Thursday, August 17, 2017

Goodbye blue eyes

Thanks to the manipulation of DNA, scientists can now give anyone blond hair, and blue eyes. This is very good news, since such physical characteristics are now getting rare. Yes, thanks to racial intermixing, these characteristics are becoming rarer. They may disappear. Unfortunately, dark always predominates over blondness. This is yet another example of the white Aryan on the way out. The characteristics of blond hair, and blue eyes have always annoyed the dark races. They like it, but can't have it. So it is held against white Aryans. If you want your child to be blond and blue eyed, you must be racist. So a lot of people who could have these characteristics given to their children, end up reluctant to speak up. Can't blame anybody reluctant to talk. Look at how the left/liberals attack anyone who doesn't want to go along with the left/liberal agenda. You're attacked savagely. Dragged thru the mud. Crucified. Well, there is no cause for alarm. Thanks to race mixing, blond hair and blue eyes are becoming rare, and may soon disappear. I'm sure non whites will rejoice, as they hate whites for having same. Why do our people approve of race mixing? This question needs to be asked and answered. Especially white Aryan women. I see a number of white women with black guys. WHY? Where is their racial pride? Don't they understand what they're letting themselves in for? Blacks and whites march to different drums. To expect that black men will act like white men is foolish and naïve. Blacks are different from whites, and act far different. No, the mixing of the races never ends well. How can it, with two distinctly different life forms attempting a joining. It use to be in the good old days, that race mixing was prohibited by law. Then came the civil rights era, and anti race mixing laws were thrown out. The "let's all just race mix" era had begun. Now look at us. Whites are fast losing their racial identity thanks to race mixing. The traits that white Aryans have, that the other races don't, and can't ever have, blond hair and blue eyes, are now getting rare, and may very well disappear forever. Non whites hate whites, even on a racial characteristics level. This is just another example, of how whites have lost their racial way. White women think they prefer black men. Maybe because white men have become so spineless these days. Whites have become so brain washed that they now have racial self hate constantly thrown at them in school. Everything in our culture these days attacks whites as evil, while non whites are lauded.
This has got to stop. The ANP is trying to stick up for white Aryan racial identity. It shouldn't be a crime, that a white couple has their child given blond hair and blue eyes. More importantly, race mixing has got to stop. It never works out well. Its like trying to create a half horse, half cow. The ANP is trying hard to restore white Aryan pride. Stop the anti white brain washing, and bring back simple racial pride. Since when is it wrong to have pride in yourself. In the liberal universe, it is. ANP is fighting for white rights, and even more, white Aryan existence. The non whites have it in for us, and constantly keep chipping away at us. Race mixing is just another liberal weapon, in their war to have ONE racial type. A dark one. Non whites want whites out. Hence they are trying to ease us out, by importing Hispanics and Arabs. Supposedly to "help refugees", but in reality, these are the shock troops is a cold war of racial extermination. Non violent race mixing. Breed whiteness out of existence. Is this what YOU want? To have your race die out. That's what's a foot. Help ANP stop it. We can win the racial cold war. We just need to try. Donate money to ANP. Donate your time to give out lit. WE  must counteract the insidious propaganda of the liberal/left. They and the non whites want us gone. I don't know about YOU, but I REFUSE to go out of racial existence upon request. OUR race is important to me, and I refuse to just sit back and let it die out.

