Thursday, March 23, 2017

Game show contestants.

Our political system has degraded so much, its a wonder to me that anything still works. Instead of legislators, we have a bunch of prima donas, who show boat for the TV cameras, and pontificate why that they're so much smarter then the average American, and should run their lives. All the while needed legislation languishes. Our Congress is the gang that can't shoot straight. Hearings take forever. Votes are horse trading, to help the politicians, not us common folk. Congress used to be corrupt. Now its massively stupid and arrogant to boot. Hot dogging it for the cameras is not what WE pay these assholes for. We want help, not some political show. Our system has developed a political "business". We have armies of pundits giving their opinions on issues. Who the hell cares what these moron talking heads have to say. We want/need help with education. With medical care. We need a strong defense, but even more, we need peace. Our system is constantly at war, just so our clown legislators get to play general. God forbid any of them risk their own necks. No, they pick fights constantly, and jump into every squabble out in the real world, just to show off what wise, brave heroes they are. All the crap in the Washington swamp, its enough to make your head spin. All the while the American middle class dies. The burden on the working stiffs who are the backbone of this country grows ever harder. All we get are words. Words, words, words. Too much talk. Too little action. While these scum prance in front of the TV cameras, our environment gets dirtier, our jobs get outsourced, our schools continue to deteriorate. Our streets continue to be unsafe, if not more so. All that matters in Judeo-Capitalist land is MONEY. Having it brings wealth and power. Lack of same brings poverty and misery. This is a society where the only thing that matters is money. Period. Nothing else does. Not God, country, motherhood, kids. Nothing at all else matters except money.
I REFUSE to worship money. Refuse. Whether you believe in god or not, There must be something far better to worship then money. There is. RACE. Rather then a society based on greed, we need one based on race. People who look alike and act similarly, creates a happy, healthy, functional society. Multiculturalism doesn't cut it. It is actually very harmful. Look at ours. So many points of view. Everyone going their own way. This country use to run just fine. Look at the 1950's, when the predominant culture was based on Western values. Once we started off on the multi culture trail, everything went to hell. National Socialism believes in keeping everyone on the same page. Not out of being "dictatorial", but practical survival. We NEED a CORE culture in which to live on/in.  Without one, we end up with the mess we have. We need National Socialism, with its emphasis on the race, and the racial state, to help get us thru life. Caring for one's race over one's self. Isn't that a much better way. result in a much better society. We must unite. Thru the ANP we can and must bring about a National Socialist society. Thru elections. We can run for office. Quietly, secretly like our neo-Communist Jew liberals do. They've thoroughly infiltrated our nation and govt. Now its our turn. We run for office. Small stuff first, larger later. We stay below the radar. No Nazi stuff whatsoever. Just citizens with ideas, and beliefs. We can and will win. All others are too busy falling all over themselves for personal political advantage. Give money. Give time to give out lit. We can win. Our people have had a gut full. They yearn to breathe free again. Let us help them help themselves. Free themselves.

