. Representatives who don't hesitate to stab us in the back at first opportunity. We need a new system. National Socialism. A system based on race, not greed. Why continue with a criminal gang govt. ANP is fighting to change things. To have a govt that cares. Have a govt that fights FOR us, not against us. Govt should take care of its people, not give them the royal screw job. There needs to be change in this country. Help ANP make it happen. Donate money. Donate time to give out lit. Let us elect politicians that work for their race, not themselves. The system can be changed. It just takes some work to do so.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Thanks to our rich ruling elite, this country is handcuffed to Israel. The Jewish lobby's money has made sure we are glued to Israel, and forced to fight their battle against the Muslim world. Our people are now mere flunkies of ZOG. They have lost all their zeal. All they want to do is graze like cattle. Feed their faces, and stand aside as our leaders lead us over the abyss. The Jews love us not. They hate Aryan Christians. They schmooze us, simply to use us. Use our wealth, and power, to fight their war, and follow their agenda. This country borrows massively to fulfill both domestic and military needs. We are in hock up to our eyebrows. yet no one is out in the streets protesting. We all sit in front of the boob tube, and watch as our tax dollars are squandered. Look at what the Jews unleashed here. They started the "free speech" movement. Which then morphed into the civil rights movement, which let loose the blacks, who have torn this country down. Blacks now get special treatment. priority in job hiring. Assistance programs up the ass. All we white Aryans get, is the back of the hand. We pay for blacks to live the good life. We're called to fight wars to defend Israel, a country that in reality has no love for us whatsoever. As long as we have these greedy corrupt politicians running the show, we are doomed. Doomed to stand aside while our race, culture, civilization all slowly die. We give, they take. We're mere patsy's. Played for the fools we are. We continue to believe in a system that constantly slaps us in the face. That takes our money, wants to take our lives, and let white Aryan America a dying world. We see it every damn day. The American middle class is dying. Our race is dumb downed. Our future looks dim. If we continue to add Hispanics, and Arabs to our population, soon the USA will be unrecognizable. A world totally alien from that it is today.
Time to break the chains. Time to cut the tether. Let us become free and proud once again. Support ANP. It struggles to free us. It struggles to restore white Aryan pride and grandeur once again. It struggles to return us to the prosperous, powerful, proud society we once were. Donate money. Donate your time to give out literature. Help ANP liberate us from the alien monstrosity, ZOG, which rules and oppresses us.  There is no earthly reason that we should have to put up with the carp we do. We can change things. We must unite under the banner of ANP. Work to educate and arouse the masses. Show them, that they can regain their freedom. We can be free. It just takes work. We must mobilize the vote. We must run for office. We must take the power from the scum and transfer it to us. Support ANP.  Help bring back white Aryan civilization back from the brink of extinction. If we continue to wait and do nothing, we shall die as a race. We must stick up for ourselves, by ourselves. We white Aryans are under siege in our own country. We must gird our loins and resist the evil that threatens to destroy us.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Success of a society

What makes a society successful, as opposed to stagnant, or worse yet, failing.. To me, the qualities that make a society do well, are the following. First of all CUNNING. Leaders, both govt and business must have cunning. To outwit, and take advantage of the competition. If you can't compete in this dog eat dog world, you get torn to pieces.  This is why the Jews always do well wherever they are. They are masters of cunning. Notice how they constantly outmaneuver the alt and racial right. We white Aryans, are blunt, and forthright. We are unable to deal with Jewish cunning, and manipulation. Especially, when Aryan leaders, act asinine, and do stupid street demos, instead of maneuver behind the scenes like the Jews do. We're just plain outclassed by masters of the art of cunning. Unless, and until, our leaders get their heads out of their collective asses, we are stuck in the rut of helplessness. We must be smart, and play it smart if we are to succeed. By using their cunning, the Jews manipulate the law to suit themselves. THEY want blacks to have special treatment, and lo and behold, we get the civil rights laws. There are countless other examples.