Monday, August 14, 2017

US birthrate

There is some disturbing news, but it answers a lot of questions/situations. Currently, the US birthrate, shows us that 6% of women between the ages of 15-44, able to give birth, are doing so, in the year 2016. This means a LOT of women have now rejected being part of reproduction. Our women have been successfully poisoned against motherhood, by the pro lesbian, pro go it alone, propaganda of feminism. Our women reject home and family, for working a job, and even more a career. This is the Judeo-Capitalist notion of it being better to make MONEY, then have and be part of a FAMILY. What was once the prime directive of nature, and humans, is now being rejected and ignored. Feminism preaches against family, as it is beneath a woman's dignity to be a wife/mother. That childbirth is something to be avoided, as it is drudgery. Any ideology that finds family as a chore, much less even disgusting, is one I find depraved.
The other major conclusion we can draw from this, is that our masters, the rich ruling elite that runs this country, wants immigration, to make up for falling numbers. ZOG needs slaves, and slave soldiers. It wants many workers, so as to keep wages down. It wants cannon fodder for its many wars of conquest, and just plain nonsense. Immigrants are a source of replacements, as the native contingent dries up. Our rulers see the sea of Hispanics, and Arabs as our replacements. They believe in family, and need jobs to support same. The fact that all these immigrants coming in, sticks it to us white Aryans, is of no concern whatever to our greedy rulers.
Fellow white Aryans. We are in big trouble. Our numbers dwindle as our women reject procreation thanks to godless, man hating feminism. Our shores are being inundated by alien peoples with alien cultures. In another ten, twenty years tops, this country will be unrecognizable. It will be a mix of Latin America, and an Arab colony. We white Aryans will be barely existing. Our Judeo-Capitalist rulers could care less. To them immigrants are just a cheap source of labor to replace white Aryans, who they feel cost too much. Unless something is done, our white Aryan future in this country does not look at all promising. Help us, help YOU. Donate to ANP. It needs funds, in order to print reading material. It needs funds to contest elections. Donate your time to give out lit. We must get up off our collective asses, and start to do something to gain back the values/mores that once made our race supreme on the planet. Don't do nothing, and accept oblivion quietly. We must RESIST the terrible force that aims to destroy us. Our kids deserve a future worthy of Aryans, not one where they are little better then slaves. Do you really think a nation ruled between Arabs, and Hispanics, will treat white Aryans with anything like dignity and respect. I sure as hell don't. Our people have been brain washed. They need to be brought back to their senses. Our women need to see that children isn't a dirty word. We need to stop the flow of immigrant aliens to our shores, before we are overwhelmed and undone. This means we do what we can to resist, and turn back the tide. If we fail, things will be highly unpleasant for Aryan folk. If we succeed, we can get OUR country back. OUR country. Help resist the evils that threaten us. So much is at stake. Please help. Our women are screwed up thanks to feminism. Our kids are looking at minority status in a very few decades. HELP. The future can be avoided if we work at it. Together. United as determined Aryans. It worked for our ancestors.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The military

In a normal society, the military job is to protect. Protect your group/nation, from outside dangers. Protect what you have, from outside aggressors who wish to take what you have. Protect life and limb. We have professional military types. People who CHOOSE the profession of arms. We have some people who volunteer to do the fighting for all of us. A professional military. In return for their service, our military can have a solid living. Food, clothing, and shelter are provided. There is social prestige granted to those who choose to serve. This at least is the ideal. The reality of the ZOG universe is quite different. ZOG has mutated the military. Made it into a giant social laboratory. The Jew liberals with their idiot ideas of let's all love each other. They want the races to be buddy buddy. Hence more emphasis is now on making everybody friends then fighting the enemies of our society/nation/race. Do blacks and whites really need to like each other to do the job. Yes, they do, if they're to do the job. Thing is, racial differences will NEVER go away. Hence an integrated military will just be a constant source of fuck ups. Look at the wars of the integrated military. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Not great victories huh. Our military is being used to protect all right. ISRAEL, not the US. Our military has been co-opted by our ZOG govt to protect and even expand Israeli Jewish power. Translation. Our soldiers die to protect a land, not their own. Our forces are now bogged down in wars with Islamic movements. This to protect Israel which the Islamic are against. Our own homeland defense is ignored. Everything is now left to rot, while we babysit a part of the world we know nothing about, and actually should care less about. The great bullshit lie, that we need to intervene in Islamic countries to protect our oil supply, no longer holds true. There is now a world glut of oil. Why then, do we need the towel heads. Go ahead, let them kill each other. What care we, if a nation is governed by Islamic religious law (Sharia) or not. None of our business. No, our ZOG  govt tells us we must fight to save ourselves. In reality they want to defend Israel. Liberals go along, because they see an integrated military as one step closer to an integrated society, the great liberal goal. Our military, can't defend against the hoards of non whites streaming into our country. Our liberal govt says let them pass. Even though they pose a danger. A danger to overwhelm us, just like the Germans overwhelmed the Roman Empire and took over. These none whites will not be gentle with us. No way. Instead of protection, our military is told stand down, and just let them in. Capitalists see them as cheap labor. Liberals as poor unfortunates.
MADNESS. The military is meant to protect, nothing more. Start asking it to do other jobs, for which it wasn't designed, and your asking for trouble. Look at Vietnam. Our army unraveled, as it was called upon to do police keeping, instead of basic protection/defense. Our govt is destroying our military. Trying to mold it, like clay, into what they want. With no regard to practicality, or common sense. ANP wants to restore sanity, to the insane. Make our military do one job, and one job only, defense. No babysitting foreign nations. No meaningless interventions. No let's all love each other integration. Just plain basic defense. An ANP govt will play strict defense. No go looking for trouble as our Judeo-Capitalists do. Just HOME defense. We need a new govt, a new system. One devoted to peace and prosperity, and when threatened, a military that knows the job and is ready to do it. The current mish mash cannot long endure. Our country is in jeopardy with a morphed, mindless military. Our defense is too precious to screw around with as liberals wish to do. Help ANP. Donate money, donate time to give out lit. Lets get our military and nation back to white Aryan sanity and intelligence.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Our mission