Monday, March 20, 2017


This world faces many major challenges. Issues that very well may mean extinction, or survival. Judeo_Capitalism is not at all equipped to handle any of the following issues. Not at all. If anything It will exacerbate them and insure our destruction. First off, there is EXTINCTION. Right now its limited to animal species. If our wealth gap gets any worse, with poverty getting worse, then humans will die. We are on the edge of white Aryans being shoved into poverty by super greedy Judeo-Capitalism and suffering unto death.  Our enemies want our race to die. They are jealous of its immense wealth and power. They want us Aryans out. Permanently. Capitalism doesn't care about people. Its all about money. The Capitalist class will happily let us die, if they can make a buck. Nazism cares about the race, and will work to preserve it. Capitalism will increase poverty, and contentedly watch us die.
The world is getting way too over CROWDED. We need proper birth control policies. National Socialism wants the race to increase, but not to dangerous overpopulation. Unless intelligent population policies are enacted, there is a very real chance that the earth will get way too overcrowded to be able to support the human population. Capitalism could care less. They see more people as just more slave workers that they can have compete against each other, and depress wages even more. Only Nazism wants to deal with this hard issue. Capitalism just ignores it like everything else.
There is a WEALTH GAP, that is mind boggling. When 62 people have the equivalent wealth of 3 billion, something is terribly wrong. National Socialism believes in the national folk community. Where all work together for the good of the racial folk community. No matter about class, we are all one race, and should/must work together. Disunity can destroy us. We Nazis see, and accept this fact. Capitalism ignores it as per usual. We must help each other. Be like street cops, working together, because there is no help on the street. We face a non white world that is increasing in numbers. They now threaten to overwhelm our Aryan lands. They threaten our identity, and even our very Aryan existence.
This world, thanks to globalization, now faces the risk of worldwide epidemics. Nazism wants to preserve Aryan health. It would spare no expense to protect and preserve the race. Capitalism constantly counts pennies. The Jew doctor influence? To Capitalism, health is just another way to make profits. You don't matter in Capitalism. You're just an annoyance and an expense. Nazism sees you as valuable Aryan stock. To be helped and preserved at all cost in spit of the cost. No nickel and diming as Capitalism does. Lives mean something the a Nazi.
TECHNOLOGY is replacing jobs. Fast. What is to be done about the unemployed. Capitalism could care less. Nazism cares a great deal. It wants to help. Retraining. Income floor while you retrain, and job placement. Nazism will do all it can to help as workers get replaced. Capitalism just sees it as cheap robots replacing expensive human workers. Is that all YOU are. Some THING, to be replaced when you get too expensive in Capitalist masters eyes. Nazism sees you as a precious resource. To be nurtured, not burned at the stake.
Support ANP. With money, and your time to give out lit. We need to change the way we live and fast. We need a caring pro us system, not the crap one we live under now. We must arouse our masses, and show them the danger they are in. They must see we of ANP care. Greatly. We want to help. Our lives, and our race is at stake.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


This is suppose to be the land of freedom. Its not. Not at all. When it comes to National Socialism, there are NO rights whatsoever. Seems our enemies are so afraid of OUR truths, they'll do any and all to prevent us telling them. They obviously don't trust heir own people not to un brain wash if they hear or read our words. Case in point. David Irving is a Holocaust denier. As punishment, he was libeled, then defeated in a ZOG court, in the UK. ZOG has even made a movie about it. The actor playing Irving has been made to look kind of creepy. All the better to besmirch a man's reputation, and suppress the truth. If nothing else, the Irving trial shows that our enemies will stop at nothing to silence us. They are bound and determined to shut us up. The Irving trial is just one of myriad examples of the ZOG pulling out all stops to burn us. Our enemies are determined to shove the Holocaust crap down everyone's throats, no matter what. My point is this. Do not, NOT, think you have rights in this country. ZOG is worldwide, and worldwide it is determined that National Socialism never see the light of day again. Since ZOG has the bucks, it has the power. Groups like ANP resist, but it is very hard. ZOG has the wealth (they're Jews after all) and can buy as much power as money will buy. We of National Socialism are hard pressed. We're struggling, living paycheck to paycheck. Let us not make it worse for ourselves. We must be submarines. Lurking below the waters, and taking advantage of ZOG mistakes. We MUST be CALM/COOL/COLLECTED in our thoughts and actions. We must avoid, AVOID, publicity, unless it is guaranteed to be favorable. Seeking publicity for publicity sake is foolish. The enemy controlled news media will never allow us to look good, if they can possibly help it. They love nothing better then to be able to tar us with the dysfunctional extremest brush. Like it or not, image is everything. That's a fact of human nature. It cannot be avoided, only accepted and dealt with. REMEMBER, if you're a National Socialist, you have NO rights in this country. Our people have been brain washed to hate you. The police, ZOG's muscle, can hassle you with no problems. You can't win in court as the Irving case shows. All you can do is lay low. Keep your beliefs to yourself. Only come out of hiding, when you KNOW, 100% guarantee, that the other person believes as you do, and can be trusted. Trust is everything. Trust in yourself. Trust in your instincts.
Folks. We'd like a National Socialist system, and state. Unfortunately, we are too few at present to achieve this. With continued dedication and work, we will succeed. Its majority rules, and right now the majority of white Aryans have been brain washed by ZOG. Ask your kids about what they learn. The brain washing continues. We must work to counter said brain washing and reverse it. Our people must accept us for the bearers of glad tidings we are. This means we project an image of respectability. Remember its not what we think or want that matters, its what the majority of white Aryans think and want. That means we reach out to them. On their level. As fellow citizens. As fellow working stiffs. We avoid the court system. Even ordinary citizens don't get justice, much less us Nazis. We avoid publicity. Unless its a Nazi owned or leaning publication, avoid publicity. It just let's our enemies take pot shots at us. I find it amusing how anti Nazis in interviews crow about how brave they are, and how cowardly us Nazis are. All with a line of cops in the background to protect them. Some bravery. Anyway, let us avid the media for now. Doesn't pay. We can cope, but we must keep our wits about us. Be clever, not reckless. Our enemies are the most cunning people on the planet. We must deal with them on OUR terms, not theirs.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our schools