The next quality for a society, is INNOVATION. If your society isn't innovative, it goes nowhere fast. People need to think, accept and try new ideas. Always be ready to explore something new. Not accept new for its own sake, but at least keep an open mind that something can always be changed. We must always be ready to change tack when the need arises. For example, change from street demos, to political action and office seeking. I've always questioned if demos really work anyway. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. A far more effective tactic to to seek political office. Go after the power, where power is. Slowly rise up the political ladder. Why struggle against, when you can manipulate behind the scenes. This is how Communism and the liberal left rose during the sixties. They infiltrated, then passed laws to suit their agenda. So it must be with us. It is our only hope to defeat the takeover of non whites of this country. We must be innovative. Think outside the box. History has taught time and again that rigidity is a sure road to extinction.
The third quality a society must have is INSPIRATION. A society that is uninspired is not long for this world. people need motivation in which to do their utmost and succeed. Without something to inspire them, people, don't try. They end up in a rut. They then weaken and end up falling prey to a more dynamic society. The great colonization by Europe of Africa shows this. Dynamic Europe conquers stagnant Africa. Europe was inspired by the doctrine of the "white mans burden". The mission to go forth and civilize the world. As the world shows today, they failed, yet at least they had some kind of motivation to try and do something about things. We white Aryans need to be inspired. We need motivation. We must Want to improve things, or nothing will be done.
ANP is trying to change our society. From one in which the white Aryan constantly gets it in the neck, to one where white Aryans have once again rights and opportunity. We can just sit back and watch the grass grow, or we can make up our minds to resist the current ZOG tyranny. We can enter elections, and change things from the inside. Let us more forward. Change things to suit ourselves. Not be led by the ZOG manipulation machine.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Our schools.

I have many friends who are teachers. They started out in the profession, with an attitude of changing the world thru education of the young. They'd turn kids into geniuses, and train them to be good human beings. Unfortunately, everyone is now disillusioned, and burnt out. Seems being a teacher these days,, is less educator, and more zoo keeper.. Our kids are nothing but animals. Use to be the inner city, but morale and discipline has collapsed all over. My friends teach in suburban, and rural settings, not the urban combat zones. One friend just told me of an incident, where a 3rd grader, that's a 3rd grader, came into class in a bad mood. He started throwing stuff all over. He picked up a bottle of hand sanitizer and threw it, almost hitting another student in the head. Then he simply ran off. Then he took a swing at the assistant principal and was suspended. At the meeting with the parent, the parent lunged across the assistant principals desk at him. All this from a third grader. With discipline like this, is it really any wonder that our schools are a mess. How can kids learn anything, when other kids are running amok?
Folks, this is the direct result of the liberal Jew permissiveness that has been foisted upon our schools. Don't punish kids, just reason with them. Reason with them. Even when they act like total out of control animals. Jewish liberalism has brought this country low. The Jews insisted on freeing the blacks, by removing all restraint. Any restraints on black behavior was racism. So blacks have had free reign, and our inner city schools are a mess. Now it has spread to system wide chaos. This let's go easy crap is destroying our schools. Children NEED discipline. There are no two ways about it. You don't reason with children. You discipline them when they do wrong. Otherwise you end up with a hell of a mess. Our system is dying, because some liberal Jew do gooders interfered, and made a god awful mess. Unless we return some sanity back into the system, our educational system, and with it our country, will collapse.