Unfortunately, far too many people are currently involved in the National Socialist cause, without really understanding just what it is they are involved in. National Socialism is a cause. Not just a political party. It is a way of life, based on the concept of the race is all. Everything must be done with the racial folk community in mind. Everything. No exceptions. Rather then god or nation, people need to think in racial terms. This is more important then ever, because of the danger of racial mixing these days. Far too many of one race can now travel to other lands, and dispossess the inhabitants of a different racial group. Like with Europe and the Americas, only its Europe in danger these days. People must be made aware of the danger. They must be educated, and guided, in how to unite and defend themselves against those who would destroy them.
Our party must have three objectives. First, INFLUENCE. We aren't going to get support from people if they hate us. We must be able to influence their outlook, and attitude. Show them what is, and what needs to be done. Far too many think that yelling nigger, nigger, kike kike, is enough. It is not.  It is no good to do this. We need to present a program that people like, can believe in, and will support. Things have changed since the old days. People must be convinced of the righteousness of the cause in order to support it. It is only right. People should understand what it is they are a part of. What it stands for. ANP works for the understanding of our people in just what National Socialism stands for, and more importantly, how it can help the average racial white Aryan. It strives to influence our people to become a part of it, and support it.
The next job of the ANP is to INCITE the people. Not to violence, but to get involved. Get people off their asses and into active political activity. To vote racially. Even more, to run for office. Power shouldn't be seized, it should be eased into, because of the support of the masses. This means getting out and distributing literature. Our people need to be incited to get off the lounge chair, and brave the outside, to deliver literature to racial brethren. It is not a major undertaking, it just needs the will to do so. Thinking racially is useless, unless racial action is also taken. Get out the vote. Distribute lit. Run for office.
The third thing our party needs to do is LEGITIMIZE. We need to show our people, that our party, our cause, represents their best interests. That more then the two major parties, our party stands with and for them. That our party is a serious player of the political game. People won't support something they look on as a joke. Our party needs to show its political credentials. The history of National Socialism, and that the group fostering it here in the USA is a serious minded group, aware of who and what it is and stands for. If we look like a political party, and function like a political party, we must BE a political party.  A party dedicated to YOU white Aryan. Your defender, your helper. Your guide. If we look like a clown show, with no coherent program, we will go nowhere.
Donate to ANP. Money. Your time to give out lit. We must reach our people. Time is running out for us. We stand on the threshold of a racial catastrophe in this country. Masses of Hispanics and Arabs are poised to enter our lands, and displace us. They will outnumber us, and overwhelm us. We must strive to prevent this. That means working for a party that will defend us, and our place in this land.
Help ANP. Members of ANP, take to heart the three things said above. Our party either presents itself as a serious contender, or it fails, and we fail, to thrive. We could very well see the beginning of the end of the white Aryan in this country. We must stop the rot.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What is happening to us?