Our school system is an unmitigated disaster. Discipline has all but disappeared thanks to muddled policies. Sponsored by Jewish liberal thinkers, who don't think. Does anyone really think you can or even should REASON with a disobedient young child. One of my many friends is a teacher. Teaches 8th grade to be exact. The stuff he tells me is horrifying. For example. A child actually got up in the middle of class, and told his teacher to go fuck herself. This in an elementary school. This is a white suburban school by the way, not a black ghetto school. I'd love to strangle the little bastard, but nowadays its considered cruel to give a bad child a spanking on his bottom. So nothing gets done, and nothing was done about this incident. Example number two. While working on computers in class, a boy had a temper tantrum, and smashed his computer keyboard. Again, nothing was done at all. A LOT of what the Jew liberals do, bugs me. Screwing with our education system takes the cake. While they preach tolerance, our schools are going to hell. Our white kids are becoming animals, just like the black schools kids are. I do NOT want my white child, becoming a black type street animal. I shudder at the prospect. Add in the prevalent drug abuse,  and we have a perfect storm of disdain for authority and kids growing up to be worthless scum. Is it any wonder parents want to put their kids in charter schools. I for one don't think it will work. You still run afoul of the system and its coddling of bad behavior. The system is SO worried about little kiddie being abused, it totally ignores the fact that our kids are becoming monsters. What kind of citizens will they grow up into? I doubt very good ones. When someone is allowed to be selfish all thru childhood, with no discipline, the result can only be a nightmare. This is the logical progression of our Capitalist, greed is good society. Selfishness dominates. Bad behavior is tolerated, and even becomes the norm. The future soldiers we will need in future, will be wild animals, and we can expect plenty of incidents of misconduct. We can see it already developing. From My Lai in Vietnam, to incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan. Civilian atrocities that can be traced to a total lack of moral character. Remember we don't allow any moral teaching in schools anymore. No school prayer, not even saying the pledge of allegiance. Our kids are being allowed to become empty morally. Capable of anything.
Folks, this is no way to run a railroad. Children NEED discipline. Consult any child psychology study you like. Children need discipline. Structure. Something damn it. Look at the Hitler Youth. They were strong, disciplined, ready to die for their country. They sure didn't tolerate the crap that is now commonplace in OUR schools. They were molded to be disciplined soldiers ready to defend the fatherland if the time arose. National Socialism is not just slogans. It is not silly or stupid doctrines. It is living. It is forming the Aryan people into disciplined people ready and able to deal with any and all challenges. In an NS school system, children would first of all learn love of race. Not racial self hatred as is now the case in our schools. We need an NS school system. At least an NS inspired one. We need to run for school board. Most people don't bother, so it usually is an easy win. We need to run not as open Nazis, but keep our mouths shut and our thoughts to ourselves. Once in, we can start to change things to our way. The liberals, especially the Jews, infiltrated our education system very successfully. Time for payback. If we want Aryan children with Aryan values, we need to get our schools back. If we fail, the future is looking pretty dark. Our kids will be animals just like the black kids. No difference. No hope.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


