Thursday, December 7, 2017

School days.

What passes for education in this swamp of a country is truly horrifying. A teacher friend of mine related this recent event to me. This is a white rural school mind you, not a prison or mental hospital. It seems that some person (s), unknown, smeared feces all over the walls of two bathrooms and urinated all over the floor. As gross and insane as this sounds, the real insanity is that there was NO investigation to find out the person or persons responsible. If this sounds incredible, it is, but it is true. No effort was made to find the culprit (s) responsible. It was just ignored by the school administration. Too much hassle to bother about it seems. Isn't this insane. What in the name of god has happened to our school system. In the old days the person responsible would be well nigh hunted down and expelled. Someone this disruptive needs to get the boot. Unfortunately, no one in authority cares. In my work at the VA hospital system, I talked to workers. They went to administration about problems, only to be blown away because the authorities didn't want to be bothered with problems. Private hospitals were just as bad. No one in authority wants to do their job anymore. They just want to sit back and collect their checks until they can retire. They don't care. Its the don't bother me with problems attitude. Our country is in a nosedive. No one in authority cares anymore. The whole country is uncaring. The old 60's rebellion against authority, has now taken on a life of its own. People take no responsibility, even when they're bosses, and should, as part of their job. Just how long can this country survive, with this kind of attitude and malaise. Our schools are sinking into the sea of indifference and primitiveness. Our kids are just animals. To allow the above incident mentioned, to just be ignored is a symptom of a dying system. Our kids won't be able to compete, if disruptions to learning like above are allowed. What kind of a country are we preparing kids for, if things like this are allowed to go on without the slightest bit of punishment. Too much is allowed today. Far too much. We need discipline. We need people who care in charge. In Judeo-Capitalism, people ONLY care about money and nothing else. Hence their only concern is to get by and collect their checks. I lay the blame for this mess on Jewish liberalism. The Jews always harp about freedom, and when it comes and makes a mess, they look blankly and wonder how things could go so wrong. In Jew thought there is no black and white, just gray. I say bullshit. There MUST be right and wrong. How the hell else can a society function. Survive. Thrive. No, this let everyone do as what is pleasing to them has to stop. If we want to continue to live in a society befitting humans, it must stop.
Join with, and help support ANP. It is fighting to keep white Aryan civilization alive, and keep our nation from descending any lower into the muck of ignorance and primitivism. ANP wants to save our people. Help them. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must bring about a change in our people, if we are to survive. ANP is striving to bring our people back from the brink. If we fail, then incidents like the above will become commonplace, and our kids will fail to learn, and fail in life. We white Aryans will be a failed people.

Monday, December 4, 2017

A Hispanic USA

These let's all love everybody liberals are crazy. Certifiable. They see Hispanics like they do blacks. Just nice, quiet,good citizens. That butter would just melt in their mouths. This is ludicrous. Blacks and Hispanics are NOT nice people. Blacks are very violent. Lazy. Disrespectful. Hispanics, are the same way. In 1943, here in the US, we had the zoot suit riots.Hispanic Mexican men who wore zoot suits.Rather then help with the war effort, they did nothing but pursue their own pleasure. Cloth was rationed, so everyone was asked to cut back. Zoot suitors did not, even though their suits took up much cloth. They were very disrespectful of US servicemen In1943, White Anglo anger boiled over, and whites attacked and beat up zoot suitors. Whites were incensed that in time of war, with our country's very existence on the line, these people refused to cooperate, and disparaged our brave armed forces. Does this sound like good people. Hispanics showed disrespect, and did nothing to help the war effort. They preferred to wear their outlandish suits, and party hearty. To them, their attitude was the hell with this country. Don't dare tell me how good and kind these people are. As they gain power in this country, it will just be more of the same. We need to build a wall. Complete with moat and minefields. Any and all things to keep them out. They will just bring lawlessness, and a flip attitude to this country, that we can definitely do without.
Generosity is one thing, but you mustn't be a damn fool about it. ANP is trying desperately to stem the tide of Hispanics and Arab Muslims. It doesn't want the whole country to go the way of our cities. We see every day, how black controlled cities are a mess. Ruled by corruption and inefficiency. Our cities are ruined. Let's not compound the error and have the whole country destroyed. We white Aryans need to defend ourselves. Defend our country. Not by violence, but by elections. We need to run candidates for office. Minor, easy offices first, then the more powerful offices. It can be done. Look at Trump. The total outsider, but the winner of the presidency. We white Aryans, must unite. Unite behind the ANP. Donate to ANP. Money, and time to give out lit. We must defend our land. Keep these unwelcome immigrants out, less they undermine, and destroy our nation. Our civilizations very existence is at stake. If we fail, or fail to act, we'll be in a half Hispanic, half Arab Muslim nation, with no room for us white Aryans. We'll be run out, just as whites have been run out of Southern Africa. Help us. Don't let the awful internal rot we have now fester, and get worse. We must take a stand. We must be very careful, who we let into our land, lest we allow enemies to come in and undermine and harm us. Join with ANP, and let us defend and protect our land and our people. People who won't be good citizens are not needed or wanted. They must be kept out.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Judeo-Capitalist equality