Fellow white Aryans. National Socialism takes no nonsense. It believes in being hard but fair. It will NOT tolerate lawlessness in our schools. National Socialism's main concern is the RACE. Hence the vital part of the race, the children, must be educated, and disciplined. National Socialist education will not tolerate crap in the classroom. It won't, because it knows it can't. It will work to have a smooth functioning system, so we can have a smooth full functioning society. Judeo-Capitalist education is all about money. The rich should have a good education, the non rich should get by as they can. Our current school ciricula, is just money grubbing writ large. Our system just wants to turn our kids into mini Capitalists, and instill in them the mentality of the money grubber. NS rejects this. To NS, there is more to life and education then money. Far more. Love of race coming in at the top of the list. Support ANP. It is fighting to bring about change. Bring about an NS society. A society whose schools train humans, not mindless animals. No nonsense. Training our kids for the future. Jewish liberalism is wrong headed. All its done is make a mess. Only NS can correct this tragedy. Donate to ANP. Money, but also time to give out lit. We must all get involved. If we sit on our hands, things will only get worse. Our nation will degenerate in to a society of primitives, unable to deal with the demands of the future. Can a society with third graders acting out massively, really hope to explore the stars? I very much doubt it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Anti family

Our culture has become very anti family. Instead of the old boy meets girl, and then has children, we have people opting for being single, or same sex relationships. In the olden days, the country was about 12% single at any one time. These days, the country is 47% single. Why. Unfortunately, very simple. This country became spoiled. People became highly self centered. Family involves the spirit of sacrifice, and our people now, don't want to give up anything. Having children use to be considered a time of rejoicing, and children a blessing. Now, children are just a by product of sex. Having children is just an annoyance. The joy of family togetherness, no longer means any thing, in this society of selfishness, and instant gratification. We have condemned ourselves to being little more then animals, who rut. Sex is just pleasure for its own sake. No longer the way to the happiness of family. Humans are social. We like companionship. At least we use to. Now everyone wants to go it alone. This is especially true thanks to women's lib. I curse the authors of the book the "Feminine Mystique". A Jewess, and a half Jew, write how women should just "find themselves", and our women abandoned family to do just that. Live the "good" life, and just enjoy yourself. They end up alone and working hard, but too many of our women have been brainwashed and buy into the go it yourself routine. So to with the gay/lesbian liberation. Don't go with the opposite sex, go with a same sex partner. This is all anti family. I know I sound like a conspiracy type, but I feel this is the Judeo-Capitalist way if infiltrating and undermining our society. Its like the Cold War days. The Communists use to infiltrate, and undermine from within. Their tactics continue under the guise of liberal Jew thought and practice. Destroy Aryan family life, and you eventually destroy the Aryan.
National Socialism is pro family. Being for the race, how can it be any thing but. National Socialism helps families. It honors women as child bearers. It use to give medals to mothers for the number of children they had. It use to give more practical help then just a medal, by giving aid to families in need. National Socialism helps families. Wants them strong, united, determined. It knows that a strong family is an essential building bloc for any society, Aryan or other. Without family, what can you realistically have. I think the drug culture harms family, but it is a mere symptom of the degeneration of our society. Our march to an animal existence. Where we forage alone, and rut when horny, and value nothing, and care about nothing. National Socialism rejects this. Totally. It wants to uphold the family. Keep us white Aryans living as befits humans, not animals. Help ANP. It is fighting hard to uphold white Aryan beliefs and practices. It is fighting to make the ideology of National Socialism supreme in our land. Donate money. Donate your time to give out literature. We must free our people of ZOG brainwashing, while we still can. While we can still save our society and people. Help. Get involved. The destroyers of family life have done great damage. With a National Socialist society, we can repair the damage, and become greater then ever before.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The coming catastrophe.

The time of the white Aryan on this planet is in jeopardy. Unless and until something is done, we white Aryans will no longer be here. Thanks to the Jewish liberal bullshit, we are in poor position to protect and defend ourselves. Materialism is dooming us to extinction. The white Aryans are losing the "battle of the births". It is estimated that by between 2030, and 2035, Semitic Muslims will overtake white Aryans as the majority of this planet. There will be 225 million Muslims as opposed to 224 million Christians. This means that there will be a ratio of 3.1 Muslims to 3 Christians. Right now, Christians are 31% of the world's population, and Muslims are 24%. As things are now, that will change mightily over the coming decades.
How can this be happening? Simple. Muslims believe in family. They welcome having children. They believe in something. White Aryan society has become corrupted by what I call the "three poisons". White Aryan society wants convenience. This is from the Jew materialism that has come to permeate it. Having children is not convenient. It is very hard work. You can't just do as you please, and go where you please in a moments notice. You have family responsibilities. White Aryans no longer care about having children. Instead of a blessing, children are now, just an annoyance. Children now, are looked at, as just the byproduct of sex. No longer bundles of joy.
Our economy has become obsessed with the notion of efficiency. Having children is not an efficient process. Many factors come into play. Economic efficiency is taking away jobs. People are losing their ability to care for families. People have programmed their lives to function in such a way to maximize their time. Children can be quite a distraction from a well ordered life. Hence the notion of child rearing has become unpopular.