We white people should feel great shame. We've let the non whites in the US, especially the blacks, walk all over us. They have guaranteed jobs. Thanks to racial hiring quotas. Thanks to whites sitting on their asses, while Con-job-gress passed laws making blacks sacrosanct. It really ticks me off. Whites should be running the show, not kissing black ass. Now we whites must struggle for jobs, even if they are low pay/no benefits ones. We have reduced ourselves to beggary. Once proud people are now living paycheck to paycheck, if their lucky. This state of affairs isn't right, but it exists today, right now.
Even more shameful then how whites take black shit here, is the way that whites abandoned their fellow whites in Southern Africa. Rather then helping their racial kin, the whites of the USA, just stood by, as the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa, were allowed to fall from power. Now the whites of these two areas are suffering terribly. Whites have basically been run out of Rhodesia due to black harassment. yet there is no world outcry. It is ignored. IGNORED! If its non whites, there is a great hue and cry. Since its whites, it is ignored. People are allowed to suffer, because they're not on the politically correct care list. Whites fought a war in Rhodesia in order to be allowed to continue to exist. They obviously lost. Left to die by their traitorous white breathern in Europe and America. Instead of help, we sat back and let the white community of Rhodesia die. The whites of South Africa are holding on, but barely. Instead of help they were ignored, and left to struggle on alone. They surrendered, and are slowly dying out. In both cases blacks have had no trouble running whites out of both countries. All the while Europe and America have sat on their hands. NOW, Europe faces a flood of Semitic Arab Muslims. The USA faces a flood of Hispanics. In both cases, the very future of Aryandom is at stake. Unless both communities unite and resist, they will be overwhelmed and destroyed, just like the fate that  has overtaken our racial kin in Africa.
It is both scary, and deplorable, that whites could abandon to their fate fellow whites. This is where unity comes in. It is the glue that holds the white body politic together. Unless we unite, and make up our minds that we will not just disappear, we most certainly will. The ANP is trying desperately to unite whites, to specifically prevent what happened in Africa, from happening here. We must support it, to save our very existence. With money, but also with time giving our literature. Our people must be made to see the folly of doing nothing. You know the enemy controlled media, will move heaven and earth to shut up any white voices raised in dissent. We must double down on our efforts to arouse our people from their coma like slumber, and get them to gird their loins for struggle. White existence IS at stake, and right now its looking pretty dicey.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What might be

Right now, we live day in and day out, with a system of pure exploitation. Judeo-Capitalism is exploitation, in the worst way. People are left to suffer if they have no money. There is no effort to help others. It is all kill or be killed attitude. We live with this bullshit , because we are use to it, and see no other way out. There is a way. National Socialism. It deals with the fundamental problems of Capitalism, head on. National Socialism values, VALUES, honor respect, justice. I will repeat. NS values HONOR, RESPECT, and JUSTICE. It offers a society fit for humans to live by, as humans, not jungle animals. Our govt is nothing but constant lies and corruption. Our system is pure evil. Only National Socialism, with its emphasis on the above mentioned, offers us a new way. a better way. We are Aryans. Shouldn't we live as our ancestors. NS brings back the past. Not as some intellectual exercise, but as a way to live better, decent lives. Is it really any wonder our society is corrupt and full of evil, when our societal values are based on GREED/SELF. Look at our leaders. Everywhere we look, from govt, to business, to education even, the emphasis is on making money. Caring for people is not a consideration. No where on the radar. How can a system like this be anything but dysfunctional. We're losing out in the ability to compete against other societies, because we  are constantly at each others throats. In the past we achieved great things when we were united, and reached out to do great things. Now, many suffer, because they can't make enough money. As if making money is the be all, and end all of life. What is life? Life is the racial nation. Where the racial nation thrives, that is life. Individual people die, but the racial nation lives on. At least it use to. Now we have interracial marriage. Now we have same sex marriage. Both practices meant to weaken, and destroy the racial nation. I put forward, this is deliberate. Meant to weaken and destroy the Aryan race. Why else promote it so vehemently. Our enemies want us weak. Want us destroyed. Nothing less. We like idiots are giving them what they want, by supporting a system that is anathema to all a decent Aryan should stand for and believe in.
Aryans. Let us not join in our own destruction. Let us resist. Let us unite, and work toward liberation. We must stop tearing at each others throats. This is from an alien ideology known as Judeo-Capitalism, that means us great harm. National Socialism promises, PROMISES, our liberation from corruption and degradation. It offers us a chance to be great like our ancestors. All we need do is unite. Gird our loins for struggle and resist our enemies and their blandishments. Our parents and grandparents were enticed by the promise of living the "good life". This was a Judeo-Capitalist ploy, that tricked them and made them easy prey to Capitalist con artists. Our Aryan society is dying. Unless we pull together, and unite, we are doomed. We see the decline every day. Non whites now lord it over us. Unless something is done, they will outright control us. Eventually we will be removed from the North American landscape. It CAN happen, and will, unless we change our ways, and return to being like the Aryans of old.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How much is enough?