Our society is so damn unequal, it makes my head spin. YOU white Aryan, pay very close attention to the following. Bezos, Gates, and Buffet. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame. Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Warren Buffet investor, all three together are as wealthy as 50% of the American people. In other words, These 3 rich guys, are as rich as 150 million Americans together. I am utterly sickened by this. For 3 men to have such wealth and power. Equal to half a nation is both sick, and totally insane. WTH! This is ludicrous. What kind of idiot society do we have, to let such total inequality continue, and even grow. It is truly despicable. Our fat cats have fleets of cars. Mansions everywhere, yet we have people sleeping under highway overpasses for shelter, as they can't afford anything else. This is wrong. Very wrong. It is unconscionable that this continue. This has to stop. We need to start voting for candidates who give a damn about us common folk, and not the top 1%. Our schools whither, our health care sucks, we lose jobs every minute. The vast majority of our people live paycheck to paycheck. We are idiots. We support a system that doesn't in the least support us. It is time for a change. Long past time.
We need a National Socialist society. One where equality is the order of the day. One that recognizes the intrinsic worth of white Aryans. A govt that takes care of its people. One that doesn't let its people rot like garbage. A National Socialist govt would take care of us. Give us aid if needed. Help us find jobs. Keep jobs here, rather then let them be outsourced. We need a more moral system. This current society is dominated by degeneracy and corruption. An NS society would care for us. See that we were all decently fed and clothed. Make sure we had decent jobs.  A society that protects white rights, and doesn't give the black pride of place. We can achieve this. We must. We can vote white. Not openly NS as we still have some brainwashed against it, but simply people for white rights. We can and must run for office. Minor at first, easy wins, because nobody cares. Once in office, we start up the ladder. Eventually working our way up to high office. All along the way, converting a white hostile govt, to one white friendly. It can be done. It has been done in the past. Support ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. Help spread the good word. We must rally our people. Expose this evil system for what it really is. We need change. Not phony politicians talking words, but dedicated Aryans showing deeds. We must win office and change our society. Our folk deserve better. Far better. Time for a change. Three men should not control such wealth. It is exceedingly foolish to let them. It is foolish to continue with this society as it is. Time for a change. A real change. A change for the better, the betterment of the white Aryan race.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The necessaties

Our current system is a failure. It fails miserably to provide for our people. To be successful, a society should provide food, shelter, and order. Food and shelter, are obvious. Order, not so much. A society must be kept in order. There must be certain ground rules to keep everything copacetic. The Ten Commandments, aside from being a religious moral code, are just the sort of behavioral checks a society needs in order to function. You cannot maintain a functioning society if people are stealing from each other, or murdering each other. There must be limits. Thanks to Jew inspired liberal permissiveness, there are no checks on behavior any more. Its do whatever you want. No regard for the feelings or rights of others. It is just do as you feel. This is unacceptable. It makes for a totally dysfunctional society. Like the one we have now. Look at all the corruption, and degeneracy. people must be prevented from doing whatever they want. otherwise society breaks down into chaos. Our society is in chaos. It is like living in a third world nation. Everything is dysfunctional. Confused. Doomed to failure. Our cities are a wreck, because we have let the blacks take them over and run them as they see fit. Our economy is a mess. Profits rise, but wages are stagnant. Economic inequality is rife. This society no longer sticks up for the little guy any more. Our schools are a joke. Kids do as they want without fear of punishment. Our kids no longer learn, as they everyone just goes thru the motions. Parents argue with the teachers about their kids. People argue with each other over education, and financial policy, and social policy.
People, we need unity. We need singleness of purpose once again. Once we had it, and this country ran well. Now we're a mish mash of ideas and views, and feelings. There is no longer a center. A core of values that all can cling to. National Socialism is the rock upon which we can rebuild white Aryan America. It can make America far more then great. It can make it normal again. This country is a giant lunatic asylum. There is no central core of beliefs to control it. National Socialism offers said core of beliefs. It makes clear that certain behavior will not be tolerated. That there is a standard of behavior that will be expected, and adhered to. No excuses. People need laws and guidelines to live by. Otherwise, we're just animals. Animals. Look at the animal behavior today. Marriage is ignored. People just rut like animals. Our kids are running wild with alcohol and drug abuse. Blacks run wild with govt protected bad behavior. Its time to put a stop to the nonsense. National Socialism runs a tight ship. But it is a ship  that floats, and even can function well. Lets return to a normal, controlled society. No more nonsense, no more crap. We must support ANP with money, and out time to give out lit. Our people must be saved. We're too good a race to be allowed to vanish. Choose National Socialism, and help bring back normality to America life.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The new slavery