Finally, there is the situation of plain old choice. People just choose not to have children. Especially women. Thanks to women's lib, women no longer wish to reproduce. Reproduction is hard on a woman's body. Then there are the children to be cared for after giving birth. Women today have been brainwashed by women's lib. They want to live the jet setter lifestyle. Have full, and total freedom. They want to go it alone. No need for a husband or children. They'd just get in the way of having fun. I find this an incredibly selfish attitude, but it is here none the less. Seems that no one finds joy in family anymore. Sex today is little more then rutting like animals. No more the emotional comfort, and support of family.
Folks, this has got to stop. The above attitudes are killing our race now, and will surely kill it in future. National Socialism believes in family. It use to give out medals to mothers who had five or more children. National Socialism gave families financial help when needed to ease the burdens of family. Let's face it, family can be a burden, but to not want to take up such a burden is wrong headed. Family can and should be a moment of great joy. It shouldn't be looked upon as a total burden. Feminism says women should go it alone. It is anti family. National Socialism says no. Family is a positive good. Besides the benefits to the individual, it benefits the race. No children, no race. Its as simple as that. We white Aryans need to get our heads on straight. We need to believe in something greater then ourselves. Belief in race and family seems a pretty good way to go, at least to me. How about you?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our school system is in the toilet.

Our school system sucks to high heaven. It is truly amazing that the world's superpower has such a fucked up educational system. We constantly hear that our schools must be improved, so we can compete with China and Japan. We want an educational system, that turns out super scientists. Instead, we have a system that turns out idiots and thugs. Our kids are so poorly educated, it truly frightens me. How in gods name can our kids hope to compete. I sure don't see a "Star Trek" future for our nation/planet. How can a society go jetting across the galaxy, when many of our kids come out of school, barely able to read. It is so bad in high schools, that COLLEGES have to have remedial reading and math programs. WTF! College is for HIGHER learning, not going back to high school or even lower.
How did our schools get so shitty. First off, its the goddamn liberal crap as per usual. Don't spank little kiddies bottom. That's mean. Just reason with kids. Yeah right. Discipline is now no existent. Kids are totally out of control. Talking to teachers, its mind boggling. The war stories. Kids act up, and talk back, and nothing can be done. Our schools are now places of great violence. GREAT violence. The rot started in the big city schools. The order came down not to discipline black kids, because that's racist. No matter what they do, they are untouchable. Then, out in the suburbs, the liberals pushed the bullshit, that any kind of punishment is bad. After all, misbehaving kids are just misunderstood, and just need "counseling". What crap. Letting a kid curse you from a filthy mouth, and just letting it go, because the kid is "misunderstood" is total nonsense. Children are just that children. They NEED guidelines. Letting a kid run amok is doing them no favor. How can kids learn, if other kids are allowed to act up, act out, and be totally disruptive. The kids who want to learn deserve a chance to. The miscreants must be kept in check. If they are jungle animals, then treat them as such. We are suppose to be the higher animal, not lower. We need to put this evil back in Pandora's box. Now. While we still have some kind of educational system that can be salvaged from the current mess. Our kids need modern, up to date equipment, and text books. Above all they need a n environment conducive to learning. Super scientists. I'd settle just for kids able to read and do math adequately.
National Socialism is put down as evil by our enemies. I've got news for you. It is a force for good, not evil. It would never, ever, allow the kind of chaos that dominates our schools at present. It believes in the future of the RACE. Hence it would do all in its power to promote the race and above all its chances of survival. Hence, it would do everything under the sun, to make sure our kids had proper equipment, proper textbooks, and above all, discipline. Kids would be kept under control. A proper learning environment would be maintained. Education is far too important to be treated haphazardly. Handle education in a slip shod manner, and you guarantee, your race will go into decline, then oblivion. People don't like discipline. That's human nature. Still, our kids need it, and under a NS govt they'd get it. No need for home schooling, or charter schools, or any of the other ways parents are trying to escape a failing school system and get their kids educated. NS will deliver kids who can at least hold their own in the world. Our present educational system is falling flat on that one. Donate both money, and your time to give out lit. Help ANP build an NS nation/society, that will prepare our kids for life. Life as humans, not jungle animals.