Our Judeo-Capitalists are out of control. They live/eat/breathe money. To them making money is the be all, end all of life. To ordinary people, they can look at a forest, and admire the beauty of nature. To the Capitalist class, they just see future profits in lumber. Unless, and until, we change this mindset, our society is doomed. The American middle class is dying. Losing out as Big Capitalism outsources jobs to overseas. The fact that the Capitalists are depriving their own Aryan people of jobs and livelihoods, doesn't bother them in the least. To them it is solely making money. Bill Gates fortune is at 85 billion. Down the road, he will become a trillionaire. Can YOU, working stiff Aryan, imagine having a trillion dollars to play with. Bill Gates will soon enough. Our society is sick, SICK with greed. It is a disease, of the highest magnitude. It is poisoning our kids. Making our kids spoiled rich brats for those with money, and violent animals for those without money. Money is the measure of a man these days. Not intelligence, bravery, honesty. Money making. Is it any wonder our society is so sick, and keeps getting worse. Talk to someone who teaches these days. The kids are out of control. Administrators only care about budgets, and the kids can go to hell. If things keep going as they are, this country will be hell. Liberalism is changing our people for the worse. They feel anything goes. This is why liberalism fails. It talks a good game, but as long as liberalism stays wedded to Capitalism, our people will continue to sink. How much money is enough. This question is never asked in our society. It should be. It is why our rich never pay taxes. They are too stingy. They love their money too much. Can't a person be comfortable as a millionaire, as much as if they were billionaires. Can you spend a trillion dollars on yourself? After the mansion, limo, and yacht, just what do you spend your money on. It never occurs to the Capitalist class to spend their money helping others. No fun at that. Charity is never a thought to the super rich. You'd think it would be, but it is not. Money over all. Helping others just isn't in the cards. These people hoard money, just like on TV, you have people who hoard stuff. How much money is enough. What all can yo do with it. Have a mansion with a dozen bathrooms? You can only use one at a time. These men put their trousers on one leg at a time, yet when it comes to money making and hoarding, they are separate animals. They hold on to their plunder, and don't care about the plight of others. The only charity work they do, is for tax write off purposes only.
Folks, we can't go on much longer like this. Our people are becoming a new breed of animal. If not violent, certainly uncaring. How can we think of exploring the galaxy, when the future astronauts we'll send, will be selfish and petty. Such people are very rarely of help, and more of a hindrance. We need to change our ways, immediately. We need to change our core beliefs. We must go from Capitalism coldness, and uncaring, to National Socialism and caring. Honoring our race. Enough of this Capitalist uncaring. National Socialism values the concept of the race. The race is all important. IT is the be all, end all, of existence. Nothing is of more importance then the race. The race is cared for. Treated with respect. Honored even. Help ANP achieve the change our society desperately needs. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must change minds, in order to affect meaningful change in a society in desperate need of same. If we don't change our society, and adopt a new set of rules, we will perish. We will never get an answer to how much is enough, because there is no answer to the question in Capitalism. In Capitalism, its NEVER enough. ANP is now fighting for our race's very soul.