Slavery comes in many forms. There is the old whip and chains kind. However there is a new much more subtle kind. One that binds just as tightly as the old chain kind. Interest slavery is basically having people tied to their debt. They are forced to get a job, no matter how low paying, in order to pay of debts, that never really happens, because high interest rates, plus low wages mean that freedom from debt never happens. Think of a hamster on a treadmill. Much effort, no success. Another way to describe interest slavery, is debt servitude. You owe money. You can never hope to repay your debts. You end up working to just manage your debt, and have nothing else you can spend your money on. Your debt consumes your every waking hour. Its not a good way to live. You exist solely to survive, and can't live to enjoy life. Your on a treadmill of debt repayment. You are a helpless pawn in financial machinations. This is no way for a human to live. You should be able to enjoy life. Judeo-Capitalism wants you in debt. It makes it quite easy to get indebted. You get easy credit offers. Then with an APR rate, it gets raised massively. All of a sudden, you end up owing your shirt. With no real way to pay off your debt. You are just as enslaved as the slaves of ancient times. A full third of the Roman Empire was slave. They even had a war over it, the Servile war (Spartacus rising). It took centuries for old slavery to die out. This new style may never be gotten rid of. We common types face eternal servitude. We will be in debt forever. Serving our creditors, and never living life. Just work, work work.
We need a new system. One where money doesn't predominate, and dictate our actions, every waking moment. ANP is working to do just that. It is fighting to give us a new and far better system. National Socialism. A system where race is the important thing, not money. RACE. people are conditioned to regard the race as the be all, and end all of existence. You work for your race. You don't have to be in debt on the money merry go round. Wouldn't you like to be free of debt worries? You can be. Not with Capitalism, but with National Socialism. Enough of worrying about money. It shouldn't be that we all live in financial quicksand. We need our freedom. No more extortionate interest rates, making us work 2 or 3 jobs, just to get by. Just living to pay your bills is not living at all. Join the struggle to free YOU. Don't be a slave to interest/debt. Donate to the ANP. Your money, and your time to give out lit. Let us get back to living life, before the monster of Judeo-Capitalism reared its ugly head, and made slaves of us all. We should be able to devote our lives, to other then just making money. Money that then goes to paying debt. Eternal debt. Chains need not be metal, to hold a person in thrall. It can be debt. Owing your shirt, and working every minute, just to escape, an escape that never, ever, comes. Change is needed. Help to achieve it. Choose National Socialism and freedom. Support ANP, and come to know freedom, and the enjoyment of life.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The war against family and reproduction.