Once a upon a time, white Aryans led the way. In everything. Our ancestors pioneered new lands. Discoveries in science. It was a nation of WHITE ARYAN Europeans who invented democracy. White Aryans developed the code of chivalry, to mitigate some aspects of war, and to develop what is proper behavior. What has happened to us? Now our people have a massive drug addiction problem. Our TV and movies are raunchy to say the least. Far too many shows now, are little more then soft core porn. There is use of dirty language by third graders that would embarrass a marine drill sergeant. Everywhere we look, our people have been dumbed down, and made crude in thought and behavior. Chivalry is dead alright. Way dead. What was once noble, has now been made base. I found this definition in my readings. Humanity- depraved mass easily enticed to violence, with animalistic desires. Our civilization is now just a thin veneer. Very thin.  I am both horrified, and appalled by what is happening. Why is this happening? Our people on drugs. People going off the deep end and shooting many others before killing themselves. Our political process in tatters. I blame all this mayhem on liberal Jewish permissiveness. All thru history, the Jews have been hell raisers. They constantly defy who/what is in power. Their siren song is always freedom. It is no accident that the inventor of Communism, was a Jew. Inevitably they bring chaos in their wake. This is why the Jew is always universally despised. They ignore their OWN moral code. They raise hell. They constantly push the envelope. In comedy, as an example, we have gone from comedian Lenny Bruce, to half Jew Howard Stern. Now to even more risqué, and down right filthy comedy types. Go to a nightclub, and the comedian has to warn you if the show is clean or risqué. I blame the Jews for our misfortunes. They started the free speech movement at Berkeley in the 1960's. They pushed. They got on their moral high horse, and pushed for an end to segregation. They cared not about the storm they were unleashing. This country now lurches from cause to cause. Each creating chaos. Each undermining normal civil behavior. These (in their own minds) liberators are dragging us down. It is time we stop the liberalism. The permissiveness. The uncaring attitudes. Our people need to be reminded of what they once were. They need to be brought out of their funk, and returned to normal life.
ANP is more, much more, then a political party. It is a frame of mind. It believes in our race. It feels that white Aryans were once great, and need to be great again. That means we have to rid ourselves of the Jew led and inspired neo Communists and liberals. Permissiveness is bad. It is helping our society destroy itself. ANP wants to turn the clock back, to when our kids were respectful. When morality was something taught in school. When race was honored in school. When white Aryans had a good mental outlook, and took pride in themselves. Things were better for the nation, and the race, before the 60's with its liberal permissive bullshit hit. Leaving our society/race in the lurch. Enough of this, do what you want behavior. Our people need to work in a disciplined environment. Without guidance or discipline, or encouragement, our people are disintegrating. This is why the drugs, the suicide, the aimlessness. Our people are empty. They have no guide. They have nothing for which to stride for. Our people are the living brain dead. Empty. The Jew liberal vampire has sucked the life out of our Aryan people. We are now lifeless. Empty. Wandering. Help ANP help our people find the true way. The way of the racial state, dedicated to the race. All for the race. Donate money. Donate your time to give out lit. We must re-make our people, before they simply fade away. Our people have done such wondrous things, they deserve better then to die a lingering aimless death.

Monday, July 31, 2017

The enemy within

These idiot liberal types slay me. They want us to invite, and welcome, alien peoples within our midst.People who are bad. Bring trouble, and are basically bad news. How can these fools tell us to open the gates to these aliens, who are lawless and dangerous. Its the same old liberal problem. They insist on making the ideology fit, even if it goes against common sense. In Sweden, land of peaceful neutrality, they did a study. Remember this is SWEDEN. In it they found that 92% of rapes, and 100% of attack rapes (attempted) were attributable to Muslim immigrants. They found that Afghans were 79 times more likely to be guilty of rape, and rape related crime, then native Swedes. If this doesn't open some eyes, I don't know what will. Obviously, these supposedly "innocent" refuges bring quite a lot of baggage along. Far too much if you ask me. Why don't we open our doors wide, how about because of what has just been said. These people are primitive. They are violent. They are very dangerous. They come from alien societies, where the rules are very different. Open up our doors and societies to these, BULLSHIT. Let them rot in their homelands. The hell with them. Who in their right mind would want these potential problems/threats, in their land. I sure don't. I want nothing to do with them. Keep them out. We have enough of a crime problem now, then have these people come in and raise unholy hell. No thanks. Keep them out. Permanently. We need to protect ourselves, not open ourselves to yet more crime, and violence. These lunatic liberals will never get the message, that these people are dangerous, and a threat. So be it. We at least can keep our wits about us, and keep them at arm's length. We must protect ourselves. Let them stay at home and deal with their problems there. No way they're coming here, to be yet another criminal plaque we have to deal with. Look at the Black, and Hispanic gangs we have to battle now. Why in the name of God add to our problems. Its pure insanity to let these people come in, to do God knows what. A border wall, hell, I'd put them on another planet if I could. The hell with this open door policy. The hell with this "lets all love each other" routine. Screw them. They stay out, and we stay safe. If even a tolerant and peaceful nation like Sweden is having problems, why in hell would we want to make the same mistake.
White Aryans. The ANP is our last line of defense. Defense against hoards of immigrants from alien countries, and their wild, criminal ways. Defense against alien peoples with their unpleasant ways. Defense against hose who would bring disorder to our shores. Defense against our homegrown idiots, who would open the doors, and let a flood of non Aryans come charging into our land, and make it into hell. ANP is out to save us. It is the ONLY group dedicated to such. No other political party gives a rat's ass about us. Donate to ANP. Give money, and your time to give out lit. We must stop the lunatics, who are suicidal enough to want to let in any asshole who claims to be a refugee, but who is in reality a secret enemy. People who pose a threat to us, and our way of life. People who are destroyers of culture. Rome opened its gates to the Germanic barbarians. They survived just long enough to see that that were fools, and the poor folk seeking entry, were really the vanguard of invading hoards, that eventually swallowed them whole.  Let us learn from Rome, and not invite our destroyers to come in and destroy all we hold dear. Our language, our religion, our families , are all at risk, if we foolishly let any asshole come on in. We're just asking for trouble, and even destruction.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What have we wrought

This society is ignorant. Rude. Dumbed down. I am truly appalled by how low we have come. It seems that the predominant states of being here in the US, are dominated by ARROGANCE, and VIOLENCE. Our crime problem is terrible. Our leaders have nothing but contempt for us common folk. Our leaders treat us as worth less then the dirt they have under their finger nails. Our needs are ignored. We struggle unaided. Governed by a cabal that couldn't care less if we live or die. Ask yourselves, just what kind of a society is it, that has drug gangs that are virtual mini armies. For example, the notorious black drug gangs, the Crips, and the Bloods, are each well armed, with approx. 30,000 members a piece. Sounds utterly incredible, but it is only too true. Drug abuse is rampant. In fact it has gotten much worse, with constant, daily OD deaths. Is it really any wonder that other countries hate us. Fear us. Look down at us. Our constant interference in other countries business has only bought us enemies, not friends. We use to be the nice guy nation. The Marshall Plan bought us a lot of goodwill. Now, we are despised. The Jew led liberal establishment constantly wants to interfere abroad, and here at home. The Jew led liberals are arrogant. They have this "we know best" mentality. They force integration on us, even when it is patently obvious it has failed. Our cities are disaster areas, thanks to black rule. Yet they would bring in boatloads of Hispanics, and Arab Muslims. Overseas, the liberal left works to force other countries/societies to accept gay rights. Sorry, but many other countries don't like it, don't believe in it. According to "let's all love each other" liberal dogma, we're suppose to accept and respect others beliefs. Like the "prime directive" on Star Trek. Non interference. Yet our Jew inspired liberal left is determined to force gay rights on other societies, whether they want it or not. Arrogance. Our govt lords it over us, and overseas. Nanny govt, more like slave plantation govt. The Jews have never gotten the message. Don't interfere. I feel strongly this why they're really not liked. They interfere. They try and force new, different ways on people, whether they want to do something or not. This was Communism writ large. Marx developed it, because he felt an elite (Jewish?!) knew best. Stalin murdered millions to force a square peg peasantry, into a round hole of Jewish Marxist inspired schemes to "improve" society. So it is today. Look at the ACLU. It is 90% Jewish membership. It is suppose to stand for rights, but it ends up defending people for their "activism", which translates into gross interference into people's private affairs. Unless something is done, soon our govt will be able to dictate what people do, even with their kids welfare, like the Gard case in the UK. Do YOU want the govt to decide for you, the parent, what is, or isn't best for your child. Or would you rather, as the parent, have the right to decide what is best for YOUR child.
It is truly sickening to see how abjectly venal our society has become. Even worse, to see how Aryans simply take it. Put up with crap with barely a peep of protest. Come on people. We can fight this. We must. How can we go on like this. What will our future be like. The ANP is determined to revitalize white Aryan society. Make us strong and proud again. Lead us against those who would trample us into the dirt. Become a supporter of ANP. Give money. Give of your time, to give out lit. We need to get our heads out of our asses, and get back into the struggle of life. We've sat back far too long, and look at the result. Our civilization is dying. Unless we make up our minds to resist, white Aryan life will simply waste away. We see it every damn day. It need not be like this. We can change it. It only takes will, and effort.