There is a war going on against reproduction. If that sounds outlandish, consider. Feminism stresses women go it alone, without men. It mocks women who stay at home and take care of families. Remember Hillary Clinton's infamous baking cookies remark. Feminism is anti family. It puts down having children. Instead of home, it preaches that women should have careers. In this endeavor, it is backed up by leftist Jewish liberal encouragement. Now we're getting gay/lesbianism pushed in our faces as well. Both feminism, and gay/lesbianism are anti family. You obviously can't have children without sex between a male and female. But this is under attack. This is leading our civilization on the road to self genocide For our white Aryan people, to no longer have kids will simply die out. This will open the door to Hispanics and Muslims, because they believe in having kids, and having big families no less. Unless family life is brought back into vogue, our race is doomed. Our civilization is doomed. The white Aryans will have no future either in the US, or Europe. This IS the Jews work. They constantly preach "freedom". As well as class warfare. There is a good reason that Marx was a Jew. The Jews always rock the boat. They always want to revolt against something or other. Why are they so despised world wide, because they make trouble every where they go. Now their target is family. Jew life always is very liberal. They always stress doing the out of the ordinary. What passes for life in the Jew community, can be devastatingly disruptive to other cultures. Hence the decline of American family life. How can it be otherwise, when this crap is preached to our people every day. Its even propagated in our schools. No heterosexual couples, means no kids. No kids means no reproduction, no family. No family, means the end of the white Aryan. Obviously the Jews could care less if Aryans die out. They want us to. Having our families die out is just what they want. To them is good riddance to troublesome Aryans.
Friends, our race is in danger. If we don't regain our race's family life, we are doomed as a race. ANP is dedicated to reversing this anti family trend. It is fighting to make Aryan family life a reality once again. It is fighting to counter the Jew backed propaganda of anti family, pro feminism and pro gay/lesbianism. Normally bedroom activities shouldn't really matter, but in this case they do. No sex between man and woman, means no kids. No kids means no future. Our family life was the rock of Aryan life. it is under attack by those who preach freedom, but actually want Aryan kind to die out. Don't let them succeed. Help ANP. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. This insidious propaganda must be stopped and reversed. Look where its leading. Now we have transgender. Don't be fooled. No amount of surgery can transform one sex into another. Reproduction cannot be altered by surgery. Transgender is yet another liberal left Jew idea to further undermine Aryan reproduction and family. Fight the future. Resist our race downfall. Help ANP. Save our race. Do you want YOUR kids to follow these sexual perversions? ( that's what they are, let's be honest about it) If not help ANP restore sanity, and reproduction back to the white Aryan race. Let the Jews tolerate perversion if they want. It has no place in Aryandom.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The US, land of liberty?

This is suppose to be a free country. In reality, it is free for some, unfree for others. As a National Socialist, I should be able to walk the streets in uniform if I choose. I should be able to wear tattoos, jewelry, showing my Nazi faith. In realty we can do none of these things. We have been declared by ZOG as enemies of the US, and are harassed at every turn by ZOG's bully boys in blue. Blacks can do no wrong, as their a poor minority. We whites can do no right, as we are an evil majority. In theory we have rights, but in reality, rights are only good if enforced, and in no area of America will any authority enforce my right of wearing a Nazi uniform etc. We are denied our rights. Is this right or fair, no. Is it how it is, yes. The Jews have done a bang up job brain washing America that the Jews, and blacks, are poor picked on minorities. Let me tell you. If you're white and in a majority black neighborhood, then God help you. You are harassed day and night. It is hell on earth, but there is no one in authority willing to help. You are left to suffer. Thanks to pandering to black orders, whites jump thru hoops like trained dogs to give blacks what it is THEY want. Not you, not whites, They. Blacks get special treatment everywhere in this country. They get special treatment in that they are first hired, never fired. They get financial programs like welfare, tailored to their needs rather then those of the nation. If the police bother them, blacks scream discrimination. So it is if they are disciplined at work. Blacks can OFFICIALLY do no wrong. They decide what TV shows and movies will play. Anything they don't like, they yell prejudice and get yanked. Anything about the Confederacy is now being systematically removed from American life. If blacks don't approve it goes, no matter what whites think. Memorials honoring brave men who gave their lives for a cause they believed in, are now dishonored, and forgotten. All because blacks don't approve. Now, the NAACP is calling for the removal of the Star Spangled Banner as the US national anthem. Guess it doesn't praise blacks enough. What nerve.
Fellow white Aryans. I am sick and tired of this state of affairs. We whites are treated like crap in our own country. We'd get better treatment as aliens in a foreign land then here at home. It is high time to put an end to this bullying. Enough of the pro minority propaganda. Time for white people to assert their rights, and put their foot down against non white nonsense. First step, become an ANP supporter. We need to give money, and donate our time to giving out lit. Since our people have been brain washed so thoroughly, it will take time to undo the damage. Keep in mind it can be done. Once the white race is united, we can run for office. Minor ones at first, big ones later. We systematically undo all the evil that ZOG has done to us, and then some. I don't know about you, but I am tired of taking black orders. Who the hell are they to be ordering us around and running the show. Look at the damage they've done to our cities. Look at the damage they've done to the country. Its time we put an end to it. Join ANP. Stand up for your rights. Stop taking black and Jew shit every day. We need desperately to regain our pride again. ANP is the answer. The helper in the fight for our rights, and basically for our existence. ANP will see that pride in whiteness returns to our schools. We whites will go extinct if we do nothing.